Lessons in Leadership – Week 8 – Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to embrace these developments. What did you find the most intriguing part of his discussion and what steps can you take as a leader to embrace technological advances in your career and leadership roles?


  • Brianna Jennings

    Michael Carolina had some very interesting things about what he and his team do at OCAST here in Oklahoma. Personally, what I found most interesting was his in depth knowledge about more of the modern day technologies and what technologies we can expect in our futures. From the toilet that can detect disease to talking about AI and it’s upcoming advancements, all of it was very intriguing to learn about. In learning about the technology of today, I believe the best way we can embrace these advancements, as leaders, is by learning what goes into them and how to work them in order to set ourselves up for success with them. Also, in learning about these technologies for our careers and roles, we can also help those people we are serving benefit as well. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s speaker and his words of wisdom on uprising technology.

  • I thought that the discussion on Artificial Intelligence was very fascinating. This is our future and we should be preparing ourselves for it by educating ourselves. Education is the first part to embracing technology, if we don’t understand it how can we apply it. Even if it isn’t something that is used within your job description it is vital to learn because it could someday be. With the rate it is advancing it is replacing jobs and changing business more and more, if you aren’t aware of these changes before they happen it could be your downfall.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    Michael Carolina discussed how an advancing technology makes society advance as well, and we must keep up with technologies to keep up with our society. He discussed the different areas where Oklahoma is thriving and what we can do as a state to continue growing, and we, as future leaders, must pay attention to that. We should stay up to date with the news and how we are advancing so that we can stay on top of how our world is changing. As a leader, becoming irrelevant to society can be damaging, so we must learn to accept and embrace what is new and coming up next. I believe that his point about keeping up with the news, no matter how little it is, can completely change how you lead and how you view the world. We must all be more aware of what is going on so that we can lead to our fullest and greatest potential.

  • Austin Borjas

    For myself I thought it was so interesting about how Oklahoma was leading in certain areas like aerospace. I never really thought about Tinker or even Ft. Sill. I think for his speech it spoke to me that it is our opportunity to act on what the people before used their hard work. For instance if I was excited and dedicated to working on aerospace. People before me worked hard for the research we have today. So it is my opportunity to continue that research. I think for myself his speech talked to me by seeing what areas we have strengths in and continue those areas.

  • Kylee Snell

    Michael Carolina is very knowledgeable on the advances of technology and how it can help present leaders and future leaders. I think the most interesting part of his discussion was when he spoke about how making it to Mars is being figured out. The reality that thing could occur during my lifetime is unreal. This task seems so unobtainable but he spoke as if it was a mundane task that would happen soon. In my future career, I think it is important to utilize technology. Technology makes so many task easier and more efficient. It could help to detect errors before they would be caught by the human eye. A way I can embrace technology is by learning how to use the new technology as it comes out and be openminded about these advances.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to embrace these developments. What I find the most intriguing part of his discussion was how quickly the world is technologically advancing and all the possibilist that lay ahead. We are all connected nowadays, and technology has become essential to productivity in all businesses. To stay relevant, companies today understand the need to integrate technology into its overall growth strategy.

  • Technology is always evolving it seems like almost everyday! As a leader steps my first step would to build up a team around me where they all understand that things evolve and they will have to adjust. My next step would also be to have the ability to always understand the concept that learning never stops. Also that when opportunity arises to advance jump at the opportunity! Michael was a perfect example of these steps.

  • Mr. Carolina seemed to be very passionate about the world’s technological incline, as well as the greater good of our society. One point he made very clear was that there is going to be a higher demand for people that know how things function. I would love to be a part of that by knowing how people “tick”. I think the first step to technological advances is first advancing in the understanding of humans. Somebody has to come up with the designs, graphs, statistics, ect…, but before we can actually do something and create something new, we must improve on what we have now. Society must first understand it’s own inner workings before creating something new and unknown.

