New Month, New Features

Yesterday was the first day of the month, and you know what that means: changes to the feature shelf! This time around we’ve added a Women’s History section and a Crime and Suspense end cap.
The former contains a wide variety of films, from documentaries to feel good romantic comedies. Some titles include Mona Lisa Smile, The Purity Myth, Sexual and Racial Stereotypes in the Media, and Sophie Scholl. We tried to ensure the selection was inclusive of all types of women, but of course we are human and can make mistakes. Come check out the offerings, and if you think we’re missing something let us know! If it’s in the collection we’d be happy to display it.
As for the latter, we’ve selected some great classics! Pulp Fiction, Kiss of Death, and Along Came a Spider are just a few of the awesome films you’ll find. Everything you need to live (vicariously) on the edge!
So what’s the hold up??

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