Week 14- Congresswoman Kendra Horn

Congresswoman Horn discussed the importance of leaders to show up, the power of service, and remembering the components of head, hands, and heart when identifying what drives you.

Discuss what drives your head, hands, and heart as well as identify what steps you need to take to advance your efforts in these areas.


  • Ainsley Bain

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn began by saying that there are many ways to get from where you are to where you want to be. The most important thing about that though, is understanding your “why”. Kendra Horn also said it is important to learn how history impacts us currently, and how what we are doing right now will impact the future. I really enjoyed listening to Kendra Horn, I agreed with a lot of what she had to say. I personally am driven by those I care about. I have a lot of love in my heart for the important people in my life, and because of that, I strive constantly to do things for them and for their well being and joy. Congresswoman Horn also said that we have to find our own paths as leaders, and that each leader’s path is unique. Kendra Horn also said, “There is power in showing up to help your community.” With this, community service and pride is so vital to the success and happiness of a leader and their community. Congresswoman Horn also said that even if it is simple, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard, which tags along perfectly with what Kendra Horn added, “if you do what you love, you’re going to work really hard at it.” This is an idea that I have been pondering over profusely, because the saying “you won’t work a day in your life if you love what you do” is so popular. I connected with what the congresswoman had to say about leadership. Overall, congresswoman Kendra Horn was really inspiring. One of the last things she said was, “‘standing up doesn’t mean blocking people out,” which is something all leaders must be reminded of. Personally, I feel I can grow my leadership capabilities by continually learning and listening to those around me. We are called to go forth and connect with others, which is ultimately what true leaders do.

  • Sheridan Luis

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn gave a very eyeopening speech about how to reach your goals. She had a great point that leadership is about doing what is best for the community. For my head it is really hard for me to understand the challenges sometimes, it is a major area I could improve on by taking time to ponder on the challenges. For my hands coming up with a plan is no problem I am a huge planner, but making sure everyone stays on board and motivated to follow the plan through is the main struggle at times. I think that your heart has to be in the right place and you have to make sure you are passionate about what you are doing to accomplish it. Things to make the pursuit better could be finding your “Why,” the main reason for what your cause means to you and how it will impact others over yourself.

  • Hannah Morrison

    One of Kendra Horn’s first points was that there are lots of ways to find true expression of leadership. This can be seen through what your head, hands, and heart work towards. Personally, I find my motivation in seeing the outcome of my work. I also find satisfaction in seeing how my actions positively impact others. As Horn said, “we can serve as public servants, and there are many ways to be a public servant.” Certain aspects that I could work on to better myself in these areas would be finding new ways to connect with those that I am serving, and working on more hands-on jobs. This would allow me to gain experience with those I am serving.

  • Ruby Edsall

    I really enjoyed hearing Congresswoman Horn’s views and story. I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience a woman of such power and ambition. Kendra’s ideas on head, hands, and heart, were some of my favorites; she believes in knowing your pathway, being willing to work, and caring about something beyond yourself. She’s quite a quotable woman, and on this topic, she said, “Whatever it is that lights you up, put your heart into it.” When I question my own “why,” I’ll be honest and say that I don’t quite know yet. While I can’t quite pinpoint one specific “why”, I can say what inspires me to lead. The ability to help others who lack a voice, stability, or direction pushes me to stand into leading positions. Kendra’s reminder that “we all have blind spots,” is a wonderful one that I tend to forget. I believe I can improve my leading ability by doing my best to acknowledge my own blind spots and ignorance. Her comment on seeking “out people who don’t agree with you,” really resonated with me. We must remember that just because we don’t agree with a viewpoint or opinion, those who clash with us, feed us. We learn to understand our beliefs and ideas more firmly when they are challenged. Kendra is a wonderful example of what a leader should strive to be, and she’s the kind of role model I wish I had been exposed to as a little girl.

  • Emme Douglas

    The thing that guides my hands, heart, and head would be my loved ones and my personal goals. I care a lot about my family and friends, and I have always helped out in any way I could. I also want to make them proud of all that I do, so that is how I base some of my decisions. My family has always pushed me and thought highly of me. They are so supportive and want me to never settle for being average unless that’s what I want. I also am driven by my own personal goals. I am an achiever, so that means I always strive for better. I have a personality trait that wants to achieve my goals. Personally, I think I could be stronger in the regard that sometimes I get too focused on my personal goal. I get wrapped up in what I want to achieve and making my family proud that I forget that I could be more open to other people’s goals too. My efforts could be just to find the ballance of my goals and others goals.

  • Dominic Graziano

    I’m all about listening to people with a big platform in order to hear and learn about their beliefs and where they stand. It was a blessing to hear Congresswoman Kendra Horn speak to our class this past week. I wholeheartedly believe in doing what you love and doing it with passion. Anything I do, I try to do it with as much passion as I can. One things that I absolutely love is when Kendra Horn stated that “standing up doesn’t mean blocking people out.” That is so important to me. I have been shut down and cut off countless times just because of my personal beliefs and ideologies. I believe speaking and listening to people that have a difference of opinion is oh so important. There’s too much toxicity in our world currently and I really appreciate the fact that she brought that up. Overall, even though I disagree with a lot of her personal ideologies, I’m grateful for her time and for her sharing her beliefs.

  • Mide Cassaday

    There are a few things that keep me driven in my life today. Throughout this year, I have faced so many challenges and so many changes. It has been hard to adjust. To be honest though, it has been worth it. I just keep thinking about how proud I am making my family and how far I have come. I have progressed in my school work and I am learning so much more than I expected to. Knowing that I am going in the right direction and I am starting to show more initiative when it comes to things I am passionate about is was keeps me intrinsically motivated. I look forward to getting to better places in my life, so keeping that in mind, I continue to self-motivate myself to make new goals and overcome any obstacles that come my way.

