Lessons in Leadership- Week 7- Representative Cyndi Munson

During her time in class, representative Cyndi Munson discussed 3 things she thinks are missing in leadership: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. What is one thing you think is missing in leadership, and how can you go about making it more prevalent in different areas?


  • Ainsley Bain

    Cyndi Munson had such an interesting story and made great points about leadership techniques. Legislature woman Munson began by saying that she would speak about what she wants to see us do in the future. This is a bit daunting, but it is our job as the next generation of leaders to know that we can and will make a difference. Munson emphasized that we must understand that although we may not see exactly what we are doing right now, we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves and the action we’re taking. Cyndi Munson talked about three leadership ideas: listening well, being authentic, and having compassion. It is important to listen and be genuine about the care and listening ears you have. Munson said that compassion is saying, “I understand,” or “I don’t understand but I hear and see you” and that second part is so very vital to be an effective leader. I feel the biggest of these qualities that are lacking in today’s leadership is listening well. Munson talked about ACEs, which are something that I think more leaders and more of the population in general need to understand and know about. ACEs have a correlation with crime and poverty, which many people don’t realize, which is why it is such an underrated problem. If there was more education about ACEs and steps taken to avoid or lower the risks to children, it would have an amazingly good impact on Oklahoma. I liked that Cyndi Munson wanted to push ACE education in to schools, but I feel that most events that are in the ACE score, happen in the child’s home or with family members. I think one path that could be explored is in that homelife, and figuring out ways to recognize and prevent those adverse experiences from happening, not just targeting PACEs after the events have occurred. Overall, I really liked what Munson had to say and I hope that by listening well, the next generation of leaders may have a huge impact on the world.

  • Yaritza Romero

    I agree with State Representative Cyndi Munson when she discussed that 3 of the things she thought were missing from leadership were listening well, authenticity, and compassion. I, on the other hand, also believe that integrity is lacking in today’s leadership. Integrity is being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity suggests a deep commitment to do the right thing for the right reason whether someone is watching or not. I feel like “leaders” today will only do what they think is expected of them or will only do what is “right” when people are there to watch them. Leadership should be more than just that. Everyone, not just leaders, should be honest and true to their intentions, no matter the circumstances.

  • Ashlynn Meyer

    Rep. Cyndi Munson is my favorite speaker we have had thus far. I am a Political Science major and I hope to end up in the legislature, so I really enjoyed hearing her speak about her authentic experiences being a representative in Oklahoma. I liked hearing about the three qualities she felt were missing in leadership today, especially in politics. I agree that listening well, compassion, and authenticity are missing from leadership, especially authenticity. Authenticity is a quality I look for in most people, because I’m drawn to people who will be real with me. Another quality I feel is missing from leadership these days is being able to partake in civil discourse. This is a quality I’d like to work on in myself. Civil discourse is the ability to discuss opposing views with civility and to see the person for who they are aside from what they may believe.

  • Seth Harriet

    For me and the leadership that surrounds me every day I do see a lack in one of these points representative Munson gave. The most prevalent lack of leadership that I see around me is listening well. I say this because being a person with many friends that are on opposite sides of controversial arguments, I see so much fighting. Even if these people do not agree when debating the matters, they form in their head what they are going to reply with before they even think about listening to what the other has to say. This in doubt is a lack of listening skills and I think if the listening part would be increased instead of being so aggressive when debating these issues than common grounds would be easier to achieve. So overall, representative Munson gave a great lecture with great points but the one that most impacted me was the listening aspect of leadership.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    Representative Munson was very interested and involved in helping other people, especially children dealing with family and home problems. I think one thing missing from leadership is the ability to disagree but not disrespect. In modern day politics, and leadership in general, most authority believe only what they want, and do not care to try to see things from another point of view. They think that their opinion is right and if someone has a different view, they are seen as insolent or just not intelligent. A way to counteract that is to talk out our views to them. By explaining to them why you believe a certain thing it may help them not be so closed-minded.

  • Madison Baugh

    Representative Cyndi Munson is an influential leader and a very thoughtful politician. She leads by being true to herself and true to those around her. I agree with her observation that listening well, authenticity, and compassion are all things that are missing in leadership. I also believe that individuality is missing in leadership. When comparisons are made between leaders, it may restrict them from pursuing creative and out-of-the-box solutions. I have always placed certain leaders on a pedestal because I am in awe of what they have been able to accomplish. I look at myself and want to do the same thing as another leader. However, if I try to be the same leader as someone else, then I am not being true to my individual calling as a leader. While comparisons can be motivational, they can also deteriorate the unique purpose that is instilled within every leader. To make individuality more prevalent, I would urge every leader to be true to themselves and listen to their personal calling. I love that Representative Cyndi Munson mentioned that there is no one way to go through life. To be a unique leader, one must trust their own leadership journey.

