Lessons in Leadership – Week 4 – Bill Curry

There were a number of themes/lessons Bill Curry discussed with respect to leadership. Which one(s) stood out the most to you and why?


  • Cooper McCoy

    The lesson that stood out to me the most was the way that he lead in football. He was a player so he knew how things felt when he started coaching. I use this in many of my leadership opportunities. I try and experience as much as I can of the people I am leading. I feel like if you have never been in the same position before as other people, they will not respect your leadership as much as is possible. In football, I have found that the best coaches I have had actually played football. They had been through all of the rough workouts or the other coaches getting on to them. It just helps to have similar experiences as those you are leading.

  • Paighton Barnes

    The lesson Bill Curry that taught that stuck out to me the most was that leaders are utterly comfortable in their own skin. This is something that I have struggled with all throughout my years in leadership positions. I’ve never been extremely confident in myself or my decisions when in leadership positions, and it has always made others question my decisions. In high school theatre, I was the Master Carpenter and in my last year, my director gave me a lot of creative freedom because he knew I could successfully lead the crew in designing and building the set. I, on the other hand, questioned every decision along the way because I was not confident in my decisions, leading many people in the crew worried for the success of the show. My confidence has grown over the years, but I continue to doubt myself when I am in leadership positions, thus being comfortable and confident in myself is one of the biggest leadership qualities I need to work on in myself.

  • The lesson that made the greatest impact on me was his description of the relationship between our actions and consequences in his maxim “The pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you choose”. I felt that this was a very succinct and well defined description of the system of decision making that is affect my life currently. Whether it be fighting against the comfort of procrastinating on school work, going to work out, or doing laundry eventually each of these actions or inactions is met with one of Mr. Curry’s two pains. The important part is that the pain of discipline is very short and eventually much more fruitful than the latter of the consequences and this is why he emphasized it so much.

    I believe this applies to leadership in many ways but importantly, this is the situation which defines integrity. Integrity is, in its truest form, the choice between discipline and regret. It is the decision to act in accord with what is right and best compared with what is comfortable or easy.

  • Victoria Bates

    What stood out the most to me during Bill Currys speech was his point about 2 different types of pain. Curry said that there are two pains in life and you must choose one, either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. This statement stood out to me because it is something that I have contemplated a lot, but I have never come up with this solid of a definition. I have always thought about how I work hard in the moment to ensure that I am not stressed out later. But, this thought process is very similar to how Curry explains his understanding of the two pains. Another thing Curry mentioned which stood out to me is that the more often you make the right decision the easier it is to do. This is something that I had never considered before, but after reflecting upon it, I agree. Habits are often very hard to break, so if you have a habit of making bad decisions that trend will continue. But, if you make sure to always try and make the right decision you will find the answer will come easier.

  • Nicole Dirks

    Bill Curry’s speech was very well thought out and informational. I enjoyed that he used his experiences throughout his life as examples and reasons for his opinions on leadership. The lesson in leadership he spoke about that stood out to me the most was the example of his granddaughter. When he spoke about her love for others and pure innocence he stated that “she was comfortable in her skin because no one had taught her not to be, yet.” This quote was so powerful to me because it reveals how we allow our hate and prejudice to rub off onto our children. Hate and racism is taught; you are not born with it. I believe this is a very valuable lesson especially in a time of systematic racism and injustice. He later discussed his own preconceived notions about race and how he has learned to throw those opinions aside and love everyone as a brother.

  • Mackenzie Goings

    Bill Curry fit in many life lessons in his short speech. The one that stood out to me the most was “Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.” I have had many experiences in life where the people around me did not believe that I could do something. Curry encouraged me to not let them get the best of me and to go for my dreams no matter what people say. This is a very important leadership skill because otherwise nothing would ever get done. I am going to try my hardest to not listen to others that do not believe in me.

  • Jayden Garner

    One lesson that Bill curry said that was really important to me is the first things that he said “My counselor told me not to go to Georgia Tech” “But I Did” and it meant a lot to me because to him it didn’t matter where he was from or what he learned from school he did what he wanted to do and it got him so far. He took some disbelief that someone had on him and turned it into motivation and he believed in himself and you can not be a leader unless you belong in yourself. That is a big tool to have in college because you will get a lot doubt which doesnt matter the only thing that matters is what you know you can do and what you believe you can do. people who doubt you should be your motivators.

  • Jayden Marshall

    The lesson that stood out most to me was the first point he made. He talked about children and how comfortable and confident they are in their own skin. He also talked about their curiosity. This stood out to me the most because I think it hits a lot of stuff on what I believe about leadership. I believe many leaders have a drive in them to make a change in what they see is wrong, and to make the world their own. To do this you have to be comfortable with yourself and be curious and confident. Leaders are in a constant state of change. We are always growing ourselves and making things new. To be in a constant state of change I believe you have to be comfortable with yourself and what makes your core. The part that will never change in you, the leader in you. When it comes to curiosity how does a leader know if there is a change that needs to be made if they are not curious in the lives of their followers. This was my favorite lesson in Bill Curry’s speech because in my eyes this is exactly what a true leader needs and has.