  • Serah Salau

    I had always believed the saying that “when you love what you are doing, you don’t have to work hard” till Congresswoman Kendra Horn spoke to us. I learned that when you really love something and what you are doing, you will be motivated to work hard for it. She also talked about showing up and serving for the community which is a great value leaders should have today because after all it is a community we are leading. What drives me is empathy because when I try to see how someone will be affected by my decision, words or action before i act. Listening is always what drives me the most because to me, making a decision is a major thing so I learned to listen to other people’s view before making any decision.

  • Seth Harriet

    To first discuss what my drive is in using the three h’s, head, hands, and heart. To start with head, one way I seek out the challenges ahead is to plan carefully and do a small portion of critical thinking every day. The thing that drives me to do this is the positive effect I have personally seen in my life through this process. Hands or hard work, I have tried my best to practice my whole life. I get this work ethic from the values taught to me by mentors and parents. I used to practice this hard work to make the people teaching me proud but independently working hard for myself has achieved me many things. Lastly heart, the heart or what is beyond yourself is more difficult to explain to someone else, because I do not understand why I do some acts of kindness. I gain happiness from bringing joy to others, this drives me to care more about the people around me and how my actions with ripple to them. Overall, Congresswoman Horn gave a great presentation to the class.

  • Something that motivates me is making other people happy or making their lives more fulfilling. When someone who is facing a troubling time or issue is put in my path, helping them brings me joy. I have had mentors in my life that have helped me in a time of need, so passing that on to someone else helps remind to be grateful for what I have. One of the ways that I do this is by motivating them and bringing consistency and structure into their life. Many times it’s something as simple as just going to the gym with them everyday. Staying busy and keeping yourself occupied helps tremendously. As a mentor has told me in the past, holding onto a gift and not sharing it is a waste. I have been given so much in my life, sharing the knowledge and compassion that has been given to me is something I feel moved to do.

  • Shelby Denney

    Kendra Horn was an inspiring leader and has some very important advice for those who were pursuing work in politics and leadership. Most importantly she spoke of using your drive of head, hands, and heart. I feel in my personal life that my head is driven by a need to help others and want to give joy to those around me. Furthermore, this drives my heart because I want to do good things for others and to help them. I like to see others around me leading happy and fulfilling lives. Finally I can see this analogy in my hands through my employment and what I would like to do in the future. I currently teach infants how to swim and survive, this job has given me the opportunity to impact many Oklahoman families prevent drowning in their own homes. In the future I would like to become a nurse or Physician’s Assistant and it through this effort I am able to further my hands, head, and heart towards helping others.

  • Brianna Jennings

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn left us off with an amazing lesson in “head, hands, and heart.” This lesson resonated with me because that is how I have been deciding what I really want to do in my life. Education in all forms has been a huge passion of mine. With that being said, using my head, I understand the importance of education and where we struggle- especially in Oklahoma- in terms of providing it. There is always something more to know and to learn about education, so I can continually work on expanding my knowledge of the subject. Secondly, being “hands” on with education is an important thing. As I want to become a Spanish teacher, I constantly have to be hands-on both in teaching others and learning myself. Despite how active I am in learning about educating, I can always improve myself by getting real-life experience, help, and tips from former educators. Lastly, putting my heart into what I do is the most important thing. If I am not giving everything I have in this career field, I will not only harm myself but harm others too. At times it may be hard, but the best technique to keeping my “heart” into it is remembering who I am doing it for. Overall, the “head, hands, and heart” method is a brilliant lesson to learn from.

  • Lauren Berry

    Kendra Horn gave some beautiful commentary over her personal lessons in leadership. One of the subjects she covered was the head, hands, and heart – which, as she described, are the “ways to success.” First, to analyze what my personal ‘head’ is, I have to understand my pathway. What will it take to get to where I want to go? First of all, as Kendra Horn emphasized, hard work is key. This ties into the ‘hands’ portion – she says to do the work, and be willing to adapt. This key is crucial for any situation – if you do your work, and are adaptable to hiccups or otherwise, you will be twelve steps ahead of your competition, and will be well on your way to improving yourself. And finally, the heart. By caring about everything I do, my work ethic will improve drastically. By putting emotion into the work, working hard for it, and making myself able to adapt, I can begin to improve myself in every area I apply myself in. On that same note, I believe I need to focus on the hands aspect – being able to adapt. As adapting takes patience, I believe the development of this skill will be vital in my growth as a leader and servant.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn gave an amazing presentation on how to be driven and caring as a leader. The three main points , Head, hands, and heart, I believe can be applied to everyone in not only their large endeavors, but also in their daily lives. The head representing understanding, the hands representing a willingness to work, and the heart representing finding what you care about. One of the main things that stood out to me was that you must find something you care about deeply that is beyond yourself to make a difference in the world around you. You must search for the thing that makes you excited and drives you to do better and work harder. She also made the point contradicting the statement that if you “do something you love, and never work a day in your life”. She made an emphasis that there will be work, but that’s what makes the payoff worth it. Kendra Horn made many things clear about leadership, but the most important to me was that no matter how little you have, you always have something to offer others. I struggle with money and resources and believed that because I didn’t have these things I couldn’t make an impact, but that simply isn’t true. I have hardworking, dedication, and time to give, and sometimes that can be more impactful than anything else. Congresswoman Kendra Horn was an amazing speaker and made, I believe, a great impact on this class of leadership at UCO.

  • Zachary Nemecek

    There are a multitude of factors that drive me to be who I am and where I want to go. My whole life has been surrounded by people working hard even when the odds are against them. Growing up I saw my dad working a full time job while also going through college to finish up his degree. The hard work and perseverance of difficult situations was drilled into me when I was young. Everything I want to achieve is fueled because I want to do good for my family. When times are rough I know who I can rely on and fall back to, and also I have an example of how to live after seeing my father work so hard. Remembering my roots and knowing where I came from has shaped me as a person and I want to use those experiences to be the best possible leader and worker possible.

