Week 5 – Lessons in Leadership – Bill Curry Video

There were a number of themes/lessons Bill Curry discussed with respect to leadership. Which one(s) stood out the most to you and why?


  • Ella Strader

    The thing that stuck out to me was that Bill had others caring for him and he did not fully understand until later. He mentioned that his coach would not them them skip class and they had to keep good grades. His coach cared about more than the fact that he played football, he wanted him to go to school so he could support himself and his family in the future.

    Later on, a different coach said he did not know what it was that made him so interested in Bill. The selflessness that this coach had made him a great leader and mentor.

  • Kyrah Raasch

    The lessons that stood out to me most when watching the Bill Curry video, were all presented when he was talking about his granddaughter. He talked about how leadership traits can be learned from kids. The first trait that he brought up was knowing who we are as people and being happy with it. The second traits that were brought up were curiosity and honesty. The third and final trait presented was potential. Have the potential to do great things and also see the potential in others. These lessons stood out to me because I strongly agree with Bill Curry in the fact that without these traits, a person is not an effective leader.

  • Cecilia Alali

    It really stood out to me when Curry stressed the importance of honest curiosity, like a child. I think it’s really easy to see asking questions as a weakness. Culture today will stress doing things independently and boast about it. While independence isn’t a bad thing, independence without growth is stagnation, a trait of a bad leader. Growth only comes about with the courage to ask questions so you can learn. Personally, I need to be more willing to ask more questions to those I look up to or want to learn from. Without knowing their answers, how can I emulate them? So, having curiosity isn’t a weakness, but one of the most powerful strengths.

  • Jenna Karp

    This was by far my favorite speech we’ve listened to, I feel like Bill Curry’s speech was so relatable and easy to imagine implementing into my own life. I think his point about being honest and curious stuck with me the most. It’s so easy to speak white lies throughout the day in order to make the situation better or to avoid hurting someone. This cannot be the way though, we must tell the truth all the time, even when it hurts. I think the biggest takeaway I’ve learned was that lying to people demeans yourself and destroys them. Speaking truthfully opens up the relationship to honesty and with that strengthens the relationship as a whole. Although it’s easier to say small lies, Bill Curry’s speech enforced the notion that I need to constantly be making a conscious effort to be truthful.

  • Christina Bejoy

    The sentence that struck me most during the whole speech was “There are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret- you choose.” It put my whole life in perspective, I can either chose to be disciplined in my academics, relationships, extracurriculars and other arenas or I can continue to regret all my missed opportunities because I couldn’t discipline myself. I have also come to understand that the only limiting factor in one’s life is one self. I like how Bill continued to go back to our potential for greatness. Everyone has the potential to be great but only a few truly believe it and put the work in to get success. I also liked how Bill Curry’s first lesson in leadership was the importance of being comfortable in one’s skin. Everyone has the potential to be a great leaders as long as you understand how you work and how you can make a personal impact in the community you want to lead. Overall, the speech truly motivated me to continue to seek challenges and grow from it.

  • Whisper McDoulett

    Bill Curry was full of wisdom in every way. Each lesson was so eye opening, especially considering the fact that it was inspired from a 5 year old, little girl. The lesson that resonated most with me was knowing who you are and being comfortable with that. I went through phases where I would try to look or act like someone else to fill this fleshly desire to fit in or be cool. I was never truly happy in those trials of trying to be anyone but myself. Once I hit high school, I started to develop myself on my own and fell in love with who I was becoming. This was when I gained a newfound confidence and could be a leader and not just follow in others footsteps. I find fulfillment in building others up and encouraging them to embrace exactly who they are and the attributes they possess. Who can be a leader if they can’t first lead and love themselves? This is key to leading others and making a difference.

  • Alondra Rios

    The leadership lesson that stood out to me was honestly when he said that nobody cares what you been through keep going and to also don’t compare your pain. I feel like when he said that something sparked up on me because I feel like right now, I am honestly going through the hardest part of my life which is my parents’ divorce, college, and work. I am exhausted but like he said keep going. That is really easy to say but hard to do. God knows I am doing this for my mother. I am really trying to get her out the hood. Attending college, I honestly see why a lot of people drop out, but I don’t want to be part of the percentage. I want to show people that anything is possible. Don’t let your life problems belittle you from your dreams. I just feel like that is one of the biggest lessons that stood out to me because of what am living right now.