  • Mariana Gonzalez

    Some of the things that stood out for me from Bill Curry’s speech is doing the right thing without expecting anything out of it and the poem that he said was a good example of that. We are programmed to think that if we give we must receive and that should not be the case. It amazes me how relevant the poem is to this day. Many times we worry about outsiders harming us but most of the time, our greatest weakness and our biggest harms are coming from within. It is time that we start throwing our own logs in and stop worrying if our neighbors are doing the same for us.

  • Emily Cole

    The lesson from Bill Curry that stood out to me most, was that of “Be comfortable in your own skin”. I especially admired the way he spoke of Anna Grace as his example. Bill pointed out that Anna Grace was so comfortable with who she was, because no one had told her not to be. As children, we have not yet been exposed to the hurt and negativity that the real world can bring. Instead, we are in our own world, where we are capable of anything and everything we put our minds to. Unfortunately this does not last forever, but we can apply this principle to the real world, just as we did our imagined one. When we are comfortable with who we are, we usually have good reason. We believe that how we are spending our lives is contributing to something greater than ourselves. A leader who is comfortable with who they are, and the ideals they hold is someone who will be able to influence those who are not yet confident in who they are, and help them discover where they want to be. I think this is extremely important, as each and every one of us becomes a little lost on occasion. We can all use friends, peers, or leaders, who can encourage us to love ourselves for who we are.

  • Naomi Wharry

    There were two things that stood out to me specifically. The first was the two different kinds of pain: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. When he talked about this, my mind instantly went back to the many times that, even though I did not realize it, I was weighing these two options in my head. As a musician, I would often have to ask myself this question when I was sometimes struggling to find the motivation to practice or study: Would I rather miss out on this party or this event now, or play poorly at an audition later, just to look back and say, “If only I would have spent more time on this…”. This is just one example, but when he first said it, I automatically thought back to that and realized that I should also apply that mindset to other areas of my life, even outside of the music. Another thing that I remember sticking out to me was the definition of a saint,and the story of the man who helped him. This was considerably encouraging for me to hear, especially at a time in my life when it seems that all I hear is about networking; doing things for people because those might be able to do things for you in the future. When I heard the story, it caused me to look back at my life and see that there were certainly a few “saints” in my life, and it made me reflect on my own actions. I know I want to be that person for someone else.

  • Alexia Brown

    Bill Curry was well spoken and had many great views on leadership. One thing that he touched on that I look up to in rolemodels is leaders who know who they are and what they stand for. It is so important to not only know who you are as a person, but also know your leadership style so that you can be a better leader. Once you figure out who you are and work at living that out, one can also build off of that and improve. Personal growth and knowing your strenghts and weaknesses is one of the most important leadership qualities in my opinion and something that resonated with me deeply throughtout his presentation. Knowing yourself is also helpful for understanding others and knowing what they are best at, so if someone is better at something they can help and get the job done faster and greater. Overall, this leadership trait is very important and one leaders should strive for.

  • McKenzie Bookout

    In Bill Curry’s speech, he came across 3 main lessons, along with numerous other lessons within them. Although, all of them are great lessons, a few in particular stood out to me. When he spoke about doing the right thing, he said every time you do the right thing when it is hard, it is easier to do it again, and also when you give up when it is hard, it is easier to do it again. In life we are thrown many obstacles that we must overcome, if we hang our heads low every time something gets in our way, we many never persevere. Instead, if we pick our heads up and do the right thing, we are more likely to keep on making the same right decisions. He also talked about being comfortable in your own skin. This is something I think is very important for a leader. If you do not have full confidence in yourself even when no one else believes in you, then you will never succeed. It is when you still have the confidence to be who you are no matter what others think of you that you become a great leader in life.

  • Savana McCabe

    The lesson that stood out to me the most from Bill Curry was the lesson of being utterly comfortable in your own skin. As a dancer, something I struggle with is the idea of the “perfect dancer body” even though there is no such thing. It’s hard on the mind when dancers spend many hours every day looking in the mirror. Dancers take a lot of criticism and corrections, and this can impact self esteem. Sometimes, it may feel like you aren’t making any progress or you aren’t good enough for certain things. I like how Bill encouraged us to find it within ourselves to “know who they are, and be satisfied by that.” It’s hard to find that within yourself, but I love how Bill said that we must find it within ourselves to love ourselves and know that “you have potential to do great things.” It’s encouraging to me to know that I have it in me to be proud of myself and do great things.