  • Brianna Jennings

    Representative Cyndi Munson was an amazing speaker with truth to her outlook in leadership. Personally, I believe collaboration is missing in leadership today. Collaboration is all about sharing the different roles a leader can have with other leaders in the community you serve to result in a better outcome. True leadership consists of listening well and taking the ideas you hear from other leaders or the people in your community, and merging them with your ideas. Without means of collaboration, we are unable to truly represent a body of people, because no one person can align to the ideals of every person they represent. Collaboration can’t help hit all ideals the people one represents wants, but it can help in producing a more diverse set of thinking. Collaboration is the key in truly representing and serving a community, something we lack today.

  • Sheridan Luis

    Cyndi Munson was awesome! I loved how she had the mentality of being open minded and seeing both sides of a conflict and took in everyones opinions. I think one thing that I would implicate into leadership is being relatable. Being relatable helps build relationships with others and also keeps the leader in check by understanding everyones opinions and using them to move forward in the project or service. The overall take away for me was to be open to anyone and everything.

  • Callie Hambrick

    One thing I think that is missing in leadership is transparency. This goes somewhat with Representative Cyndi Munson’s point on authenticity. So often, leaders try to mask their personal issues or struggles. But, part of being a leader is being transparent. When we show others that we are human and that things are difficult for us too, they begin to trust us more and relate with us better. We can make transparency more prevalent in leadership by being honest, not putting up a front, and letting people support us rather than pretending we don’t need that support.

  • Kylee Snell

    Cyndi Munson said the three things she thinks are missing in leadership are authenticity, compassion, and listening well. I can agree that those are all important in making a good leader and that these characteristics are lacking, but I think another trait that is missing in leaders is integrity. Integrity is being honest and having strong morals. A leader that has this is more likely to deeply influence those around them to make a change. When a leader or someone in an authority position says they will do something and they follow through with that promise the people following them will trust them more in the future. This will allow these leaders to make a greater impact in their area of service.

  • Mide Cassaday

    Treating individuals as people is a huge thing that easily gets overlooked. In today’s society, people get so caught up in their own heads that they don’t look at the bigger picture. Instead of putting themselves in others shoes, they go straight to the point without considering circumstance. Everybody is different, which means everybody has different opinions, different outlooks, and different ways of doing things. However, when trying to get something done, those things are forgotten about, whilst the objective remains the same. It just doesn’t get completed as efficiently or as quickly as it would if everybody worked together. Constructive criticism and consideration are some things that everybody working in any kind of leadership position should be more accustomed to.

  • Austin Borjas

    I think for myself many leaders are missing the impact of their purpose. I feel like us as human beings we get caught up in life and the vision. But sometimes we forget we have purspose and we do not know our why. I think if you find your purpose this is an opportunity to find value in what you do. I think that I find purpose in my work because I help students achieve graduation and one step closer to thier desired goals.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    This week Representative Cyndi Munson discussed 3 things she thinks are missing in leadership. Those are Listening well, authenticity, and compassion. One thing I think is missing in leadership is honest. Many leaders say right things in front of the crowd and Show good image. So people believe them and follow them. But they are actually doing a lot of bad things behind their backs. A good leader is a person who every can trust. This is a thing that all people should have, not only people in leadership. This can make our society right.

  • Saul Perez

    Thinking about what is missing in leadership is a daunting task. As leaders we don’t like admitting what is missing but it is a curial to improving leadership skills. One thing that I believe is missing in leadership is being able to be understanding. When listening to others who are going to a rough time we have to let them talk instead of trying to interject and trying to relate with them. By not interjecting it allows the person feel as if what they are talking about is important. When someone feels as if they are important it boost there feelings. That’s what I think is missing in leadership.

  • Dominic Graziano

    Representative Cyndi Munson had some great stories to tell that were really inspiring. She’s a woman that showed great perseverance and boldness. I really admire her vulnerability in order to better inspire others to pursue their dreams. Although we disagree on a few topics, I love how passionate she is for others and her appreciation for discourse. I personally believe passion and conversation is lacking in our generation, so the fact that we have people in office that care about passion and discourse is really awesome.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    During her time in class, representative Cyndi Munson discussed three things she thinks are missing in leadership: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. This lead me to ponder on what was one thing missing in leadership other then her key points mentioned in her lecture. With this in mind; I wish that more people in the world who consider themselves leaders would be more risk taking and not be afraid to go outside their comfort zones to lead whomever they may lead, and I say this not only from personal experiences but from watching people just follow the way it has been done in the past instead of grabbing a perfectly good opportunity to lead in their own way and running with it, to not only make it fresh and new, but maybe even make that experience an experience that can be done more quickly and efficiently in the future. One way I would do my best to spread my idea so that people can lead with more confidence is by leading by example and put myself in a leadership role that I may not necessarily be use to so that my peers can see what an impact it can really make.