  • Jordan Montelongo

    Being comfortable within your own skin was the lesson that stood out to me most. The story of Anna Grace was memorable as Bill Curry said “she was comfortable in her skin because no one had taught her not to be.” As leaders it is important to believe in yourself in any situation before we can help others. Personally I still struggle with this, because as leaders we naturally want to help everyone we cross paths with, but it is simply not that easy. Being your authentic self helps you to become the best possible leader you can be. I enjoyed listening to his message of encouragement for loving ourselves for who we are and that we have the potential to do great things. Bill Curry also emphasized no one should ever be able to define you which circles back to being comfortable in your skin. As leaders we know what we are capable of and once we are confident, we can achieve whatever we put our mind to.

  • Ana Savva Garcia

    The one that stood out to me the most was “be comfortable in your own skin”. This really stood out to me because it is something I have been working on for a long time now. I think it is really important to be confident in yourself and who you are because that will encourage and inspire the people you are leading to also feel good about who they are.

  • Emily Patrick

    He said that we can be great because we have the sheer knowledge that we have the capacity to be great. That was something astounding to me. It was something that most people know but most people do not realize it. I believe he made the comment that a leader tells people things that they knew but didn’t realize to be true. That stood out to me because as he was saying that realization occurred for me. Just by the knowledge of us having the potential to be great, lets us have the opportunity to be great.

  • Emma Cunningham

    I think that the part that stood out the most was his point about how there are two pains: regret and discipline. This is powerful because they both are uncomfortable, but the pain of regret has nothing to show for it while the pain of discipline opens the opportunity for great things to come about. Whenever you are faced with a course of action, oftentimes it is easier to pass it up for what you currently have, to stay complacent. Billy Curry’s statement did a wonderful job painting discipline in the right light. Though the connotation is typically positive, it is not a very easy word to live out. There is a lot of sacrifice and meticulous consistency involved in being truly disciplined. Overall, it is a very driving statement that is overall a very positive message, but not an easy pill to swallow.

  • The most profound lesson in Bill Curry’s speech to me was about being comfortable in your own skin.

    Like Mr. Curry said, as children, we know no different than to be authentically ourselves. But as we grow up, children are influenced by adults to bully each other until they fit the mold and feel like they can’t be themselves anymore.

    It takes a long time to re-learn the innate skill of feeling comfortable in your own skin. To relearn, I believe you’ve got to unlearn everything society has pounded into your brain since you were subjected to it.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want without regard to surrounding people’s well-being, but bettering yourself is more important than judgement from outsiders.

  • Emilee J Handy

    I think for me, that the theme of selflessness really stuck out to me the most. While Bill told the story of the people around the campfire, I thought about all the times in my life where I wanted to say or do something, but didn’t, just because I was scared to be the first. I want to show leadership through my actions, and not be scared of embarrassment, or worry about what others will think. I want to take what he said and use it in every situation possible, asking myself if my actions are my piece of wood i am holding back from putting on the fire. I want to show myself and others that doing what is right in a situation, is more important than doing what you will be least judged for.

  • Marcus Evans

    The theme that stuck out to me the most was there are two types of pains in this world: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. I really enjoyed the direction Bill Curry took this theme with respect to leadership. What I gathered from his speech was that if you are too afraid or too lazy to do something that will benefit yourself or others in the future, then you will regret not doing it. Bill Curry was trying to explain how the pain of discipline ing the present is nothing compared to the pain of regret you will face in the future. The pain of discipline will not last forever, but the pain of regret will. Bill Curry said that each individual has to make the choice of what pain they will have to go through; no one else can make that choice for them. This theme stuck out to me because I have my regrets. I try to move on from them but they are still there, so I will move through the present taking advantage of every opportunity I can so there will not be any regrets in the future.

