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Martial Arts Movies

Here are some of the Martial arts movies located on the feature shelf during the month of August.

36th Chambers of Shaolin – PN1995.9.H3T45x 1978a (DVD)
American Ninja – PN1995.9.H3A44 1985
Beverly Hills Ninja – PN1995.9.C55B48 1997
Brave Archer and His Mate – PN1995.9.H3S587x 2009 v.4 (DVD)
Brotherhood of the Wolf – PN1995.9.H6B76x 2001a (DVD)
Come and Drink With Me – PN1995.9.H3.C66x 1966a
Dora Heita – PN1995.9.S24D67x 2000a (DVD)
Enter the Dragon – PN1995.9.H3E58x 1973a
Kung Fu Hustle – PN1995.9.H3K85x 2004
Magnificent Butcher – PN1995.9.H3M34x 1979a
Missing In Action I,II, & III – PN1995.9.A3C48x 2006
Project A – PN1995.9.P49P76x 1995
Rebel – PN1995.9.H3R42x 2008 (DVD)
Tokyo Zombie – PN1995.9.Z63T65 2005a (DVD)
Way of the Dragon – PN1995.9.H3.W39x 1973a
Yellow River Fighter – PN1995.9.H3B43x 2005
Yojimbou – PN1995.9.S24Y64x 1961a (DVD)

Free Movies and Music on the Internet – that won’t turn you into a criminal

Check out this blog post about the Internet Archive.  The Internet Archive is a little like a library/museum of online content. Basically, free books, music, videos, software, and websites that make you scream “what were they thinking?!” courtesy of the “Wayback Machine.”

According to their “About us” section:

The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format. Founded in 1996 and located in San Francisco, the Archive has been receiving data donations from Alexa Internet and others. In late 1999, the organization started to grow to include more well-rounded collections. Now the Internet Archive includes texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived web pages in our collections, and provides specialized services for adaptive reading and information access for the blind and other persons with disabilities.

The best part of the Internet Archive, we think, is the free movies and music/audio.  With categories like “Little Known Classics You NEED To Watch”, “Top 40 best free legal movies you can download right now”, and classic commercials that give you a peek into the mind of history, you’re bound to find something interesting to do without thinking about lawyers.

We’ll leave you with these links, from the early days of search engines:

Alta Vista, April 1997:  http://web.archive.org/web/19970404002415/http://www.altavista.com/

Yahoo!, from it’s industry-leader days in 1996:  http://web.archive.org/web/19961025030253/http://www10.yahoo.com/

and just for grins, Google Beta from 1998:  http://web.archive.org/web/19981202230410/http://www.google.com/ (I wonder about that ! in the Google logo…)

Patriotic Movies

Get into the American spirit with these patriotic movies.  The library’s media collection contains these and many other movies, CDs, cassettes, and vinyls with patriotic themes.

The holiday season is coming! Watch the movies.

The UCO Library Multimedia Center has a great collection of movies you can check out and take home over the break, including some holiday-themed films:

UCO Library Christmas Tree

UCO Library Christmas Tree