  • Zachary Nemecek

    I personally believe that respect is lacking from today’s leadership. In present times often from politicians they are quick to slander people from opposite parties or with opposing views. The divide of America is only becoming greater because too often people are not respected. It is a divide being created by the leadership in this country. At the end of the day we are all humans, but people act like we can not treat each other at least respectfully. Hate is spreading from people and it will only make circumstances worse.

  • Gavin White

    In the lecture on Tuesday, Ms. Cyndi Munson did an outstanding job. With the three points that she brought up, I agree with all of them, but the one that I see the lest in leadership is authenticity. For most leaders in this world, they get a sense of barrier they have to put up to separate themselves. There is a barrier you have to have as a leader. You have to show that you are willing to be right there with them working but still maintain a leadership role. This balance is another tough part of being a leader that we have to overcome.

  • Ruby Edsall

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of Cyndi and her beliefs; knowing she’s in government here gives me a lot of hope. When she was discussing compassion, she stressed the importance of being able to say “I understand,” or “I don’t understand, but I hear you.” I think something truly missing in leadership today is the ability to respect other leaders as people, regardless of opinion. They are not their opinions, no matter how much we disagree with their views. Especially today, the two major parties in America seem so vastly divided; there is so much hatred there. Dislike and disrespect are two very different things people seem to confuse easily. This goes right along with another trait I believe a leader should have: acceptance. Accept others as they are, regardless of differences. Hearing another side of an argument fully and respectfully, I think, could help so many political conflicts we see today.

  • Alexis Howry

    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear from Cyndi Munson in class this past week and gaining her insight on leadership aspects that hold high value to her. I agree with her emphasis on authenticity, listening well, and compassion. These are quintessential to all aspects of life, but these hold especially high value in how we lead. One aspect I think we as leaders all can do is work on being genuinely transparent. I think the idea of having to put on a show in high ranking positions is very slowly starting to shed away because of how our generation is holding a high importance on embracing the not-so-pretty aspects of ourselves as human beings. One very big reason why I admire Cyndi Munson, and others like Nikki Nice, is how open she was about her past traumas and her constant battle with coping and growing from that. Her acceptance of a darker period in her life and letting it fuel her desire to create change and more transparency in others is something we all can take away from and take after.

  • Ashton K Joyner

    One of the most common traits that I think is missing not only in leadership positions, but in every day life is compassion. I feel as if selfishness is a common theme that is seen quite often in today’s society. Too many people are concerned with how something only effects or benefits their lives and not the possible consequences it could have on someone else’s. Compassion, or understanding, for one another has the potential to not only minimize conflict, but maximize peace between one another. Leaders set an example for those who follow them. If those who are in leadership positions started to make compassion a standard, eventually it would be for everyone. I hope that over time more people can start taking placing themselves in others shoes and adapt a more empathetic mindset.

  • Emme Douglas

    I think that there is a lack of empathy and love in leaders today. We are quick to judge as human beings. So many conflicts arise because people don’t think about how the other person is feeling or what they are going though. In the Bible it talks about how so many sins can be resolved if we just love like Jesus loved. I think that can apply to everything today. Loving others and showing empathy just shows that you genuinely care. We can put ourselves in other people’s shoes to achieve empathy. We can also understand that we don’t know what that person is going though, so if they are having a tough time, just show them love instead of judgement.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Representative Cyndi Munson shared her opinion of three things she thought were missing in leadership. I agree with her that listening well, authenticity, and compassion are all lacking in the leadership world today. To me, listening-well is lacking the most in today’s society. People are so quick to give their opinion rather than genuinely listening to other person. Another thing I think is missing from this leadership world is being open-minded. Some leaders today are so stuck in their ways and don’t want to change. They don’t want to try new ways of doing things or take in other’s inputs. I think a way of trying to implement being open-minded in today’s society is simply encouraging leaders to take into consideration of other’s opinions and be open to learning new ways to do things.

  • Lilian Smith

    For both myself and leaders around me, love is one vital aspect that is missing in leadership. So often I look at people as projects rather than people. I look at statistical success rather than real impact. It is so important that we love people in order to lead them. We need to have a passion to be with others rather than just doing things for them. Love can and will change leadership if we allow it to.

  • Abby Wright

    Representative Cyndi Munson was an amazing speaker. I was very engaged and interested the whole time she spoke. She has gone through a lot to get her to where she is now. I believe that along with listening well, authenticity, and compassion, a trait that is also missing in leadership is empathy. When one has empathy their heart is able to resinate with what people are feeling. When someone is a leader they must be able to step up or down to meet people just where they are. Being a leader you must try and empathize with others. I believe that if people could just let their heart listen to others, a lot of problems would be solved. People are so caught up in living life so fast so by a whim, people often forget to stop and try to understand the other person.