  • Jessica Jones

    Bill Curry’s speech was truly incredible and impactful, and while this lesson was not necessarily leadership specific, the one thing he said which resonated with me most was that “there are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret, you choose”. Personally, I have always imagined myself to be an individual of discipline; I prided myself on the fact that I always did my best possible work and never missed a single assignment, regardless of how late I had to stay up, or what skills I might have to conquer to achieve the goal- so why did the duality of this lesson shock me? Finally it hit me, that this is not what Mr. Curry was referring to when he said that one could choose discipline or regret; sure, the practice of hard work is important, but the discipline of daring to dream is even more so. Dreaming is never something that I have been particularly good at. I know my skills, and I can accomplish the tasks that are given to me, but setting one’s own goals beyond that, and more importantly, taking the first step out of the door towards accomplishing those goals, is an entirely different thing, and one that gives meaning to a life. The conception of a dream is not something foreign to me, but not once have I truly gone out of my way to forge it into being. I have always tempered my passions and remained undisciplined in the way of pursuing or actualizing them, and as such I have many regrets. If I had any reflection to add to this lesson, it might be that the pain of discipline is in fact far better than the pain of regret, and that the pain of failure, is nothing.

  • Hana Abdelhadi

    The lessons that stood out most to me were the ones regarding being yourself. Mr.Curry made it clear that he believed in being honest and curious as well as being comfy in your own skin. He went on to state that there are two pains in life, discipline, and regret. In other words, the biggest ache in life is regretting doing something that you should have, and having self-control. Many people avoid doing good deeds because they believe that it does not matter in the grand scheme of things. For example, If I give a homeless person $5 for food and they instead buy a pack of cigarettes, that does not reflect my character at all. Whatever a person does after the fact is not on you. Leaders always have time for the little people and they do what is right without even knowing it, or expecting something in return. A good intention is always a great place to start, and always remember to spread love and not hate. Hating only destroys while loving repairs.

  • Ashley Jimenez

    I really enjoyed the video. The one that stood out to me the most was being comfortable in my own skin. Anna Grace was 4 years old and already knew who she was and what she was destined to be. Growing up it was weird because I thought, “Why am I not the same color as them?” I did not understand it. I still continue to struggle with being comfortable in my own skin and pretending to be someone I am not. However, I know it takes time to get where I need to be.

  • Isabel J Baker

    The lesson I felt that I most connected to from Bill Curry’s lecture was how he explained that good leaders know who they are and do not try to be someone else. I have had troubles in the past with feeling confident in my own skin and even my dreams. Many times in my life I feel I have been told that I cannot do something merely because of a biased opinion they have about me. When the pandemic started and the world was shut down, I realized that life was too short to not be doing what I love. My senior year of high school to now I have worked everyday to be myself and prove the people who doubted me wrong. Bill Curry’s words were just another reminder of how much better I am now, rather than when I was pretending to be someone I am not. It can be extremely hard to be yourself, as people may judge and bully you. I hope myself and others continue to hold strong and stay true to ourselves wherever we may go.

  • James Brison

    The lesson that stood out for me the most from Bill Curry’s speech was the lesson of selfishness. The poem that he quoted, “The Cold Within,” left a lasting impression on me, leading me to go back and read it. The idea of each man holding back from giving due to their own intents and desires is something we can look into the real world and see today. Sure, people will do the occasional good deed, but we must learn to let our personality become about selflessness. This does not mean we have to become unable to say “no,” but instead we can become people who others can rely on, and if we’re not in a position to help out, be able to guide them to someone else who can. Instead of keeping our desires within, we need to express ourselves and connect to those around us. And through that connectiveness, we can lift each other up to not only obtain personal victory, but overall to make our community a better place.

  • Matelyn Jones

    Billy Curry had some really great advice about leadership. The one thing that stood out to me is the most is that there will always be the fellowship of the miserable. Being a futuristic I always imagine a world where there is no fellowship of the miserable, and it is hard to imagine a future with them. It is similar to Yin and Yang. There will always be good in bad and bad in good. It is sometimes hard to ignore the, but we can happier if we choose to see the good, and continue to try to make the world good. As Bill Curry said the main thing we can do is take control of our lives and we will make the right decision when it counts.

  • Jerzi Hawkins

    There were two main points that stood out to me in the video we watched of Bill Curry. One was the lesson he learned from Anna Grace about being comfortable in your own skin and authentically yourself. The other was kind of tied hand in hand to that, and it was when he talked about the fellowship of the miserable and how people were going to complain about something no matter what and you can not make everyone happy. While the video was old, it was still very relevant and super engaging. The themes it brought up were timeless. I believe that we can all learn something from Anna Kate, I know that I still have big steps to take to be comfortable in my own skin, but I can get there and want to soon, because I know people will like the real me, I just have to give them the chance too. I am also a very hardcore people pleaser, so in leadership positions, I have to remember that some people are just in the fellowship of the miserable and I won’t be able to make them happy, so I shouldn’t dwell on their negativity.

