Lessons in Leadership Week 3-Strengths with Dr. Erin Logan

Identify a specific task in your life with which you have difficulty. It could be UCO related, a work issues, a challenge in a relationship, etc. Then, look back at your strengths and think about how you could use them to approach that difficulty in a different, more productive way. Identify at least three ways your strengths could help you in this scenario.


  • Gracie Barnett

    Something that I tend to have difficulty with throughout my life is just putting myself out there and trying new things. Things like being around people I don’t know and going to places I’ve never been before tend to make me anxious. Many of my strengths could definitely contribute to this, but there are also ways that I can use my strengths to help with these situations. My number one strength is futuristic. When I am in these situations I am typically thinking about all of the things that could go wrong, but instead, I should be using my futuristic strength to look forward and think about the good things that are going to come of the situation like making new friends. Another strength that I could utilize in these difficulties is discipline. I need structure and routine so going into these situations with a plan will help put my mind at ease. I need to know things like where I’m going, how I’m going to get there, etc. My relator strength could also help me approach these. Going with my closest friends that I trust would make me feel more comfortable. Being with people I can rely on can definitely help get me through difficult situations.

  • Jenna Gaberino

    I think it was an important lesson to be able to identify your strengths and know how to put them to use in certain situations. Something I have difficulty with is working under high pressure or stress. While the right amount of stress motivates me, too much makes me shut down and feel unable to complete the task. However, a few of my strengths are finding new ways to do things or approach a situation, finding new sources of motivation, and being able to remove myself from a situation in order to get an outside view. Sometimes when I feel a lot of pressure performing a task, finding a new way to complete it or approaching it from a different angle can get me back in the game and concentrated. I am also pretty good at motivating myself which can drive me through a task, and sometimes when you get too involved in something it can become more overwhelming than it originally was so temporarily taking a step back and removing yourself from the situation can help you get a fresh outside view and make the situation feel less intense.

  • Marissa Bumgarner

    Throughout my life, I have struggled with putting immense amounts of pressure on myself to be the best person I can be. I think having individualism as a strength makes me realize that working with others and as a group helps to relieve myself from the pressure, I put on myself. I believe that my other strengths, focus and discipline, help me to stay on the right track of the goals I have for myself. It is important to me to stay healthy mentally for myself and the people around me. Implementing these strengths on a daily basis will help me focus on my daily tasks and reach the goals I want to achieve.

  • Halle Melton

    No matter what the issue or topic is, I tend to get very anxious and overwhelm myself over issues that shouldn’t be stressing me out. I totally blame this on 2 of my traits of responsibility and intellection, my brain loves to think and sometimes I take it too far and I have a hard time of letting people help me and I tend to spiral. I plan on applying that responsibility and turning the negatives of it into a positive, by combining it with empathy and knowing when it’s time to stop thinking and start applying. Adding to that, one of my traits is learner, and I want to apply the skills I’ve learned and apply them to my life to find more balance and focus.

  • Kaylie McClintock

    Something that I have struggled with for a while now is motivation. I have always gotten excited about a project or organization or activity and then the energy and focus I had for it quickly disappears. I think that knowing my strengths might help me finally find a solution. My number one strength is Connectedness. I think I can use my Connectedness strength to find ways that I can connect new opportunities and ideas to the activities I am already a part of, thus reinvigorating my passion for it. My second strength is Individualization. I feel like my ability to see the unique strengths of each individual could allow me to find the people around me who are in the same activities/ organizations, but maybe naturally have more energy than me. Being around people with a passion for what they do always inspires me to do my best as well. My Relator strength allows me to grow my relationship with the friends I already have. By getting close with my friends I can find people to keep me accountable and participate in activities with me!

  • Isabel Celedon

    A challenge that I face sometimes is focusing on the important things in my life. Whether it is something for school, an extracurricular activity, or spending time with others, I believe that I do not prioritize or make time for the things that truly matter. With responsibility as one of my strengths, I can take ownership of what I need to focus on because I know I can dedicate myself to something if I really put my mind to it. Another one of my strengths is discipline and I believe with this value I can develop more organizational skills in order to prioritize my goals day-to-day. With restorative being my number one strength (I am a big problem solver) I know that I can acknowledge when I am not prioritizing what I should be and understand I need to make a difference on what I am focused on.

