Core Values and Objectives

The UCO Latino Faculty and Staff Association (UCO LFSA) will fulfill its mission through the following core values and objectives:

Fellowship and Networking

The UCO LFSA will provide a venue for the exchange of cultural values and ideas and social interaction with each other, the UCO community, student organizations, and other faculty/staff associations.

Professional Development and Education

The UCO LFSA will provide opportunities for the educational, professional, and leadership growth of Latino faculty, staff, and students at UCO by collaborating across divisions to gather internal and external resources and information for the benefit of our membership and UCO community.

Communication and Advocacy

The UCO LFSA will provide opportunities for improved communication within the membership and with stakeholders within UCO and metropolitan community to create a network of support for Latinos on campus and advance the success of initiatives that will positively affect Latinos.


The UCO LFSA will impact the Latino community by actively engaging its membership in projects within UCO and the metropolitan community and assisting UCO in a supportive capacity for cultural and bilingual purposes.

Student Engagement and Retention

The UCO LFSA will ensure that Latino students are engaged in the UCO community by supporting student organizations, fraternities, and sororities on campus and encouraging them to actively pursue activities within the Central Six so that they can be better prepared to enter the workforce or graduate programs after graduation. The Membership will also mentor and share resources and information with students to support academic success.