Author: Brittnee Boone

Week 13- David Castillo

David Castillo addressed consciousness, people-oriented leadership perspectives. Discuss the importance of championing for yourself, but also others and what themes stood out to you that you will be more intentional to develop.

Week 6: Bob Blackburn

Dr. Blackburn discussed the importance of understanding how experiences shape our perspectives, state, and communities. As leaders, discuss an area you would like to advance during your time in the UCO community.

Week 14- Lessons in Leadership- Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to embrace these developments. What did you find the most intriguing part of his discussion and what steps can you take as a leader to embrace technological advances in your career and leadership roles?

Week 5 Blog- Senator Adam Pugh

Senator Pugh discussed the importance of mentorship, hard work, servant leadership and civic engagement. Reflecting on conversations discussing how one sacrifices their opinion/ voice by not civically engaging and societies who do not have these opportunities, how will you be an active and engaged participant in your current and future communities? Additionally, what will continue to motivate you to engage when it is not convenient?

Week 4 Blog- Lessons in Leadership – Dr. Raul Font

Dr. Font addressed traits of a great leader and the importance of continuing to ask questions while maintaining our individual strengths. Discuss which of the outlined trait(s) you aspire to develop and your perception(s) of how it may make you a more engaged leader in your current and future communities.