  • Kinesey Sherman

    Putting myself out there is something I struggle with a lot. Since I struggle with thinking about what other people think of me, hanging out with people or even getting lunch by myself is difficult for me. Anxiety is at the root of all of this. These were my strengths: restorative, harmony, discipline, belief, and relator. Having a restorative trait means solving problems and finding solutions to them. Consequently, I may be tempted to leave if I feel I am not liked by someone when I am hanging out with them. Harmony is what I strive for in my relationships with others. It’s important for me to have discipline, I love structure, and I hate when plans change at the last minute, which often happens with friendships. Beliefs mean I look for friendships that sync with my core values. A relator enjoys close friendships, which I want to. I believe that harmony, restorative, and discipline are the three strengths that can help in this situation. Harmony helps me by getting out and enjoying people’s company. Restorative allows me to see the problem of putting myself out there and the solution is to start small. It will be easier for me to maintain discipline if I take small steps.

  • Emma Martinez

    Since I started at UCO I realized I have struggled with adapting to the new environment and opening up to new opportunities mostly because I’m not used to big changes. I realized most of my strengths focus on giving, but I noticed I barely give anything to myself, so I believe the first way I can use my strengths is by focusing them on myself before giving to others. The second way I can use them is by focusing more on my adaptability and reminding myself that changes are normal and giving myself time to adapt to those changes. The final way I can overcome these struggles is by building a healthy community. Most of my strengths fall under relationship building, so taking advantage of these strengths to create community can help me get through all these changes.

  • A specific task in my life with which I have difficulty is approaching people. This is something that I have struggled with since middle school. Since then, I have never been able to build up the courage to approach people who interests me. The three of my strengths I believe could help me in these scenarios are: empathy, developer, and belief. My strength of empathy could help me to identify with them and build a stronger rapport. My strength of developer could help me to always see the good and the potential of others. Finally, my strength of belief will help me to better approach different kinds of people because of my core values.

  • Lily-Marie Fraley

    For the past eighteen years of-my-life, I have lived at my 3,000 populated hometown. I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to Edmond when I moved. As I begin my fourth week of school, I noticed how quickly I adapted. After seeing my top five strengths, it makes sense how quickly I adjusted.
    My #1 strength is restorative. Restorative people are good at figuring out problems and resolving them. I figured out solutions to be comfortable up here for I could have the best experience for myself in this new environment.
    My #2 strength is responsibility. Having responsibility has helped me adapt because I set priorites. Having priorities and goals have made me get closer to this new community.
    My #3 strength is arranger. Arrangers have an organized theme. Being organized has helped me be flexible.

  • Grace Hibbs

    Something I struggle with in life is getting out of my comfort zone. I tend to pass up opportunities that I’m interested in because of a fear that they won’t go exactly like I hope they will. Much of this fear is due to my being an introvert and uncomfortable in unknown environments. After hearing this about me, you’ll probably be just as shocked as I was to hear that adaptability is my second strength. However, I’m decent at adapting to my school and work life. It’s my social life where I lack this skill. Accepting that my expectations won’t always come to fruition may help me to overcome this problem and give me the confidence to participate further on campus. My third strength is relator, which means that I find comfort in being around my close friends. Because I’m an introvert, it takes a lot for me to become close with people and once I am, I tend to stick only to that group of people. While this is bad because I no longer put myself out there, it can also help me. Whenever I want to go to an event but am too nervous to step outside of my comfort zone, I can bring along a close friend so that I don’t feel as uncomfortable not knowing anyone. I’ll automatically have a better time and that friend may be able to give me the confidence to talk to others. Lastly, my fear of the unknown can be aided by my strength of consistency as it focuses on the need to have a clear plan. If I plan what time I’m going, what time I’m returning, and I know the details of the event, I won’t feel as stressed about it, which may take some unneeded anxiety off my shoulders. Putting myself out there more and enjoying UCO events is one of my biggest goals for myself in college, and I hope that I’ll take my own advice and use my strengths to my advantage these next four years.

  • Carsyn Cardwell

    My boyfriend and I have been a long-distance couple for a year now. We live 6 hours away from each other, and we only see each other about once a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. Although I have been in a long-distance relationship for a year already, it is still one of the biggest challenges in my life because it takes a lot more effort than close-distance relationships. I think I have several strengths that can help both of us in our relationship. My top strength is positivity and I’d definitely say I exercise this strength daily. One way positivity can make my relationship stronger is by recognizing the time we spend together rather than the time we spend apart. Another strength of mine is communication. Communication is important in all relationships. However, in a long-distance relationship, it is sometimes all you have. I think using communication whenever I need to let my boyfriend know how I’m feeling is very important because he can’t actually be with me to experience it. Finally, empathy is a significant pillar in our relationship. Because our relationship is different than most, there are a lot of things that we have to consider differently than a normal relationship. If we have a conflict that is hard to solve because we can’t be together, I think it would be helpful to stop and think of how I would feel if I was on his end of it. I defiantly think my strengths are part of the resin we can make long-distance work, but there is always room for growth on both ends. Now that we have gone over our strengths with Dr. Erin Logan, I can be more conscious of how I use my strength in my long-distance relationship.

