Week 2 – Lessons in Leadership – Strengthsfinder

Describe how you will engage your strengths moving forward in your collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors. How will you use this knowledge to advance your influence and work?


  • In my collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors, I will use my strengths of woo and includer to make an environment where everyone feels safe voicing their opinions/concerns. I will use my strengths of ideation and input to create new, well-informed and well-rounded ideas that contribute to the community I live in. Lastly, my strength of adaptability is an asset to any situation I am put in, adapting to my surrounding and also to the different people around me allows me to make others feel welcomed, it also allows me to feel comfortable in almost any environment. I will use this knowledge to advance my influence because now I know what strengths I have in my own, unique way of leading, this will help me to understand the best ways that I can contribute to any project I am involved in.

  • Matelyn Jones

    Personally I think my five strengths fit me extremely well. I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and all my strengths contribute to being the best Mechanical Engineer I can be. My top strength is being a futurist, and that is a resourceful tool to have in a designing field. Before this test I didn’t even think of futuristic being a leadership skill, but it makes sense. In order to land on the moon we had to have vision of something most people didn’t think about. In order to inspire people we need to have vision of what the world can be, and to have this as my top strength really excites me. Three of my strengths that go together is competition, achiever, and learner. All of these have to do with learning, and that also helps with my career I am pursuing. As the world goes on it is constantly changing, and being competitive keeps me on my toes. I am always trying to be the best I can be and be better than my competition. To be the best I have to work hard, and that is one thing I am always trying to do. I can’t sit still if I know there is work to be down, which there is always work to be done. My last strength is restorative, which also helps for my field. Being restorative means I want to fix problems, and I am gonna figure out how to fix that problem. I think being restorative and futuristic really helps, because I can see a future that we haven’t achieved yet and I want to fix that problem. In conclusion, I am excited to use all these strengths as I continue my path of education. I hope that I can contribute my best parts in academics, work, and anything else I participate in.

  • Jenna Karp

    After taking the strengths finder test I’ve learned that my top strength is consistency, which I believe accurately describes my personality and actively lines up with my outlook on life. Consistency is a key factor in my life that I can utilize in relationships. Consistently showing up, putting in effort, and being actively engaged during each activity builds trust between myself and those around me. They begin to trust and rely on me because they know that I will follow through and do what I promise. The trust builds up respect that easily transitions to influence and a following. Being seen as a consistent individual is a great tool that I can utilize for my job, volleyball, and my classes. Showing up on time, going all out in every drill, and turning in my work every time without fail is the main contributor to how I lead by example. Consistency is how I earn credibility & respect that allows me to lead by example.

    • Great response, Jenna!

      I agree that being consistent is a really good quality to have as a leader. It’s important to be trustworthy and reliable, especially when people look up to you. It’s also great that this skill comes naturally to you! I hope that your consistency doesn’t make other people pawn all the work off on you, though. I know some people can see that you consistently show up and show out and may take advantage of that, so watch out for that!!

  • Emma Cunningham

    My second biggest strength is Consistency. When reading the book, I found that it’s best to pair with people whose strengths lie in Maximizer and Individualization. I want to implement this by being able to delegate to and/or rely on others who have complimentary leadership styles in order to make sure whatever we are working on goes as smoothly as possible. My first strength is Discipline, and so I want to help structure organizations that I am a part of so that they can function most effectively. This provides the foundation for those who have alternative leadership styles to jump from so that they can fulfill their duties. So far this book has been rather interesting in the way that it gives you multiple different strengths, which gives a more comprehensive view of the individual.

  • My number one strength is empathy, so I will focus on that right now.

    I believe this is a very important quality to have as a leader. Engaging empathy as a strength in my collegiate life will help me to be empathetic to others when they need help or miss the mark in group projects, or even to be empathetic to myself when I feel I’m not giving everything my best effort.

    In my personal life, it is extremely important to be empathetic to my friends and family, especially in these times. Many of my friends are heavily involved with different groups on campus, and as fulfilling as that can be, it can be stressful and they may need help or space.

    Professionally, I can engage this strength by extending grace towards my coworkers and helping out with listening or providing solutions (or really whatever is needed). Leaders can sometimes be seen as stoic and always knowing what to do. I want my influence to show that I’m human, just like those I lead. I also believe that my empathetic-ness will help me make friends and connections within my industry that further my work and influence.

  • Zain Whitlock

    how I would use all my strengths in my work environment and in the future? all my strengths lie underneath the “influencing” category,

    1. command.
    I will use my command skill to take charge and speak up making others are heard instead of being overlooked. people might like this personality and would also command with me.

    2. significance.
    with my significance skill I will make a difference everywhere ill go. either at work or in. the park. my motto that I like to live by is “leave somewhere better then the way you found it.”

    I will use this skill in the workplace to guide the business I’m in moving forward. and while I’m not working making money through passive income while making good choices along the way.

    4. communication.
    this skill comes naturally to me, my buddy told me that walking and speaking with confidence goes a long way and opens more opportunities then you would ever think. speaking to others making them feel included and expanding your vocabulary gives people the interest to want to hear you out on what you got to say either in the workplace or outside in life.

    5. Activator.
    Im a guy who will put things off on a idea that I had that will benefit my life. so I made it to a point to myself that as soon as I have a thought or ideas, I would act on it. making thoughts into actions. either at work or outside of work.

    all these skills are underneath one category so I guess you could say that I can be a influencing person from all the strengths rely on influencing people. at work or at home.

  • Marcus Evans

    My top five strengths were adaptability, includer, empathy, restorative, and harmony. Since I have learned more about the pros and cons of each of my strengths, I found ways to improve my styles of leading others. I know now that I tend to live in the moment rather than plan for my future. I can understand what people are feeling and find solutions to any problem I come across. Now that I understand my leading styles I can figure out the areas where I am lacking. For instance, I can start planning for the future as well as live in the moment and I can become more confrontational. This can help me be a better all-around leader so I can adapt to each and every person I come across and help them in their own specific way. I can increase my influence by appealing to a broader population than I had before because I now understand my specific leadership strengths.

  • Jessica Caballero

    After taking the Strengths Finders assessment I excited to learn that my top 5 strengths were Empathy, Harmony, Individualization, Relator, and Deliberative.

