Lessons in Leadership – Week 6 – Dr. Stevie Johnson

Dr. Johnson discussed a number of items relevant to leadership and committing to your path and vision, even when doubt can surround you. What are some of the most effective practices and behaviors which can help you (perhaps some he mentioned), to help you remain on the path you believe will have the most impact on your life and others?


  • Alexia Brown

    For me, I hold my character to the most high standard by being consistent and intentional. Apart of that character comes strong moral values and a deeper understanding of who I am. I believe as a leader, one must know who they are, but also be willing to grow. So honestly staying true to myself while also expanding my knowledge on others’ perspectives helps me to become more grounded in my passions and path for life. I also liked how Dr. Johnson sought out people and experiences that would encourage and inspire him to give everything he had to whatever he was doing.

  • Mariana Gonzalez

    Staying committed to a goal especially when everyone around you doubts you is difficult. Something that keeps me going is that I want to be the example that I didn’t have growing up. In college, I am doing a lot of first in my family and it does not come easy especially when having no one to turn to or relate to. What pushes me is that I want to be that person that I never had for another kid that might be in the same shoes I am now. Another thing that has kept me going is to not take no for an answer. If an opportunity closes on me I just try another way. It can definitely be discouraging, but at the same time, it feels way better when you do get that yes if you work for it harder.

  • Ethan Hodson

    There are a couple behaviors I can exhibit to ensure that I stay down the path I need to be even in the face of uncertainty. The first way is by having the appropriate circle of friends and influences in my life. The famous quote “Show me your five closest friends and I will show you your future” is famous for a reason. Having the people around you who want to see you succeed and achieve what you are aiming for is important, especially when you need to fall back on those people. Another behavior I can exhibit is getting outside of my comfort zone. This is something I am deathly afraid of, but in the last five months, I have stretched that fear so far that it almost feels like it doesn’t exist. I have connected with so many great people and made memories I would never take back, and I can only attribute that to stepping out and doing even when I don’t want to. One last behavior I can exhibit is connect with people who share a similar experience as I did. These people will be most impacted by what I have to say and do. When in doubt, finding the people who know why you do what you do will be the most rewarding way to continue going through a season of struggle.

  • Savana McCabe

    I think one of the most important practices that will support my journey in leadership and my path through life is recognizing my self worth. My vision one day is to be a dance teacher, and the dance industry is hard to navigate. It is often said that you’ll get way more “no” answers than you will get “yes” answers. This can be hard on self esteem and recognizing self worth because it may seem like no one will want you or your talent. This is where being able to recognize your own talent and self worth is extremely important, so you don’t be discouraged. Another practice that will be helpful in my journey is another thing Dr. Johnson mentioned: “Provide access, not just hope.” In the dance teaching world, many teachers will give their students correction after correction with just their words, and that doesn’t work for a lot of students. They are being given hope that they can improve, but their instructor is not providing the right access to improve. As a dance teacher, I want to be able to provide access to many different modes of learning to my student because I know not everyone learns the same.

  • Taleaha Lee

    Value, Impact, and Legacy are the key components to the end goal for me. One thing I can practice is acknowledging where I am even if it is not where I wanna be. I do not want to become comfortable in my circumstances. The path I am headed down will be fruitful. As a person, I have to remember there is always room for improvement and growth. Not settling out of fear is another thing Stevie Johnson talked about and I feel that it is most accurate for my circumstances. The goals I have are bigger than me and they sometimes scare me; however, I can’t fear them. I can only embrace them. There will be trying times but I have to remember my end goal and my legacy. I don’t want clout because it’s temporary; I want impact that’ll lead to a legacy for generations to come after me. I can’t stop until I reach that.

  • Paighton Barnes

    The path that I am on currently rests heavily on graduating with my Bachelor’s in Forensics and Psychology with a minor in Leadership. To achieve my goal of helping those who have been victims of crimes like child abuse and human trafficking, I must focus on my education. One good practice to follow this path is to keep in mind the big goal when I am feeling unmotivated in my classes. Another good practice is to take every opportunity you get to learn whether that be a volunteer event, a seminar, or extra classes. You never know when and where you will make connections that could help you continue on your path down the line.

