Week 10 – Lessons in Leadership – Plagiarism Course and Leadership

Avoiding plagiarism is just one topic related to effective, transparent, and accurate communication. Describe why successful communication skills are important for leaders to develop.


  • Brianna Jennings

    Communication is one of the key elements when it comes to being a leader of any kind. This is true because without effective communication, or communication at all, things can become misconstrued and the task at hand cannot be solved. Effective communication allows a leader to truly represent the body of people they are serving along with completing a goal in an ethical way. For example, in our team work (go team perspective) we see that communication has allowed us to manage our time well, tackle any obstacles in our way, and better understand each other. In conclusion, communication is key to being a true, honest, and ethical leader.

  • Zachary Nemecek

    Communication is detrimental throughout all leadership positions. To be able to talk to your subordinates and peers gives you the opportunity to grow and shape your decisions towards them. When leading you are not representing not only yourself but the people that are placed underneath you depending on you to make good choices. If you talk to them you can understand their view points and gather more than just one opinion on a situation. Along with talking to the people under you, other leaders can give you pointers and help you grow to learn how to be a better fit for your position. Being vocal about the purpose for what you do only will help strengthen your case and allow more people to gather behind it.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    It is important for leaders to develop communication skills in order to work efficiently with other people. One of the qualities of a leader is being able to work with others, whether that is through being in charge and telling others what to do, working alongside your team, or listening to what others want and incorporating that into what you do. Communication skills are important for these actions.

  • Emma Lammers

    Communication comes in different styles, such as body language, symbols, verbal, nonverbal, and so many more types/styles. Unfortunately, communication can often times be misunderstood through our body language or other interferences. Communications is very important especially when we talk about leaders. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively in order to get their point across. Communications not only helps get ideas across to other people, but it also creates a sense of identity. For example, if we had a speaker who had their arms crossed, slouched, and spoke very softly the audience may not listen to the speaker because their behavior didn’t show confidence. Leaders should always develop their communication skills verbally and nonverbally in order to present themselves in a sincere way.
    Communication is definitely a big step to success. Being able to get your point across successfully will get someone far in life.

  • Successful communication skills are key for leadership because they relate ideas and subjects clearly amongst others. There are different types of communication knowing which type to relay to the people around you is key. Personally for me I am a personalized leader I like to make relationships and connect with those around me to understand how to talk to each individual and how to be a leader to them. People appreciate when you know how to communicate and connect with them which makes them want you to be their leader.

  • Austin Borjas

    Communication is a key to being a great leader. I think a great form of communication is to over communicate and practice your speech. This means that how you present yourself and how you say something is very important. You could say something that you mean to sound nice but someone could comprehend it as being rude. This is also a chance to cast vision and purpose. If you do not do these then you will not have any followers.

  • Mide Cassaday

    Well formed communication skills are needed by everyone, not just people in a leadership position. To be able to form healthy relationships, people need to be on the same page. Not only that, but when a point needs to be recognized by a group or an audience, it’s important to clarify what the point is with clear-cut information. To develop communication skills, one must realize first what it is they want to talk about, how it relates to the receiver, or receivers, and put their words into something everyone can understand. In addition to that, it’s best not to assume that someone automatically understood it, make sure by asking questions and going more into details.

  • Communication is one of the most important parts of leadership. Often times when people go to college they think that academics are the most important piece, and that’s what will make them most successful. Although, academics are very important if you can’t properly communicate with others you will have a hard time in the job market and leadership development. People are complex and unique, each person needs to be handled differently. If you can’t read social cues or learn to communicate to a broad audience, then you will never advance as a leader.