  • One of Bill Curry’s lessons that stood out to me was to make the choice that’s harder over and over again because eventually, it gets easier. I think this is a pillar of leadership because it deals with getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. As humans, we like to stick to what we know and with what’s familiar. But when we delve deeper into the unknown or the new, and we get better at it — that is when we become better leaders. We learn more about ourselves when we are in difficult situations rather than easy, familiar ones. The first step is making that hard choice and taking that risk, and then it can become a habit; whether it’s reaching out to someone you’ve never talked to or choosing to say no to something not meant for you, strength is built in making the more difficult choice, so then it becomes easier the next time.

  • Kaylee Abernathy

    A lesson that really stood out to me that Bill Curry talked about was that a true leader knows that they are a leader. I believe that you need to know that you’re a leader because people are always watching what you do. To keep in mind that your decisions are going to impact someone in a positive or negative way. Another thing that really stood out to me was that a big leader has time for little people. There’s no leader that is too good for someone or something. A good leader has empathy and a big heart for everyone. They should be willing to help no matter how big or little the task is with no judgement. A good leader is someone that cares for people and helps them reach their full potential. Mr. Bill Curry made it very clear that a good leader should be able to recongnize themselves and use their empathy skills in positive ways.

  • Trinity Major

    Ephesians 4:31-32 is a verse that I hold dear to my heart. What it speaks of is leaving all bitterness behind and being kind. Mr. Curry also spoke of something very similar but what impacted me the most is when he said this. Give out unexpected, undeserved, unrewarded acts of kindness. There is someone out in the world who needs you today and you have to be there for them whether they deserve it or not and that touched my heart. Mostly because its true we all mess up and want forgiveness and love so we have to be willing to do the same for others.

  • Madilyn Rhynes

    The presentation by Bill Curry was by far my favorite that we have had so far. I could relate in many ways to Bill Curry’s morals and values, as I am a Christian myself. Although his message was from several years ago in 2007, it was all very timely in today’s times. I overall really enjoyed Bill Curry’s speech. A point in his speech that really stood out to me in regards about leadership are to be comfortable in your own skin and to really know who you are. This is so important for everyone to understand, especially leaders. A leader must truly know themselves and where they find their worth and value before they can tell someone else to know themselves. If one knows their worth and value, they can have confidence and be able to stand firm in what they believe in. A leader must know themselves so they can have the ability to lead and have a level head on decisions and life. Another point that Bill Curry stated that I really enjoyed was that you either have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. You have the choice of which you make. All of life is filled with choices, big and small. All choices matter, even the small decisions. I believe in life we are supposed to live on mission and that we are called to love God and love people. Bill Curry mentioned to love your enemy. Loving your enemy is not an easy task to do, but we are supposed to share unexpected, undeserved, and unrewarded kindness.

  • Caralyne Conley

    The things that stuck out to me most from Bill Curry’s speech was his adoration of little childrens spirit/mind, having time for the little things, and making that decision in the moment of truth. I loved how he talked about his grandaughter’s confidence and spirit of positivity. I have always loved the way little kids say what they think, and are un-altered by the “real” world. I myself try to keep that same attitude and have been compared to thinking naively. Now I think this is a compliment and I know you have to still be smart with your surroundings, but I try to keep that little me spirit alive so I very much enjoyed what he said about that. I also loved what he said about having time for the little things which will reflect time for everyone. I think that is extremely important and not losing track of yourself in day-to-day life. It reminds me to pursue constant growth and selflessness. Lastly, I liked the quote he talked about with the fire, as I had never heard it before and it really caused me to ponder about what I really would do in that moment of truth. I like to think that I would throw my log into the fire with no hesitation, but this has helped me be more honest with myself and help me grow in my perspective.

  • Sarah Stovall

    I thoroughly enjoyed Bill’s speech. I thought it was amazing that his message that he gave years ago is probably even more prevalent to our times today. One of the things that Bill said was: “Divisiveness will destroy the United States of America”. He was right. If we take a look at ourselves now, we can see that we have stopped trying to understand one another. Instead, we are trying to prove that whatever side we are on is completely correct and the other side is wrong. I hope that with empathy, we can heal this gaping wound in our country.
    Another thing that grabbed my attention that Bill talked about is the two pains in life: Discipline and regret. I thought it was interesting because I had never heard someone describe this experience that I have come across multiple times in my life. It is a pain to be disciplined and to make sure you are preparing yourself to succeed. However, It is an even greater pain to regret not having discipline. I really liked this topic because of where I am in life right now. College is a huge adjustment. I am going to have to be disciplined today in order to not regret anything tomorrow.
    Overall, Bill’s speech was intriguing to me. It spurred lots of thoughts in my head about today’s world and how to be a better leader in our society.

