Lessons in Leadership Week 14 – President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar

During her presentation. President Neuhold-Ravikumar mentioned people, place and possibilities as key themes in her leadership experience and journey. How can your place define and support your leadership journey, and how can you engage in this environment to achieve success?


  • Jerzi Hawkins

    Your place can define your success because if it is somewhere you stay for an extended period of time, you will build relationships and get a better understanding about the way that things operate. This can help bolster your success because if you build strong relationships with people, they are more likely to help you and want to see you succeed. Also, the longer you stay you will understand things that you can’t be taught on paper. The things like culture, who the playmakers are, and the exposure you get when you put yourself out there. When you engage in this way, and be willing to work hard and do anything, people will start to take notice and give you more opportunities.

  • Amaya Coleman

    The place you are at can define your leadership journey because you will grow there. Whether you are in Washington D.C. or Kansas, each place will give you purpose and help you grow like you never knew. Your environment is what you make of it. So you can achieve success anywhere, as long as you put the work in.

  • Teagan Jellison

    My place which can help me grow and develop my leadership is two different places. Whether it be at UCO, or in my major’s department, I can thrive to become a great leader. I can engage at UCO by being actively involved in multiple organizations, PLC is a huge factor in my involvement in school and I have found places I belong where I originally thought I may not. I am able to lead teams of people but also be led by others. I can learn from being led and take those experiences to grow as a leader myself. Secondly, my place is my major’s department. Being a Musical Theater Major is a lot more work than it seems. Through this major, I am able to lead others by being the dance captain for a production, or by being a good example to underclassmen in the coming years. I am also able to help my friends with schoolwork when it is needed showing my leadership outside of the classroom setting as well. While there are many other places that can serve me well as a leader, President Neuhold-Ravikumar said it best, “UCO is my place right now” and I am going to learn and thrive from the opportunities given to me here, so when to is time to find a new “place” I can use the skills I gained here to thrive.

  • Jenna Karp

    Finding the right place for you to grow and thrive is so important when picking a future career. You are tied to your workplace and they reflect and represent who you are weather you like it or not. Because of this statement it’s important to pick a place that lines up with your core values and beliefs. It’s also important to choose a place where your skillset and education can make an impact. It’s beneficial to work where you can not only make contributions, but continue to push yourself to grow rather than staying complacent.

  • Olivia Shults

    The place you choose to be apart of and lead in is going to be a second home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a job or an organization you are a part of but you will be spending a lot of time there, so when you pick a place to be apart of you have to pick somewhere that when you wake up in the morning, you are going to want to go there. It’s important to find a place where you know you are going to be making a difference and that a you will be able to be a part of that change that is being made. To engage in your environment it is really important to get to know the people you are working with. Building connections with those you are working along side of helps you to get the job done more efficiently. Having good connections within your work place and organizations could also help you with future opportunities.

  • Ana Savva Garcia

    I fully believe that if you do not feel comfortable in the place that you are leading then that will reflect on your capability to be a leader in that environment. Therefore, making sure that the place that you lead at aligns with your own values, as President Neuhold-Ravikumar said, is super important to feeling confident in your leadership. If your environment is right with yourself and you feel good when you are there, then yes I totally believe that you can achieve success.

  • Katherine Ryerson

    Coming to UCO was a choice I made primarily because of the place. The place you choose to plant yourself will be a huge factor on your success and wellbeing. Whenever looking for a place, I look for a few things. The first thing I am looking for is a place that feels welcoming. The next thing I am looking for is somewhere that challenges me. The final part I want to see in my new place is a strong community. These three factors determine whether there is leadership, pride, and standards. Without choosing an environment that allows you to grow, the potential growth for expanding a leadership journey would be very little. If UCO did not uphold each of the things I was looking for, then I would not be able to reach such success. The environment you choose to engage in should push you to achieve success.