  • Grace Duvall

    Representative Cyndi Munson hit some pretty important points when she gave insight into what she thinks leaders lack. I believe all of her point are valid and are so true. For me, I think leadership lacks character. So many great leaders in todays society forget to be genuine and not “fake”. Its true when people say most politicians are liars and I think that is why there is so much corruption in leadership. People forget that character says a lot about a person and how they will affect the country or even the leadership of a group.

  • Caylee Ralls

    Representative Munson did an amazing job speaking to our class. It was so nice to be able to hear from someone who sat in the exact same place as us just a few years ago. I believe it really showed us the true potential we have in life. Of the three things Munson spoke about, I believe compassion is the greatest thing missing in leadership. One thing that really goes along with the lack of compassion is the lack of empathy. It is a huge piece missing from the puzzle of leadership. The ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes seems to be a very hard task for leaders. A lot of the previous speakers have talked about it as well. To make it more prevalent, we as leaders ourselves really need to change the way that situations are perceived. We need to learn that there are many perspectives to look at when in a leadership role, not just our own.

  • Mahfuzul Karim

    The thing that is missing nowadays in leadership is a commitment. Leaders do give a long speech and inspire people but sometimes they miss out on their commitment which reflects after a certain period of time. For a leader, commitment inspires and attracts the people. People believe in them if the leader have believe in the cause.

  • Rebekah Clemmons

    Representative Cyndi Munson emphasized the importance of compassion and how it is missing from leadership. I would like to build on that point and say that empathy, which I believe to be even more transformative than compassion, is missing from leadership. Compassion means that someone has the ability to feel for another person and using that ability, leaders can make changes knowing how it will affect others. Empathy takes compassion a step further and allows one to not only feel for somebody else, but to feel what they are feeling by putting oneself in somebody else’s shoes. Empathy causes people to treat others how they would want to be treated. I believe this can alter leadership in a more profound way; ideally, leaders will use their heart to consider all points of view and will make decisions based on bettering those around them over all other motives, because they empathize with how others will be affected by the choices made by leaders. Compassion must be achieved through authenticity and listening to others, according to Cyndi Munson, and I think those elements are essential to having empathy as well. As Rep. Munson asserted, there is no one way to lead “right,” but in my opinion, a leader must have empathy – this is fundamental to a deeply impactful leadership experience.

  • Hannah Morrison

    Many of the leaders I hear speaking on television or posting on social media seem to lack humility. This can be seen in everyday leaders as well. It’s important to be able to lead, and to want to lead, with intentions set on helping those around you. The motivation for taking initiative should not be for the attention that it will bring to you. To go along with Munson’s topic of authenticity, I think your intentions tell a lot about what type of person, or in this case, leader you are. Being humble in your actions, and always striving to help those around you will motivate others to do the same. When doing a group project, make sure others are heard and try to help their ideas come alive. If you are working alone, you should be working just as diligently as you would be if people were watching.

  • Brianna Taylor

    In Representative Cydni Munson’s presentation, she discussed three things she thought were missing in leadership: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. These key traits make up leadership and should be practiced regularly. However, recently, one thing that I believe is becoming more prevalent in leadership is management. I think that, today, leaders are putting less of an emphasis on being involved in their communities and are passing off their duties to others. More and more leaders are becoming managers and are not working alongside its citizens to solve their problems. We as citizens, can fix this by looking for the three traits described my Ms. Munson and for people who are leaders, not managers.

  • Audrey Allard

    Representative Cyndi Munson was one of my favorite speakers to come so far. I love how she just opened up with reminding us that she is human too. She was vulnerable with us college students and that is really hard to do especially in a position where she is viewed as a leader. I really related to some of her struggles, like finding her purpose in a new environment. That really made me feel encouraged to know that even people who are leaders and making a difference feel out of place sometimes and like their work doesn’t matter, but her work does! Hearing her passion for people and for reforming Oklahoma really gave me hope in the future of our state, because I could tell that everything she said was genuine. We don’t get that with politicians today. It encouraged me to always be genuine when I am given a position to lead. I want to step up when things are against me, the way that representative Munson did. I really enjoyed the question time at the end and when I went to thank her for coming she spent time with every single individual that wanted to talk to her. That is something that leadership is lacking in, the personal aspect of it. I really enjoyed listening to her speak and I want to work with her in the future sometime!

