Month: November 2019

Week 14- Congresswoman Kendra Horn

Congresswoman Horn discussed the importance of leaders to show up, the power of service, and remembering the components of head, hands, and heart when identifying what drives you.

Discuss what drives your head, hands, and heart as well as identify what steps you need to take to advance your efforts in these areas.

Week 13- David Castillo

David Castillo addressed consciousness, people-oriented leadership perspectives. Discuss the importance of championing for yourself, but also others and what themes stood out to you that you will be more intentional to develop.

Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Pat Hall and Jim Dunlap

During their presentation, Pat and Jim discussed bringing back civility into politics and working with individuals from different backgrounds, political parties, and perspectives. What practices can you engage in to ensure you are able to work with diverse beliefs and experiences, finding common ground and viable solutions to community challenges and opportunities?