  • Bill Curry mentioned a lot of key points in how we should approach our lives as human beings. I found that he kept discussing lessons that pertained to my life at the moment. The first thing that caught my attention was being comfortable in your own skin. Truly, I never had much trouble with this until I came to college. Sometimes I lose myself trying to approach something being like someone else or I go along with what my friends do. I need to know that I am great in my own way and that what I do is amazing and unique. For me, its about believing that I absolutely have the potential to do great things. Bill said, “The potential is in you.” I can be a great leader with my own abilities, my own voice. Another lesson I thought was powerful was shattering the miserable fellowship. The negative voice that is within us needs to be broken. The biggest enemy I have is myself. I need to keep pushing and go beyond my own limitations. I have to start being honest with myself and begin being who I actually am. I am destined to give the world something extraordinary.

  • Gracie Walker

    I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Bill Curry’s discussion. It’s amazing how words that were spoken almost a decade ago are still extremely relevant today. One of things that he said that really stuck out to me was that, “leaders are utterly comfortable in their own skin”. This has been something I struggled with since I was little girl. The feeling of being adequate enough to do something with my life. Deep down, I know God placed me on this earth to be someone. I know there is something out there that is way bigger than me or anything I can dream of. Yet, I still doubt my abilities. I worry about others perceptions of me. I worry what if I’m not enough. I try and fit in with the crowd sometimes so people can’t see how anxious or timid I can be. Which to some people is crazy, because to them I am this super light and bubbly person without a care in the world. To be completely transparent, that’s who I aspire to be, but not how I view myself. One of my goals currently for myself is to become comfortable in my own skin and be a beacon for those who aren’t to be able to look up to me.

  • Angelina Newton

    A lesson that definitely stood out to me was to have time for the little people. This means that no matter how powerful you become you should never feel too important for those below you. I have met a couple people in my life who even though they started at the bottom, once they got to the top their whole outlook changed. Their ego took the reigns and they never had time for the little people. This for me is no leader, it is someone who got power for the wrong reasons. Not acknowledging those who most likely got you to where you are is wrong and I will continue to remember where I came from no matter the positions I earn.

  • Thad Williams

    The speech given by Bill Curry was one of my favorites that we have listened to so far. My favorite theme of it all however, is the one we discussed in the next class period and that is being that one person for somebody else. As someone who is not self-made by any means. I look back on those who have made a lasting impact on me and my life, who have been that one person for me. In remembering these mentors, I think of how awesome it would be to have the opportunity of being that one for someone else. With this thought in mind it is so much easier to continue doing good deeds and trying to reach others, always serving as a reminder in times of discouragement.

  • Brandy Bohanan

    A lesson that Bill Curry discussed was having the knowledge to have the potential to do something great. I feel as if to have the knowledge to have the potential to be do something great you need to have an open mind to everything and not let anything just go by as if it wasn’t important. To not think anything is to little or not possible if you can allow yourself to think big an allow possibilities you can do whatever you set your mind to.

  • Bellanca Bradley

    One lesson that stood out was when Bill Curry mentioned that there are only two pains in life, the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. It made me think back to times in my life that I felt pain and how I had put the blame towards something else, or someone else. After re-evaluating, I was able to realize that my pains fell under the two categories. As a leader, I feel that being able to recognize the two kinds of pains makes evaluating how to move forward easier. As a leader it s important to be able to move forward after experiencing pain. Realizing what type of pain you have experienced can allow us to do what Bill Curry referenced as, the three steps important to becoming a leader. Identifying our pain allows us to practice being comfortable in our own skin, being utterly honest with ourselves, and open the way for us to believe that we have the potential for greatness.

  • Andrea Riano

    I think my most favorite quote that Mr. Bill Curry said in his speech was as follows: GREAT leaders make time for little people. He spoke a lot about Anna Grace and his grandchildren, how they were the future leaders and they were the people we had to treasure and pour into the most. A lot of times when we have a title or a position in which we portray some type of power we forget about “the little people” about the new generation to come. Those who will lead after us, we had someone before us who we looked up to, so why not pour and lead those who will come after us. Treasure and guard their hearts to the world that will come sometime bombarding in their lives, and we can help make that transition a little easier .

  • Samuel Ting

    Speech gave by Bill Curry is absolutely inspiring. ONE main thing he mentioned that stood out the most to me is leaders are utterly comfortable in their own skin. The lesson that I am still trying to learn is never let the society defines who I am. Pursue my own passion and do not feel ashamed as long as we obeying the rules. I believe what Mr. Curry said is very important because as a leader, we will be doing something incredible and no social script should restrain what we are capable of.

  • Beyonce Hammond

    The lesson I found most significant that Bill Curry discussed was that failure doesn’t define you. As a leader I have failed a tremendous amount of times as well as succeeded. However, the failures are often what I think about the most. I go back and think what could I have done better? Was I the best fit for the position? What should I take or leave in the future? Failing has taught me the most in my life. After listening to Bill it made me realize how often I labeled myself by my failures. Instead of congratulating myself when I succeeded I just kept thinking what could I have done better. In a way I see this as a positive because I’m becoming more self aware. Nonetheless, I see the negative of not being content or proud of myself.

