Lessons in Leadership Week 6-Bill Curry Video

There were a number of themes/lessons Bill Curry discussed with respect to leadership. Which one(s) stood out the most to you and why?


  • Carsyn Cardwell

    The theme that stood out most to me that Bill curry mentioned was that you have to believe that you have the potential to do something great. I feel like I sometimes short myself when I imagine what I can do. I tell myself that I won’t be successful in something because I’m not enough or that someone else is better. I’ve learned that comparison is a dangerous game, and it almost always leads to a negative outcome. I think that believing in yourself and knowing what you are capable of is far more important than what someone else thinks you can do. At the end of the day, we know ourselves best, and we can do more if we allow ourselves to do more. Like Bill Curry explained in his story about being in the last seconds of a game, and all you want to do is quit. You have to choose to be better at that moment because you are the only person that can make that decision for you.

  • Gracie Barnett

    Bill Curry gave a very inspiring speech and made many good points. One of my favorite things he said was to be authentically yourself. That is something that is so important, yet many of us forget it. When you’re trying to be the best leader you can be it’s easy to get so caught up in it that you forget to be yourself. I think that the most important part of being a leader is connecting with those you are leading. The only way you can truly connect with people is by being completely open and authentic. This is also how you build trust with them. Bill also talked about being brutally honest. This goes hand in hand with being open with people and being yourself. This is all so important when becoming a good leader.

  • Blair Majors

    One of the lessons that stood out to me the most was when Bill Curry discussed that leaders believe in themselves, and are confident individuals. This stuck out to me because I never have really thought about how leaders perceive themselves. I think often times we are so caught up on the work people have done or the change that they are created and we forget that they are real humans with real feelings. He also said that leaders are utterly honest and curious individuals. I think to be a leader, something you need to strive for is to always be learning new things and to be unapologetically yourself. People need to see the real human side of leaders that can be hidden in certain situations.

  • Jenna Gaberino

    One lesson was when he said his coach made him run for skipping class. It was a harsh lesson but it made him realize that skipping class was only hurting himself and the punishment was to teach him not to do it again. Sometimes leaders or mentors will lead you in a direction that is good for you before you even realize it for yourself. A good leader looks out for you and tries to gently steer you down a path that is beneficial to your future. A good leader always has time to look out for those around them and will give up time and resources to help in any way they can.

  • Breanna Henry

    I really enjoyed listening to Bill Curry this week, he brought up a lot of topics that I was really needing to hear. It was interesting hearing his perspective as someone who has been in the leadership positions that he has been in. I think what struck me most that he talked about, was how the best leaders are the ones who never lose their inner child. They are honest without fear of backlash. They are so confident in who they are and what they believe in. They do not let the worlds opinion affect them. And what Bill Curry said that resonated most with me, is that a good leader, and a child, will both unconditionally love those who may not deserve it. I had never viewed children, or leadership in this way, but it is a very clear concept, and I am going to try instill some of those “childlike” concepts back into my life.

  • Emma Martinez

    The lesson that impacted me the most from his speech was “the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret”. I have always struggled with coming out of my shell because that usually implies changes, and as a result, I let go of opportunities that I know I could have handled easily. I understand the phrase too well because I always end up regretting not signing up for an activity or applying for certain program. The video helped me realize it will always be better to take that leap of faith than missing out because it will always help me grow as a leader and as a person.

  • Milana Khaikhan

    Team management is not an easy task. Just take a look at some of the most inspiring leaders like Arianna Huffington or Rosalind Brewer. Despite the hard work, there should always be something in a leader that inspires the whole team.

    Good leaders are self-aware, able to communicate effectively and delegate work, encourage strategic thinking and motivate the team to work even better.
    In my hometown, I was a member of a volunteer club. Where we studied leadership qualities. I remember these qualities well. There are 15 of them:
    1. Inspire colleagues
    2. Focus on team development
    3. Ensure the effectiveness of interaction
    4. Show high emotional intelligence
    5. Apply problem solving skills
    6. Respect others
    7. Put personal development first
    8. Encourage strategic thinking
    9. Listen carefully to the interlocutor
    10. Delegate work
    11. Take responsibility
    12. Show sincere dedication to your work
    13. Be a Visionary
    14. Take care of others
    15. Constantly follow the trends

    If we talk about me, it’s hard for me to answer the question, because in certain situations different qualities manifest themselves. And it is impossible to predict what the next one will be.