  • Amaya Coleman

    I loved the entire video, Bill Curry is such an amazing speaker. The thing that stood out to me the most was knowing the you have potential for greatness. It’s very common that people don’t know talented and how smart they are. Once you put your mind to something you can really achieve it. Just as long as you put in the work for it.

  • Miranda McLean

    Throughout the entirety of the video of Mr. Curry, I found myself wanting to learn more from him. Every point he made made itself at home in my mind, and I definitely won’t be forgetting his wise words anytime soon.

    There was one point that he made, though, that dug its way a little deeper than the rest. His simple words of “being comfortable in your own skin” grabbed my attention immediately. This is something that seems so minuscule yet obvious when it comes to leadership, but it’s more difficult than we think. Something I have always struggled with was letting people define me for themselves. It was always so hard for me to understand who I was, and I was letting others make that decision for me. Mr. Curry really opened my eyes to see that we can’t lead others if we can’t lead ourself first.

    Similar to his example of the little girl, I never had worries about what others thought of me as a child, but of course, society got in my way as I grew up. I think that it’s important that, as leaders, we understand that no one can determine who we are except us. And while it is harder than we ever could have imagined, it is one of the most vital parts of becoming a successful leader.

  • Zain Whitlock

    I really loved this video we watched in class. The part that really stood out to me was when Bill talked about “be comfortable in your in your skin” I recently had a battle within myself figuring out who I was and just recently did soul searching and found out, and I never felt better. Being who you are helping to show people you got no secret personality and lying on top of that. This video really hit home about being “comfortable in your own skin.

  • Jessica Caballero

    The principle that stood out to me the most was when Mr. Curry spoke about his granddaughter. He said that one of the most important things about leadership was being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing yourself and what you stand for. Having your own standard while still growing and learning is important in leadership because it gives the leader a foundation to stand on. Knowing who you are and being comfortable and satisfied with oneself helps a leader not question his/her decision making skills. I believe that being self-actualized was one of the hardest things for a person to do because it makes a person look within themselves and understand who they really are. It is important to love yourself before you can love others and give the same energy and attention to others.

  • Katherine Ryerson

    In the film of Bill Curry, I learned many lessons. I believe coaches sometimes have the best insight into young leadership. This may be because there was a sense of relatability when Mr. Curry gave his speech. The lessons he was preaching, related directly to the time in my life I am experiencing now. I especially loved when he shared the qualities of a leader he had learned from his young granddaughter. The first lesson was to be utterly comfortable in your own skin. The second is to be utterly honest and curious. Finally, he urged us to be utterly sure of our own potential. Although these ideas seem simple, these are areas of self development that would be most beneficial for me to work on. In order to lead others, I must first be able to believe in myself. Learning from children is a humbling, yet vital experience. Suppose we all acted like children more often. There would be some detriments, but I think we all could agree, there would be a whole lot more happiness. In conclusion, I loved when Mr. Curry said, great leaders have time for little people. That statement made his point clear, and concise. I left class feeling challenged as a leader.

  • Harrison Higdon

    Bill Curry’s video discussion was one of the most beneficial discussions/lectures I’ve listened to in a while. One of the common themes I discovered throughout his video was respect, and how having respect for others AND yourself is the key to a happy life. I played many competitive sports growing up so I was able to resonate with his topics, and compare his stories to mine. I thought Curry’s segment when he talked about his teammates, and how their bond motivated him to keep pushing himself, even when he wanted to quit, was a really interesting story. Some of the best memories I’ll ever have is playing basketball with my high school friends. I remember the many hard days of practice when all I wanted to do was collapse on the ground and clench a water bottle, but it was the comradery and unification we had as a team, that always pushed me to go that extra mile. Having respect for myself, teammates, and coach made me a better player because I was disciplined and knew I could not let my friends down. This lesson of respect is something that can be applied far beyond sports. In school, work, and relationships, showing respect for others will make you a more respected individual, while also making life’s challenges easier to tackle.