  • Ainsley Bain

    Successful communication skills are so very important to be an effective leader. Communication is important because goals can only be accomplished through successful communication. There are many ways to communicate, but one way to aid communication is by building credibility. To build credibility, you shouldn’t plagiarize. The first question posed by Jean for the plagiarism presentation was, “Why do I care?” Meaning, why do I care about plagiarism? It is important to not plagiarize because plagiarism is cheating! Also, when you cite, it gives more credibility to the things that you are stating or implying (which has to do with building credibility for leadership!) Another thing that was mentioned was the plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional, and in some cases the punishment can be the same for either type of plagiarism. Additionally, you can self-plagiarize! These were shocking to me, but after Jean explained them, it made more sense. Not giving credit for ideas or words, is stealing and cheating. We, as citizens of the United States have freedom of speech, which means what we say and the ideas we have are protected. Jean said the best ways to avoid plagiarism are to cite (obviously), but also by citing as your write through in-text citations, and with a bibliography or works cited page at the end. I thought this presentation was very interesting, because many people don’t know how to cite, or even what plagiarism is. I think it is awesome that this type of course is offered at UCO, because UCO is known for educators, forensic science, and others, and those are important areas where it is important to give credit where credit is due.

  • Kylee Snell

    It is important for leaders to have good communication skills. These skills are needed in good leaders because it allows them to clearly get their points across while taking into consideration the people they lead’s opinion. Clear communication leads to things getting done more efficiently and results in a better end result. In my opinion, honesty is the basis of good lines of communication. As long as a leader still has their integrity in tact through honesty they will be able to continue in their leadership role and be effective in their position.

  • Saul Perez

    Having good communication skills are a critical part of being a good leader. Being able to communicate effectively helps when trying to lead a group. If the line of communication is not clear what is trying to be said can get distorted and cause many mishaps. Being able to clearly state what is wanted and needed adds authority and makes a leader seem more polished and capable of leading a group. When applying to any position wether that be in a campus executive board or a job usually an interview is going to be needed. Having a clear and concise way of communicating allows the interviewer that your mind is clouded with other ideas and you are able to clearly and quickly voice your ideas which can hint to good leadership skills.

  • Madison Baugh

    Effective leaders must develop successful communication skills in order to express their ideas to their followers. Communication is key to all of the important aspects of being a leader. Avoiding plagiarism holds good leaders accountable and shows their integrity. Not only does avoiding plagiarism aid in clear and effective communication, but it also gives credit where credit is due. It is important that good leaders give proper recognition to those who they are working with. Communication especially comes into play when leaders work in groups. For our service project, my group really focused on how to effectively communicate with each other. Those connections are vital to the expression of ideas on how to work together.

  • Carson Clay

    Communication is a major key key to a lot of things in life. Good communication is something that everyone should strive for. Considering everyone is different, talking is the way you figure someone out. So in leadership, communication is a act that can help you work, grow, and appreciate others. Without communication skills, leadership work would be very difficult to all work for one objective. But with those good skills, the sky is the limit for leaders.

  • Emma Childers

    Assertive communication is essential to any successful leader. Without such, misunderstandings and perhaps hostile feelings arise. To be a good leader you need to listen to others opinions, look from many perspectives, make unbiased decisions, and state those decisions clearly and honestly; all of which falls under assertive communication. Applying these principles to plagiarism, it is extremely important to give credit where credit is due.

  • Shelby Denney

    Communication skills are vital for leaders to develop because a good leader provides direction and encouragement to those around them. Without knowing and using proper communication skills the person can no longer call themselves a leader, instead a dictator, follower, or generally bad leader. Examples of this important skill can be found in the ways a leader communicates with others on a day to day basis in a kind and respectful manner. It is through their tone that they may encourage or guide others. However, if they do not value those around them they will not be respected and therefore be unable to guide their peers towards a common goal. Furthermore, it is important for a leader to have communication skills that are balanced between assertive but also compassionate. Those who follow a leader should respect their guidance, but also know they are just as valued and supported.

  • Walker Holland

    Without communication nothing would ever get done. Almost everything has to be done by more than one individual, and a huge factor in getting it done is communicating well. As a leader communication skills can decide wether or not you will do great things or nothing at all. It’s important to develop better skills no matter where you may currently be, because communication is something that has limitless possibilities and never can really be perfected. In a time where communication happens constantly face to face or over a screen it can be easy to get comfortable in a specific form of communication. Excelling at more than one is tough, but a goal that we should all seek.