  • Madison Baugh

    It was so awesome to learn about technological advancements from Michael Carolina. I felt that the most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion was how extensive the impact of technology is. Technology is so much more than just the latest smart phones and computers. Technology affects the economy, environment, healthcare, research methods, agriculture, and so many other aspects of our lives. As a Biomedical Science major, I can attest to the importance of leaders embracing technological advancement. In my career as a chiropractor, I will strive to use the attributes of a leader to comply with the ever-changing world of technology in healthcare and business. I would try to implement new technology and science to care for my patients.

  • Walker Holland

    I would like to thank Mr. Carolina for visiting and speaking on behalf of the tech community. I think technology has a long way to go and we are really just at the tip of the iceberg. That being said leaders now have to be on top of whatever new tech is out, because it can reduce and improve activities and connectivity. An important step to understanding and using technology in your leadership roles is just knowing the capabilities and access you have to said tech. Also the importance of being able to teach others how to use any device or program regardless their age.

  • Carson Clay

    After listening to Michael Carolina, I heard and took to mind a lot of great examples and information. Leaders nowadays are not just look at in person or face to face anymore. The era that we are in now has had internet/social media that is also looked at by people. Carloina stated that ” it may not seem like a big deal, but people can judge you better or worse just by your social media.” Saying that, we must be on our best behavior or promote what we live by when we are not even face to face with peers. That really opened up my eyes and proved to me that I must watch what I’m doing at all times. I really enjoyed listening to Michael and hope tp see or hear him again.

  • Audrey Allard

    Michael Carolina was very interesting to listen to this past week. It was a different kind of leadership that he was talking about than what we have heard so far. I enjoyed the different perspective he brought to our class. Instead of a overall general theme of what leadership is, he was very specific about how leadership is applied in our everyday lives. He gave us an insight into how being innovative in technology can make our state a “Top 10” state which is something I have never personally thought about. His presentation definitely made me think differently about the different types and strengths of leadership.

  • Ruby Edsall

    One of the points Michael brought up was through a quote, “technology is anything invented after you were born.” I thought this was rather impactful as it changes my personal perception of technology. One of the most pointed ways to create change through tech, I think, is through social media; we all know it’s an issue. The social platforms can be incredible for linking people around the world together but can also be harshly toxic. I bring up this issue often because I think it’s very pressing. We’ve entered an age where hatred is not condemned as it once was. To me, being a leader is always about bringing good to the world, regardless of what form. Leading through social media can be very difficult, but I do think it’s possible. Those that create a positive influence through these platforms are making real change, even if not directly fighting against the negatives.

  • Saul Perez

    The thing I found most interesting about Michael Carolina was the different wealth drivers here in Oklahoma. I never knew that Aerospace was the top wealth driver here in Oklahoma. Growing up and going to school in Midwest City i grew up right next to Tinker Air Force Base but I never knew that Tinker was also involved in Aerospace, that to me was really interesting seeing how I though I knew everything about the place I lived and to find out something new was shocking. As a leader I have to acknowledge and grow with changes in technology and use it to my advantage. Carolina mentioned that the social sciences were not growing with the advancement in technology so as a Political Science major I have to be the change and use these advancements to my advantage unlike older generations.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    I thought the most intriguing part of his discussion was hearing about how exactly Oklahoma is growing through their industries and technology in order to attract the public. As a leader, it is important to implement new technology in your career because it will allow you to serve more people through it. The more technology there is the easier it is to communicate. Therefore, implementing it will benefit me through communication and time.

  • Caylee Ralls

    Michael Carolina had a very good presentation. He mentioned that we always we need to be thinking about what the world will look like in 20 or 50 years. We could never been 100% sure of what is to come, however we need to be prepared for anything. One of the most intriguing parts he talked about was how pretty soon robots will make up the majority of the work force. It is mind blowing how far technology has come, and how much it will continue to grow. As a leader, I feel the best way to embrace technological advances is to never stop learning. Michael Carolina talked about this quite a bit. We need to continue to grow our skill set and adapt to the changes coming, because change is inevitable. Embracing technological advances is hard for many people. There is a large sum of people who do not like change. However, I feel if we as leaders take the changes and run with them, it will set us apart from a lot of society and allow us to go far in life.

