Lessons in Leadership – Week 7 – Representative Cyndi Munson

Representative Munson discussed a number of items related to her journey and path to becoming a state representative. Which of her points resonated with you the most in your personal and leadership experiences?


  • Jayden Marshall

    The point that she said that resonated the most with me would have to be the way she talked about the people who were on the other party from her. She was still so caring and empathetic with people. She wasn’t just going for her party and not relating or seeing the other side of the people who she was not in agreement with. The fact that she was trying to get a vote but at some point it wasn’t about the vote. It was about the people. The biggest thing that stuck with me was that in today’s world and this time she still had compassion and empathy. I want to have that amount of empathy as a leader.

  • Alexia Brown

    I appreciate the realness and honestly that Representative Munson brought when speaking to us. I resonated with her story as I am a first time college student, a woman in leadership, hold a LOT scholarship, and am a Sigma Kappa. These past few days have been very hard on me. I did not want to come to class on Tuesday, but I am glad that I did. In my leadership style, I like to serve everyone around me and make them feel included and loved. This is very hard to do when you are hurting and learning to lean on other people is something that Munson showed me was okay. I think that everything she has done in her life has shown persistence and I admire that quality and would like to apply it to my life as a leader.

  • Mackenzie Goings

    Self- care is one of my favorite core values. I agree with Representative Munson that you must take care of yourself before you can help others. You simply cannot serve others if you have nothing to give. It is essential to take care of yourself which includes exercise, eating healthy food and having alone time. One of my favorite quotes is “An empty tank will take you exactly nowhere. Take time to refuel.”

  • Mariana Gonzalez

    Something that I related with Representative Muson was being a first generation college student, being a female as well as being a minority. What I admired about her is how determind she was in what she did and was open to listening to others. People pushing back and disagreeing with my ideals and ideas is something that I have faced all of my life coming from a small conservative town. Like her, many times I had to just take it. Other times there were people that were willing to listen and I could have a conversation with and we would learn from each other and that has been something that I believe has helped me grown leadership wise.

  • Cooper McCoy

    Cyndi Munson seems like a great person that has many experiences that shape her ideals in politics. One experience that really stuck out to me was the one with the man who lost his wife. Representative Munson had met these people before, and she was there to talk about her campaign. When she realized that the man had lost his wife, she changed her whole demeanor. She truly cared for the man instead of getting into politics. She could have just left, but she chose to stay and that helped build relationships. They way that Cyndi Munson decided to just be a good person instead of involving politics. I feel like all people should just care about others instead of using politics to cause division.

  • Savana McCabe

    Representative Munson spoke on a lot of points that hit really close to home for me. She was so encouraging and kind, and she offered great points that can be applied to anyone’s journey. The point that resonated most with me is that “you can only serve and love others as much as you serve and love yourself.” This prompted me to explore about how this applies to myself. When I got to thinking, I came up with an analogy that helped me to understand her point better. Imagine you have a glass of water, and your friend asks you for some of your water. You can only pour into your friends glass how much you have in your glass. This helped me to see that I can only give out what I give to myself. This prompts me to be kind and generous to myself, so I can give these gifts to the people around me.

  • Madilyn Rhynes

    I really enjoyed Cyndi Munson’s speech. Some of her points that really resonated with me through my personal and leadership experiences are to constantly check in with yourself. You need to take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others. This is so true. I feel as leaders we are always wanting to lead and take care of those around us, but we can get burnt out. I have learned it’s okay to say, “no.” I can easily overburden myself and that makes it where I can’t give my all to a certain project. I want to do everything to the best of my ability and sometimes that comes with saying, “no” to certain projects. Some other things Cyndi Munson said that I took away are “it’s okay not to know”, it’s okay to be uncertain, and your experiences matter.” I also really enjoyed when she said to have adaptability. You need to control only what you can control. Life throws some crazy challenges at me, but I can only control what I have control over. It is also very important in the times of COVID to live connected. You need to be involved and have community around you to stay interacted and involved.