  • Chase Sutton

    The theme that stood out to me most that Bill Curry discussed was the idea that leaders always have time for “little” people. I feel like often times when in a position of leadership, it is so easy to get too involved with ideas, issues, and events that have been planned; however, it is still important to listen to those who you are leading and making sure that they are okay while still getting objectives done. If a leader cannot respect the ones below him, then he is not a good leader, plain and simple.

  • Alisyn Dunn

    Bill Curry mentioned many lessons in his speech. The one that stuck out the most to me was “You have to options in life. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” This stuck out to me because I think it’s very true and applies to my life in many ways. I’m always focused on a goal or trying to do something but I push it off until later, but when later comes I regret not starting earlier. The pain of regret is something I used to feel a lot. A new goal for me is to experience the pain of regret less.

  • Adjoa Yeboah

    Bill Curry’s lessons were all very compelling and inspiring. The one that stood out to me the most was his lesson of not letting anyone else define who you are. This is something we are always told, but I feel like it gets put on the back burner the most. We often let ourselves sway away from our true values and that can really affect who we are as leaders. This is definitely something that I strive to work on as I figure out myself through my college career and hearing it in his speech really solidified that.

  • Marissa Bumgarner

    Bill Curry had a considerable amount of leadership-based lessons, but one that stood out to me was “big leaders have time for little people”. I think it is important to realize when you are wanting to make an impression on a group or an individual that you need to make time to know those people. People will not feel comfortable following someone whom they do not know or who has not made the effort to reach out to them. I also strongly agreed with another lesson that was mentioned, “a saint is a person who does the right thing without knowing it”. I have been raised to always do the right thing even if no one is looking. Going the extra mile will make all the difference and you never know the outcome in the future.

  • Bill Curry gave a great talk about leadership and knowing yourself and being comfortable is an important part. He broke down what it takes to be a leader, discussing being comfortable in your own skin and being honest. Learning who you and and cultivating your character were points he discussed that I strongly agree with. He also discussed understanding your potential. That if you’re not pushing the limits you may never reach your potential and that was a really great point that I’ve noticed in my own life. You never know what you’re capable of if you don’t push the limits.

  • Chloe Falls

    Two themes/lessons Bill discussed that stood out to me were that you should never let other people define you, and his quote where he said that you will either feel the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Staying true to yourself is so important during these years of our lives and allowing the opinions of strangers around you define who you are will do nothing but damage. It is important to know and understand your worth, and the person who knows your worth best is yourself. The idea of feeling the pain of discipline or regret stuck out to me because in my life I have felt the pain of both. I agree with Bill that it is much better to stay strong through hard times and focus on what is important, rather than avoiding problems and feeling regret later.

  • Lauren Clark

    In order to be a good leader, according to Bill Curry, one must exhibit or live by a few important themes. The first being that you must be comfortable within your own skin. This theme stood out to me the most for reasons prevalent in my life currently. This weekend I have my first race on a collegiate level rowing team, and I have been given the opportunity to not only stroke the top eight but also the top four. Although I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity, I have found that I need to work on my confidence and understand that I have been given this opportunity for a reason. From listening to Curry’s talk, I have found that I must be comfortable in my own skin, find confidence, and. Believe in myself in order to effectively lead my boat. Curry’s second theme that I found to be important is that we all have the potential to do great things. I believe that if you give your all in everything you do, one day that work will pay off. For this to happen, however, you must believe in yourself and work hard for the path you want to lead.

  • Grace Hibbs

    All four lessons Curry talked about were valuable, but the one that stood out to me the most was the last one: Have time for others. This stood out to me among all the amazing things he said because it involves one of my biggest pet peeves, which is when people act like they’re better than you because of their position, abilities, achievements, etc. True leaders are humble and their character remains the same despite what promotions they receive or recognition they win. They care for and make time for the people they’re leading, even if those people are on the lowest level of a company and technically have a different supervisor. True leaders recognize that those people are still their followers and therefore, they’re still responsible for their needs. In order for your followers to trust in you, you have to show them that you care and it has to come from a genuine place. People can tell when someone is fake, and it leads to them trusting you less than they would if you just didn’t try. The most important thing to remember is to not forget your roots. We will all be in low-level positions throughout our careers and we will all probably get a taste of what lazy leadership looks like. Why would we forget what that feels like as soon as we build ourselves up the ladder? Why would we become the lazy leaders we once complained about?

