Author: JJobe

Week 4 Blog – State Senator Adam Pugh

During his presentation, Senator Pugh discussed the importance of relationships in leadership and success. What can you do to continue to develop, maintain, and sustain positive relationships?

Week 1 – Lessons in Leadership – President Don Betz

During President Betz’s presentation he provided two questions for each of us to reflect on concerning our leadership potential: “What am I doing here” and “Why am I doing this”. Focusing your thoughts on your experience and goals at UCO, answer these two questions.

Week 15 Lessons in Leadership – Commissioner Karen Keith

One of the topics that Commissioner Keith discussed was the multiple jobs she performed over the course of her career and the work ethic that this instilled in her. What are your thoughts on developing a strong work ethic, how do/did you develop yours, and how do we encourage others to understand a committed work ethic is vital to sustained success?

Week 12 – Lessons in Leadership – Mike Turpen

Mike Turpen discussed the importance of one’s personal theme and challenged all to live ESEMED (every second, every minute, every day). As you advance your leadership roles and experiences, what is your theme?

Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Jim Dunlap and Pat Hall

During their presentation, Jim and Pat discussed being “engaged and enraged” while also showing that individuals with different political backgrounds can effectively work together to solve issues and challenges in our state. What can you do to balance your personal engagement and goals with a respect to listening to others who may have different opinions or perspectives?