  • Yaritza Romero

    Successful communication skills are important for leaders because it helps develop a better understanding among each other. Without communication, there would be chaos. Communication is essential in any kind of relationship because it helps individuals get their points across to one another. I also feel like having effective communication among individuals helps build stronger relationships and partnerships.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    Avoiding plagiarism is just one topic related to effective, transparent, and accurate communication. Personally communication is one of the most important concepts to have as a great leader, and there are many benefits that come along with using it efficiently. One benefit is that everyone would be on the same page, as you so there is no confusion on how to the work done. Another way communication is beneficial is that you here other peoples opinions so that they feel important to the job at hand, and that they feel as though they have contributed in some sort of fashion. Finally communication is key due to the fact that it helps you build and maintain relationships with people so that its easier to work with them later on.

  • Mikaela Trenary

    Communication is a vital foundation of any, and all, effective leaders. Without strong communication, all involved in a team will be prone to wander concerning their roles. Drawing from personal experience, I have been under the leadership of both strong and weak communicators. The fruit of clear expectations is only productivity and growth. On the other hand, when a vision is not vocalized well, the execution will fall short of the initial expectation. I love how the President’s Leadership Council emphasizes the importance of communication. Where you grow and flourish as a leader, your team will follow.

  • Kaylee Sloan

    Communication is important in all aspects of life especially leadership aspects. Communication is important in having a successful relationship with anyone you communicate with. Being able to communicate helps groups accomplish things quicker and more efficiently. This speaker really made some good options when it comes to plagiarism and how it affects everything from people’s careers to people’s degrees. I enjoyed learning about all the different things that can be considered plagiarism and how it affects so many things in so many peoples lives.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    Communication skills are essential to effective leadership. As leaders, we must be able to effectively communicate with those around us and get the correct point across. It is important to speak about your beliefs and put them into action, but to also think about other points of view and put them into action as well. Without proper communication, this would not be possible. We must give credit to others where credit is due, and paying attention to plagiarism is one way that we put this into effect. Paying attention to things like this also build out trustworthiness as leaders, which is another essential part of leadership. We should communicate clearly and honestly as leaders, and work well with others in order to achieve our ultimate goals.

  • Mahfuzul Karim

    Being a leader, communication is the most important thing. Without communication or network it is not possible to be a leader. Proper communication with people make the net worth of a person. Without proper communication skill it’s hard to be an successful leader. To have the capability to communicate with mass people helps in belief of mass human. That’s what makes a better and a big leader.

  • Seth Harriet

    Communication skills are important for leaders to develop for multiple difference reasons and an assortment of difference applications. One thing that we have been focusing on in class is finding a mentor to help guide you as a leader. Well to be able to gain a mentor you have to be able to communicate and connect with the person that you can gain lessons from. To be able to lead you have to have the ability to communicate your thoughts and opinions to share the information you possess to other people. In my degree field communication skills can completely separate two people with the same credentials. For engineers being in a group can be the best way to work through things and solve problems. To work in a group communication skills are a must, if you have knowledge without communication skills you cannot share the knowledge you possess.

  • Callie Hambrick

    Communication is directly related to nearly every aspect of life, so it makes sense that good communication skills are vital to being a leader. If one cannot properly communicate, then you run into all kinds of misunderstandings. This leads to conflict, and although some conflict is healthy, this conflict just impedes whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. We have to be able to clearly voice our motives, opinions, plans, etc., if we want to lead others and be an example for them.

  • Serah Salau

    Communication in leadership is very significant. Communication can either be verbal or non-verbal and in both cases, it has to be used carefully. A leader at one point or another is required to present a speech to the people or required to write something about a certain topic. He/she is supposed to use kind words and not in favor of one party because it may bring conflict. A leader should also first listen and understand before just talking on their point of view. So listening is virtual skill required in communication which leaders should acquire.