  • Naomi Wharry

    There were so many things that resonated with me in her talk, but when she talked about taking care of yourself mentally and physically, I was able to relate that to so many of my own experiences. Specifically, when she pointed out that you can not really help people to your best ability if you are not helping yourself first. When she said this, it reminded me of so many times that I would be trying to help someone, whether it was being a good friend or by doing a service, and I was not able to do my best simply because I was not doing very well. For example, if I was trying to encourage someone else to never give up even after I had given up on myself, it was very evident. I could not fake that kind of resilience. I do not remember the specific time in my life that I made this realization, but I do know that it has made a huge difference in my life since then. I completely understand that someone who takes care of their self shines from the inside out, and sometimes you can help someone just by doing that.

  • I would say the point about being compassionate and empathizing with others. Often times in society we are so quick to cancel others, when they just have a different approach to the way they live their life. To me, its about showing grace that God gave me. I’m not perfect in any way so why would I put that pressure of perfection on others. It’s good to humanize with people. For instance Representative Munson mentioned a great thought to have the hard conversations about the things you find important. I try to go beyond the surface of getting to know people because I want to understand them. I want to help people and be the best I can when doing it!

  • The point which resonated most with me from Representative Munson’s discussion was her recognition of her own past experiences and dedication to improving this directly. Not only is she introspective but she is introspective in a way that is productive and contributes healthily to her self-determined obligations, as well as her official obligations. From the simple glimpse she allowed us to understand of her life I was struck by her loyalty and allegiance to her values, and her dedication to the furthering of causes which align with these. This resonated with me because I put great value on loyalty and dedication. I also believe that personal introspection is the first step in determining the interdependence of those in a community, and these are extremely important steps to take in knowing how to best serve a community or even a single person.

  • Nicole Dirks

    I enjoyed Representative Munson’s speech because I could see that she was speaking from her heart and she was passionate about giving the audience important advice. The reoccurring topic she spoke about that resonated with me most was self care. I feel like I hear about self care at least once a day; and it typically refers to pampering yourself or doing something to make you feel good. But what I loved about Munson’s explanation of self care was that she considered watching your daily habits (such as sleeping and eating) and reviewing your mental health as important parts of self care. She also explained the negative effects ignoring self care has on your mind and attitude towards others. She mentioned a specific example of this when answering an audience question about how she handles discussions with people of the opposite political party. She stated that when a person is taking acre of themselves they are less likely to break or become angry during an intense conversation. This opened my eyes to understanding why some people are more angry and negative than others. I plan to use this understanding to be more empathetic to others when they are struggling as well as to assess my own self care shortcomings.

  • Maddy Kang

    Many of Representative Munson’s points resonated with me, but one stuck out with me in particular. I related to her point about self-care immensely. I loved how she kept reiterating that the first person that I should take care of is me. Especially during all of the Coronavirus craziness, I’ve noticed it’s even more important to do check-ins with myself to make sure I’m taking care of me and asking myself just as Representative Munson does: what am I doing for myself? I oftentimes find myself doing tasks for other people and caring for others because that is the kind of person I am. I am a giver. However, I’ve also learned that to lead others and to go full steam ahead at a challenge with your best effort, you have to take care of yourself first — not only for yourself but for those that you lead and care about also.

  • Paighton Barnes

    Representative Munson has been one of my favorite speakers so far and many of her points resonated with me. The one that stuck with me the most was the point about self care. Throughout all of my leadership roles and other activities, I have struggled taking time for myself. When I did theatre and cross country at the same time in high school, I was running four miles in the morning and working on sets for three hours after school. I never had time to rest or take proper care of my shin splints that I eventually broke my shin. This past week has been really hard for me because I lost a member of my family and have been feeling really homesick. I called my best friend yesterday and she made a good point that I need to rest because I cannot function as well and complete my goals at half capacity. Hearing Representative Munson talk about how important self care is made me start taking more time for myself this week. Just remember to breathe!

