Author: Claire Painter

Lessons in Leadership-Week 13-Dr. View (Dr. Stevie Johnson)

During his presentation Dr. View discussed many important themes including relationship building, listening to yourself, and finding your own best fit to name a few. Which point from Dr. View’s time in class resonated with you the most, and how do you plan to implement that into your leadership journey moving forward? (The point you select does not have to be one of the three listed above).

Lessons in Leadership Week 14-President Neuhold-Ravikumar

During her presentation, President Neuhold-Ravikumar discussed three main themes of people, place, and possibilities to consider as guiding principles in leadership. While delving into these points she discussed the notion of always asking “what else can I do?” when you think a project is finished. What else could you be doing in different areas of your leadership journey to aid the people an places you are passionate about?

Week 14- Congresswoman Kendra Horn

Congresswoman Horn discussed the importance of leaders to show up, the power of service, and remembering the components of head, hands, and heart when identifying what drives you.

Discuss what drives your head, hands, and heart as well as identify what steps you need to take to advance your efforts in these areas.

Lessons in Leadership- Week 7- Representative Cyndi Munson

During her time in class, representative Cyndi Munson discussed 3 things she thinks are missing in leadership: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. What is one thing you think is missing in leadership, and how can you go about making it more prevalent in different areas?