  • Gavin White

    When thinking about leadership, one of the most crucial qualities is communication. If there is no communication, nothing will get done. While we are on this journey to grow the leadership styles, we have to emphasize connection. In this day and age, there are more ways than ever to communicate, but that also means there are more ways for people to get distracted. If we as leaders don’t emphasize excellent communication, our guidance and orders will get lost, and the group won’t get informed and ensure to fail. When looking at all of the leadership, excellent communication might be one of the most important things we have.

  • Ruby Edsall

    I’d dare say communication is perhaps the most important skill a leader can have. Assertiveness is something I struggle with personally, but it’s also very important to communication of needs. When we don’t dance around issues or concerns, we make real change. This can be very difficult, especially in emotionally-charged situations, but it is crucial to clear communication. I think something else we rarely speak about, but should, is the ability to communicate when you yourself have made a mistake–especially in how you address others. Being self-aware enough to understand when your own communication is lacking and being able to discuss this mistake, is vital to healthy leading relationships. When we speak about our own mistakes, we not only apologize in this way but also learn to check our own pride.

  • Remy Young

    You can have the greatest ideas, newest innovations, or best plans and approaches, but if you cannot communicate those things in some way to your team or group, those things are close to pointless because they cannot be executed. Having successful communication skills is essential to being a leader. Sometimes, these skills can be what separates leaders from followers, or leaders from the best leaders. It is also important to recognize that communication is not just speaking–it is body language, tone of voice, listening, and so much more. In many cases in my own experience, those who have led me best listened to me and did their best to gain an understanding of what I was saying. Additionally, no one can be a perfect communicator because each and every person and group communicates a little different. We need to do our best to be constantly developing our communication skills and applying them in the best ways possible.

  • All leaders need good communication because it is necessary for a leader to be able to communicate his ideologies and hopes for the future in a well enough format for their audience to be able to understand. With the benefit of clear communication, people are able to relate and understand at a much higher level than if it were to be complex language. With well spoken communication, comes an honest sense of word. If a leader cannot keep his word based on the promises he makes to his people, he will be viewed as an unreliable source.

  • Dominic Graziano

    I believe people realize more and more how important communication is, not just in leadership but in every day life, the more mature they become. How is it possible to complete tasks and projects effectively when no one can relay their thoughts and positions on certain things? I don’t believe it’s possible. I also believe that it’s important to communicate your true thoughts and opinions on something, because if you’re lying about how you feel you’re doing a disservice to your team. Good communication is a fundamental principle that I believe all leaders need to have.

  • Hannah Morrison

    There are many reasons why successful communication skills play such a large role in the life of leaders. For one, as a leader, your greatest duty is to communicate with the people around you. To become a leader, your speaking skills need to be top tier and you have to be able to make connections with people of all ages. If you are holding a leadership role, you want to be positive that the people you are leading can trust the words you say. Avoiding plagiarism is a great example of how to maintain trust between you and the people you are speaking to. Giving credit where it is due shows that you are not trying to use the words of others as your own. Communication is the basis of all connections and roles. Being able to do it properly is incredibly important in the life of leaders.

  • Emme Douglas

    Having successful communication is very vital in being a leader. Being a leader you have to problem solve, speak authoritative and concisely, and be able to speak your ideas and concerns clearly. Communicating this way will typically be more effective. With communication also comes listening. I believe you will be a better communicator if you are also an efficient listener. Giving feedback that shows you are aware of other people’s concerns and ideas will provide a more effective communication line. I believe in listening first, then communicate.

