LFSA Membership

We’d love to have you join us!

  • Membership is open to all UCO faculty, staff, and alumni who are interested in and supportive of the core values and objectives of LFSA.
  • Membership will be ongoing as long an individual is a contributing member of the association. A contributing member is defined as an individual who has made an annual contribution to the organization and has been actively involved in meetings, events, or committees.

Annual contributions:

  • Faculty and staff are asked to make annual contributions of at least $25 per year (dues); exceptions will be made in the case that this amount places an undue financial burden on a member. These appeals should be made to the Membership and Nomination Committee.
  • Contributions to the scholarship funds that LFSA supports can be made in lieu of dues.
  • Membership in LFSA is free to alumni members with alumni association membership. Alumni are encouraged to contribute to LFSA as they are able.

Download and complete the Membership Application to join LFSA.

Contact Us

Email: lfsa@uco.edu