  • Yaritza Romero

    Before having executive director, Michael Carolina, come down to speak to us, I had not really given it thought to how technology could help embrace our leadership roles. Hearing our speaker throughout his presentation, he pointed out some really interested but true statements. For starters, he pointed out that technology is anything invented after we were born and it has changed and will continue to change everything. And having the vision to see it, ensures relevance and competitiveness. As Executive Director Michael Carolina said it, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

  • Jerome Brown

    As a leader in today’s society, you have to be able to adapt to technology. Technology is advancing rapidly every day. The steps I would take to embrace technological advances would be, trying to keep up with the new systems, software, or media. I would also try to not be stubborn. If I had been using one system my whole career and a new one came out that was faster or better, I would have to upgrade even though I was used to the old system. This is why some people and their businesses have fallen, because they weren’t willing to accept change. Technology will never stop advancing, so us leaders have to be ready for whatever is in store for the future.

  • Callie Hambrick

    One of Michael Carolina’s points that stood out to me while he spoke with us was about being a visionary. As visionaries, we can be creative and intelligent when we think about the future. One step we can take to advance in our careers and roles is to recognize that technology and the world as a whole is always changing, and with this, we have to adapt to continue succeeding and to push other people to succeed as well. If we want to keep growing throughout life, we have to be aware; we cannot expect to grow in an ever-changing world if we do not make changes with it.

  • Sarah Huhman

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion for me, was the end when Jarett sat down with him and asked Michael questions. To hear his responses and to find out why he responded that way or why he thinks that was interesting. I love to see and understand other perspectives and thoughts on viewpoints. But being a leader today with technology constantly evolving and being incorporated into our everyday lives it’s important to adapt with the changing times. Using technology to help advance on advertising platforms or to inform others can be massive way to embrace the technological advances. Social media plays an important role in spreading news or even being used as a persuasion tool in today’s’ teens Taking advantage of the tools you have right in front of you is a great way to further you career wise, or help share your voice and opinions in a leadership role.

  • Brianna Taylor

    In Michael Carolina’s insightful presentation, there was one word that he kept saying that stuck out to me the most. That word was, vision. I believe that having vision is an important part of being a leader. The ability to imagine and plan for the future is a very helpful skill to have, especially if you are a leader. Having vision will also help a leader to embrace technological advances. This is because they will already have the insight and imagination to accept the technology into their social and professional life. Being open to the future and whatever it may bring will help anyone to advance in their career or leadership role.

  • Gavin White

    Mr. Carolina did a great job on Wednesday, talking with our class. I feel like this topic is very relevant in present-day culture. The most important thing about being a leader (in a time that technology rules the world) is that we have to adjust to the trends. If we don’t keep up with relevant technology, our groups will be lost in the fast pace of the world around us. One of my favorite things that Mr. Carolina talked about was the state of our state in the information race. I always thought that Oklahoma was really only useful in oil and gas. To find out that we are 2nd best in the country for aerospace technology, and we are relevant in other areas as well. This gives me great hope for our state because if we can excel in many of these areas, it would be more inviting to visit and potentially stay.

  • Kaylee Sloan

    The most intriguing part of the discussion was the comparison between technology and human interaction. The steps I would take as a leader to embrace technological advances would be to involve the media in day to day activities and involving the younger generations by including more activities that the younger generations like myself can get involved in and excited about.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    I found it very thought-provoking in which some professions might not exist had we not advanced in technology and made jobs out of it. As a leader it’s very important to go with the flow and to make the best out of a bad situation or to turn it around. A great example is exactly what Mr. Carolina discussed, in which if science has a problem, they find a solution. Sometimes, it even means finding a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had, or simply making something that already works more efficient. You can apply this to group dynamics as well, and to figure out how to best make a team function: whether they don’t work at all, or they work well and you’re able to make them even better.