  • Tyler Owens

    Successful communication skills are essential when developing good leadership skills. In order to lead, you must be able to communicate effectively with your followers and fellow leaders so everyone is aware of what expectations are and what each persons tasks include. Consistency and clarity are two of the absolute most important aspects of fluid teamwork, and they are both compromised when effective communication is lacking. Successful communication skills are especially important in the development of leaders because every leader at some point in time is a follower. Your followers are unable to become great leaders if you do not communicate with them and teach them how to communicate. Communication is something that must be taught and focused on early on, otherwise the skill will not be taught down the line and there will be several generations of leaders who are unable to communicate because one leader failed to teach it several tiers higher.

  • Alexxa Lewis

    As being apart of the “Communication” group for my group service project, I have researched the successful ways we should be communicating as leaders. Not only does a good communicator voice their opinions and approach possible solutions when necessary, they also listen to others advice and take a step back from always being the one talking, as leaders tend to usually want to do. Plagiarism is a lack of originality and can minimize your work ethic as a leader; having integrity and honoring honesty are key qualities of a good leader. Although one may not be a perfect communicator, there is always room for improvement and development if they have the will to learn these skills.

  • Caylee Ralls

    When someone thinks of a “leader” they tend to think of someone who takes charge and becomes the person who ties a group together. In order for a leader to be effective they have to have good communication skills. Without the skill of communication no one under their leadership will know what is going on. A leader has to be the person who tells everyone what to do, where to be, and everything in between. Many of the leaders who have spoken to us have been politicians or involved in some form of government. In order for them to be effective in their jobs they have to talk to the people they are representing in order to make a change for them. Without the skill of communication, the majority of their job would be pointless. They are there to communicate on behalf of their constituents. I believe if we as students develop the skill of successful communication now, it will better prepare us for the future.

  • Tyler Boykin

    Developing successful communication skills is an important milestone for all leaders. Developing your own communication skills allows for self growth as a leader. A leader will never become a leader if they just copy other peoples ideas. Communication is a valuable asset for every leader to acquire, but some leaders communicate better than others, but by developing unique communication skills leadership will soon follow.

  • Karina Cabrera

    Communication skills play an important role for leaders to develop. As growing leaders, we must understand the impact words and body language can have. Communication allows for the world to communicate in many ways, and it is important to make sure you are understood and not misinterpreted, as this could lead to unwanted issues. It is important to communicate in a manner that is comprehensible for your audience and sometimes even acknowledge that you must adapt to a different method than what you are used to. If a Leader does not know how to communicate or interact with his followers, he will lose them.

  • Erynn Coppedge

    Communication is important for every leader, no matter what they are working on. If that person is working on a team, it is important that they get to share their input. Not only is it important for them to get there own ideas across, it is important for them to listen to others’ ideas and communicate to each other their thoughts. Communication does not always mean agreement, but getting through and accomplishing the goal despite different ideas, mindsets and beliefs is a sign of good communicators and good leaders. It is important to learn how to communicate by being honest in what you are saying and using your own ideas. A person will not become a proper leader if they do not use their ideas and communication skills to the best of their ability.

  • Dawson Rose

    Communication skills are the foundation on which relationships are created. Being able to build relationships will open many opportunities. Good communication also allows you to work with others more efficiently. Many disagreements are often simple miscommunication errors, and minimizing these errors will help things run more smoothly. Communication skills are what many employers look for, so having these skills will help you with any and all endeavors.

  • Sarah Huhman

    Communication along with many other skill sets, is what makes up a leader. Without having good communication skills, leaders would not be able to convey their message or use their voice to the best ability. Those who can speak adequately, will gain the respect from those more than those who do not have good communication skills. You can’t expect others, to listen and follow alongside you if you are not good at communicating. Good communication skills are highly important for leadership, but it is also needed for other areas in life, rather it be social or in the workforce. Someone who can communicate with ease and grace, will be more likely to be successful in life. Being able to communicate well with others will lead you to be able to connect with them personally, and result in you becoming a better leader.

