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Martial Arts Movies

Here are some of the Martial arts movies located on the feature shelf during the month of August.

36th Chambers of Shaolin – PN1995.9.H3T45x 1978a (DVD)
American Ninja – PN1995.9.H3A44 1985
Beverly Hills Ninja – PN1995.9.C55B48 1997
Brave Archer and His Mate – PN1995.9.H3S587x 2009 v.4 (DVD)
Brotherhood of the Wolf – PN1995.9.H6B76x 2001a (DVD)
Come and Drink With Me – PN1995.9.H3.C66x 1966a
Dora Heita – PN1995.9.S24D67x 2000a (DVD)
Enter the Dragon – PN1995.9.H3E58x 1973a
Kung Fu Hustle – PN1995.9.H3K85x 2004
Magnificent Butcher – PN1995.9.H3M34x 1979a
Missing In Action I,II, & III – PN1995.9.A3C48x 2006
Project A – PN1995.9.P49P76x 1995
Rebel – PN1995.9.H3R42x 2008 (DVD)
Tokyo Zombie – PN1995.9.Z63T65 2005a (DVD)
Way of the Dragon – PN1995.9.H3.W39x 1973a
Yellow River Fighter – PN1995.9.H3B43x 2005
Yojimbou – PN1995.9.S24Y64x 1961a (DVD)