Lessons in Leadership – Week 5 – Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt

During his presentation Mayor Holt discussed a number of initiatives in Oklahoma City and the broader metro community to include MAPS, police reform, and community partnerships. He mentioned persistence and patience as two key ingredients to the success of these initiatives. How can you integrate these themes into your leadership and work?


  • abbi curling

    As Mayor Holt spoke about Tuesday, patience and persistence are two very important qualities. If you are both of these things, it will pay off. If you’re working hard constantly without giving up, good things will happen. Sometimes this can be hard. It’s hard to keep working hard on something without it paying off. You just have to remember that it will at some point.

  • Savana McCabe

    Everyone has heard the sayings “Patience is a virtue” and “never give up.” Persistence and patience are two ingredients to leadership that go hand in hand. In leading others, not everyone will be so easily lead and persuaded. It takes a number of things to get any one person to be lead by another. I feel that I can integrate persistence by choosing to continually lead others rather than letting my leadership fade when it feels as though no one is listening or the leadership is failing. Patience goes hand in hand with this. There are trials and tribulations that come with any form of leadership. The hard times may seem to outweigh the successes, but this is where patience is key. I feel I can integrate patience into my leadership by continually being patient with the process and trusting that the failures and the mistakes are leading me to something great.

  • Madilyn Rhynes

    Mayor David Holt in his presentation made it clear that both persistence and patience are key to success. These two traits are important in all aspects of life, especially leadership. Everyone has goals and dreams in life, I know I do. You cannot go after your goals and dreams without a little time and work. Life has been proven to not be easy, we have seen that recently with COVID. There is no doubt that life will go smoothly, but at some point, you will hit a bump in the road or make a wrong turn. You can learn and grow from both areas that you are in. One of my goals in life is to go after my dream, future career. I plan to be a speech-language pathologist. I know this will take time and work. A trait that goes along with persistence and patience is grit. Grit is the act of persevering through life’s challenges to accomplish your goals. President Patti-Neuhold Ravikumar talked about grit during her Freshmen convocation speech. It is important right now, more than ever to have grit, patience, and persistence. A leader always needs to model for others, but most definitely in a time when people need someone to look up to. Mayor David Holt said something that stuck with me. He said, “You are not a leader without followers.” A leader needs to be inclusive. Life is hard and will take constant persistence and patience to overcome.

  • Paighton Barnes

    Mayor David Holt shared how he implements patience and persistence into his leadership and work to have success. He understands that the fruits of his labor may not be present for years down the line. Patience is trait I need to implement more. My patience with others is really good, however my patience with myself and how fast I improve is horrible. I like to think I am superwoman and can get everything done quickly and constantly improve without resting, but then I burn out. I am very hesitant to take personal time to recover, but that is something I need to do more. On the gaming team, we are constantly training and learning new information to get better. I am so anxious to see the fruits of my labor then and there, so when it does not happen I am left feeling disappointed. I know improvement takes time and I need to learn to be more patient with myself. I like to believe I am a really persistence person. I am constantly working to get better at whatever I am involved in, but I need to improve on balancing my persistence to take care of myself.

  • Nicole Dirks

    Mayor David Holt discussed various topics about the well being of the Oklahoma City area and those living in it that I found very informative and interesting. Because I am new to this area, I am glad to have gotten a chance to learn more about the history and advances of this beautiful city area. I believe the themes persistence and patience can be difficult to balance. Personally, I love to be persistent about important issues or tasks that need completed; but I struggle with having the patience to allow things to work out. I get so excited for the outcome that it is hard for me to wait for each step to be completed. However, I know it is crucial that I work to become more patient so that I can lead with a better attitude.

  • Jayden Garner

    Mayor Holt really emphasized persistence and patience. And to me that is exactly what I think is a big role in leadership. You always have to be on top of things and always push people to do the right things or to help out the community in anyway possible. And with patience it just goes to say that if you have a new born puppy dog don’t act like its going to go fetch a stick if you tell it to, thats not how it works. Patiences is key in any aspect of life and you really have to have patience in your everyday life. Being a leader you have to be persistent an patient throughout all of your roles during through college. You have to keep up with grades, meetings, clubs, and organizations and you have to have the right amount of patience to keep up with all of those because it can be stressful.