  • Erin Jaison

    One of my biggest difficulties is speaking to a public that is not engaged in what I have to say. I always get nervous and can’t speak properly in front of a large crowd. So I feel like that factor adds to my problem in me not being interesting and prevents me from performing at my highest level. With one of my strengths being Woo, I love to challenge in breaking the ice and building the connection with new people, so I feel like it would be easier to talk to my audience if I knew them well enough to where I’m comfortable, and in order for me to do that I have would have to break the ice and since I love a challenge I would start by saying something that they could relate to and keep them engaged so I would have the setting of that I’m just talking to my friends. And with my other strength being restorative and relator, I would easily solve my difficulty by finding some common ground between the problem and I. And since I love personal connection I would deeply want to build on the connection with my audience making it easier for me. And lastly due to problem solving skills it would help me prevent my audience to be bored by easily thinking of things that will get them interested and get them engaged.

  • Chloe Falls

    One specific task in my life that has proven to be difficult these last few weeks has been time management. With work, school, and social events it can be hard to prioritize and find time to complete all of my assignments on time and still have a social life as well as a job. One of my top strengths however is strategic thinking. By using this strength to plan out my week and find free time to work ahead on my assignments so I don’t fall behind, I can maintain my other obligations, but this can be easier said than done. Some weeks are much busier than others, and working new things into an already full schedule can be stressful, but I can use my other strengths like communication to speak with my professors and employers about my schedule and what will work for me.

  • Adjoa Yeboah

    A challenge that I often find myself facing is adapting to new changes in my life. Adaptability was not one of my strengths and I think that is for good reason since it is often something that I struggle with even though I overcome it in the end. A specific task that was difficult for me to adapt to was definitely starting a new life at college. Many things seemed overwhelming and a lot of times I questioned how so many people made it look so easy. My top strength that I have is positivity and I definitely think that if I would come at my life in college through a more positive lens then I wouldn’t be stuck on all of the negative aspects. Another thing that positivity would help me with would be being strong enough to help others who may feel doubt about their college life or experiences. If I take from my own experience I can help people who are going through the same things. Lastly, I think that being positive in the face of difficulty can transform how I think about any other negative aspect that overwhelms my life and not just college. Positivity, along with my other strengths, can help me to put my absolute best foot forward.

  • Chase Sutton

    One specific task that I had difficulty with in my life coming into the college life without having my hometown friends and family by my side. Although my top strength is adaptability, I would consider myself to be a more consistent person, which is my fourth quality (two very clashing qualities I know). One way that I think I could approach this difficulty in a more productive way would be by forcing myself to generate a routine in the earlier days of college just to find that sense of consistency that I had back home. Three ways that I think my strengths could help me in this scenario would be forcing myself to be more adaptable in my social life, finding a more consistent routine in everyday life, and maximizing the time that I did share with others in the earlier days.

  • Alisyn Dunn

    I currently am experiencing difficulty with leaving my family behind to go to college. I think it’s been hard because they have been so consistent in my life so long. I think one of my strengths that could help me with this is including. Being an includer is my top strength. It could help me by making me want to call my parents more. Talking to them and including them in this part of my life is so important. Another way my strength can help is by making new friends and focusing on my new opportunities. These things can make the transition from home to college much easier. The most important part is to use my strengths to my advantage.

  • Lauren Clark

    Dr. Erin Logan’s workshop presentation deemed to be very useful in my everyday life. I learned that not only can my strengths help me with things that I am good at, but they can also be useful in accomplishing tasks that may seem daunting or difficult. A challenge that I face almost daily is finding the urge to wake up for practice every morning. Waking up at four in the morning to workout is not the most fun way to start my day, however, I do it for the sport I love. Adaptability, my number one strength, can help me to wake up easier by choosing alternative times to go to bed. Instead of staying up later, I could adapt to what my body needs and go to bed at an earlier time. My number two strength, competition, can help me by producing more motivation for practice. A big part of rowing is the competition. You not only want to be the fastest boat on race day, but you also want to be in the top eight girls of your team. With more motivation from my competitive side, it may be easier to get up. Finally, another one of my strengths is that I am an arranger. One thing that I could do better at is planning out my days. If I plan out my days, I can be more productive, thus leaving the time for the sleep that I need to perform the best at morning practice. What I learned from Dr. Erin Logan’s workshop is that I can use my top strengths to become the best version of myself that I can be. By using the steps listed above I believe that it will not only be easier to wake up in the morning, but I will also be more excited about practice as well.

