Lessons in Leadership – Week 1 – Strengthsfinder – 2020

Provide your thoughts and perspective on how you will engage your strengths moving forward in your collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors.


  • Nicole Dirks

    After completing the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment, I read about my top 5 strengths. Because I am majoring in Finance, I was happy to see my top strength as Discipline. Discipline is essential to a strong financial mindset and will help me in my career as a financial advisor. My second strength is Futuristic which means I look towards my future and what it holds rather than allow my past to shape who I am today. I found this interesting because I have been told many times that constantly looking towards my future is a negative trait, but I now view it as a strength. My fifth strength is Focus. I believe my strong ability to focus will be crucial in my success both in college and after graduation. I am happy to know more about myself and excited to continue to develop my strengths!

    • Taleaha Lee

      I wish to have the trait of always remembering that the past is the past. Often times, we remember the things we didn’t do or the situations we should have been handled differently. I believe it’s both a good and bad thing. Sometimes our past can build us and be motivation to do better things. Other times it can cause us to self-destruct and be fearful of trying things we weren’t successful at before.

  • Cooper McCoy

    Many of the strengths that I possess are relational strengths so I need to use those to my advantage. In my collegiate endeavors I need to become involved with organizations that focus on the building of relationships between people. Being able to help people and then connect with them is so rewarding to me. In my personal life I need to continue to pursue deep relationships with others around me. In my future profession, I hope to be close with my patients and build bonds that will last a lifetime. I am excited to seek new relationships everyday and build others up around me with positivity.

  • I found the Strengthsfinder assessment to be a really effective tool for finding out more about our own personalities, as well as learning more about our fellow classmates. Overall, my results reflect my leadership skills to be those of a motivating team builder who wants to make sure everyone’s voices are heard. I hope to become a plastic surgeon in the future, and believe I can use these skills to keep a positive and energetic environment in the operating room, and hopefully apply specifically my “woo” skill to ease patients before procedures. However, no matter what career field I go into, I feel that the world can always use more positivity, and motivation, and that studying and building upon these strengths will allow me to become closer with peers and friends I come across in the future. I also plan to educate myself about the strengths that do not necessarily fit into my personality, and surround myself with others who do possess them, so that I can create a well rounded and efficient professional, and social team.

  • Mariana Gonzalez

    Two of my top 5 strengths are learner and achiever. With these, I can learn the people around me and what they need/want whether that be in the classroom, my family, or in the work place. This can help me then learn what is needed of me and what place works best for me leading then to my strength of being an achiever. With being an achiever, I will always do my best to follow through and do what is needed of me. I believe these two stregthes will help me moving forward wherever I find myself and those are just some ways that I can implement them.

  • Taleaha Danea Lee

    My top 5 Strengths were Achiever, Significance, Connectedness, Relator, and Belief. My strengths are a true reflection of who I am. In my collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors, I will be an achiever. I will always work hard and give a 100% to any task I take on and I will not tire myself out. My craft and my contributions to the world will be significant. I always give time to things that will significantly help others in some shape or form. Whether that be on campus or in my community. I always find meaning in the things that I’m doing. As far as being someone who has connectedness, I place all of my goals and aspirations in God. I have faith that was it meant for me will be for me. Everything has a meaning or a lesson behind it, so if something doesn’t work out I will remember that. Along my journey, I will definitely be a Relator. I never stop making connections and new lifelong friendships. I will always try to connect with people below the surface level, so that I can gain wisdom and understanding. However, through it all I will never forget my beliefs. I will keep my morals and values that my parents taught me at a young age. They won’t change they will just grow.

  • Trinity Major

    I want to try and redirect myself in this new chapter of my life considering my strengths. I’m used to heading most things when it comes to projects or events for organizations that I am apart of. Now however I feel that it is time for me to take more of a backseat and let others lead. Most of my strengths revolve around encouragement, and I want to be able to use those strengths to boost those around me. Help them see their potential by allowing them to take the drivers seat. What I want to focus on is being that cheerleader that motivates those around me to reach their full potential instead of always trying to be the one who heads the project. Not saying that I will never head a group or event but leave more opportunity for others to do so and encourage that.

  • I will use my top strengths -achiever, restorative, individualization, responsibility, and competition- moving forward in my life. I will use my achiever strength to succeed in my classes and always push myself for excellence. I will use my restorative strength on myself and others who struggle with tough problems, and then find a logical way to fix it. I will use my individualization strength while working in group projects to utilize each person’s different qualities to what they do best. I will use my responsibility strength in cheer leading to take ownership during practices or competitions if I did not do my part to highlight that it was my fault, or to highlight others good works. Lastly, I will use my competition strength also in cheer to always strive for success and always preform to my best ability.

  • Savana McCabe

    My top five strengths were Learner, Positivity, Communication, Futuristic, and Developer. I feel as though the StrengthsFinder test opened my eyes to a few things that I never saw in myself. I’ve always considered myself a learner; I’ve loved school for as long as I can remember, and I am always wanting to learn new things. In the future, this will help me to continue to grow in whatever personal or professional position I may be in. My futuristic side also helps me in my learning endeavors. I have a pretty solid 10 year plan, and that helps me have a grasp on my goals and how I plan on reaching them. Positivity and developer were both in the Relationship Building category. I plan to teach dance and maybe pursue physical therapy in the future, and in these two fields, building a relationship with whoever you may be working with is extremely important. Having positivity and seeing the potential in others will help me to better encourage my students and patients to become better versions of themselves. Finally, communication is key in all areas of life. I find that my ability to communicate clearly has helped me in ways I didn’t think possible. In my future personal and professional careers, I can use my strength in communication to help understand others. In all, I can use my strengths to help encourage and better myself and those around me.

  • Bellanca Bradley

    My top five are, adaptability, includer, context, harmony, and relator. I found my results to be very accurate. I found it shocking how much I use my strengths in my every day interactions. I realize that I have always known these things about me but I never realized that they were strengths. I always felt that these traits held me back, but I always knew that they were useful. Moving forward, I plan to learn how to better use my strengths and how to apply them to new aspects of my life.