  • Mackenzie Goings

    Persistence and patience are two of the most crucial traits as a leader. WIthout persistence, nothing would ever be done. If I lack persistence, I would give up as soon as a challenge came my way. Patience has been something that has been taught to me since Elementary School. The reason that everyone is taught this one skill is because it is one of the most important skills to have to be an effective leader. Patience gives a leader the ability to deal with everyone and everything that comes their way no matter how hard it is to withstand. After hearing David Holt speak on these traits, it has become abundantly clear that I need to work on these to be able to be a better leader in all situations.

  • caralyne conley

    I have always valued patience as a high virtue in leadership and so when Mayor Holt said that I agreed and understood the importance of it. Persistence is also extremely important and it reminded me of Bob Goff’s story when he got into law school and how important persistence really is. I can see how Mayor Holt has persistence and patience, and it was really great to hear him talk about his success and path of life. In my leadership walk I will use his talk to remember how important persistence and patience is and how to be successful through my life with these in mind. In work, I will remember to be patient with the customers and consistent in my work.

  • Jayden Marshall

    Mayor Holt talked a lot about how patience and persistence is a big part of being a leader. These are great skills to have as leaders. Many famous leaders had these qualities. If you think about strong leaders who made an impact like Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington. They all have shown these skills. They have made enormous impacts in the world around them, and in history. They could not have done this without patience and persistence. George Washington was a commander in chief in the Revolutionary War. He did not win that war over night. Martin Luther King Jr. went to jail and got out. Abraham Lincoln became president and made a huge impact in this countries history. All of these victories took patience and persistence. Patience to win a war,persistence to get through jail, patients to sway the opinions of a country. These examples show exactly how important it is to have these skills in your leadership tool box.

  • Maddy Kang

    I think it is almost ironic that Mayor Holt chose the words patience and persistence as two key ingredients to success. To me, when I think of patience, I always think of the quote, “good things come to those who wait”. But when I think of persistence, I think of constantly going at something again and again until it works, or you finally get the outcome you want. Although they seem like opposites, I think the true key to success is knowing when to be patient and when to be perisistent. For example, a mentee may need help with something or his having problems; in this case, a good leader would be patient with them and help them. On the other hand, if a superior or another leader is not doing their job properly or not implementing something they said they would, then that would be the place to step in and persistently (and politely) push them to get the deed done and fulfill their promises. It is not necessarily patience and persistence that are the two key ingredients, but the balance and counteracting of them together.

  • McKenzie Bookout

    Mayor Holt said that having patience and persistence are two key factors into accomplishing things. By using this in my day to day life, I can become a better leader. Great things do not come quickly. As Mr. Holt also mentioned that we are meant to build a better future for the generations after us. We should be patient and work for an end goal that may not be met until after we are gone, but eventually someone will meet that goal that we were persistent to have started. “Opportunities are out there if you put in the work,” Mayor Holt stated. Being a great leader is to use those key factors to our advantage, and help create a better world for everyone to live in. Whether your initiative is a small or a big project, it is still a great impact on others.

  • Brandy Bohanan

    I can integrate Persistence and Patience into my leadership and work by not giving up and constantly working hard no matter how hard it gets. By being patient for what is next to come and not give up on waiting, because eventually what I’ve worked so hard for and waited for will come.

  • Alexia Brown

    I will implement persitance into my leadership style as being consistent in who I am as a person to ensure that people can come to me in confidence. I think persistance can also be viewed as devoting myself to the change that needs to be done. Instead of tackling multiple projects in several different groups on campus and in the community, I need to focus on something that I am passionate about to create depth within that organization and myself. Patience, the other skill that Mayor Holt touched on, would more so revolve around people and others leaders in my life. Devolping others is something that I do well and patience is key into helping someone determine their true potential. Persistance and patience are skills that I need to improve on in my daily life, so I am glad that he talked about it!

  • Mariana Gonzalez

    As a leader you definitely have to have persistence and patience to get anywhere. You can not give up easily for what you want or what you want changed because if you do, nothing will ever get done. When working in a project or anything similar to that, you are most likely going to get told no many times before you hear a yes. It is important to not get discouraged so easily and have perseverance and persistence when trying to achieve something because most great things do not happen overnight. Another key characteristic that Mayor Holt said was to have patience. Like I said before, change is not easy and you can’t expect it in a blink of an eye. Stick to what you want done and take it one step at a time and eventually hard work pays off.