  • Caroline Cowherd

    In high school, I was the president of the National Honor Society. As president, I was in charge of planning, organizing, and executing many different projects and fundraisers, including the Hope Race for education. With so much to do and very little time to do it, I often took over projects to ensure they were done correctly, instead of delegating them to the other officers. Looking back, I would use my strength of individualization to solve this problem. Taking the time to learn and understand my fellow officers strengths and how they could contribute to the project would have reduced stress in my own life, as well as allowed their talents to be utilized. Another strength I would have applied is harmony. In charge of the biggest fundraiser of the year, our team quickly became overwhelmed and stressed. In an attempt to combat this, I used optimism to distract from the negativity we all felt. I wish I could have recognized that my strength of harmony should not be used to sweep problems under the rug, but instead face them with patience and understanding. Harmony provides a calmer, more productive way to solve issues, while simultaneously unifying a team. The last strength I would have liked to apply is maximizer. Due to time constraints, I tried to replicate the team before me and their way of executing the project. This frustrated me, as I wanted to fix flaws and improve areas I felt could be better, but couldn’t find the time to do so. By recognizing my strength of maximizer, I could have made time to make those improvements to better the event and feel pride in my efforts.

  • Olivia Sander

    I think a struggle I have difficulty with is how to say no and make time for myself. Some would say that the struggle is a good one to have but in times where I need to say yes to myself first it is hard to not put people first. My top three strengths are ones I highly identify myself with. With my top three strengths being relator, developer, and communication I feel as if it would be easy for me to ask for help and say no. I know how to communicate easily with people so that would not be a struggle for me and being able to relate to a situation I feel as I would be able to relate my experience to one of there own. Lastly as a developer I can develop solutions to my problems as well as theirs.

  • Ashley Wood

    When searching my mind for personal difficulties, I think of the way I act in social situations. Oftentimes, I will over-compensate for things and suddenly become a different person. I love being outgoing and bubbly, but when I’m nervous, I cannot stop talking. I definitely relate this to my top strength, woo. Being a woo, I have a tendency to want to please others. This can be a blessing and a curse. I can go up to anyone, whether I’ve met them or not, and instantly find a connection. I can be too outgoing for some, but most people appreciate my forwardness. Another strength that helps me a great deal is “inclusivity”. I can see someone standing alone, walk up to them, and just start talking. This is the way I’ve made all of my friends. I also have developer strength in my top three. I tend to gently push my friends into situations that make them slightly uncomfortable. For example, my friend was hesitant about going through sorority recruitment. I encouraged her by explaining the benefits and expressing that she did not have to commit. These small “pushes” led her to join a sorority she absolutely loves. I may talk too much sometimes but in reality, I’m grateful that this is my response

  • Eli Payton

    The thing that I struggle with that I see fixable using one of my 5 strengths is my habit of procrastination. The strength I find best applicable to tackling this problem is my strength of focus. I find that often when I procrastinate it is because I let the sum of my total workload overwhelm me. I believe that I can leverage this strength of focus by cutting up my workload into smaller increments and focusing on them individually. What this looks like practically, is when I sit down to study, I need to have quantifiable short term goals as to what I want or need to achieve. Doing this is going to be the best way for me to fight against my tendencies to think about what other times I can do something, and just do it. I am thankful for the opportunity that the strengths finder test has given me to identify my strengths so that I can go about leveraging them to minimize my weaknesses.

  • Lillie Taylor

    I really struggle with creating routines and sticking with them. Not having a routine creates a lack of consistency and structure in my life, which affects the personal, as well as school and work-related aspects of it. I love being organized and having a consistent schedule; however, suffering from different mental health issues sometimes gets in the way of my ability to keep up a routine. My top strength is responsibility. I am very responsible and reliable when it comes to completing tasks on a deadline. Whenever I am given a task, I do it and do it to the best of my abilities. Reminding myself that I am capable of completing tasks and keeping up with them might help me to combat difficulties with my lack of a routine. Another strength that felt might help my with keeping a consistent routine is harmony. Life is never perfect, as highs and lows impact one frequently. As one who is strong in being able to make these highs and lows in life mesh and work, I am able to make a routine even when life throws curveballs. My strength of harmony will undoubtedly allow me to live a balanced life. The third strength that I feel would help me in keeping up with a balanced life routine is my futuristic strength. As one who is always looking toward the future, I am able to learn that accomplishing daily tasks and to-dos within my routine are well worth it and will pay off in the long run, creating a happier, healthier future for myself. With these strengths, I am confident that I will be able to combat the issues that arise when I attempt to create and keep a consistent, balanced life routine.

