Month: September 2021

Week 6 – Lessons in Leadership – Kristi Birk-Steinberg

Kristi shared with the class her unique path to service and leadership and how she has connected to her passions over time. What are ways you can connect to your passions while in college, recognizing opportunities and plans may look differently for you over time?

Week 4 – Lessons in Leadership – Edmond Legislative Delegation

During class, a common theme across Edmond’s legislative delegation was building and maintaining relationships in your personal and professional endeavors. How can you engage consistently in your community to accomplish strong and meaningful relationships?

Week 3 – Lessons in Leadership – Representatives Pae and Cruz

Both Representative Pae and Cruz discussed working across the aisle and engaging with individuals who do not necessarily share your ideas and perspectives. How as a leader, can you work effectively in a group or community with ideas and perspectives which differ from you own?