Month: November 2021

Lessons in Leadership-Week 13-Dr. View (Dr. Stevie Johnson)

During his presentation Dr. View discussed many important themes including relationship building, listening to yourself, and finding your own best fit to name a few. Which point from Dr. View’s time in class resonated with you the most, and how do you plan to implement that into your leadership journey moving forward? (The point you select does not have to be one of the three listed above).

Lessons in Leadership – Week 12 – Dr. Markus Smith

Dr. Smith discussed his personal journey and experiences which have led him to his current success. How we can remain focused on our goals and priorities, recognizing the difficulties we may experience in our own paths?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 11 – Jack Evans

During Jack Evan’s presentation he mentioned the challenges of working with transactional people and how valuable intentional relationships can be inside and outside of your company. What are ways you can ensure you are investing in intentional relationships and transformative leadership, versus strictly transactional?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 10 – Pat Hall and Jim Dunlap

A key message from Pat and Jim’s presentation was engaging in civility in your personal and professional life. Several of your questions also centered on this theme – disagreeing agreeably. How do we as leaders manage this process, and still inspire and lead in our communities?