Lessons in Leadership – Week 15 – President Neuhold-Ravikumar

During her presentation, President Neuhold-Ravikumar discussed three guiding principles and themes to consider in leadership: people, place, and possibilities. How can you integrate these three themes in your personal development and leadership experiences?


  • Madison Baugh

    I truly enjoyed hearing from President Neuhold-Ravikumar. She is an eloquent speaker who is thoughtful and down to earth. Her guiding principles regarding people, place, and possibilities reminded me to think beyond myself when it comes to my leadership journey. I will not find success all by myself. Looking back, I would not have this scholarship without my family and friends supporting me, Leadership Central taking a chance on me, and the possibility for growth as a leader. The support of the people in my life, certain places and institutions, and new opportunities will play the biggest role in my future success as a leader. I can incorporate President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s themes into my personal development by being aware of the impact of my surroundings.

  • Having these things in focus creates an atmosphere of personal development growth, and opens up opportunities that may seem unattainable. Connections with people is vital for leadership, how can you lead someone if you don’t have a personal connection with them. This is essential to demonstrate authentic leadership. It is also pertinent to explore possibilities, don’t put yourself into a box where you only see one pathway. Instead, explore your options and venture into new avenues.

  • Ainsley Bain

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar is an embodiment of female leadership. As the first female president at UCO, she has big shoes to fill and high standards to achieve, but she has been doing an awesome job so far. She really seems to value the students which is vital for the University to succeed. President Neuhold-Ravikumar had many good points on leadership but what stood out to me most was the ideas stated about opportunities. President Neuhold-Ravikumar said there can be hidden opportunities but you have to be bold and , interested, and available in order to take advantage of those opportunities. The biggest thing about opportunities is that each one can be a learning opportunity. I also really liked the statement to always ask, “What else can I do?”. There is always more to be done, so take the initiative and do the best that you can in everything you do. I feel that each of the points that the president made about people, place, and opportunity are those that can be utilized in our daily leadership. Each comes together to give a strong foundation for how we can develop and act in leadership roles, and that is hugely through connections with people. It is vital to make connections for overall happiness, but also for career and knowledge development. I am currently working on building more connections and having more genuine relationships because I feel that we as humans are meant to lead in this way.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar had many inspiring statements throughout her speech. She discussed many things about leadership as well. Personal relationships are very important for leadership. It is very beneficial to have a strong support group as a leader. You also need to look at if where you are is the best thing for you. If you feel like where you are is not showing your full potential then consider finding a new place to lead. New possibilities also open up new learning experiences to benefit your leadership. People, places, and possibilities can open up infinite doors for you to open up.

  • Seth Harriet

    Starting off I want to say that President Neuhold-Ravikumar gave a great discussion in class Tuesday. On the matter of the three guideline principles she gave us, people, place, and possibilities I think that I could improve my leadership skills if utilized right. Meeting the right people and investing in socialization can be a great rule of thumb, connections are very valuable. I have already been practicing this and have seen the results myself. Being in the right place in life helps, but to come about which place you should be in is the question. To keep an open mind on where I want to be in life will help me find the answer to this guideline. Possibility can be utilized by anyone, revolving your life around what you know you can achieve isn’t good enough sometimes. Taking a shot in the dark with the possibility of successes is something that everyone should try out. The combination of the three Ps could greatly improve my leadership ability and encourage greatness for my career. By practicing these principles, I think that there will be a great place in the world for all leaders including myself. Overall, the president of UCO came to us to inspire the leaders in the class and I think President Neuhold-Ravikumar did just that.

  • saul perez

    The 3 guiding principles and themes that President Neuhold talked about in her presentation seemed simple but are very powerful. When President Neuhold talked about the importance of place and how sometimes somethings don’t seem to work out because you might not be in the right place in life. This made me reflect on all the times I didn’t get offered an opportunity because I wasn’t in the right place, I didn’t mean I wasn’t qualified but that I wasn’t in the right place at the moment. Going on from now I plan on reflecting more on opportunities and if I am in the right place in life to take on another task. This will allow me to grow as a leader because a good leader can reflect on the past and knows when to step back from a project for them to be the best leader they can be.

  • Caylee Ralls

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar did an amazing job speaking on Tuesday. She made everything she talked about very personal and opened up to us about her past, which I really enjoyed. I believe the best way to integrate the themes “people, place, and possibilities” into my life is to really branch out and always push my limits like President Neuhold-Ravikumar said. She talked about how she knew she was capable of doing more things so she asked her boss for more opportunities. She used the term “collection of experiences.” By doing this it can introduce me to new people, places, and possibilities. I am very thankful for President Patti and for her taking the time to come speak to us.