  • Ashton K Joyner

    Congresswomen Kendra Horn centered her speech around the importance of finding your “why” or your passion, and then having a voice of leadership in whatever area that may be. She says that there is power in showing up for your community in what makes YOU strong. Each of have been gifted with a certain set of assets and skills that differ from the person next to us. We are all unique and have different strengths. It is important to show up with what you have to offer or else no one will. We are strongest when we are not trying to be something we are not. For that reason it is important to show up exactly as you are, because, chances are, who you are is exactly what someone needs. A passion of mine that drives me is to love and serve others unconditionally like Jesus, especially those in foreign countries. I use my head in this area by understanding that a person who is empty cannot pour out onto others. For this reason I make sure that I am spending time in God’s presence through worship and prayer, surrounding myself with life-giving people, and that I am spiritually and physically rested. I use my hands to serve in whatever capacity is needed on these trips, whether it is to love or to serve. I could not pursue this passion without my heart and my faith. From the heart I am able to love and from the heart is how I lead.

  • Caylee Ralls

    One of Kendra Horn’s main focuses was seeing the impact our decisions make on everyone around us. She said, “We impact the next generation just like past generations have impacted us,” that made me listen and get very engaged with everything she was saying. I believe that is my “why.” I constantly think about how the decisions I make will one day affect the lives of people who come after me, and I believe that’s something very few people care about. She said, “We have to care about something other than ourself to change the world around us.” Even though I think about the future generations, I do also think about myself a lot. I need to learn to start putting others before myself in order to make an even greater impact on this world. I don’t need to not care about myself at all, but I believe it’s all about finding a balance. I really enjoyed everything that Kendra Horn said. She shared such an important message with all of us.

  • Madison Baugh

    It was awesome to be given the opportunity to have Congresswoman Kendra Horn speak to our class on Tuesday. She was very insightful as to how a leader can be successful by sticking to his/her roots. Personally, what drives my head, hands, and heart is my family and my community. It is my top priority to make sure that what I am pursuing will not only benefit my family, but those around me as well. No matter where I am in my journey, I know that taking care of others is the best way to be a leader. A way that I can grow in this area is to have patience with myself and where I am in the process of becoming the leader I want to be. Congresswoman Kendra Horn said, “You’re not going to get it all done at once, but that doesn’t make it not worth doing.” I will be able to grow as a leader and help others all the more if I can just have patience in my process.

  • Emma Childers

    Kendra Horn’s words were so inspiring to me last Tuesday and motivated me to “set into my own voice” more. The open-door policy she referred to reminding me of a self management strategy from “Emotional Intelligence 2.0.” What drives my head, and, and heart is helping others through art therapy. It’s important to understand the potential challenges that lie ahead such as finding a job and/or internships in that related field. To combat this I’m striving to make connections in the psychology and art fields. However, until that time comes, I will continue to help others anyway that I can and “caring beyond just myself” and Kendra Horn advised to do.

  • Callie Hambrick

    I enjoyed listening to Congresswoman Kendra Horn because she related with us students so well. One of the most interesting things she talked about were the components of head, hands, and heart. What drives us to think, do, and feel? I started thinking about what drives me and my head, hands, and heart, and I think that is helping others. One thing God put on my heart is loving others, and that is what drives me to think, do, and feel. I think I need to work harder and advance my efforts in listening. If we first listen, then we can think and so on. But without listening to others, we can’t help them at all because we simply do not know.

  • Remy Young

    Congresswoman Horn delivered a great message to our class and I am so thankful for the opportunity of getting to hear about what drives her. When I think of what I am driven by, many things come to mind — I am sure that it is similar for everyone in our class as well. After deliberating over what truly drives my life, I think it is to help equip others to live their life in the best and most fulfilling way possible. While this is an extremely broad idea, I think that is what is so great about it. A full and great life looks different to every single person, so helping others on that path is different for every person. I think that this desire is what draws me to the career of counseling. Right now, I am doing my best to pursue this desire. I am a Psychology major learning how people work and I am trying to apply it to be my best self. Then hopefully one day, I will get to help other people become their best self.

  • Yaritza Romero

    Congresswomen Kendra Horn mentioned a lot of things but one that particularly got my attention was when she said there were more on on path you could take to get from “here” to “there.” Which I find to be so true, there is not one straightforward path that will take you directly where you want to be. You said other things as well that I strongly I agree with. She said that no matter how you little you have, show up and help your family and friends. And what really hit home was when she said that anything worth accomplishing, is worth doing it right which is where “head, hand, and heart” come in. It is important to listen because its good to know the consequences of your actions.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    what drives me the most is my passion for theatre. how I have stuck with this passion throughout the years is by perfecting my craft to become the best actor possible, I also act with my heart because I that someone in the crowd might find that production as a temporary break from reality so it is my job to take them to that place. One way I plan on improving is by gaining more world knowledge so that I have more to draw from for my characters.


    Congrsswomen Kendra Horn started the discussion with the story of a great leader of Oklahoma Carl Albert. He was from a poor family of a small village of Oklahoma and became a great leader and a representative of Oklahoma for President’s office. Kendra Horn also said about three things which is necesssary for a person to do anything. They are head, hand and heart. To succeed in any mission in life I think the combination of these three plays a vital role for the success of the work. For me, success is not apparent or what other people judge about my end result, it is that makes me feel good even after losing the mission I got to see the end of something and I went through the pathway of that journey I got to learn a lot of things which many other people didn’t get the chance to know about. However, to make my action or the work I’m going to do for the people of my society to serve them my head, hand and heart have to have a combination. To make the work perfect I will plan for the service how can any project serve the society. Then, hand is the physical work to make the service availaiable for the people of the society and then the heart will make feel that the work I’m doing is for the people and for the love i have towards those people for whom I decided to serve them.