  • Mackenzie Goings

    Life is hard… it does not always go your way. The one saving grace to any circumstance is resilience. The most effective way that I have found to stay on track even when life is not going your way is to remind yourself how far you have come. It is crucial to acknowledge all of the obstacles that you have been through as a leader which will help encourage you to keep fighting. Another effective way to keep going on the path that has been planned for you is to think of the end goal. As soon as you remember where you are headed, it will become evidently clear that everything that you are going through is worth it. Overall, I enjoyed listening to Dr. Johnson’s life advice and what he has gone through on his path to greatness.

  • I remember Dr. Johnson said that it’s important to remember your roots and where you came from to stay on the right path. Getting too caught up in the attention you’re receiving from what you’re doing can be detrimental to staying on the correct path. I think it’s also important to remember your “why” — he mentioned getting his kids up for school early in the morning and taking care of them as part of his motivation to continue on. For me, I think staying disciplined in pursuit of whatever you’re trying to accomplish is a great practice. Whether it be sticking to a set schedule, committing extra time to a task, or having to say no to other opportunities, staying disciplined helps to prioritize staying on the right track. To really prioritize, though, one must surround themself with others that have the same mindset and want to help them stay on that path. Dr. Johnson even mentioned that those people helped keep him in check and were honest with him at times that he needed it, even if it wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

  • Jasmine Cooper

    A practice that can help me remain on the path I believe is being true to myself. Not confirming to societies or someone ideas on who I should be and staying true to my beliefs. Another practice would be reminding myself of my self-worth and values. Being able to know why I do what you do and that I can do what I want no matter the circumstance will benefit me in staying true to what I believe in. Another practice is surrounding myself with people who will support my beliefs and help me achieve them. A support system will always help someone stay in track because they are there to remind you what you believe in when you lose track.

  • Jayden Garner

    I related with Dr. Johnson a lot on this topic. Playing football, getting good grades, having a social life, and being a leader is something that I am passionate about doing at this time in my life. Having goals like these is something that keeps me going to be a better person and leader. To achieve all of these goals, I am required to be dedicated and passionate about each one. Being in football and in PLC has taught me how to have discipline. I love putting in this hard work and dedication into my life because I know that this will affect me later in life. Going through these changes in high school have shaped me and are still shaping me into the person I want to be.

  • Jayden Marshall

    To stay on the right path i believe sticking to my principles is a big thing. Sticking to what I believe has always helped me stay on the right path. The path that I am on right now is wanting to one day get my PHD in biology. To stay on this path I will persevere no matter how hard or stressful it gets. I will value the work it will take to get me to my goals. One day when I finally reach my goals I will still keep working hard on going farther.

  • Madilyn Rhynes

    Life is not easy and will not always go our way. Everyone will face challenges that you will have to overcome. Part of leadership and being a leader is commitment. You have to commit to your path and vision even when doubt surrounds you. Some practices or behaviors that Dr. Johnson mentioned in his speech that helped him persevere were value, impact, and legacy. All of these are really important and shape your life. A big trait for me that helps me to push through when life gets tough are my morals and values. Jarrett talked today in class about going back to our “why”. Sometimes you have to remember why you are here on Earth and remember what you are working for (the end goal). When life throws challenges at me, I remember my morals and values and what I firmly stand for. My morals and values are something I hold onto, even when life gets so tough. I accept that my values and morals are different from others and that is okay. I believe that, “what is right is not always popular, but what is popular is not always right”. (Albert Einstein) You have to truly know yourself and remember your why when you make choices. All of life’s choices have an impact – good or bad. I am really passionate about my morals and values and what I stand for. This really helps me to remember my why and to persevere in life when the even if…. happens.

  • Cooper McCoy

    When I asked him my question in class, he gave me the answer I expected him to give. There was something that stuck out to me. He said to reach others I need to be real. People know when you legitimately care for someone or when you just do something for public image. In my life my biggest goal is to care for others the best I can. If I am not being real with people, they will not respect my “care”. I believe that behavior of being real with others can take you much further than faking it. Fake stuff only lasts a little while the real thing lasts forever.

  • McKenzie Bookout

    An important practice that I believe will help me with my future endeavors is being able to step out of my comfort zone. If I try to sit back and let others be, I won’t be able to help them. To be able to create an impact in someone else’s life, it is important to step up and not be afraid to do the right thing. Every great leader has the ability to make a difference in other’s lives, and that is an ability I need to personally work on to grow not only myself, but to help others grow too.

