Lessons in Leadership – Week 6 – OKC Councilwoman Nikki Nice

During her presentation, Councilwoman Nice communicated her desire to solve community issues with action and service. How can you be sure to recognize and contribute to solving challenges in your communities, providing authentic solutions to the people you serve.


  • Ruby Edsall

    To me, leadership has always been about being a voice for others; not standing on them, standing up for them. Serving your community is about understanding the issues first. Talk to the citizens first, and find out what they hope to change and what issues they face. When we conversate, we cause change. I’ve always found that the people with the best solutions are those living within the issue. Providing realistic and helpful solutions can be very difficult especially because there isn’t always a clear-cut answer. However, making citizens feel heard and valued helps no matter the situation.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    Councilwoman Nice is very passionate about fighting for the community at which she serves. She is fighting to make it a better and safer place for all that resided or visited. In order to contribute and recognize what challenges my community has, I need to get actively involved within it. I need to contact not only elected officials in the area, but the general public as well to find out those challenges and what needs improved. Having those relationships with them will enable me to figure out the problem, and discuss with them possible solutions.

  • Madison Baugh

    Councilwoman Nice is such an influential leader, and her presentation was so interesting. The only way to recognize challenges in our community is to be socially conscious. We have to listen to the needs of the people in our community and get involved. I have to wonder if Councilwoman Nice’s experience in radio and television gave her a different view of her community. Perhaps she was able to hear the needs of the people in a way that many elected officials are not able to. We need to elect, or even become elected, officials who will actually listen to the community like Councilwoman Nice has. One does not have to be politically-inclined to recognize and solve community problems. Authentic solutions can come from anyone who truly cares for the well being of their community. Most times, there will not be a clear answer to every problem, but a good leader will find opportunities to help the community thrive until a good solution is discovered.

  • Brianna Jennings

    As Nikki Nice spoke about, there are many issues needing to be solved in our community and the communities around us. In order to solve these issues in the community, we must be active and engaged leaders in our community- whether that be by joining an organization and being an active member, or just simply lending a helping hand when being called upon. The best way to overcome these challenges is to work together as leaders and as activists, because as we combine forces to tackle the obstacles we face, our success becomes greater than what it would’ve been just by ourselves. Also, to be authentic and true to the people we are serving, we must get to know them as individuals and help them understand what and why were trying to overcome these problems the community faces. Overall, as leaders, we must understand the people in our community as well as unite forces to take on the challenges our communities face.

  • Austin Borjas

    I think for myself serving is important. I think that serving others is the biggest way you can make an impact. For instance, my church and I serve a few times a semester at an underprivileged school and this is meeting a need by building a mentorship with the students, painting or updating different equipment at the school, or other things that need to be done. I think that meeting people where they need help speaks volumes. A true leader sees and meets a need. A community is the one that can make a worlds difference. We also know that if you do your part you are left with more pride and purpose.

  • Kylee Snell

    Councilwoman Nikki Nice is a great example of a servant leader. Her commitment to her community is undeniable. She gave up her dream job to serve her community. This forced her to move back in with her mother after being elected. One way for me to meet the needs of my community is to just get out and really experience it. By doing this, I would see first hand what I can do for my community. It would also be a motivating factor to see it instead of just hearing about it. It is easy to ignore the needs of others when you just hear about it, but then you experience it first hand it is hard to put off and ignore. To contribute to my community just showing up isn’t enough. I think going into a service project it is important to go in with a positive attitude and really investing all of your energy into it when you are there and carrying it with you after you leave.

  • Ebonie Reyes

    The only way to recognize issues going on within your community is to be actively involved in it. You will not know what is going on if you are not drawn into your community. For example, Councilwoman Nice is involved in her community of course and she saw the problem of her town not having a grocery store. She noticed it and is now doing something about it because she cares and is passionate about it. A way I could contribute in my community is talk to the council in my ward or something simple like hold a community meeting. One thing I would want in my community is for everyone to feel safe so I could talk about that in a meeting. We could set up a watch group to protect everyone.

  • Callie Hambrick

    As Councilwoman Nice mentioned, we have a duty as leaders to stand up for people and act on issues that affect them. I think one of the best ways to recognize and contribute to challenges in our community is to be aware. Being aware, though seemingly simple, is actually quite difficult. In today’s world, it is all about “me instead of “you” and “us” rather than “them.” We are so self-oriented that we do not notice when others are going through difficult times; however, if we shift our perspectives, if we become others-oriented, then we will no longer be blind to the struggles around us. We cannot solve anything until we realize that there is something to be solved, and that comes with awareness.

  • Mide Cassaday

    I think the best way to get anything productive done is to listen to everybody and their points. When there is issue or a concern about something, you have to think about the causes and effects to everybody that is involved. Putting yourself in the position to help people is very important, especially if it pertains to an entire community of citizens. So, ultimately, you have to consider the opinions of those who are effected, or those who will be effected by changes that are made. Otherwise, the actions made could end up doing more harm than good. Try making decisions that will contribute to the society in a long-lasting, effective manner that is mutually agreed upon by most, if not all, people involved.