  • Abby Wright

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar had so many wise things to share and I am very thankful that she came to our class to talk. She spoke about being a leader to the people you are with, the place you are at and utilizing the possibilities. She challenged us to as the question, “What else can I do?” She showed us that by going to extra mile you will be successful. She showed us how by helping others be successful os the best way to build others up.
    We learned the when people say things are too difficult to hard, this is a signal to help improve and convince them to. When asked how to make sure to not spread yourself too thin she talked about how
    sharing leadership and sharing the workload is beneficial. she also talked about purposeful service. When you find what you believe in you need to devote your time to that completely
    It is not about building A resume but to serve others. Lastly the thing that stuck with me the most is
    “Its never too late to be who you might have been”
    I absolutely love this and it actually motivated me to make some big changes that need to happen that day.

  • Kinsey Harper

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar was by far my favorite speaker. She is so humble and understanding. She shared her journey of getting to her role as President of UCO today.
    She had three things that guided her along the way: people, places, and possibilities. These three guidelines can be integrated into my leadership life style as well. The people in your life will impact you whether it is in a positive or negative way. The people in your life matter more than you think. President Neuhold-Ravikumar said “You need a path filled with people willing to take a chance with you”. This made me realize that the people I choose to be in my life need to be those who can keep me accountable and can trust me. I also need to be that person for someone as well.
    “Place” in our lives in very important too. I learned that God may bring us to different places throughout our journey, but we will always end up where we need to be. I need to trust that I may not be in the place I want at the time, but I will learn something from it that will help me figure out where I am supposed to be. The President said, “any place you choose to be, deserves the best you have to offer”. Her words made me realize that no matter where I am, I must give my best!
    There are endless possibilities in life. In my leadership roles, I need to be confident and know that anything can happen if I set my mind to it.
    The President also stated, “You will look back in the future, and remember something you learned in college. Everything has a purpose”. This shows that people, places, and possibilities have an impact whether we know it at the moment or not. President Patty Neuhold-Ravikumar informed me that everything has a purpose, good or bad!
    She is such an inspiration and I hope to connect with her more throughout my time at UCO.

  • Karina Cabrera

    As a leader, you will always need people to motivate and educate you. Like President Neuhold said, “A foundation education is critical to anything else you do”. It is important to know where you are headed, or at least where you are trying to go. With people as your mentors, they will help guide you in a positive direction and hopefully help you develop the leader that you are. Another important theme as a leader is “places”. As Mrs. Neuhold said, there are many leaders, including myself, who feel like they cannot be tied down to something for their entire life and often we find ourselves wondering “What else can I do, where can I go?” Pushing yourself to step out into new places that you are not familiar with will allow you to develop new skills such as adaptation. It is also important for us to acknowledge our opportunities and take hold of them. Every new experience and place we cross on our paths teach us something new and make us a little bit smarter. Like said, “Sometimes we are given an opportunity to change, when you don’t expect it” and sometimes, we don’t even feel ready, but we need to step out of the mindset where we underestimate ourselves and believe that we have the power to do anything we set our minds to and most importantly, remember that “It is never too late to be what you might’ve been”.

  • Hannah Morrison

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar’s presentation was the first opportunity I have had to listen to her speak. I found peace in her presentation. It was so easy to see how much she loves this university and that she truly cares about her position. The three principles she mentioned, people, places, and possibilities, were a great way of narrowing down the important topics of leadership and life. Integrating these into my development in life and leadership is something I look forward to. I truly enjoy growing close with the people around me, but after hearing President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s ideas on how important it is to integrate new people into life, I have new excitement about who I will meet. I think places and possibilities go hand-in-hand. It is up to me to choose where I go and what chances I take. However, President Neuhold-Ravikumar proved that taking new chances and going places you might not have seen yourself before can be extremely rewarding.

  • Brianna Jennings

    While developing as a leader it is important to remember the themes of people, place, and possibilities. These themes can be integrated by a number of ways. First and foremost, remembering the people who have helped or are helping you succeed as a leader is crucial to keeping a level-headed mind. If one is to forget the people they have come up with, then they may become too proud or too egotistical. Next, reminding oneself of the place they are in or have come from is important to keeping oneself grounded. Keeping in touch with ones roots can keep them grounded but remembering where you are and exactly why you are there is key to remembering your goal. Lastly, possibilities is understanding what lies ahead of you and what possibilities you have taken so far. Integrating each of these themes help you to grow exponentially as a leader.

