Hispanic Success Initiative


The Hispanic Success Initiative (HSI) promotes a sense of belonging to the UCO and Oklahoma City community for students and impacts their academic success and career possibilities.

This is accomplished through a variety of learning opportunities and experiences that foster development and exploration of identity, and activities that cultivate connections within the UCO community.


Students involved in the Hispanic Success Initiative (HSI) will participate in:

  • Reflect & Connect (R&C) Sessions: Through the use of the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process (IKPP), students will discover their core capacities and strengths, will create relationships with other students and their faculty/staff mentors, and will learn about on-campus support programs.
  • Cohort Triads: Students will participate in Transformative Learning events and activities each semester and will be grouped into student triads to facilitate learning and sharing of knowledge about the activities and events.
  • Faculty and Staff Mentorships: Students will have a UCO faculty or staff member as a campus mentor to serve as a connection to the institution and its support structures.
  • Peer Mentorships: HSI offers mentorships between upperclassmen and freshmen/transfer students. This peer-to-peer mentoring is designed for students to navigate through the university network, offer guidance about academics, and offer support for specific issues HSI participants may experience.
  • Local/National Speakers: HSI participants will have the opportunity to meet local and national speakers each year.
  • Community Events and Activities: Students will be encouraged to participate in campus and community events throughout the year and will be asked to reflect on some of these activities, as these may tie in to the Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR).
  • Service Learning Project: HSI students will participate in a service learning project during the spring semester. Family members will be encouraged to participate to foster stronger connections between students, their families, and the UCO community.

UCO Partners

Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning

Hispanic American Student Association

Latino Faculty & Staff Association

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Office of Global and Cultural Competencies


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