The End is Nigh…er…Max Chambers?

March is a day and a half away and we’re still facing snow. Like, real snow. I know that’s no big deal to anyone up north, but for us it’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter–but I also love knowing the seasons are changing and the earth isn’t screeching to a cosmic halt. So, keeping in mind the possibility of an end to life as we know it (trust me, I’ve seen The Day After Tomorrow twice), I’ve decided to pick a couple of movies for this, our potential last weekend. Before we begin, it’s important to remember that apocalypse-appropriate films fall into two camps: tearjerkers and spirit lifters. We’ll start with the former so we can end on a high note.

Of course the ultimate tearjerker for any occasion is Pay It Forward, but this gem gets even more poignant when you consider it might just be the last thing you ever see. Sure, it’s a little overwrought and a lot cheesy, but from the opening scene to the final, hope-filled panorama there’s nothing so encompassing as this 2000 classic. I mean, think about it, you’ve got Haley Joel Osment proving cherubs are real, Helen Hunt being the alcoholic mess you’ve always wanted her to be, and a whole slew of good deeds reminding you that maybe humans weren’t quite the evildoers textbooks would have you believe. Dynamism and stuff, y’know?!

As for a little pre-death pick-me-up, I would suggest Grease. It’s fun, it’s light, it’s summery–everything you’d want to distract yourself from the tundra we now (for however long) inhabit. Plus, who doesn’t find pre-“Adele Dazeem” John Travolta titillating?! I know it’s a little cliche, and I can hear the groans now; but hear me out: when aliens discover the remnants of our society, you’ll want this one in your DVD player…if only to confused a little green man.

In any case, this blogger is signing off. If any of you feel like braving the weather before it’s too late, come up and see us. We’ll get you set up with the movies mentioned above and/or anything else your little heart desires. Stay warm, stay alive.

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