  • Ariel Luna

    The point that kept popping up in my mind that relates to personal leadership and even big names in leadership is being completely and authentically you. In the world we live in today with all the celebrities, social media, and politics it can be hard to stay true to yourself. In one part of the speech Bill mentions his granddaughter. This girl is lively and steadfast in who she is. It took me back to when I was a kid and didn’t care about silly things. I was just me. As you get older and more aware it’s easy to start conforming. Bill states towards the beginning of the speech that “The US used to be an export of hope, now it’s an export of fear.” In politics everyone hates everyone, both parties keep mass producing young candidates to continue the dirty work of their elders. All I see is division. The hope is continuously the people that are stepping away from all the agendas and being “comfortable in their own skin” as Bill puts it. He tells us that we have to remember we all have the sure knowledge that we’re meant to do something great. Lastly, he asks “What would you do in your moment of truth?” This made me reflect on myself as a person and my leadership. Am I always being myself? How will I react in this moment?

  • Bryce Atkins

    The lesson that stood out to me the most from Bill Curry’s talk was the lesson surrounding the poem “The Cold Within”. He talked about how in this poem men are surrounding a fire each with their own wood, but all refused to give their wood for the betterment of others, causing the fire to go out and their subsequential deaths. Bill Curry really emphasized the idea that if just one of those men had stepped up and acted as a leader then they would not have passed away. Through this lesson, he conveyed that one of the most important qualities that a leader can possess is selflessness and putting others before oneself. If you do not care for those you lead, then they will not care to follow you.

  • Olivia Sander

    “Great leaders know who they are and they are satisfied with who they are”. In Billy Curry’s video he made brilliant points about leadership but this one really stood out to me. Today being comfortable in your own skin is all society talks about, but talking the talk is easier than walking the walk. I think this point is so vital in leadership because we need to know who we are, what we believe in, what we are passionate about, and what we want to represent before we can accurately lead according to ourselves. If we do not know what we stand for we can be immediately influenced by something that morally contradicts us, we need to be comfortable and be proud of ourselves. If we are comfortable and proud about what we believe in then it is easier to be able to have those hard discussions and stand firm in ourselves. Therefore we need to be comfortable with ourselves and proud to lead the way we want to lead no matter the obstacle.

  • Norah Stephenson

    One of the things that stuck out to me from the video was when Bill Curry was talking about having childlike courage and being confident in our own skin. So often we think that leaders have to be a person who has everything together, but in reality we should have that childlike courage of being okay to make mistakes. We should be confident enough in our own skin to say that it is okay if we do make mistakes because they don’t define us. We should also not be afraid to be passionate about what we do in life. Passion and hard work takes us further than we could imagine, we just need the childlike courage to pursue the changes we want to see in the world.

  • Lily-Marie Fraley

    Something that stood out to me was what Bill Curry said about not cutting class when feeling incapable to pass the class. My chemistry class makes me feel discouraged and there has been time where I feel like not showing up. I am determined to finish out strong and not have this class determine how smart I am. I think that we let something define who we are. I found it interesting that Curry said that the world is dying from within, not externally.

  • Kinesey Sherman

    According to Bill Curry, you must be curious and honest in order to succeed. Those are the things I believe make for a great leader. In order to lead effectively, you need to have curiosity about what you will lead. You are required to be honest about your intentions along the way, as well as to give advice along the way. Another thing he spoke about was having time for the “little people”. A leadership quality that cannot be underestimated is kindness, even if it is unexpected, unrecognized, or undeserved.