  • Ashton K Joyner

    The most interesting part of Michael Carolina’s speech was when his focus was on automated intelligence. The future is bright and yet scary at the same time. With technological advances around every corner the amount of interaction between humans and customer service is rapidly decreasing. As a leader and future member of the work force I can make sure I am doing my part by staying up to date and aware of new advances, support local businesses and companies, and do what I can to not choose the easier way of things through technology at times, but take part in the programs that support one on one interaction between humans. Technology has made the world a better place in ways, but worse in others. In a constantly changing environment and society each of us must remain adaptable to our surroundings and remember the value each of us has as a living being and not a machine.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    Michael Carolina gave a great presentation on many different technologies that are advancing in today’s world. One topic that was very interesting to me was aerospace and how it is one of the major wealth drivers today. It was interesting to me because my grandfather did a lot of research in aerospace at the University of Oklahoma and it’s interesting to see how important aerospace still is today. As a leader, it’s important to be able to adapt to the changes that take place in the technology industry. Technology is changing everyday so it’s important for a leader to be able to adapt and continue to try to learn new skills to stay up to date with the always changing world of technology. As a leader, you can’t dismiss new technological advances, rather you need to try to learn how they can be used to better your company or organization. Michael Carolina did a great job presenting how technological advances are affecting us today.

  • Lilian Smith

    Micheal Carolina spoke about the ever-changing technology our world faces. We as leaders must use this technology to spread rather than shrink our leadership. The most interesting technological outlet he talked about was social media. Many people see social media as only a negative outlet. However, as leaders, we must use social media as a positive opportunity. We can share encouragement, positivity, world problems, and service opportunities to allow others to utilize leadership.

  • Ainsley Bain

    Michael Carolina began by asking the question, “where is Oklahoma?” To that, where is Oklahoma on the global knowledge and technology economy? This brought some thoughts to my mind, initially that Oklahoma is very behind and doesn’t hold much power compared to other states or countries, but Mr. Carolina proved that thought process wrong. Michael Carolina emphasized all the things that Oklahoma does have going for it: Aerospace, Agriculture, Geography, Manufacturing, several more, but biggest the biggest one that stood out to me was Energy. Energy has been, is, and will continue to be a large part of Oklahoma’s culture and economy. Mr. Carolina stated that Oklahoma was number two in wind energy production. I find this an awesome thing, because Oklahoma is often given the stigma of oil and natural gas but in reality, we are an awesome state that produces clean energy! One of the other things that Michael Carolina touched on was the idea that, “Innovation is the key to prosperity.” We as a state and community need to focus on our future, and how we can continue to be, “relevant and competitive,” so that we may move up in the world economy. I found some of the things Michael Carolina said to be very intriguing and thought provoking, which is what we need more of in the minds of the next generation.

  • Maggie Turner

    During Mr. Carolina’s speech when he asked us what our own personal mission statement was I was taken back. I had never thought about a personal mission statement before and it really made me think about how I am portraying myself as a leader. Part of that involves staying relevant with the advances in technology as he noted. To keep up with the ever changing society I think it is important to ask for help. It is absolutely ok to seek help to learn how to better yourself and your company. Being a leader also means seeking out resources to better yourself which is a key part of staying up to date with technology.

  • Lynh Hoang

    Michael Carolina talked about technology is constantly changing and being reinvented. Just thinking back to 5 years ago we didn’t get our main information or news from our phones like we do today. The part that was fascinating to me was towards the end of how he talked about he chose his path and why. He has many experiences in all sources fo technology advances and how each one has impacted what he does today. He also talks about our generation which Gen Z and the potential and new technology that lies ahead of our generation. I think as a leader, I can use technology to its best effort. Being useful to the tools given can help one’s voice really be heard. Unlike the old days, the internet and social media give us the power to spread information efficiently and fast. We should value it and use it as an advantage.

