Lessons in Leadership – Week 5 – Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell

Lt. Governor Pinnell discussed being bold, humble, and taking the initiative in your leadership pursuits. How can you best integrate these themes into your leadership development?


  • Ainsley Bain

    Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell spoke about several leadership characteristics that helped him in his career and may help the future generations in theirs. His top things were boldness, optimism, and gaining a bigger world view. With boldness, Pinnell elaborated that we must be bold and take initiative but must also be humble through those experiences. The second, optimism, was about our attitude in how we approach problems and hurdles and how we respond to them. Lastly, one big thing Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell suggested was gaining a larger world view. He encouraged traveling, reading, and meeting many people. I intend to integrate these perspectives into my leadership roles by being the humblest, boldest, optimistic leader that I can be. That can be achieved by constantly reminding myself what my goals are and remembering my values. I want to inspire people, and perhaps one day speak in front of the Lessons in Leadership class, like Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell.

  • Destiny Perez

    The most successful way I could integrate the themes discussed by Lt. Governor Pinnell into furthering my leadership skills could involve seeking out potential opportunities for growth, rather than waiting on them. By maintaining a humble approach and being open minded to the experiences of others I can use it to have a greater influence by being empathetic. When Lt. Governor Pinnell spoke about boldness specifically this inspired me to want to expand my comfort zone and reach out to opportunities I may have been to scared to try otherwise. Incorporating these themes would also help me transform into a more action taking leader by stepping up in the areas that have a lack of support, but are essential. These values have encouraged me to try something new in the future, in my attempt to grow as a leader. Lastly, these themes will be very useful to integrate as I begin my journey towards my career path.

  • Grace Duvall

    Lt Governor Pinnell’s speech was motivating and inspirational to me in my life. His advice to take charge in my own life as a leader really spoke volume, because often I forget to be bold and take the steps I need in order to be a great leader. Whether this be in school, in my church, or at work. I think I can best integrate these themes into my life by taking those baby steps I need to reach my goals. Getting more involved in my sorority and shooting for those higher up positions. Spending time with other leaders who can mentor me and teach me their ways in which they lead in their lives. I really need to start taking more initiative in my own life in areas where I lack motivation.

  • Brianna Jennings

    Lt. Governor Pinnell left our class with amazing advice when it comes to being a leader. Integrating these themes, of being bold but humble and taking initiative, can be challenging to many people. The best way to integrate them while developing as a leader is by starting small. Beginning with minute things to be bold in or take initiative in can build your confidence in becoming a true leader. As Pinnell said, small interactions, like face-to-face meetings or asking someone to coffee, are easy to do but they make a lasting impact on the person you presented that initiative or bold to. Starting small and progressing into bigger acts is, what I believe to be, the best way to integrate those themes while developing as a leader.

  • Sheridan Luis

    Matt Pinnell was a wonderful speaker! I could integrate these themes into my leadership development by when an offer or an opportunity presents itself jumping at the offer and taking initiative by wanting to get the ball running on any project! He talked about having an open mindset to be able to see the other side of perspectives, personally I think that is such great advice. Having an open mind helps keep you relatable to others in life or in a leadership position. Another great piece of advice I thought was to separate yourself from others by putting in the work and keep your nose to the grind stone!

  • Yaritza Romero

    Lt. Governor Pinnell discussed being bold, humble, and taking the initiative in our leadership pursuits. I believe by integrating these themes into our leadership development we would become the best we could be. By being bold, we are putting ourselves out there where we normally would not, giving ourselves new opportunities. By taking initiative in your life, you stay engaged in your community. By being humble, you become more likable to people. Although you don’t need to be loved by everyone because just a few people is enough. Like Lt. Governor Pinnell said be yourself, be real, be bold.

  • Callie Hambrick

    I think one of the best ways to be bold and take initiative in my leadership development is to be aware of my opportunities. Part of being bold is going out and looking for opportunities, rather than waiting for them. A leader has to initiate conversations and make connections that may seem scary. We have to be uncomfortable sometimes; if everything is easy, then we are not working hard enough. Leadership development includes humbleness. We must recognize that we do not deserve anything, that we do have to work hard, and that there are people who can do just as well as we can at most everything. Then, we can take this knowledge as motivation to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be.

  • Charity Lassiter

    As a growing leader I can integrate these themes into my leadership by not being afraid to be myself and to always be respectful about it. Who I am as a person is someone who I am not ashamed of. I hold myself accountable to grow, if that means I step out of my comfort zone so be it. I can put my best foot forward and take the initiative to to reach out to people and let them know who I am. Govenor Matt
    Pinnell made good points about “comfort being the enemy of progress”. In my work place I often have to step out of my comfort zone to achieve what is required of me, but as soon as I do something I’m not comfortable with it becomes something I can do again. To me this is how I can integrate these themes into my leadership development.