  • Eli Payton

    The thing that has stayed with me the most from Mr. Curry’s speech is when he said, “there are 2 pains in life, the pain of regret and the pain of discipline, you choose”. This quote made me think about what really keeps people from being successful, and it more times than not comes down to this question. It reminds me of a study that was done a few decades ago that revolved around self discipline. The study goes like this, there’s an adult and a kindergartener in a room with a table, the adult sets a marshmallow on the table and leaves the room after saying “I’ll be back, if you don’t eat the marshmallow, I’ll give you another one to eat when I return”. As you can imagine, most of the kids wound up eating the marshmallow shortly after the man left, but some had the willpower to not. Decades after this study, the researchers found that the kids that were able to resist eating the marshmallow were on average much more successful in their studies, careers, and relationships than the other kids. So often the gatekeeper to success is not intelligence, it’s not opportunity, it’s the ability to say no to short term pleasure and do what is necessary to succeed. That can be looking at the marshmallow and saying no, or it can be telling your body no when it’s 8am and it tells you to sleep in and miss your class. It is for this reason that I find Mr. Curry’s quote on discipline to be the most applicable to all avenues of life.

  • Jesse Brooks

    One of the lessons Mr. Curry talked about that stood out to me was that to be a good leader you have to be there for the people around you and pay attention to them so that you can see their needs. He talked about how his team mate on the Packers was there for him and said that he saw something in him. Without that person he may have never gotten to stay on the team and never mind starting. Leaders in the world have to notice those around them and see where they can help. If they are too focused on themselves or not paying attention they won’t be able to lead as effectively or make near the impact on others that they could otherwise. It shows people that you care and can elevate others to a place they would never have gotten without someone’s help. It also helps the leader help as many people as possible when they see where their efforts and help is needed.

  • Erin Jaison

    One of the lessons he talked about was people’s moment of truth, and how it is different for everybody. What you do with that moment of truth–when your integrity is on the line and wanna give up, you will make the right decision when you are prepared for it. People handle different situations differently than how I sometimes would have handled it . It doesn’t mean there is a right or wrong, it just means one has a different approach–an approach that came from many other past experiences and lessons. One has to go through many experiences to learn that–being capable of making that decision in your moment of truth where you either make or break something was due to the fact that you were prepared for it. After hearing Curry talking about that, it made me think about that and how it’s a process and a journey to finally being prepared. And sometimes you’re not but that’s part of it, because you learn from it and as long as you had the experience and the people that helped you get there, it is worth the truth.

  • Isabel Celedon

    While listening to Bill Curry’s presentation over leadership lessons, he pointed out a few but important ones to remember. The one that stuck with me was “Big leaders have time for little people.” I think this one is so important and stands out the most because as a leader, you should never dismiss anyone that is maybe not known well or as successful as you may be. This lesson can be applied to any situation whether it’s in a group/organization setting or in a job setting with fellow coworkers who may not feel seen or important. True leaders are always building people up with encouragement and motivation because everyone, deep down, is a leader and just needs a push to encapsulate the qualities of one.

  • Kade Williams

    The lesson the that stuck out to me the most was persistence and constantly working. They talked about the doubt many people put on them and how they would consistently prove them wrong through hard work and recognition by others.

  • Kama Wyatt

    There were many themes that stood out to me during Bill Curry’s speech, but there was one that stood out the most. This is because it is a sentiment that has been repeated to me for years. “There are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. You choose”. When Curry said this, I visibly reacted. This is a lesson my highschool speech and debate coach has instilled into me for the last four years. I’ve been told so many times that the pain of regret is far worse than the pain of discipline, and I’ve found this to be very true. For years, I was too scared to fully commit to reaching my goals. I was so scared that no matter how hard I tried I still would never succeed. That is until my senior year, when I realized my time was running out and it was my last chance. I didn’t want to feel full of regret at the end of my highschool career. So, I fully committed myself to working towards my goals. I worked so hard and demonstrated discipline, even when it was hard. Because of this, I reached my goals. No matter how hard it was, I’m glad I did it. The pain of being so disciplined all year was much more rewarding than if I had ended the year regretful that I didn’t try harder. Because of this, it was nice to hear this lesson in Bill Curry’s words.

  • Bill Curry quoted that there were two pains to choose from, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. That was something that really settled with me deeply. The pain of regret is so strong that the burden sticks with you for an extended period of time. It’s a heavy burden of wondering. Time is something you can never get back. The pain of discipline is short term, but it takes that will power to complete that task. When you look back at your accomplishments and you will be proud of the work and discipline you put in.