  • Naomi Wharry

    While there are so many ways to stray from your path, there are also a few ways to return. In my case, I have realized that always searching for inspiration can motivate me; It causes me to go back to the reason I started on my music journey- to remember my “why”. I also often find myself reflecting on how far I have already come, so that I am forced to ask myself “Why would I stop if I have already made it this far?” In addition, I have a few letters and messages from people that believed in me and made a difference in my life that I sometimes go back and read if I am in a particularly low mindset. For me, a lot of my methods are personal ways that help me to mentally push forward; I believe that everyone can be encouraged in different ways, depending on experiences and things that have helped them to push forward on their path in prior situations.

  • Andrea Riano-Moreno

    I think that the thing that mostly impacted me about Dr. Stevie Johnson’s speech was the fact that not only did he accomplish so many things, but there were a lot of people or circumstances that told him he wasn’t going to accomplish those goals he had set. However, that didn’t stop him, he got even higher than what he had planned. He is doing the things that the people around him told him he couldn’t do. There are always going to be people that hate on us and want to un motivate us, but as leaders we shouldn’t let that fear hold us back. Yes we will mess up, but that’s when we will rise back up again and do better. Our biggest accomplishments rise from our failures.

  • Joshua Reynolds

    I am a firm believer that my life’s purpose is to help people, and to reach out to as many people as I can. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to constantly be there for people, but I always find a way back on track. There are a couple of central ideas I have when I think I am down and out for the count. First, is life is not about me, but it’s about my faith. Second, if I give up now I will continue to give up. Finally, someone needs my help right now. All of those thoughts motivate me to stay on track.

  • Angelina Newton

    I believe one practice that will keep me on the most impactful path is to push myself past the limits I have already set for myself. Sometimes when we set boundaries for ourselves, we stay within our comfort zone and claim it is as far as we can go. However, by pushing myself to new limits I can expand my comfort zone and grow for the better as a leader, realizing I am capable of much more than I ever thought of before. Another practice is to remember who got me to where I am today. I want to stay grounded with those around me and be sure that I continue to see myself as an equal no matter the positions I earn. By remembering those who have helped me I hope to be able to return the favor someday so I must stay on the right path to do so.

  • Kobe Parker

    I think for me one of the main things that keeps me on the path I need to take is Jesus Christ, I know that’s not for everyone just me personally. Along with that comes many things though, such as determination, faithfulness, perseverance, etc. Not only are the personal attributes important but so are the social ones. You can’t thrive to your full potential without having the right people surrounding you, I wouldn’t be where I am today if i had tried to do it all alone.

  • alejandro valdovinos

    Dr. Johnson discussed a number of items relevant to leadership and committing to your path and vision, even when doubt can surround you. What are some of the most effective practices and behaviors which can help you (perhaps some he mentioned), to help you remain on the path you believe will have the most impact on your life and others?

    Some of the ways i can be most effective and influential in my life and others is by being comfortable in my own skin and Dr. View mentioned. i also need to work on allowing my purpose and passion to align, and take opportunities when they present themselves. and last but not least, do as I’ve also been told in Leadership and put my ego aside.

  • Beyonce Hammond

    There are many ways I remain on the path I believe will create impact on my life and others. First, I have to know why it is significant to myself and others. If I don’t see a purpose in my actions then I will never be driven in the result. Causes that hold significance and could change many people’s lives for the better are my favorite to support. Secondly, I remember my motivation. I am blessed in the form that I have many motivations that keep me going even when I burn out. My family reminds me everyday to keep pushing. My dad always says that if he was born here he could have been an engineer because there is easier access to education here. In my opinion I think that’s an excuse because you can always chase after your dreams even if you’re older or it is harder for you than others. If a dream is worth dreaming then chase it. Nonetheless, knowing that my parents didn’t get to achieve their dreams because they built a life for us in a foreign place is motivation enough.

  • Brandy Bohanan

    What can help me remain on the path I believe will most impact my life and others, is if I stay focused on what’s important, and stay committed to it. We can lose the sight of something we do by forgetting how important it is to yourself or others. We can give up on something if we feel like we can’t achieve it but if we can stay focused and not give up and push ourselves and others. The path way we are making for ourselves and others will stay open and help us push ourselves even hard to achieve our goals.