  • Lauren Berry

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar was an excellent speaker who provided crucial guidance to our class. It was so interesting to hear her story, see her impact, and learn from her work ethic. The aspects that we were told to focus on were people, place, and possibilities. As a growing leader, I found these as amazing guidlines. My leadership style is people – centric; I want to focus on growing connections. President Ravikumar reminded in her speech that the people you know are your strengths. I agree. There is something unique about creating connections – it adds credibility, and if I can learn to grown my own connections, I’ll be better apt to serve others. The next point was “place.” The places I am in are the places I can work to make a difference, and work hard in. One thing she mentions was her work ethic, and how she never stopped asking “what more can I do.” By asking that question, she was put in better places, which then caused her to work harder, which allowed her to make connections, which then resulted in the position she’s in now. And finally, possibilites. As aformentioned, President Ravikumar was unafraid to search for new possibilities. I admire this so much. One of my biggest obstacles I’m trying to tackle is to ask for more opportunity and possibility, be that in a position, with professors, or with mentors. President Ravikumar encourgaged the active seeking of new possibilites, which was exactly what I needed to hear. Overall, her presentation to us was impactful, and I feel as though I have grown because of it.

  • Emma Childers

    People, place, and possibilities. I would not be where I am today without my strong group of supporters to encourage me to push my limits and give me tough love when I need to hear it. Who we surround ourselves with is who we will become. With this in mind, it is important to be intensional with who you spend your time with. And as President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar said, any place that you’ve chosen to be deserves the best you have to offer, no matter. Where ever you go, there is the opportunity learn and grow, and it starts with your attitude. Take initiative. Ask what else you can do. No job is too low to do with happiness.

  • Ashton K Joyner

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar inspired yet challenged me as well during her time speaking to us. Her story of how she is in the position she has earned today has shifted my perceptive to be more open minded and to see the potential of all opportunities. Relationships are essential in leadership. Without having good relationships it is hard to also have respect and support from others. By being more open to other you could also find yourself in places and spaces that you could not obtain on your own. There is potential all around us and it is our responsibility to seize it. This is can be applied through the opportunities presented to us. No matter how big or small they may seem, you never know where they could take you. President Patty is proof of this.

  • Callie Hambrick

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar related to us very well when she spoke, and her key points were relevant to our leadership journeys. I can use her words on people, place, and possibility to grow and develop my skills. Knowing people, understanding them, and building genuine relationships not only makes connections but also builds a support system. Placing is also important. We have to be aware of where we are, if it is the right place for us, where our passions are, etc. Keeping our minds open to new things and recognizing the possibilities in our journeys is a great developer of leadership. Understanding people, place, and possibility is one of my favorite pieces of leadership advice, and it is something I will strive to remember throughout my life.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    The three principles that President Neuhold-Ravikumar stated, people, places, and possibilities were a wonderful reminder of what we must focus on in life. I especially loved the point she made about how no matter where you are, every place you’re in deserves all of your effort. Just because you don’t like a job or a responsibility doesn’t mean you should stop giving it everything you have. I would love to integrate this theme into my life to remind myself that all of my actions matter, and what I do now and how much effort I put into things now can directly affect my future. I also loved her point about finding possibilities. Possibilities aren’t something that always presents itself directly to you, but are something that you sometimes have to search for. Looking for possibilities in every aspect of your life is crucial and can give you new opportunities you could never even have hoped for.

  • Shelby Denney

    After having the wonderful opportunity to listen to President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s leadership experience and lessons, the most valuable traits of people, places, and possibility truly struck me to the core. It is no wonder that she has created, and continues to create such a lasting impact on those around her. Although, prior to this class I have not gotten to familiarize myself with President Neuhold-Ravikumar it was not surprising the personal and vulnerable touches she made in her presentation. Hearing her testimony of how she acquired her education and the careers following provided motivation to myself to do the same. People are so important, every person is important. Listening to the people around me, sharing their stories, and learning from them is something I can always do as a leader. Place is something unique to each situation, but as the president touched on, there is not always a clear reasoning behind each situation, which leads to infinite possibilities. It requires a certain strength to reach into the future and see what could be innovated and created. I firmly believe in the possibilities of each person to achieve their dreams large or small. In these ways I look to inspire others as a leader and continue to grow. It was a great blessing to listen to President Neuhold-Ravikumar and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.