  • Caralyne Conley

    This was my second time to hear representative Munson speak and I felt like I really resinated with all of what she spoke about this time. She has a really genuine tone and I loved how honest she was with her story. I loved what she said about empathy in leadership because I too think that is one of the most important things not only in leadership, but in being a good human. I loved how she talked about self-care and how she told us what she wishes she would of heard at our age. When she said that it really gave me peace, let me take a breath, and put me at ease for the future. With the self-care subject that she emphasized I loved how she came with honest truths and stories of how she does self-care and how she has learned to love her self where she is. Her overall talk was inspiring and really helped me go over some values and priorities I have been lining up in my life.

  • Taleaha Lee

    Representative Munson spoke a lot about her character and her journey to get to where she is today. The things that truly resonated with me was her ability to meet people where they are. Her story with the older man who lost his wife truly made me realize her care for the people and not for the vote. She is an empathetic leader who puts human beings over votes and political views. I aspire to have the ability to constantly meet people where they are no matter our differences. I have challenged myself time and time again with this factor when it comes to being a leader.

  • Angelina Newton

    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear Representative Munson speak about her journey. One thing that really stood out to me was how to address differing opinions from your own when communicating. I like how she described simply being willing to listen and empathize to the other side, so they feel as though they are understood before arguing against what they had to say. It kind of goes along with that saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” because nobody wants to feel as though their opinion isn’t valid. I know when approaching a situation in any role I like to hear what each side has to argue because no side for me is completely wrong or completely right. I have dealt with situations of my own in which my opinion did not seem to matter in a discussion and it felt degrading so I resonate with her point that listening and empathizing are key factors in addressing those who do not always agree with you.

  • Taylor Schuff

    I really enjoyed listening to Represenative Munson’s campaign stories. She explained that empathy can be very challenging, especially when it comes to politics. It’s sad that some people do not care to listen to what you have to say based on your political party. I liked when she said shes not trying to force her opinions on other people but trying to get them to be more open to ideas. We as a society need to be more open minded to what other people have to say.

  • McKenzie Bookout

    Cyndi Munson spoke about the many things that helped her grow as a leader, and to be in the representative position she is in now. One thing in particular stuck out to me – resolution requires connection. This is something that I have also used with me in my life. Being a leader isn’t always easy, and it definitely will not always go as planned. There will be times when people will disagree with you and you can’t seem to come to an agreement. It is important that we do not just assume everyone will want the same things as you, but it is up to us to make that connection with those who are against us to be able to work together. She used the example of an older gentlemen who always argued with her and told her he would not re-vote for her. She never gave up on him and continued to be the light in his life, which is exactly what he needed, and he eventually saw eye-to-eye with her. Life will always throw us curveballs, but we can overcome them by making those connections with others.

  • Representative Munson is a role model especially for minorities. As an Asian immigrant, I can relate to her helplessness. During my preparation of medical schools application, I did not know where and how to start, I believe I had to do more work to stand out. But persistency and hard work had always been along my side. I had a chance to lead a team of undergraduate students to help along in my science research project and it turned out to be the best team I’ve ever had.
    As a conclusion, the feeling of loneliness can be overcome if we all have our eyes set on the goal.

  • Beyonce Hammond

    This was probably the most impactful speaker we have had in terms of being able to relate to for me. As a first-generation African American woman, It was amazing to hear from the first Asian-American women to serve in the House of Representatives. Her passion for public service, work with non-profits, and criminal justice reform is an inspiration. Her platforms are what I have worked the hardest on in terms of my activism. When she addressed how hard it was for her to campaign in the district that elected Mary Fallin that was authentic truthfulness and I loved to see it. Representative Munson showed that even if the cards are stacked against you keep going until you reach a level of success you are happy with.