    I find that my number one strength is empathy being very fitting to my current career as a nail technician and Massage Therapist. I have utilized my skills of empathy in order to satisfy my clients needs. I know exactly how they are feeling because I sense it in them, without them having to let me know. I know how to adjust to their aura and I know how to interact with them in a way that make them feel most at ease. I hope that in future career choices or paths that I take I also continue to be a person that people are drawn to and can share how their needs might be met. I hope that I can meet their needs without having to be forceful and make others feel uncomfortable.

    It is fitting that my 2nd strength would be harmony because I always try to keep the peace in any environment. Conflict is necessary in some situations but most of the time, resolutions have to come from a place where people can compromise and accept a positive outcome of a situation that might not be ideal.

    In our week 2 of lessons in leadership Claire talked about only 2 out of 10 leaders know their strengths and build their lives around those strengths. This to me was significant because I am one of those people. I know what I am good at and I want to be able to emphasize my strengths rather than focus on making my weaknesses better. I want to have a positive outlook on what I am good at. I want to uplift others and help them and design a path for those who want to seek positive outcomes. In leadership, attitude is key to gaining the right audience. Understanding how others feel and giving them the acknowledgement that they need will make followers trust their leaders more.

  • Jessica Caballero

    Describe how you will engage your strengths moving forward in your collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors. How will you use this knowledge to advance your influence and work?

    I was excited to find out that my top 5 strengths are Empathy, Harmony, Individualization, Relator, and Deliberative.

    It is interesting to me that empathy is my number one strength because I currently work as a nail technician and massage therapist. Both require my empathetic skills to understand my clients needs without them having to tell me. I can feel the tension in their bodies and I am able to respond with both words and action in a way that makes my clients comfortable to open up and be at ease with me.

    This is a skill that I have honed in on since I was young and now that I am trying to make a career change, I want to be able to successfully use it to my advantage. My leadership tendency is more based on observation and seeing exactly what the followers need. I want to understand what people need and I need them to trust me to do the job. It is also fitting that Harmony is my 2nd strength because I want people to get along. I enjoy peace even though conflict is sometimes necessary. I want to be the type of leader that people turn to in order to come to a resolution about a problem.

    Claire pointed out that only 2 out of 10 leaders know their strengths and use it to build their lives around it. I happen to be one of those people. I want to use my strengths to keep building a positive foundation that draws an audience of positivity. I want my strengths to be the reason why people come to me for guidance. Leaders should try to understand who they are leading because they are the end goal. Their wants and needs should also be the wants and needs of the leader.

  • Ricky Harris

    Responsiblity can help everyone in so many ways. I know how being responsible is gonna help me in college, life, and even my career. I first learned what responsibility meant when I was in middle school. Growing up I was a kid who had chores, and also loved hanging out. However when I wanted to hang out, my mother always informed me to have all my chores done and if they weren’t, I couldn’t hang out with my friend.

    So I know you’re wondering, how is responsibility going to help me in college, life, and my career?

    As I was taught when I was a kid, you don’t get what you want in life if you don’t take care of your responsibilities. I was taught that taking care of your responsibilities can earn you trust, integrity and confidence. The reason I say that responsibility builds these three aspects in life is because, I am continuously improving my outcomes on life based on my actions. Being able to take ownership of my actions and recognize what steps to take in situations makes me become a more efficient worker and leader. I become driven and focused, while being able to take notice to my surroundings. This is what I feel like makes me a great leader, and what will help further my knowledge in being a successful leader in college and in life.

  • Amaya Coleman

    Now that I know exactly what my strengths are, I’m going to use them to my advantage. I can use being a realtor by building relationships that I can use in the future. So building those relationships now while I’m in college so I can use them in my career. I will use discipline by showing others that I have enough discipline to get the job done. I will use input by always finding new ideas to use in my career when I’m trying out therapy tricks. I will use my strategic strength by always finding ways to better myself. That will be in everything I do. I use competition to again find different ways to better myself. I will push myself every time.

  • Jimmy Davison

    I will use my strengths in order to realize while I am successful in communication and the personal aspect of leadership, I am not the greatest at doing the fine details. So while I intend on improving that skillset in the mean time it would be more beneficial to delegate those tasks while I focus on communication until I am able to get better at fine detail work.

  • Jerzi Hawkins

    Moving forward, now that I know my strengths, I am going to try to incorporate them into my everyday life, as well as continue to work on them. Now that I have taken the time to study them, I think I can identify situations in my personal and professional endeavors to use them. Going forward I will be able to put myself in positions of a project that I will be most beneficial to the team. I will use the knowledge of my strengths to grow and set myself up for success, but I will use the overall knowledge of strengthssfinder to help me create more effective teams. I think the more I can learn about my peers and highlight their strengths is two fold. It will help teams succeed, because it will put people in the right places for success, but it will also create a better culture within your team. If everyone has a position they truly enjoy and don’t struggle at, they are less likely to get frustrated and be a better team member. In turn, this will create a good team atmosphere because everyone will be doing their part and doing it well.

  • Katherine Ryerson

    The Strengthsfinder assessment opened my eyes to how my top five qualities affect my life. My highest ranked quality was discipline. After reading the description for discipline, I understand how my personality and tendencies could positively or negatively affect those around me. For example, not all types of personalities enjoy having someone setting and demanding timelines. Although that sort of accountability works well for me. However, requiring everyone around me to do the same is not always reasonable. In this example, my desire for discipline could be viewed as negative to some. On the other hand, my rigid tendencies could have positive effects on others. Moving forward in my endeavors, I plan to use my strength of discipline to make sure projects I am working on are planned out and progressing in a timely manner. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses makes working with others much easier.

  • Kaylee Bjorkley

    I will use my strengths to stay focused on schoolwork, meet new friends, and keep a positive attitude when given an obstacle. As I’ve learned in the last 2 weeks of college it’s all about interaction with your peers that make everyday worth while. School can already be a stress in just these short 2 weeks, but it’s the friends you make that can help you take a breathe. As an includer, I feel like I am already exercising my top strength. You can normally point out the extroverts and introverts right away. Some people don’t have the capacity to socialize without being spoken to first. For example, every night my dorm has people playing ping pong or pool. Just by going up to those few shy and closed up students and asking questions like where they’re from and what’s their major can give them a platform to be just a little more comfortable, and have a friendly face. Always being friendly to whoever you meet can set unexpected endeavors your way. You never know who will be your boss one day and using strengths like positivity, inclusion, and being a woo with everyone you meet may set you up for success in the future. All strengths I will continue to use moving forward into my career. I will use this knowledge to better inform people and hopefully influence them that positivity goes a long way for anyone with a bad day, everyone deserves a friendly smile, or study partner, and even an invite to lunch. My goal after leaving UCO is to know that I made many memories and friends and that maybe I made an impact on someone’s life with showing them just a little kindness.