  • Mackenzie Goings

    After completing the Strengthsfinder test, it was no surprise that my top strength was discipline. Discipline is a strength that I utilize daily to keep me on the right path and to stay productive. I was surprised to find out that my second strength was competition. I have always considered myself a somewhat competitive person but I have never considered it to be one of my greatest strengths. I plan on working with my competitive side to motivate others in all of my future endeavors. Another one of my strengths was responsibility. One of my future career goals is to be in a leadership position which requires an immense amount of responsibility. I look forward to the opportunity to use my strengths to better myself and my community.

  • Jasmine Cooper

    Moving forward I will acknowledge my strengths and try to build on them. I want to be able to help people with my strengths and help the younger generations into finding their own strengths. By doing this, I will continue to learn new ways to life, meet and help new people in my community and how to be successful in achieving my goals. I will also acknowledge my weaknesses and learn how to utilize them to improve into a better leader and a well-rounded person in my school sand community. I will use my skills to help my community and school in problems they need, and if I am not the right person for the job, I will find those who are.

  • abby boyer

    My perspective on who I am as a leader has always driven me to grow and learn. I have always known that I am an extrovert but I didn’t realize some of the more unique qualities about myself until after taking the strength finder assessment. When I was reading the descriptions of each of my top five traits I begin to piece together certain situations and experiences where those strengths have come into play. Now that I know my strengths on a deeper level I plan to expand them on many different platforms. Most of my strengths focus on the basis of servant leadership and that is how I pursue leading. I want to continue to use my strengths to encourage, inspire, grow, conquer, and live by for the rest of my life. I not only want to lead right here and now, but also in my future. Knowing who I am and what cores bring out the best in me is going to help me continue to make an impact on the world. I want to learn from others with different strengths to become a more well rounded leader and person. This activity has given me a positive and encouraging look as to who I am and who I want to become.

  • I will engage my strengths in all of my future endeavors by shifting my mindset to focus on what I’m good at rather than try to work on my weaknesses. I would put more energy into the activities that make me a stronger person. Also, I would turn my strengths into habits to adhere to my daily routine. I want to grow and become the best version of myself. Ultimately, I want to build my confidence as I navigate through life.

  • Ainsley Martinez

    Although they all serve their individual purposes, my strengths seemingly have an overall theme: developing new ideas and refining them for a finished goal. “Ideation” was my first quality, while also having “input” as my third. This general creativity combined with a desire to research allows me to meticulously develop ideas. My “intellection” and “strategic” strengths can harness my leadership skills by offering and absorbing new perspectives. All my strengths can be categorized (by Clifton Strengths) as strategic thinking and executing. My one executing strength is “achiever,” and I feel this ties all my strengths together by motivating my work to completion.

  • Paighton Barnes

    After taking the test, my strengths are Achiever, Discipline, Input, Focus, and Learner. Throughout my collegiate life, I believe all of my strengths will help me with my double major of Forensics and Psychology as it is a heavy course load, so it will allow me to focus, input, and learn quickly. My strengths will also help me on the Esports team at UCO because growing as a player and a shot caller on the team requires constant work and the team is striving to advance to a higher bracket. My strengths as an achiever and being disciplined will help me work towards this goal. In my professional endeavors, I believe these strengths will help me to thrive as a forensic psychologist because you need to stay focused for long periods of time to solve cases.

  • Isaiah Byrd

    After taking Strengths Finder assessment I found out that my two top skills are restorative and adaptability. Moving forward I plan to use this knowledge of my strengths to my advantage. understanding that as a restorative person, I am very good dealing with and solving problems. This a great skill to have in a leadership role or as a follower. In any leadership you will always encounter problems and moving forward I will draw on my restorative strength to solve them. through the test I also leaned that I am adaptable. I have always known this about myself as I am a very “go with the flow” type of person. I like to think this skill will help me work in any type of environment.

  • Tori Bates

    My top strengths in order are learner; realtor; input; restorative; and achiever. Throughout college, I hope to use these frequently as a lot of them have to do with the pursuit of new information and ideas. I plan on engaging them by taking lots of classes outside of my comfort level to learn as much as possible. On a personal level, the “relator” strength is something that I subconsciously knew I had, but I did not realize that I make relationships based on if I have a shared goal with the person. I will engage this strength by actively looking for friendships with people whom I share a similar goal or drive to complete their goals. Having friendships like these helps me achieve the most I can and push them to do their best as well. I hope to become an anesthesiologist. Since information in the medical field is constantly changing using my strengths as a learner and “input” will be very valuable to me. My restorative and achiever skills will also be beneficial when dealing with the complex challenges and demands of a career in this field.

  • Kobe Parker

    Personally I believe for me to engage my strengths and really start to improve them, I need to be surrounded by the type of environment that my particular strengths can thrive in. For example I’m good at getting people to connect and bond, I like to be very social, so where would that skill be useful? Group projects, discussions, etc. That can be used in your home and work part of lives too, not just school related. If my coworkers are arguing, siblings are fighting, group isn’t cooperating, that’s when I use my skill to bring them together the best I can. Connecting with the people around me not only can be useful, but I also enjoy doing it. Also, being in leadership class I’ll be surrounded by people helping each other get better which is really cool. I think we have a good group that will support and encourage each person, as they always say iron sharpens iron.

  • Thad Wiliams

    In taking the Clifton Strength Finders test, it came as no surprise to me that my top two strengths were competition and futuristic. Growing up an athlete I have always looked for competition and it was the driving force for what made me work so hard in what I did. In order to grow as a leader I believe that I should keep this quality close to who I am, yet I should look more into competing with the task at hand and channeling all of my energy towards reaching a goal instead of beating an opponent. As a strong person in the character of futuristic, I have always been quick to move on from the past, rarely stopping to look back. A good leader however, does not run from the past nor do they dwell in it, instead a successful leader glances into past experiences with the idea of learning from mistakes and preventing them from happening again. In my walk to being a better leader, I hope to not only work on my weaknesses but also improve on these top two strengths of mine, always striving to be better for myself and others.

