Day: November 22, 2022

Lessons in Leadership Week 14-Will Syring

Will discussed many important leadership qualities learned through the events at the Thunder game on 3/11/20. They are listed below. Upon reflecting, which one resonates with you the most? Give at least one example of how you can implement your selected point into your leadership efforts at UCO, in your life, career, relationships, etc.

  • Communicate with firm & direct confidence, yet share your vulnerabilities
  • Have open communication lines with your team, both up and down the chain
  • Ask for help and solicit advice from experts as you build your task force
  • Control your emotions, remember to breathe
  • Lead with empathy and understand how your message affects all levels of the organization and the larger market
  • Understand what your peers are doing, or plan to do
  • Be patient. Find ways to buy time
  • Levity or some level of humor, at the right time, can be very effective
  • People want to be lead, be prepared to lean forward in the face of adversity
  • Be the person people trust in moments of crisis
  • Ultimately, do what’s right, even if it can negatively affect the near-term bottom line
  • Challenges only present an opportunity to improve. The obstacle is the way!