  • Mykal Sanchez

    Utilization and knowledge of communication is the one skill that I personally believe must be understood by a leader in order to be effective. Most of the problems in relationships between people are caused because of poor communication skills or lack of communication at all. Without the ability to hear and understand a person that you are conversing with leaves lots of room for negative assumptions which then leads to hurt feelings, the need to be on the offense, and anger. Understanding the right way to communicate also plays into the type of attitude you have when it comes to truly listening to and understanding the person you are communicating with. It is important to remember not to make assumptions and to be as clear as possible when talking with someone and how you are taking in and processing the things they are conveying to you. Communication skills are an avenue to many other necessary skills that a leader must have to become an effective and strong leader.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Although it is cliche, “communication is key” is a phrase I live by. In relationships communication is extremely important. You are faced with relationships every day; whether it is a friendship, family member, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a co-worker. You have to be able to communicate with the people in your every day life. It is important to me to communicate your feelings; how you’re feeling about a certain subject or situation. It is also great to communicate your ideas with those around you. In the leadership world, it is KEY to communicate about everything. In order to get things done, you must talk about times, dates, locations, ideas, and so much more. As a leader, being able to communicate with those around you is powerful and it keeps you well-connected with the community around you.
    While doing this group project, I have witnessed how necessary communicating with one another is!

  • Joey Boschert

    In terms of communication, it is imperative for any leader of any group to consider communication a necessity; this includes verbal and non verbal communication. Communication is not only essential in empathizing those who are lead, but it is also essential for motivation of team members, constituents, and fellow leaders, this can be used in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of any movement or project. It should also be noted that it is just general communication that is needed in leadership, the communication style must be effective and appropriate given the circumstances. These stylistic elements of communication can be the difference in portraying empathy, motivation, strength, or importance. Communication, especially in its presentation style, is especially important in leadership.

  • Successful communication skills are important for leaders to develop because it helps leaders lead effectively. When a leader and communicate with those they’re trying to lead it makes it easy to follow. If a leader cant communicate things wont get accomplished. Without successful communication what needs to be conveyed through the leader wont get delivered correctly. Communication is key in success.

  • HwiYeol Lee

    Having good communication skills is very important for leaders. This is because every each person has a relationship with other people and there are always dialogues between them. The conversation is like a double-edged sword I think because it may be a positive or negative way to have a relationship. We can make the conversation to become a positive thing if we have good skill of communication.

  • Destiny Perez

    It is important for leaders to have and extensively demonstrate active communication skills to effectively influence their community. Having the necessary tools to convey helpful information is needed to impact both sides. As a leader you must be willing to show and interpret information in a positively successful way to ensure you are reaching your point to others. Communication is the key to understanding the perspective of others and showing empathy. Communication can be used in a multitude of ways but must be done in a successful way in order to take an idea and turn it into an action. Though the process of developing this characteristic may take some practice at first it is essential to all leaders. Therefore, Communication is as beneficial to the receiver ,in a leadership setting, as it is to the person trying to convey a message.

  • Audrey Allard

    Communication is very important in a leadership role because every single person communicates differently. Learning how to communicate with different people makes us a better leader because when you can communicate with all types of people, different ideas can be shared, encouraged, and built on! Someone needs to step up and be able to rally a team of different communicators and be a “mediator” of some sorts. That way a job can get done effectively and efficiently. That is inclusive leadership, stepping outside of the way you’re used to doing things and thinking about how others communicate and trying your best to step into their shoes and communicate the way they do! It is so important because if no one steps up than nothing will get done!

  • Lilian Smith

    Communication is a vital key to successful leadership. Communication bridges the gap between people, thoughts, and ideas. Communication allows people to work together, things to get done, and people to help others. Without communication, leadership would never be successful. We as leaders must learn to communicate in a variety of ways to a variety of people. In today’s age we must learn to communicate not only face to face, but over the phone, online, through emails, texts, and on social media. Leadership without communication would fail every time.

