Author: JJobe

Week 3 Blog – Lessons in Leadership – Sharra Hynes

Dr. Hynes discussed the philosophy of shifting one’s paradigm to focus on enhancing natural strengths as opposed to focusing on weaknesses. Discuss one of your identified strengths you will focus on enhancing and how this may impact your leadership roles in the UCO community.

Week 2 Blog – Lessons in Leadership – President Betz

During President Betz’s comments he mentioned the “Power of Persistence.” Discuss what this means to you and your academic, personal and professional pursuits, making note of how to respond to potential road-blocks and challenges to maintain this persistence.

Week 14 – Lessons in Leadership – Lindy Ritz

Lindy discussed a number of relevant topics this week related to finding mentors, listening to your team/employees, being self aware and empowering those around you that possess abilities and skills that you do not. What points during her presentation did you find the most applicable to your leadership experience and development.

Week 12 – Lessons in Leadership – Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina asked the audience to rank Oklahoma on an innovation scale from 1 to 10. After hearing about the technological advances, educational opportunities and initiatives in our state, how do you feel you can continue to advance these efforts, and discuss any new ideas or topics that you learned.