  • Ainsley Bain

    Talk about female power! Nikki Nice is an embodiment of what many young girls aspire to be one day. Her achievements although may seem lacking in some eyes, are that of a true servant. Nikki Nice touched on many things about her success: taking opportunities, communication, and being passionate. Nikki Nice elaborated on taking opportunities by saying, “heck yes,” to offers, and going for it. Our society today lacks that drive, determination, and bravery that accepting offers and going for things requires. Nikki Nice illustrated how important communication is, when she first began her career, she said she asked herself, “how can we communicate and portray things properly to the community?” This is a vital question to not just ask in politics and media, it is an important question to ask in many scenarios. Lastly, Councilwoman Nice stated that it is not easy, and we must find our passion and purpose. I feel that it is important to make this connection because many people go to school and are just trying to get a degree that makes them a lot of money, but if they are miserable in that career for the rest of their lives, then are they really fulfilling their purpose? We must understand why we are here, we are here to serve a bigger purpose to make this world a better place and be a servant to others. I also liked how Nikki Nice touched on that it is so important to take care of ourselves, we cannot give to others unless we are fully charged and able to not worry about our own survival. Finally, I like one of the last things Councilwoman Nice said and that is, “If you want to be a leader, you also have to be a follower,” which sums up what true leadership is all about.

  • Karina Cabrera

    The most important aspect of a leader that truly makes them great is like Ms. Nice said: “To be a leader, you also have to be a follower”. Putting yourself in a position where you can sit back and observe, will allow you to learn more than if you act before thinking. Of course, it is not always possible to please all people at once, but if you work hard and research/listen to those who live in the community, you will learn what is needed to help make a positive influence. An example of when I took a step back and listened to my community is when I decided to create a survey for high school students. My survey asked whether as a high school student you felt informed enough about college requirements, or if there was anyone in a specific position who does not know about the many opportunities out there that are designed to help them. After taking in all the surveys, I realized that many students were completely lost when it came to college and how they could find their best fit. Thanks to my data, I decided to host a college panel full of college students from universities all over Oklahoma who were willing to talk about their college experiences and inform many students about the open doors they never knew about. Thank you to the many students who attended my event, I was given positive feedback on a small, yet an influential event that I hosted to make a positive influence and it reminded me that no matter how small, taking positive action will make a difference in the long run.

  • Saul Perez

    Nikki Nice spoke about her struggles of solving issues in her community. She focused on the zip code 73111, I grew up a few blocks away in the 73121 zip code so I was very familiar with the struggles she was talking about. The closing of the grocery on 23rd and MLK was an issues that I was very familiar with. I knew that closing that store would affect the community negatively understanding the effects that actions can have on the community is the first step of solving an issue. hearing out what the community needs and talking to the community will help understand the wants and needs of the citizens. As young leaders we have to be active in our community, noticing what is going on and realizing the struggles. Even though the store closing on 23rd and MLK didn’t affect me personally, I still understood the affects it would have on that community, I knew that access to fresh food would become difficult as a result. Understanding the needs of others is how solutions are developed and put into actions. Having someone serving a community they are familiar with is the best way provided effective solutions to help the people in the community

  • Kameron Kimball

    I really liked what Councilwoman Nice had to say. I could kind of relate to her community because it sounded similar to where I’m from. Overall, if i was serving my community like her, my first thing of action is to hear the people’s voice. Be a servant leader, and not hold my authority, yet kind of let everybody’s voice be heard. Next, I would see what I personally though my community’s needs are. For example, hers was a grocery store. My big thing is getting what’s needed first, then getting what is wanted by the people second.

  • Emme Douglas

    The people of this community have a voice, and being able to listen to what people are wanting to change and fix is important. The problem with finding solutions for a whole community is that there is not one solution that everyone will agree on. Finding multiple solutions/compromises to bring to the community is the best way to present it. Thinking about how the issue came up and about what will happen do to the possible changes needs to be thought through carefully to ensure that there won’t be further damage. Like Nikki Nice said, “If you want to be a leader, you have to be a follower.” Be a follower of your people and community.

  • Zachary Nemecek

    Councilwoman Nice presented plenty of examples on how to be active within your community. One example of a way to be aware to issues within is to be active in the location that you want change in. She spoke about how she went door to door to talk to people and so they could put a face to name. She also understood the location of businesses needed in the area such as grocery stores so that it is not a food dead zone. It is important to be in communication with the city officials that are elected in your area to voice your concern for the matters that are affecting you. If you do not communicate problems, then they rarely will be addressed. As a leader sometimes you need to listen to the people around you instead of talk, to take in issues they are coming in contact with and take in their opinions to what they believe should be done. The best way to serve your community in my opinion is to active inside of it, to see what needs to be fixed with your own eyes.

  • Seth Harriet

    Councilwoman Nice gave a great lecture over her life and how she is making an impact in the community. Councilwoman Nice presented a perspective that put community problem solving in a much more simplistic way. She gave me the idea that to “authentically” provide a solution for a community you first must make yourself aware of how the citizens feel in the community. She used data to recognize and back up some problems in the community she is over but focused more on the health and livelihood of the citizens within the community. So, to answer the question I think to really be able to contribute to finding a solution you have to put yourself in the shoes of the people that need the change to fully understand what should be done.