  • Josh Reynolds

    I will definitely use my strengths throughout every aspect of my life mainly because they fit my personality and I naturally use them, for example on the enneagram I am a 5 with a 9 wing so all of my skills will be used. In my personal life I plan on helping others who need me as an empathetic person, because I like to offer advice for those whose need it. In my collegiate life I am getting involved in a couple of Christian organizations, so I can help analyze and guide people on their spiritual journey. In my professional life I want to be a psychologist so I can help people through there issues and make sure they know they have someone for them.

  • Sarah Stovall

    After taking the strengths finder assessment, I was not very surprised at the strengths that it gave me. Adaptability is one of my strengths. This makes total sense to me because I have always been able to adapt to changes in my life or in any situations. The way I want to use my adaptability in my collegiate career and throughout my life is to remind myself that I can adapt and rise to the challenges that are thrown at me. I am a very “go with the flow” type person. I have found that my ability to go with the flow has helped me be less stressed, get out of my comfort zone, and to be a laid back individual. I want to use my adaptability to grow myself as a leader and tackle obstacles or challenges that I may face in my leadership journey.

  • After taking the strength finder’s assessment I was surprised but on others it was something I had heard from many people around me. My results were as follows: Futuristic, communication, positivity, strategic, and woo. First off, I have always been a person known for stressing a little too much for the future and planning every transition in my life. I have come to learn that, that can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing, something I need to learn is to take a chill pill to understand that things aren’t going to go as planned and that’s ok. This is something I can learn by those around me that approach situations in different manners. That is why I am so excited to be a part of this organization because I think right now more than ever we need to be loving towards others and truly be one. When put in different situations in life it is so important to understand that it is better to serve and not be served an that is what I want to do this year. ;

  • Maddy Kang

    As an achiever as my top strength, it’s important for me to use that natural drive to accomplish my goals — every single day. Another strength of mine, discipline, also plays into this precise need to get the nitty-gritty done. As a college student who aspires to head into the healthcare field one day, these strengths are both essential for that path in studying for exams, interviewing, and going above given expectations. However, in my personal life, I tend to see more consistency, positivity, and inclusivity in me more than anything. These strengths deal more with how I handle and represent myself in social situations. I hope to continue to be a welcoming, positive light to those around me, while also growing and learning to be more cognizant of how consistent I am in my treatment of those around me. I have also always been an includer for as long as I can remember, and it is important to me to continue to engage with others in that manner and making them feel like they belong regardless of their differences.

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    My top strength was “futuristic” which basically entails my inspiration for what could happen in the future. I feel like I could use this to lead a team by guiding them to dream big (shoot for the moon; if you miss you’ll land among the stars) and then create a detailed plan to reach that goal. Another one I have that Claire pointed out was “Woo” which would be fantastic in uniting a team. Meeting for the first time, my “woo” could translate to relatability to get my team to support me. Then I could use that trait to start conversations in order to break the ice. I personally think my most useful trait would be “communication” because it is routinely beneficial in all aspects of my life. Professionally, it can lead me toward support, respect, or even promotions. In my personal life it can help with intentional networking and relationship growth as well as articulating my emotions to seek help for my mental health. And in my college life, it can help me feel comfortable in meeting with my professors to get help on homework or discuss a grade. Overall this strengths finders test has put words to feeling and allowed me to read and ponder the way I’m wired and furthermore how to make the strengths stronger!

  • Madilyn Rhynes

    I believe there are many character traits and strengths involved in the makeup of a leader. Everyone is unique and has their own perspectives and ideas that can be used to reach a common goal. My top five personal strengths were responsibility, discipline, achiever, belief, and learner. Once I finished the test and received my results, I was not shocked at all. These top strengths describe me to a T. I definitely see myself using these strengths daily whether it is in my collegiate, personal, or professional endeavors. The strength responsibility is important in all aspects or endeavors in life. I use responsibility for my classes and schoolwork, along with my everyday life – shout out to my planner. I also believe responsibility is a very important trait for the professional world. It shows that people can count on you and that you can take initiative. The strength discipline is also important. I have always been a very disciplined person, even when I was a little girl. When I think of discipline, I think of being coachable or teachable. I also think of being able to get tasks accomplished and to stay focused on the project at hand. The discipline trait is great for college and for a career when time management is key. The strength achiever also describes me well. I have always liked to go after a goal and not give up until I have accomplished that goal. I have been an achiever when it comes to sports, grades, or anything else in life. An achiever can get tasks finished. This strength is beneficial for life because I can use it to set goals and to have a mindset to finish an assignment or project. It is important to achieve something, but I also believe you should give it your all and do your best and not just halfway do it. The strength belief is really important to me. In my personal life this strength is in my faith in Jesus Christ. I believe this also plays a big part in my collegiate and professional endeavors too. I think belief in college and in a career is believing in not only yourself but others to accomplish a goal. The strength belief to me also means encouragement and to support others around you. If you believe in something, you are passionate about it. Lastly, one of my top strengths is learner. I have always enjoyed school, from kindergarten to college. I really enjoy engaging and focusing and learning new things. It is crazy to me that I can still learn things in college that I have never known. Learning never stops, even in your career. I think it is a good strength to be a learner and to be open-minded to new and different ideas. I am looking forward to learning more about my own strengths, but more about other people’s strengths. I cannot wait to be a better leader and apply these strengths to my college, personal, and professional endeavors.