  • Cassidy Riley

    Representative Munson really impacted me with her authenticity, and it was great to hear her elaborate on it more as one of her three keys to leadership. From the moment she stepped up to speak she humanized herself by sharing honestly about her life and work. That blew me away. Part of authenticity is transparency. Transparency is missing in leadership. It’s so easy to feel in a leadership position like there’s no room for error, no room for imperfection. Transparency requires humility, it requires teachability, and it requires integrity. It is what makes a leader, a person, authentic. I can be more transparent. I have seen how transparency in leaders liberates followers to develop deeper connections and experience more growth. Transparency in leadership kicks the pedestal to the side and highlights how everyone is in process, everyone is growing, even the leader. I can make transparency more prevalent by humbling myself and exemplifying it, hoping that others see the freedom and growth that follows and want that transparency too.

  • Destiny Perez

    One thing missing in leadership that I would like to see implemented more often is inclusivity. As leaders it is easy to get caught up in making a positive effect of impact. However, maintaining effective inclusivity is sometimes forgotten. Being aware of those who also want to make an impact and incorporating their ideas would have more benefit by seeing a wider view of perspectives. Some of the best ways to implement this would be simply through consistently reaching out to people on a regular basis. Helping others become more comfortable and simply just making sure everyone involved in an organization feels welcomed.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    I believe that something definitely missing from leadership is a point that Cyndi Munson touched on, which is that of compassion. Everyone now, especially leaders, tend to get caught up in their own vision, which is not always a bad thing. However, we need to not get distracted by the truly important things, including how we care for and listen to other people. If we are going to lead, we must pay close attention to those which we are leading. Part of compassion is looking past yourself and getting over pride to reach out to others and check on their wellbeing and try to understand and solve their issues. Even when we listen, we must go the extra mile to show that we are not only listening, but understanding and paying attention as well. Treating others with compassion can drive us forward as well, gaining the support of those who understand that we not only listen, but act.

  • Lynh Hoang

    Representative Cyndi Munson talked in-depth about communication in leadership today whether it be with kids or adults. She elaborated on her main points about listening with all ears, being real and authentic and show compassion to others, and I too agree that this is some characteristics not often obtained by leaders today. One major trait that is often missing is listening well. As leaders, we like to be the ones talking and discussing; making and expressing our own ideas, but sometimes we need to listen to others. We are too quick to respond with what we have to say that we don’t listen to the other person. By really comprehending what the other person is saying you might learn more things and become more knowledgable. Listening is a weak skill in leadership today overall in politics because they spend too much time speaking about themselves instead of listening for criticism and suggestions from others. THis not only applies to “leaders” or “politicians” today but to anyone and everyone. By understanding the people around us we grow in our specific field greatly. I can apply this to group projects, community outreach, or simply therapy.

  • Emma Lammers

    I feel that listening well, authenticity, and compassion would fix so many issues that our nation, or even world, face. If I had to choose one more characteristic that is missing in leadership is humility. I feel as though so many leaders are right on the edge of being confident and arrogance. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to be confident, but sometimes its necessary be humble. I think as a leader it’s important step back from yourself and help with others. Being arrogant can put a damper on trust within the communication process to the audience. If one is arrogant then the audience may feel like they won’t actually get the objective done because their leader is too focused on themselves, or the audience feels like the leader isn’t thinking about what is actually necessary. We need more confidence rather than arrogance in our societies.

  • Myawna Moore

    I really appreciated state representative Cyndi Munsons wise words. I also believe that listening well, authenticity, and compassion are missing in leadership. Another thing I think is missing in leadership is quality. Not all leadership is the best that it can be. We can go about making it more prevalent by pushing for better quality leadership.

  • brinlee lenochan

    Cyndi Munson discussed 3 things she thinks are missing in leadership: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. I agree with all these things and also Id like to add that I think being humble is lacking in leadership today. Many people who are looked up too and leaders of the world sometimes forget to be humble. Humble means having or showing a modest of one’s own importance. In leadership I think humble means not always believing your way is the right way and always being respectful of others and their ideas.

  • Bryce Bisel

    I think that many leaders lack the ability to understand one another. Some leaders are stuck in their beliefs and will not hear out the other side because of this. It is alright to fight for what you believe in, but a leader needs to at least hear out the other side. like Cyndi Munson said, listening well is what is needed to fix this problem that I see. If leaders would listen to each other instead of argue, more would get accomplished.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    Representative Cyndi Munson gave a great presentation where she said what she thought was missing in leadership. I think one of the main things missing in leadership is honesty. There are so many times leaders get hungry for power and do what benefits them but isn’t exactly what is right or honest. I feel like being transparent as a leader is so important to giving those that you lead a sense of trust that you are there to grow together as leaders. I would try to show honesty in all areas of a business or organization by being honest and earning the trust of those under me and by making important decisions on honesty. A leader that isn’t honest is a leader that you can’t trust which will impact everyone negatively. Honesty is such a great value to have in all parts of life, but it is especially important to make you an even stronger leader.