  • Abby Harelson

    I often face difficulty whenever I get upset about receiving results that I don’t want. If I don’t do something well, or good enough, then I tend to get down on myself. My five strengths are adaptability, positivity, developer, belief, and empathy. I think each of these will play an important role in this certain difficulty. To start, I can adapt to whenever I fail or fall short of tasks in life so I can change what I did wrong previously. Secondly, I can put my positive mindset to use by actually thinking positive thoughts about myself as well. Also, belief and empath can strongly encourage my struggles by believing in myself, and having empathy towards my failures.

  • Norah Stephenson

    Throughout my life I have had issues with putting too much pressure on myself. One way in which I can approach this issue is by using my developer skills. A developer sees the good in other people and uses it to build others up, so if I can build others up, maybe I can train myself to build me up. Another skill I could use in order to approach my difficulty is to use my skill of futuristic thinking. I could, instead of focusing on how I’m going to get to the future, focus on how my past has shaped my present, and look at how I have set myself up for the future so far. The final strength I believe can help me push past all the pressure on myself would be my belief strength. I have certain core values that are unchanging, and one of them is that I need to always try to do better than my best. Due to this, I have stressed myself out beyond belief. There is no rule that certain values can’t change, so maybe I can adapt this one to say, just try your best.

  • Jesse Brooks

    One thing that I have struggled with recently is how I am going to get the grade I want in my Biology class. I recently took my first test and didn’t do as well as I hoped. In response to this situation, I can use my strengths to come up with a solution to help me get the grade I want. To do this, I will use my restorative, context, and analytical strengths. I can use my restorative strength to figure out where I went wrong in the first place, which lies with my studying habits. Then I can use context and analysis to find out from the past what I can do and what I did that didn’t work or what worked for me. Using these strengths I came up with a new studying tactic that will better support me in the areas I failed last time, like starting earlier and looking at tests from old students with my professor to be better prepared for my test

  • Kathryn Irwin

    I am currently trying to let go of the feeling of failure a past teacher instilled in me a year ago. In simplest terms she told me I would not amount to much. If I made it through college at all. I am useing multiple strengths to combat this. Unknowingly I used my strengths to lead me to an epiphany yesterday. It started with me writing an essay on different views of disability and societal constructs. One strength being input. the concept of the essay required me to look at multiple different views on disability I gathered information and observed different perspectives. While writing the essay I had many introspective moments useing my second top streanth Intellection. This lead to me using my number five strength belif. the use of this strength deepened my understanding of who I am in relation to my core values. Lastly I used my number one strength context. I analyzed my past choices and the past voice that still a loops in my head. I’m finding my purpose for my future choices. This context brought it back to my fith strength belief reminding me of whose voice is really mattered ,mine, so I got to choose how I talked about myself. I got to choose who’s opinions I was going to let influence what my voice had to say.

  • Ariel Luna

    This is actually a great topic for how I’m feeling right now in life. Moving to college has been a huge adjustment for me. I’ve always struggled with change. All senior year I could feel myself becoming ready to move on to the next stage but it’s hard for me to be back at the bottom. Since one of my strengths is the achiever category I don’t feel I’m succeeding unless I’m seeing a lot of big success and change that I’m bringing to whatever area I’m involved in. This can lead to my performance anxiety coming out because I push myself really hard to be the best possible person I can be. Thankfully I also have strengths in the intellection, input, strategic, and restorative areas. All these help me better acclimate to new surroundings. The strategic strength is going to help me figure out how to get involved with all the things I want to do and keep myself focused. My input strength is going to keep me hungry for new knowledge and to learn more about my new world at UCO. The intelligence strength will guide me to have conversations with a plethora of different people. Finally, my restorative strength will help me assess the problems I’m having and find better solutions. There’s always an answer.