  • Brandy Bohanan

    In taking the Strengths finders test my five strengths are includer, consistency, restorative, deliberative, and intellection. I can see why my five strengths would be these. My top two strengths Includer and Consistency makes sense to me of why those are the top two because I myself don’t like the feeling of being left out, so when in doubt when I feel like someone is being left out I include them. Consistency is the second, I like routine, I have a specific routine that I do before school and work everyday. I would say Im a little surprised deliberative was not at the top of my strengths because when it comes to making decisions I am the worst, because I’ll think about it for awhile before making a choice. I just need to be sure on my response. In moving forward I’m going to engage in these strengths as much as possible and use them to the best of my ability.

  • Kyia Woodson

    For my Strengths Finders quiz my top three were input, empathy, and strategic in that order. I believe the strength that will serve me and my career the most is empathy. I plan on becoming a Speech Pathologists and through this I want to work with older adults who have faced PTSD or strokes and assist in helping them regain their ability to speak again and lead a “normal” life. Through empathy, I can make myself be able to understand their frustrations with my therapy and better fit the therapy for them and their situations. I understand the difficulty of not being able to speak properly and how hard it is on ones mental health when they cannot express themselves properly. I strongly believe that through this empathic nature I can better connect and help my patients with the mental block not being able to speak can have. I also believe that empathy makes one a better leader overall. Being able to put yourself into someone elses shoes makes you more able to help them and specifically target their needs even if they are unable to describe exactly what they need. I intend on leading throughout this year with a kind heart and trying to understand where people are coming from so I can better help them and people like them.

  • Cole Ranck

    My strengths did not introduce me to anything I wasn’t already aware of about myself except for my number 1, Developer. This is a very useful skill professionally and personally because the of the interconnected nature of success. As a leader or team member one persons success is no greater than the person on the team who is able to achieve the least. As a developer it is my role to be able to recognize each members role in a project and then to cultivate/enable their strengths to fill in where others may have weaknesses bringing the whole higher.

    Additionally, this is important personally because the role of a great friend is to improve others and encourage growth.

  • Ryleigh Watkins

    Taking the Strength Finders assessment was an eye opening experience for me. I’ve never thought of myself as a leader in the capacity that it said I was. It said my strengths were Focus, Achiever, Command, Significance, and Input. As a woman in a stem based field I know that these strengths will serve me well. I think that the assessment was also a very affirming experience as well. It’s extremely important to know your strengths because that’s how you can guide yourself to true success. People focus too much on the areas where they are lacking and forget that they thrive when they work in areas that their talent gives them an edge.

  • Abbi Curling

    Moving forward in life now that I am conscious of my strengths, I will try to utilize them more. I now know what areas I am more likely to succeed in based on these strengths, so I will be more confident in taking on rolls that rely heavily on my strengths. I will also continue to try and build on some characteristics that didn’t make the list. My strengths all pointed towards having a good work ethic which is great, but I will now try to strengthen my communication, empathy, etc. Knowing my strengths will hopefully help me to become a more well rounded person.

  • Alejandro Valdovinos

    Provide your thoughts and perspective on how you will engage your strengths moving forward in your collegiate, personal, and professional endeavors.
    Unlike most people i already knew that i was all the things the strengths finder assessment told me i was. However seeing it wrote out on paper, and talking about it might make it more on the surface level of my mind, restorative, input, competition, command and adaptability being my five it gave me. But i do not just want these on my mind, i want to go forth in my school work and career trying to grow new and unique qualities of strength so i can be the best me possible. I will try hard, work hard and do the best work I can possibly do.

  • Caralyne Conley

    I found the strengths finders test very telling in a good and I wouldn’t say bad, but interesting way. My strengths were all relationship building but one, which was executing. I was not surprised by the results and this test helped me realize how much I really am built on people. I think because of this test it has helped me narrow down my career path and how I can grow my strengths to be “great” while focusing on relationships. This test helped me in the collegiate realm to continue growing relationships and focusing on reaching out to create connections. Personally, the reason I said it was interesting is because I find it negative that most of my strengths are in the one section, rather than being spread out. But, because of the tests I have seen that it is okay to have them all in one section because that is who I am and that is how I can focus on making myself great. Lastly, I can grow professionally because of this test through the knowledge that I need to be in a relational building field.

  • Makayla Freeman

    I believe I would be able to utilize my strengths in many ways throughout my time at college and later in life. My top strength is developer which I can use in the different organizations I have joined to help the people around me. I love helping people with whatever it is they may need. I do not know exactly what I am going to be doing later in life but helping people will always be important. My second and fourth one, includer and positivity, play into the same type of situation. My other two, discipline and strategic, will be a great help when it comes to managing assignments and the organizations, I am a part of. They can be beneficial inside the organizations themselves with making sure everything gets done efficiently and on time. I love deadlines. They keep everything in check and make sure you do not get behind.

  • Beyonce Hammond

    After taking the StrengthsFinder assessment, my strengths were Significance, Achiever, Competition, Activator, and Focus. I completely agree with everything but competitive. I wouldn’t describe myself as a competitive person because I don’t measure myself to others. However, I do measure myself to myself and make sure that I am better than yesterday. In life, we are all running our own race so if we look back to see what others are doing we will fall behind. Nonetheless, I do plan on using my overall strengths that focus on executing and influencing others to do just that. My goals have always been to make a significant impact regardless of where I am and use that for the betterment of myself and others.

  • Alexia Brown

    Upon reading the strengthfinders test and evaluating what each one meant, I immediately started looking at ones I didn’t have. I only say this because the realization after standing up in class and seeing the need for my strengths was a very encouraging experience. In my future career as a children’s psychologist I will use my top strength, deveolper, in ultimately developing relationships and helping others realize their full potential. I would like to use woo, my second biggest strength, in this class and for the next four years at UCO, because in order to get a job done everyone has to be on the same page and be in the same productive mindset. My third trait, communication, would be something I would like to integrate in both my time at UCO and the career path I take after, because leveling with people is one of the most important parts to servant leadership and the empathy that comes from meeting people where they are and seeing their side is transformative for everyone involved. My last two strenghts work together in a sense as positivity and restorative, which in my life looks like always seeing the good in things and making the best out of situations. I am so excited to see what I can help accomplish at UCO and in this course and am very excited for what the future holds!