  • Grace Duvall

    Congress Woman Kendra Horn was an inspiring and outstanding person to hear speak. I think its so inspiring to see what she is doing in the state of Oklahoma and how she made it to where she is at today. I for one am definitely lead most by my heart and head. Sometimes the thing that drives me is my constant strong will to be successful and have a comfortable lifestyle. Other times its my heart driving me. This mainly comes into play when I’m dealing with those I hold dearly close to my heart. Often times its my friends and family who drive me to want to better myself in ever aspect of life. Sometimes whenever I am driven by my head I forget about the things around me and begin doing stuff for myself. I would much rather be driven by my heart because it helps me stay connected to the community that helps me achieve all of my success. If it weren’t for the people i hold dear, I would never achieve anything.

  • Walker Holland

    Thank you to Congresswoman Horn for coming down to UCO to speak on behalf of her leadership values. I agree that its important to use your head, hands and heart in anything you do as a leader. Keeping your head in something means you are working hard to stay mentally involved in your work. Keeping your hands moving keeps your engaged in what you are working on and means you will put yourself into the work if need be. Then having heart is just being natural in a sense. Giving something heart could mean giving it your personal all, and letting it be emotional as well as thoughtful. I think what drives me the most in these things is just remembering what is important and continuing to plow through no matter what.

  • Emma Lammers

    It was such an honor to listen to Kendra Horn especially because I am not a legal resident in Oklahoma. It was nice to put a face to the congresswoman who represents our community. I agreed with all of the things she said to us regarding leadership. I think she is a very genuine and intelligent woman who wants the best for our community. She is a very well spoken person who genuinely cares about what others have to offer, which is such an important characteristic in a person. My head, hands, and heart are driven by who I am surrounded by. I want the best for everyone around me, even those who I don’t necessarily agree with. I am the type of person who has the best intentions in mind and those intentions will drive my actions. I want to be able to please most people, if not most then all. I will always try my best to listen and connect with those around me. Fortunately, it is not hard for me to find connections with people as my top strength is a relator. I want to continue to be there and listen to those who I am surrounded by so that I can base my actions on the needs of others, not just myself. Kendra Horn’s passion for people and policy is so inspiring for me to see and I can’t wait for what else she has to offer.

  • Gavin White

    Mrs. Horn has gotten nothing but praise for her appearance on Tuesday. When I look at the question, I just think about what really drives me. For me, I want to make a difference, and I want to make people’s lives better. I have been all over the country on mission trips and have seen people there very lowest, and I think that as a country we can do better and help more people. Moving on to the hands I feel like when I am in a leadership position, I feel the need to be in the mist. I believe that the best leadership that I can display is when I am taking part in what I’m leading.

  • Tyler Boykin

    What drives my head is my heart. what drives my hands is my head and what drives my heart is my personal beliefs and morals. This way of doing things though is pretty biased and I need to expand my control board. By trying to put myself in other peoples shoes I can change the way my head and hands work. By sitting back and analyzing a little bit longer I could potentially change the outcome a little more. But all this takes practice and practice will come as life continues. It will always stay in the back of my mind and suddenly be brought forward when the opportunity rises. I was very inspired by congresswoman Kendra Horn, her speech really made my gears turn and make me think of what I’m doing to get better.

  • Brianna Taylor

    Throughout the years, the reasons behind my drive have changed and evolved along with me. Currently, my passion for self-growth and for expanding my world knowledge are the driving force behind my head, hands, and heart. These ideals have helped push me to do and be better, as well as to help others grow too. In order to push myself further, I need to continue to be uncomfortable. Getting outside of my comfort zone will help me grow in all aspects of my life by exposing myself to new experiences and different perspectives. I can continue to push myself by either volunteering or by attending public events in my community. By doing this, I will be able to help others, as well as myself, because I will be more knowledgeable in all areas of life.

  • Karina Cabrera

    The number one motivator that will always drive my head is my family. My family is without a doubt the most giving and caring people that I know, and my parents raised me to always give back to others, have a caring heart, and speak for what I believe in. They are the reason why I am pushing myself to reach every goal that I have set for myself and I cannot wait until I begin my life with a successful career and financially stable life. That is when it will be my opportunity to take care of my parents the way they have always taken care of me. Because of my parents, I have been able to step outside of my house and perceive the world from my own perspective and have come to a decision that I will always try my best to make the world a better place, even if I only make a slight positive difference. The thought of making my community a better place is what drives my heart, to know that I can help the future generations after I make the world a better place and all together, that is what drives my heart.
    The steps I need to take in order to advance my efforts in these areas is to always maintain my priorities in the order that they should be. I need to make sure to always give my best efforts to my academics in hopes of being accepted into the Nursing Program at UCO. For my community, I need to continue to Volunteer at places such as Manos Juntas where I am making a difference in helping for the better. I also need to continue to help educate students of all the open doors waiting for them to walk in. There are many students who are unaware of the differences that they can make for both themselves and their communities, and I have made it my job to try to inform as many students as I can about all the open doors just waiting for them to come in and I can help by continuing to host college panels as well as volunteer to discuss my current path in college for OKC public schools.

  • Maria Carbajal

    Congresswoman Horn made really impactful points. Her message about head, hands, and heart really forces you to think about what drives you. Parents, education, friends, etc. are all some of the things to mind. I think figuring out what component they are a part of is more difficult. For example, my heart is driven by my parents but so is my head. It can blur together and I think that’s something to work on. Working hard and showing up is important like Congresswoman Horn said. If we’re not driven by anything though, it becomes easier to not be present as leaders. I think showing up more is something I could personally work on to be a better leader. I think being there is the first step to being really engaged in servicing others.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    David Castillo talked about leadership for people. He did not only say about leadership and he focused on people. We can not learn anything if we don’t do anything. We learn and grow through others and ourselves. endeavoring for people is very important.
    When he talked about how to keep learning & growing, I became to think about many things. He said . “continue to be a learner and invest for yourself.” I am 19 years old now so I think I don’t need to develop more. But the idea was wrong.