  • Ruby Edsall

    I thoroughly enjoyed President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s presentation this past Tuesday. What an exceptional role model and speaker! Her threads of people, place, and possibility were very interesting to me, as they are so concrete. I like the firmness of her ideas; often we discuss highly abstract ideas that can be difficult to grasp. On the topic of people, I feel very similar to President Neuhold-Ravikumar. She said, “each time someone gave me a chance, it opened a door for me.” This is a stark reminder of the people who have invested in my life every step of the way, and it instills a strong sense of gratefulness. This idea is something I am working to make a part of my leadership style; I want to be able to help others grow. Her thoughts on “place” were also very interesting. I really enjoyed her points on figuring out where you fit and understanding that that location is not everywhere. Most things in our life, though we prefer to believe otherwise, are often a result of probability and proximity. Again, this takes on a grateful tone for me; I am so thankful to be where I am with the opportunities I do. Often, I still struggle to feel as though I belong here. I’m working to change that. Now, President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s views on possibilities were probably my favorite. She said, “congratulate yourselves, but keep on moving.” Often it seems we struggle to find that balance between celebrating our success without being complacent; it’s a difficult scale. In terms of my own leadership, I am working to grow into my possibilities. This is hard, as I often see myself as much smaller than a role I’m given. However, I’m in the process of understanding that truly I should never fit perfectly into a role at the very beginning; that offers no room for growth. President Neuhold-Ravikumar thoroughly inspires me. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her speak.

  • Heather Maker

    Often times we as leaders are so caught up in focusing on the goals of the future and the things we need to do to get us there, that we forget about the people, places, and possibilities of the NOW. President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar made a point to talk about how the process of developing your leadership qualities includes the now. I feel like the area that I can improve the most in, would be place. I am always looking for connections with people and the possibilities of change; however, when I go to a new place I am so focused on, “how can this place benefit me”, not, “how can I benefit this place”. Because as President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar said, “Any place deserves the best that you have to offer”. With this, I hope to start seeing an improvement in my leadership skills and above all, remembering to ask, “what else can I do?”.

  • The way I took President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s presentation was one of the most powerful presentations of all of the presentations this semester. In my personal opinion, the most powerful point she talked about was the “people” aspect of the presentation. I found that not only have I learned how important having people that support you and help you in your successes in President Neuhold’s presentation, but also throughout this entire semester in this class. Being surrounded by like-minded and leadership oriented people has really helped me grow in all aspects of my life in such a short period of time. Another point President Neuhold explained in her presentation was “place” this point didn’t necessarily stand out to me in this stage of my life but I do think this will resignate with me in the future. A really great point that she made was about possibilities. I’ve always heard from powerful leaders that embracing possibiliities is an important key to success and happiness. This was more hard-hitting coming from President Neuhold considering she is the first female president at UCO and she doesn’t let obstacles stand in her way. I am so greatful for President Neuhold and this leadership class.

  • Lilian Smith

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar spoke about her powerful leadership journey and the principles she learned from it. Her three guiding principles and themes in leadership, people, place, and possibilities, definitely stuck out to me. These themes can be integrated into the lives all leaders, including mine. I can focus on the people, places, and possibilities in my life and use them to help me grow. The people in my life can pour into me. The place I am in, literally and figuratively, will give me opportunities to learn. I can take all possibilities I am given to try new things and in turn allow me to grow exponentially.

  • Mason Lance

    I enjoyed listening to President Neuhold-Ravikumar talk about her journey through her successes and her goals in life. These three themes are very important in leadership and she described them very well. You have to have personal connections with people in order to lead them in ways that will effect their lives in a positive way. That will also lead to greater possibilities for yourself and your peers. The environment that you put yourself and others around is important as well because what you surround yourself with is what you become.

  • Dawson Rose

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar had an amazing presentation on leadership. The people you have around you will help determine your future. Having good friends is an amazing base for developing your leadership style. “Any place you work, you should give them your best.” This is a quote from her presentation, and a common theme of leaders throughout the semester. It is important to put your best foot forward, and have integrity. You should always work hard, even if others are not watching. The last point of her presentations was possibilities. The people you know, along with your work ethic will help open many doors. These doors will give you many possibilities.

  • Maggie Turner

    To me, what made President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s speech so amazing was how she embraced her journey and where she came from. She never stopped asking “What else can I do?” and this is something I need to start asking myself. “People, places, and possibilities,” was a theme throughout her speech and the one that stood out to me the most was possibilities. There will be times in life when we feel stuck or that we feel that we have nowhere else to go. Possibilities might not always present themselves to us in the ways that we are expecting and as a leader, being able to adapt and persevere through different situations to create the possibilities we want is something that will set us apart. This is something that inspired me to not be satisfied with where I am, and to push myself to bigger and better things.

  • Cassidy Riley

    I liked how President Neuhold-Ravikumar shared her story of the winding road that got her to where she is now. She refused to do the bare minimum in any job she has had, and this has set her apart. I can incorporate the themes of her presentation in various ways. I can be intentional about developing relationships with the people around me, constantly looking for what I can learn from them and how I can contribute to their own mission. I can value where I am right now, not getting tunnel vision for the next thing, but making the most of my time at UCO, the job I have, and the Church I’m a part of. As far as possibilities go, this is the mystery of it all. Since I can only control my output and not what other people are willing to offer me, I have to do my best and push myself in work and in life. People will notice my willingness to work hard and grow, and I have no doubt of this providing opportunities that I cannot foresee.