  • Ebonie Reyes

    Starting off, being bold could help me with my leadership pursuits by being different than everyone else. Instead of following someone else, I could stand out and do my own thing. I should not be afraid to put my ideas out there and lead with them. Being humble could also help with my leadership by being grateful for the opportunities that come in my life to grow as a leader. It would show me to not brag about my life but to keep working hard in silence. Lastly, taking initiative could help by being strong enough to stand up for something. If I want to make a change or start something new, I just can’t lay in bed all day. I would take initiative for what I want to do.

  • Karina Cabrera

    As a Leader, it is always important to remind yourself of what is motivating you to strive for more, to change the standard. I believe that being bold is a huge participant in making a change because you have to be bold enough to even oppose the common thought. Bold enough to put yourself in front of others and hope to persuade them into believing or having the same thoughts as you. I also believe that Humility takes a major role in being a leader. With Humility, you are thinking about viewing your importance as very low, making yourself equal to any ordinary person. Putting yourself in a position as such allows you to see life through the eyes of many who are not as strong of a leader as yourself and that may help you learn something that you wouldn’t have if you continued to put yourself on a high pedestal. With that being said, taking Initiative in your leadership pursuits is what will define you. Like Governor Pinnell said, “comfort is the enemy of progress.” Seeing something that you do not like and allowing it to proceed because you are scared that you are not strong enough is the worst thought that you can put into your mind. One does not always win their battles but being bold enough to put yourself and your idea out there already proves that you are a strong leader, and if you do not win, there will always be more obstacles that will cross your path, only now you are wiser.

  • Zachary Nemecek

    I think being bold and humble are two important qualities to have as a leader. To involve being bold to my leadership qualities I think I will need to take my risk and do things others would not do because of what they believe would be thought of them. Being humble as leader comes in to part because everyone starts somewhere, so I never try to place myself too above others when I lead, but rather try to gain their respect. Most importantly, i believe that taking initiative is a trait you should always have if you have intentions to lead others. You should lead by example and do acts that the people underneath you wouldn’t because its what puts you above and beyond. You should try to put yourself in a better position today than you were in yesterday and that involves getting out of your comfort zone and trying things that normally would unnerve you.

  • Mide Cassaday

    This has been one of my favorite speeches so far. He had so many helpful quotes with such strong meanings, such as: “Be bold. Humble, but bold.”. He came across very informatively. He understood that in-person interactions are what leave an imprint in someone’s mind. That is something I’ve come to learn is becoming less common, but more appreciated. Talking to someone face-to-face is so much more meaningful and memorable than a text or an email that took a minute to compose. Sitting down with a person, getting to know them, listening to each other instead of thinking about your own personal response or comment; these are things I will bring to the table when going throughout life in any situation. Whether it be a job interview, or just a new encounter with someone, I would want to make a good impression and stand out from any other person. Taking the time to say, “Hi, I would love the opportunity to work with you , so would you be willing to sit down with me for half an hour so we can talk?”, is worth a try.

  • Madison Baugh

    Lt. Governor Pinnell gave an amazing speech on Tuesday. His themes of boldness, humility, and taking initiative are key traits of a leader. I believe that there are always opportunities to integrate those themes into our leadership development; however, we have to be brave enough to go for it. In his speech, Lt. Governor Pinnell stated that, “Comfort in the enemy of progress.” We have to step out of our comfort zones in order to reach for the next opportunity to serve our community. Lt. Governor Pinnell’s theme of being bold encouraged me to run for Freshman Representative at our LOT meeting that afternoon.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    In my daily life, I don’t believe I utilize these themes enough. When I think about my journey in leadership, these are among the things I need the most improvement in. Being shy and timid poses as an obstacle to my leadership growth. When I began to become involved in high school, it really changed how I perceived interacting with people–it became easier to be bold and take initiative. However, now that I’ve moved to an entirely new school environment, sometimes it feels as if I’m starting from scratch. I hope by the end of the spring semester I can accomplish as many bold actions as I have previously in high school, and relearn how to take initiative and not be afraid to put my leadership skills out there.