  • One of things that bill curry said that stood out to me is “pain of discipline or pain of regret, you choose.” This quote from him specifically made me reflect on what is it that I’m doing now in college. I really think pain of discipline is the best option and the best pain. For example, there will days where the inner voice of my brain tries to convince me with a “hey, what’s the harm of giving myself a day off?” this isn’t the give yourself a break day off, it is more of my brain trying to trick me into quitting the activities I’m doing. Because of this, I noticed that once your brain convinces you, it wins and it takes over and why is that? Your brain has told you to skip one day, but now your skipping even more days which puts you back to the depressed state where you feel as if you don’t have any self worth and feel like you have not gotten anywhere and now you are back into your comfort zone. But when you discipline yourself to resist all the temptations and the sugar coated words your brain tells you and stick to training yourself to stick to a routine without missing any days to achieve your goals then you learn the uilmate pain of discipline. It is no easy task and in fact, without discipline, a dream is dream, a goal is a goal. I learned that discipline is best friends with self control. I believe my current present self has the potential to embody the exercise of discipline and self control to make my dreams come true. Just like bill curry said, “you have the potential to do great things within the context of your ability.” In the end, discipline is all about facing the uncomfortable feelings and hardships and then pushing through to grow. As a reminder of what bill curry said, “You have god given potential to go beyond.”

  • Harper Pitts

    Bill remarked on the 2 pains we could feel as leaders: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. That really spoke to me becuase I feel as though sometimes I don’t put the big picture into consideration becuase I just want to constantly be doing things. I preoccupy myself with time consuming tasks that sometimes need to get done but i’m missing the part where i’m supposed to grow as a leader becuase i’m not giving myself time to learn from experiences.

  • Jimmy Davison

    The lesson that stood out to me the most was when he spoke about children having good ideas about leadership. I think a lot of time people’s ideas are shot down because of their age and it was very motivating seeing him mention that!

  • Bill Curry was my favorite speaker up to this point, and he had many themes that stuck with me. The theme that I took the most from was to be comfortable in your own skin. He introduced the story of Anna Grace, and that she questioned Curry and was curious about Curry. Curry was amazed at how relaxed she was in her own skin because nobody had ever told her what she can and can’t be and what she should and shouldn’t look like. She wasn’t exposed to the world of negativity yet. Instead, she lives in a world where she determines who and what she is. As we get older we get introduced to the fellowship of the miserable who hurl hate and negativity at us and do not want to see us thrive. Instead of caving into these remarks, we have to stand with our uniqueness and be comfortable with who we are. Once you lose yourself to these comments, it is hard to find yourself and find what made you different. I know that I have different traits than other around me, and I embrace these difference and stand by them. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be myself. And to be me and comfortable in me means that I got to be satisfied with my personality and traits and not be scared to express them.

  • Tanner Trevino

    Several of the principles and lessons Bill spoke of I thought were amazing and took a mental note to keep them in my head moving forward. One of the biggest ones for me was being comfortable in your own skin. This one stood out to me because I’m still not a confident person necessarily but I should be comfortable with who I am and start trying to be more comfortable with myself to be the best leader I can moving forward. Another big lesson he spoke about was breathing life into others possibilities, this was a very big statement to me and stuck out immediately because helping others breathe life into their dreams is something I’ve always wanted to do and plan on building my life around it. Ignoring the fellowship of the miserable was also something I took a note of as I tend to listen to everyone’s opinions as I think feedback is a great thing but sometimes people are overly negative and I believe that can drag your mentality down.

  • Isidro Fonseca

    Bill Curry’s video was very inspiring. What caught my attention throughout the video was the way he illustrated that you should always believe in yourself. You will experience negativity, people who will not like the way you are or simply won’t believe of how capable you are. However, as a good leader you should never doubt about how capable you are. Believing in yourself and the potential you have will always be great tools in delivering good leadership style that will motivate others to follow those same principles.

  • Lani Hensley

    I admired Bill’s teaching style. The way he could give a point/topic then use a story to connect and narrate his point astonished me. His teaching style was very effective. I enjoyed his first point which was “comfortable in your own skin”. He told the story of the little girl who demonstrated this quality. This goes to show that there is always a lesson to be learned no matter the age group. My ultimate favorite lesson he taught was the great leaders should always be “honest and curious”. Today many people sugarcoat things instead of just being honest. Honesty is a great quality a leader should have. Bill stated that everyone needs that one person in their life, to be honest even when it hurts. I completely agree with that statement a 1000%. In addition to this, being curious can be seen as a weakness. Most people don’t want to be that one person that always asks questions in their classes. However, to me being curious is a strength as it allows for growth and confidence. Moreover, curiosity leads to life-long learners.