  • Joshua Chao

    Michael Carolina delivered a very powerful speech about how technology will benefit our future and allow us to become more advanced. I enjoyed his discussion about the different leading countries and how much of their money they are investing into Artificial intelligence (AI). Carolina explained that China was leading with the most money spent on AI research and how important it was to advance our technology at the same pace of China. I truly believe that in order to advance as a society we need to advance our technology first. In terms of how I can embrace technology advances in the future, I would start by incorporating technology into my everyday life. I feel as if society is scared of advancing technology in fear that we will become too dependent on it and will drain motivation out of us. I believe that it will have the opposite effect and will allow us to think bigger and have larger goals in mind. Overall advancing our technology will allow us to think bigger and grow as a society.

  • Dawson Rose

    Mr. Carolina had a great presentation on advancing technologies and how important it is for leaders to embrace these advances. What I found to be most interesting was his points on the dimensions of leadership. I feel these characteristics are an important first step. From there you can know what areas you are naturally good at, and what areas need work. With the powers of technology, you can improve the areas you are lacking in and become a more productive leader. Implementing technology into your career can be beneficial in many ways, and overall make things run more productively.

  • Maria Carbajal

    In this age, there is new technology every year if not every few months. Innovation is all around us. It is important for leaders to embrace and encourage this innovation. There has been such a push for STEM in the past decades and it’s paid off. Technology should be embraced. I thought it was interesting how Michael Carolina brought up Oklahoma as a leader in innovation because it’s something I wasn’t aware of. There will always be new technology so using it to help ourselves and others is a good thing. I think embracing change is important for leaders but it’s also important to appreciate other things. Fine arts, for example, are a lot different than new technology but all of these things should be valued and used by leaders to bring people together.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Michael Carolina is a very high-tech, well educated man. I enjoyed hearing him speak about the technology advancements in today’s world. I found it very interesting when he mentioned that machines will be doing the majority of human’s job roles in the next 10 years or so. It is kind of scary to think about because the technology world is increasing and becoming more complex every day. Within the next decade, an extremely large amount of humans will be out of jobs to do because the machines will be doing it for them. This is reality though, and we have to adapt to it. As a leader, I will need to stay up to date with the technology advancements and make sure I am knowledgeable about these things. I can include the new technology in my learning, teaching, and sharing to help others be more aware of it!

  • Karina Cabrera

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion to me was when he said: “Technology is anything invented after you were born”. As a leader, the most important step you can take to embrace technological advances is writing a personal mission statement. Additionally, you need to push yourself and finally reach your goal. However, this needs to be done within the process, as Micahel Carolina said, “do what’s right, do what’s ethical, and do what’s legal”. Mr.Carolina also mentioned that reaching your goals starts with discipline and structure. To achieve this it will take perseverance to stay on track because there are always obstacles. However, if you have the desire to overcome the obstacles, you will make it.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to foster these developments. The thing that most interesting part of his discussion was that technology changes everything. I think it is a very important fact in the world. And as a leader, we mustn’t avoid new things to accommodate this technological advancement. Many people reject new things and try to stay in familiar situations. But we must bear in mind that we can make better changes by accepting new technologies that fit the current era.

  • Emma Lammers

    I found it really fascinating when Mr. Carolina discussed our workforce. It’s crazy to think how many millennial’s are in the workforce and how many baby boomers are retiring each day. It shows us how time moves so fast. In just a second, or what seems like a second, the new generation will be the majority of the workforce. This also shows how fast technology will be changing.
    I think as a leader I can encourage the growth of technology. By this I mean I can inform people on the new technology that is being created, and maybe I could even use it. I also think with my future career choice there will be plenty of room for new technology or at least improvements. This will allow me to encourage technology even more.