  • Kylee Snell

    As a young girl I never had a problem being bold, but as years have passed it has become a lot harder to be bold. When you begin fearing how others will perceive your boldness and initiative, it limits you. One thing that Lt. Governor Pinnell said was that “you cannot be worried about pleasing everyone”. When you are bold and go for what you want, there will be many people trying to discredit you and take away from what you have worked for and achieved. For me, it is hard to ignore those comments, but it is necessary, especially in leadership positions. To improve my leadership skills I will begin to put myself out there more and make connections that will create opportunities for growth and professional development. When it comes to being bold and humble at the same time, it can be hard to accomplish but it is doable. I say this because boldness can sometimes come off in a negative light. I think being humble means you give everyone around you credit for the things accomplished before you give any credit yourself. It is realizing that every effort is important and showing appreciation to your colleagues.

  • Remy Young

    I wish to be bolder in all aspects of life, and I know my leadership style needs it as well. I do not want to let fear stifle me from an opportunity to lead and live well and fully. Though, I want and try to “do boldness” through boldly loving, supporting, and caring for those I am around. To me, this is a way to humbly be bold because it is leadership that puts others before and above you. Personally, this looks like make daily, sometimes even hourly, decisions to put myself last to lead boldly and humbly. These ideals are not always easy, at all. I must show myself grace when it does not happen. Boldness can be done in so many ways, and I think this is a different approach than others may take. Lt. Governor Pinnell’s presentation showed me how to be bold with grace and style, and how to be bold in your own way.

  • Caylee Ralls

    I believe the best way to begin to integrate these things into my development of leadership is to start small and grow from there. One of the easiest ways to do that is to begin with UCO and work my way up. My favorite thing Lt. Governor Pinnell said was, “Comfort is the enemy of progress.” The more comfortable I become where I am, the more bold I need to be in moving forward. It is very easy for me to sit back and stay where I am because of the fear of what could or couldn’t happen. By starting small and taking initiative on UCO’s campus I can begin to develop my leadership skills for everything that is to come. I want to thank Lt. Governor Pinnell for coming to speak to our class! He has one of the busiest work schedules in Oklahoma. For him to take the time to come teach us valuable leadership skills means a lot to me!

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    Lt. Pinnell made some very inspiring comments during his lecture. The thing he mentioned that stood out to me the most is that you need to get involved in politics and know not only the state senator but representatives as well. He recognizes that our generation is not well-exposed to politics and realizes the importance of the need. Having confidence and being able to be humble, bold, and taking initiative are important qualities of being a leader. Without them, you will not accomplish as much. By integrating these themes, you can be exposed to more opportunities that will separate you from the competition.

  • Mahfuzul Karim

    As Lt. Governor Pinnell talked about being bold, but be humble, is one of the important character to pursue leadership character. Being a leader I think I must go for everything I want to achieve and not being arrogant about that but to be humble and dedicated enough for that. However, the best way to integrate these theme with my skills is to be with everyone and grabbing every opportunity I can grab and the most important not being so arrogant and proud about myself but to be respectful to myself and to others also. Always need to have a bigger picture of anything I will try to do that will make me more humble. Leaders should always have the quality of listening and that’s how a person becomes a leader by listening to others and that makes the leader more humble.

  • Kameron Kimball

    Overall I really enjoyed Mr.Pinnell speak. I also agree completely about the being bold and taking initiative part. I feel I can integrate being bold into my leadership development by doing the unpopular yet right thing on a larger scale. Also leading by example is very bold, because you don’t have to even open your mouth to show it. Then being humble, I can integrate that by just never taking anything for granted, and becoming more empathetic. Lastly, taking initiative, I can involve this by simply doing something even if I don’t feel like it. This kind of goes along with leading by example the way I look at it. Thank you for coming to speaking to us Lt. Governor Pinnell.

  • Joey Boschert

    Governor Pinnell’s points of being bold, humble, and taking initiative spoke to me, as boldness can be the difference in achieving a goal, obtaining a job, or solving a problem; oftentimes colleagues, peers or competitors will simply lack boldness, and one can set themselves apart by being bold in what it is they pursue. In order to integrate these themes into my personal leadership development, I believe it is first important to consider my current leadership strengths and then further develop them by expressing the concepts of boldness and humbleness into my leadership ‘routine.’ for example, my strength of being a developer and being able to see the potential in projects, goals, and those who surround me, I can be bold in how I choose to view this potential and push myself to accomplish more. In terms of taking initiative, this can only positively affect my leadership style, as a mindset of moving forward is certainly more productive and will more likely result in positive results rather than taking an approach of standing back and observing. In all, it will be the process of making decisions with boldness and humbleness in mind while taking risks that will set my leadership style apart.

