Week 9 – Lessons in Leadership – Rep. Jason Nelson

Representative Nelson explained how moving one letter in the word reactive, could move you to creative. Discuss one thing that you could change today, or one area you could focus more attention, to develop yourself into a better leader.

Week 8: Representative George Young

Representative Young discussed how the intangibles are the greatest lessons in leadership. What impact(s) do you aspire to make in your communities during your academic tenure and what steps do you plan on taking to invest in these areas?

Week 6: Dr. Suzette Grillot

Dean Grillot’s message discussed the concept of being limitless and taking advantage of one’s resources including mentors, champions and experiences and how these unanticipated experiences may impact ones path. Hearing this message, what steps do you plan on taking to best take advantage of these pieces into shape your trajectory.


Week 5 – Lessons in Leadership 2016 – Charlie Price

Charlie discussed developing your personal brand, networking abilities and perception among colleagues, employers and the public. What practices/strategies can you employ to maintain your personal brand?

Week 4 – Lessons in Leadership 2016 – Mo Anderson

During Mo’s presentation she discussed developing a mission and values and the central role they play in her business and personal success. For this week’s blog, provide a mission/values statement that can help guide you during your collegiate and post-collegiate journey.

Week 3 – Lessons in Leadership 2016 – Melissa Houston

During Commissioner Houston’s comments, she reflected on how the challenges and experiences in her life have allowed her to emerge as a more appreciative and understanding person. She mentioned specifically the attitude of gratitude and changing your interpretation of situations/events. How as a leader have you experienced challenges and emerged from them? What characteristics or practices do you believe have helped you manage these situations?