Author: Katie Brown

Tips and Resources for Job Applications

Hi, Bronchos! 🐴 I hope your week is going well despite the chilly temperatures!

As you might have heard, the Spring Career & Internship Fair is just around the corner. The fair will be held on February 6th, 2019 from 12:00pm — 3:30pm in the Nigh University Center Ballrooms. Although the fair is geared specifically toward upperclassmen who are looking for internships or jobs prior to graduation, the fair is open to everyone. I highly recommend you start attending the career fair now, even if you do not need a job. It’s a great opportunity to practice dressing professionally, speaking to prospective employers in a relaxing environment, and even discovering industries that you were unaware were compatible with your major(s)! If you are interested in attending the career fair, please remember that professional dress is required, and you also need to take your student ID.

Welcome Back, Bronchos!

Happy New Year and welcome back to campus! I hope you all had a fantastic, restful break and are ready for this new semester!

Hopefully your classes are off to a good start and you’re having an easy time re-adapting to your schedule. If you are looking for new ways to get involved this semester, there is a student involvement fair today, Wednesday, January 16th from 10am-1pm by Broncho Lake. There will be over 50 student organizations there to help you find a way to get involved.

Self-Care: Making Sure That You’re as ‘Fine’ as You Say You Are

Have you ever told anybody that you were “fine” or “really good” when that was the furthest thing from the truth? I think if we’re honest, we know we all do it on a regular basis. It’s mostly said because it’s simply what people say in response to “How are you doing?” However, it’s also said because we assume no one actually wants to hear everything that’s going wrong in our lives. For the most part, saying “I’m fine” is completely harmless, but we have to be careful that we don’t start saying it to ourselves and end up ignoring things that need to be addressed.

So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Congratulations, everyone! We’ve survived midterms and you’re over halfway through your first semester of college! You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments so far.

Now that midterms are over, your adrenal glands are probably ready to go on a sabbatical and life is slowly returning to its new normal. Hopefully, since my last post, “Central is my Home” has started to feel like a reality for all of you. However, I know that with the results of your midterms comes the immediate yet distant dread of finals and the anxiety about grades and GPAs.

It’s Okay not to be Okay

Congratulations! You’ve survived your first two weeks of classes as a college student! Now you’ve had your syllabus days, met your professors, hopefully connected with some classmates, and mastered the 10-minutes-between-classes sprint across campus. The homework is beginning to pick up the pace, and you might already feel a little bit overwhelmed. Add that to any existing homesickness, a lack of sleep, and new surroundings, and it might feel like you can’t breathe sometimes.


Welcome to the Forensic Science LLC Blog!

Welcome to the Forensic Science Living Learning Community Blog! This is a place where short articles will be published from time to time to provide insights into academic resources available to you as a student, encouragement as you progress in your academic career, and tips and tricks I have learned as a college student. Hopefully these articles will be easy-to-read bits of information that can make your life easier. I will be posting on a variety of topics over the next few months, but if there is something specifically you believe would benefit our community to hear about, please leave me a comment and let me know! I welcome suggestions! Also, my hope is that some of these articles will be somewhat thought-provoking. If there is something in an article that you wish to discuss in the comment section, please feel free as long as the discussion is kept appropriate and respectful. Any discussion that can make us think and challenge our worldview is valuable.

I hope that you all are having a fantastic semester! Keep up the great work and ROLL CHOS!!