  • Brianna Taylor

    Sometimes I struggle with pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I find myself complacently staying where I am at in life, wondering why I am not making any improvement in my leadership or self. By utilizing Lt. Governor Pinnell’s advice of being bold, I can help myself grow in character and competency. If I try to take the initiative and seize every opportunity I can, I will inevitably grow to be a better, well-rounded person and leader. I am excited to see who I will become after taking his advice. I know that by working hard and keeping a positive attitude, I will transform into someone that I will not recognize in a few years.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    Lt. Governor Pinnell said that we should be bold, humble, and brave as leaders. These are the important things in our lives. I think these are really important characteristics for a leader. A good leader always has courage and doesn’t give up under any circumstances. A leader doesn’t brag about himself or show off. He comes forward and acts before others. To be such leaders, we should act like that in our school life and with other people. As well as my thoughts and values, we must understand others and be considerate and respectful of others. I think this is humility. I also think it’s bold and self-serving. This is the leader the colonel is talking about.

  • Serah Salau

    Lt. Governor Pinnell’s presentation is one of my favorite. He talked about being bold, humble and taking the initiative as a leader. It made a lot of sense since most people nowadays want to do everything in the easiest way possible. By this, I mean instead of taking action and for example looking for jobs by their own, they make use of the technology and forget that their courage is not seen that way. It is time as leaders to take the initiative and stop living to impress others. It applies to me since sometimes I may feel like as a leader I have to make everyone happy; which is not true because it is not everyone who will appreciate what you are doing no matter how good you are to them. All I have to do is be humble when serving others and being bold enough to take action.

  • Saul Perez

    The advice given by Lt. Governor Pinnell was simple yet inspiring. His advice about being bold and humble stood out to me the most. Seeing that he was very humble about the position he hold and yet is bold to take initiative with different projects to better the state was inspirational to me. Being in the position I am, being apart of this leadership program, I need to be humble because it is a privilege to be apart of an organization like this and receiving the scholarships is an honor. Being in the leadership role im in I also have to be willing to take the initiative and humble myself. One can say they are humble but one has to take the initiative and actually reciprocate that into action. Being able to see that state elected officials are willing to take the time out of their day to come and speak to our class about leadership development means a lot. It helps me with take that initiative to further develop my leadership skills seeing that high raking officials care about the youth and what they have to offer.

  • Dominic Graziano

    I’m extremely grateful for Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell coming to speak to us. He had a lot of wisdom, and passion. Especially when it came to being bold, yet humble, and being active with our state. I found his points on being bold really encouraging. I personally love Oklahoma, and I really want certain things to change. It inspired me to reach out and ask if I could help with the rebranding of Oklahoma. Obviously I can’t do a ton of stuff, but I would love to do what I can. And to be honest, I think that’s what it’s all about. Being bold enough to do whatever we can do in order to better something or someone. Everyone can contribute something, and I really hope that we can be confident in ourselves to go out and do those things that will better our society.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell shared many lessons of leadership that he learned throughout his life, but he emphasized being bold, humble, and taking initiative as a leader. Integrating these lessons into our leadership development are imperative to become the best leader we can be. Being bold and taking initiative are so important because as a leader, you need to be able to go out and seize opportunities. Nothing is going to be handed to you, so you must be bold enough to take initiative and go after what you want. As a leader it is so important to stay humble and let your actions speak for themselves. Being humble will help in life and leadership and it will inspire people to want to be like you and become better leaders. Lt. Governor Pinnell is an inspirational man that shared so many ways to get involved and get yourself out into the community. His lessons he shared with us inspired me to strive everyday to become a better leader.

  • Emme Douglas

    I really enjoyed Governor Pinnell’s speech. It was very inspirational as a leader to go the next step. I can use these themes in developing my leadership skills, especially the theme of being bold. I tend not to go too far out of my comfort zone, so being bold to stand out is something I can work on. His example of asking for a job instead of just sending his resume in like everyone else is something that I planned on doing on a future job. Taking initiative will help me too. I have plans of what I want to do but actually taking initiative will progress my ideas. Lastly, being humble is important and something I try to practice already. As a person who has been lead by both types of leaders, I notice that I respect the leader that is more humble and look up to them more. That is the type of leader I want to be.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    Lt. Governor Pinnell discussed about being bold, humble, taking the initiative. With that said, it really spoke to me, and made me want to apply to my leadership life. What being bold means to me is to go out of my comfort zones and take risks, I have already started to figure out how to do that from my little time not only in college but in life, and I plan to continue that through out life. His second key theme was about being humble. Fortunate for me I grew up with many privileges in my life, such as having a roof over my head, eating consistent meals, and having a great education, with that said I have learned to be happy for what I have and not take anything for granted, and I hope to continue to look at life like this and not be blinded by privileges. Finally one way I plan to start to take more initiative of things is by not being shy of saying my opinion, and having more responsibilities for events.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Governor Pinnell’s points of being bold, humble, and to take initiative as a leader made me think about how I need to do these things. Being bold, but humble is what lead him to his position today. For myself, I think I need to be more bold as a leader. I am extremely humble, but I’m not always confident. I am not good at being confident and bold with my ideas because I often think my ideas aren’t good enough. My strong point as a leader is listening to others, being positive, and being inclusive. I would love to be more bold and take initiative of situations that would normally be out of my comfort zone. “Comfort is the enemy of progress” is something that I will never forget Governor Pinnell said. He encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and be bold!