  • Angelina Newton

    Persistence and patience are both definitely key ingredients in any leadership role. In order to complete something, it starts with the drive of how bad you want it in the first place. Continuing to work using that drive toward a particular purpose is what truly gets the job successfully done. Persistence can be integrated through not only pushing myself to be better but by positively encouraging those around me to continue to push toward a common goal. As for patience, it is sometimes the hardest part of being a leader. It takes time in stressful situations to get the results we intended, and many issues can arise along the way. I think I can integrate patience in my work or leadership roles by understanding that to succeed it takes trial and error and patience is the key to overcoming it all.

  • Taleaha Lee

    Mayor David Holt said that two important keys to success is patience and persistence. I believe these both are already integrated into my leadership and work. I feel that being patient for the outcome and persistent in your dreams and goals is key to being fruitful. Sometimes God calls us to plant a seed that takes more than a few hours to grow and by that I mean that sometimes the thing we are destined to do will take time and patience. It won’t always happen overnight. When you continue to be persistent the things you are destined to be known for will start to arise in the eyes of the people surrounding you.

  • Cooper McCoy

    Patience is a very important part of leadership. Many times whenever something new is created, it does not always start out working. There needs to be time given to let the idea develop. If you cut the thing out if it does not start working immediately, you may not see the powerful results it could have. Persistence is also a key part of good leadership. If you do not continue to push something, it will never get done. In my eyes, persistence just shows that you really care about something. You always need to be pursuing greater things in your life. These two ideas work hand in hand. They help people accomplish ideas that would not work unless they were patient and persistent.

  • Makayla Freeman

    Patience can be integrated into your work and leadership in many ways. The one I believe is most important is being patient with others. Not everyone can do tasks at the same speed that you do. Sometimes you may have to explain something multiple times, but you need to be patient with that person because not everyone has the same base knowledge. Another factor that plays into this is being patient with yourself. You cannot be a good leader if you do not understand your limits and when to be patient with yourself in stressful situations. Persistence can be used in my leadership in work by being persistent in checking on people. I am a very people orientated person, so I always try to check in on my friends or even people that I am in an organization with to make sure they are doing okay.

  • Kyia Woodson

    In Mayor David Holt’s speech, he touches on the importance of persistence and patience in leadership and especially in government. I believe that it is extremely important to have patience in leadership. One must occasionally be patient with people because sometimes all people need is time whether that be time to figure things out or time to come to a conclusion. However, in government patience is all a leader can have. In the government, no decision comes fast and without very intense thought. Persistence is an extremely useful tool for a leader because as the age old saying goes “if you don’t succeed at first try, try, and try again”. This saying goes to say that with persistence success will soon follow and one continues to work hard.

  • Lavender Cisneros

    Many things can be learned through Mayor Holt’s discussion about the MAPS projects in the metro area. Two major concepts that can be taken out of these projects are patience and persistence. As a leader with goals, these concepts are quite vital to succeeding in life. No great things have come from taking shortcuts. All great things and great people have come from long persistent work and patience. These ideas are what makes changes in the world, like the maps projects that take much thought process and time to accomplish.

  • Clare Jordan

    For me it has always been hard to have both patience and persistence when working on a task, but the more I reflect on this idea I realize that they go hand in hand. You can not always see the end results for your work right away. Often times you have to wait and slowly work and push to achieve your goals. For example with the philanthropy that we are currently working on in class my first instinct is to plan everything out and hit the ground as soon as possible. But I have to slow down and use patience mixed with persistence so we can achieve the best results possible.

  • Andrea Riano-Moreno

    A main theme in Mayor David Holt’s presentation was persistence and patience. This is something that so many people say, however it is so easy to say it but actually carry through with it. That is what is most difficult. As leaders we have to learn to balance these two I think that persistence comes first as we learn to persist and try to get our ideas through and executed. However what follows that is always patience. One of the hardest attributes, in a life where things are given to us so quickly and easily, we live a very fast life. It can be hard to slow down and take things in bit by bit. As we should being leaders, be considerate of others, maybe slow down and process things. Overall, David Holt’s speech really allowed me to reflect on better things I can be doing as a leader.

  • Trinity Major

    For myself personally it has been difficult to not feel defeated with the various rising issues surrounding us. Especially with the recent news of Brianna Taylor’s murderers its hard to feel like the work we do is making much of a difference. However I know as a leader as Mayor Holt said we have to continue fighting the good fight. Being persistent in what we believe in and moving along patiently especially when times are hard.