  • conner mclaughlin

    The leadership lesson that stood out the most to me was the 3 steps of leadership bill talked about throughout the speech in regards to his relationship with his niece Anna Grace. Starting with the first, which is being utterly comfortable in her own skin, and knowing who you are, then the second, which is being utterly honest and curious, and not letting something or someone else define you, and the 3rd is knowing you have potential for greatness, and that great leaders have time for the little guy. Each and every one of these aspects of leadership stem from a great leadership example from bill, listening to his young niece and her questions and having a actual conversation with her and taking in what she has to say. It’s a great example of learning what others need to hear by learning and experiencing them yourself, and the symmetry of it all makes the lesson in leadership fit in a nice, concise and easy to consume package.

  • Caroline Cowherd

    Throughout Bill Curry’s speech, the lessons of perseverance and community stood out to me the most. Despite others disbelief in his success, Curry ignored the negativity and continued to become the inspiration he is today. He highlighted the importance of self confidence in our road to success and personal growth, and how it matters just as much as the effort you put in. He also advocated for leaders to actively take part in building a community by making time for everyone. He explained that by doing this, leaders can encourage and connect with their team on a more personal level.

  • Ashley Wood

    Bill Curry touched on multiple great points. His thoughts on the pain of regret versus the pain of sacrifice stood out ot me the most. In high school, my speech and debate coach preached this message. At the time, they were jus words to me. But as I got older, I realized how true they were. My junior year, I finaled at nationals, but I didn’t get as far as I wanted to. When nationals came around my senior year, I wanted to win so badly. I put my whole heart into that competition. After working for two months straight, I was exhausted. I was so afraid that my efforts were never enough, so I kept pushing. When it came time to perform, I did my absolute best; and I won. I was so proud of myself because I knew that I had worked for it. My efforts were clear to everyone and motivated others to work hard as well. Kama, Destiny, and myself were all crowned champions that year. I know that working hard can lift me up, and those around me.

  • Kathryn Irwin

    The lesson that stood out to me the most I don’t really remember the name but I remember the content of the story.It was when he was talking about the little girl in the open curiosity and genuine kindness she had because no one had told her that she couldn’t do something or she wasn’t good enough. I having cousins around that age the little girl he was talking about was made me truly reflect on how innocent they truly are and how that ignorance is bliss mentality can lead open so many doors, But is cancel culture going around there a cartoons now on Disney when a kid is just curious why their mother is slightly darker than their daughter instead of explaining it sometimes skin color can be a similar color in a family but some people may have darker skin they just said it was a micro aggression. In some cases if turn with different for it was worded in a different way It canbe. the cartoon thoughit was just a kid being curious it honestly made me really sad that the cartoon gently explain something about race, but inseated just telling the kid not to ask the question. I don’t think such adult concepts should be explained in one and two sentences and when it is it’s too blunt and then we end up with people who are too scared to ask questions and too scared to say anything at all. in the Bill Currie’s story the little girl wasn’t scared to ask questions wasn’t scared to figure out how she could help and what she could do ,and I think that’s what leadership is all about. it’s putting your own fears, prejudices and or mindsets aside in order to better understand the people you were serving. sometimes those labels are helpful and those labels are true when people are mean and malicious and just bigoted. putting that on a three-year-old who is just asking a question and he’s trying to better understand the people he’s interacting with not to be malicious or to point something out or to make someone insecure I will be honest it happens and then you explain why that hurts peoples feelings they don’t know how to be a human yet they don’t understand social norms racism and race in general or any other concept similar is a very nuanced concept even for adults. The three rolled if I think of mind set people need to embrace even more the mind of a toddler is extended by every flavor of ice cream and he’s excited and caring towards all creatures ladybugs to dolphin to mythical creatures that make up in their machination the spring such a wonder and caring nature to human existence because they’re too young to understand social norms so they’re also too young to understand why people hate people just because someone told them that they’re not as good as anyone else for religious beliefs race or who they love toddlers love everybody most of them most of the time. I think we should learn from our younger selves and live vicariously and try to see through the little ones around us.

  • Ahlaam Elmi

    I really liked the lessons Bill Curry shared.
    the ability to be comfortable in our skin which is so difficult in this society. know who you are and not being someone you’re not is key to being successful.

    the value of being honest is something which is something some people don’t honor any more. telling the truths all the time is one of my values, although it is difficult thing to do at times it is the right thing to do ,as lying demeans you it destroys people. this is a powerful thing, which either makes you a person of entirety or a person that is untrustworthy.