  • Hannah Morrison

    Michael Carolina is an incredibly knowledgeable gentleman. His discussion was filled with topics related to technology and how quickly we are advancing as a human population. I found it most interesting when he spoke about a possible future on Mars. Usually, when I would hear the phrase “life on Mars,” it seemed like a distant dream that we would never speak of as a reality. Hearing Carolina talk about advancements leading up to finding connections to life on Mars is very exciting news. Knowing that my generation is going to get to experience such amazing technological advancements is motivating. If we use our time wisely and our technology efficiently, we could help our world, and beyond, grow with us. As a leader, I find it important to keep in mind how powerful technology is. Though it is a wonderful thing, technology does have the power to hinder us as a society. To embrace its powers, I think we must first work together as people, creating face-to-face connections, and then introduce technology into our projects. The same can be said for using technology in my future career.

  • Shelby Denney

    Michael Carolina had a very unique perspective regarding the advancement of not only Oklahoma but global technologies. I felt the most intriguing part of his discussion was his interpretation of his roll in Rotary OKC and OCAST. Such a position is not one you could tell Micheal took lightly, and the implications of his work can be seen in the industries surrounding our state today. Although to some such forecasting could be seen as boring, Mr. Carolina showed so much passion it was easy to listen and understand where he was coming from. Learning from Mr. Carolina’s experiences, I can see ways I as a leader can improve in how I bring generational gaps in the people I serve. Because new technologies are not as easily accepted by boomers Gen Z’ers and Millennials, the need to further communicate goals and new opportunities in greater detail. Another point Carolina made was that monitoring and predicting the future can make you more successful than what you are currently doing. Looking out into the market for new opportunities may lead to better things on the horizon.

  • Kameron Kimball

    I think Michael Carolina did a great job, I can most definitely say the most intriguing part to me was just how you can further your leadership through technology. I feel I can further my career and leadership mainly through social media. Social media can reach so many people and you don’t even have to try necessarily. Also I can promote my career and leadership through my own platform like a website and many more things. I am not going to say if technology is great or not because it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So I think I can use technology to further all aspects of m life.

  • Mason Lance

    I found guest speaker Michael Carolina’s discussion very interesting. The most intriguing part to me was that in the future a lot of jobs and positions are going to be taken over by artificial intelligence and machines. I almost feel like the world should slow down on improving technological advances and focus on improving people’s lives. As a leader I would prepare myself for the future and just have a better understanding with all the new technology coming. Sooner or later, we are going to be completely surrounded by technology so we better have a good understanding of all things that could improve leadership roles.

  • Tyler Boykin

    I found that the advancements in technology were the most intriguing part of the discussion. Technology has always fascinated me ever since I was a kid. I’m very excited to see what new technology has to offer in the future. What I like about technology is how it changes the lifestyles of people around the world. Leaders should accept technology with open arms because as leaders we strive for a better tomorrow and the solution to a better tomorrow might be with technological advancements. I would like to personally thank Michael Carolina for coming to UCO and sharing the importance of accepting technology for what it is.

  • Abby Wright

    Micheal Carolina is a very intriguing and intelligent man. Its easy to see this just by listening to him speak one time. I believe that the world is quickly evolving ad changing. As a strong leader in society you must be able to adapt and grow with the world in order to understand the people around you. Change be can be hard but when it comes to technology you have to be able to advance with it. Micheal Carolina did a great job of educating on technology and applying it to leadership.

  • Serah Salau

    Since my dream has always been to do a computer course, the discussion encouraged me a lot. When Michael Carolina said that technology is still advancing at a higher rate, I felt more encouraged because it has always been the path i want to follow for so many years. I chose UCO since clearly USA is so advanced in technology and I knew I will learn much skills before graduation. In some years to come its so evident that pretty much things will be computerized to a point where most things are robotic. All these needs creativity and as leaders we should encourage those with these skills to keep up and raise their hope.

  • Yiel Lee (HwiYeol)

    Michael Carolina highlighted the technologies in our society. It has been developing by people and machines. It means the world is changed all day and night. So, we have to be adapted by changing. Leadership roles have already shifted significantly as a result of these changes. Successful organizations are trying to build agile leaders who have the flexibility to connect, adapt, and deliver, often requiring leaders to manage from a distance due to the virtual nature of many organizations.