  • Jacob Shults

    I have always struggled with the way I view myself, so when Representative Munson brought up the idea that its okay to doubt ourselves and to feel out of control, I truly understood what she was saying. We all have insecurities, it’s part of being human, but as leaders we need to know how to not allow it’s effects to jeopardize the way we lead. Leaders are meant to reach out to those around them, therefore checking in with fellow leaders comes as second nature to many of us. However, it’s important to also incorporate check-ins with ourselves to make sure we are properly taking care of ourselves while taking care of our responsibilities. An interesting point that Representative Munson made was that we should try and “humanize each other in a way that you don’t put yourself in danger.” We need to do these personal checks of whether or not we can handle the situation at hand in order to keep ourselves healthy.

  • Carson Ladd

    There were many points that Representative Munson talked about, but the one that resonated with me was when she said that you have to make sure you are doing okay, before you worry about others. It shows a lot about her personality when she wants to take care of herself before others. It taught me that to be a good leader for others, you have to be a good leader to yourself.

  • Kaylee Abernathy

    Listening to Representative Munson talk, I related to her in a couple ways. One thing that I tend to struggle with is pleasing everyone. It was really encouraging to hear Representative Munson talk on how she knows that people will not agree with her, but is still very empathetic towards them. She knows that she is unable to please everyone but still continues to have confidence in everything she does. Another thing that I felt connection through was the self-care that she had. I used to want to put everyone before myself, until I realized that I needed the love I was giving out as well. Self- care is very important when you have set goals and vaules. Trying to reach goals can be very overwhelming if you do not take care of yourself first.

  • Trinity Major

    What resonated most with me was the physical attacks she went through .However what was truly astounding was her ability to set aside her aggressors ill treatment and have a conversation. By doing so she was able to learn his story and they both able to move forward together.

  • makayla freeman

    Her point that resonated with me the most was that it is okay to be uncertain. One thing that I have always struggled with is being certain I am making the right choice whether it be for something personal or for something leadership wise. This can be a problem because it can make me be indecisive. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it happens for nearly every decision you make it can become a hassle. I have had to force myself to be okay with making what might be a wrong decision, so hearing from an elected official that it is okay to be uncertain was very reassuring. Hopefully, this will help me with me indecisiveness and decision making skills.

  • Many points that Representative Munson made definitely resonated with me, but the one that stayed with me the most was her point about empathy. It is easy to be quick to judge others with different opinions than you. She reminded me how important it is to try to empathize no matter how hard it may seem. It is also very clear she isn’t just all talk. She gave real examples of conversations she’s had with the other side. She sets a good example.

  • Avery Humphrey

    The top two points that Representative Munson made was self- care and how she cares for people no matter their political party. I loved how she said that you have to do something for yourself everyday because that is something I really struggle with. Especially in college, being busy with leadership, grades and my sorority, self-care comes last in my life and I need to change that. My favorite point she made was when she told us the story about the man who’s wife died and how she cared not about his vote but for him as a person. This is not something we see a lot nowadays especially not in politics.

  • Victoria Bates

    While listening to Representative Munson the story she told that really resonated with me was about an older gentleman who disagreed with the politics of the demacratic party as a whole. Munson told us how she repeatedly returned to this man’s door to tell him about her ideas, and to get his opinions. Eventually, Muson won his vote. One day when Munson came back the old man was very upset about the Brett M. Kavanaugh hearings and he made sure to let Munson know he was not happy with her party and would not be voting for her again. Munson told us how she talked with the man again, explaining that her goal as his representative is to represent him. After the man calmed down he revealed that his wife had recently passed away. This story really resonated with me for two reasons. The first thing that stood out to me was Munsons relentless pursuit for this man’s vote. Munson proved to him that she cared by showing up and listening to him repeatedly. By doing that she was able to build a bond strong enough that he was willing to vote for a democrat for the first time. The second thing that stood out to me is the fact that the old man’s wife had just passed away. I believe that this had a huge impact on the old man yelling at Munson, but after she listened to him he was willing to share some of his heartache. I think that this story is important because it shows that sometimes there are other things going on in people’s lives that you may not know about.