  • Katherine Ryerson

    Coming to UCO was a choice I made primarily because of the place. The place you choose to plant yourself will be a huge factor on your success and wellbeing. Whenever looking for a place, I look for a few things. The first thing I am looking for is a place that feels welcoming. The next thing I am looking for is somewhere that challenges me. The final part I want to see in my new place is a strong community. These three factors determine whether there is leadership, pride, and standards. Without choosing an environment that allows you to grow, the potential growth for expanding a leadership journey would be very little. If UCO did not uphold each of the things I was looking for, then I would not be able to reach such success. The environment you choose to engage in should push you to achieve success. I believe UCO, does just that!

  • Emily Patrick

    Your place can foster success or hold you back. If you are in a place where you can grow, then you will be able to take steps in your leadership adventure. However if you are in a place and you are growing stagnate, that can hold you back. Finding the place that will push out of your comfort zone and pushing you to be the person that you are meant to be is key in taking steps to be the awesome leader you hope to be. Engaging in our environment can be the difference between stagnation and success. What you get out something is directly correlated to what you put into it. For example, going to college; I was planning on being a hermit and never doing anything, then I became unhappy with how my college experience was going. Then low and behold a wise student told me “Come do this random event!” and I did and from then on out, I put effort into my relationships, and now I would not trade them for the world!

  • Kyrah Raasch

    My place can be defined as somewhere that feels like home. My place will always be a comfortable whether it is with certain people or in a specific area. The comfort and support from my place will aid in my confidence and support my journey an a leader. I can engage in my place by talking to the people in it and truly caring for them, knowing that they also care for me. I can also engage in my place by taking care of the area in which I feel is home. Examples of my place are certain organizations. The people in them are alwasy supportive and care about me as a person and leader, the specific organization aids in helping me learn new skills in leadership and finding my place in the world.

  • Christina Bejoy

    I believe that the environment we are placed in can play a crucial role in our success. This environment can be our friends, our neighborhood, our collogues or classmates. If we are in our environment with healthy competition, we will always strive to do our best. For example, as young leaders we are placed in a class together to support each other and to grow together. Even at a particular workplace, an employee will perform better when they know they can grow in the career compared to a complacent job. Therefore our place is an impactful factor in our success and development.

  • Zain Whitlock

    Being a leader is always great on where your place is and where it is not. Some leaders don’t feel like it is their place to lead others in a crisis or large groups of people. However, that leader might be great at helping people one on one or in a small group. I feel like I would be able to just be present in my place. My place is somewhere I’m knowledgeable while also learning communication skills along the way. Really believe in making those small connections to see how they react to certain situations to take and learn from what they do in my own leadership capabilities.

  • Marcus Evans

    Where you come from and where you plan on going can directly define and support your journey as a leader. The experiences you have faced has an effect on the person you are today. With that being said, it is safe to assume that it also has an effect on the type of leader you are. Understanding how your past experiences influences your leadership style is important when achieving success. You have to be aware of what your leadership style can and can’t offer your followers in different circumstances. To achieve success, you must understand this and know your goals. You have to use your past experiences to push you towards your goals so you can be successful.

  • Alondra Rios

    How my place will define and support me in my leadership experiences is that I want to become a Police Officer. I must clearly understand how my community will react. I come from the south side where I have seen the worst and seen the best qualities of my community. So, with that, it has made me a strong person and individual that must defend herself and to become a police officer you must be tuff and hard but also realize that people are humans the ones that you will be arresting and engaging with. People make mistakes and they could correct themselves from that. Personally, how I would engage with my community is being able to make it a safe place an environment where kids could have fun but be safe with no worries.

  • Emma Cunningham

    Your place plays a big role in what your leadership journey. It could make it easier, for example you have an empathetic work environment, or it could make it harder, for example you work in a foreign nation which you’re in the process of learning the language. The place you’re leading can have a serious impact on what you achieve. The place that I am currently in is UCO. I think that one of the best ways to succeed is to get to know the people around you. This not only helps you by creating a safety net in case something goes wrong, but it can also help you stay motivated on a day to day basis by encouraging you to continue to attend classes and attend events.