  • Kaylee Abernathy

    After taking the Strengths Finder Assessment, my top five strengths were includer, developer, communication, woo, and arranger. Reading into these different strengths has me happy yet confused. The two strengths that really caught my eye are includer and woo. I love that I got the includer strength because I am always looking out for people that are not always included into certain things. I am the type of person that would leave the lunch table full of friends to go sit with someone that is alone. I have always tried to put myself in that persons shoes, making me make sure they have someone to talk to. The strength woo really stood out to me due to the fact that I love meeting new people! Going into classes not knowing anyone doesn’t bother me one bit, because I know I can make some new friends. I love being the one to “break the ice” when talking to new people because things are only awkward if you make them awkward. Although, the strength that caught me by surprise was the communication. I may be good with people in a small setting, but when it comes to talking infront of a group I tend to get super nervous. Communication says I am good at putting thoughts into words, but I disagree. I often times will get so nervous persenting I will need to stop to slow down my thoughts. Although the test read that I was good at presenting, my goal this semester is to become a better public speaker. I really enjoyed taking this Strengths Finder test because it made me slow down and really think about things I usually wouldn’t think about.

  • Clare Jordan

    My top five strengths were relator, arranger, connectedness, empathy and developer. All of my strengths, in some type of way surround my relationships with other people. For a second this took me aback. When trying to reflect on my strengths I found myself wonder how I could be a successful leader independently, if all of my highest skills were focused on others? Taking this into account I thought about the leadership roles I was given throughout high school. When it came down to it I was always my best when I was helping someone or putting a team together. I have always believed that I am great at understanding others and have a talent for seeing people, and strength finders helped solidify this for me. I believe these strengths will serve me well both independently and with a group. I look forward to developing them throughout the year and am excited for what’s to come.

  • Kaylee Abernathy

    After taking the Strengths Finder Assessment, my top five strengths were includer, developer, communication, woo, and arranger. Reading into these different strengths has me happy yet confused. The two strengths that really caught my eye are includer and woo. I love that I got the strength “includer,” because I am always looking out for people that are not always admitted to certain things. I am the type of person that would leave the lunch table full of friends to go sit with someone that is alone. I hope to continue this strength, because all people deserve to feel loved and involved in something. The strength “woo” really stood out to me due to the fact that I love meeting new people! Going into classes not knowing anyone doesn’t bother me one bit, because I know I can make some new friends. This strength is very useful when moving off to college, because everyone needs friends when going through the change of a new setting. Although, the strength that caught me by surprise was the communication. I may be good with people in a small setting, but when it comes to talking in front of a group I tend to get super nervous. Communication says I am good at putting thoughts into words, but I disagree. I often get so nervous presenting I will need to stop to slow down my thoughts. In the very beginning, reading into the leadership programs, I knew these programs would challenge me in this aspect and that’s when I knew I wanted in. My number one goal this semester is to become a better public speaker. I really enjoyed taking this Strengths Finder test because it made me slow down and really think about things I usually wouldn’t consider.

  • Augustus Cook

    After taking the strengths finder test, I was not incredibly surprised by my results – but the order was interesting to me. My top strengths were Futuristic, Restorative, Focus, Significance, and Competition in that order. For me, this makes sense, and it represents the part of me that is focused on long term goals, working through problems, and encouraging others to maximize their potential in life. As a leader I think it is important to know these things about yourself, but to also acknowledge that one test result does not determine your every trait nor how you should live.

    As a leader you also have to know the other skills and areas you have a connection to. For me – after reading through the book – I found that I identify a lot with Empathy and Learner, even though they were not in my top 5. I love to learn about new things and expand my horizons – as well as being a pretty emotional person who can understand and be understood. It is great to have a test to help you find your strengths, but I think it is just as important to be able to identify things in yourself.

  • Ethan Hodson

    Restorative, Woo, Belief, Developer, and Includer are the top five strengths from my results. I am not particularly surprised by these strengths except for the Belief strength. I think that overall, these strengths encompass how I intend to lead. I am someone who weighs all options and ideas, and works for cooperation and group success. I love making connections with people and hearing what they have to offer. I am a big time encourager, so I will always look for ways to keep myself and others on task through adversity and struggle. Although Includer is the last out of my top five, I believe it to be one of the characteristics I use the most. I always look for ways to get people involved, and I also like picking certain people out of the crowd to stay close to.

  • Gracie Walker

    I am always intrigued with introspective tests that give me a more in depth view as to how I am portrayed and relate to those around me. Personally, it is extremely hard for me to pick out my strengths and all to easy for me to point out where I am lacking. The Strengths Finders assessment, really opened my eyes to the finer qualities I can offer. I have always been a people person, so it came no shock to me whenever 3/5 of my top strengths had relational ties. I feel like my sweet spot is teaching and leading those around me to become better humans, so much so I plan on pursing a career in education. With this new knowledge of my strengths, I can go back now and see where each one shone through during a different obstacle. Even though I now know my top 5 strengths and plan on cultivating them to make myself become a better leader, I hope to not stay stagnant in my leadership and really put myself in situations I may find uncomfortable, to cause myself to be better rounded not only as a leader but human being.

  • Jacqueline Lopez

    Taking the Strengthsfinder assessment helped me realize what my strengths are. My top five are adaptability, restorative, harmony, empathy, and includer. Adaptability and restorative are the ones that I will engage more with as I move forward in my collegiate and professional endeavors. I’m a nursing major, so adapting to change and accepting new challenges that come my way are a representation of these strengths. Harmony, empathy, and includer are the strengths that will be reflected in my personal life.