  • Gavin White

    The Lt. Governor delivered a fantastic speech with our class this past Tuesday! I personally took away many points that I can implement into my leadership style to help improve it. The First was bold. I find that I like to take bold risks, but I tend to think situations through. I feel that I Should be bolder for more improvement. Another topic that struck me was to increase my world view. I have in the past like to stay in my personal point of view, but I realized I wasn’t making any progress in becoming a better leader. To truly improve, I need to come out of my comfort zone and challenge my self with being more diverse with my views.

  • Maggie Turner

    Lt. Governor Pinnell reminded us that being bold is key to success. I often hold myself back because I am too scared or shy, not thinking that this could affect my future. Stepping out of your zone and being uncomfortable is only going to help your individual growth. I must outwork the competition and boldly take the steps that are needed to succeed. In highschool it seemed easier to be bold. Maybe it was because I already knew my classmates and I was familiar with the surroundings, or because I was younger and had less worries, but now being bold is terrifying. I now find it much harder to bold, especially at school. It is very easy to go to class, take notes, and then go home. It is much harder to ask questions, or stay later and talk to me piers. I have to remind myself everyday to be bold.

  • Austin Borjas

    I think for myself being bold in my leadership means to live a life of integrity and stand up for those that can’t. This past week I had the opportunity to attend an event for receiving the NextGen under 30 award. This was a chance to network and build new relationship. This helped me with public speaking and growing in my leadership. I think by taking chances and even if you fail this is a chance to grow in every aspect.

  • Jerome Brown

    Lieutenant Governor Mike Powell made the points of being bold, optimistic, and never getting comfortable, which are all great ways to becoming a better leader. Being bold can be very beneficial to your leadership development because there are many of us who are too afraid to speak up and create our own opportunities. Being bold can range from just going out and talking to new people, to doing things that you never thought you could. Leaders also need to be optimistic. People don’t want a leader who seems nervous or unsure about things, they want someone with the mindset that anything is possible and someone who can motivate them. Being uncomfortable was another point Governor Pinnell made. Being uncomfortable can propel us to step out our comfort zone and also learn more.

  • Emma Childers

    Gov. Pinnell shared a lot of useful insight, the most impactful to me was to be bold. I tend to not have the most confidence in myself and to not step out as much as I want to. He said, “You don’t need to be loved by everybody, just a few people is enough.” Being bold might not always produce the best reaction from others if it’s against the norm, but that shouldn’t stop me from sharing my ideas as long as a continue to be authentic and humble with my presentations. I want to be an example to others of how to do something about an issue rather than just talk about it. Be humble, be optimistic, be bold – we can always improve these values in ourselves, it’s just a matter of waking up and deciding to do those things.

  • Hannah Morrison

    Part of becoming a leader is learning how each of us individually lead. Some are loud with their actions, others quiet. Some leaders are better at leading from a distance, others lead best with face-to-face interactions. However, no matter how we lead, the characteristics that Lt. Governor Pinnell discussed with us could be effective for all. I can integrate boldness, humbleness, and taking initiative into my leadership style by staying conscious on those qualities at all times. If I strive to always be bold, always stay humble, and always take the initiative, the characteristics should naturally overflow into my leading style. I think another great way to stay aware of how you are leading is by finding someone that can hold you accountable. If I let another fellow leader or friend know that I want to radiate these traits, I can trust that they will let me know if I falter.

  • Erynn Coppedge

    Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell gave some great advice during his speech. A few of my favorite points he made are great advice that I can put into my leadership. One of the best points was “be bold but be humble.” It is important to take chances so that you can make a difference. Another point he made is that it is good to travel and get a wider world view. I agree with this, and I think it is important to see how the world works in different places. He also said that everyday we have a choice to be optimistic, and that you choose your attitude. I think leaders need to be optimistic because tough times will come as a leader, but keeping a good attitude will help you become better.

  • Mason Lance

    Lt. Governor Pinnell’s three points of being bold, humble, and taking the initiative on opportunities were impactful for me. I think being bold in your leadership role in extremely important. You have to be able to stand out from everyone else and fight for what you believe in. Being humble is a great trait to have. You have to understand that not everything is going to go your way and you’ll have different outcomes than expected. So being patient is important. Just believe in what you’re doing and always look at situations in different perspectives. Taking the initiative on opportunities is an important part in being a leader. You have to work for what you want. Nothing is going to be handed to you. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and if you don’t go and get what’s yours, then you might not ever be successful.

  • Kaylee Sloan

    Listening to governor Matt Pinnell speak was a very eye opening experience. He talked about being bold in everything you do but to always be humble. Being a bold leader will allow you to make many decisions that can heavily affect people in a positive way. Important decisions don’t always require bold leaders, but being a bold leader can make the bigger decisions seem easier to make. On the other side, being humble is a big characteristic in great leaders. Being a humble leader is important to me because if you aren’t humble then you can lose who you really are as a person and a leader.

  • Abby Wright

    Matt Pinnell was inspiring so to me. He had many amazing things to say throughout his lecture. He said he just walked in and just asked for a job that he had wanted. He said that is set him apart because most people were just sending emails, where as he actually went in and shook their hand and spoke face to face. He said that if you are bold you will separate yourself from others. He heavily spoke about being someone that gets up and goes out. He said “If you are going to change the world- Go into the world”. I really needed to hear this when I did. I have a lot of big ideas and feel as though I’ve let others get in my mind and distract me from the goals I have. Mr. Pinnell said “Don’t let someone walk through your mind with dirty feet”. This really resignated with me. This is a phenomenal reminder to me to be bold and continue to be optimistic. He also said “Comfort is the enemy of progress”. I believe this is one of the best quotes I got from his lecture. I will definitely be using what he shared and implementing it into my life.

  • Yiel Lee (HwiYeol)

    Lt. Gurnor Pinnell has given me a second look at my own attitude. He emphasized leadership by saying that he is generous in looking at the world and positive in mind. I had a tendency to think negatively when faced with a difficult problem in effect. But he told me to deal with the problem with a positive attitude and solve it wisely. Also, do not miss a precious and valuable opportunity and make it a reality in life. It really hit my heart.

  • Brinlee Lenochan

    Governor Pinnell’s discussed three main leadership style he believes helped him become the leader he is today. He mentions being bold, humble, and taking initiative. I think I can best integrate these into my leadership style by taking more risk and stepping out my comfort zone as being bold, as for being humble can allow me to be thankful any and all opportunities as well as tiny successes. Lastly taking initiative, I can apply this to my leadership growth by always standing up and volunteering my time and effort, for whatever it may be. By integrating all three of Mr.Pinnell’s themes into my daily leadership skills I believe it will allow to lead bolder, and more gracefully.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell had some amazing points about being bold, yet humble. My favorite point and the one most applicable to me has to be that “comfort is the enemy of progress”. I often find myself staying in my comfort zone, but every time that I step out to become a leader and do something new and challenging I find myself in a better place than I was before. He also said to not try to be loved by everyone, and I also find this very important. We tend to get caught up in the small things, and this includes being a people pleaser, which can be unhealthy and can hinder growth. When striving to be a leader I must be outgoing, I must reach beyond my comfort zone, and I must focus on the bigger picture. Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell’s speech was exactly what I needed to hear to learn how to become my best self as a leader and to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I plan to engage these traits as soon as I can to become the best leader I can possibly be.

  • Sarah Huhman

    Lt. Governor Pinnell spoke to our class about a few leadership qualities he’s obtained over the years and how integrating them into his daily life has helped compel him to become a better leader. One of the qualities he talked about was being bold, and to me if you can be bold all the other characteristics will fall into place. Being bold means to think outside the box and to take initiative and do what’s best for you as a leader and others, even if its going against the majority opinion. Another leadership characteristic we should have is taking the initiative. As a leader you are required to set an example and help guide others, you must have initiative to want to do those things and get such things done. Having initiative means putting yourself out there to voice your opinion and take charge, this goes hand -in hand with being bold. If you have one of those two characteristics you will have both. While it is crucial to have those characteristics it’s important that we remain humble throughout it all. We must not forget the steps we’ve took to get to this point each individually as a leader. Thanks to Lt. Governor Pinnell, he helped show us why these three characteristics were crucial in becoming a better leader.

  • Walker Holland

    Lt. Governer Matt Pinnell did an amazing job talking about leadership and what it means to be someone who can step up and lead. The on going theme in Lt. Governer Pinell’s speech was being bold with a strong work ethic and keeping your head held high. In leadership it is needed to have a good work ethic, because who wants to work hard for someone who in turn doesn’t work hard themselves. Lt. Governer had a good point in that today someone with a good work ehtic alone will stand out amongst many, just because of how society is in this day in age. He also stated the importance staying positive and to make sure to use failure to move forward instead of falling backwards. All in all it was a great honor to hear what the Lt. Governer Pinnell had to say, and a great chance to learn more about leadership.

  • Nathaniel Siress

    The Lieutenant Governor made points regarding being bold and taking initiative. I think these are two ideas that are most readily integrated into one’s own leadership development. As several past speakers have said, one of the best ways to improve one’s leadership skills is to find a mentor. To find a mentor requires you to be bold, to put yourself out there. Rather than waiting around for opportunities for growth or mentorship to fall in your lap, take the initiative and seek them out.

  • Being bold, humble and taking initiative are all vital characteristics of a good leader. The best way to incorporate these themes into my daily life is to take risks, analyze and assess how I can improve and to go above and beyond what is asked of me. By doing these things, I will become a leader that is bold, humble and takes initiative, making me a more effective person as a whole. Taking these steps has obviously paid off for Governor Matt Pinnell, as he has earned a place of prominent leadership. I don’t know what my future will bring, but it will be brighter if I hold to these wise themes. My future will look as bright and shining as Meg’s glowing face.

  • Sydney Garrett

    I feel like every great leader shows at least one of the characteristics that Lieutenant Governor Pinnell discussed in his presentation. Being bold is very difficult for me because I can speak up and lead, I just struggle with being confident while I do it. I can incorporate boldness into my life by being more energetic when I lead, so that I can eventually become more confident in the future. Humbleness is very important to me as a person already. Incorporating this characteristic to develop my leadership skills means that I need to be respectful to my peers when it is their time to lead. Lt. Governor Pinnell told a story about walking into an office and asking for a job instead of sending in a resume. This story has shown me just how important it is to make sure I can stand out from the crowed and take the initiative in any situation I am in. Pinnell discussed how being bold, humble, and taking initiative is important not only in our everyday lives, but as a leader to our peers, as well.

  • Rebekah Clemmons

    Lt. Governor Pinnell emphasized the importance of being bold, and the way I can best incorporate this into my leadership development is to develop my strengths and qualities that make me a unique leader and unashamedly lead with them. Everyone has different talents that make them a distinguished leader, and although my particular style of leadership may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I have to be bold and unapologetic in who I am, that’s the only way to be authentic and have respectable integrity. That being said, humility is a great trait to have as a leader because admitting that you can always keep learning and that you don’t know everything only adds to your integrity and gives you room to grow. Finally, taking the initiative by running for executive positions, reaching out to those people you don’t know very well, and jumping in those unfamiliar situations are some of the most beneficial practices for an aspiring leader. As Governor Pinnell quoted from the Greatest Showman, “comfort is the enemy of progress!”

  • Lilian Smith

    Developing leadership is a multifaceted task that has no set formula or process. While leadership development is different for everyone, everyone’s journey must include boldness, humility, and taking initiative, all things Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell spoke about. All three topics are very different, but they must be connected in order to be effective. Taking initiative is necessary in order to be involved in any leadership position. However, In order to take initiative, I must be bold. I as a leader must get out of my comfort zone and take initiative any time an opportunity presents itself. Then, in order for my leadership to be about others, I must be humble throughout everything I pursue. Lt. Governor Pinnell is such a good example of all three leadership traits in all aspects.

  • Joshua Chao

    Governor Pinnell discussed many themes that we can incorporate into being a leader. One of the themes he discussed was being bold. This is important in being a leader because being bold brings a balance of risk taking and confidence to the table. It displays these qualities and ultimately creates a respectable and brave role model. This leader will achieve so many accomplishments that will leave people looking up to them. Another theme he discussed was the quality of being humble. Being humble allows yourself to be more well liked by others. Being humble takes the focus off of the leader and places it where it actually belongs. For example, a humble leader will deny any credit and give it to the people who actually deserve it. The last and final theme he discussed was taking initiative. Taking initiative is important because being a leader means to take charge and do tasks especially when others do not want to. Taking initiative will get you places you won’t think are possible and build courage.

  • Kay Henley

    Being bold is something that is rare for me. Occasionally when one of the few topics that I am passionate as well as knowledgeable about comes up I can muster the confidence to state my thoughts unapologetically. When it comes to bravery and assertiveness outside of those things, I find myself lacking. I think that practicing risk taking behavior is the only way to grow in boldness. Brené Brown has an incredible book called “Daring Greatly” and she speaks on this practice in a way that is attainable to all. It’s not about being right, it’s about caring enough to risk being wrong. The best way I can progress towards boldness is to grow in my tolerance and acceptance of my own failure.

  • Maison Smith

    Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell said that every morning we wake up with a choice. The choice is what attitude we’re going to take on the day with. He stressed the importance of optimism. For me, being bold starts with being optimistic. It’s easier to take risks when you believe that the best will happen. I’ve always fought that part of my brain that says, “what if” and stops me from doing something bold. I think going into every situation with a good attitude about how it will turn out will make it easier for me to take those baby steps toward big risks. Being humble has always been a challenge in the opposite way of how you would expect. I’ve always doubted my abilities and intelligence, so I need to work on finding that sweet spot of humility where I trust my strengths but see realistically where I fall short. It’s important to be confident in yourself while maintaining a clear picture of everyone’s worth. Everything in life is about finding balance. I really like what he said about comfort being the enemy of progress. Things only change when you push yourself past your comfort zone.

  • Maria Carbajal

    Being bold, humble, and taking initiative are great qualities to have. I always tell people that I’m not shy, I’m just quiet. It’s true but as a leader, there are times when I need to be bolder. Taking the initiative doesn’t have to be a scary thing but like Lt. Governer Pinnel said, comfort is the enemy of progress. If we all go out of our comfort zones then we can achieve a lot more. That being said, while everyone is being bold, we need to remain humble. Being an arrogant leader is not helpful to anyone. I think that being humble and putting ourselves in the place of the people we’re leading would make us better leaders. These lessons can all help us in our leadership journey.

  • Dawson Rose

    Lt. Governor Pinnell made great points about the good qualities of a leader. His major points were being bold, taking initiative, and having humility. The best way to integrate these into leadership would be to apply them to our everyday lives. In his presentation he said “the enemy of progress is comfort.” This can apply to both being bold and taking initiative. There is nothing in life that is handed to you.

  • Alexxa Lewis

    As cliche as this sounds, one of the quotes I’ve always lived by is to “always be humble and kind”. Throughout my life, it has stuck in the back of my mind and helped me become a better leader knowing how I should act towards others. Sometimes it is better to be bolder in situations to show your leadership skills and take initiative of a problem. You don’t necessarily need to be vocal when trying to lead someone; you can lead by example in humbling those around you and taking risks, but not having to prove yourself by showing how to be bold.

  • lynh hoang

    Being bold, being humble and taking initiative are key leadership traits. Lt. Governor Pinnell explained why these roles are important especially today. Being bold leads you out of your comfort zone and into new possibilities. It gives you an opportunity to step up. Like being bold,
    being humble creates open energy around for new experiences and open mindedness. It also shows who you are as a person and a leader. Constantly Learning and communicating with the people and things around you helps you grow and take initiative as a leader to become aware over things around you. We can integrate these characteristics everyday with simple day tasks whether its being in an organization or in class. Being bold and getting out of your comfort by joining or starting organizations or meeting people leads you to become a leader. We communicate with others and being understanding everyday as we leaders are humble. Lastly, we can take initiative everyday by setting and achieving our personal goals.

  • Cassidy Riley

    I was really inspired by Lt. Governor Pinnell’s insights on leadership. The boldness he advocated for challenged me. I can absolutely develop more as a leader if I act from a place of conviction and don’t hold back when leaving my comfort zone, thinking and acting with boldness. Humility is critical, just like he said. It’s hard to take someone seriously who’s puffed up with pride. I want to be a teachable leader, and humility is the way for me to do that. Taking initiative, in my leadership development, looks like working hard to pull ahead in the way that he explained. I need to take initiative to become more knowledgeable, work harder, and make connections with people who I have much to learn from. All three of these elements ultimately push me to GROW, in leadership development and personal integrity.

  • Lt. Governor Pinnell’s speech has been my favorite so far this semester. He inspired me more than anything to take more initiative. The quote that spoke to me the most was “Comfort is the enemy of progress.” Recently, I have become comfortable in my routine, the initiative that I put in last semester far surpasses my efforts so far this semester. But I plan on changing that, my vision is to help others around me to take the initiative to improve all areas of their life. I’m going to teach this lesson by living that lifestyle myself. Also, if I can take the next step in improving my communication skills then I can encourage others to take initiative for personal pride rather than using fear as a motivator. Ultimately, I want to stand out from the crowd and the best way to do that is taking initiative.

  • Bryce Bisel

    The themes that Lt. Governor Pinnell’s talked about can be integrate into anyone’s leadership development by how they approach opportunity. When an opportunity arises, take the initiative to step up and take it. