What is in our past that plays a role in our future? There has always been the question of where we come from. For some of us our genealogy has been methodically gathered and sorted. We are lucky enough to have a clear image of where our ancestors came from, who they were, and what pieces of them reside in us. For others of us we need to gather that information and comb through the passage of time.

Luckily for those able to access the Max Chambers library, a large collection of genealogy has been stored and simply awaits the perusal of fastidious eyes. Take the time, dig for those treasures in the past and there will certainly be surprises.

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  • Jordan Trammell

    I really like this Nathan. It has renewed me with a sense of just how important it is to ask where it is that we come from? I feel that you cannot truly move forward in this life and not know where you’ve been or where it is that you come from. Some people fear this because their past or members of their family weren’t something to brag about. Which is, if you think about it, a shame because they might find out some really awesome things about their family as well. Take my family for example; at one point the Trammell family owned slaves. At least that’s what I had been told.. only to find out that wasn’t simply the case. They were never owned, in fact we worked hard to see them freed. Pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing this!