  • Brianna Taylor

    In President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s enlightening presentation she talked about her personal experiences that have made her into the leader that she is today. The key aspects that she highlighted in her speech encompasses the meaning of leadership and how you can focus on any one of them to improve your overall leadership capabilities. I can use these three principles (people, place, and possibilities) in my life by making a conscious effort to improve relationships with people and constantly pushing myself. By exploring different people’s and place’s cultures I will become a more conscious and knowledgeable person about the world around me. Also, If I seize every opportunity I can, I will be better equipped to tackle any obstacle that may come my way.

  • Kylee Snell

    President Neuhold-Kavikumar presented three themes and principles to consider in leadership: people, place, and possibilities. There are many ways to incorporate these three themes into anyone’s leadership style. All of these for me go hand in hand, the people you meet and engage with are the ones that open so many doors for you as a leader. That has to do with being in the right place at the right time. Not just physically, but also emotionally. Intentionality plays a big factor in these parts of leadership. You have to purposefully seek out people that can strengthen your leadership. These people will bring possibilities your way that you had no idea you were qualified for or prepared for.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    I enjoyed having the president to present some conclusive thoughts as the last speaker of the semester. I think it is interesting to think how people and place can lead to possibilities. The people you form relationships with and the places you extend yourself to can create new and unforeseen possibilities for you. This can easily expand your leadership opportunities, and learning opportunities as well. A huge part of leadership is connecting with people and connecting others.

  • Emme Douglas

    These three themes were very eye opening. The way she explained it connected with me very personally. People we meet will make an impact on us, so i should be thankful for the impact and change they had on me. The connections I make with people is very important and should be appreciated because they will be the ones that support me. Place can be seen more in perspective. I need to realize when the right time is and know that whatever comes my way, I will get to where I need to be. Also the opportunities that will come around will be worth waiting for. I need to learn how to not spread myself too thin by saying yes to every opportunity, but know my values and be strong in what I want to put time into.

  • Remy Young

    Throughout all of President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s presentation, I loved how she continued to reference her path of life and leadership. A lot of this path was about acknowledging the place that you’re in and then doing your absolute best to thrive and grow in that place. Also, our President recognized that her path was filled with people who gave her chances. She gave so much credit to those who opened doors and credited opportunities for her, while still knowing her part in her success, which I find very admirable. Additionally, she challenged us to be people who take chances on people when we can, because it can change our life and theirs. Through both people and places, she spoke on all of the possibilities there are. Tremendous possibilities can come from the question, “What else can I do?” This question is one that President Neuhold-Ravikumar often asks of all those around her. I hope to take all these life lessons our President presented to us and use them in my own life to become the best leader and person I can.

  • Austin Borjas

    I think for myself graduating this week this is a perfect chance to embrace these three topic. I think I dealing with people this could lead me to endless opportunities. If I focus on relationship this could lead to networking, creat new friends, and even new career advancement opportunities. Dealing with place I think this could help me embrace my current “season”. I think that the current place that I have had the opportunity to be in the past 4 and a half years has taught me many things. It has given me many new tools to further myself in my career. I have training opportunities, teaching opportunities, and even holding myself to a higher standard both in my professional life and personal life. UCO has really transformed my life and so thankful for it. The last is possibilities. Everyday is a new possibility. I have a new possibility this upcoming week and this is a perfect chance to embrace this possibility. It makes me nervous not knowing my future. This could be a new possibility to lead me to other opportunities so the best thing I can do is pray and use wisdom.

  • Charity Lassiter

    In leadership you have to consider all aspects, including people, place, and possibilities. I’m going to call these the three p’s. I think the three p’s already play a big role in my style of leadership. In my work environment I constantly have to approach people. That covers the people and the place aspect. I usually go into these interactions considering what the possibilities might be, figuring out the best course of action. In a leadership type of environment it is essentially the same. I have to incorporate the three p’s to continue to grow my leadership. If I am always thinking about those three things

  • Charity Lassiter

    I can be assured that in my experiences of leadership growth will happen. Being aware of people, the places you’re in, and the possibilities that can happen keep you accountable.

  • Sydney Garrett

    I had such a great time hearing from President Neuhold-Ravikumar because I was able to know a little more about her as a person and not just as the president of the university. She had three main points that she talked about. I can integrate people, place, and possibilities into my life and leadership opprotunities in the future. President Neuhold-Ravikumar told us how she always stayed busy by asking what she could do next. I believe it is so important to not grow comfortable in the position I am in and always strive for more possibilities. She also mentioned how her board always keeps her on track and how she values each of them. This statement really opened my eyes to the fact that I do need supportive mentors and friends in my life because it is impossible to do it on my own. After President Neuhold-Ravikumar spoke to us on Tuesday, I know that her experience and advice will help me grow as an individual and a leader.