  • Makayla Freeman

    The one that stood out the most to me is that great leaders have time for everybody even the “little” people. This one stood out because I believe that make sure everyone feels welcome is the most important step to being a good leader and team. I know how awkward it can be if you are standing alone in a group, and how it can make people not want to participate in whatever is happening. Being a leader, you need to be willing to walk away from your friends, who you probably talk to everyday, to make new connections and help others feel welcome. This gives you the chance to meet new people and make more friends, and it gives them a reason to stay and be involved. Making sure everyone feels appreciated no matter what their role creates a more welcoming and safer environment no matter the situation.

  • Ryleigh Watkins

    There was many amazing points that Mr. Bill Curry made. My favorite part was when he talked about the pain of discipline versus the pain of regret. Discipline is hard, and it’s a hard thing to learn by yourself, but if you can it will serve you well your entire life. Being able to look at your goals and set checkpoints for yourself is vital for success. The pain of discipline is nothing compared to the sting of regret. Regret is bitter, lonely, and one of the most negative emotions I have ever felt. I refuse to look up one day and feel regret about how I’ve spent my life. If that means I have to do things I don’t really want to do like waking up early and packing on classes then so be it. I’m sure many of my classmates feel the same way I do. Discipline is the best way to prevent regret, so any pain and discomfort that it causes for me in a investment into my future.

  • Jasmine Cooper

    In his discussion, Bill Curry talked about being utterly comfortable in our own skin. That lesson stuck out to me the most because it is something, I am very passionate about. Being able to love yourself is important for your own self-actualization. When you are comfortable in your own skin, helping others with their potential is easier. And when one can love themselves, they can love others as the deserve to be loved

  • shayna joseph

    Bill Curry’s speech taught me many leadership lessons, but the one that stuck out to me was that “Don’t let fellowship of the miserable rule your life”. Often times as a leader, I have got criticized for trying to implement new ideas or changing the norm. This has made me feel unmotivated and feel like I did something wrong. There are people that don’t want you to succeed and like to stay stagnant but you can’t let them rule your life. You can’t control the actions or attitudes of others, but you can control how you react and respond to those who seem to get under your skin.

  • Abby Boyer

    I really enjoyed the points that Mr. Curry pointed out in this lesson. He focused a lot on respecting others and having a personal drive to be great. What really hit home with me was the story of his granddaughter. He admired her so much because she had a bold confidence. He mentioned that he looked to her as a reminder sometimes to feel confident in who he was and to always love on people, simply because she didn’t doubt herself and she was so tender hearted towards others. This was such a beautiful quote that stuck out to me that he stated about her, “she was comfortable in her skin because no one had taught her not to be, yet.” I think that is so pure because it is the raw truth. I think we as leaders put a lot of pressure on ourselves because we feel we have to live up to everyone else’s expectations. That quote shows use that we can be authentic and confident in ourselves. Even when we get hate we get the choice to let it phase us. I felt challenged to pursue my leadership just as his granddaughter. Mr. Curry definitely made me want to be more confident and give myself a little more credit because we need it sometimes as leaders.

  • Jordynn A Martinez

    The point that stood out the most to me in Curry’s speech was the significance of childhood innocence. When I look back on the course of events in my life, childhood was single-handedly the hardest period of time for me. It was a time of trauma, personal struggle, and depression. In a way, I never felt innocent, and I have often felt that I lost that experience now that I’m an adult. However, Curry emphasizes that it’s never too late to regain that insight. I can’t rewrite my childhood, but I can reexamine my present. I might not be able to go back to a time where I didn’t have a consensus on everything, but I can shift my perspective to where I view scenarios in a positive light and with an open-mind.

  • Fatima Alconz

    Bill Curry mentioned something that get stuck on my head. This time I feel that I am knowing a new “me” because of the new environment that is around me. I knoe that I am an introvert, but who said that all the leaders are extroverts?. I feel like is harder for introvert people to create new relationships and stuff. But when you accpet that you are an introvert you start working in that. So that do not affect you anymore. Bill Curry mentioned how the granddaughterwas, she was curious. He made me reflection on “be curious”. That stucked on my head, be curious, ask questions, talk with people, go out of your comfort zone, but not because you want to pretend be other person rather you know who you are and you are trusting on the process of becoming a better leader.

  • bethany garrison

    Bill was probably my favorite speaker we have had so far. His story really grabbed ahold of me. Especially when he spoke about the one coach that believed in him and how thats how he got through the practices. It made me want to be that person who believes in someone when they don’t have anyone in their corner. Everyone has the potential to be great, but if they don’t have anyone to keep pushing and mentoring them, they won’t be able to unlock that potential.