  • Kaylee Abernathy

    Dr. Stevie Johnson made some very valid points during his presentation. Dr. Stevie Johnson was a very well driven, educated man. One thing he did to stay on his path was to make sure he always was doing the thing he loved. He is very high up in a few businesses and he is still true to himself by always going back to DJing. Dr. Stevie Johnson makes time for his family while keeping the people he works with a priority. The people that surround Dr. Stevie Johnson should be very inspired by the success that he has achieved. Following up on Dr. Stevie Johnsons life, to make the biggest impact on others is to be passionate about everything you do and putting in the best effort possible.

  • Ainsley Martinez

    For me, staying on the right path requires humbleness. Dr. Johnson also expressed this sentiment, especially when he started having regional and national acclaim. You can never loose focus on why you are doing something: your motive. Even if you have genuine intentions it can still be difficult to maintain a humble attitude, but it is a very important quality that will help you achieve the goal you set.

  • Taylor Schuff

    As leaders, we are looked up to by many. We work hard to better our community even during in the most difficult of times. A lot of times when we succeed, we want the credit for ourselves. One thing that Dr. Johnson mentioned is that he does what he does to make socitey better and not for himself. I believe being humble is one of the best characteristics of being a leader. It may be hard at times but we have to remember why we do what we do.

  • Caralyne Conley

    I believe the best thing I can do to help me remain on my path for success is to constantly pursue growth. During quarantine I really learned this lesson because I made myself grow or pickup new things to do everyday so I wouldn’t go crazy, but through this I learned how much doing this helped me. I feel like constantly pursuing growth in life, helps life not get boring, yourself to always be improving, and you are gaining knowledge/experiences. I know that doing this daily and keeping my goals in sight will help me to stay on the path of success for my life. I really enjoyed what Dr. Johnson said and his three values for life and am glad I got to hear him speak.

  • Thad Williams

    In working to stay on path towards your goals in life, I believe the key lies in why you want to achieve your goals. No matter what goal you are trying to reach there will always be opposition and things that aim to make you stray off the right path. However, if one is truly in the race for the right reasons, nothing can distract them form reaching success. In saying this, I believe that in trying to reach your goals you should root your reasoning in something that truly has meaning and you will find that nothing can stop you from getting to where you want to go.

  • I find that Dr. Stevie Johnson’s 3 word affirmation would help me on my path to do something bigger than I could even imagine with my life along with inspiring others. I think his method is effective and would ultimately allow me to reach after my goals. I want to be comfortable with myself and not try to fall in line with the status quo society has built. I want to align my values with my work. I want to redefine what it means to be an artist and to not be confined in a certain box of talent. I want to make an impact of being able to do what you want in different aspects of life. I want to leave a legacy for not only my family and my community but for the world. I am a leader and I know the great things I’ve accomplished. I will keep doing great things no matter who’s watching because I want to fulfill my purpose. It helps me to know that there is power in the struggles. Nothing is ever easy, but I’m focused and open to all of the possibilities that come my way. I think having value, impact, and legacy will help me now to become even more successful in my future.

  • Clare Jordan

    I believe living with a purpose if one of the best things you can do to keep you on track. On Thursday during class we talked about our “why and what”. For me my purpose is to be a person for others by spreading compassion to make others feel seen. I try to live intentionally with this purpose mind throughout everyday life. By living intentionally I am able to see impact. Most of the time it can be small but after awhile I can see my purpose in affect and see real change within my community.

  • Throughout my life my parents have always been my biggest supporters, they always pushed me and told me that I could do anything I set my mind to. Of course my parents are still supportive, but being in college makes it harder for them to show me. I have found this to be a challenging aspect of college for me since I do not have another strong and supportive system of friends here. One thing that Dr. Johnson said was we need to recognize our own self worth – whether others see it or not. This is something that I have been working on, seeing the potential in myself even when I don’t have others assuring me that I can succeed. One thing that I try and do when I am doubting myself is to think of all of the things that I have already accomplished that at one point I didn’t think I could do. Thinking of this helps ground me and usually helps me to stop overthinking whatever I am doubting myself about.

  • Personally this is something I am having a hard time with. I do not really see myself on a path right now so I cannot really attest to any practices or behaviors which best help to move towards goals. One of the things that struck me when Dr. Johnson was speaking was the interconnectedness and the three layer model he presented for his life and vision. I think that viewing actions and desires in this three-fold approach is a very healthy and helpful way to form and stay on a path.

  • Ryleigh Watkins

    For me, I know my sense of self is what guides my leadership and how I decide to lead. So many things have changed in my life, especially in the last year, but if I allow my sense of self to guide me I know everything will be okay. My drive and determination are essential parts of my personality and I don’t think I would be the same leader I am today. I want to go to medical school, and in order to do that I will have to work and give up things that my friends get to have. That is okay. I choose the pain of discipline over the pain of regret.