  • Ryleigh Watkins

    Persistence and patience are amazing virtues to have, but most of us struggle in at least one of these areas. Personally, persistence comes easy to me. Once I set my mind to something, it is getting done one way or another. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to be patient about it, that is the area I struggle in. However most parts of being a leader require patience, so we can work to make ourselves more patient. I work to remind myself that good things come with time, and to take a deep breath when I feel frustrated. People need patience. I’m always so thankful for the people in my life who have been patient with me. I want to do the same for others.

  • Kaylee Abernathy

    Listening to Mayor Holt talk on Tuesday was very inspiring. Mayor Holt started from the very bottom and is now a successful man and his patience and persistance got him to where he is today. Those two things are very important when being a leader, making changes in the world will require alot of work. As Mayor Holt said, if you are very passionate about a certain thing, you will work hard towards that task until it is complete. Mayor Holt also talked about how long he has been working on his current projects, he obviously has alot persistance and patience to believe that his tasks will get done. All leaders need to follow Mayor Holts example because we often times give up on something if it is taking too long or is not having consistent progress. Having faith in your work will help you become a more confident leader.

  • Thad Williams

    As a leader it is so easy to look for change in the now and lose interest when results take longer than expected. I am very guilty in this and always look to make things happen as soon as possible. Much like mayor Holt explained, a good leader understands that good things take time and come with great patience. MAPS has shown to be very beneficial for our state and is something that took a long time to put into place. Mayor Holt’s persistence in this quest is what makes him a good example to look up to as a leader.

  • Naomi Wharry

    When he spoke of those things, it almost felt like he was calling me out. I have come to a point in my life where I am beginning to see how importance these two things are. I am realizing that my growth in music, and some other things, is slower than I would like for it to be; I just have to continue to push through. It is hard to deal with this at first, but I am seeing that it is beneficial; I notice how much it is doing for me mentally. I am starting to appreciate the experiences I am having and the different kind of hard work I am having to put in. “Brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” This Pausch quote can be paired with the ideas of persistence and patience presented by Mayor Holt to push me forward, and I am so eager to continue on this journey with these ideas.

  • Patience and persistence are two very important aspects of life. Since I was young I was told that patience is a virtue, but I never listed. Now, as I get older I have started to understand how valuable patience truly is. There are not many things in life that provide us with instant gratification, oftentimes we must be patient to see what we have accomplished. This is something I still need to work on. I often find myself stressing over what grade I got on a test when all I can do is be patient and I will find out my score. Often with patience comes persistence. Being persistent means you are someone who is also consistent and dependable. These are very important traits for me to have as a leader because you cannot lead others if you are not dependable yourself. I plan to integrate patience and persistence into my life a lot especially throughout college as I hope to become an MD or CRNA. Both of these careers have a long and hard path, but with patience and persistence I know I can do it.

  • Jasmine Cooper

    By integrating patience into your leadership, you are giving time for your projects to flourish. Everything in life takes time and being patient will make life not so stressful. Another way to integrate patience is with people in your life. They have things going on as well and need time to get the things that was asked of them done. Being persistent is also important in both your leadership and work life. There will always be obstacles and being able to persevere and move on is important.

  • For me, patience and persistence are somewhat challenging themes to incorporate not only in my life but also in my leadership style. Many times I get impatient if something doesn’t get done when I want it to. In order to get better at resolving this issue, I need to take deep breaths and realize that I can’t control the timing of things/events. With persistence, I get down on myself and start to overthink my abilities. I feel as if what I’m doing starts to lose meaning and I get stuck, when in all actuality I’m progressing. I just need to have faith that I will achieve greatness in whatever goal or task presented to me. These two themes Mayor Holt discussed are crucial for success. Never give up on what you find valuable and know that your time will come.

  • Beyonce Hammond

    During his presentation Mayor Holt mentioned persistence and patience as two key ingredients to the success of his initiatives, I think this could be applied to everyday life. Persistence has been key even in my new journey of college. I made it a point to persistently go after things I wanted especially when it came to leadership positions. Patience is definitely a virtue and one that I do not have. Constant reminders to stay in the moment and be patient are always going through my mind. Being patient when others are completing tasks at a slower pace than I would prefer is a way I could improve my leadership. Before Mayor Holt was Mayor, he was an aide to Dennis Hastert he learned from others and was persistent and patient before taking on larger leadership roles. That was the most impactful thing I learned from him to learn before taking large leadership roles.