  • President Neuhold Ravikumar discussed many aspects of leadership including people, place, and possibilities. For people, don’t count out the small people in your life. Take chances on people just like how you would want people to take a chance on you if you were in need. For place, don’t forget how blessed you are to be where you are today. Do not forget the privilege you have so you can help those get to where you are. For possibilities, take every chance you can get because you do not know when you are going to get a chance like the one you pass up. Take each possibility because there may be some people that would kill for an opportunity like that. I think what I gathered most from all three lessons was to make the most out of any situation you are in. Complaining about your situation instead of capitalizing on it will only hinder your own success.

  • brinlee lenochan

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar’s shared some truly inspiring information about leadership. She discussed the 3 themes she believes to be the most powerful in an effective leader; people, place, and possibilities.Integrating these three themes into my personal development is something I strive to accomplish. People, I will remember to keep the people I serve and that are around me centered in my leadership. Places, I will strive to reach new places and step out of my comfort zone. President Neuhold states “any place you choose to be, deserves the best you have to offer”,meaning that no matter where you end up, give it your all. Possibilities, as a leader your possibilities are endless. She also mentioned how everything has a purpose, which interpreted as everything is a possibility. Overall the main message I got from President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar’s speech was to always try your hardest and give it your all.

  • Tyler Owens

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar was one of my favorite speakers of the whole semester by far; she is eloquent, poised, and has thrived in adversity. She is one of my personal role models at this university, and I was very excited to hear what advice she had to offer regarding leadership. To me, the concept of people, place, and possibilities is all about perspective and self-awareness. Knowing who you have in your life, who your supporters are, and who your enemies are is vital in leadership because that’s what leadership is: leading people. I can integrate this into my personal development by being more conscientious of who I am surrounded by, if they are beneficial to my leadership journey, and by gathering feedback from those around me regarding my leadership abilities and actions. Place is another huge one for me. President Neuhold-Ravikumar explained the importance of place as ensuring that you are a long-term asset where you’re at and, if you’re not, how to either become a long-term asset or find somewhere where you are. This is to make sure that you are making the biggest difference you can, and that you’re putting yourself in a setting in which your leadership abilities can flourish and you can continue to work towards your passion. Another aspect of this that I find important is that places are not just physical, but also psychological, like where you are in life and what relationships and organizations you include yourself in. I can most definitely incorporate this into my life by assessing where I am spending time and energy, and the benefit that has come of it. By self-auditing the places in which you involve yourself, you can cut out any excess effort that isn’t going anywhere. The third and final principle President Neuhold-Ravikumar mentioned was that of possibilities. In a sense elaborating on both place and people, possibilities is assessing what potential you have and which path has the most potential. These paths could include various people and places, and is essentially the overarching principle to the two. Analyzing which possibilities you have, how each of them will benefit you, and in which areas you could use the most experience is essential to personal leadership development. Taking an opportunity to be a leader in the same position you have held before would not be nearly as beneficial as branching out into a new area in which you would like to see personal improvement. Throughout my journey through college, I can integrate this principle on a daily basis. Every job, organization, and leadership position can and will be reflected on my applications for law school and potentially other job applications, so having the ability to analyze which opportunities fill in holes in your resume is essential. Overall, I absolutely loved getting to hear President Neuhold-Ravikumar speak, and I look forward to actively making changes in my life to reflect on the people, places, and possibilities in it.

  • Josephine Boschert

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar’s presentation was extremely moving and humbling. I admired her openness, and appreciated her not sugar-coating anything about her experience in terms of where she got started. Her points on the importance of “people, places, and possibilities” revealed the basis on which she built her leadership position, and was incredibly eye-opening in terms of what to value when chasing a goal, job, or position. I loved her point on expecting the unexpected, and I think this relates to her point on possibilities as oftentimes, unexpected conditions result in unexpected results. Essentially, her words on expecting the unexpected spoke to me and was an inspiring reminder on the importance of anticipating change, rather than accepting consistency.