  • Hana Abdelhadi

    I am an emotional person as I already knew, but on top of this, my number one strength is empathy! I think I can definitely use this to my advantage as it allows me to view situations from multiple different perspectives. I can easily relate to people and read their emotions. This leads me to also be a communicative person. I love to talk and to express myself. I truly believe in being a voice for those who have been silenced. I can help my community through my strategic and adaptability skills. Sure, change is hard, but I always recover from a setback or major change in my life. I like to help other people cope and recover from their issues as well since I am insightful when it comes to these things. However, of course I still rely on people for help and I go to my close friends for advice. I love to interact with people as my last top 5 strength indicates, woo. I highly value this trait of mine as it allows me to be friendly and strike up conversations with anyone I meet. This is a skill that I can use to establish new connections that will help guide me through my career, and even my time as a student! Overall, I believe that each one of my strengths is as important as the other and they each play an important role in who I am as a person.

    • I loved your response, Hana!

      I also share my number one strength being empathy! However, adaptability is not something that comes super easily to me, I usually only like change if it’s on my own terms. But that’s an incredible strength to have as a leader!! I think I’ve only talked to you once or twice, but I definitely see the woo strength, and that is certainly an important strength to have.

  • Teagan Jellison

    When taking the strengthsfinder test I found out that my strengths were futuristic, strategic, communication, significance, and competition. These strengths will be very helpful in my college and professional careers when used correctly. Futuristic is my predominant strength and I apply it to my everyday life. When using it in my college career I make sure to plan my weeks out in advance so that my assignments can be completed in a timely manner. The futuristic strength helps me with my future career because I know what steps I need to take during my collegiate years to achieve the goals I have for myself. My strategic strengths also play out in my future preparations. The futuristic and strategic strengths compliment each other and help me achieve my future career goals. My other three strengths are based on influence. Communication, significance, and competition are going to help me stay focused on the present tasks at hand, and help me fulfill those tasks to the greatest extent without becoming too distracted by my future endeavors. When combined these strengths will help me achieve and exceed my current and future goals to the greatest extent possible.

  • Whisper McDoulett

    Moving forward in my future endeavors, I plan to first become more knowledgeable about each of my strengths. With understanding my strong suits, I can utilize them better in my career field. Many strengths have the potential to complement each other well both within or outside of the workplace. I have been told many times that my personality is dominant or bold. Now knowing each of my strengths, I better understand which ones may come across in a bold manner. I plan to better improve my listening and thinking skills because many times I tend to speak or act without thought. Leaders can be better received and followed if they possess qualities such as those. I can become a better leader by broadening my skills and improving in these specific areas.

  • Jordan Montelongo

    Throughout high school, I was involved in different organizations that taught me many lessons of leadership, but until this day, I question what kind of leader I am becoming. Achiever, Focus, Responsibility, Relator, and Futuristic are the traits that best describe me. After studying these five traits, it enhanced my knowledge in understanding how I was influencing others. Using these traits, I must continue to take risks, be authentic, and understand everyone’s perspective to be the best leader I can be. Leaders tend to get comfortable with traits that are given to them, but I believe each leader still has the opportunity to improve. While entering this new chapter in my life, I have realized the most important thing is understanding myself and translating that into guiding others who share a common goal.

  • mariam Ourani

    After reading about some of my strengths I started to recognize how much they have applied to me my whole life without even realizing. One strength that stood out to me was individualization and it explained how I’m not the type of person to generalize people and I’m intrigued by the unique qualities each person has. I hope to carry this strength with me as I grow my leadership skills. I feel like I could have some luck making people around me feel comfortable and not judged which would be awesome. I hope to use this strength to be able to make great connections and meet new people.

  • Ella Strader

    I plan on using my strengths in everyday life. I am the kind of person who likes to know what is going on and utilize information for myself and others. I want to be a voice for others at my college and at my job in the future.

    Now that I know my strengths and have them mapped out, I will go into my daily life confident and keep reassuring myself that I am capable. I know that I can do whatever I put my mind to and encourage others to do the same.

  • Jentri Jordan

    Taking the Strengthsfinder quiz has shown me what my strongest qualities are, and how I can use them in my everyday life. I plan to use these strengths to become a better leader, and an overall better person. My top two strengths are “Achiever” and “Learner”. I can use both of these in my everyday college life. As an Achiever I feel that each day even if I get a small task done, such as an assignment or homework, I have achieved something productive for the day. With this quality I want to become better at staying on top of my schoolwork and able to get my homework completed with ample time. As a full time college student I use my strengths of Learner nearly everyday. My pursuit for knowledge and a passion for learning helps me stay focused on my studies. I plan to use both my strengths as an achiever and a learner to pursue a career in the medical field. Being an Achiever will help me strive for the best and as a Learner I will be able to appreciate all that is being taught, making me a better student.

  • Alondra Rios

    Moving forward through life I will use my strengths to the maximum of my capacity. Realizing some of these are my strengths is very amazing. It made me feel like you don’t have to only be smart to even feel like a leader. I realize that I could apport more in school projects if even I don’t necessarily know the material itself. I will advance my influence by using my strengths. For example, becoming positive if somethings go wrong, I will find the way in where we could fix things so we could continue our project also removing the negativity people may have but comprehending them as well. So overall I will continue to develop my strengths in any place I am put at.

  • Ashley Jimenez

    I use to struggle with listing my strengths because I did not want to use repetitive words like communication and adaptability. Now knowing my strengths, I will for sure name them off in an interview when they ask me my strengths. Restorative, deliberative, and individualization are my top 3, which makes me feel better for not always being an extrovert. When leading a group or an organization, I will look for someone who has the opposite strengths as me. That way we can both compliment each other. We’ll also get more accomplished.

