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BREAKING: Multimedia Films ‘Looking for Valentine’s Date, Hoping to be Checked Out’

It’s finally February! Even though we’re technically still trudging through winter, something about this month always makes me feel energized. Exams are cropping up, temperatures are rising (ever so slightly), and spring is just around the corner. And on top of all that, love is in the air–and on our shelves!

As some of you may know, we like to keep our feature films rotating. This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re showcasing stories about that mysterious, elusive, necessary king of all emotions: love. We’ve got classics, including Now Voyager and My Fair Lady; rom-coms, such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and What Women Want; and even a tragic documentary about the intersection between terminal illness and love (Death: A Love Story).

To make a long story short, we’ve got all our bases covered. From love-sick, jaded seniors to smitten freshmen, we think everyone will find something to get in the spirit this month. Also, if you’re staunchly anti-Valentine’s Day (or just a decent person with an interest in broadening a horizon or two) come check out our revised Black History Month collection, also available on the feature shelf. And on that note, this blogger has some films to peruse!

Spring into New Arrivals

Ah, spring is in the air, and for the Multimedia Department that means only one thing this year: new arrivals. That’s right, in keeping with the spring tradition of renewal we’ve brought to you a great number of new-to-us movies and music! It’s our hope that titles like The Social Network and Nacho Libre will be enough to pique your interest. And of course we can’t forget about our our new, more easily accessible Spanish section! Take a moment to peruse the hottest (or shall we say más caliente?) Spanish language films and CDs around. Whether it’s for class or recreation, we know you’ll find what you need!

Award-winning Films

Check out our latest award-winning arrivals in the Multimedia Center of the UCO Library

The Unknown Woman (La Sconosciuta)

Winner of 16 Awards, including:

  • 2006 Rome Film Fest Premiere Prize
  • 2007 Norwegian International Film Festival Audience Award
  • 2007 Moscow International Film Festival Audience Award
  • 2007 Moscow International Film Festival Silver St. George for Best Director


  • 2007 Swiss Film Prize for Best Film
  • 2007 Austrian Undine Award for best actor debut in a film


  • 2007 Moscow International Film Festival Audience Award
  • 2007 Moscow International Film Festival Silver St. George Award for Best Actor

The Princess and the Warrior (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin)

  • 2001 Guild of German Art House Cinemas Guild Film Award-Gold
  • 2001 Pula Film Festival Golden Arena Award
  • 2002 Tromsø International Film Festival Audience Award
  • 2002 Tromsø International Film Festival Aurora Award
  • 2001 German Film Awards Film Award in Silver
  • 2002 Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Award Nominee

Gun-shy (Schussangst)

  • 2003 Tbilisi International Film Festival – Golden Prometheus Award
  • 2003 San Sebastián International Film Festival – Golden Seashell Award
  • 2004 Nuremberg Film Festival – Best Film Award
  • 2005 German Film Critics Award for Best Cinematography
  • 2003 Toronto International Film Festival