As winter creeps into our homes and sweaters migrate to the top of closets, the night sky displays some of the most beautiful celestial bodies. One object to catch the amateur astronomers breath is the Andromeda galaxy. Which is not just a star, but billions of stars! When viewed with the naked eye it may appear small, but in fact it’s radius, under long exposure, is greater than our moon.

This spectacular celestial body is our closest neighboring spiral galaxy and in the distant future, 4 billion years or so, will be a part of our personal “backyard”. Andromeda and the Milky Way are on a collision course. With the Hubbell Space Telescope, NASA has predicted the melding of our two galaxies and the end results of the pairing. Although we will not be around, those lucky enough to be may enjoy an even more breath taking night sky. [youtube][/youtube]

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  • Amazing! I think its insane to imagine two galaxies merging together. Hopefully by then we will have a better understanding of our universe and more advance space travel. Not only will this future generation be able to see such wonders but explore them as well.