  • Jessica Lopez

    My top 5 strengths were restorative, responsibility, individualization, consistency, and empathy. My number 1 strength was restorative, meaning I am good at figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it. I feel like this is extremely important for all aspects of my life. I plan on majoring in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice and being restorative is an important unique skill that cannot be taught. As for my personal endeavor, it’s very important realizing and acknowledging my mistakes so I can fix them. In my collegiate endeavor, it’s crucial for me to fix my mistakes to succeed in college, whether its projects, homework, or relationships. I will use this knowledge to advance my influence on other people and be recognized as someone who fixes their mistakes by taking accountability. As for my work, i will advance by moving up in my career and correcting myself to achieve higher standards.

  • Kathryn Plunkett

    My top strength is being an arranger. I can use this skill in the future with a team as a way of recognizing each individual’s strengths and how certain people can work well together. Arrangers are able to take on the organization of big tasks or big teams. In college this is great for me because I plan on being involved on campus at the same time of managing my school work. Doing all of those things requires the skill of juggling a lot of things at once. This is also beneficial to me as I hope to own my own business and manage a team in the future.

    My second strength is empathy. This quality can be very important in the next few years in the college setting. Leaving home and coming to college can be a very scary experience for some people. Whether it is being away from family, managing school work, or financial stress, students have a lot on their plate to deal with. I can use empathy as a way of understanding individuals feelings and truly understand what they mean by their words and actions. After understanding people, then I can help direct them to where to find help, or just be a listening ear for them.

    In conclusion, I can use this knowledge to find a better understanding of who I am as a person. This allows me to understand my purpose on earth and how I can use my strengths for the better and learn a little more about my weaknesses, as well.

  • Claire Hardin

    In regards to my top two strengths, Empathy and Communication, I plan to utilize the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book to recognize and, therefore, capitalize on my strengths in order to help others.

    Naturally empathetic, I want to always be attuned to those in my group or team who may feel unheard or unseen. Furthermore, I will use my ability to communicate in order to address concerns about my loved ones’ harmful behaviors in order to help them grow into the people they have the capability of being.

    On the other hand in professional settings, I know it is beneficial to work with those who have Command or Activator talents. Therefore, I may prevent myself from falling into the trap of letting my feelings cloud my ability to be efficient. Also, this newfound recognization of my ability to communicate only solidifies my natural inclination to be the presenter in group projects.

    Overall, it is extremely helpful to know my strengths because it provides the confidence to know I have something to stand in and work with. My goal for this class is to activate my strengths when working with my group members.

  • Emilee Handy

    My top two strengths were strategic, and positivity. My strength strategic mainly looks like planning. I have always been a big planner. I intend to use this in my future endeavors by time planning, course planning, and problem solving. Whether it is in the work place, school, or just personal aspects of life, there will always be obstacles. Knowing that strategic thinking is something that I am already strong in, only excites me to further that talent. Being able to use that strength in a team setting or one on one setting is very important to me, because I work very frequently in both. My strength in positivity mainly looks like supporting others. Spreading positivity to those around me is a crucial part of who I am. I know that I can use this no matter what setting I am in by being there for those around me. People always need support and affirmation, and making someone feel even ten percent more appreciated that day, will help me understand the people around me better, and hopefully create a foundation for growth with that person. I know that bettering both of these strengths will help not only the people I work with, but help me understand my own leadership styles better, and how I can become the leader I strive to be.

  • Jessica Jones

    At first I was confused; how could my top four traits, Achiever, Intellection, Learner, and Strategic, be primarily solitary endeavors, and yet also be the traits of a leader? They explain well why in the past, anytime I was presented with a group project, I would strive to complete it all myself, since I didn’t know how to work well with others or how to trust their goals, skills, and motivations. At times, I had also found myself voluntarily relinquishing the role of leader, since it was easier to be a solitary follower and simply accomplish within the box that I had been given, without having to worry about the whole or the collective vision.

    Now, after steadily taking on more roles as a leader and achieving a fuller understanding of my true strengths, I know how to reconcile these two attitudes. To do so I will use my two most valuable traits in the form of Strategic Individualization, or rather the best possible delegation of tasks based upon my personal understanding of each unique individual and their strengths. Utilizing my top three strengths, I can then serve my team as a valuable member as well as a leader, in the sense of service based leadership, and contribute equally to the whole as a resource for research and even teaching others. In my personal career, as an English major all of these traits are extremely useful; there is always more to be read, discussed, and collaborated on, and any task my group is given is sure to be achieved to its fullest extent.

  • Casey Merrill

    I am currently working towards becoming a registered nurse and i think that my strengths can help me not only get their but help to try to provide the best care I can to patients. my number one strength is restorative I can use that strength to support my patients and put in as much effort as I can into helping them get better. my second strength is intellection it goes well with restorative. What these two strengths have in common is that the are both about challenge and problem solving. Ill be able to use these strengths to try to understand the problem the patient is facing and to come up with a solution that will help the patient. I’m determined to learn as much as I can now so that i can help my patients of the future.

  • Christina Bejoy

    As an individual I focus on my weaknesses rather than my strengths. I have this fear of boasting and thus try to only focus on the areas that I can improve and grow. The strengthsfinder test gave me the confidence and resources needed to truly understand my strengths and focus on being successful by using them.

    My top strength was competition. My competitive spirit has led me to strive to do my best, even when things get hard. I will continue to take challenging classes, strive to balance being a full time college student, volunteer and part time employee. To me, being competitive is not about pulling someone else down in order to succeed, rather I strive to put my best work forward while encouraging those around me to do the same. This spirit will motivate me to provide the best patient care in my medical career, while also encouraging me to continue to further my knowledge in order to keep me with the medical world.

    Although my competitive spirit can sometimes lead me to having unrealistically high expectations for myself, over the years I have learned that when used right it can be the perfect motivator for success.

  • Isabel Baker

    Improving my strengths have always been one of my biggest motivators throughout high school and recently college. As a past theatre member, it is customary to showcase what makes you different from the performer next to you. This means that I am very excited to be moving forward in the direction of career goals alongside other leaders. One of the biggest ways I will use my strengths to my advantage is in my own school. While working on projects such as Homecoming or a service project, I hope to bring a collaborative aspect to the group. My inclusivity mindset is mainly because of my top two strengths from the Strengths Finder Quiz, which were Developer and Communication. This means I am an innovative and thoughtful person who wants people to be their best self. I struggled for a long time with feeling confident in myself whenever I was with people, but now I feel much more aware of my presence in the world. In terms of how my strengths will affect my personal life, I hope it will help people be better. There is always room for improvement and I try to encourage others to work towards their goals to the best of their ability. I truly care about my friends and family and how they view life. It is important to stay positive and excited about all the amazing things humans get to experience every single day. Professionally, I want to work towards being even more considerate. I tend to talk a lot and want to make sure the people around me feel as if they can talk to me. My day can easily be improved by a simple and kind interaction with a friend or even a stranger. My whole life I have been weary about what I want to do career wise, but I know for a fact that as long as I am around people I will be content.