  • Andrea Riano

    I think that one of my favorite things Representative Cyndi Munson said was: “As leaders we need to learn to adapt.” Every experience that we go through matters, even if it is a difficult experience. Starting college was a huge transition, and I had to prepare myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. However none of the preparations I did beforehand were going to be enough because I wouldn’t know what college is like until I actually started. I have had to adapt in ways I never would have imagined and it is has been a crazy, exhausting ride but I am so happy. I love everything I am doing and I love that I have people around me that are also leaders that I can learn from during this time where adaption is needed to grow.

  • Perla Tovar

    I very much enjoyed listening to Representative Munson’s speech because of how authentic she is. I’m also a Sigma Kappa, women of color, first generation college student, and a leader in various organizations so she inspired me when I realized we come from similar backgrounds. One thing that stood out to me is she fully understands that she’s not in the dominant political party for the state of Oklahoma yet, she strive to simply listen to her democratic people. She wants others to know that their voice matters and she is there to hear them out. I believe we need more leaders like her.

  • Ryleigh Watkins

    I really appreciated the time that Representative Munson took to talk about self care. I think that it’s important for leaders to work hard, but that we often run ourselves into the ground trying to do everything quickly or all at once. Burn out is something I have experienced first hand and it isn’t pretty. I’ve been to leadership conferences all over, and they almost never talk about taking care of yourself and checking in on yourself. It’s hard to take care of yourself when all you ever focus on is helping other people, but we have to do it. The best method is to take an hour a day for yourself at least. Self care doesn’t look the same for everyone, but everyone needs it. What I’m trying to say is that it’s important to take care not to neglect yourself when tending to the needs of others.

  • Brandy Bohanan

    Representative Cydni Munson talks about several topics related to her journey to becoming a state representative. What stood out to me first that resonated with me is taking care of yourself. We can sometimes get distracted on what’s going on around us that we forget about ourselves at times. Taking care of yourself can boost yourself and make you feel good, as well as keeping you healthy, if you feel good about yourself then it can have an affect on your mind set and can make you stronger and determined. Second was that its okay to not know or be uncertain. We all fight to be right and if and when we are wrong it can have a negative effect on us. But we shouldn’t let it, we should accept it and not let it bring us down but build us to be better. Last is empathy and compassion, if we stay connected with each other and be open allowing there to be empathy and compassion it can show others around you, you care. People want leaders who understand and care not leaders who they think don’t care about individuals.

  • Clare Jordan

    I really enjoyed hearing Representative Munson speak to our class, she once visited my high school my junior year and has always been someone that I looked up to. Her empathy and drive is such an inspiration. One part that stuck with me while hearing her talk to day was the importance of self care. As leaders its really easy to feel like you’re not doing enough if you slow down. Sometimes self care can even feel like a waste of time. But if you don’t take time for yourself everyone in awhile its easy to feel overwhelmed and burnout. Hearing Munson talk about self care was extremely helpful for me as she is someone I greatly look up to.

  • Abby Boyer

    For me personally I related to her mostly when she discussed having differences with people. As a leader it is essential to know how to have a conversation in a respectful manner. That has been something I have always tried my best to do is always respect others no matter if we agree or not. I admired that she pushes to know about people’s perspectives even when she doesn’t agree. I personally try to figure out how people think and why they feel the way the do about certain topics. It definitely just motivated me to keep pursuing hard conversations because you grow so much alone from hearing how others express or feel about things.

  • Isaiah Byrd

    I really enjoyed representative Munson’s talk and thought she gave a lot on incite on how to be an effective leader but the most important point I took away was her advice on self care. It is really easy to get lost in your profession or personal life and start to not take care of yourself. moving forward I will try to not take on to much work or over extend myself with helping friends and my social life.