  • makayla freeman

    One thing that I believe is important is having a good support group. Other than that, some practices and behaviors that are useful having a growth mindset and making sure you take care of yourself. A growth mindset is a good thing to have to keep you on a path that will help you remain on a path that will have the most impact because it keeps you from stopping since you reached okay. It showcases that there is always room for improvement and growth. You never stop growing whether it be in your strengths or your beliefs. Making sure you take care of yourself is important because you cannot have a good and effective impact on your life or others if you are not doing okay yourself.

  • Jacqueline Lopez

    I think sticking to my values will help me remain on the path that will have the most impact on my life. Knowing what I want in the end will also help. I think having people who will push me to do better is also important. Fall backs will always occur, which is why it is important to know how to come back from them. Having resilience is important.

  • Roarke Simpson

    I believe that what can keep me most on my path is just being myself. I know that sounds very broad but I am very strong willed and it takes a lot to bring me down. I also like to think that I am very social and can get along well with any person I meet. With these two characteristics in mind they have kept me on my path the become a fireman one day and eventually be able to help someone who is in need. Dr. Johnson mentioned having strong roots and letting those roots drive you on your way down your path. My strong will to become the man my dad is has fueled me to stay on this path no matter what obstacles may come my way.

  • Samuel Ting

    I remember during Dr. Johnson speech, he had a quote from James Baldwin that says “The precise role of the artist, then is to illuminate that darkness, black roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.”
    Although I am not an artist myself, the act of treating others nicely can really be applied to other field of work. In the field of medicine, we can delight patient’s world by letting them know they are lovely and more than just a patient.

  • abby boyer

    When I personally am working to stay on the right path my principles and goals always keep me driven. My faith is my biggest motivator. I know I can rely on Christ to be my stronghold no matter what path im going down or what struggle I am facing. I also continue to take life head on because my goal is to empower others. I strive to lead and be a voice not only for others but even for myself. Assurance is something I believe we all need a little more of especially in today’s society, so I try to be that assurance for others. I most importantly assure myself that I have a purpose for my life because God has called me to lead and be strong.

  • I feel like the answer to this is one that varies from person to person. For me personally, I have to remind myself of why I started in the first place. I decided to begin this journey for a reason. If it was a reason good enough to convince me in the first place, it must be valid. I also think about how I would feel if I were to give up. I know I would be mad at myself.

  • carson ladd

    Dedication and drive are the two things that motivate me to be great. Being a college athlete and leader can sometimes get overwhelming. When I look at the situations and opportunities I am put in I easily remember that I am doing this for a bigger purpose. Dedication is something that has been instilled in me ever since I stepped foot on the field. I must remain dedicated to the game, my team, and my goals to reach success. My drive as a person feeds on my leadership opportunities and life experiences I have been given. I want to be great and by me staying dedicated and driven I can do just that.

  • Kyia Woodson

    I believe that in times like these when so much is unknown and unnerving that just keeping your head held high and your goals/morals close to you is the biggest thing anyone can do right now. I enjoyed that Dr.Johnson spoke a lot about sticking to your goals no matter how unreachable they may feel or sticking to your morals even if no one supports you. A true leader is one who stays put in his or her morals. I believe this is a great trait to carry on into our lives in the future with an attitude that nothing is promised so work hard today and make each of your goals a reality.

  • Fatima Alconz

    I loved the humble heart that Dr. Johnson showed us during the talk. And he also mentioned “HUMILITY” when he was talking, he said something about do not forget who we are and from where we came. So, it made me think that “Humility” is reconigze who I am, humility is reconigze my mistakes, but also humility means work on them to be better. Humility gives me a heart of servant, and humility helps me to see the condtion of my heart and my interest to do something. Humility is a value that I want to have to don’t be an arrogant leader but to have a pure heart to serve others. Humility is also wisdom, because it helps to talk when I need to talk and do not talk when is no wise, humility helps me to hear the opinion of others, and to work together we other people. In my opinion when doubt comes and surrounds me, is very important to be humble with myself and with the situation. Humility on this critical moment will help me to understand who I am in that situation and what can I do during the process of that hard momet. Humility will open my heart to understand the best solution, but also it will comfort my soul. Humility will bring the truth and the words of affirmation, be humble will made me hear the advise of wise people. And humility with myself will show the truth to do not doubt in my path and vision.