  • Blair Majors

    In my life, I have difficulty saying no to things out of fear of hurting others feelings or people getting upset. This is a difficult situation for me to be in because I always end up overworking myself or doing things that could potentially harm my mental health. I think that my strength of empathy can contribute to why its so hard for me to tell others no, but I also think I could approach it differently and use that strength to my advantage. Empathy goes a long way and not being able to say no, isn’t always the kindest thing to do for someone when you know you’re not the right person to do the job. Instead, I could start explaining my feelings to people when I don’t feel like I can do a job the best instead of taking the task on even if it’s not the greatest choice. I also think that my strength of positivity could help in these type of situations because being able to handle a situation with positive thoughts and actions helps to insure that you don’t say or do something you will regret. Another strength that I could use to help me is my developer strength. Being able to see the potential in others and think highly of them no matter what they ask of me can allow me to handle the situation with a lot more positivity. Understanding why they asked me specifically to do a task for them may make me feel better about the situation overall.

  • Elizabeth Estabrooks

    I have always struggled with keeping everything that I need to do organized. It makes me feel on edge all the time because I consistently feel like I’m forgetting something. My top strength is Developer and it means I help others become the best that they can be, but I can turn that on myself and find areas I can improve on. Another one of my strengths is Restorative and I thought that was interesting because I’m good at being Restorative in group settings, but not necessarily in my academic life. I can try to be more organized by putting everything in my calendar since that can help organize me. I can communicate with the people around me that I struggle with this area in my life, so that they are aware and can help me out in stressful situations.

  • Bryce Atkins

    In my life, I feel like I set out to do so many tasks throughout the day, whether it be school-related, work-related, or just tasks at home. With this, I am constantly anxious that I am forgetting something that needs to get done, or that I might accidentally skip over an important task due to being focused on other things. This makes the task that I struggle with most planning and remembering all the plans in my head. One of my strengths that could help me with this is consistency. I could get into the routine of making to-do lists nightly and this would help me to remember everything that I need to do for the next day. Another strength that could help is discipline. If I do make a list for the next day, I need to stick to it and do everything that I said I was going to. This also goes hand in hand with my consistency strength by adding another step to my daily routine. The third strength that could help me with planning and following through with tasks is futuristic. I feel like I am constantly looking toward what’s to come in the future and I am forgetting some important things that I need to do now. It will help me to remember the day-to-day tasks if I remember that I have to do something today to reach tomorrow and not the other way around.

  • Lane Willoughby

    One difficulty I have is occasionally I will take my competitiveness too far. I enjoy games and activities that require competition, but I also really enjoy winning. Thankfully, I have restorative strengths that make up for this. At the end of said games and activities I can usually mend any predicaments with this strength. I try to keep my competitiveness in check but I always make sure to apologize and restore the situation if I over step. I also struggle with trying to do everything by myself, so my third strength, includer, helps me make sure that I incorporate everyone that is involved.

  • Kade Williams

    The lessons in strengths highlighted the cooperation that is necessary for the success of organizations or leadership in general. It showed people’s different perspective in different areas and how it related to their skills. A specific task I have with people is showing empathy toward those that I’m communicating with. I’m more heavily analytical which would help me work toward understanding where the issues in communication could be coming from. I could also use my analytical ability to show the better things people do when I’m giving critiques to help people learn. Another skill I have is in deliberative which would help me show more consideration when talking to people.

  • Bergen Bailey

    I had actually done the strengths assessment with Erin a few years back for a teen board. The only way my strengths changed was the order of them. 2 traits in particular have helped me succeed in the past and will continue to help me into the future. Strategic and Achiever. The biggest challenge in my life right now is finding time to fit school work in. My strategic trait helps me think about all the pros and cons and different ways to get things done while my achiever trait helps me realize that even if it does not make an impact now, it will in the future. Strategic thinking has always been one of my strengths. It helps me analyze situations and problems in order to be better or more efficient at them. My achiever trait has led me to many different experiences that improve my thinking and social skills. It helps me think about the future and what it takes to get there.

  • Over the last few years, I’ve found that I have trouble saying “no”. Whether it be being asked to go to a social event, join a club, or help someone write an essay at midnight, I find it difficult to decline. This habit has only worsened now that I’m in college. More often than not, this causes me to exhaust myself and sometimes even fall behind on my own responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at balancing all that life has to offer me. However, my tendency to say yes to almost everything can be very tiresome. I believe all of my top 5 strengths (being adaptability, empathy, developer, input, and achiever) play a large role in this habit of mine. Nonetheless, I can also utilize these strengths to approach this difficulty more effectively. To remedy this tiring habit, I can call on my adaptability, empathy, and achiever strengths. I am an adaptable person, so when plans change I feel confident in my ability to adapt. Next, I can rely on my empathy to help. I’m an empathetic person, and I think that is why I am always so willing to help people out, even when I’m busy. I can utilize this strength by also remembering to be empathetic towards myself. I need to make sure my own needs are met, that way, I can more effectively help others meet their needs. Lastly, I can lean on my achiever strength to help me balance all that there is to do, while still giving my best effort.