  • Carson Clay

    Listening to Nikki Nice on Tuesday really made a impact on me. I’ve done a few things for the communities I have lived in, but she really made the point that it’s not only one of the best feelings, it is also very heart warming knowing that you and many others share a community and that we should all be there for each other. As leaders, that’s a re duty to step up and take a stand. Not only can we get ourselves there to serve and help, but we should persuade others too as well. With her examples and stories she seems like a great leader and I think we should all in leadership central push to act and carry ourselves like she does. I really enjoyed her coming and speaking to us. Thank you!

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    During her presentation, Councilwoman Nikki Nice communicated her desire to solve community issues with action and service, and providing authentic solutions to the people. There are multiple ways to recognize and contribute to solving challenges in communities. Personally for me one way to contribute to solving challenges in communities is by listening to the people so that we get done with a issue the way they see it, not the way we think they see an issue. On a different note one way to provide authentic solutions to the people is by putting yourself in charge so that it gets done in a way that you understand, while at the same time having an open ear to others opinions.

  • There are many ways to actively improve and fix issues in your local community. Volunteering, supporting local businesses, and raising money are a few effective ways. In my opinion, volunteering is the best start. It helps you see these issues from multiple perspectives. Not only are you able to work hands on with other members of the community, you can also see the adversities that people from different backgrounds face. You can also use the inspiration you gain from volunteering to take it to the next level, and get to the root of the challenges your community is facing.

  • Walker Holland

    It was a pleasure listening to Mrs. Nice speak about her time as a council woman and how she has contributed to her community. I think making a large impact on your community takes a few distinct steps, and Mrs. Nice definitely applies them in her chair of office. First you have to listen to the community to find what it actually needs. In doing this you can provide the necessary facilities or assistance that is actually needed within the community. Then you just have to plan and execute whatever it may be with a group of people who all want the community to flourish. Mrs. Nice definitely strives at doing these things and has great things ahead in her future.

  • Grace Duvall

    A way I can recognize and contribute to solving problems in my community is through simply listening. Whether this be through listening to politics, reading the newspaper, or simply taking time out of my day to listen to someone else’s beliefs. I think actions speak so much louder than words. So for me, to get involved in helping my community solve problems, I must become an active participant! I should look at the places where there is a need and try to the best of my ability to meet that need. I think often times we don’t realize the things we could do to help just simply because of the opportunities we have been blessed with ourselves. I think I need to use my abilities and my opportunities to help those around my community.

  • Jerome Brown

    Councilwoman Nikki Nice is a great example of being a change in your community. She strives to better her community as much as possible. There are different ways for me to get involved in my community. One great way is for me to talk to elected officials and pick their brains about different things. Another way is, asking locals how they feel about the community and what issues they have with it. First to try to make a change in the community, I have to understand the issues within it. Changing the community can start with just one small step such as talking to a local member of the community.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    Councilwoman Nice was a very powerful woman with a pervasive passion for helping her community. I believe that the best way to recognize and solve the issues in our community is to stay plugged into our community and have discussions within one another about what can be done better. Speaking is always the first step to change, and that can even be done over something as simple as lunch with some of the community members. Change is not always a large glamorous thing, but is sometimes a slow process which begins with getting involved. Councilwoman Nice has set an amazing example for what it means to serve as a leader and to stay connected to the community which she serves. She gave up a lot just to be able to help, even giving up a comfortable lifestyle, just because she knew that she could change her community and make people happier. This is the kind of leader we should all strive to be, one that stands out to make a difference and plugs themselves into the community, even if it may cost us our comfort for a while.

  • Emma Lammers

    Community can mean various things, such as school, neighborhood, family, and many more areas. I think in order to solve any issues one needs to first understand what issues are occurring. After identifying any problems, which communities are being affected? There may be many solutions to an issue, or their could be few solutions. One of the things that will always get an issue “tamed” is communicating. Hear what the community is trying to say and give them your feedback. talking with your community and listening will get that community far.
    One of the issues that is had to face as a leader was being a debate captain as a sophomore in high school. Most of the people that I was coaching were upperclassmen, which meant everybody looked down on me. Nobody respected me as a leader, therefore nobody ever listened to my critiques. As the leader I had to be the bigger person and talk to my team. I heard what they had to say, “it’s embarrassing being lead by a sophomore,” or “I feel like you aren’t qualified to be the captain.” after listening to what they had to say I gave them feedback. I told them that it may be embarrassing, but it won’t be when they do well in a round. I may be young, but I have gone far in tournaments. I wasn’t looking down at them, I was simply listening to them.

  • Shelby Denney

    As leaders I believe we are called to serve in a way that provides for those around us through stewardship. This mentality of service naturally facilitates the servitude towards others through the actions of volunteering and intentionality. Using these methods you can then find the needs of the community you are serving and find authentic solution by listening to those you are serving. This can be exemplified in Nikki Nice’s work through her work to diminish the lack of healthy and available food in North East Oklahoma City. Her courageous actions and passion for helping those around her can be seen through her servitude and actions on the City Council. Nikki’s duties on the council are shown through her active listening of every person in her community including those who are of minority groups and people of color. I am so proud of Nikki Nice as a woman who is making such difference in our local community. Her work of servitude and authentic solutions is so inspiring.