    • Jonghyeon Park

      Congresswoman Horn talked on Tuesday. I understood little but it was a good time.
      I act through others. It affects me a lot what they say or does to me. So I talk and share experiences with many people. Horm also said that we have to share an experience. Through this I try to grow me up. And this makes better communication. So I think listening is very important. This is the motivation and the way to improve my skills.

  • Carson Clay

    Congress Kendra Horn spoked heavy about finding your why. Why do we do the the things we do, why do we think the things we think, and why do we care about things that we do. She called this the Head, hands, and heart. The head she stated was the thoughts that we have running through our mind. Are those thoughts positive or negative. Second is the hands. The hands represent our actions and what we do physically through our life and if they are something that builds us as a leader or brings us down. Lastly, the heart is the love and care towards people, organizations, and things. Theses three things can help us become and continue being leaders to our best potential.

  • Kaylan Henley

    Often times it feels like my heart is what is driving my head and hands more than anything. I am a deeply relational person, intimacy and unity with others is what drives my heart. I think if I were able to pinpoint what motivates my subconscious I would find that it has much to do with wanting to be seen by others as a peaceful and wise being. My actions, particularly everyday accomplishments, are motivated by a combination of fear of failure and potential success. I think I can advance my efforts in all these areas by adopting a better day to day schedule to reach my goals, rather than spending my time just thinking or daydreaming about the future.

  • Saul Perez

    As i have gotten older I have slowly started to learn what drives my head, hands, and heart. along the way I have found that the thing that drives my head, hands and heart is pushing higher educations as the first in my family to attend college I cherish the opportunity to attend college. I understand that college isn’t for everyone but I encourage everyone to obtain some sort of higher knowledge education like a trade school, education is in my option the best investment one can make. Having younger siblings I want to set an example that college isn’t too far out of reach and with hard work it is still obtainable.

  • Sarah Huhman

    Everyday rather it’s the simple things or the complex, I am driven by my parents, especially my mom. Whatever I do I am constantly reminded and wanting to put my whole heart and head into it. My parents have pushed me for the better and to help get me where I am today, without them I wouldn’t know what good morals, hard work and love is. So, I feel as if I owe it to them to be 110% in everything I do, to give back to them for everything they have done for me. My mom has shown me even through battling cancer that when you put your heart, head and hands together nothing is impossible. Watching my mom use all her strength to complete day to day task and not letting anything prohit her from doing such things has been my main inspiration. Now despite having a new understanding and ability this past year to use my head, hands and heart I am nowhere close to perfecting this skill. To enhance my skill, I need to have more patience. For me personally I try to be a perfectionist even though I’m far from it. So, understanding that you can learn from mistakes and ultimately lead you to success is a big thing I can work on. I feel as if once I have bettered myself in those areas, using my head, hands and heart to its full ability will come naturally.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Kendra Horn was a great speaker and made very good points through out her presentation. Congresswoman Horn shared how each leader is unique in their own way and driven by different things in life. She emphasized greatly on showing up. This is true, you must show up to get things done for yourself, your community, co-workers.. etc. Showing up is the first step to success! What drives my hands, heart, and head is my family. I want to succeed for them. I want them to be proud of me. I want to be able to repay my parents for everything they’ve done for me growing up. My family members are my biggest supporters and I never want to let them down. They are the reason I show up, serve, and stay committed!

  • I do honestly believe that each leader is different in their own way but I do think that what drives my head is my spiritual faith. I know that God makes me confident in my decisions and helps me grow as a leader for others and a follower of him. What drives my hands is the way that I was raised. I was always taught to work hard and that I get what I give in all that I do. What drives my heart is also my faith because that is what I’ve learned that has only the best things in life planned out for me and that I am loved always. There are also many ways that I am motivated by more of a leadership aspect, such as teamwork, and other things that help keep me accountable. Some things that I think I should work towards bettering is my need to always seek other’s approval. I think that being a leader sometimes does require asking for other’s feedback but it also is being able to make tough decisions and knowing that it is the right thing to do.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    Congresswoman Horn discussed a lot about being public servants. She mentioned there’s more than just one way to be a servant: it’s not strictly leadership or community service like you might think of first. Congresswoman Horn says to find something you care about more than yourself. I believe this corresponds to having something drive your heart. Second, she says to form strong relationships with those who you disagree with. This can help drive your mind: the need to truly understand a person, but beyond that, the issues that connect you, not just the ones you disagree on. Third, she told us that if you love what you do, you’ll work really hard at it, instead of “you’ll never work a day in your life”. Doing what you’re truly passionate about drives your hands to constantly work hard at it. You won’t get exhausted as easily compared to tasks you might not enjoy. She told us to work for what you want: if you don’t and nothing happens, don’t be surprised.

  • Cassidy Riley

    Congresswoman Horn is someone I really respect and admire. Her resume alone shows that she has the credibility to do the job she has now with excellence. She said she has always been deeply driven by public service, inspired most by public servants who have worked with passion and devotion. Her head, hands, and heart are driven by her commitment to make the world better. I feel the same way. I am committed to a career and lifestyle that seeks to help others. My head and my heart are completely on board, what gives me the most resistance are my hands. As silly as it sounds, the area I need to stay strong and not give up is my education. I know the education I’m receiving now is the credibility I need to make the difference I want to make. If I don’t finish strong, I’m disconnecting my labor from my passion and desired outcome. My heart for helping others has to fuel the work of my hands. I’m already living out my desire to help others, but finishing the degree I began is part of the long term vision to gain the credibility to do more.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn gave a very good presentation with many important points. One main focus was finding your why. I personally am driven by the want to help others, in particular veterans. Finding your “why” is not always easy and once you find it, you have to work hard everyday to accomplish it. Congresswoman Horn stressed the importance of finding your own path, and I believe that by working towards your “why” in life, that you will follow and maybe even create your own path. The main way I can advance my efforts in this area is by working hard and putting myself out there. Being a leader requires you to be immensely passionate about your “why” and doing whatever you need to do to accomplish it. Congresswoman Horn gave a great presentation and is a very inspiring political figure to look up to.