  • Kaylan Henley

    Communicating honestly and ethically is essential to becoming a leader. Information is not something we were raised to value due to the current accessibility and the internet, but when it comes to distributing proper credit it is imperative that we as leaders respect those sources enough to acknowledge their work. I want to go into journalism so this talk was more than relevant for me. Really with any job you have to have integrity. No matter what you do your character will inevitably be tested, so it is important for leaders to educate themselves on what is okay and not okay. Communication and curiosity will take you far and will guide your along the path of earning others respect.

  • Maggie Turner

    Communication is important for everyone, but especially when you are in a leadership role. It is important to communicate to your team exactly what needs to be done and how to achieve those goals. It is also important to let your team know when they are doing a good job or when there is something they need to improve on. Communicating clearly and respectfully will not only make you a better leader but a better team member.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    One of the most important skills as a leader is to be a good communicator. Being a leader requires you to work with many groups of people and if there is a lack in communication the group won’t work as well as it could. Communication is the main link between different people and a strong communication chain will make an organization or company run so much smoother. Good communication also allows there to be more transparency between the leader and those who are being led which allows there to be more trust and faith in both parties. Not only as a leader, but in everyday life, being a good communicator will lead to less stress and less problems. There are many important skills as a leader, but I believe that successful communication is one of the most important.

  • Brianna Taylor

    Communication is one of the most important skills that a leader can have. This is because communication skills allow for leaders to successfully articulate their vision and goals to their audience. This skill also allows them to build relationships and connect with more people. In addition, effective communication skills allow a leader to be productive. A leader has to be able to delegate his/her team, so that they will know their tasks and what is expected from them. Successful communication skills are important for the development of leaders because they help them positively impact the lives of others.

  • Joshua Chao

    Good communication is key to leaders for many reasons. Communication between leaders and coworkers builds a trustworthy bond and shows that the leader cares about what is being said. Good communication also avoids conflict in the workplace. Miscommunication can lead to you being misunderstood, which can lead to tension in the workplace. And lastly communication builds strong relationships within the workplace. It not only allows you to create genuine relationships but allows for you to recognize each others leadership styles so you know how to approach them in certain situations.

  • Ashlynn Meyer

    In my opinion, my generation is very bad at clear communication. Passivity is rampant and very common within people my age, and it is truly aggravating sometimes. Leaders have to be direct with what they are trying to communicate to get things done and not cause any confusion or give anyone a reason to believe there is an alternate motive. Direct people tend to be more admirable in the public eye because they will say the things that need to be said, and that doesn’t mean they go about it offensively. I don’t thing being direct means that you have to be blunt and rude, but simply saying the things that need to be said in order to create change. Leaders aren’t just born, they are grown and one of main things leaders have to learn is how to communicate with their followers and fellow leaders, and how to communicate their goals effectively.

  • Sydney Garrett

    One of the most powerful and important things a leader can do is use their voice. Personally, I still need to practice my communication skills in order to be the most effective leader I can be. Communicating with transparency is important for me to build honest and positive relationships with the people in my organizations. Communication skills are also important in my career when I will have to lead teams in order to work efficiently towards a common goal. In conclusion, I am still working on finding and using my voice as a leader, but once I develop my own unique way of communicating with others, I know I will be a successful.

  • Communication is one of the most important skills of leadership because without communication you cannot get anything done. Communication is the way we spread opinions and share ideas. It builds a relationship between the people that you lead and work with on projects and in life overall. Personally, communication has helped me reach my team goals in sports and clubs because we all have a common goal and reach its peak when we all communicate and work together as a team. Overall communication is a key skill to being an effective and cooperative leader.

  • Grace Duvall

    Communication is important in all aspects of life, but is truly important whenever you are trying to build good leadership skills. Good communication can benefit in so many ways when it comes to leaders portraying their thoughts and ideas. whenever leaders do not communicate things can get messy and unorganized causing more stress than needed. Normally in a leadership position you are already put in a stressful position whether its the leader of a school club or a leader of a country. Communication is a key helper to both of these types of leaders and helps them stay organized and successfully display their thoughts.