  • Angelina Newton

    After seeing my results for the strengths finder test, I am pleasantly surprised by the characteristics I found. Some of the results were shocking but I am sure I will use these strengths throughout my life. My top strengths were restorative, adaptability, belief, developer, and ideation. I hope I can use adaptability and ideation to help with my college success when working on hard projects that I encounter and adapting to any circumstance that gets thrown my way. I also hope to engage in my personal life using my belief and restorative strengths to continue to build relationships while staying true to my values and not only helping restore problems that arise in my personal life but problems of those around me as well. The term developer was the most surprising to me. I am happy to know this is one of my strengths as I do genuinely love to help people. Therefore, I hope to use developer to help others find their true potential in many endeavors along with hopefully allowing myself to find my own potential along the way.

  • Jayden Garner

    After reading the strengthsfinders test I have realized that my strengths are a perfect tool to use during college times and throughout my professional career. Positivity is a big one for me because I will be able to set the “tone” for people who are having problems or stressing over the college life. I need to join as many organizations I possible can to spread positivity throughout the whole campus. Harmony and belief are ones that I find very useful when it comes to group work. when you join a organization or a group there has to be some type of bond throughout the members and having harmony or believing in your teammates it makes everything go smoother. Im glad I got to figure what my strengths are that I didn’t even know about that way I can put them to good use!

  • Lauren Harman

    After taking the Strength Finders assessment I began to reflect on my results. I wasn’t shocked that my top five strengths were empathy, includer, positivity, connectedness, and developer. I realized I was an empath at a very young age. Growing up I found myself feeling the pain of others’ struggles. Being empathetic can help me put myself in others’ shoes and understand their perspectives. My second strength is includer. This can be utilized when interacting with people who come from different backgrounds than I do. My next strength is positivity. This is vital when leading because positive-minded people tend to set big goals and keep an open mind while achieving them. Connectedness is my next strength. This can be used to create meaningful relationships with people before leading them. My final strength is the developer. This is used to see the best and potential in others. I want to use my strengths to love and accept people for who they are. I strive to be the person that others know they can bring their highs and lows to and I will not be judgemental. I look forward to drawing focus on my strengths and seeing how they can be used here at UCO!

  • Taking time to answer 100 questions on strengthfinders about yourself can be hectic but it was a moment to see what I really and what I hope I am. My top 1 indicated a restorative trait, which I personally think is a very important for a person who pursue a medical career. As I answered the call of being a physician, I constantly wonder how I can maximize my contribution on a global perspective eventually lead to my top 2 trait, futuristic. I’ve thought about many fields of medicine that could bring the world the most fortune including education and research. However, it’s frustrating to wait for the time to come.
    Aside from the top 5 strengths gave by Strengthfinders, I see Communication, Empathy and developer as the traits a leader should have to be able to connect people together. As much as I appreciate my top 5 skills, I also hope I can acquire skills like communication, empathy so people can enjoy working with me.

  • Taylor Schuff

    Throughout my time at UCO, I will use my strengths to help others and better our community. I will use my strength, positivity to lift others up and to always be that person with a smile on their face. My strength, focus will come in handy in group activities. I will help the group to stay on track and lead them in the right direction. My next strength is individualism. Having the strength of individualsim allows me to see the good in everyone. I am the type of person who believes everyone has a purpose and something to bring to the table. I love watching others conquer their goals and I will support them using my strength positivity. My next two strengths are signifigance and futuristic. With the strength of signifigance I believe I can make a differenve here at UCO. I want to be involved in as much as I can and leave a lasting impact everywhere I go. My last strength, futuristic describes me perfectly. I am always writing down my goals and working towards my dreams. I fully believe writing down your goals plays a huge part in achieving them. I want to help others get to where they want to be and by having this strength I can help them accomplish that. All of these strengths will help me in my future career as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. I will work hard at UCO and hope to grow myself for the future and make an impact on others.

  • J'Kayla Compton

    The strengthfinder test was very beneficial for me. I was pleased to see that my top 5 strengths are Context, Belief, Developer, Learner, and Relator. I am an education major, and I find that with my top 5 strengths an educator fits well with those strengths. I want to be a history teacher, and the description of the Context strength is a perfect word for word explanation of why I find history to be so fascinating. As a teacher, I will have the privilege of seeing the untapped potential within students, and I am super excited to invest in each student to recognize their potential which I feel fits with the ideas of a Developer. I can’t say I was shocked to see Belief as one of my top strengths; I have always held my ground when it comes to the things I am passionate about and have an opinion on. I loved the relationships I had and still have with my teachers and coaches. I am ready to repay the love and respect I have for all of them one day by having those relationships with my future students where I can give them the leadership, mentorship, and care my teachers/coaches gave to me. How much more of a Relator can that be? I love watching Mysteris and the Museum because I love to learn. With Learner being one of my strengths, I feel it relates to being an education major because I will constantly have to learn how to be a better teacher. My strengthfiner results also have given a great deal of self reflection in the person I am and the person I want to be. I beyond excited to be in LOT and taking this leadership course because it has already exposed me to amazing gems like what my strengths are, friendships, and I am finding confidence and motivation to further explore the different opportunities I have here at UCO!

  • Roarke Simpson

    After completing the Strengthfinders assignment it really gave me an idea on the type of person I am. With this information I plan to base my career choices and my involvement on campus around them, hopefully I can find a good fit for me as I go through life. This test was very eye opening and was kind of a shock at how accurate it was. Many people put on a persona and try to just fit in with everyone but keep there true strengths hidden. This test has shown me what y strengths are and where to capitalize on them I look forward to the opportunities I can open for myself with these strengths.