  • Mariam Ourani

    I’ve always noticed a difference in myself depending on who I surround myself by and the environment i’m in. In order to grow as a human you have to put yourself in an environment that is gonna benefit you in the long run. I always remember to ask myself how the people i’m surrounded by are going to effect my life in the long run. President Neuhold-Ravikumar mentioned how you shouldn’t feel threatend by those who are smarter than you, but instead it should intrigue you. If the people in your life aren’t inspiring you and influencing your growth, you should take a snap back and reflect how this might effect you in the future.

  • Jessica Jones

    Within President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s wonderful presentation, she emphasized that the place you choose will ultimately be a reflection of your values. This aspect of company culture is extremely important, and if you act with intentionality, aligning yourself with a place which does reflect your passions and values, then you are bound to excel. Within such an environment you will be able to experience the motivation required to support your leadership journey, especially when it allows you to ask the winning question, “what more can I do?”. According to the President, creating opportunity for oneself, be it by directly doing more with this question, or socially, through making connections and reaching out, is one of the most important things you can do. Motivation and opportunity are two of the three critical factors in success, and when passion determines place, these doors are opened. The third critical factor in success is often times preparation; the President spoke on a wonderful example of this when she mentioned valuing what you can learn in order to better prepare yourself for the role you want, rather than lingering on rejection. This is currently the place that I identify with, since, being a college freshman, I am far from the role that I would like to eventually play. However, I can attempt to learn everything I can in order to one day fulfill that role and choose places wisely along the way which will contribute to my success in this endeavor. For instance, despite aiming for a law degree, I’ve chosen an English major, to prepare myself for the writing and reading component of law, leadership involvement, for the public speaking and teamwork component, and possibly a philosophy or pre-law minor, for the purpose of logic and critical analysis.

  • Jordan Montelongo

    Every experience I have encountered has made me the leader I am today. The different people and skills a leader encounters throughout their lives influence their future. The environment of a leader is an important component of realizing who you are. Enjoying what you do and working with the people who support you, allows you to believe in all your possibilities. President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar explained to the class that she enjoyed the ability to impact students at UCO even though she had a different experience getting there. She has been with UCO for many years because she is dedicated and enjoys what she is doing. Similarly, I want to continue to grow in the current environment I am in. I plan to stay committed to the goals I set for myself and continue to develop those I lead.

  • Kathryn Plunkett

    Your place can define and support your leadership journey because that is where you are destined to make your difference. Your place can either make or break you. It is up to the individual to decide if they are going to take advantage of the opportunities in their place and make the most of it, or if they are not. It is also up to the individual to decide if they are in the right place, if that is under their control to do something about it. Our place can be so important as we grow in that local community as a leader, as we have discussed in this class how important community is. Community is the foundation of relationships which in turn benefits so many things in our lives and creates harmony.

  • Whisper McDoulett

    I think of “place” as the people and community you surround yourself with. I have heard it many times, “You are who you hang out with,” and that phrase couldn’t be more true. The people you spend the most time with and support and get support from will be the people you become most like. With knowing this, we must make sure this community is a positive, uplifting support system. Sacrificing a good community will largely hinder one’s own growth and leadership capacity. It’s important to give into this environment as well to lift them up alongside you and keep a strong community. Taking on every possibility given to you could be a huge part of one’s success in leadership. Even if you’re timid to try a leadership position or take on a huge project, you will never know if you don’t try. That opportunity may never be offered again.

  • Hana Abdelhadi

    One’s place can be wherever they feel that they spend most of their time. For the UCO President, her place happens to be UCO. The environment that one spends a lot of time in is also one that they tend to influence the most. With a supportive community and an ambition to improve, many possibilities arise. It is up to the leader to engage in these opportunities. By engaging in opportunities, one’s network can become even larger. This all helps a leader achieve success. Success is not something that comes by itself, it needs to be earned. People, place, and opportunities are all aspects of a leader’s potential to succeed. Those around you can really influence your success, and it is imperative that leaders also ask for help when they need it. If someone happens to have a better idea than you, you should not be discouraged. This is a chance to improve upon yourself and see different perspectives. To sum it all up, the environment and people that you surround yourself with make your “place”, and the opportunities that you engage in are what make you a more successful leader.