  • Mason Lance

    There are many things that drive me. My family and friends are definitely the main ones. They have always been very supportive and I know that they all expect something from me. I hate disappointing them so I always think of them when I’m struggling in life or wherever I may be. Recently I haven’t been very driven in life but, I can always look to them for support which in return, drives me.

  • Destiny Perez

    The things that drive me are the ones I love and making them proud. My passion for helping others is fueled by being there for people when they need it most. I think it’s important to reevaluate what drives you and improve on how you will obtain what you want to pursue. The steps I must take in order to improve in the areas that drive me involve taking more initiative. Helping others should empower me to take more of an initiative and gives those that need it the most help. In order to be successful and be carried by these objects I must also put others first.

  • Maggie Turner

    Congresswoman Horn touched on a lot of key points of what it takes to be a leader. Discovering why you want to lead is something we must reflect on from time to time. Personally, I strive to lead so I can better the people around me and pave the path for those who follow me. I want to help those around me so that they can reach their full potential. Showing up for those people around you is something that Congresswoman Horn discussed. I agree with this 100%. Showing up to your peers events, shows, and dinners means the world to them. It sets a great example and is a great opportunity to get to know those around you even better. Personally, I can show up to more in the community. I know this is something I struggle with and is a step I need to make to improve.

  • Audrey Allard

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn was my favorite speaker that we had this semester. She really focused on bettering policy to help the individual. That really encouraged me because a lot of politicians just have a political agenda that they want to push on their citizens and get them to rally around the politicians ideas of change. Instead Kendra Horn wants to rally around her community to promote change at the federal level to help individuals here in Oklahoma. I also really enjoyed listening to her talk about finding middle ground to solve problems. Not just taking away student loans, but lowering the interest rates to make them more bearable on those paying those loans. That is something that really encouraged me because all we see in the media radical right, and radical left. I loved hearing Kendra Horn’s Perspective on all the policies that she is working on to improve our country!!

  • Dawson Rose

    Congresswoman Horn had a good presentation on leadership. In her presentation she discussed head, hands, and heart. These are things that drive you. The thing that drives my head is knowledge. I enjoy learning, as it is one of my strengths. My hands would be helping others. I find great satisfaction in helping others succeed and find a common goal. My heart is listening to people. Communication is one of the most important skills humans have, and it’s not something that is practiced enough. Advancing all three of these areas will take time, and the most important step that needs to be taken is making myself aware.

  • Kylee Snell

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn had a very insightful approach to growing leadership. She had many examples of people that she believed used their head, hands, and heart, such as her grandmother and Carl Albert. These stories gave students an idea of what she meant by this phrase. For me, what drives my head is having an obtainable goal that I feel pressured to reach to better others, what drives my hands is seeing first hand how much needs to be, whether it is for the community, a friend, or family member, and what drives my heart compassion for those who have no control over their current situation. I have always been what some might call, a “people pleaser”. If someone asks something of me I want them to be happy without my work. This leads me to spend an excessive amount of time trying to perfect things to please others. To take a step forward in the aspect of leadership through head, hands, and heart, I can set personal goals to achieve, take more opportunities to help those around me that need a helping hand, and to take time out of may day to check in on those around me that are in difficult seasons of life.

  • Kameron Jeffrey Kimball

    Congress Woman did an extravagant job at speaking to us. I really agree with some of the things that she talked about. Now what drives my head is the things I think about and things that I can see. Now for my hands it is the physical things that I can do. For my heart, the passion that I have, and my feelings. I feel when all three of them work together, is so much better than just one at a time. I feel to advance these areas I need to work on understanding myself more.

  • I am mentally driven by a need to improve myself. The concept that I can always be better causes me to be intentional with how I spend my time so I can develop myself. I am encouraged to serve and care for others around me when I see what they do to help me succeed. No one can accomplish anything great without the support of others around them. The biggest step I can take to develop in these areas is to continue being perceptive to the support of the wonderful people around me.

  • Sydney Garrett

    My focus as a leader is being honest to the group of people that I lead in the future. I hope that they see me as an empathetic and honest leader that they can come to. Some ways that I can improve these leadership skills is to show up. Kendra Horn discussed this concept in her presentation on Tuesday and it really impacted the way I view leadership. Since honesty and empathy are characteristics I want to be associated with as a leader, I know I have to show up in every way possible for them. If the people that I look up to were not showing up in situations where I needed them most, it would be hard to follow them. I hope that no matter what I do in the future, I can remember that Congresswomen Horn said that in order to be a good leader, I have to show up everyday.

  • Charity Lassiter

    During the week 14 lecture, Congress-woman Kendra Horn touched on the topic of understanding what impacts you. What drives me is my vision of my future. I know who I want to be and what will get me there. That is what keeps me motivated, and as a leader I know what I need to work on. I have to be willing to put the work in, to put my heart into it. As a leader who constantly strives to put their best foot forward, thinking about my future motivates me to no end. When I think about where I want a particular situation to head, I act on the drive. I believe it is important for leaders to strive to be better in the future. Self-growth is important. Congress-woman Kendra Horn made me realize that by saying, “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” This quote holds the power of realization for me. To me it means that if you don’t work to always put your best foot forward, you won’t get to where you desire to be.