  • Jacqueline Lopez

    A lesson that stood out to me was when he said not to lie. Bill Curry said that lying demeans us and hurts others. I agree with this. Lying affects any type of relationship. As we grow and mature, I think it is important to be truthful. Communicating and being honest will make ourselves feel better. Another lesson that stood out to me was when he said to make time for people. Everyone has a million things going on in their life, but it is important to make time for them and make them feel like you haven’t forgotten about them. Regardless if its for a short period of time or not, make time for them.

  • Lavender Cisneros

    A lesson that stood out to me in Bill Curry’s speech was about being comfortable in your own skin. The reason this stood out to me is because I am a person of color, i don’t know much about my heritage and I also cannot speech Spanish. I feel like I don’t belong to my Hispanic side and I don’t feel accepted by my American side. It’s hard to be stuck in the middle, but Bill Curry’s speech made me realize that it’s not about how the world identifies me, it’s about how I identify myself. Just from hearing that speech it’s made me realize how much potential I have and my background has nothing to do with it. My strengths, experiences, and grit will guide me on the right path. It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, it’s about what change you’ll make in the world. Thank to Bill Curry for guiding me to be a great leader.

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    I was completely moved when Mr. Curry said “there are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.” I have found myself these last few months failing at the more long term goals I set for myself (i.e. losing weight) knowing good and well I was not putting in the effort needed to achieve them. I would beat myself up for the poor choices I was consciously making, but I wasn’t changing my ways. I never thought to connect my lack of discipline to my constant feeling of regret though it seems so obvious. It was like one of those moments when you just have an epiphany; if I want to get better I have to do better. I’m grateful for Bill Curry’s speech because it hit the nail on the head for the way that I had been feeling and inspired me to think a different way to start achieving my goals. I might have to borrow that live because if it impacted me that much I know it’ll help somebody else.

  • Augustus Cook

    The lesson that stuck out most to me was the pain of discipline v.s. the pain of regret. I think this struck a chord with me because it is something I really relate to and value. I think the ability to make short term sacrifices for along term goal is one that many great leaders have had. But I also believe that discipline goes deeper than just making the right choices when they are hard.

    I believe discipline comes in many forms, and that the most important form of discipline is the discipline it takes to truly believe in oneself. Discipline looks like deciding to push for what you believe in even though you aren’t sure of the exact right way forward. Discipline is the decision to try for something that you want even though the fear of failure, rejection, or shortcoming scares you. Discipline is something that many great leaders have. The discipline to push through adversity and failure in order to overcome and achieve. Not necessarily to achieve 100% of your goals, but to achieve growth. Because without the discipline it takes to chase your goals, then you will never grow as a person. If you allow your fear of failure to overcome your discipline, you won’t even attempt to chase what you want – and I believe that this is what leads to the truest form of regret.

    My biggest pains of regret don’t come from where I have tried and failed, they are where I know I didn’t try and apply 100% of myself. While the feeling of giving something all of your effort and coming up short is devastating no doubt, the pain of knowing that you never reached your fullest potential in your pursuits hurts more.

    Alexander the Great said that “Nothing is impossible to him who will try.” This quote is one that I think we should all try to live by. Because the discipline to keep pushing and improving is what drives all aspects of life – it is very hard to beat someone who refuses to give up. Whatever your personal struggle or goals may be- whether it is your grades, your sport, depression, anxiety, or anything else – keep the discipline to believe in yourself and what you can do. Discipline hurts because it reminds us of how much we have left to do, but the regret hurts more because it stems from the knowledge that we could have done more.

    So to conclude, discipline is important (duh). But it is equally as important to recognize that discipline doesn’t mean you have to wake up at 4 every day and live a regimented life. Discipline is more about having the grit to keep going and believing even when it seems like everything is stacked against you.

  • Kyia Woodson

    Though Bill Curry had many great comments in his speech, the one that stuck out to me and many of my peers was that leaders are “utterly comfortable” in their own skin. This saying I believe is very truthful about leadership as a whole. To be able to lead with full force and confidence is something not many have the ability to do. However, I believe that a leader must be comfortable in his or hers skin because then the leader will believe in themselves and believe that they have the power to change something/lead people where they need to be. Confidence is so important with not only leaders but people. One is truly able to give 100% of themselves when they feel they are 100% there. Nonetheless, this statement stood out to me because I believe confidence is an extremely needed trait in both leadership and life.

  • Clare Jordan

    One of the main things that stuck with me in Bill Curry’s speech is the idea of doing the right thing without expecting anything from it. Sometimes it can be very difficult to constantly try to do the right thing and “be the bigger person” as a leader, especially when those around you aren’t trying to do the right thing. While sometime it can be draining to not receive recognition for all the things we do correctly, it sets us on a better path for the future. also at the end of the day it is far more important for us to be able to be proud of ourselves.