    Theres two pains in life, the pain of discipline , pain of regret you choose. I though this was really powerful, the truth of this statement is something which should make you want to reevaluate your chooses in life and how you wan to life.

    However there were more lesson given, I really resonate with these three as they make such a big difference in the manner in which you approach life.

  • Bergen Bailey

    Bill Curry had many lessons of leadership. The one that stood out to me was the idea that there are 2 types of pain in this world. The pain of regret and the pain of discipline. I related to this because of my experience in athletics. For example, in soccer, you have to train in order to be fast and have the endurance to run for 90 minutes. If you don’t train, you feel it in the first 45 minutes. You feel regret because you know you could have tried harder. If you train and push through the pain, you will be able to perform your best for the whole 90 minutes. The same applies to life. It is better to push through the pain of preparation in order to be the best you can. If you are disciplined, you will be able to do your best. If not, you regret not doing more to be ready.

  • Brynn Coppedge

    During the video, Bill Curry discussed many themes with respect to leadership. The one that stood out to me the most was to “stay honest and curious.” This theme stood out to me the most because I have always believed in being open to learning something new. Learning about who you are leading is one of the most important aspects of being a good leader. I have also always believed that the only way to be a good leader is the be honest to the people you are leading.

  • Lillie Taylor

    I believe that Curry’s emphasis on how a true leader is utterly comfortable in their own skin is the theme that most stood out to me. I feel that true leaders know what both their strengths and weaknesses are. They are not afraid to admit them and they know they are present, even as they lead. Leaders are comfortable and also know that their strengths and weaknesses will affect the way they lead. Self-acceptance is one of the most vital, yet one of the hardest qualities for people to learn to possess. But when a leader accepts themselves, their followers may follow in their footsteps and become comfortable in their own skin as well. When one is more confident as their true self, the way they use their leadership skills also becomes more confident. When leaders are comfortable in their own skin, their followers grow in confidence as well; furthermore, their skills grow simultaneously, developing them into stronger leaders.

  • Jacob McBride

    A few things from Mr. Curry stood out to me. The first would have to be there are 2 pains in life, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you choose. This got my attention because you can either not try something, and never know if you could have succeeded, or you could risk failing and learn a hard lesson that will help you later in life. Another thing is every time you succeed, the more likely you are to do so again, and every time you quit, the more likely you are to do again. I believe in routines, and how hard they are to break. And quitting is easy, so why make that a routine. And finally something important that resonated with me is leaders have time for all people, no matter how large or small of a role they may play.

  • Benjamin Hastings

    Mr. Curry talked about “two pains” in life: discipline and regret. Both can be painful because they require you to make difficult decisions. However, Mr. Curry heavily stressed the practice of pre-establishing personal guidelines to push through them. Mr. Curry also talked about three lessons he learned from a child. First, leaders should be comfortable in their skin. Second, leaders should be honest and curious. Third, leaders should know their potential to achieve greatness. These are important to me because they all revolve around self-honesty. I often think about how others want me to behave versus how I would act. For that reason, I feel it is my responsibility as a leader to remain true to myself.

  • Destiny Ryan

    There were two things that stuck out the most to me in Bill Curry’s lesson on leadership. First, when he said, “There are two pains in life. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret.” It stuck out because it reminds me a lot of my old speech team’s motto; the pain of sacrifice is worse than the pain of regret. It’s something I live by especially going into college. Then something else that Bill Curry said was, “ Leaders give unexpected, undeserved, unrewarded acts of kindness.” I love this concept because it’s such a good way to bring positivity into leadership and the community you’re in.

  • Sheridan Robinson

    The poem read by Bill curry stood out to me due to its emotional and brutally honest idea. Despite the idea that the world is full of hate, I believe that through education and leadership, we can fight for equality and kindness among every person, no matter what they look like or the beliefs they follow. I stand by loving your neighbor, no matter what. I also think that this world needs more kind people. We need to be nice everyone even if they are not nice to us. We can show leadership by being strong and taking the criticism, through always be honest, and facing those rude through understanding their ability to be great.