  • Isidro Fonseca

    After taking the assessment I was surprised with my top strength, which is futuristic. After reading about what it really meant I think it’s accurate because I constantly think on the future and I also think a lot on cause and effect. Although this is a strength I already have I am willing to learn and make this a better strength in order to help others who may need guidance in this particular area. My other strengths were strategic, deliberative, responsibility, and connectedness. I believe that once we identify our strengths it’s important to constantly apply them whether it’s at school, work, and even at home. Applying my strengths constantly will help me identify my leading style and how I can positively influence others.

  • Tori Hoffman

    Before taking this quiz and reading over what my strengths actually meant, I thought I had a very good understanding of myself and how to serve in a team environment. I was wrong. Strengthsfinder showed me what I truly excel at and showed me that what I thought to be weaknesses, were actually strengths.

    The best example is my Activator strength. I used to think of this trait as something that stopped me from getting things done and made me impatient. What I didn’t think about was the fact that I am able to easily start a new project with all of my willpower. Knowing this information, I need to surround myself with people who want to get things done rather than start something new.

    Another trait that I had a hard time believing was a strength was being futuristic. Something that is incredibly hard for me is to think in the moment, but I now understand that I am able to vividly think of ideas for the future so that my future self can live in the present and be enthusiastic about it. This also plays into my Positivity strength because I am able to be upbeat. This will allow me to help others, and myself, stay motivated.

    My last two strengths, Woo and Communication, are probably the two most important to me. I have always loved getting to know people and being connected to them. I am able to win others over because I love to talk and listen. These strengths all overlap in one way or another and all of them will help me succeed in my endeavors.

  • After realizing what my strengths are from the test, I started to see a clearer picture what I’m good at. For example, empathy is my top strength and often times I see myself observing people, putting myself in their shoes and crying along with them. In the journey to my future self, I hope that I am able to bring comfort and ease to people and witness them grow as a well rounded person as well as shine brighter when it is their best time of their lives as if they are the sun that has ascended into the sky. It is like a peak of cultivation with the flow of Qi. Once that happens, I see myself saying “today is the best day of my entire life, being here with you guys, today, in this moment, that moment here and there, we made it. Seeing you all smile and glow up brings serotonin to me, If anything at all, I truly wish for everyone happiness even if I’m watching afar. Thank you, my precious friends.” If I’m down and mentally exhausted, I will always try my best to cheer on people and push people to their journey that they wish to pursue. I will sit down and crack some jokes here and there, possibly to bring back the motivation to push forward within. It is like being a second lead in a drama or tv show. I want what’s best for people and will do the same no matter what. Again, faces lighting up with a smile, I believe that it is the most beautiful thing to witness. Maybe in the future, I will achieve my dream of becoming a dentist and being able to bring out the best trait out of all is everyone smiles. I hope to reach my dream in the future.

  • Lani Hensley

    Before taking the Strengthsfinder assessment, I did not know where my strengths lied. Moving forward, now that I am knowledgeable of how I lead, I will use my strengths to my advantage. My top five strengths were (in order) relator, focus, restorative, responsibility, and includer. Having the relator strength, allows me to build genuine relationships and invest in others. I like to know people and this trait allows me to “act as a catalyst for trusting relationships” (Clifton 135). Moving on to focus, and yes, I know what you are all thinking, “Lani does not focus”, it surprised me as well! With that being said, focus is more on being goal-oriented and efficient. Within the workspace and collegiate experience, being focused is a vital part of not venturing off the path. Using this strength, I will keep the team on task and prioritize time. Next, we have restorative. Having this strength, allows me to not run away from problems. Instead, I find the solution. Also, I can levitate this strength to foresee and intercept before complications occur. Then, comes responsibility. Using this strength, I will take on responsibilities that I can put my 100% into and get it done. I plan to grow in this strength to learn the opportunities my skills see the best fit. Lastly, I am naturally an includer. I believe that everyone’s opinion has value. Moreover, being an includer allows me to gain more friendships. Also, it lets others know that they are being seen and heard.

  • Cecilia Alali

    When reviewing my results, I was surprised to find that 4 of my top 5 were in the Influencing category, and, honestly, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have more than just one “people oriented” result. However, after some reflection and examining how these play and have played a role in how I lead, I feel a lot better about using my specific skills to guide others, especially my top three.

    With Competition being my number strength, I realized I can engage others to push themselves towards being the best at whatever they do, as well as keeping myself to a higher standard of excellence.

    Adaptability, my second strength, can help me in any situation to pivot things favorably. Being able to adapt to any situation can be very helpful when things or people take wrong turns, because I can pick things up where they are and and continue them on a path of success.

    Lastly, my third strength is being an Activator. This not only can help me become a better leader, but it can work in direct conjunction with all four of my other strengths. Without the ability to activate things, no competition can be won, no situation can be adapted to, and no project can be maximized or find significance. Being an activator can help me center the people around me, as well as help me become a kickstarter of things I’m passionate about.

    All five of my strengths work well together, proving I understand how to use influence while also adapting to situations in school, work, or social life so I can use those skills.

  • Alexander Rackley

    With what i have learned in the Strengthsfinder test, i hope that i can enhance the skills that it told me were my strengths. I always knew i was a pretty solid ideas man, able to come up with concepts pretty effectively with ok follow through. But the results of this test, such as my number one trait being input, further cemented that belief i already had. My biggest worry though, is that while i’m attempting to build up my strengths, it will be difficult for me to help lessen my weaknesses. I wish that the test told our weaknesses as well, and maybe tips on how to lessen those gaps. As for my work life, the strengths finder doesn’t really change my plans or goals. Just further cements that i made the right decisions in my life so far.