  • Jessica Lopez

    There were many lessons that stood out to me. “Give unexpected, undeserved, and unrewarded acts of kindness”. That’s a lesson I will carry with me from now on. Treat people with kindness and love, even if they are undeserving. That is truly a lesson everyone needs to learn since nowadays we are split up and divided by hatred. Another lesson was “great leaders have time for people”. That reminded me of all the times I put people off and didn’t take the time of day to help out or be with them. You MAKE time for people. You choose what you do with your time.

  • Claire Hardin

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Bill Curry; he is my favorite speaker so far. I left the class feeling motivated. The two themes that stood out to me the most were being confident in yourself and being utterly honest.

    More than anything else, I struggle with insecurity. I am indecisive and hesitate to stand up for myself, so Mr. Curry’s message about being sure of yourself really resonated with me. He touched on how self-assurance develops better leaders by inspiring bold decisions. Those who are comfortable in their own skin have no qualms about standing up for others because they can stand up for themselves. Moreover, confidence suppresses egotistic attitudes, resulting in the ability to give of oneself more freely.

    Next, I appreciated Bill Curry’s bluntness on the topic of honesty. I know I struggle with honesty when it comes to disappointing people or expressing my opinions. I am a people pleaser, so I tend to lie and say that I am fine with something when, in reality, I really do not want to do it. Furthermore, in the past, I have said yes to commitments that I cannot follow through with because I was scared of disappointing people I look up to. I am trying to work on this, but I have a hard time standing up for myself. This also ties into self-confidence because if I wasn’t looking for approval from others, I wouldn’t feel the need to say yes to everything I am asked to do.

  • Jentri Jordan

    The thing that stood out to me the most was when he said the quote “the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”. When I think of this quote, I think of the choices we have all had to make to get to where we are now. Every single person has been faced with a hard choice in their life. Sometimes the right choice isn’t always the easiest, and the easiest choice isn’t always the right choice. I believe that the “pain of discipline” is being able to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong even though it might be hard. As leaders we have learned this lesson through our mistakes and failures. In a way we have all been pushed to be leaders in our own way, and through this we have developed a discipline to make the right choice, but this discipline doesn’t always come easy. There has been “pain” in our path of leadership. Even as a leader nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but these mistakes are what shapes us. The pain from our mistakes teaches us the life lessons we need in order to lead others. We have the choice to either learn from our mistakes, and grow in our leadership, or to have the “pain of regret” and not have had the chance to learn from that mistake.

  • Kathryn Plunkett

    A theme that Bill Curry discussed that stood out to me was when he said “A saint is a person that does the right thing without even knowing it”. I really admired the way that Bill could acknowledge and recognize the things that other people did to help him during his journey.
    The people that had such an influence on his life did not even do something that would be considered marvelous to the average eye. He mentions children having an impact on the way he views things because of their curiosity and simplistic perspectives that have not yet been influenced by our world. He also mentioned how much one of his teammates had such an impact on his life. His teammate saw potential in him and was going to do his best to make Bill as successful as he could on that team.
    The children and teammate that Bill spoke about obviously changed his life for the better or he would not be speaking to crowds about them. These people that helped him aren’t seen on TV or on the news like many famous “heros”. However, they had an everlasting impact on Bill’s life. It is so fascinating that Bill is giving credit to these people that were simply “doing the right thing without even knowing it”.

  • Roy Angele Kubwimana

    One of the lessons I learnt from Bill Curry is that I have the potential in me to do greater works. Also it is a promise from Jesus. He said ” Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” At the beginning, it may not look like you have that potential. However keep pushing because it is better to be discipled than regrets.

  • Olivia Shults

    The leadership lesson that stood out to me the most was the first one, being utterly comfortable in your own skin. This for me stood out the most because it was something I struggled with for so long. For a really long time I let what others think about me define who I was. It wasn’t until I began to learn to lead in an effective way that I realize how important it was to know what I believe and stand up for it. It is nearly impossible to lead in an effective way when you don’t know what you believe in and allow those around you to define what it is you stand for. As a leader it is important to know who you are, be happy with who you are, and don’t let others change who you are.