  • Jasmine Cooper

    On Tuesday when Representative Munson was talking about how she talked to people no matter the differences just to learn why they think they way they do, really resonated with me. Learning why someone thinks a certain way is a good way to practice empathy and effective communication. I always felt included and listened to when people would ask questions on why I think the way I do. I strive to try to understand others and talk to them so they can understand my point and maybe open their mind to new ideas. Being able to implement empathy and compassion to everyone no matter the differences is a leadership quality I strive to have.

  • shayna joseph

    Cyndi Munson spoke with empathy, passion, and realism. It has become an instinct of mine to put others before myself, but I’m realizing that recently I haven’t been able to do that effectively because I wasn’t taking care of myself. She reminded me to put myself first before taking care of others. I never thought doing that because it always seemed selfish. We have to make sure we are mentally, physically, emotionally healthy before we get burnt out. You can’t be everything for everyone, focus your time and energy on the things which bring you happiness. Munson also showed me through her experience in her campaigns to surround myself with people that don’t have the same mindset as me, to question and educate myself and others before judging.

  • Sarah Stovall

    I really enjoyed how passionate Representative Munson was during her speech. I resonated with her point about trying to understand people that are different from you and that also have different opinions. She cared about hearing the thoughts of all kinds of individuals, not just those who have the same ideas as her. I try to do this in my life because I believe it is an important quality in a leader. Her empathy and willingness to understand all people is inspiring and a quality I strive to have.

  • Thad Williams

    Representative Munson brought up many great points in how she has grown as a leader, yet one resonated with me the most. When she discussed the topic of her experiences with homeowners around the community, she spoke about how her toughest obstacle was overcoming the barriers of stereotypes placed on her as both a woman and a democrat. As a leader, sometimes the toughest part is overcoming sanctions placed on you because of your looks or where you come from. Representative Munson explained how being patient and understanding is the only way to overcome these stereotypes when trying to become a leader.

  • Lavender Cisneros

    Usually when I get the chance to listen to politicians, it’s usually about policies and a plan for the future. But when listening to Representative Munson it was like listening to a close friend. She mentioned many things that really stuck with me. She was a first generation college student, grew up in single parent home, and is a minority like myself. She met many people who resented her and her beliefs but continued to spread love and kindness. She also spoke about self-care which is truly was a sign, because I spend so much time working and taking care of other people when my physical and mental health is just as important. She was an amazing speaker and it truly was an honor getting to listen to her speak.

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    I am so appreciative for having Representative Munson comes speak to us. What really sat with me though was her saying something along the lines of though she has to work with people from the opposite party, she still has to care for them and represent them with an open mind. It seems so simple and yet so many, including myself, often forget it. I will NEVER be in a leadership position where I one hundred percent agree with the people on my team, and yet I still have to remember to do what’s best for us whether I like them or not. I think this really resonated with me considering the current political climate and this being my first election. Call what you want, but neither candidates are great. But we still have to encourage others and set the example to vote because 1) it’s a right not every person has had (like for less than 100 years) and 2) we have to want to better our country. We should want to care, provide, and protect all who call this place home regardless of if we agree with them. I think Representative Munson is doing an excellent job of setting that example.

  • Thomas Dunn

    She talked about taking care of yourself before you take car of other people. While I think there are times to make sacrifices in order for someone to do what they need to do, as a general policy, I think it is very powerful. Self care is a lot like self improvement, and investing in yourself in that, when you’re working on a project you always have to choose between using your limited time and energy to use your existing tools to make progress on your project, or you can use those resources to improve your tools. In the case of Representative Munson, her tools are her mind, her attention, and her empathy. All of these things wear out if you don’t keep your body healthy and take time to make sure your mind is sharp and your heart is open enough to listen to other people and their problems. All good craftsmen spend a significant amount of time and energy taking care of their tools and it should be no different for the rest of us.