  • Taylor Schuff

    Bill Curry was one of my favorite speakers that we have had. Even though he didn’t come speak to us in person, I still got a lot out of it. One thing that I really liked from his message is when he said his counselor told him not to go to Georgia Tech and he did anyway. His counselor told him he wouldn’t make it passed the first semester. He proved them wrong and followed his dreams. He worked hard for what he wanted and got it. This is a great lesson that everyone needs to hear. People will try to tear us down but we have to believe in ourselves and strive for what we want.

  • alejandro valdovinos

    There were a number of themes/lessons Bill Curry discussed with respect to leadership. Which one(s) stood out the most to you and why?
    Bill Curry discussed some very interesting points and lessons. Utter honesty in times where it will probably not be fun to be honest-this lesson truly stuck out to me because i have always thought it was funny how everyone wants to preach on how kimportant honesty is, but most people aren’t willing to do it themselves when it isn’t gonna be easy or fun to be honest. honesty is like leadership in that it cannot be done only when it is convenient. it must be a dedicated way of life.

  • Jessica Russell

    There are two lessons specifically that stood out to me and they go together. I think it is so important, as he said, to be completely curious and honest. The lesson that goes with this is being comfortable in your own skin. You have to be comfortable enough to express your honesty and curiosity. This is something that really encourages me. A lot of the time I think about solutions or comments in class or everyday conversation but I am hesitant to voice them. That is when I have to remember the leadership abilities God has given me and be confident in those. Just like the speaker, I really admire children and the way their mind works. We could all benefit from questioning and speaking our mind more often.

  • Lauren Harman

    What I took away from Bill Curry’s speech is that you will be put in situations where the hard decision is often the best one. As leaders, we have to be uncomfortable in order to grow. Easy decisions might feel right because it’s the more convient option. However, this can lead to complancy. Risks can help us as leaders grow while also allowing necessary change to occur. This is relatable to my life right now because I’m struggling to make a tough decision. There is always an easy way out but you grow through hard times.

  • Kobe Parker

    Something that stood out to me in Bill Curry’s lesson was how we need to know that we are leaders. If you can have every quality of a leader and not use it, what good are you. People that have these skills need to try to tap into them, maybe surround themselves with people that see it in them. After a while gradually get better at harnessing those skills and become a great leader. Personally I believe being a leader is doing just that, understanding your worth and what you can bring to the table and using it in the best most positive way possible.

  • Ethan Hodson

    One thing that I have taken to heart on my journey to being a more effective leader is by being more comfortable and confident with myself. Bill Curry says that leaders should be comfortable in their own skin before putting themselves in other shoes, and I think that stands true. I often found that I tried to get involved in others lives without being properly invested in mine, figuring out how to manage my own thoughts and responsibilities. Something that a leader has to realize at the end of the day is that he/she is going to be most effective when they truly believe in and act upon what they lead with. Ultimately, this stems from a strong sense of identity and trust in what you find to be true.

  • Jacob Shults

    During Bill Curry’s presentation, although I may have been confused during some of the athletic references, there were some very important themes that stood out to me during class. As he started he began with a story that depicted representatives of society to be apathetic and set on their intention of serving themselves rather than working together. This representation offers a warning, because the issue at hand is rampantly reflected in todays atmosphere. As Curry goes on he encourages us to become comfortable with change as well as being factors of that change. Change is necessary in the process of improving the environment around us. However, we have to go one step further than being comfortable with change we have to be willing to embrace it as well as work towards it. Curry explained his determination through comparison to his career, he said that he had understood that quitting gets easier every time we do it and showed that by speaking up and speaking out we can make a difference around us we just have to be willing to not quit.

  • Taleaha Lee

    The thing that stood out to me the most was his teammate’s ability to see passed their differences and help where they could. As a leader we sometimes will he put in positions we aren’t expecting or that are abnormal. However, as a leader we have to tackle those on fool force. The other one that stood out to me was that there are two types of pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The pain of regret is not something I want to experience. As a leader, I wanna be disciplined and learn even when it’s painful or hard. I don’t wanna hold regret for the things that I should or could have done.

  • Josh Reynolds

    There are a lot of lessons I learned from Bill Curry’s speech. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin and take my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I then learned we always have a flame that flickers. I took that one to heart, because when faced with adversity I sometimes want to give up. I learned that it is internal motivation is what makes people continue to move forward.

  • Nicholas Cockerill

    I think a theme that I really pulled from that clip was the encouragement to be confident in your own skin. Every little thing ‘wrong’ with you, or any difference in race, ethnicity, and origin is completely irreverent because everyone is human regardless. It really resonated with me because of my speech disability. I’ve had a stutter problem for my entire life and I can’t say certain words which sometimes include my own last name. People sometimes think I’m stupid because I forgot my name or think I can’t read and other things like that. When you struggle with something like that, eventually you just have to let it be and just live with it. I’ve tried so many different kinds of anxiety medication but they always have negative side effects. I forced myself to get a job that specifically required me to talk to people and it was brutal the first few weeks but overtime, all my anxiety went away. It was a few weeks after that that I walked into my leadership scholarship interview. It sucks when you have to ‘think’ of answer choices for questions but the reality is you can’t actually say them because they start with certain syllables. I think all my achievements in life are because of my speech problem and my determination to become one with it. I’m actually thankful I have it or I don’t think I’d have the confidence and overall kindness that I have now.