  • There were many lessons that stood out but none of the lessons stood out more to me than being comfortable in your own skin. This one stood out to me the most because it is the one I have had to learn most recently to be a great leader. College has come with a lot of pushing out of my comfort zone, joining a fraternity, being involved in different organizations, and just getting to know so many new people. All of these things have helped me become the true version of who I am, I do not feel like I have to hide parts of myself to be accepted. I have become more comfortable with myself than ever before, I am truly me and it makes me feel more confident than ever. Being comfortable in my own skin has made me feel more like a leader than anything else has before.

  • Jackson Mckinney

    Bill Curry discussed multiple themes with respect to leadership. The one that stood out the most was that great leaders know who they are and are comfortable in their own skin. This stood out to me because I feel that authenticity is the only way to truly connect with someone. If you are trying to be someone you are not then it is impossible to lead to the best of your abilities. Leaders need genuine connection with others and that starts with being comfortable with yourself.

  • Lane Willoughby

    Personally, the pain of regret really stuck out. I have a bad fear of missing out so I always do everything I can & regret if I do not. I know that sometimes the situations end up not being what I expected or what I should be in so for those moments I experience the pain of discipline. The pain of discipline I do not experience very often but whenever I do it does teach me that not doing everything is okay too. I like that two lessons go hand in hand even though they are totally opposite.

  • Tyler Gleason

    Billy Curry framed leadership in a way that made it to be utterly honest and bold. The point that hit me the hardest was one that he seemed to dwell on for the least amount of time, that there are two types of pain. The pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. If I as a leader am not bold and willing to take risks, I will experience the pain of regret often. If I do practice boldness and am comfortable in my own skin, another point made by Curry, I will experience the pain of discipline more often, and as a byproduct, learn more.

  • Zach Kernal

    Bill Curry made some really powerful statements during his talk. One thing that really stuck out to me was when he talked about how good leaders have time for everyone. I just think it’s a really good way to think about being a leader. Time is super valuable and by giving the people around you part of your time you show how much you care. I really enjoyed how much he stressed the importance of building those personal relationships with those that you are leading.

  • Abby Harelson

    Bill Curry was probably my favorite speaker to listen to so far. He shows great leadership and gave great advice in the video. One of the biggest statements he made that stuck out to me was how he stated that every different brand of human is in the same huddle, bleeds in the same jersey, and sweat smells the same. This shows how Bill was a leader and how he didn’t see a person’s color, background, or certain beliefs, because we are all humans. Another strong point was how important it is to see our potential and know that we can do anything we want.

  • jolie barton

    Bill Curry discussed a wide range of intriguing subjects and related issues. It was an incredibly motivating speech with themes showing how the unexpected and unanticipated can impact a person’s life. I was struck by the fact that Curry skipped a class at eight o’clock in the morning and never did it again. Curry was unaware of the consequences of missing class until she did. I had a significant shift in perspective as a result of the great unknown. That is, in my opinion,  one of the best aspects of leadership.

  • Cooper Autry

    The lesson that Bill Curry discussed with respect to leadership that stood out the most to me was about being comfortable in your own skin. The reason why this stood out to me is because I feel it is very easy to feel like that we are not “good enough”. It’s very easy to get caught up in stereotypes and to get too caught up with what people think about us. As a leader though, I feel that it is always important to blaze my own trail and be myself. If we as leaders all try to be like a certain stereotype then our uniqueness as leaders could go away. It is our uniqueness that forms our diversity, and without diversity in thought, strengths, actions, etc… then we will not reach our full potential as leaders, specifically a group of leaders.

  • Sheba Saju

    One lesson from Bill Curry that stood out to me was the two pains of life. He explained that the two pains of life were “pain of discipline and pain of regret.” I loved how he said that we choose the pain we bring into our lives. Being a disciplined leader means to do things whether you feel like it or not. For example, you may not feel like doing a service project because it just doesn’t sound appealing but choosing the pain of discipline means you choose to do it even though you don’t want to. Bringing the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret because sometimes it is good to take risks in life. You don’t want to feel regret towards something you chose not to do when it actually was worthwhile and valuable.

  • Elizabeth Estabrooks

    What stood out most to me was when Bill Curry talked about how a good leader has time for everyone. That stood out to me because that’s definitely something I need to work on as a leader.