Author: JJobe

Week 14 – Lessons in Leadership – Lindy Ritz

Lindy discussed a number of relevant topics this week related to finding mentors, listening to your team/employees, being self aware and empowering those around you that possess abilities and skills that you do not. What points during her presentation did you find the most applicable to your leadership experience and development.

Week 12 – Lessons in Leadership – Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina asked the audience to rank Oklahoma on an innovation scale from 1 to 10. After hearing about the technological advances, educational opportunities and initiatives in our state, how do you feel you can continue to advance these efforts, and discuss any new ideas or topics that you learned.

Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Sen. Ron Sharp

Now that the elections have concluded, we can take measure of the current political climate. A number of perspectives have been shared with you during the semester, and you will surely hear more opinions and conversations for some time. As our nation and state moves forward from the election, discuss how you can engage in respectful, civil dialogue with colleagues and friends, and how will committing to this process advance your leadership development?

Week 10 – Lessons in Leadership – Elections/State Questions

During class we looked at the state questions in detail but did not have enough time to discuss candidate elections. The United States has experienced one of the most contentious elections for President in our history. How can a voter engage intelligently in choosing a presidential candidate during a time when a significant amount of information is biased or factually incorrect? How can you be sure to learn about policies that interest you and come to effective conclusions about candidates stances and beliefs? This response should not be an endorsement for a candidate, rather a description of how you believe we can encourage others (and ourselves) to engage in the political process effectively and accurately.

Week 9 – Lessons in Leadership – Rep. Jason Nelson

Representative Nelson explained how moving one letter in the word reactive, could move you to creative. Discuss one thing that you could change today, or one area you could focus more attention, to develop yourself into a better leader.

Week 5 – Lessons in Leadership 2016 – Charlie Price

Charlie discussed developing your personal brand, networking abilities and perception among colleagues, employers and the public. What practices/strategies can you employ to maintain your personal brand?