  • Emilee J Handy

    Where you are can affect your life and your success. There are nurturing environments and communities that you can put yourself in, that can help grow you as a leader and as a young adult. Some places and some people may not be as supporting as others, and knowing when you have people that want to help you succeed, gives you confidence and an extra push. When I moved from my hometown, to Edmond, I not only matured, but I succeeded. I found myself pushing myself to be accountable and reliable. I carried a job along with keeping good grades in school. I found amazing people that pushed me to be better, and to more than anything, be myself. I did not have this in my hometown. my family was my only resource for motivation, and often times I did not feel like that was enough, and i struggled more than I should have. I think success and growing into the leader you have the potential to be, has a great deal to do with the places and people you surround yourself with.

  • The place you choose to be at can be a reflection of your values. It has to be a place where you feel comfortable even if you are not the best version of yourself. In that place, whether it be work or school, you have the opportunity to create your own belief system, and the opportunity to build social connections. As a result of connections, you will build relationships with your co-workers or your classmates. Following that, you will feel refreshed and energized to keep visiting that place of work or school without feeling dreadful that you have to work long hours or it may be something else. It makes a big difference. When all the co-workers know each other, we all achieve things faster especially I work in retail and teamwork is so important to clean up the store to get home faster.

  • The place that you choose to put yourself into and impact will define who you are. You will likely put countless hours there, and these hours will lead to you building and developing relationships and finding your values. This new place will become a second home for you, and as President Neuhold-Ravikumar put it, it is crucial to wake up and desire to go in every morning. The experiences that you face in these places will define who you are and how you lead. This is why it is important to find a place that aligns with your values and encourages you to grow and grow the people around you. You can engage in these environments by interacting with the people and organizations there. By showing yourself as someone who cares, people will have a positive view of you, and the support you show will be reciprocated in your times of need. Being around and showing support for everyone at a place can show that you care and want to engage and grow in that community.

  • Roy Angele Kubwimana

    A place plays a significant role in someone’s journey. It can help you achieve many things, or if you are at the wrong place, it can be a limitation to achieving your goals. It is always to choose well which location to go to and which environment you surround yourself with. Now I am about to graduate; I need to decide which job to take that I am passionate about and that will help me grow into the leader I want to be.

  • Alexander Edwin Luis Rackley

    To quote Moana, “remember who you are”. It is extremely important to remember where you came from, and your values as you rise or fall through the roller coaster of life. Especially if you start to rise in your rank, you must never forget who you are, and have to try your hardest to not lose yourself in the fame and fortune. Because without it, you’re just another mannequin posturing through your life as a big shot. Authenticity is key to a satisfying life.

  • Jackson Lehew

    I believe that the people you are surrounded by, the place you are located in, and the opportunities that are provided to you helps determine your your success in being a leader. If you surround yourself with people who are motivated like you, then it will keep you motivated and encouraged to grow as a leader and do your best. If your location is a place where you can build relationships and get familiar with how things are run you can be a step ahead of everyone else. Lastly, the opportunities you are presented need to be taken. One of the biggest sayings I’ve heard this year is, “Be a yes man.” This means to always take an opportunity and be able to look back on your life and not have regrets. So if you combine all of these things, it will help you grow in your leadership.

  • Tori Hoffman

    I truly believe that your location/place can define the person you are. I was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, so I grew up around an university my entire life. I never considered doing anything without going to college first. I also grew up in a house hold that surrounded law enforcement. When I came to UCO I had already decided that law enforcement was what I was going to do. This all changed when I became an RA in the University Suites. The Suites became my home and the place that I thrived in. The people that I worked for and with became my family. Because of where I am at I have decided to pursue a career in higher education. Another part of my journey is being on UCOs campus. Thankfully I choose to stray from Stillwater and come here. My ability to lead has gone further than I ever imagined.