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    I am a Christian above all else. I start and end my day with a prayer asking God to guide my journey and my thoughts so that I am not giving into earthly temptation. I may sound like an evangelist, but I wholeheartedly believe that the leader I am today is because of God. I believe that we are called to serve and be vessels of His love and graciousness, and I try to be that when I am leading. Isaiah 6:8 says that the Lord asked “‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ and [Isaiah] said, “Here am I. Send me!” That is Old Testament leadership; stepping up immediately to serve is something taught so early in the Bible that I’ve no choice but to practice it everyday. So by keeping my regimen of consistent prayer and daily Bible study, I am learning to be a better leader the way Christ wants me to be. If I have God working on the inside, He can use me to impact people on the outside. I guess you could say my daily practice is loving and nurturing Christian behavior

  • Sarah Stovall

    I think in order to stay on your path even when there is doubters, you have to focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing and what your end goal is. Another thing that has always helped me stay focused it to remember the people that I have helped on my way to my goal. Remembering what you came from is a huge part of staying focused and driven for me.

  • Augustus Cook

    I think this has a large part to do with what we talked about on Thursday. I believe that finding your ‘why’ will help you keep on your path. When you know why you do something, the end result begins to matter less than the journey, which is the majority of the time spent. So if you know the why of your specific leadership path, the choices you must make along the way will seem much easier – your moral compass with be oriented for your journey.

  • Isaiah Byrd

    Setting clear goals for myself is and keeping my promises is something I do in order to stay on path. It is easy to think of things you want to achieve but if you don’t right them down they stay as thoughts. I have found that by writing down my goals I can have a clear vision and stay committed to what I want to achieve. along with wrtiting down my goals, I have learned that I must keep promises to myself. in the past I would make plans to finish a certain task but when push came to shove I would give up and not due what I said I would. by not breaking promises to myself I have found that I am able to get more done and achieve my goals.

  • Gracie Walker

    For me, one of the biggest things that is going to support me on my continuing journey is acknowledging that I am already equipped with all the necessary tools for success, I just need to utilize them. One of my biggest downfalls as a leader, or person in general, is not knowing my self worth. I know that I have been put in places for a certain reason, but when it comes down to it I still doubt my ability. One of the things Dr. Johnson spoke about was not settling out of fear. You can’t become okay or comfortable in your situation just because you’re afraid to see what is out there. You have to trust and believe you are more than prepared and take that leap, feet first, no regrets.

  • Perla Tovar

    One of my favorite quotes reads “Take Pride in how far you have come and have Faith in how far you will go.” – Christian Larson

    Striving for success and moving forward in life isn’t always easy. You will be thrown roadblocks at times, what matters is what you do in those situations. Personally for myself, I like to rely on the Lord and know He will give me the strength to overcome anything. I also remind myself how independent I am and how I’m striving to make my parents proud and to validate their sacrifices.

  • Thomas Dunn

    Momentum. Speaking metaphorically, when I know what direction I need to go in to accomplish my goals, I run that way as fast as I can with the goal being to pick up enough momentum to carry me through the times when I get distracted and try to go every which way. Practically this means I write stuff down and try to draw myself a map to indicate what I was thinking was the way forward so that I can reference it when I finally make it back to the project. I usually just document everything so when I leave one project to work on another I have something to pick up from when I eventually return.

  • I believe that being consistent and positive helps me to be committed to my path and vision. Fully dedicating myself to a task, activity or goal by staying fully engaged without distraction. Having good influences around me that not only want the best for me, but pour into me to help me grow. Being positive helps to stay motivated, especially when things don’t go my way, such as school, people, or any other given tasks. Consistency is all about your ability to be dependable, reliable and responsible for all your choices, decisions and actions.

  • Nicole Dirks

    In my experience, we will always be challenged with doubt both from ourselves and others; therefore, the most important thing we can do is control how it affects us. I believe the first step to overcoming doubt is to understand your true self worth. Dr. Johnson spoke about self worth in his speech and I agree with his emphasis on its importance. Once you understand your self worth, begin to find your passion, then follow it. Having passion in what you do on a daily basis quickly helps disintegrate doubt because you know in your heart that you are doing something for a reason. Once you find a place to carry out your passion with minimal doubt from yourself or others, it will be much easier to remain on the path where you can have the most impact on your life and the lives of others.