  • shayna joseph

    Mayor Holt reminded me that patience and perseverance is essential to being a leader. Patience is often overlooked, especially when it comes to leadership. There are a lot of changes that need to be made, but won’t happen overnight. Having patience and perseverance can help knowing that it will have a positive impact for others. Often times people do not like change. In many cases, they will fight change even when they know it is a good change. I think the biggest reason for this is because it takes energy to change. In our busy organizations, change takes energy away from important things we are already doing. Taking that energy and using it on change creates anxiety because the new process may not even work. Perseverance is often the key to leadership success especially when things don’t go quite as planned and consequently often needs more focus or attention. For me, thinking before acting rashly upon an idea will help and be effective. It is important to me to keep both of these vital characteristics of leadership while leading because it will keep me accountable.

  • Thomas Dunn

    In the future I would like to be able to work on coding virtual worlds for virtual reality systems but for now it’s just a hobby. Because I don’t have due dates or grades I tend to only work on a project while Its fun and I end up starting and stopping multiple projects and taking lots of breaks and hiatuses in between projects. I think if I could learn to be more persistent and patient when the I have to do the more tedious parts of my various projects, I could get on to the fun stuff which come after. At the same time, by actually getting through the difficult stuff, I develop my skills which make it easier the next time I have to something boring but It also makes my goal of doing this kind of thing for a living a little more possible.

  • Cole Ranck

    Patience and persistence are definitely themes which this year has proved to be especially important. Sadly, these are not themes which I am great with in areas of self-growth. In terms of my leading skills, however, I am quite patient and persistent. I can attribute this to the slow moving nature of the previous leadership positions I held. In order to continue to integrate these into my work I constantly remind myself of the benefits of being patient and persistent in the past and use conscious effort to prove to myself that it will be worth it.

  • Ainsley Martinez

    Mayor Holt described the significance of incremental change. By utilizing this you have the potential to develop change a lot faster, and also be inclusive in the process. This type of reform requires patience; you have to compromise with people of other views and create a medium. This is why listening is so important, even if you disagree with the person.

  • Taylor Schuff

    Mayor David Holt talked about having persistance and patience as a leader. These are two very important attriutes to follow as a leader. I have learned from experience that being a leader does not always come easy. Things take time and we have to have patience and persiatance for that. To get to where you want to do/be in life you will go through ups and downs and it will be a journey, but you have to stick with it and have patience to succeed.

  • A short but delightful speech gave by Mayo David Holt impressed me in a few way. First thing is when he talked about the COVID-19 pandemic, he pointed out as a leader, we have to be quick to react to the crisis. As COVID-19 being one of the biggest crisis in the year of 2020, they came up with several regulation to slow down the spreading. Back to the main discussion, as a leader, he also has the patient and persistent that helps him to be the 36th mayo of Oklahoma City. It’s no doubt that being patient and persistent can help all our fellow future leaders during the journey success.
    As a prospective medical doctor, I believe patient comes handy while we are putting in the hard work. Often time, I expect to see immediately result and I become frustrated when the outcome does not align with my expectation. Persistency comes in handy during this part, I’d tell myself that failure is part of being successful.
    It’s no doubt there is never a limit of being patient and persistent. I believe when we are leading other people, we have to patient in leading them and show them the right path through our words and actions.

  • bethany garrison

    persistence and patience are two really important factors when training to be a great leader. in fact, i think, they go hand in hand. You have to be persistent when trying to get things done within a group but, with that being said, you can’t be impatient and negatively push said group to do what you want. You wont get anything done. In fact your “followers” will start to slowly resent your practices and even the project you are working on. we need to understand that some people might be slower than others and thats okay. As leaders, we can focus our time on achieving our goal as a whole and then work individually in making sure that everyone understands our end goal.

  • Lily Mauricio

    Mayor Holt was completely right about needing patience and persistence when it comes to these prominenet problems we are facing now as a society. These can easily be integrated into the theme of leadership because I believe these are qualities everyone could use. In leadership, patience is a valuable asset because as a leader, learning to be patient with others as you lead and teach them to manage situations even in frsutrating and trying instances. Persistence is important to be a strong leader, the ability to keep moving forward and coming up with innovative ideas is needed to lead others.