  • Thomas Dunn

    His lesson that stuck with me the most was being comfortable in your own skin because, of the three qualities he listed, it is probably the one that I struggle with the most. The other qualities of being honest and curious and being certain that you can change the world are qualities that I have in abundance but I often find that I under estimate my abilities in the moment and I have a difficult time letting other people know what I’m capable of. I often undersell myself. An effect of this is that I dread situations where I would have to demonstrate my ability which always seems ridiculous in hind sight because I usually do pretty well and it is never as bad as I imagine it will be.

  • Avery Humphrey

    I really enjoyed Bill Curry’s speech. A lesson that really stood out to me was “There are two pains in life the pain of discipline and the pain of regret, you choose.” I really like this lesson because it’s something everyone should live by. Especially because we are in college and all have goals and degrees that we are working towards, so just remembering to have the discipline to keep pushing even though it’s hard it will be better than the pain of regret if you give up. I think this pertains to leadership because you have to lead by example and have the discipline to follow through and push yourself even when it’s hard.

  • Valeria Carreno

    “The pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you choose” it’s the thing that stuck with me the mots during the whole video because I felt it was directed to me because I’m the kind of person that sometimes takes the pain of regret over the discipline. I’m the kind of person that is scared of losing so I end up not taking the risks to win; I’m trying to change that in my life but it has been a long process because overcoming my fears of failure is not easy.

  • Isaiah Byrd

    Billy Curry’s speech is definitely my favorite speaker so far. I myself am a adjunct football coach at Putnam City North and it was awesome to hear his perspective of not only football but but leadership, building relationships, and race relations. while Bill Curry provide plenty of lessons I can use moving forward, the one that stuck with me the most is leaders know who they are and are comfortable in their own skin. I am a person who has always tried to be what I think people want me to be rather than myself and I feel that I need to be more confident in in who I am moving forward and I have Bill Curry to think for helping me understand that.

  • Destini Pittman

    Bill Currys whole speech was extremely relatable to today’s climate even though it was recorded a while ago. There were three main things in his talk that stood out to me. The first thing that stood out was when he talked about how when he started playing in the NFL he started to question his abilities and one of his teammates after practice told him he saw a lot of potential in him. This shows that we need others to believe in us and push us to do better, After the teammate told him this he got better. The second thing that stood out to me was when he said “ Leaders are utterly comfortable in their own skin”. This is so true, if you want to lead it is very important that you believe in yourself. If you aren’t comfortable the people you are leading will be able to tell. The final thing that stood out to me was when Curry talked about a letter that he got from one of the players he used to coach. He said that that letter proves his existence and that he was good at what he did. It made me realize that sometimes we might help a person a lot but never even know if they don’t tell us. Overall Bill Currys speech was really good and one of the most inspiring speakers so far.

  • Emma Sawyer

    There were quite a few things that stood out to me during Bill Curry’s lecture, but the thing that caught my attention the most was his passion for leadership in general. Throughout every aspect of his life, whether it was about beating obstacles in his way and attending college, or playing football, or coaching a team of young men, he always focused on the leadership displayed through other people and eventually himself. He believed and helped other people to find their potential by being there and pushing them to greatest potential.

  • Perla Tovar

    “Give out unexpected, undeserved, unrewarded acts of kindness.” – Bill Curry. This quote really stood out to me throughout the whole lecture. It reminded me to always be kind no matter what the situation is. Kindness can go such a long ways.
    He also mentioned to love your enemy. Loving your enemy can be hard, but when you find it in your heart to put aside any wrongs, and to love people as a fellow human being you will grow in numerous way as a leader. Seek to understand, accept, and forgive others. It will not only do good for the relationship, but for your own soul.

  • Brystol Calloway

    Billy Curry’s theory of having a childlike heart with utter honesty really touched home with me. My passion is to work with children because of their honesty with the world and the life around them. It represents purity in a way and reminds us to be pure with our intentions, like a child would. Another lesson that stood out to me was “Know who you are, and be content with that person.” Self awareness has always been a concern for me, as I find myself over analyzing myself way more than I should, but this quote helped remind me that it’s OK to be me, and I know it is something I’ll remember in the future.

  • Lily Mauricio

    The lesson that resonated most with my about Bill Curry’s speech was being comfortable in one’s own skin. As a leader, one thing that has helped me grow over the years was learning how to be okay with who I was but to know I can always be better and strive to do my best. Being comfortable in my own skin was somethin that I always struggled with growing up but when I began to be interested in leadership, I feel that I finally became my own person and finally began to grow as both a person and a leader.