  • Remy Young

    One thing I think is missing in leadership is serving. It may be an extreme view, but I believe all leaders should have service as one of their top goals in all they do. Leaders should want to serve those they are leading and set the goal serving for the group they are a part of–no matter what kind of leader they are. The best way for me to make servant leadership more prevalent is simply by doing it. I want to work to set the example of service and try my best to serve those around me. Hopefully, those I get to serve will also take on a mindset of servant leadership. It sounds easy, but it is a constant struggle to implement servant leadership. Most desire for the glory of self and personal gain has to be removed and accountability from those around and sacrifice must be added for me to be a leader of service.

  • Sarah Huhman

    In todays time, being a leader requires you to not be afraid to stand out and voice your opinion or set an example for others to follow. Cyndi Munson presented to our class three things she thinks as leaders we are missing or could work on to further our skills, those three things are, listening well, having compassion, and authenticity. It wasn’t until she mentioned them that I realized we as leaders are missing those qualities. The one I feel like we all need to work on is Listening well. Yes, as leaders we set examples for others to follow, but we forget that being a leader also means we are the voice of others. And to be the voice of others we must listen. Being an advocate means taking other opinions, concerns and ideas into consideration and representing them. If we don’t listen to others, how can we expect to serve our community as leaders. That is one quality that we will always have to continue to work on as our lives continue to evolve so do our skills.

  • From my observations the thing that is missing the most within leadership is feedback. Often times leaders will motivate others to complete tasks but forget to to give them any positive feedback. People need to be reminded that they are doing a good job, if not they most likely won’t progress or continue to put in maximum effort. As a leader, developing followers to become leaders is a main goal. Feedback helps build confidence and gives people a sense of purpose, these things work wonders in creating leaders.

  • Serah Salau

    I think one thing missing in leadership is lack of belief in one self. Without belief in oneself, you can never be confident in yourself and your self esteem will always be low.This makes the leader feel very low and makes him/her feel like he is not worth leading his/her people. It may be caused by poor background or young age, which are not factors that determine whether you are a leader or not. Age does not determine your leadership nor does background, it all comes from believing in yourself and knowing that authority is not superiority. I believe that young people can be informed this through the speakers and also being taught in their leadership classes.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    I definitely believe today’s leadership is missing understanding. This definitely goes along with listening, authenticity, and compassion, and is very similar to those three, but it is a bit more specific. It can be easy to say we listened to someone, but did we truly understand them, or why they believe their point of view? If we can’t answer that question, then it’s very likely we weren’t listening at all. This is how we go about making listening more prevalent: the first step is understanding. We have only been looking at listening on the surface level, when in fact it’s more than just having a conversation.

  • Karina Cabrera

    Aside from Listening well, Authenticity, and Compassion, I believe that an often lacked skill in leadership is Strategic planning. Often when most people of any IQ level do not give their best it is because they procrastinate or have not given themselves enough time to comprehend the matter for them to excel, as well as help others excel in it. Strategically planning allows you to write down everything in order of which it needs to be completed. If you stick to your schedule, you will not be running late on something you may have forgotten about, which I believe is very important. It also allows you to see the bigger picture from the beginning, allowing yourself to know your goal and acknowledge any obstacles that may come your way, giving yourself time to learn how to overcome those obstacles.

  • Dawson Rose

    Representative Munson had a great presentation on leadership. The one thing I believe missing from leadership is teamwork. A Lot of high ranking individuals want to do things on their own. Working as a unit rather than as an individual will work better for you. In Representative Munson’s presentation she mentions listening well, authenticity, and compassion as things that are mission in leadership. All three of these points can be directed back into teamwork. Listening to what others have to say, being authentic,and having compassion for others will not only help the team work better, it will allow for a more productive work flow.

  • Joey Boschert

    After reflecting on the words of Cyndi Munson, I agree with her points of listening well, authenticity, and compassion missing in leadership. When reflecting on the norms of leadership, I do believe that honesty is often missing in leadership, as we as a society do not oftentimes associate honesty with prevalent leaders and political figures. The concept of honesty is incredibly important from the perspective of a leader, as without honesty there can not be a sense of trust from constituents. This is not to say that all modern leaders are dishonest, but there has been so much inconsistency with truth, media coverage, and policy making that common ideals revolve around distrust with those who were elected to serve. I personally believe that current leadership norms would benefit from an increased amount of honesty, as that would subsequently boost trust in constituents.

  • Emma Chidlers

    Cyndi Munson. what an empowering woman!!! Besides the three things she mentioned about what is missing in leadership, I believe empathy is also lacking in our society. It’s so easy for us to say we’re sorry or even just feel bad for what someone is going through, and often, that tends to be what empathy is mistaken for. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, doing your best to understand how it would feel in that situation and to look through someone else’s eyes. Cyndi Munson values empathy, as do many of our previous speakers, however many people in power today don’t even desire to have empathy. We can resolve this by talking about it, taking every word that these speakers say to heart, taking a step back and evaluating yourself, and then taking a stand for others and what we believe is right, because we are the future leaders of America.