  • Josh Reynolds

    Representative Munson’s speech was very relatable to many people and I saw a couple of points that really stuck out to me. The main one was to look at both sides of an issue. No matter how divided you feel on a subject there is another side to the coin. She was able to talk to people who even threatened her. I admire this trait a lot, because most of the time I am unwilling to see the other side, but I have been striving to do so.

  • bethany garrison

    First, let me say that I am very grateful that Representative Munson came to speak to us on Tuesday. It’s not every day that we get to see the powerful women working to better our state and hear how hard they worked to get to where they are today, but to answer the question, She was so headstrong during her campaign. she showed nothing but resilience and empathy. She taught us that if we worked hard and checked on ourselves, that we could accomplish great things. Rep. Munson talked a lot about checking on ourselves and making sure that we are okay first. As someone who is so worried about our society’s suicide rate, it was relieving to hear that someone in our state government cares about mental health.

  • Fatima Alconz

    One of the things that resonated on my head was ” I can’t control everything, but what is possible to me to do… it’s my job” She mentioned that most of the time we wanted to have control of everything but we can’t, so I need to focus on what is the most important thing that I can do in those difficult moments. The talk of Representative Munson helped me to undertsand that I am not a super human to have control of everything, so I just need to calm and do what is important. “Do what I need to do”. Other point that I need to work about is “Relationships are KEY”. As an International student here I am challenge to go out of my comfort zone and talk in another language and take the initiative to create strong relatinships. I noticed that is one of the biggest chanllenges that I have this semester. Take the initiative to talk with people around me even when sometimes they do not understand me. So, this talk encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and talk.And absolutely the last point that got stuck on my head was “Take care of yourself”. Sometimes as leaders we are involved in many activities, around many people, homeworks, school, family and others. So most of the time we forget to take care of ourselves, but that’s something that I am learning this semester. Being away from home and my family has taught me that I need to work onmyself bymyself. So, I am learning to take time for myself and love myself more to be strong and secure of who I am.

  • Ethan Hodson

    One thing that resonated with me is the part about setting aside time and space for yourself. I have a natural inclination to want to help people and be involved in there lives, and sometimes that can exhaust me. I often find myself too busy or stressed out for that exact reason. In regards to leadership, I sometimes strain myself by trying to take all the work that I cannot finish what I started. What I do to avoid this is by taking on only as much as I know I will be able to efficiently achieve. That way, I can save my body and my mind from unnecessary hardship while still pushing myself as a man and a leader.

  • Roarke Simpson

    What resonated the most with me was how caring she was towards the other party. She never said one bad thing about the opposing party and even said how she is friend with some of them. That just goes to show how people with two different beliefs can still be friends at the end of the day. Another point the stuck with me was taking care of yourself first. Because if you aren’t taking care of yourself first you will not be able to take care of someone else.

  • Emma Sawyer

    I was able to catch part of her lecture, even though I was away with family, and the points that stood out most to me were: taking care of yourself first, and working with people across the aisle from you. I think I’m at a point in my life where I see how the lack of self care has negatively affected my leadership and how I need to value my own wellbeing to be the most efficient that I can be. I also enjoyed her points over working with people who were different than her, that didn’t agree with her. I disagree with a lot of people in my family and it can be hard to communicate and it’s something I need to learn to work at constantly in my growth as a leader.

  • Jessica Russell

    It is very admirable looking at the amount of adversity she had overcome. The way she did this was through communication and understanding. It shows a lot that she is able to lead even in a group that disagrees with her. Even if I do or don’t agree on every topic she discussed, it is important that she has proved her leadership by gaining supporters. I have heard many times that the most important part of being a leader is having the ability to gain followers and that is true. You can be confident and know what you stand for but if you cannot gain followers and make connections, it does no good.