  • Yiel Lee (HwiYeol)

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn has discussed the importance of leaders to show up. Her lesson was wonderful. She explained why it is vital to listen as a leader. Every people have different and various backgrounds and life experiences, therefore, if we listen to the people’s stories, we can have the right decisions. I realized that listening can help to lead people in an easy way.

  • Tyler Owens

    Congresswoman Horn delivered a wonderful presentation about her personal leadership growth, and what experiences she has come across over the years that have altered her overall philosophy of leadership. On Tuesday, one of the main leadership ideologies that she elaborated on what that of Head, Hands, and Heart. Her personal example was regarding a town hall that she had held. At that town hall she heard from citizens, and learned what their concerns were and what needed to be fixed (head). She then personally worked towards finding a solution to these issues, ensuring that it was taken care of in a timely manner (hands). She also made it a point to address this issue personally and see it through to completion, because she had an investment in the community and cared about what the outcome was (heart). For myself, the first issue that I know of in my head is equal rights. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am personally aware of the consequences of our current lack of equal rights protection. A way that I can improve my own knowledge of this, I can speak with members of other minorities and discuss what improvements need to be made within our system to ensure the rights of all individuals. As for hands, I plan to work to become an attorney and/or lawmaker to fight for the rights of those with less rights. I have already personally passed OSGA legislation mandating residence hall staff on all college campuses in Oklahoma to undergo Safe Zone training, which is a free curriculum used to ensure safe and welcoming communities for LGBTQ+ students. A way that I can improve my hands is to get more on the forefront of this movement and take more action to ensure the rights of those who do not enjoy the same rights as other, more privileged individuals. As for heart, I care very much about the progression of this movement and it is one of my life goals to see it through to fruition. I work hard to be the epitome of equality and respect and treat all others equally, and it is my goal to see everyone, and the law, do the same. A way that I can improve my heart in this aspect is to broaden my heart to all aspects of equal rights instead of focusing so intently on those that affect me personally. Of course I care about and am passionate about equal rights for everyone, but I can work towards being all-inclusive with my equal rights efforts, not just focusing on those rights that affect myself and members of my community.

  • Heather Maker

    “No matter how little you have, you need to be there for others – just show up.”

    I have always been an advocate for “practicing what I preach,” so when Congresswoman Kendra Horn spoke this quotation it hit deep for me. When I want people to show up to things that I have going for me, such as events, services, or someone to talk to, I have to take a step back and reflect on whether or not I have been the best leader towards them. To better myself in this area, I hope to become a better communicator with the people I care about. I will do this by checking on them time to time, making sure they don’t need anything from me, that way when I ask them for assistance, it doesn’t make them feel like I am using their relationship with me simply as means to an end.

    I greatly appreciated Congresswoman Kendra Horn coming out to speak with us during this busy holiday season. A lot of the things she discussed, I agreed with and learned a lot about things I was unfamiliar with too.

    I am most driven by making a difference not only in my life, but people’s lives that I surround myself with. As Kendra Horn put it, “You can’t do anything alone because if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Leading with your head and your heart is vitally important especially when dealing with relationships among peers or colleagues.

  • Congresswomen Horn discussed many topics that she felt were important to leadership. But mostly she discussed how important it is to know your “Why”. Why do you do what you do? Why are you passionate about what you do? Why do you lead those you do? All these are examples of your why. She takes about finding what drives your heart, hands,and head. For me what drives my heart is my family, close friends and my teammates. I want to show them a loving kind of leadership that will inspire them to do the same. As for head and hands, I think those who I don’t really know drive me. People who share their stories of hardship and ask for help, those are who drive me. I want to show them a hands on kind of leadership that will help them and provide them with what they need. One think I can do to improve these aspects are opening my eyes, ears, and even heart a little more in order to see and hear everyone.

  • Mykal Sanchez

    Understanding your why is what congresswoman Kinda Horn mainly emphasized on and expanded on throughout her lecture. Figuring out and defining what my why is has been a challenge recently due to the changes that occur when transitioning from high school into college, but I have realized that I am driven by truly helping and impacting the lives of those around me. Wether they be poor, rich, old, or young I just want to help people and make them feel loved, relevant, and cared for no matter where they might be in life. Servant leadership requires that you obviously serve and connect with others not only to better understand how to communicate and lead them, but to truly make a difference and grow those that you come into contact with and those that you are leading. Concerning expanding on this skill and growing my ways of reaching others I think that in the future I can make more of an effort to talk to and connect with people in circumstances I wouldn’t normally engage in. I can do a lot more relationship building and connecting on my part in order to impact and touch the lives of others around me.

  • Jerome Brown

    Congresswoman Horn mentioned that we need to understand our why, our strengths, and our blind spots. The things that drive me the most are my mom and nephew. My mom has always been the closest person in my life and someone who will defend me no matter what. She taught me many things, but the biggest lessons would be grit and adaptability. My nephew has been a little brother to me since he was born and knowing that he looks up to me has always pushed me to set a great example for him. No person could become a great leader without knowing their blind spots or weaknesses. A couple things I could do to improve as a leader would be engaging in conversations with more people, thinking more creatively, and being more enthusiastic and passionate.

  • Truly, there are many steps that I need to take to advance my efforts in these areas. First of all, I want to repay my parent’s love. I know they always working hard for me. Then I should do my best like my parents. And I used to talk with my friends,teachers, and the principal. Through taking with them, I could arrange my thinking. These help me to find my purpose.

  • Congresswoman Kendra Horn discussed how to be an active and great leader by giving us many strategies. A big part of being a leader is finding you’re why because without knowing you’re why you will be leading blindly. I am passionate about helping those who need the aid of others. I identify my life as very blessed and privileged which really motivates me to help others. I believe that those who are doing more than well in life should help those who are in need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people or a certain organization, it could simply be fixing something that is not right. I believe the first step in doing this is knowing what the issues are and showing support. Showing support is one of the best ways of helping people. The next step is showing support and asking if they need help because some people do not need help they just want support.