  • Emily Patrick

    My five top strengths were developer, empathy, harmony, positivity, and intellection. Going through college and into my professional work life I plan to use these to the best of my ability. Developer being my top strength, I can use that to my advantage. How? The book describes the developer as being able to see the potential in others; being able to do that will give the tools to be able to delegate and choose the right person for the right task. I am a nursing major and I already work at a hospital as a CNA, I see a difference in the nurse I work with already. Some are better at keeping their calm, others are better at patient interactions, and others are better at thinking ahead three steps. I can also use my developer skills to help people grow in who they are as well.

  • Emily Patrick

    My top five strengths are developer, empathy, harmony, positivity, and intellection. Being a nursing major, I can already see times where I will be able to use these. With developer being my first strength, the book describes a developer as being able to potential in others. When I interact with others, more often than not my goal is success for that individual. I work at a hospital in the panhandle as a CNA and I get to help people on their progress to get home. Our patient demographic is usually classified as swingbed, which is an insurance term to say that they are in a rehabilitation program. When I am on that patients care team, I get a part of helping in that program.

  • James Brison

    Using my top strength, woo, I plan to use that in all aspects of life to make those around me feel like they have a friend in me. Woo can sometimes be confused for someone who is a flatterer, just craving favor from everyone. Although I do prefer to be liked by everyone I meet, I use that in a way that everyone I meet will know me as a friendly guy who they feel comfortable around. I feel like my second ranked strength, competition, really does show some of my personality. I am not one of the people who have to win every competition to be happy. However, I do go into everything that I do with the mindset of I am going to perform as well as I can. I will use that throughout my collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors in the since that I will put all my effort into everything that I can do.

    Using my knowledge of my strengths, I will use those as building blocks for my leadership. I believe that its okay for me to try to use different strengths that are not in my top five, because sometimes you have to try different things to be able to reach certain people. But by using my top strengths as a stepping stone, I can use my woo and competitiveness to build a foundation in my relationships with others and my future endeavors in life.

  • Jayson Raj

    As I read on about my various strengths, I found myself recognizing that I am more like these traits than I make myself out to be. An example would be my greatest strength, futuristic. I never perceived myself as one who ponders on the future and never recognized how often I do look to the future. After reading the description of futuristic, I began to truly recollect how often I do find myself thinking of the future. I realized that I regularly put the future of what could be, as the end goal for many tasks I do, realizing that the future I envision for myself will not come without putting in the time, effort, and commitment. It ultimately drives me to go out and be the best and put in my all in everything I do. By discovering my additional skills, I can discover who I am, how I can most successfully implement myself into a group, and what type of teammate I can be. This can assist me in group projects, which are essential for my major, Mechanical Engineering. Recognizing my strengths, I can be a leader who looks ahead for the team, but also a member who looks to solve problems and set the goals and plans, and timelines that work. Developing these skills through college, I can then further sharpen my skills, such as discipline and restorative, which are essential to the engineering field. Being capable to solve problems and setting dates and putting timelines on projects are key components of being an engineer, and strengthening these skills and working around them can set me up to be the most successful in my future endeavors.

  • Cheyanne Young

    Three out of my five strengths all have to do with being connected with people and building relationships. Although I keep to myself most of the time, I like meeting new people and building meaningful relationships. You never know who you might be conversating with. They may be a broke college student now, but be multi-billionaire later. Individualization is my number one strength. It involves being able to figure out how different people can work together productively. In college, and in life in general, being able to distinguish how people work can make the assignment or job go by so much smoother. My other two strengths are input and deliberative, which both involve making well informed decisions. It’s important to not rush into things and conscientious decisions you make.

  • Cheyanne Young

    Three out of my five strengths all have to do with being connected with people and building relationships. Although I keep to myself most of the time, I like meeting new people and building meaningful relationships. You never know who you might be conversating with. Individualization is my number one strength. It involves being able to figure out how different people can work together productively. In college, and in life in general, being able to distinguish how people work can make the assignment or job or go by so much smoother. My other two strengths are input and deliberative, which both involve making well informed decisions. It’s important to not rush into things conscientious about your decisions.

  • Tanner Trevino

    I plan on using the amassment of strengths I currently posses all simultaneously to help as many people as I possibly can as an 18 year old college freshmen while also building my strengths up in areas I feel weak in such as Woo or more social/communicative strengths.

    My strengths in order of first to last go: Context, Restorative, Input, Intellection, and lastly Connectedness. I’ll now describe more in-depth how I’ll use each one of those extensively.

    I think we humans usually have a fine understanding of what our strengths are and what we are and aren’t comfortable with. So when I seen Context as my first strength I wasn’t to surprised. Context has been something I’ve always incorporated into my life whilst in an endless search for understanding myself and others so the biggest way I’ll use it going forward In College would be to try and understand everyone as best as I can before making any unfair judgement.

    Restorative is something I believe most of us posses and it’s something I will continue to actively use to its fullest potential in my personal endeavors by actively problem solving issues that pertain within my day to day life while also being as kind to others as I but I also am going to be as open minded and creative as I can to not limit myself.

    I believe Input to be an amazing strength to posses within a professional endeavor as having the drive to attain more information will be extremely useful and will help me improve my consistency going forward. I also think writing stuff down more often to keep the Input for later use would also be an extremely great tool for myself to take advantage of.

    I plan on using my knowledge of my strengths to continue improving myself in an effort to one day be in a position to where I can help others and even potentially influence others to do the same.

  • Olivia Shults

    Now that I am aware of my strengths I will use them in my future collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors. I will use my strengths of includer, developer, and adaptability to build relationships with the people I am with in every aspect of my life. Building these relationships will help me to build a community wherever I am at. I will use my other two strengths, restorative and arranger, to help execute any plans I have within these aspects of my life. These strengths will also help me to solve problems when they arise. Having the knowledge of what my strengths are will give me more confidence when I am leading in these ways, knowing that these things come naturally to me can calm me down when having to execute these aspects of leadership. Knowing what each of my strengths are also helps me to understand the categories that I might need to work on a bit more to grow my leadership skills.

  • Miranda McLean

    Throughout the majority of high school, I tended to focus on fixing my weaknesses more than acknowledging my strengths. Because of this, I never really understood what my strengths were.

    By taking the strengthfinders test, I found that my five strengths are includer, positivity, developer, input, and woo. It made me push past the idea of trying to fix what I can’t do, and it made me want to learn more about what I can do. My top two strengths, includer and positivity, really stuck out to me. While I was aware that I had both of these traits, I never realized that they would have been my top strengths. Now that I see that they are, I can also see how I can apply them in school, work, and life in general.