  • Jacob Shults

    After taking the StrengthFinder assessment and receiving my results, I was ecstatic to do my research and find out what they meant. I don’t currently know what my major is going to be, so luckily my number one trait is Adaptability. This explains a lot, because I generally do live in the moment, lead as the opportunity arises, and one of my biggest beliefs in life is that as a person I am constantly changing and growing (preferably for the better). I plan to use this in a way to help prevent stress on others, because when there’s a mishap I know how to keep a level head and push through it. Going down the list of Strengths the next two on my list were Restorative and Ideation, which wherever I end up leading I plan to use in a way that allows me to understand and create solutions to issues around me. I hope to use this in a way to have an impact on my community as well as find ways to impact communities on a larger scale. This is a large reason why I’m so excited to help with the non-profit organizations we have been paired with because it will enable me to find new “ideas” on how to create change in the world around me. Moving on to my last two strengths that I received in my top 5, Developer and Arranger, These two attributes will hopefully allow me to see those around me and understand how their strengths can be used to emphasize my strengths as well as others we are working with and find ways to lead most effectively and consecutively grow collectively. Although we were given only 5 results, I understand as a leader there are many different attributes that allow for an impact to be made and that any impact can be a massive one, it simply depends on the perspective. I am very excited for this experience with UCO and with LOT to be able to expand my horizons and grow as a student as well as a leader.

  • Avery Humphrey

    I thought the Strengths Finders exam was a very helpful and accurate tool. After taking this exam my strengths were Discipline, futuristic, positivity, relator, and communication. As a nursing student I am very disciplined, I have a lot more homework than my friends which means going to the library to study instead of going out with my friends. I will also use many of my other strengths throughout my career. Nursing takes excellent communication skills as well as a positive attitude.

  • Lavender Cisneros

    Out of all of my strengths there are a few that I believe will be major in my college years and even years after that. They will help me succeed as a leader and even help me help others succeed. These strengths include achiever, ideation, and restorative. Achiever is a given, it will help me be determined in accomplishing all my goals and much more. Restorative will allow me to find problems in the world and within myself, and restore it to be better. Lastly, ideation, ideation is creativity. I have a very creative mind, I sometimes too creative. But it’ll help me pitch good ideas for many projects in-class and outside of class. Overall, all of these strengths will
    allow me to become the best leader possible and hopefully, guide others in the right direction.

  • Carson Ladd

    After reading my results after my strength finders test, I am going to use my strengths to move and grow further in those areas. Every single one of my strengths I agree with, I have always known and was told that I was strong in those areas. Knowing these things will help me strive more and become a more responsible leader. Taking this quiz has made me want to become the best person I could possibly be, and also reach out to others in helping them be the best version of themselves too. I look forward to using my strengths in the four years I’m here at UCO!!

  • Valeria Carreno

    After taking the StrengthsFinder assessment my results were Restorative, Connectedness, Context, Inculder and Futuristic. This results were not really much of a surprised to me, except for my number one; I wouldn’t have consider myself a restorative person before because I thought it was something everyone did , I never considered it a strength, because is “figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.” which we have to do everyday in our lives, so I think that is what I will do with my restorative strength solve the problems that will come up in my personal and professional life in the best way I can. My connectedness strength is literally the way I live my life, I believe everything has a meaning to it and there are not many coincidences in life, everything has a reason to be; I personally think that I will keep using this strength in the way I have done it all my life to help keep me grounded and to see light even in my darkest times.
    Context will help me because as I get older I will keep learning from my mistakes in order to understand better my present and improve my future. With my Includer trait I feel it will help me a lot in my future career as a doctor because I feel it will come handy when working around people because there are a lot of people whose voices are sometimes ignored and I would like to be someone they can come and ask for help. Last but not leas my Futuristic strength will help me to look ahead, to try to always look how to improve.

  • Jayden Marshall

    After taking my Strength Finder assessment I was a little confused when I saw my strengths. I have never taken time to sit and think about what my strengths would be, so seeing them on a screen in front of me with definitions on what they meant really made me start to think. My top five strengths were significance, futuristic, individualization, focus, and maximizer. Some of these strengths made since to me like futuristic. I have always used the future as motivation and have started using this strength a lot more since my first year of college has started. Another one of my strengths was individualization. I believe that this is a great strength for me to have in the world I live in. Today it is important to be able to see they different things that make individual people unique and be able to celebrate that with them. Another two of my strengths are focus and significance. I plan on using both of these strengths to my full advantage during my time in college. These next four years of my life are going to be full of important decisions and have large impact on me. This is why I will use my strengths of focusing on what decisions I make and knowing the significance these decisions have. Finally my last strength is maximizer. This strength I will be using more than others to maximize my experience here at UCO and help maximize others experiences as well!

  • In class we stood up while Jarrett called on different strengths and it was eye opening to see the diversity of leaders we have in our program. I’m excited to lead and see what we can all accomplish within the next four years.

    I was actually pretty surprised with my results, after taking the strenghsfinder assessment but then I learned more to what they mean and I’d definitely say they’re pretty accurate. I’m happy to possess these traits as an individual. My domain key traits were relationship building and executing – I’m ready to be more confident in these in the future!

  • Jessica Russell

    I am and have always been incredibly interested in any sort of personality, ability or strengths quizzes. I think it is so interesting to view my results, to judge the accuracy and even learn about myself, and in addition to compare my results to others. I love seeing how different each person is and understanding the reasoning behind that. It is also encouraging to know that just like there are things I could never do and feel comfortable with, I too have qualities that others admire in this way. Each person is unique and when you find a way to fit that together, things begin to work very smoothly. In college, I want to learn to be more confident in my strengths and others strengths. I want to be confident in that fact that I am not good at everything and that is the reason we build connections and relationships with others. My strengths were Belief, Maximizer, Empathy, Individualization, and Relator. While I don’t know much about these yet, I am excited to read and learn what impact these qualities have as a leader and how I can fine tune and improve them. Lastly, after I read about all of these leadership traits, I would like to pick one that I think could be particularly beneficial and work on that for the remainder of this year or the remainder of college, because I know I am not a perfect leader and I want to continue to grow and build my abilities for the future.

  • Thomas Dunn

    My future plans for myself would have me be an entrepreneur of some kind where my individual quality would be well utilized. Right now I’m interesting in pushing video game technology forward to allow for more interesting VR experiences which falls in line with my futuristic quality. My qualities of focus and maximizer will work well with my programming endeavors and I hope that, combined with my previous two qualities, a job as lead developer of an indie dev studio or maybe a larger game engine company will be possible. My final quality of significance, I think, can be satisfied by pushing VR forward and inspiring future generations with unique experiences.