  • Lani Hensley

    Your place is your place for growth, successes, as well as failures. It is a place where you can thrive and flourish. Ultimately allowing you to become a better leader. Moreover, your place is somewhere that you are meant to be. It is a place that brings comfort and harmony, this, in turn, will presently lead to the community or civic engagement.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed listening to President Patti speak because she has so much wisdom and experience. She is truly an admirable leader in so many ways. She made me leave the classroom feeling inspired and refreshed. She made me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to with the right people and in the right place. She told us to apply for the things we do not feel qualified for and that we are stronger than we think. She also shared a story of rejection and it ended in redemption. I will definitely use her speech to help me in my own leadership journey.

  • Cheyanne Young

    The places and the environment I live in can impact my leadership skills tremendously. I am a firm believer that the people you choose to surround yourself with determine how well you do in life. In order to be a truly successful leader you can not have people are just going to agree with everything you do, a little opposition is okay, especially if they are doing it because they know you can do better. The president even mentioned in her speech that is is good to have people that disagree with you, even though it can make things more difficult.

  • Isabel Baker

    While your place is important, especially to good leaders, it’s not always easy to thrive in the current workspace you are in. This is a skill many people have to learn purely from experience. The more places you go in life, the more likely you are to know more about how to be a better leader. My spaces have changed tremendously throughout my lifetime. From living between two household growing up, to go to a whole new district for middle school, to moving out of my home to live on campus at UCO. None of this was easy, but now I can say I feel more comfortable where I am because I have learned to appreciate everything about it.

  • Miranda McLean

    I believe that the place you learn to grow in is the place you will be most successful in. It’s not always easy to find that place, but once you do, you will find that it is easier to thrive and easier to learn. It is about surrounding yourself with people who want to help and help you lead, similarly to what President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar said. It is important to search for the community that wants to not only watch you grow, but grow with you. Learning to grow means learning to know when to say “yes” and when to say “no,” when to be aware of when you are not the best version of yourself, when to accept opportunities, etc. “Learning is attitude, behavior, and belief, not a job title.” Find the opportunities and community that will help you grow, and find the place that will help you become a better you and where you can make a difference.

  • Jayden Batcheller

    The place we identify ourselves in matters, if we place ourselves in an environment we do not like or enjoy, are you going to be the best leader there? Leaders should place themselves where they are more comfortable. yes, part of leading is being open to new opportunities and being flexible, however, if you are super uncomfortable you will not be able to lead to the best of your abilities. Our place is where we grow, so grow somewhere you find beautiful.

  • Ella Strader

    I believe my place in life are those who I love. I cherish all of the relationships I develop and I feel like I have a place when I am present in them. Growing up I did not have close relationships outside my family and coming to college has given me an opportunity to find my place outside of my immediate family circle. Being able to make myself home while I am away from the only home I have known, gives me the confidence to use my skills. I know what I have to offer and my place gives me opportunities to use them.

  • Harper Pitts

    One aspect of Mrs. Neuhold-Ravikumar’s presentation that continued to stick with me after I had left was the way she regarded her relationships continuously through her career. She has been an employee of UCO for a period of time long enough to have been very familiar with others in a workplace which is very admirable becuase of the good communication needed throughout. She spoke about first bosses and old co-workers all in a positive manner and genuinely appreciated them regardless of their presence at the presentation. I personally find that her continued use of interpersonal communication created a ‘place’ for people to thrive. Communicating diligently in an overwhelmingly positive manner fosters an environment where success is achievable and creates a ‘place’ for new leaders to flourish.

  • Jessica caballero

    People, and possibilities are all very important to how to become a leader. It’s knowing that to become a leader we need to be needed. We need others to rely on in order to achieve goals. People are so important to being a good leader because if you cast a wide enough net you want I’ll find the right people to help you along the way. As for places, it’s important to know where you are and if the place that you are in is helping your cause. Staying in a place that doesn’t benefit you will not help you grow as a leader. It will hold you back. Places that offer a growing environment will help leaders be successful along the journey. Possibilities are all around and you can prioritize what’s important. You as a leader can decide how much you can handle and become better. Being open to new opportunities will also cast a wide net. You never know if a certain lunch could have opened a door that never existed until you go.