  • Fatima Alconz

    I want to integrate these two values in my leadership on this way:
    “Persistence” is the key to reach everything I propose, it will keep me in the track to do what I have to do to reach every goal I have as leader. Persistence comes with a hope to do something greater as a reward, persistence is a hard work evryday and during the process, persistenece comes with discipline and persistence reminds me to don’t give up in the process and when the things look dark.
    But, then, “Patience” is the sister of persistence, patience will help me to do my best in the process, to enjoy the process and live the moment. To be present in the present and do not be worry about the future. Patience will bring peace. And in this moment with everything going around us, I want to be the leader who brings peace to its community, working hard (persistence) for the best results but being patience with the process.

  • Emily Cole

    Patience is something that is not only necessary for leaders all of the time, but something we desperately need in today’s world. Especially in the time of COVID 19, people have become increasingly impatient with one another, and therefore do not want to “waste time” listening to what others have to say. A leader is someone who is willing to put others before themselves. A leader must be patient with others, and help guide them into whatever is necessary to get the job done, and not constantly be pushing people who may not fully understand a concept, or have different ideas than they do. We can all use tools such as patience to be more human, and promote the fair and kind treatment of others. After all, if a leader demonstrates impatience with their team, it is likely that their team will reflect thy impatience to the leader that taught them.

  • Bellanca Bradley

    Mayor David Holt mentioned how the MAPS projects going on in Oklahoma City gave him a better perspective of how persistence and patience was able to accomplish change. After hearing Mayor David Holt speak, and having time to consider how to integrate persistence and patience, I have realized that this is an aspect that I need to ask more questions about. I am not sure how I would integrate learning persistence and patience into a work environment. I imagine that I would assign tasks that would require others to be patient and persistent in order to show them how persistence and patience can be helpful to accomplish tasks. I feel that being able to educate others on persistence and patience is an aspect of being a leader that I need to learn more about.

  • Bellanca Bradley

    Mayor David Holt discussed how the MAPS projects in Oklahoma City gave him a better perspective of how persistence and patience help accomplish change. After hearing Mayor Holt speak and having time to consider how I would integrate persistence and patience into a work environment, I realize that this is a leadership aspect that I need to learn more about. It is one thing to be persistent and patient, but it is another thing to lead and teach others about persistence and patience. I am not sure how I would implement persistence and patience into my work environment. I imagine I would assign a project that required others to be persistent and patient in order to achieve an end result. Otherwise, as a leader, teaching persistence and patience is an aspect that I need to learn more about before I can lead others.

  • Ethan Hodson

    Persistence and patience go hand in hand when it comes to leadership. They both require you to look towards the future and be calm while you are in a time of adversity or waiting. There are multiple ways I can integrate these into my leading style. A way I can is by being poised and focused when a challenge approaches. When you can hone in on your skill set when the time is right, there isn’t much that can stop you.

  • Roarke Simpson

    Patience is key when it comes to working in a big group like a leadership class. You have to be patient with everyone and their ideas and take the time to listen to everyone. With persistence there will be a lot of challenges and you have to be persistent when you fail and having that ability will take you a long way in life.

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    It’s funny that patience and persistence be brought up because it is something that was in my devotional this past week and something God put on my heart to pray about. I believe that if it’s important in your personal life it’s important to share with others. Leadership wise, I feel the quickest way to integrate this would be with our 2 big projects. Patience would come from our fundraising event;not only are we working with an outside organization but we are working with many other leaders with many leadership types. Patience is needed in order to work things out and get it done in the most efficient way. Persistence is found in our book reviews. I know personally I like reading but when it’s for a grade or I have to read for anything other than enjoyment I struggle with finding motivation to get it done. If I persist and read the whole thing I am setting a leadership example for myself of doing things even when you don’t want to.

  • Brystol Calloway

    To me, persistence is the most important quality to have as a leader. Having persistence makes us stop at nothing until we have achieved our goal. It’s the push and drive we need to give 150% in any situation. What would Martin Luther King Jr. have done without the virtue of persistence? Give up on the entire civil rights movement and just hope change would happen? As leaders, we must practice persistence in order to be not just a reliable and trusted leader, but also a reliable and trusted friend. Persistence and patience go hand in hand. With persistence, we must be able to recognize that although we may be pushing through and giving our all, things take time. We have to be able to adapt to this, and realize that patience is what keeps us steady and grounded. It reminds us to take time on things, no matter how big or little they are, because in the end it will all come together to meet our end goal.