  • Remy Young

    In every community, there are changes that need to be made. No society is perfect, but we should continuously work to better the areas in which we live. If I were faced with issues in the way Councilwoman Nice is I would try to approach them with inclusion, honesty, and intentionality. I believe the first step in this approach is truly recognizing the issues in your community. Acknowledge that the issue is real and that it is not okay and why it is not okay. Also, figure out why the problem first started and if the society is at fault, vow to do your best to not make the same mistakes again. Then, begin developing a plan to work towards fixing the problems. To me, these plans and decisions should be made as a community and then action should be facilitated by the leaders of our community. I think it is vital to the success of these plans that each person has a role in the betterment of the community and their role is known. This allows everyone to have a place and a purpose in the community while also feeling needed and wanted there.

  • Sarah Huhman

    During her presentation on Tuesday, Councilwoman Nice talked about her focuses on improving local community issues through acts of service. She gave us examples on what she and others have done to solve community issues by coming together and how to recognize that our efforts are needed. It’s easy to get “lost” in our individuals lives and forget that there are issues going on in the community around us. Taking a step back and opening your eyes to the problems going on right in front of you is a necessary step to take if you want to solve or work on a communal issue. Everyone in the community has different needs and problems, so you must be optimistic when thinking of an approach to tackle these issues. To solve issues or to even start to tackle them, you need a team to come together. A community issue needs a community of people to solve it. Overall, just acknowledging the issue and coming together to think of ways to resolve the issue is a huge step towards improving the community.

  • Heather Maker

    I believe that the two most important ways to get actively involved in your community and solving problems is by not turning a blind eye to situations at hand as well as getting information from the other side, whether you agree with them or not. In order to be able to solve problems, you have to face them head on. You also cannot solve problems and provide adequate solutions unless you have the full story, which you can get from listening with open ears to people who can provide information from a different perspective.

  • Nikki Nice was a great speaker and she really showed how her drive was just to help people. She showed that by having to give up her dream job and take a major pay cut to do the right thing and make sure people’s voices are heard. That is one trait I think personally makes a great leader to help solve any problem, it isn’t about your own agenda it’s about others. I always hear “We were born with two ears and one mouth so, that is how we should be living.” I believe that method is the only way to solve problems is to listen to others and truly hear their concerns.

  • Destiny Perez

    In order to adequately serve a group of people, you must be empathetic to their perspective and background. During her presentation it inspired me to be more mindful of the situations that occur in a community by wanting to lead by example. To have the most impact you must be ready to take a step back and listen before moving forward. A leader must be willing to find solutions to the resources and needs to your respective community, by being persistent in the problem solving process. Lastly, this encouraged me to put my all in wherever a community may best need the most help.

  • Yaritza Romero

    I really enjoyed listening from Councilwoman Nikki Nice and hearing some of her real-life struggles and how she has overcome them. A way we could help take action in our community is by staying engaged in politics and watching the news and keeping the people in our community informed. Creating a compelling vision and inspiring others to take action with you BUT do not be afraid to fail because the reality is that we may fail many times before getting where we want to be. In the process we should try to develop our personal leadership because not everyone starts off as a great leader or even an effective one.

  • Hannah Morrison

    The first step towards being able to make an impact in your community is getting to know those around you. For the solutions to be authentic, I believe there needs to be some sort of engagement with those struggling. Before you can solve an issue, you need to understand the issue and have an idea of what those struggling are in need of. Once you have done so, advocate. Make it known that there is a problem that needs fixing, and dive right in to the process of helping your community overcome the challenges at hand. Nikki Nice is a great example of finding an issue you are passionate about and doing as much as possible to overcome it. Her push for a local grocery store in Ward 7 has been a challenge for quite some time, but she has yet to give up for the people of that community. Her resilience and dedication to helping those around her is a great example of how to handle issues in a community.

  • Dominic Graziano

    I’m grateful for being able to listen to Councilwoman Nikki Nice this week. I personally thought she had really good things to say, my favorite being persistence. Councilwoman Nikki Nice told her story of how she came to be, and how being persistent and persevering is really important. She knew what she wanted to do and she went after it. Once she reached the possibility of getting to intern in what she wanted to do, she was told to come back a couple years later. I would’ve probably thrown in the towel for that opportunity. But she continued to go after what she wanted, and I find that extremely admirable.

  • Kaylee Sloan

    During her presentation, Councilwoman Nice was speaking about female empowerment and about how women run this world. She talked about how if you’re passionate about something then you can make real change. Councilwoman Nice asked the question: How can you be sure to recognize and contribute to solving challenges in your community? This question made me think about all the things could be doing to help my own community. I really enjoyed listening to her presentation and thought her comment on being sure you do something that sparks your interest and not just makes you a lot of money.

  • Rebekah Clemmons

    There are so many opportunities to serve your community, you just have to be aware that there is a need and look for a way to help, it won’t take you long to find one. It’s important to find something that you are passionate about and use your unique talents to serve in that way, because it’s so much easier to serve a mission you are excited about. Councilwoman Nicki Nice is so obviously passionate about building up her community, and even though being a leader is not always convenient, there is a peace in knowing that you are investing in something that is greater than yourself. Nicki said that “being in a leadership position is never going to be easy, you just have to remember why you’re there and the difference that you are going to make in that position.” I respect Councilwoman Nice so much; she was openly vulnerable with our class about her struggles and the hardships she has faced recently after stepping into her new position in government, and it was a good reality check for me to realize that leading requires a lot of self-sacrifice, humility, and perseverance.