    With Includer being my top strength, I can apply it when working on a project to make sure everyone feels like they have a say in what’s going on, or even just when someone is looking for a friend. This can help me build connections that I will be grateful for in the future. My positivity strength goes hand in hand with the includer strength. I can use it to encourage a coworker when working with a group, or I can celebrate a friend individually. By finding and allowing myself to recognize my strengths, I will be more successful in any leadership position that I might be given in the future, as well as when I work with a team who might have different or similar strengths as me.

    I am hoping that I will always be able to remind myself to not focus on my weaknesses, but instead learn to grow within my strengths.

  • Adrian Smith Jr.

    Finding one’s strengths is a common theme I find myself learning about when involved in a leadership position. Whenever I am asked what I believe to be my best strengths I always struggle to give a proper answer. Taking the strength finders 2.0 quiz gave me an outline of my leading styles. I received restorative, input, arranger, belief, and harmony. Three of these strengths are based on executing, while the other two strengths are based on relationship building and strategic thinking.
    Regarding restorative and arranger, I agree with the strength finders fully. I am in no way the best at solving problems, however ill do the best I can if given the right resources and enough time. If I’m not given the resources to do so ill take advantage of what is around me to arrange my own resources. I find it enjoyable to finally solve a problem after a long struggle, it gives a feeling of success and can raise the morale of a team. When it’s needed I can be someone who organizes the situation.
    Belief is a strength I tend to hold close to me because I usually do have strong beliefs that I have to fall back on. I try to have my beliefs be open to my team, as being close-minded prevents a team from progressing with future plans.
    I believe that input and harmony go somewhat hand in hand. As input allows me to gather not only information about the job at hand but the interests my team shares. This allows me to create a welcoming and calm environment where everyone should feel safe to speak about their opinions and share their ideas.
    My goal is to not only master these five strengths but to gain and learn more strengths from my fellow leaders, while also influencing my fellow leaders to keep my strengths in mind.

  • Chance Palmer

    After taking the Strengths Finders 2.0 test, my top 5 strengths were Restorative, Includer, Context, Intellection, and Input. I was quite happy to have gotten Restorative and Includer but I honestly think Context was my favorite strength. I’ve always been a Problem Solver who tries things multiple times to get it just right so restorative made sense. I’ve also always tried to make everyone feel loved and wanted so Includer made sense as well. Context however is something I’ve tried to learn to live by. Context has helped me to be more passionate and understanding even towards people that I do not like or work well with. Context has helped me see why people do the things they do and helped me see why people are the way they are.
    So while I will continue to try and help solve problems and continue to include others, I will make it a priority to try and understand the full context of every situation and the context of everyone one in that situation. I think understanding and compromise and empathy can all be strengthened with context. I can use Context to help solve problems and restore, I can use Context to include, I can use Context to further my intellection, and I can use Context to input or to receive input.
    Thank you for having me take this test. It has helped me carve out more of my path.

  • David Harlin

    My biggest strength according to the Strength Finder survey was competitiveness. In the past that has seemed to weaken me more than strengthen me. It caused an unhealthy desire to outperform those around me sometimes taking a toll on the quality of work. I have never considered this a strength and therefore have not used it as such. Moving forward and knowing that this is a strength that can be a great motivating factor and help me to better influence those around me. This I believe can be accomplished in two ways.
    The first way is by starting to compete against perfection more so than others around me. Although perfection is something that can never be realistically reached, striving to compete for that is more productive than trying to compete against others, especially in a work environment. Having a competition in your mind aimed at defeating or outperforming those around you can lead to unhealthy views of others. It sometimes requires you to put others down in your mind so you can rise above them. Instead of doing this, if you view everyone’s contribution as valuable and necessary and begin to align yourself with attaining perfection, this can lesson the negative aspects of a competitive nature.
    The second way that this strength can be best utilized is through competing against your past performances. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, it can be helpful to begin to compare yourself to your past results and try to better them. This is a healthy form of competition that can help you to grow and improve. It is important as a leader to not always be content with the status quo. It is important to push boundaries that you may not have thought could be broken through. Some of these boundaries that stop you are of your own making. It can be you telling yourself that you have reached your maximum potential when you could still be far from it.

  • Jazlyn Yarbrough

    When I completed the strengths Finder quiz I found that my top five strengths are positivity, includer, developer, connectedness, and adaptability.
    WhenI found this out I thought it was very unique that each of my Strank‘s are things that are needed for my future career as an educator.
    In my classroom management course we were taught to have a connection with our class and to always remain positive. In discovering that those are two of my strengths I will maximize on the opportunity to engage in each one for the best development of my students!!!

  • Jayden Batcheller

    In my strengthsfinder quiz my top five were the following: communication, includer, self-assurance, significance, activator. Communication has never been a struggle for me, my whole life I have been told that I make it seem so easy to speak to others. However, communication is not just talking and making friends, it also has significance behind it, when need be. For example, in needing to communicate when there is an issue, change, or something that needs to be widely spread, or privately addressed. Includer is a very important one to me. When I was little, being the youngest meant I got told “To hang with the big kids, you need to act like the big kids.”, given my sister probably did not want her little sister hanging around. Regardless, it hurt my feelings to feel excluded and unwanted. Knowing what it feels like is more than enough motivation to want everyone to be involved. Self-assurance took more work than I would like to admit, but was life changing for me. I am ambitious, adventurous, strong, caring, and so much more. I feel very confident that I know who I am as a person. And even if I don’t know what is best for me, I still know I will need the freedom to make the wrong choices and learn from them. Significance. This word alone has its own ring. If something has significance, it has purpose, meaning, and want. This shows for me by unapologetically being me. I take pride in who I am because I worked hard to be who I am. This helps me appreciate who others are and to help them find the significance in them as well. Actions speak louder than words. A well-known piece of advice that’s been used for centuries. People see what you do, activator in me means action, and I plan on taking it. Some people see it as impatient, I see it as excited and restless to go. I will use this knowledge in my collegiate, personal and professional endeavors to better myself as a leader by better understanding my strengths at a higher depth.

