Author: Claire Painter

Lessons in Leadership Week 5-Mayor Darrell Davis

Mayor Davis discussed many key aspects of effective leadership. One piece he emphasized in particular was that as a leader, you will not get to where you want to be by yourself-it is important to surround yourself with mentors, friends, family, coaches, etc. that encourage you and can be a sounding board. How are you going to be intentional throughout your time in college to ensure you are surrounding yourself with individuals who will help you get to where you want to be as a leader?

Lessons in Leadership Week 4- Representative Cyndi Munson

Representative Munson spoke about many ways to actively engage with others, including those who think differently than we do. She touched specifically on the importance of seeing everyone as a human first, before we see them as the stances they take, organizations they are a part of, etc. This can be a challenging task. How do we as leaders manage this process, and still inspire and lead in our communities surrounding the areas we are passionate about? 

Lessons in Leadership Week 3-Strengths with Dr. Erin Logan

Identify a specific task in your life with which you have difficulty. It could be UCO related, a work issues, a challenge in a relationship, etc. Then, look back at your strengths and think about how you could use them to approach that difficulty in a different, more productive way. Identify at least three ways your strengths could help you in this scenario.

Lessons in Leadership Week 2- Savannah Whitehead

During her talk, Savannah touched on many pieces of her own story including perseverance and the ability to pivot when necessary. How we can remain focused on our goals and priorities throughout college and beyond, recognizing the difficulties we may experience in our own paths in regard to perseverance and the times that require a “pivot”?

Lessons in Leadership-Week 13-Dr. View (Dr. Stevie Johnson)

During his presentation Dr. View discussed many important themes including relationship building, listening to yourself, and finding your own best fit to name a few. Which point from Dr. View’s time in class resonated with you the most, and how do you plan to implement that into your leadership journey moving forward? (The point you select does not have to be one of the three listed above).