  • Alexis Howry

    It was a pleasure to host Councilwoman Nikki Nice and get to gain more knowledge on the issues surrounding her area, and learn the reality of being someone who serves their community. Something that Councilwoman Nice touched on was the awareness of the reoccurring issue her area faced with food scarcity and how long they had fought for them to have access to more nutritious options. The fact that this issue has plagued, and continues to plague, the community she was in even before she was in office shows that it went unsolved for prolonged periods of time. I believe the thing that set Nikki Nice apart was that she was persistent in her efforts to serve those who were statistically more susceptible to these effects in even the smallest of zip codes or areas within her district. She is working to authentically provide common sense solutions to best serve others. This is something we can take from her as we look to serve those here at UCO, Edmond, or our hometowns. We can all start by looking at the specific issues in smaller areas within our larger set communities and find what will be long lasting for everyone.

  • Serah Salau

    Action speaks louder than words. The first and foremost thing I will do to solve issues in my community which is well known of early forced marriages and female genital mutilation, is to make action. The first action is to create awareness to the innocent girls back there and educating them of the harms this traditions causes. The next thing is to report the elders or any other member of the community who tries to practice it on our girls. All these requires a lot of courage as a leader. These also requires support from people in authority like the government. It is therefore, my duty to call for assistance from them and being firm in the decision to solve the problem.

  • Maison Smith

    In order to recognize challenges in our communities, we have to be involved. It is hard to find problems when you aren’t actively working in your community. It is also important to listen to the people we serve. They will be vocal about the issues the community is facing if they are met with listening and action. Providing authentic solutions means we have to always have the people in mind when thinking of how to fix the issues in our community. Doing what’s best for the people should be our primary goal for everything.

  • Abby Wright

    Councilwoman Nice is such an amazing leader, and had many great things to say throughout her time at UCO. I believe that the only way to get things done in your community is to listen to the people who reside there. This is exactly what Nikki does. I believe that being a leader means stepping down to step up. That means being someone who not a fraud and will keep pushing to get the job finished. A leader in a community must be willing to really find out what the problems are throughout their community and with the people that reside there. This being said, as a leader you will have to be fully aware of your community and the problems in order to fix them. Nikki is doing an amazing job and really making an impact in her own community. She is the embodiment of a strong, successful woman in society.

  • Cassidy Riley

    I was really impressed by Councilwoman Nice and her heart to serve her district. The only way I can contribute to solving challenges in my community are by first being aware that they are there. This comes through a lot of self-education, of looking for information that equips me to take reasonable steps of action. Even just listening to Councilwoman Nice address food desert alerted me to a community issue that I had no idea is happening. The first thing that comes to mind when I read “people you serve” are marginalized communities I serve in my job. The more I understand their hurdles and use the resources I have to empower them, the more I can effectively and authentically serve them. It takes a willingness to be teachable and a willingness to act.

  • Gavin White

    Councilwomen Nice did an excellent job this past Tuesday. For me to recognize and solve challenges in a community, first, we have to listen to the problems and then act on them accordingly. It is a fundamental concept to say to listen to the people, but in most circumstances, people just listen to one side or not to the full thing. One of the previous speakers was very truthful in the fact that if you thinking of what to say next when someone is talking, you’re not really listening. Lastly, to provide authentic solutions, you need to just solve the problem that they are having for them, not only for your own vanity.

  • Myawna Moore

    It was nice to have Councilwoman Nikki Nice come to class this past tuesday. To be sure to recognize and contribute to solve challenges in my community ,I’d be open to hear the members of the community discuss the issues they have. What’s a better source for the community than the community itself. Hearing people out and taking in account what they say would be a good first step in eliminating challenges in the community.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    As Councilwoman Nice said, there are many problems in the community. And it can be solved by action and service. In order to do that, we need to communicate. If we don’t have a conversation we don’t know the problem. We have to listen to them. Then we know what they want and we have to do it. If we are together with them, we can solve problems easily. A true leader have to join in society and dedicate for them. Sometimes their opinions may not be helpful to the community. But listening to their opinions is the role of a leader.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    As Councilwoman Nice said, there are many problems in the community. And it can be solved by action and service. In order to do that, we need to communicate. If we don’t have a conversation we don’t know the problem. We have to listen to them. Then we know what they want and we have to do it. If we are together with them, we can solve problems easily. A true leader has to join in society and dedicate himself for them. Sometimes their opinions may not be helpful to the community. But listening to their opinions is the role of a leader.

  • Dawson Rose

    Councilwoman Nice had an amazing presentation on civic leadership, and all of the wonderful things she has done for Oklahoma City while in office. I believe the way you can recognize challenges within your community is to first do your research. The majority of the time people are not educated on the issues within their communities, this is where major problems can arise. Education is one of the most important things, it is how we grow as a community. Once more education is done, then community members need to have teamwork and come together on ideas that will make the community better.