  • Serah Salau

    It was my first opportunity I got to listen to president Patti so I was so eager and excited to listen to her. She talked about three principles and themes, people, places and possibilities, to consider in leadership which to me, integrated so well. Firstly, It is through people where people get opportunities for example job and scholarship opportunities depending on the place for example in school. When I was in high school I got an opportunity for a full scholarship to a national school by simply approaching the people at the offices and telling them my situation. I was lucky to get the scholarship as well as maintaining it till I graduated because of my grades. What I am trying to put across is that I took the opportunity I had to have the scholarship by meeting the people in charge and getting to know them and letting them know about my situation. If it were not for the people in charge I would probably not have gotten the scholarship. I therefore believe they go hand to hand.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar gave a great presentation that emphasized the importance of people, place, and possibilities. As a leader, people are so important and one of the greatest resources a leader has. Taking chances on people is so important because it creates a great possibility to lead and grow them into better leaders. It is also so important to always do your best, no matter the place or organization you are in. Every experience creates a learning opportunity to grow and thrive. As a leader, there are so many possibilities and opportunities that will arise and it is important to be willing to take the risk and seize the opportunities. President Neuhold-Ravikumar gave a very inspiring speech that was a great way to end the semester.

  • Serah Salau

    It was my first opportunity I got to listen to president Patti so I was so eager and excited to listen to her. She talked about three principles and themes, people, places and possibilities, to consider in leadership which to me, integrated so well. Firstly, It is through people where people get opportunities for example job and scholarship opportunities depending on the place for example in school. When I was in high school I got an opportunity for a full scholarship to a national school by simply approaching the people at the offices and telling them my situation. I was lucky to get the scholarship as well as maintaining it till I graduated because of my grades. What I am trying to put across is that I took the opportunity I had to have the scholarship by meeting the people in charge and getting to know them and letting them know about my situation. If it were not for the people in charge I would probably not have gotten the scholarship.

  • It was a pleasure having President Neuhold-Ravikumar come and speak at our leadership class. As the first woman President of UCO, she has big shoes to fill. President Neuhold-Ravikumar elaborated on leadership within people, places, possibilities. She talks about the people she surrounds herself with and how they impact her. Reaching for success is not a path you can take alone. You must reach out for help, and eventually, people will take chances on you and encourage you. The people around you impact your lifestyle. Another thing she explained was the importance of hard work. No matter where you are or who you’re working with, you must give your absolute all. Any place deserves the best you offer no matter the importance. Another important thing about leadership is sharing responsibilities. You have to carefully calculate the time for the things you care about and know what are your priorities. Overall, President Neuhold-Ravikumar was inspirational and knowledgable. I enjoyed her talk about how leadership affected her life

  • Alexxa Lewis

    Getting to hear from President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar was unlike any other speech we have gotten to listen to. She spoke of such significant leadership qualities that every young leader should take into account. The three different themes, people, place, and possibilities, can be easily integrated into my personal growth and development, as well as my leadership skills. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the people you meet who have been more successful than you have; remembering the conversations and advice you have been given by these memorable people can help you stay grounded. From President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s speech, it is easy to see she sticks to her roots and doesn’t lose where she comes from. The different places you have been successful can act as a constant reminder as to who you are and why you belong in the place you are at. Life is full of possibilities and as leaders, we often find ourselves leaping at every opportunity we can get. Figuring out what is right for you with the many opportunities you have been given can help you understand yourself better. By using these qualities as a guide to grow myself as a leader, I can better my abilities and strive to achieve more leadership qualities.

  • Emma Lammers

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar was very well spoken in her speech to us. As she was making each point over people, place, and possibilities she kept repeating how she knew she had so much more potential. As she was talking about how she had the capacity to do so much more than what she was, I kept thinking to myself that I feel the same exact way. I feel this way in school, at work, even with my personal relationships. I think by just realizing that you have so much more potential it will cause a spark in motivation. This motivation will go a far distance if you allow it to. Knowing your self worth can definitely change your attitude towards all three points our president discussed. I think she did a very well job addressing topics that most of us struggle with. A lot of college students don’t know what they are capable of doing in these three categories, and just by hearing her journey in life inspired a lot of us in the room.

  • Grace Duvall

    The president was an amazing ending to our speakers. I loved getting to hear her talk about her struggles and obstacles she faced to gain the position she has today. When she refers to the guiding principles people, place, and possibilities I began to notice they all go hand in hand. When striving for your daily leadership goals it takes meeting people and building relationships with others. This connects with being hardworking no matter where you are placed. Sometimes we may not like the journey it takes to become the leader we want, but being present where we are placed in the moment is an essential thing for the process. And lastly possibilities is what drives our leadership skills. The chance that we could potential make a difference in the lives of others and ourselves. All these skills help to motivate and establish the skills we need to lead others well.

  • Emma Lammers

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar was very well spoken in her speech to us. As she was making each point over people, place, and possibilities she kept repeating how she knew she had so much more potential. As she was talking about how she had the capacity to do so much more than what she was, I kept thinking to myself that I feel the same exact way. I feel this way in school, at work, even with my personal relationships. I think by just realizing that you have so much more potential it will cause a spark in motivation. This motivation will go a far distance if you allow it to. Knowing your self worth can definitely change your attitude towards all three points our president discussed. I think she did a very well job addressing topics that most of us struggle with. A lot of college students don’t know what they are capable of doing in these three categories, and just by hearing her journey in life inspired a lot of us in the room. I am very thankful that she took the time to come and talk with us.

