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BREAKING: Multimedia Films ‘Looking for Valentine’s Date, Hoping to be Checked Out’

It’s finally February! Even though we’re technically still trudging through winter, something about this month always makes me feel energized. Exams are cropping up, temperatures are rising (ever so slightly), and spring is just around the corner. And on top of all that, love is in the air–and on our shelves!

As some of you may know, we like to keep our feature films rotating. This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re showcasing stories about that mysterious, elusive, necessary king of all emotions: love. We’ve got classics, including Now Voyager and My Fair Lady; rom-coms, such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and What Women Want; and even a tragic documentary about the intersection between terminal illness and love (Death: A Love Story).

To make a long story short, we’ve got all our bases covered. From love-sick, jaded seniors to smitten freshmen, we think everyone will find something to get in the spirit this month. Also, if you’re staunchly anti-Valentine’s Day (or just a decent person with an interest in broadening a horizon or two) come check out our revised Black History Month collection, also available on the feature shelf. And on that note, this blogger has some films to peruse!

New Piano in Multimedia

The Multimedia Center is excited to announce the addition of a digital piano to the library.  It is located near the video collection on the 4th floor.

The School of Music has generously provided this digital piano, a Clavinova, for students to use in the library.  While enrolled piano students will have priority access, it is available to anyone.  Some examples:

  • Try out a score before you check it out
  • Blow off some steam during a quick study break
  • Practice your chord progressions for Jazz Theory class
  • Test compositional ideas
  • Stop by and play for fun

Headphones are required.  You can check out a set from the Multimedia desk.

Martial Arts Movies

Here are some of the Martial arts movies located on the feature shelf during the month of August.

36th Chambers of Shaolin – PN1995.9.H3T45x 1978a (DVD)
American Ninja – PN1995.9.H3A44 1985
Beverly Hills Ninja – PN1995.9.C55B48 1997
Brave Archer and His Mate – PN1995.9.H3S587x 2009 v.4 (DVD)
Brotherhood of the Wolf – PN1995.9.H6B76x 2001a (DVD)
Come and Drink With Me – PN1995.9.H3.C66x 1966a
Dora Heita – PN1995.9.S24D67x 2000a (DVD)
Enter the Dragon – PN1995.9.H3E58x 1973a
Kung Fu Hustle – PN1995.9.H3K85x 2004
Magnificent Butcher – PN1995.9.H3M34x 1979a
Missing In Action I,II, & III – PN1995.9.A3C48x 2006
Project A – PN1995.9.P49P76x 1995
Rebel – PN1995.9.H3R42x 2008 (DVD)
Tokyo Zombie – PN1995.9.Z63T65 2005a (DVD)
Way of the Dragon – PN1995.9.H3.W39x 1973a
Yellow River Fighter – PN1995.9.H3B43x 2005
Yojimbou – PN1995.9.S24Y64x 1961a (DVD)

March Madness in Multimedia

Spring Break and all is quiet on the Multimedia front. Help us avoid the madness – come pay us a visit, take home our newest DVDs or CDs to entertain you during your down time. Or pick up a music score and entertain yourself! Good for study too.


Great peaks – Available at the Circulation Desk

  • Everest: the death zone
  • Volcano above the clouds
  • Deadly ascent
  • Descent into the ice
  • Mountain of ice

The national parks: America’s best idea – Available at the Circulation Desk


Fantasias brasileiras for piano and orchestra
M1010.M53 F35x 2010 (Music CD)

Roman de Fauvel
M1495 .R66x 2005 (Music CD)

Music Scores

Mamma mia!
M1160.A53 M3 2002

M1503.D942 S63 2005

M1508.S462 H35x 2002

Sunday in the park with George

The drowsy chaperone : piano/vocal selections
M1505.L25 D76x 2006

Tick, tick– boom! : piano/vocal selections
M1508.L37 T53x 2004

The singers musical theatre anthologies