  • Audrey Allard

    I really enjoyed City Council Woman Nikki Nice this week. Her heart for serving the community and speaking out for people who could not speak for themselves was so genuine and I could tell that she really cared. In the political world it’s really rare to find genuine people who truly care about the people they represent and I totally saw that in this councilwoman. It really encouraged me that she never planned on being politically involved but that when she saw a need, she stepped up despite the opposition and fought for her district. I was very empowered as a woman listening to her speak because it showed me that I can step up and lead out even though other men are doing it. I really enjoyed listening to her tell her story, but I loved how at the end it wasn’t finished. She was vulnerable with us when she said that she’s still trying to figure this all out. As a new college student, that is so comforting to hear that even our political leaders are struggling with transitional seasons in their life and it made me feel like I can still be a good leader and not exactly know my next steps, but by taking every opportunity to lead out, I will figure it all out!

  • Brianna Taylor

    I can be sure to recognize and contribute to solving challenges in my communities by listening. By going out and being involved in the community, I can learn about the problems afflicting the populace. Hearing the concerns and vices of the community will also contribute to my ability to solve their afflictions. A fresh perspective can help me find a new, creative solution that I might not have seen before. I believe that the people know best. The people who are facing these problems everyday have the best opinions on how to solve them. Letting the people be heard and have a say in the problems that are facing them will help contribute to finding viable solution.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    There are many ways to be a leader, but being a leader in your own community is so important. Nikki Nice has dedicated a lot of her time and energy into being a voice for her local community. Being a servant leader in your own community starts by being involved in the community, whether it be by attending city council meeting, or by talking to citizens. A leader that is involved in communities, allows them to recognize issues and develop a plan to help solving these issues. It is also helpful to talk to local organizations to see what challenges they have to be able to work on a plan to fix them. Many times leaders get involved with issues outside of their communities, which isn’t always bad, but working closely with those in your community is equally as important as helping those outside of our local communities. A leader needs to balance the work they do within their communities with the work they do outside of their communities. Nikki Nice is an inspiration that cares deeply about her own community.

  • Lynh Hoang

    CouncilWoman Nice is an empowering woman and is the epidemy of selfless voice for her community. Service and being engaged is so important when you want to get involved. This generation has so much potential to be better and change the life cycle of our everyday lives and the struggles in our communities, but we need the will to action and communication. We have to communicate with people representing our counties and serve as an overall voice. With that, we also have to take initiative and take action to talk to people and start a change whether its big or small. Being determined and having the will to do the little things can result and new opportunities and big things that change over.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    A key factor in service is listening. Nikki made it very clear her priority was listening to the people. She wasn’t just dedicated to the service of Ward 7, she was dedicated to the people. Nikki mentions it’s important to integrate yourself and to stay humble as a leader, and I believe that’s what made her so successful in serving her community. She wasn’t simply leading from the sidelines, but she was up close and personal with the obstacles that were facing the people she represented. Listening to the problems is the only way you’ll know what to solve.

  • Caylee Ralls

    Personally, I feel the best way to solve issues in a community is to be involved. Growing up with my dad as a city manager I saw firsthand the impacts that could be made in such small ways. It is unreal how many people have no idea what is going on in their communities. I believe the first step is to stay informed. Attending council meetings, voting, and helping out in the community are great ways to get involved. By attending council meetings and voting you can speak up and let your ideas be heard. Councilwoman Nice said it best when she said, “If you want to be a leader you have to be a follower.” As a citizens we need to follow the actions of those in charge. That way we can be better equipped to lead others in changing the community. I am very thankful for Councilwoman Nice coming to speak to us!

  • Charity Lassiter

    I think it is important to realize that you are a product of your community. As a leader it is important to see what you can give back to the community that has shaped you into the person you are. Councilwoman Nikki Nice proved that you can provide authentic and creative solutions to helping serve that community. While I don’t live in the community I grew up in, the one I am in has become a big part of my life. As a youth leader it is up to me to contribute problem solving solutions, and the first step is knowing what is happening within my community. Nikki Nice prioritizes people instead of problems, while ultimately the problem is what needs to be fixed it is how the problem affects the people that matters. By being active, authentic, and aware in my community, I know I can achieve solutions.

  • Joshua Chao

    Councilwoman Nice discussed the importance of being a servant leader and solving real problems that affect our community. She saw problems and learned about them, and then took action to fix them. I believe the first step is to learn about the issue. Councilwoman Nice spent a lot of time with the community to actually learn about the issues at hand. I feel as if a lot of the time political figures are trying to fix problems that they are barely aware of. Awareness is completely different from actual knowledge. Educating yourself and gaining experience will allow you to solve problems most effectively and efficiently. Doing this will not only heavily benefit the community but will show the community you actually care.

  • I believe councilwoman Nikki Nice was an outstanding speaker for this week. She shows true signs of a powerful woman! She enlightened me on how important it is to take care of your community. I believe as humans, it is our duty to make sure we give what we can to our community in order everyone is safe and secure. Nikki is an extreme help to her community. She makes it her duty to make sure some people happen to have a ride to the nearest food pantry in order to get the groceries they need. Her effort into helping her community influences me to do what I can to assure my community is set. I constantly happen to volunteer at my mosques food pantry, in which Nikki works with often.

  • Maria Carbajal

    Leadership is all about the people we serve. It’s important that their voices be heard. We may be leading but we’re the voices of others. That’s the whole point. If we are leading others we must reflect their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs as well. If there are things in our communities that need to be fixed then we should be aware of them. We may not have the same problems as others but we should be able to help without shutting them out of the process. Councilwoman Nice is a great example of how to lead in your community and truly reflect the needs and desires of that community.