  • Ashlynn Meyer

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar’s speech was a great way to the end this semesters’ slew of presentations. She spoke to three points that guided her to where she is at in her leadership role, those principles being: people, places and possibilities. She definitely did not plan to be in the position she is in today, but the people she met, the places she worked and the relationships built within them, and the possibilities she took and also made for herself got her to where she is at today. As a leader, I will keep these three principles in mind in my leadership positions. I cannot do it all on my own that is why I need people to mentor me and help guide me in the direction I want to go. I need to be more mindful of the places I am put and learn to grow in those areas and those seasons. I also need to look at the possibilities of where I am at, in my leadership and wherever I may be working at the time. I love what she said about making possibilities and opportunities for yourself, even if they are not offered to you, and I feel that is an important lesson I will put into action throughout the rest of my careers.

  • Dominic Graziano

    It was such a blessing to be able to listen to our president speak. I personally believed that she had so many good things to say, especially her key principles. I think that people are incredibly special and important in anyone’s leadership. I also think it’s important to treat those people with love and respect because those people will help you in your journey. Places are actually something that I never really think of. But remembering where you come from as well as where you are and what that means is important. It’s important to remember your values and your purpose. Possibilities are endless. Each and every person has extensive possibilities to do great things and I personally think knowing that will help you in pursuing those possibilities, which in turn grows you as a leader more.

  • Kameron Kimball

    President Patti was a very good speaker. She made it very personal where kids could relate. I liked her presentation a lot because she used her personal experience, so it was very relatable. She is very passionate about her job, which made it easy to listen. I get to choose where I go in life is what she taught me. Lastly, remember the people that have gotten you where you are.

  • Zachary Nemecek

    President Neuhold-Ravikumar made a great point about how important other people are in your leadership ventures. There will be times when you are not as skilled in an area as someone else but other people can help you succeed. When you are leading others you are hardly on your own, it simply comes down to the connections that you hold with other people. Having people on your side that want to see you accomplish your goals will make task’s easier. Being able to accept new people and opportunities in your life will bring you to new ventures you never imagined. Ultimately, by using the advice she gave about people, place, and possibilities you could open up a whole new door of experiences.

  • Today, I listened a speech from President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar. Through her speech I can look back on myself again. The people, place, and the possibilities are really important qualities to be a good leader. Actually, I am in United States and I met many new people in here. I believe that it provide me a great possibilities to grow as a leader. So, I will not let time just go. I will listen other voice and study hard in here to prepare for my future. Her presentation is really inspirational for me.

  • Tyler Garcia

    Having personal connections with people is one of my top strategies in leadership, and I believe it goes a lot farther than most other tactics. If you can build strong personal relationships with those around you, they will be more tempted to follow your example and you’re possibly making connections 10 years down the road in the long run. If the people you’re around are putting a negative impact on you personally, you may need to find a new place to lead in. Often this is hard to grasp, and that’s why so many people start going down hill. But regardless, the possibilities you accept are endless, you just have to be bold and search out for them while maintaining true to your purpose and not taking in too much.

  • Carson Clay

    I respectfully listened and appreciated listing to president Neuhold-Ravikumar talk last Tuesday. What I took away most was her saying that relationships and connections are key in period in life. It is such an important thing to know and communicate with people wether it is through school, work, or life in general. She talked about how since a young age she has tried to get out and grasp those connections. Her saying that and talking about growing up was really helpful and relatable to the audience she was speaking to. Also, she did a great job answering questions and listening/caring for us.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    Listening to President Patti’s lecture was a meaningful experience and time. I could know how she thinks and loves the University of Central Oklahoma and students in the university during her speech in the leadership class. She talked about various things about leadership. A leader is a very important role in a group. How to use leadership in the relationship between people is one of the things that we have to think when we are included in a group. I think I can do the role of a good leader in a group to serve and help people.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    With theses three factors in mind there have been times where I have not be in the right place, but that gave me the chance to reflect and improve on my mistakes. Another things is that I surround my self that make me a better person, and have strengths that I do not. As for possibilities I always see them as an open doors where I can grow and explore new adventures.

  • Jerome Brown

    President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar was a very intelligent and down to earth leader. Her three main points focused around people, place, and possibilities. Having a personal connection with someone makes it easier to lead them because they feel like they can trust you. You also have to be present in whatever place you are in. Just showing up is not enough because you could miss out on important opportunities. The possibilities we have are very abundant because we never know who is watching or what is going to happen next. So staying ready is a nice and easy way to be prepared for anything.