  • Nicholas Cockerill

    Her point that resonated with myself the most is her statement that you should always focus on yourself before others. As a politician, she spoke heavily about how she did all these things for other people like going door-to-door to gain public approval but the first thing on her mind was doing what was best for herself. I believe often as leaders, people put other people significantly ahead of themselves and it brings a mental downfall on themselves. I’ve experienced this before sadly. It’s very hard to lead others and be a good role model when your own physical and mental health is deteriorating.

  • gracie walker

    I agree with Representative Munson that you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others. I often find myself stretched too thin and putting everyone else’s needs before my own. It is important that I do self check ins and see where I am mentally. If I am not where I need to be physically or spiritually there is no way I could effectively lead others.

  • Valeria Carreno

    When Representative Munson talked about how we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of other was one of the things that resonated the most with me. To be honest for me the last few months I haven’t been taking care of myself and my mental health, I have been so focused on helping others, Representative Munson helped me remember that in order to make the world a better place we have to start with us. My idea of leadership is usually making sure everyone is ok, that everyone feel happy and comfortable in the environment they are in, is helping people become better and giving them the help and support they need. This ends with me always forgetting about me and sometimes this hurts me because I deprive myself of the support I give others. The other thing that really resonated with me during her talk was how to she tries to approach people with different views and how she tries to make them see pass all the political parties and the prejudice that is engrained in our brains. Right now I’m facing a similar challenge my parents and I are starting to have different views about many things, (mainly because I’m started to see the world differently and I’m starting to develop my own opinions as an adult) I think this has been hard to accept for them because I feel that they would be happier if I was their “dream child” but I’m not and I feel that I was able to take multiple things from what she said in her talk. I have tried to listen to my parents opinions from an objective point of view forgetting about my bias trying to understand better where they are coming from. It has not been easy and is still a work in progress but I feel that this new knowledge will have me understand people better whenever I’m in a position of leadership.

  • Destini Pittman

    Cyndi Mundson’s talk was very inspiring and it made me excited to see what I do in the future. One thing she talked about was how it’s important to take care of yourself and that resonated with me. It can be hard for me to put my needs before others but, sometimes I have to take a step back and focus on myself. If I don’t focus on my own needs I start to feel burned out which doesn’t allow me to help anyone. With everything going on in the world I have to remind myself that if I don’t help myself I can’t help others.

  • Eden Waggoner

    Personally, I resonated most with her message about taking care of yourself first as a leader. This is something that can be often forgotten about, because we are often told that as leaders it is our job to put others before ourselves in every situation. While this is definitely true to a certain extent, it is also very important to make sure that your own needs are taken care of. It is not only within your own best interest, but within the best interest of others as well, as you will do your best work when you are taking care of yourself properly and giving yourself what you need outside of your leadership roles and positions.

  • Kyia Woodson

    The talk we received from Representative Munson was overall my favorite thus far. I felt as though I really could relate to her story. However the most pressing thing she talked about that I felt could be added into my leadership style is self care. I tend to pour out too much of myself and forget that I am merely one human. I believe what she said about self care really is something we all should consider more of. We only have one person to look after for in this world totally and completely which is yourself. And for one to be a leader they must also replenish themselves so that they can give 100%.

  • Brystol Calloway

    Representative Munson shared multiple points that we all should apply to our leadership paths, but what resonated with me the most was her efforts to help children in Oklahoma who have faced adverse childhood experiences and may need the extra help and care through other authority figures in their life. Her “Handle with Care” act helps schools and law enforcement work together to help those children and help teachers understand where these children are coming from and what they’ve gone through. Childhood trauma affects lives in multiple ways not just mentally, but also physically alters the way the brain works and with the help of Representative Munson, teachers can now be equipped to know how to deal with the children who do face adverse childhood experiences and help redirect them in a way that will benefit the child in a very positive way.

  • Jacqueline Lopez

    Self care is most important when it comes to my personal and leadership experiences. Caring for yourself should be a priority. In order to be able to deal with day to day experiences, you must be prepared to do so.