  • Angelina Newton

    After seeing my results for the strengths finder test, I am pleasantly surprised by the characteristics I found. Some of the results were shocking but I am sure I will use these strengths throughout my life. My top strengths were restorative, adaptability, belief, developer, and ideation. I hope to use adaptability and ideation in college when working on hard projects that I encounter and adapting to any circumstance that gets thrown my way. I also hope to engage in my personal life using my belief and restorative strengths to continue to build relationships while staying true to my values and not only helping restore problems that arise in my personal life, but the problems of those around me as well. The term developer was the most surprising to me. I am happy to know this is one of my strengths as I do genuinely love to help people. Therefore, I hope to use developer to help others find their true potential in the professional world while hopefully allowing myself to find my own potential along the way.

  • Fatima Alconz

    Knowing my strenghts gave me the ability to be more prepare to the new challenges that I am going to take on my present and on my future. Before, I’ve never described myself in that way, but it really helps me to understand a part of my behavior. I am a connectedness, learner, belief, restorative and input person. I’ve even didn’t know what means to be an input person or all those strenghts that my test gave me. But, I just realized that taking concern of all my strenghts will help me to grow as a leader, person, and be helpful on my community and everyone around me. So, I challenged myself. This semester I want to work on my strenghts and feel identify with those words, because, now I don’t feel completely good with those words. I think I need to know more about them, and work on them and at the end of this process I want to say firmly that I am a connectedness, learner, belief, restorative and input person.

  • Eden Waggoner

    Taking the strengthsfinder test was a very interesting and thought-provoking experience. Some of my results were not surprising, however some of them prompted me to think a little more deeply about some of my personal traits that I had never necessarily looked at as strengths in the past. For example, I was not surprised at all to see that one of my results was empathy, as I have always considered myself to be considerably good at sensing the feelings and emotions of others and being able to sympathize easily with almost anyone. However, I was somewhat shocked at my top result being “developer”. I was unsure of what this really meant until I read the description, and was a bit shocked still to see that it meant that I have the ability to uplift and encourage growth in others. I had never necessarily seen it as a strength of mine, but reading about it made a lot of sense for me. I think that I have always seen my positive outlook and desire to encourage and uplift others as more of a general outlook on life that I personally have, and had never really considered the tangible effect that it can have on others. It was very interesting to see that this is a very big strength of mine, and to consider the fact that certain aspects of my personality that I have never seen as “strengths” necessarily can actually be very valuable traits from an overall perspective. My other strengths, input, restorative, and adaptability also made a lot of sense to me. It was extremely interesting to get to learn a bit more about myself as a leader and to get results that resonated with me so well. Seeing some of my “strengths” described as such was very confidence-boosting, and gave me a different and more appreciative perspective of myself and the value of my individualities.

  • Nicholas Cockerill

    My strengths actually make a lot of sense. I’m very sensitive to information around me and rarely act without a reason. It just makes me feel unprofessional or uneasy if I act without proper knowledge and information. I don’t know if this is a professional leader trait, but I’m extremely competitive as well. I always strive to be the best at something or to show a skill in an activity. Competition and Achiever go together in this aspect. I just heavily fight to achieve things greater than myself. As a musical education major, these traits may very well be the death of me but I can definitely turn them from a negative to a positive and continuously motivate students to try their best and perform the best they can whenever they play their instruments. My other two strengths and Learner and Includer. Teaching requires the ability to include others. Unless it’s a one-on-one type of learning environment, It’s very difficult to be a successful educator if you lack the ability to include others in activities or discussions. For me personally, learning is a large part of my life. Playing multiple musical instruments, you will never be a master at any of them. The entire process is a learning experience. Learning a simple scale out of thousands brings me great excitement. I think all my strengths transfer very well to my major being an educator.

  • bethany garrison

    I wasn’t surprised with the outcome of the strengths finders test for me. It made a lot of sense for Woo to be my first and top strength because I love cheering people on and I’m usually the loudest on the field at any game or event. My second strength was Communication, which I think is very important especially in this case because there are many leaders in this class and communication is key in environments like that. My third strength was Restorative, which would come in handy when working in groups with opposing ideas. rather than getting upset or riled up, I could mediate the situation. My fourth strength is Harmony. This goes hand and hand with Restorative in my opinion. I want people to get along as well as possible especially since we will be working in groups often. Adaptability was my fifth and final strength. Adaptability is an important strength to have this day and age. Without being able to adapt, time and efforts will be wasted. I am very thankful to be in this group and I’m excited to put my strengths to the test!!

  • Destini Pittman

    Before taking the Strength Finders test I dint know what my top results would be. I ended up with maximizer, futuristic, empathy, developer, and adaptability. All of these strengths made sense for me especially futuristic and empathy. I’ve always loved planning for the future because I find knowing what you’re next move is calming. Empathy made so much sense because I’m empathetic to the point where I can feel others pain like its my own which, I never saw as a strength. Knowing all of these strengths will be very useful when I need to know what role to play while doing a group project. Knowing these will also allow me to know what ways are the most effective for me to be a leader. This test also allows me to know what characteristics I can work on and improve. It was reassuring to see things that are a big part of my identity as strengths.

  • Naomi Wharry

    My top 5 strengths were Activator, Input, Belief, Learner, and Responsibility. To be candid, I was somewhat surprised at my results, but when I looked deeper into myself I was able to realize that they could not be closer to true. I noticed that I have always been someone who just wanted to get started on whatever the project was. I use to see that as a weakness, but now I will find ways to use that for other people. I was not surprised by Input, but I will now be more confident in my thoughts and tendency to want to speak up. The other 3 strengths were things that I knew I had, but didn’t realize they were strengths. I will go forth with a new outlook, always trying to figure out ways to build on my strengths while also developing new ones.