  • J’Kayla Compton

    I find it now more important than ever to integrate persistence and patience into my work and leadership, because I find myself getting overwhelmed when it comes to school work, college life, and living during a pandemic in a country that is under major distress this election year. Now that it is week 6 of school I have found myself making accommodations to the amount of school work, I still have struggles with managing my work load and how I utilize my time. College life has many perks, but because of the pandemic I feel robbed of the true college experience because of the limitation put forth to help combat with COVID. On September 23, the murder of Breonna Taylor was charged for firing into a neighbor’s apartment, but not with murder. How can I keep believing in a country and system that has repeatedly failed my people and all minorities across the board? With all that is going on in the world, and navigating through college through a pandemic it can be hard to stay persistence and patient. Although there is so much negativity blowing in the air, the themes of patience and persistence help me find hope in a better tomorrow. I can start implementing both themes by taking deep breaths when I get overwhelmed; I can look at all the good things big or small and appreciate them more. At the end of the day, I know that by taking those steps in my day to day life I will have a better work ethic and be a better leader.

  • Joshua Reynolds

    Mayor Holt talked about two major points of persistence and patience during his speech. At first I thought these two were very contradictory of each other. I realized you can be both patient and persistent at the same time. I am going to apply patience into my leadership, because I realize the best results do not happen instantaneously. I have to take account everyone’s skills and work with everyone to the best of their abilities. I also have to be persistent at the same time, since I have to remind people and keep everyone accountable of their tasks.

  • Destini Pittman

    Patience and persistence are two skills that go hand in hand. As a leader there will be times when you run into issues but it’s important that you use persistence and get through these issues. This skill allows you strive for success even in times of difficulty. Having Patience will allow you to not get upset and overwhelmed. When you put these two skills together they help you become a leader that others will look into in times of doubt.

  • Abby Boyer

    Mayor Holt was very invested in being patient and persistent as a leader. I think these qualities are very important to have. As leaders we need to acknowledge that being patient is key considering we face a lot of high intensity situations. Being persistent as a leader allows you to be held accountable. I think integrating these qualities in a much stronger way through my leadership will allow me the opportunity to make a difference and grow as a leader.

  • Sarah Stovall

    I think that every good leader is persistant and patient in the organizations they are leading. I feel that this is important because success does not come over night, and often requires a lot of pushing. I am a patient person. However, being persistent is not one of my strong suits. I find it hard to be persistent sometimes because I can get discouraged. Mayor Hold inspired me because he explained that having persistence can make a world of difference when leading an organization. MAPS, Police reform, and community partnerships are all examples that Mayor Holt gave that took convincing the voters of their importance before they were passed. I will keep this in mind throughout my leadership rolls. I am going to be persistent by getting back up after failing and trying again to succeed.

  • Gracie Walker

    Patience and persistence go hand in hand I believe. There are many things that are hindering us from the activities we are all used to. We are all having to be patient through these trying times, and continue to persist through each menial task. It is easy to feel that all our efforts to make things feel normal are futile, but we all must remain consistent in all we do, so eventually when all this craziness is over (hopefully) we will be fully prepared and equipped for what’s to come.

  • Isaiah Byrd

    Mayor Holt advice about patience and persistence is something that anyone could use in any leadership role. In my Job as a football coach I am always dealing with kids who are either new to football or have little experience and it can get frustrating at times. without patience and persistence it would be easy to give up on a kid and believe that they’ll never be successful. In a more professional setting, you might have to deal with managers or coworkers that don’t have the same goals and visions that you do but you must be patient with them to achieve your goal. almost everyone will experience some sort of failure in the life and you must also be persistent and not give up in order to be successful.

  • Kobe Parker

    Slow and steady always wins the race. I think in leadership and work patience is key, I haven’t seen very many people who rush their projects and end up having an effective outcome. Taking your time and doing it right the first time not only saves time but makes your end result better than you think. For example, imagine you rush through an assignment just to get it done, and end up getting a bad grade and having to do it over again. Instead take your time, but stay efficient and get it done right.

