Author: JJobe

Lessons in Leadership – Week 9 – Ramu Damodaran

During Ramu’s presentation he discussed extensively how global engagement and interaction increases perspective and understanding of those around you. What practices can you adopt which will help you broaden your understanding of different perspectives and beliefs, enabling you to connect with others who may have significantly different experiences?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 6 – Dr. Stevie Johnson

Dr. Johnson discussed a number of items relevant to leadership and committing to your path and vision, even when doubt can surround you. What are some of the most effective practices and behaviors which can help you (perhaps some he mentioned), to help you remain on the path you believe will have the most impact on your life and others?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 5 – Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt

During his presentation Mayor Holt discussed a number of initiatives in Oklahoma City and the broader metro community to include MAPS, police reform, and community partnerships. He mentioned persistence and patience as two key ingredients to the success of these initiatives. How can you integrate these themes into your leadership and work?