  • Kameron J. Kimball

    Cyndi Munson did a great job speaking. The three things she discussed I agreed with. However, the main thing I think is missing is servant leaders. People always want to be acknowledged for what they do. You’re not supposed to lead for the recognition, yet to help people out. I once saw a diagram of a pyramid where the leader was at the top of the pyramid. Yet in leadership, I feel the pyramid should be upside down; where the leader is at the bottom with everybody resting/relying on them, without it even being realized. Leaders should lead to help others be the best version of themselves and for the greater good, not to be above others, or to be recognized.

  • Jerome Brown

    Cyndi Munson talked about three very important leadership skills that are missing which are listening well, authenticity, and compassion. One leadership skill I think is missing goes along with listening well and it is compromise. Many people think that there is only one way to do things and won’t listen to others opinions and ideas. As a leader you have to be willing to compromise even if someone has ideas different than yours. Being stubborn is not a great way to lead. When handling a task with other members, you can’t be stubborn or both parties will never be satisfied and this will cause tension amongst the group. This is why you have to be willing to meet in the middle.

  • Tyler Garcia

    Representative Munson started off her speech by making us feel equal and full of potential my mentioning everyone has been in our seats ands in tough situations in life. I feel like this is a great thing to be reminded of, because as leaders we are often portrayed to be perfect, so small failures sometimes weigh us down more than normal. She also mentioned how compassion is missing in leadership, but we can easily gain it by following some small steps. To gain compassion, Representative Munson said we need to first learn how to listen, empathize, and keep ourselves equal to others. I often catch my self getting frustrated in group projects and not wanting to listen to other people’s ideas or answers so even though I have been working on listening more, I feel like I will strive to be an even better listener now.

  • Heather Maker

    Although Cyndi Munson touched on listening well, authenticity, and compassion, I also believe responsibility is not necessarily missing completely, I do think it is lacking in abundance. With the ease of communication through cell phones and social media platforms, it is easier to cancel plans without feeling like you are letting anyone down.I believe that one way people can increase the responsibility in their lives, and my own, is by sticking to the plans that you agree to and do not make plans unless you are 95% sure you are able to keep up with those said plans. With everyone keeping up their end of the bargain it will increase responsibility overall in the leadership community.

  • Carson Clay

    I really enjoyed listing to state representive Cyndi Munson, I totally agree with her that are missing in leadership. Listening well, authenticity, and comparison. To add on to her three, I think forgiveness is also missing from leadership. Forgiveness is a very powerful attribute that a lot of people either don’t not have or know how to use. But as leaders, we should forgive people when they have ruined, hurt, or disrupted events that we do. I have noticed that sometimes I haven’t been the best about it, and is defiantly something I need to work on.

  • Tyler Boykin

    One thing that I think is missing from leadership is commitment. I find that individuals struggle to stay committed to a task. Whenever something doesn’t go their way they lose passion for their goals at hand. What makes great leaders is the ability to face adversity even through the toughest conditions. Quitting is the easy way out, but being able to push through and face adversity through your journey makes the temporary finish line that much better. I write about a temporary finish line because once a goal has been completed complacency should not set in because that is when individuals stall out and grow lazy. Overall I really appreciated Cyndi Munson coming to UCO and speaking with us.

  • Alexxa Lewis

    Cyndi Munson spoke of three qualities people overlook that are important in being a strong leader: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. I believe in today’s society, some people forget about respecting other’s views and opinions. People are always looking for opportunities to voice their inputs and prove they are always right, and forget to be considerate. Having respect can not only strengthen your values as a person, but it shows consideration and optimism towards those opinions that you may not agree with. Seeing both sides of an issue, whether you agree or not, can efficiently make you into a better leader.

  • Joshua Chao

    I believe a lot of leaders are missing the quality of listening well. A lot of the time leaders lack being humble and refuse to listen to what people have to see. They see a hierarchy and put themselves above everyone else and feel that their opinion is not as valid. Leaders also like to be selective about what they choose to hear. Sometimes leaders will only listen to what they want to hear while a good leader will listen to the good and bad critiques no matter the level of harshness. Doing this will improve yourself as a leader and make you a lot stronger.

  • Mason Lance

    I think as a leader you have to have many strong attributes. Attention to detail is one that I feel that gets over looked a lot. Once you become a steady leader and are used to you role or position, then after a while every thing becomes automatic and repetitive. So in order to become a greater leader from there, you have to pay attention to detail and start working on the little things. The little things are what is important because you need to work on your craft and work ethic. I think just reminding people that attention to detail is extremely important will help make it more prevalent in different areas.