  • Casey Merrill

    every place you go is a different opportunity for you to learn and grow. Its not going to be the same experience everywhere and that is what makes your journey unique. Taking on new projects and possibilities can help you grow and change in ways you would not be able too through different means. You will never know if you don’t try and in the end it may surprise you. opportunities may be unique and not offered again so it might be worth the risk.

  • Jentri Jordan

    I believe that as a leader it is important to have a place where you feel comfortable and where you want to make your mark. Being in a place where you feel comfortable and also supported by the community can help you grow in your leadership skills. A place can have just as much of an impact on you as you can have on it. Coming from a small town I feel that I have been shown how giving back to your community can have on you. In my hometown you could always rely on the community as a whole to take care of you, and in return you learn to take care of others. This community always offered its support to people in need. This community has taught me the importance of servanthood in leadership. Moving away from that has been a challenge, but I feel like that place has given me the leadership qualities that I need to be successful somewhere else.

  • Tanner Trevino

    Your “place” is somewhere you should feel at home and can be anything from your job, to you school, organizations, etc. Which also means you should reflect the values of that “place”. For instance if you claim to be a sustainable business but do not take any steps to practice sustainability, you’re not embodying the values your “place” represents. Your “place” can support your leadership through the morals they represent and you yourself demonstrating those qualities. Whenever I worked at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma they had a motto that read “Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope”. Feeding hope was something that stuck out to me and was something I immediately incorporated into my leadership traits and would say my “place” at the Food Bank helped me develop this trait. If you can not achieve success in a “place” of yours because of the environment you should consider finding a new one because it will only negatively impact you in the future.

  • Ashley Jimenez

    I was fortunate enough to have grown up surrounded by such a supportive community. I would not be here if it weren’t for them! My place helped me grow in my leadership and networking skills. Everyone can create their own environment to achieve success, but it all depends who they choose to surround themselves with. If you are surrounded by people who are passionate, honest, and hard-working, then you will follow in good steps. However, if someone were to follow someone who is just home all day doing nothing, they won’t get anywhere. That is why leaders need to create an environment where there are other leaders who challenge them and help them grow.

  • James Brison

    When you find your place, you will begin to grow and build your leadership skills from that environment. You will build relationships, begin to establish yourself and use that place as a foundation for future opportunities you might receive. Having your place allows you to grow in your leadership. These relationships you can build can become connections in your future endeavors. Having good healthy relationships with people will allow you to approach others when you are in need. Having a place where you can grow is beneficial to your leadership journey.

  • Claire Hardin

    As President Neuhold-Ravikumar discussed, I have recognized, in my own life, where place has influenced my opportunity to lead. Because I have Broncho Catholic and the Newman Center, I have had opportunities to lead passionately. I am excited about the opportunities I have now and in the future with Broncho Catholic. With the same token, LOT and UCO have immensely influenced my leadership journey. Leadership Central provides ample opportunities to become involved, serve, and lead in my community. Moreover, the Edmond community is very welcoming, so it provides for meaningful engagement with others when we work on outreach projects. Overall, I am thankful for the UCO, LOT, and Edmond community. I feel as though I am in the right place in order to facilitate change and grow as a leader.

  • Kelci Hoffman

    The people in our life, the places we have been, and the experiences we have all influence who we are in life. Some great leaders have grown up in severely impoverished areas and other leaders have grown up in extremely rich areas. Some great leaders have grown up in two parent homes, some have grown up in one parent homes, and some have grown up without parental figures. While people, places, and experiences influence who we grow to be they do not define who we are or who we become.
    I come from a loving family who have always supported my decisions, so I have found it easy to grow and become a better version of my self. On the other hand I am first generation college student, so there are some things I struggled to get support on due to the fact my family did not know anything about whatever I was trying to do.