  • Emme Douglas

    It is crazy being in a world that is always changing, so saying that leaders have to be adaptable is an understatement. I think that as a leader, I have to be aware of my surroundings. If I do this, I will continue to learn and not get stuck in a rut. In my career, technology is used to create interior renderings. The renderings are what I will use to show my clients, and they need to be the best of the best if I want to keep staying in business. Being advanced in technology shows that you are innovative. In leadership, it shows that you are willing to learn, apply, and stay on top of what you are working on. I think that staying advanced in technology is very important in today’s society.

  • Erynn Coppedge

    One of the most intriguing parts of Michael Carolina’s discussion was the statistics he gave about Oklahoma. I was born in Oklahoma and have lived here my whole life yet some of these were new to me. I think he is doing great work not only because he is trying to make Oklahoma better, but he wants all of us to help make it better too. As far as technology goes, I think it has always been something people have had to adapt to, no matter how long ago they lived. For leaders, it is important to be able to adapt to your situation and the world around you, and that includes technology. Some people are not very go with the flow, which is not a bad thing, but I think everyone needs to be able to look at what is going to change, accept it, and evolve as a person or a leader in order to continue to grow in whatever field they are in. Technology will never stop advancing, and there are so many positive effects that can come from it if we embrace it and use it for good.

  • Tyler Garcia

    Michael Carolina discussed the importance of technological advancements in the workforce. He also talked about the importance of Oklahoma’s economy, revolving around multiple military ammunition factories. What I found most interesting, is how invested Carolina is in finding STEM majors to make a change in our now technological world. Many people see our new technological advancements as “taking the average persons job”, but with the correct use of this technology it will actually create more jobs. I think as leaders, we must make sure our technology is used correctly and efficiently, while creating more jobs.

  • Sydney Garrett

    I thought that Michael Carolina’s presentation was very interesting. My favorite part about the presentation was when he talked about vision. As a leader, I think vision is very important because it allows you to prepare and look forward to the future instead of not being ready for it. Michael Carolina spoke about the advancements being made in technology and I learned that in order to be relevant in the future, I will have to prepared for technological advancements. Michael said, “Technology is not going to slow down”, so in order to be an effective leader in my career I need to be ready for these advancements. Having vision for the future will allow me to be ready for whatever I face, not only in my life, but in the future as well.

  • Grace Duvall

    Micheal Carolina’s speech on the connection between technological advances and leadership were something I had never thought about before. I never though to view technology as really having any kind of leadership roles. I found it intriguing all the ways he connected his leadership position and other to how technology has grown so much just because of that skill. Some steps I can take as a leader to embrace technological advances is by using them to benefit others and using them to improve the way I work in my day to day jobs. This will help me get things done faster and more efficient.

  • Joey Boschert

    After listening to Michael Carolina’s presentation on leadership and its correlation in the success of advancing technologies, I was most struck by his points in his comparison of previous generations to current and upcoming generations. For example, he presented us with monumental technological advancements made in each generation and how prominently it has affected our society and its norms. In the 1960s, he mentioned the moon landing and its significance, as it not only was a piece of a technology race between Russia and the US, putting the US ahead, but it also revealed changing social norms as once uncrossable thresholds were suddenly achievable with proper technology and leadership. He mentioned how far we have come with this mindset and leadership style in the field of space exploration, as we are now planning on putting a man on mars, furthering space exploration, and widening our understanding on not only our milky way, but thousands of other galaxies. This technological revolution can be largely attributed to leaders and their passion for moving forward in our progress, and this concept can be applied to all modern forms of technology.

  • I found it very intriguing that Oklahoma is acknowledged for its attempt to stay head of the curve in technology. I had no idea that we were making attempts to stay relevant. It’s fascinating that Mr. Carolina is helping facilitate that. In my field, it’s important to always maintain a learning mindset to stay relevant. Technology will always be adapting, so in order to use technology to progress your field, you must continually be learning how to use it.