  • Destini Pittman

    There are three practices that help me stay on my path. The first thing is to stay consistent in what I do. The phrase consistency is key is accurate, consistency allows me to be prepared for what is happening and know how to handle it. When I’m consistent I get better at whatever I’m doing. The second practice is knowing when it’s time to take a break. Taking a break always refreshes me and allows me to stay focused and motivated. The final practice that helps me stay on my path is unapologetically being myself. When I’m myself I have the confidence to help others and make an impact. With all of the things I can stay on my path of helping others.

  • Lauren Harman

    Dr. Johnson’s presentation touched on staying on a committed path to achieve your goals. For me, having a strong passion and love for my work plays a huge role in accomplishing my goals. Surrounding yourself with friends that push you to reach goals and are supportive of those goals is also very important. Friends that compete and try to one up your successes are not beneficial. You have to find a support system that will be honest with you when you are wrong. And friends that will give you critical feedback so you can better your work.

  • Valeria Carreno

    To me Dr. Johnson’s talk was my favorite so far, because he was able to commit to a path and was able to make his passion his way of living which is something I admire. He also said his kid is his motivation to keep going everyday he also told us what inspired him and the people that gave him a push to be where he is today and to be honest I admired that. I feel like all of those things Dr. Johnson mentioned are a way to show us that there are different things in our life to helps us stay committed to our path even in times of doubt ;the passion we feel for it, the motivation we have to go for it, and the support system others give to us, are a few of the things that can helps us keep going. This things also translate into our leadership because how are you supposed to make people follow you if you are not able to commit to your own ideas? we still need to feel some kind of passion for what we do, we need to stay motivated, and we need to support others. We can’t just change our ideas and beliefs just because one person is against it – unless you are really wrong and there are facts and ways to prove it- you should follow your passion, not because of the money or recognition but because you feel it’s what is rigth.

  • bethany garrison

    By knowing exactly what you want to do or who you want to be in the future can be the beginning to multiple roads for your success. Once you set those goals for yourself, you can take the next steps to get there. Those steps might be; volunteering your time in organizations that you are passionate about, networking with people that could help you gain more connections to the field that you are interested in, or studying and researching the steps that would benefit you most on your road to success.

  • Avery Humphrey

    I loved listening to Dr. Stevie Johnson talk about his passions and leadership. A big way that I stay on the right path which for me means making good grades, becoming a nurse, having good principles and growing as a leader are making sure the people around you not only inspire you but hold you accountable. This is why I really love being involved with President’s Leadership Council and Alpha Gamma Delta because these groups of people inspire me, hold me accountable and make me a better person as a whole.

  • Jessica Russell

    Personally, I have to set goals often and refresh myself periodically. I refresh myself by remembering my “why?” behind what I’m doing. This is important because after a while, your goals become a box to check, rather than something to push you toward your purpose. I also believe I have to have personal goals accomplished before I can meet social goals or anything outside of myself. These thing help me keep me and my priorities in check often. I try an reset and re-motivate myself every week at least.

  • Nicholas Cockerill

    I believe everybody has a backstory. Nobody does these world changing movements and has these challenging ideas without a basis for it. I believe you have to truly know yourself and your reason for living really. Dr. Stevie Johnson really lived for his music and the impact that it had on his life. He used that fire in his heart to write music relating to touchy subjects in our society that needed to be spotlighted such as the Tulsa Race Riots. I think the best way to stay on a path that helps not only yourself is to imagine yourself in the shoes of the people that will be effected by your plan. If you think about how the concept you’re developing really effects them, it might keep you on a better track for success.

  • Lavender Cisneros

    I have had to carve my own path my entire life and there were many people who did not believe in me and sadly, sometimes even my own family. Through it all the main thing keeping me going is my work ethic and perseverance. Whenever I wasn’t at school, playing sports, or at organizational meetings, I was at my job working until late at night. It was pretty rough at times but I learned many great life skills like time management and money management. I did it all, all whilst doing good in school. I finished first in my class, bought my first car, and got my college paid for. Hard work and perseverance most definitely paid off, even though many people doubted me, I couldn’t give up, I had to keep moving forward.

  • Trinity Maajor

    The best way to achieve this is by being your true authentic self. By doing so one is able to freely express their own thoughts and opinions. Once one is able to do that the thoughts of others no longer control your actions instead you do.