Author: Buddy Broncho


Exhibit Dates: February 7 – March 14 | Opening Reception: Friday, February 15

Exhibit Workshops: Saturday March 9, 10am – 4pm

Art and Community. Can one survive without the other?

Symbiotic is an exhibition of collaborative artworks produced by teams composed of a professional practicing artist and one or more student artists. The professional artists are charged with developing a base concept that addresses the intrinsic relationship between art and community. The selected students are assigned to their team based on their personality, background and chosen medium. Each team meets independently to further develop their concept and create their work.

The intention of this exhibition is to create opportunities. Student artists have the opportunity to learn from a practicing artist, developing that relationship into a future source of information and feedback as the students graduate from college and transition into the next phase of their artistic career. The practicing artists have the opportunity to mentor and learn from the emerging artists.

Symbiotic relationships can be positive or negative. We believe in the positive nature of the relationship between art and community. Through the development of this exhibition we have benefited from community support through the sponsorship of local businesses. These businesses hold dear the responsibility to support the arts in order to enrich the lives of the citizens in the communities they serve. They believe strongly in arts education, providing support to students and schools from elementary up through college levels.

Senior Capstone Exhibit, UCO Art Department

Exhibit Dates: December 6 – 13 | Opening Reception: December 6, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Featuring the work of Kayla Manrique (BFA in Studio Art) and a thesis poster presentation by Olivia Reyes (BA in Global Arts and Visual Culture)

Paul Waddell: The Radical Choice to See What You’re Looking At

Performance & Reception Date: November 1, 2019.

Paul Waddell and has exhibited/performed nationally and internationally, and his “process manifests in painting, video, performance and installation. His works are responsive navigation of complicity within cultural constructs and value systems—. He constructs images through the utilization of his body, and through interactive situations with the audience.”