  • Rebekah Clemmons

    It is very important for leaders to develop effective communication skills. A leader that isn’t capable of communicating their ideas across to a group of people is wasting their potential as a successful leader. Learning how to write and speak eloquently, professionally, and in a way that gets the point across in an efficient manner are valuable qualities for leaders to have. Plagiarism is a novice offense that reflects poorly on the offender; it shows that not much effort was put into prioritizing that piece of writing and that providing credit where credit is due is not very important to that person. In order to be deemed a responsible, esteemed leader, it’s important to develop successful communication skills.

  • Abby Wright

    Having effective clear communication skills as a leader is highly important. When you are trying to accomplish a group task, or just trying to effectively communicate to a group of people this is vital. If one does not have these things as a leader it will become very difficult to maintain a position as a leader or at leas a great leader. Having good communication allows you to get your point across clearly and people respect others who are able to clearly express themselves as leader. Communication is one of the most important assists as a leader and it should not be forgotten especially when working with a group.

  • Tyler Garcia

    Developing strong communication skills is essential for leaders. Without clear and engaging means of communication, the audience will most likely be lost and feel differently from what you are explaining. Plagiarism and giving due credit are two of the most important things in communicating. When plagiarism or citing your sources is wrong, your reader is left to believe you wrote the content yourself, and it degrades you as a leader. Many leaders have had amazing communication skills and that’s what made them such great leaders, such as JFK, MLK, and numerous leaders on UCO’s campus.

  • Kameron J. Kimball

    A major role of leading is definitely communication. Some might not think of all the ways this can come into play but this falls under many categories. For example, leading my example by having the hardest work ethic can fall under this category. Because that is non-verbal communication. This is exactly why communication I feel is one of the biggest parts of leadership. This is so important because you have to be able to talk to people, for example the groups we are currently in. We have to talk to figure out what is going to work and what’s not. Communication is in everyday life and every great leader has great communication skills. It is important because it allows you to relate to people.

  • Ashton K Joyner

    Communication is a vital skill necessary in not just leadership positions, but our entire society as well. For a leader to lead, they must be able to effectively communicate so that those listening have a clear idea of goals, ideas, and wishes the said leader has. To even have a body of followers you must be able to verbally express who you are and what you stand for. Communication is also essential in resolving conflict. One cannot get to the source of a problem if they can not effectively listen also their thoughts and feelings.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    It is important for all leaders to communicate accurately with others. Plagiarism is stealing other people’s thoughts and opinions. In the process, the leader may misrepresent his opinion. Leaders should try to make people trust the leader. A leader must communicate with his own exact thoughts. But plagiarism is what makes people distrust leaders. A leader should be able to speak and communicate with others confidently, not plagiarism. It is a good leader and a successful communicator is a good leader.

  • Our voice have a power. You can save or kill people depending on how you say it. The leader should be announce a lot of time in front of people. While that moment, the people can be inspired or disappointed by the leader word. The good leader should have a good communication to get a good belief, honesty, and passion from the people

  • Lauren Berry

    Communication is skill that is required in every setting. Without communication, there would be chaos; it is the key to effectivity. For example, communication between group members working on a project substantially increases their productivity. The sharing of ideas, goals, thoughts, and feelings allows people to feel open with one another, which allows others to put in the maximum amount of imput they can. I am a adamant advocate for communication, and as a growing leader I understand the ultimate importance of it. Leaders have a responsibility to make sure that each member of their group reaches their full potential – so if one person has an idea, they should feel open to sharing it. Communication and leadership go hand in hand, and the importance of communication will never cease for those who yearn for an effective working environment.

  • Jerome Brown

    Communication is one of the most important skills in the world. It has the ability to make things really bad or really good. If you can communicate things well with others, it can help build relationships. Leaders who can not clearly express themselves usually struggle in relationships with other leaders. Good communication can also help the audience understand what you are trying to get across to them. If you are speaking with a purpose and getting your points across while making sure the crowd understands, you are more likely to get a better response from them. Great leaders have great communication skills.