  • Charity Lassiter

    During leader Micheal Carolina’s discussion he said “Do what’s ethical.” That really stood out to me because doing what is right is not always ethical and doing what’s ethical is not always right. As someone who is pursuing a career in an endlessly growing technological field, I believe it is important to grow with technology. The newest technology always provides a way of doing something better and it never hurts to try and be a better leader.

  • What I found very intriguing about Mr. Carolina’s presentation was his belief in how long our generation and the rest of the generations to follow may live. He talked about what seems like not far from now, life expectancy will most likely be at 100 or 120. I do not think I have ever thought about that before or have ever been taught about that before and after his discussion, I want to learn more. And to be an effective leader, I need to do my best to stay up to date on the latest technology. I believe that specifically relates to social media. With millions of people using hundreds of different social media platforms, it is very important to find your place in social media and make true self known, because that is what most people will see you as. Keeping up with social media can also keep you updated on developments all across the world.

  • The most intriguing part of his discussion is that build an innovation ecosystem in Oklahoma. I am expecting how the innovation impact on Oklahoma. And I will read news about technological advances and talk with friends who are major in technology. I try to know about technological advance as much as I can. I believe that It will be widen my vision.

  • Mahfuzul Karim

    From Michael Carolina’s presentation about the importance of advancing technologies, the most intriguing part was about the advancement of the agricultural sector as the world population is increasing day by day. Nowadays, as everything is now depending on technology and AI that is becoming an integral part of the world. Food supply is going to be the challenging part for the next generation as we need to think of global warming too. Yes, we are depending on technology but we need to think of our environment too so that technology doesn’t put an impact on global warming. As global warming is already in an alarming situation too. As a leader, I would more focus on the agricultural part and take necessary steps to create global r awareness for the citizen of the earth so that we can save our Earth and cultivate food supply for global citizens.

  • Seth Harriet

    The thing that I found most intriguing about the presentation is the fact that Oklahoma is somewhat advanced. I liked the cup half full kind of thinking that Michael Carolina had when discussing Oklahoma. He focused on the points that Oklahoma’s aerospace is very well known nationally, and I had never known that before. It brings a sense of pride to me knowing that Oklahoma is known for something on the national level besides the football team. I think what he was getting at when discussing the leadership roles that technology plays in Oklahoma is that we want to innovate every day. He wanted to advance technologically and to do that it takes the generations in the room to step up to the plate and play a role in technological advancements focusing on Oklahoma specifically. Overall, Michael Carolina gave an inspirational presentation that made me feel more prideful in my state and think more about how this world is going to revolve around technology in the future.

  • Alexxa Lewis

    Michael Carolina spoke of the many advancements in technology we have had recently and expressed some of his own thoughts or ideas he had towards furthering the expansion of technology. As a leader, sometimes we get wrapped up into technology too much and our society is guilty of believing everything the media has put out there. Having the capabilities and awareness of the advancements technology is having on our community will not only better the millennial generations, it will set us up for success in the future. We, as leaders, can set examples for younger groups on how to use these advances properly.

  • Lauren Berry

    Speaker Michael Carolina discussed many perspectives on technology during his speech. Many of the points he brought up involved the current state and the future of technology in Oklahoma. One of the most intruiging things in his presentation was his view on our current innovations and advantages that differentiates us from the ‘rest of the crowd.’ Our aerospace and agriculture program is well known around Oklahoma, but hearing from a professional that it’s our distinctive trait that keeps us ahead of the game was something I never realized before. And because we are constantly trying to stay up to date with the rest of the nation in terms of tech, it made me think about how to effectively improve myself as a leader in a group of constantly progressing leaders. In a way, I believe I have to mimic Oklahoma’s achievements. I must keep up to date with what’s around me, but focus my time on my own strengths. Michael Carolina also said this; “Oklahoma should have built up, not out.” Instead of stretching myself thin in trying to be like others, I should work on building what I have.