  • Tori Hoffman

    While I was unable to watch the video, after talking to a few classmates I was able to learn a lot and wish I could have been there. One of the conversations that stuck out to me the most was the importance of curiosity. The idea that curiosity can be seen as negative such as the old phrase “curiosity killed the cat,” is something that has always bugged me. To learn and to grow as a person you need to be able to ask questions and try to understand the world around you. This can only happen when you are curious. I truly believe that curiosity can cause the most amazing things to happen and shutting curiosity down can cause more issues than it would solve.

  • David Harlin

    two of the things that Bill Curry shared that stood out most to me was how people’s perceptions and expectations of you can often shape you in a negative way. He shared the example of a little girl who did not have any realization of anyone’s expectations of her and she was unfettered by them as a result. This allowed her to be the truest version of herself. It is so easy to conform to the desires and expectations of others who do not know you and do not necessarily have your best in mind.
    The second thing that Curry said that resonated with me was how everyone in America is drawn to sports because of the huddle. The huddle is what brings everyone together. Everyone in the huddle has a different perspective on life, and a different background, but everyone has a common goal. This is such a great description of how America should run. Although it is so divided it is important to find common ground for which we can all fight.

  • The video was so much fun even though I could not follow everything he said but the thing that stood out to me mostly, be who you are because people will keep saying many thing that I will not agree on. There are many people around the world that do not care about others, they actually believe it does not matter. I try to be positive wherever I go. I am comfortable with my skin. However, the most thing that grab my attention was there are tow pains ” pain of discipline and the pain of regret”, but I know that I have some missing assignments that I missed but that will never put me in a corner to give-up.

  • Kelsey Sanchez

    To know you have the potential for greatness stood out to me the most because I truly believe we all have the potential to achieve whatever we want. It is important to know we have the potential for greatness because that could be our motivation to go harder or to keep going. He also said “don’t let someone else define you” and I felt that one so much because people are very quick to judge without knowing someones background. I believe it is important for us to know our worth and who we are. I know I have the potential for greatness and that is something that pushes me to work hard and achieve my goals.

  • Teagan Jellison

    Bill Curry gave a wonderful presentation with so many life lessons to be learned. The one lesson that stood out to me most was knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself. I believe that to succeed you have to be comfortable and confident in who you are. People are going to try to change you to fit their perfect mold, but you cannot change every time someone needs you to. Especially in the career I will be going into people will tell you that you are not what they need, and you may feel the need to change yourself. But as an artist I have to know that someone out there will want to hire me as myself. I cannot live a life and have a career as someone I am not. Remembering this lesson for many years to come is extremely important to maintain my mental integrity. This lesson is applicable not only to my future career but to so many other people and situations, and is one life lesson that every single person should remember.

  • The lesson that stood out to me was when Mr. Curry stated “somebody loved me when I was unlovely”. This statement rings true for me as I am sure it does for a lot of people. On out worst days we need someone to make us feel loved and like we are not alone. Sometimes that is all someone needs to turn their day around. Good leaders do not give praise and love to their hardest workers or strongest people; leaders praise and love everyone (to an extent).

  • Meralyn Staudt

    There were so many impactful lessons from Bill Curry’s talk, however the one that stood out to me the most was whenever Curry discussed the two different types of pain in this world: the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. The pain of discipline is a consistent pain that will eventually become less of a burden and have positive long term impacts, while the pain of regret may temporarily feel like the easier decision, but the regret is often much more painful in the grand scheme of things. Self discipline is a universal struggle, but learning the value of self control gives you much more freedom than if your life was governed by your own desires.

  • Casey Merrill

    Its hard to pick just one because of how well he was able to convey the messages he was trying to send. His speech about how we need to be who we are and be honest with ourselves. Bills use of the story about his granddaughter made the message he was trying to convey hit harder and gets people to think about themselves and who they are. Being honest with myself and actually sharing my ideas is something I struggle with and my leadership skills suffer for it. It is something i will have to work on.