  • Harrison Higdon

    Being able to know your strengths and weaknesses is a skill everyone should have. For example, I’ve known since the 9th grade, a career in science or math is probably not in my future. I have also known that my whole life, I have excelled in group work activities, discussions, and creative work that excites my mind and gives me something new and challenging to think about. I plan to use these strengths to put me on the path to find a career where I can collaborate with others, and bounce off different ideas in a team effort. Even though if I’m being honest I have no sure idea on what I want to pursue as a career, I do know what is appealing to me, and what is not.

  • Roy Angele Kubwimana

    This was my second time taking strength finder test and what amazed me is that the result was different. Now therefore, I know my top 10 strengths and I will use them to my advantage to perform well on daily tasks. Additionally, these strengths will help me to get a job that fit for my skills and it will be easier for to work well with my superiors or managers because they know my strengths.

  • Meralyn Staudt

    Taking the strengths finder assessment was beneficial for me in several ways. It made me more aware of the areas that I am already successful as a leader (mostly relationship building) as well as make note of ways I can use these strengths on a deeper level. Moving forward in my collegiate, personal, and professional life, I hope to improve on my abilities to create meaningful connections with people and create a positive impact on my community. Implementing relationship building skills like empathy and adaptability into your daily life is a great way to advance your leadership influence.

  • Jackson Lehew

    In the future of my college career, using my strengths will be very beneficial. My number one strength was competition. When I first saw this I was confused, but I see it as an opportunity to better myself and others. What I would like to do moving forward, is encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves. Wether that’s on a sports team, or just showing others that I am an efficient leader. My second skill was woo. I am a people person and I love getting to meet new people. I want people to like me and look at me as an example on how to lead correctly. My third was communication. I am not afraid to admit when I need help or support. Being a leader that communicates with others is a crucial factor in a successful leadership. Showing that you care about what others think about a certain thing will really show them how much you care. My fourth strength is Strategic. Being a strategic thinker will always keep you ready for any outcome. Planning events can get stressful but thinking through everything leads to successful events. My fifth strength is Includer. I hate seeing when people feel left out or misplaced while doing anything. I live in a house off campus where the church I attend lets American and international students live. We provide meals once a week that anyone can come to so they get a home cooked meal. It is a way to show students that we care. We target the international students so that they can feel welcome somewhere, Using this strength will help me build friendships and provide an amazing college experience for myself and everyone else.

  • As I approach the end of my college career, I hope to use my strengths in the forensic psychology world. I hope by taking initiative and stepping out of my comfort zone (with the help of my strengths) that I will be better prepared for stepping up in roles and taking on more responsibilities. I am excited for what the semester has to offer me on understanding and using my strengths.

  • Kelsey Sanchez

    I was amazed at how accurate my top five strengths related to me. They honestly describe my strengths very well and in a way I have never been able to explain. Restorative is my top strength and I will use this in my collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors by letting others know that I like to fix problems that way they know they can come to me for help. Letting others know that I enjoy fixing problems will show them that they can open up and ask for help and be comfortable and not ashamed or scared. Restorative matches me so well because I have always been interested in solving problems. If I feel there is a problem then I want to fix it and talk about it. I will also use this strength to prevent problems. Includer is most definitely me. I want to include everybody and I never want anyone to feel left out. It makes me feel so bad to see someone on the outside and I just get this feeling to reach out and include them. I just want people to feel good and welcome. I accept everyone! this is 100% true. I was made it known that I can be a friend. With this strength I will be that voice for others who are afraid to speak up or who do not feel heard. This strength motivates me to bring everyone together! people from different cultures and backgrounds. I can use this strength in my everyday life. I have six siblings so my strength as a developer makes complete sense about why I have always pushed them to grow and help them succeed. With this strength I could compliment others that I have helped succeed and tell them what they did that pushed them to succeed and that way they will continue to grow. I believe this strength will shine when I become a probation officer. Pointing out my parolees successes will motivate them to do better and continue to grow. With relator being my strength I will learn about the new people I meet and make it known that I care about who they truly are and their personality. I will show that I am a caring person and push the people around me to get to know each other. With positivity as a strength I can use this in so many situations. I will use this strength to open peoples eyes and show them that good things can come out of bad situations and you can brighten things up with positivity. Teach people to see the positive things and to focus on the positive side rather than the negative side.

  • I’m grateful that I was able to take this assessment. It has helped form an understanding of how I personally can utilize my strengths to my advantage. Understanding your strengths can help you move forward in your challenges, as well as helping others with their own. I resonate a lot with my top results of this assessment, and I plan to use my strengths to help me in different aspects throughout my college experience.
    As an achiever I like to get things done, a day is never wasted without tasks being completed. Being a freshman in college having this quality is an advantage that will be sure to help me. This quality of mine will also be resourceful to groups I put work into. When working in groups I hope to help set the pace and productivity levels for groups. With consistent qualities I believe these traits also play a big role when working in groups. These consistent tendencies will help me pursue teams and organizations to maintain integrity while working together through projects. Responsibility is another one on my chart that I wasn’t surprised to see. I’ve always had a big sense of responsibility when being a part of something. It’s a psychological connection that makes me feel committed, and like I have a purpose.
    I plan to hopefully take on a few rolls that will give me responsibilities to take care of.
    If I’m being honest I didn’t know what restorative meant until I had read about it. Now that I have understanding of what restorative is, I will say that I do resonate with it well. I hope to bring logical problem solving solutions when faced with challenges. As well as showing others how to go about those problems. Significance is on my chart, and I feel the reasoning behind it is similar to responsibilities. I want to have significance to an organization that I am putting work into, and I hope that leaders and people around me will ensure me that I am doing a good job when completing task. This is how I hope to utilize my strengths to my benefit

  • Kyrah Raasch

    After taking the Strengthsfinder quiz, I have learned that my top five strengths are individualism, discipline, futuristic, responsibility, and focus. Learning what these words meant helped me better understand what my top leadership traits are and how to utilize them. I know that I am a person who will always make sure my work is finished on time and that I will do the work the best that I can, no matter if it is for college, work, or in my person life. Knowing these strengths, I can be more confident in myself by knowing that I have chose to work hard and continue to do so. I will influence others by using my traits of being responsible, always taking care of my things, and being disciplined to show others just how important these qualities are in life in general, but also when it comes to work. Whether the work is for a job, school, or personal, I believe that people always need a little bit of responsibility, discipline and individualism.