  • Jessica Russell

    I think they most important point he had, was that change takes time. Nothing is immediate. As members of the community he needs understanding because of this and for that same reason he has to always be very proactive in his actions. This goes for all leadership roles. Good leaders will act when they first see an issue, rather than choosing to “Live with it,” and let it grow. Change takes up tie so action has to come early.

  • Lauren Harman

    Major Holts presentation this week discussed a lot of key points and current issues. He explained that in order to be successful you must have patience and persistence. Change doesn’t happen overnight— it’s an ongoing process. All great things take time and the ability to persist even when times get tough. Considering that I potentially want to be a politician this advice will definitely stay with me throughout the upcoming years. Laws and policies take years to pass and you have to remind yourself that change is on the rise. The need for instant gratification often gets the best of us and we want results now. But this is unreleastic. Stay true and committed to your work.

  • Nicholas Cockerill

    I’ve never really listened to the ideas that Mayor Holt has had for Oklahoma City has I recently got into politics and voting in order to become a better educated person on state issues. It was really surprising to me to hear how long these projects take. You can’t snap your fingers and expect automatic change even though there was a majority vote for something to occur. Like Mayor Holt said, patience and persistence is one of the most valuable aspects of voting and politics in general. These can definitely be applied to leadership scenarios. Coming from a marching band environment, the beginning of the season is always the roughest section. You have to impose guidelines and different technique procedures and it’s really frustrating to see some people not understand even the ‘small’ things in marching. I’ve learned as a future music educator that every single individual is different in terms of their learning abilities. You have to use that patience and work with those students and they will definitely grow into being extremely well rounded individuals in the marching band. You can’t expect automatic improvement. In a general leadership situation, a lot of the most historic changes in countries by known leaders have been from their patience and persistence in their work. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t create the explosion of impact that he did just overnight. It took YEARS. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t fight for India’s freedom from Britain in a weeks time and call it a day. He fought for YEARS. These are valuable lessons on the premise of patience and persistence that any leader can analyze.

  • Jacqueline Lopez

    Persistence and patience are two key ingredients to success. Being persistent about your ideas is important. Many people may not like your ideas, but if one is persistent, their point of view can change. This is where patience comes into play. Patience is needed in order to be persistent. Being patient is difficult. Waiting will bring a better outcome rather than rushing things in the workplace or everyday life.

  • Perla Tovar

    Patience and persistence are two leadership values that I live by and that are very important when doing really anything in life. Even though being patience is one of the hardest things to do. Through time you will see the growth in a team or an individual – that makes the wait always worth it at the end if you stay positive and committed. When it comes to being persistence, I believe it makes someone strong minded and true to themselves and others.

  • Valeria Carreno

    I feel I can integrate this themes be keeping them in my mind on my everyday life, this traits are literally pillars of the foundation for every single one of our goals. Persistence is what will keep us going and push us to go further and further while patience is what will keep us on track preparing us slowly for what is to come on the future. Right now with COVID the whole word has to learn to be patience in order for us to find a way to better our situation and we need to be persistence in making sure on following the safety guide lines so everyone can stay safe.

  • Avery Humphrey

    Mayor David Holt gave great examples about how he integrates persistence and patients into his leadership. These are very important but hard traits to demonstrate. These are especially important traits in Nursing. Patience is one of the most important traits to have as a nursing you will have to deal with many different personality types especially when people are sick. But you have to remember to be patient and kind to everyone.

  • Carson Ladd

    Mayor Holt had very good leadership ideas. Having patience is important as a leader. You have to be able to listen to people and take what they are saying and actually take it to heart.

  • Jacob Shults

    Mayor David Holt argued that persistence and patience are two necessary components to any change. As Holt said, it can take around six months just to get a street name changed, If you aren’t willing to wait for change it will never come but you also have to be devoted to working towards it as you wait. However, we can’t just be patient with the change we also have to be willing to be patient with those around us. As Mayor Holt brought up as mayor he stands as a non-partisan, because regardless of party he has to represent everyone and in that way he has to be willing to take the time to work with them and help them understand the need for change. Changing policy may take time but changing someones mind could inherently take a lifetime which is why as a leader you have to be persistent in working towards anything. As a leader, I plan to integrate this into my style of leadership by understanding that change will take time but still doing everything in my power to create that change. As I move forward, I will move towards not only advocating what I believe in but actively pursuing the work towards making changes.