  • Maison Smith

    Something that I think is missing from leadership is listening. We have to be more willing to listen to all sides, so we can come up with good solutions that work for everyone. So many times people caught up thinking of what they’re going to say next that they forget to really listen to what other people are saying. We have to not only listen, but also decipher what people need from what they’re saying. We have to listen, so that we can empathize with people.

  • Tyler Owens

    Cyndi Munson has done so much to turn things around in Congress in Oklahoma, and I truly admire all that she has done to fix the things that are wrong in legislation. One thing that I think that is missing in leadership is representation of youth. Many of the youth in Oklahoma are more progressive than not, yet none of our lawmakers’ decisions reflect that. Whereas some youth are still not old enough to vote, there are thousands that are 18 or older that still are not represented in legislature. A great way Cyndi Munson is taking action to fix the under-representation of certain demographics is to meet with people and hear their concerns. Cyndi and I have already been in contact about meeting and discussing issues with the state’s handling of homelessness, and she is always more than willing to hear concerns from her constituents.

  • In today’s world, the biggest thing that leadership is missing is compassion. I have a friend that was recently laid off with no prior notice or severance. This was because the owners needed to persevere some money in order to pay some bills they were behind on. This is an example of compassion lacking in leadership. In order to be a good leader, you must be personal with the people you lead, and that is a crucial part that is missing in parts of leadership today. However, the biggest missing part in my own personal life today is my lack of time I’ve spent with Meg.

  • Sydney Garrett

    I believe that listening is something that all leaders need to improve on. I know I struggle with listening to all the information when someone is explaining things to me. If we all just slowed down and listened to what are peers had to say, then I think we would get much more accomplished. I can personally improve my listening skills by waiting for someone to express their whole situation instead of just jumping in. Representative Munson said that a lot more would get accomplished if we just took the time to listen to one another and I agree.

  • I think diversity of personality is essential to produce a successful team of leaders. Often times the more assertive and socially dominant people are solely the ones represented in leadership because they present their skills on their sleeves and are the easiest to recruit. However, if you really want to construct a well-rounded group of individuals you need those who are too humble to put themselves out there. If you are willing to do the extra digging, the introverted world will pleasantly surprise you with their alternative perspectives.

  • Ji Hyo Bae

    I think for myself that I need to be listening well. When I was in high school, some students came to me for advice. When they talked about their difficulties, sometimes I was not focus on their talking. Even though my eyes were on the students, my mind left them. To be a good leader, I believe that I should be love and sympathy other. I will get better concerning for my people and focus on their listening.

  • Walker Holland

    It was an honor listening to Mrs. Munsen speak about her time in office and the things she has learned. I think her statement regarding listening is very prevalent, and should be taken seriously. In today’s society no one real hears each other, so being a good listener can really show a lot. Also a leader can not do the job right without the respect of the people they are leading, and if a leader doesn’t return that respect by listening, then they wont get anywhere. I appreciate Mrs. Munsen bringing this issue up, because I think it is destined to cause problems. So, continue to lead with an open mind, and open ears.

  • kaylee sloan

    I really enjoyed listening to Mrs. Munsen speak to the class last Tuesday! I thought it was interesting that she seemed to have been a leadership central student years prior. She really had some particularly unique insight into today’s world and what we as a community can do to help. she talked about how listening is a very basic but necessary tool for success with both your future and the country’s future as well. Listening to others and actually hearing what they have to say can make an important difference in how someone can give feedback and really make changes not only in congress but in everyday life. She asked if we had any particular things we thought could help the communities to really hear and want to help make a change in other maybe poorer communities. I think she would be such a great person to mentor underneath. One thing I think is missing in leadership is respect. I think that so many people want to be the one to make a change in this world (which is good) but that they want it all for themselves in the fact that they do not collaborate or discuss anything with respected mentors or even people who have knowledge prior or no knowledge at all to see other peoples opinions and be able to explain and adapt to different situations brought up. If there was one thing that I think would help would be to respect others and listen to others.

  • Mykal Sanchez

    I agree with Munson in that listening well is missing from a lot of people in leadership today. To me incorporating everyones hopes and goals into the overall project is the whole point of leading in the first place. Leading others isn’t about taking control of situations and being the steerer of the ship, it’s having the ability to bring others up into a position to where they can become the best version of their self while making improvements to the team as a whole. Listening well is something that is detrimental to the success of a group and of helping a person to grow and better themselves. If no one feels like they are being heard and understood there is no progress they feel that can be made and their motivation drops dramatically. This opens up the door for everyone on a team to be as transparent and honest as possible in order to discourage any sort of suppressed conflict within oneself or between two or more people. Listening makes being transparent much more easy and doable without dreading it.