  • Adrian Smith

    I had a great time watching Bill curry speak. The lesson that had the most impact on me was “When you want to give up, you will make the right decision if you have prepared”. I resonated with that statement. I have been through many experiences that I was not ready for when I was younger. But I realize when my family moved to mustang I had started doing that without realizing it, and because I prepared myself I had many opportunities for me to lead my friends, family, teams, and fellow students in the past. I know I will continue to do so when I have the opportunity.

  • Cheyanne Young

    Bill Curry made some very valid and truthful statements about being a leader, but my favorite one would have to be about being comfortable in your own skin. Growing up as a black girl in a predominantly white town can be suppressing. I constantly found myself trying to conform to the Caucasians to make them feel more comfortable, but as I made them feel comfortable I was losing myself as an individual. I’ve learned that I can not please or conform to anybody’s perceptions of me as an individual. As a leader people are not always accept you for you, and that’s okay. All that matters at the end of the day is that you accept yourself.

  • Alexander Rackley

    For me, the thing that stuck out the most to me was his emphasis on equity above all else. He kept bringing up story after story of fighting to break down the barriers of racism and bigotry, that i was surprised that it was coming from a coach of all people. It was also extremely fascinating to me whenever he brought up the mayor whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten, and his connection to Martin Luther King Jr. All this gesturing and posturing made me think he may actually care about equity, but you never know these days.

  • Jackson Lehew

    Bill Curry was very educational in the video we watched. One of the main things that stuck out to me was that despite the racial difficulties the African Americans were facing, they still cared for their teammates. He gave one example of how one man stopped him in the evening and complemented him on the effort he was putting in at practice. Although Bill Curry did not have a starting spot, he left his all on that practice field. Others began to notice the talent he had, and they were willing to work with him so he could reach his full potential. Another thing was that he never gave up. He was drafted as the last pick in his draft, and he though he was chosen just to get the draft over with.He ended up being the Colts’ starting center during their NFL Championship season of 1968, and was viewed as a reliable force on the offensive line, and a team leader as well. this all shows that if you overcome the hardships and have perseverance, you can become a great leader.

  • Gaby Ramirez

    This was by far one of my favorite speakers we’ve had, simply because of the differing themes throughout the speech. There was a main theme that I resonated well with, that being his statement on “ two types of pains in this world: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline is something that everyone must bear in order to see success. For the most part you have to work through obstacles in order to achieve your goals. Sometimes, it may seem very difficult or overwhelming to overcome current situations, but at the end of the day you’re working towards a goal. You have to endure the current pain of discipline to avoid the pain of regretting something you didn’t accomplish.

  • Alexis Aguinaga

    The lessons that stuck out to me in the video was when Bill Curry was to be childlike and by that he was meaning there ability to be so upfront and honest. The curiosity they have . I like how he spoke about potential and seeing and knowing yours as well as seeing it in others. A good leader is not afraid to ask for help. They use the people around them to create a teamwork environment. It is okay to not know everything. The ability to be curious is a strength not a weakness.

  • Jayden Batcheller

    Good leaders are no one except for themselves. Comfortable in their skin, being who they are. This stood out to me because a lot of my passion stems from being who I am. I love that I am unique, and I take pride in that because I do not want to be like everyone else when I can be myself. A song I listen to quite often (which I cannot think of the name right now and will let you know when I remember) has a line that goes, “You’re never gonna be better at bein’ them than they are, so be yourself.” and I love that. Because everything about that statement is true, no one will ever be better at being someone other than themselves. Loving and appreciating who we are as individuals should be taught more than setting standards to meet.

  • jazlyn Yarbrough

    Watching Bill Curry‘s video the theme that resonated most with me was “there are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret- you choose.” As a young adult there are many things that we are pressured to and not to do, during this time we are maturing into the person that we will be in the future and at times we tend to make decisions that we then regret.
    I will take Bills advice of investing in self and being open and honest to self because in the end you will not have to regret anything in life.

  • Bill Curry gave a great presentation with so many life lessons. He introduced the story of Anna Grace, and that she questioned Curry and was curious about Curry. Curry was amazed at how relaxed she was in her own skin because nobody had ever told her what she can and can’t be and what she should and shouldn’t look like. She wasn’t exposed to the world of negativity yet. Instead, she lives in a world where she determines who and what she is. As we get older we get introduced to the fellowship of the miserable who hurl hate and negativity at us and do not want to see us thrive. Once you lose yourself to these comments, it is hard to find yourself and find what made you different.