  • Yiel(HwiYeol Lee)

    The serving people is very close to me because, when I was in the Philippines for studying, I have served poor people and church members many times. The most important thing is listening to people. Leaders have to know what people want and need so, we need to have nice attitude to hear that. Councilwoman Nikki Nice also highlighted this point. And there were always conflict between people but, it is very normal thing. It means they have different point of view. When we serve community or organization, we should consider the issue and treat wise.
    I could remind the ways of serving people through Nikki Nice. It was good opportunity for me.

  • Actually, there is a big controversy in Korea. A ton of people demand for the president to step down. Other people consider them as traitors. The president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, made a big mistake and it was all over YouTube channel news. Unfortunately I cannot offer practical help for now, but I will look at a lot of news and tell the truth to the people by YouTube’s comments.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Councilwoman Nikki Nice is extremely passionate about serving her communities and people around her. Her dream of being on the radio every day had been put aside once she was elected. She gave up her dream and salary to help and serve those who were in need around her.
    As a leader, I think it is very important to listen to those who are in need and seek out help for/to them. Nikki Nice has done that very thing in many situations. For example, the grocery store that was shut down years ago was a place for the elders in the nursing homes to walk to and somewhere to spend their time outside of the home. She feels for those elders and has worked on getting Homeland to build a store on the corner so the elders will now have a place to go. She got what she wanted!! Nice is so determined to help others; she is so powerful! We need more leaders that will work hard for the PEOPLE.
    She really opened my eyes to being selfless and contributing more to our communities.

  • Erynn Coppedge

    Solving problems in your community starts with being educated about what is going on. There are many problems in every community and it is important to take action and fight for what is right. It is also important to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Listening to people and their different viewpoints can help you grow as a person and help you come up with a solution that is best for both sides of an issue. We are all different and that is a good thing, so getting to know those in your community will help you understand it better. The more one understands and is involved in their community, the better effect they will have on its growth and the people’s growth. Overall, if one focuses on others by being a servant and a leader, communities will thrive.

  • Sydney Garrett

    Councilwoman Nice shared very excellent points on how she has served her community in her presentation. I believe that the first step to noticing a problem in the community is being completely transparent with the citizens. Once they know that you want to improve their community, they will be open about the challenges that are affecting them everyday. Councilwoman Nice has went out of her way to solve the challenges she faces with meaningful
    ideas, but has also worked hard to put those ideas into motion. Personally, I think that if anyone makes an effort to contribute to other’s well being, then contribution comes from an authentic place. Nice did a great job of sharing that part of herself during her presentation, and inspired us to make meaningful and authentic contributions to our Edmond community by taking other’s needs into account.

  • Mykal Sanchez

    Solving challenges in your community doesn’t have to be a huge greatly funded project, it can be something as simple as going out onto the physical streets in your community and finding things that people need help with, going to your local grocery store and offering to carry people’s bags to the car for them, things that are very simple yet powerful. Although striving to make an impact concerning a great struggle in your community is valued and admired, it doesn’t always have to be on such a huge scale, and I think Councilwoman Nice made it a point to emphasize this idea by pointing out how she was moved by seeing just one person driving their electric wheelchair to a grocery store that is now closed down. Recognizing the little things that you can do to help the people in your community opens up the door for you to be able to see what truly needs to be fixed and changed in a community. Simply serving and communicating with the average person gives way to being able to see the problems and struggles that a greater number of people are facing.

  • Tyler Owens

    To me, one of the absolute most important aspects of being on top of community issues is to be active in the community. This can include attending city hall meetings and getting to know your neighbors, and voicing your own opinions. The best way to know what needs to be done is to first find out what’s wrong. There are so many issues in our community that some people may be entirely oblivious to just because they don’t keep themselves informed. Another way to keep yourself informed is to read local news and keep up to date with what laws are being passed locally and at the state level.

  • The best way to efficiently recognize the challenges in my community is to build genuine relationship with those in it. You have to listen to people voice their issues with the community to know them. By building relationships with them and knowing them better, we can then find appropriate solutions to the problems. The best way to administer those solutions is to lead in an capacity that you can. It is a lot easiest to push agendas from a leadership position. I know Meg well, so I am her best male servant. I am much more efficient than Ethan because I would Snapchat her back instead of playing Rocket League.

  • Mahfuzul Karim

    For me getting involved with with the community and by becoming an integral part of the community a leader can know about the problems and there needs. Being a leader the foremost duty should be to listen to the community and keeping eye on every single things that’s happening in that community. Solving the problems doesn’t help all the time as a leader, it requires to know the diverse mentality of the people living in the community and listening to problems sometimes mitigates the problem to a certain amount. And I don’t think that solving problems is the only duty being a leader but it is also the duty to make the people unite in that community. Unity among the people community works like a magic as I can say from my experience. Summing up all the above ways I think I would be able to serve my communities and solve the problems for helping the people.