  • A specific task in my life that I have difficulty in is writing essays. I know what I want to say but I don’t know how to properly plan my essay to accurately articulate my thoughts onto paper. One of my strengths that I can use to help me is being analytical. Being analytical means relating to or using analysis or logical reasoning. So, my strength can help me collect all the information that I would need for my essay. It can also help me decided if a source is creditable, as well as analyze my topic thoroughly to make sure my essay is meeting all requirements. Next, I can use my futuristic strength to try and understand what I am researching instead of just memorizing it. Lastly, I can use my strength in competition to compare my essay and possibly make it better.

  • Sam Gillis

    A current difficulty I have in my life is letting go of things, the main two of which are people and past situations. I often worry about connections with people dissolving and I constantly think back to situations and wish I could change them. One of my strengths that can help with this difficulty is my futuristic strength. I can use this to not worry about what has already happened but use these experiences to help me prepare for the future if similar situations arise. Another strength that can help me is restorative, this can help me find problems I may have in a relationship with a person and help me decide if the problem is one that can be fixed or if it would be more beneficial to my own wellbeing to let that connection with that person go. My last strength that could help me in my difficulty is my strength in communication. My communication strength can help me by expressing why I feel like I cannot let go of things to others and they can help me to see what barriers are in my way to moving on from my struggle.

  • jolie barton

    I suppose I find it difficult to push myself further. I often talk about moving on to the next thing, but I never actually do it. I’m extremely afraid of falling short or having people look down on me. As a result, I think I become anxious whenever I have the chance to put myself out there. I could put more of myself out there by utilizing my strengths. I could employ the achiever in me better. Instead of prioritizing the woo, I should push myself to accomplish more of what I desire. Although woo isn’t always a bad thing, I do feel like it occasionally interferes with my daily activities. I can also allow the good to come through more clearly. I think I act positively for other people more often than I do for myself. In order to accomplish my goals, I occasionally need to learn to put myself first.

  • Cooper Autry

    A specific task in my life in which I have difficulty is maintaining a good school-life balance. I tend to put lots of time into my schoolwork, which sometimes leads to other aspects of my life getting put on the back burner, so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have the discipline to buckle down and work hard, but sometimes I believe I take this a little too far. For instance, there have been many times when I’ve turned down hanging out with friends and family because I was studying. There have also been many times where I nearly pull all-nighters studying for something. And in my case, this isn’t due to procrastination. I often already know the material I am studying, but I just keep studying and studying. It is almost as if I feel guilty when I am not studying/doing schoolwork. My top five strengths are as follows: 1. Achiever, 2. Responsibility, 3. Learner, 4. Analytical, and 5. Deliberative. I certainly believe that all of these strengths contribute to my study habits, as I described above. However, when reading the topic presented in this discussion question, I’ve come to realize that I can choose to utilize all of my top 5 strengths in creating a better school-life balance. In terms of my number 1 strength, achiever, I can use the drive I have to achieve and accomplish things to ultimately accomplish having a better-balanced life. For example, I can set a tangible goal of having a better school-life balance, and most likely, this strength will propel me to achieve that goal. Another way I can utilize my strengths to gain a better school-life balance is to focus on my second strength, responsibility. When I think about it, I have more responsibilities than just studying. I have extra-curricular involvement, and I also see that it is a responsibility to make time for those that I care about, that being my family and friends. Ultimately, I believe by opening my mind to the big picture of life, my strength of responsibility will help me maintain a better school-life balance. Lastly, another important strength I believe I can utilize to help create a better school-life balance is my fourth strength, which is analytical. What being analytical means to me is thinking and strategizing. I can use this strength to help me strategize and formulate a great way/schedule to maintain a better school-life balance.

  • Benjamin Hastings

    I have always struggled to write papers quickly, especially if the content doesn’t interest me. My top strengths are individualization and developer, which focus on finding and using an individual’s strengths for their benefit. Although they mainly pertain to others, I believe these strengths can help me analyze myself to improve the paper writing process in both time management and interest areas. My third strength is adaptability, which underlines the ability to remain productive in stressful situations. This strength, unfortunately, disappears when I have a paper, but it’s something I need to continue to improve. My fifth and final strength is restorative, signifying an ability to discover and solve problems. In the case of paper writing, my problem tends to involve my getting distracted easily and, as a result, ruining my work ethic. I should find creative locations, groups, and study methods to solve my easily distracted personality and complete my papers. Hopefully, after getting them written down in this blog, I can easily refer back to my strengths and how they can benefit my productivity!