  • Adrian Smith

    Your place can define your leadership journey because it’s a starting point. Your place is in a near-constant state of change, and it’s our job to take as much as we can gain from that opportunity as possible, and if you choose to use the opportunities with the intent to progress you’ll improve. However no one ever stops improving, but instead we look for more opportunities to make progress in leadership. Not all places you stay will give those opportunities, instead they will break you or take some progress. Thats just apart of forward progress though, and most of us will make opportunities out of those challenges.

  • David Harlin

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar, talked about people, place, and possibilities as they relate to leadership. It is important as a growing leader to capitalize on every opportunity to lead. Instead of waiting to be put into a leadership role, you should use your current place in life and the people around you to begin your leadership journey. This will always breed future success and give you access to more prominent leadership roles in the future. People who wait around for opportunities to fall into their lap will often miss out on opportunities.

  • Jessica Lopez

    Your place definitely can define your leadership journey. As someone who grew up in a small town in Mexico, I experienced watching my aunt grow into her position at her job. She now organizes all events in our town, but it was definitely getting to know her community first. She took time to engage and communicate with the townspeople in order to be in the position she’s in right now. Getting to know your community also helps them put you in a position of leadership when the trust is there.

  • I believe that your place highly impacts your ability to grow. A safe environment makes it a lot easier to focus on other responsibilities such as fostering leadership abilities. Also, this place could have resources and opportunities that could get your name out there.
    For example, living on campus at UCO has made it so much easier to get involved because there’s always something going on. When you consistently put yourself out there and try your best, people notice.

  • Kaylee Bjorkley

    My place in my leadership can be defined and supported both of two ways, a good environment and making the right choices. Hanging around terrible character and actions can place you in a pamphlet of non-trustees. Meaning you are known to not be trusted. Which can define your leadership in eyes of others. People may not want to work with you or follow your choices, which will lead you struggle when you need to take any action. Making the right choices can shape your leadership. Meaning effort and ability to maintain and be open to learn good leadership can help you fall into the hands of the trusted. Meaning people see you do good, so they want to follow you. They trust you. So yes, by having a good environment and making the right choices will lead you to be engaged and achieve success.

  • Matelyn Jones

    On your leadership journey, the place that you are in can make or break your success. A “place” to me means the community that you are in and the people you are surrounded with. The support of the people and the belief in one common thing is was creates success. There is a way to engage in this “place” to even further aid your success. Being involved in the community and the people will help you gain their support and friendship. With the help of people who have your back, success will come to you.

  • Kelsey Sanchez

    I believe the place I am at can play a huge rule in my leadership journey. I came to UCO for my future in the criminal justice system. This place of mine has led me to meet people in the field that I want build a career in. The professors I have met are now mentors and people who guide me to my future plans. This place encourages me and pushes me to be a good leader so I can succeed in my future job. I also believe the people around you can affect how you lead. Having people who support and motivate you to be a good leader is also key. I learn from the people and places around me. My internship allows me to engage in an environment that relates to my future job. This internship is teaching me how to lead and be successful in my future job.

  • Jazlyn Yarbrough

    When it comes to growth in leadership place is key to everything else. For any leader to thrive they must be in a place that feels familiar or they feel comfortable within. Place leads to many connections that can last a lifetime. An African proverb states it takes a village
    I believe that whole heartedly, For example President Neuhold having the connection to UCOs campus she was able to have the equitable help to get her position that she is in today

  • Meralyn Staudt

    Our environments play a significant role in shaping our opinions and values. For most of our lives, where we spent our time was something that was not necessarily under our control; however young adulthood brings new responsibilities and opportunities to redefine who we are and the kind of lifestyle that we want to live. Creating an environment where you are supported and that challenges you to become a better leader and overall member of society is vital to success, as our social lives (who we surround ourselves with/who we talk to) has a greater impact on our state of mind than one might believe. The formation of a support system is definitely something that happens over time, and it is so important to interact with the people you are trying to form relationships with along the way. Get to know the people around you on a personal level. People can’t truly support you and help you if they don’t know who you are or what your strengths and weaknesses might be!