  • Congresswoman Kendra Horn was inspiring in talking about finding your own path to helping your community. There are so many values and people that constantly drive me to work and grow within myself. I believe that you are the average of those around you, and that is what drives my heart. They constantly encourage me to work hard every day. They also teach me selflessness because they’re always helping others whether it’s their community or friends. Community service is important and really changes your perspective on life. Helping at the food bank going through high school really made me feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives. Kendra Horn explains in detail the importance of giving a helping hand and volunteering to your own community. One statement that really stood out for me is when Kendra Horn explained how if you love something You will work hard for it disproving the statement that you don’t have to work hard at what you love to do. This opened my eyes that anything you do you should strive for the best especially if you are passionate about it.

  • Tyler Garcia

    Congresswoman Horn discussed the importance of the small characteristics of leadership. She talked about finding what motivates you to follow the characteristics of a leader. I found that what best motivates me, are the personal goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. I told my self I didn’t want to miss any more than 3 classes, I wanted to find something I have fun at while volunteering, and also striving to make tons of new friends. Finding something fun to volunteer with motivates my hands, coming to class motivates my head, and being social with new people and making friends motivates my heart. As leaders, I think these are all great components of showing leadership. Being passionate about an organization you volunteer with, is something all leaders do and it makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  • Alexxa Lewis

    Congresswoman Horn had a powerful message in stating what drives her to do her best. She relays the importance of service and having confidence to be the best you can be. I have always had a hard time being confident myself, but when it comes to the things I’m passionate about, I have no problem being myself and saying what’s on my mind. Sometimes as leaders, we have a hard time focusing on one thing at once, as we like to succeed in everything we put our time and effort into. I think it is vital to take a step back sometimes and watch those who have lead, AND succeeded around us; we can always learn from our mistakes, but I always find it more meaningful when it is from someone more successful than me. Listening to others advice and opinions can help build our drive as leaders and prepare us to bind with other leaders.

  • Rebekah Clemmons

    What really drives my head, hands, and heart is my desire to help other people. I derive great satisfaction from being able to make other people happy or to just bring a smile to someone’s face. Something as little as giving a compliment to someone when they’re feeling down or serving someone a free thanksgiving meal and talking with their family can really change someone’s day for the better. Steps that I can take to do this more often are being socially aware of people around me and looking for more opportunities to brighten people’s days.

  • Lilian Smith

    Congresswoman Horn discusses many important lessons regarding the why behind leadership. The beautiful part about leadership is that everyone’s why is different, but together we can all work towards a common goal. My why is multifaceted. I have a love for people and I always have. I also have encountered difficult situations in my past that have brought me to where I am today, driving me to help others. I see a need to make a difference and strive to use my life to do that. I need to continually remember these reasons i’m order to drive my hands and heart in leading others.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    Kendra horn made many statements that I agreed with. One thing I agreed with the most is when she said “if you do what you love, you’re going to work really hard at it.” Growing up I have heard many speakers say “If you love what you are doing then you will never work a day in your life.” I agree with the congresswoman’s statement. For me, I work a lot harder when I am passionate about something than when I am not. One of the things that drives my head, hands, and heart is my family. I work hard to make them proud and they push me to be the best I can be. My friends also push me to better myself. As a leader, it is important to listen and interact with those around you. You can learn from them as well as they can learn from you.

  • Erynn Coppedge

    Kendra Horn gave great advice for leaders, and one of my favorite parts was when she discussed putting your hands, head, and heart into everything you do. For me, putting my hands into my future goals means doing well in school. I do the hard work and will continue to do all the work it takes. Putting my head into it means not getting discouraged and staying determined. This can be really hard when I look at what all I have to do to get where I want to be, but imagining myself reaching my goal makes it worth it and keeps me going. That goes into putting my heart into it. I am passionate about my future career, and it is something I know I will love, that makes all the hard work worth it. I know that I will never have to stop working hard either, but if I love what I’m doing then I will do what it takes to keep doing it.

  • Austin Borjas

    I think that the biggest battle of leadership is just showing up. If you show to an important meeting then you have already won over half the battle. For myself I think dealing with head, hands, and heart. It is all about your first impression. I think that you have to have alot of heart for anything and this could be an opportunity to be passionate about a certain topic.

  • Ashlynn Meyer

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn spoke to us a lot about showing up for our communities. My favorite thing that she said was that our communities aren’t static, and that we need to step up to create change. People can be very stuck in their ways, especially if their community has “always been this way,” but we always have the ability to change and grow as a people for the better. She talked about using your head, your hands, and your heart to create change and to find what drives you. I really like that, she used head for revision, hands to resemble working at something, and heart for what you are passionate about. I’m still finding exactly what I am passionate about. There are quite a few things that make me fired up like the state of Oklahoma’s education system and Oklahoma’s incarceration rates. I see those two things connect and intertwine quite a bit, and right now I am using my hands, head, and heart working at Brilliant Book Clubs. I’m an unpaid intern and we implement free mentorship services in elementary schools to decrease the illiteracy rate, and create lasting mentor/mentee relationships.

  • Abby wright

    What drives me as a leader is my faith in Christ. Because of my values and the truth found in the bible. I believe Christ calls us to love all people, work relentlessly to pursue a mutual love and respect for people, and the world around me. I know that in life times are challenging and I will be tested over and over again especially as a leader. But what keeps me going and grounded is my faith that I can fall back on. I know I am called to used my skills to build others up. This is what drives me as a follower of christ and a leader.

  • Myawna Moore

    Something that drives my head, hands, and heart is the want to help my parents. They’ve done so much for me and it’s a dream of mine to one day give back to them. The steps I need to take to advance in this area is first continue to try my hardest in college. The next step is to push myself to be sucessful and do all I can to secure a good job. If I continue to push myself one day I might make my dream come true.