  • Kaylan Henley

    Assuring that all problems are addressed at every level is impossible, however that does not mean it is futile to reformulate how we operate, at the very least to reach a point in which all are heard. The most helpful thing we can do for people is to listen to them, and I believe that is especially true when leading a community. Allowing space and creating opportunities for people to voice their issues is essential for growth as a group. Taking people’s experiences and needs seriously and then practicing empathy as a leader will earn a community’s trust and respect. As a leader, it should be our joy to serve. At the end of the day those who are willing to serve many are those who will influence many.

  • Tyler Boykin

    The first step in recognizing a challenge in a community is to to talk with the people of that community and see what they struggle with everyday. Once an understanding of what the problem is identified then thinking of solutions can begin. Once the solution is thought of then action can be taken to help the community. Different communities require different solutions, not every community will have the same problem. This shows that unique thinking is very important to being a leader because not every problem has the same solution. So once the problem has been identified then you can start working on the problem to find the solution.

  • Emma Childers

    Nikki Nice is a perfect example to refer to when looking to be a leader. She has shown with her life how important it is to educate yourself about current issues and taking action to better our community. In order to be the most effective leader I can be, I need to be committed to watching and reading the news to be more up to date with current events and issues. With this, I want to not just absorb the information, but create ideas and implement good values to help out my community. I want to understand every perspective as well as I possibly can so I may make decisions based on the good of others, not just for the good of myself.

  • Maggie Turner

    The first step to being able to address your community’s needs to to know what those needs are. One thing I can do to make sure those needs are being met is by getting active in the community. Attending meetings, volunteering with different organizations, and building relationships with those around you are key ways to get involved. You also must find something you are passionate about. Everyone has their own passions and strengths that can be an asset to the community. Councilwoman Nice was truly inspiring. Her story of strength and her passion to build her community was something we could all learn from.

  • Brinlee lenochan

    Councilwomen Nikki Nice is the definition of girl power. She is brave, determined, and compassionate. She has this determination to help grow and strengthen her community. Nice discussed how she took chances to help her community. As a leader I feel this is a key component in recognizing and contributing to solving challenges in my community. I must step out of my comfort zone at times in order to fulfill what my community might need. Nice also discussed the power of communication.How going out into your community and actually discussing with the members of the area and see what they feel needs to be done. Overall the main thing that stuck to me that Nice said was “if you want to be a follower you must also be a follower”.

  • Ashton K Joyner

    In order to be active in changing and helping the community, I think we must serve others. Serving could mean many things. One way to serve is by listening to what our followers have to say. By allowing them to have an input on situations and them seeing that their input is taken into consideration, we are able to serve their needs while also building trust among each other in our community. Next, we must put ourselves aside and put the thought of everybody else before us, even if that means we struggle a little bit. By doing this, our followers will see how empathetic we are to helping them, and appreciation will be given.

  • Mason Lance

    In order to serve your community, you need to listen to them. Put yourself in their situations and their shoes to see what the issues or challenges are. You need to make sure that decisions you make impact the community in a positive way. Just knowing what the challenge or problem is, is the most important part. Finding the solutions and solving the problems is what makes someone a great leader.

  • Joey Boschert

    While listening to Councilwoman Nikki Nice, I was very much impressed by her sense of empathy and ability to put first the members of the community in order to properly represent her district. She was captivating in her point on being present on issues that are humanly important, rather than fiscally beneficial, and I truly believe that it what sets her apart in her role as a councilwoman. She demonstrated to us that with these values, one can accomplish endless possibilities, and she represented this in her securing her spot as councilwoman after the odds not being in her favor. Her point of communicating with elected officials cannot be more true, as in order to enact change as citizens, we have to first be heard, and a good council member will hear these needs and turn them to action; this all ties to the importance of being a registered voter, as it is the civic duty of citizens, and I applaud her for bringing this up in her speech as we have the tools to change our future for the better.

  • Karina Cabrera

    The most important aspect of a leader that truly makes them great is like Ms. Nice said: “To be a leader, you also have to be a follower”. Putting yourself in a position where you can sit back and observe, will allow you to learn more than if you act before thinking. Of course, it is not always possible to please all people at once, but if you work hard and research/listen to those who live in the community, you will learn what is needed to help make a positive influence. An example of when I took a step back and listened to my community is when I decided to create a survey for high school students. My survey asked whether as a high school student you felt informed enough about college requirements, or if there was anyone in a specific position who does not know about the many opportunities out there that are designed to help them. After taking in all the surveys, I realized that many students were completely lost when it came to college and how they could find their best fit. Thanks to my data, I decided to host a college panel full of college students from universities all over Oklahoma who were willing to talk about their college experiences and inform many students about the open doors they never knew about. Thank you to the many students who attended my event, I was given positive feedback on a small, yet influential event that I hosted to make a positive influence and it reminded me that no matter how small, taking positive action will make a difference in the long run.

  • Lauren Berry

    Nikki Nice was a wonderful woman and speaker to listen to. Not only did she embody true dedication to her passions, she also shone some light on the the reality of doing what you love. She displayed an acute awarness to what was going on in the parts of our state that may not be recieving much attention, and showed strength and patience in her process in making a change. What she encouraged was to get involved in our communities, and by doing so, keep updated with our local and statewide happenings. Thanks to her presentation, I took a step into staying more up-to-date in our state’s proceedings. I subscribed to newsletters and regularly check for updates in the city. Overall, Nikki Nice left quite an impact on me and my dedication to change.