Author: Buddy Broncho

Lessons in Leadership – Week 11 – Jack Evans

During Jack Evan’s presentation he mentioned the challenges of working with transactional people and how valuable intentional relationships can be inside and outside of your company. What are ways you can ensure you are investing in intentional relationships and transformative leadership, versus strictly transactional?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 10 – Pat Hall and Jim Dunlap

A key message from Pat and Jim’s presentation was engaging in civility in your personal and professional life. Several of your questions also centered on this theme – disagreeing agreeably. How do we as leaders manage this process, and still inspire and lead in our communities?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 9 – Dr. Raul Font

During Dr. Font’s presentation he discussed several leadership styles and approaches, in addition to times he has learned from these styles, and the difficulty in discerning when to lead and when to follow. How do we move through the process of determining when its best to lead, and when it is best to follow?

Week 7 – Lessons in Leadership – Jill Castilla

During Jill’s presentation, she discussed “doing the next right thing” and “when you start doing things differently, people will challenge you.” How can you remain committed to these principles without sacrificing integrity and authenticity?