  • Brynn Coppedge

    I struggle with starting tasks. One of my strengths is “intellection.” I can use this strength to focus on one task at a time and stop procrastinating. Another one of my strengths is “learner.” I can use this strength to find elements of my tasks that will be a learning experiment and therefore more exciting to complete. Finally, I can use my “responsibility” strength to be more productive by seeing tasks as a responsibility and completing them on time or early.

  • Breanna Henry

    The biggest difficulty I face in my life recently and in the past is trying to figure out how to cope with change. It has always been something I have struggled with and is usually something that just fades with time. However after listening to Dr. Logan, I know I could use my strengths to benefit me in this way. My #1 being context, I know that I have the ability to overcome any situation if I have all the information I need to be confident. My #3 is harmony, I believe if I can find peace and harmony within the change, I would be able to cope with it easier. My #4 is connectedness, if I feel connected to the reason that the change is occurring, I am more likely to find peace with the change happening.

  • Jacob McBride

    One of my main struggles throughout my high school career was taking on too many responsibilities at once, which it turn could be very overwhelming. I believe that all 5 of my strengths could apply to helping me get through some of these times. Competition can keep me resilient no matter the circumstances, to come out with the victory. Futuristic always keeps me driving to what I want, and not what I have. Achiever makes me see things through to the end to make sure it is a success. Strategic keeps my mind grounded, always having a plan. And significance could definitely be mistaken as selfish or arrogant, but I believe this keeps my eyes on the prize of whatever is of great value to me at that specific time.

  • Destiny Ryan

    Personally, I say yes to too much. If someone asks me to do something for them, I say yes without question regardless of my own personal workload. Three of my strengths I could use to better approach situations like this are communication, includer, and arranger. For example, the easiest solution would be to communicate that I already have too much on my plate or I might not be able to make the time. My other two strengths could be used more related to if someone asks me for help on classwork/projects. So if someone asked me to help them with a module they don’t understand, I could first communicate that I don’t have a whole lot of time I could dedicate to tutoring. Then arrange for them to study with me at a time I already have set out for personal studying, and include them on future study days.

  • Rylee Lindsay

    I think a task that I struggle with is time management. This affects my life in multiple different ways, wether it is in school, work, or relationships. I tend to block off too much, or not enough time for tasks that need to be completed or people I need to spend time with. I think a reason I continue to be successful in work and school with not very good time management is because I am an adaptable. Adaptability is my 3rd highest strength. I think a way I could use my strengths to better my time management skills is through communication. For me, I work better when I am bouncing my ideas off of other people. If I could talk with somebody about my schedule and use their input to simply validate my time schedule I think I would be more motivated. I am not sure why my mind works like this, but I stay much more focused whenever I relay my plan and schedule to other people. I think that if I could implement this kind of communication into my busy times of life, I would be much more organized and have better time management.

  • ahlaam Elmi

    I have always had trouble with procrastination with my tasks . The understanding of my different strengths has allowed me to see the ways they can be of benefit as well as allowing me a glimpse of reasons of why I did certain things.

    My restorative strength would help me I analyze the situations and find the reason to why am procrastinating and then being able to find solution to finish my task at hand .

    My other strength is input or a strategic thinking skill ,which allows me to collect ideas, information, and relationships. This skill can be used to differentiate what is important and is not .
    This allows me to prioritize things and get them done in that timely manner .

    My other strength of Intellection , allows my love of knowledge and learning to be used in a productive means in learning more about my reason for procrastination as well as how to better use my strengths.
    The knowledge of my strenghts which has only reenforced the knowledge I have gathered over time of myself, thought this will help me to put contain emphasis and hone them properly.

  • Jackson Mckinney

    Often I find trouble with the task of overcoming the anxiety to get myself involved in things. In recent years I have tried hard to put myself out there and invest myself in projects, organizations, groups, etc. These have turned out to be very rewarding and amazing experiences, however, the anxiety is still there almost every time. The 3 different ways I feel would help me approach this task would be through my strengths of responsibility, consistency, and as a relator. Responsibility will help me because I will make being involved my responsibility to better my community. Consistency will help me because I will make it a habit to put myself out there and think of getting involved as a regular goal I need to consistently meet. Being a relator will help me because I will make friends getting involved that make it a lot more fun to keep doing it.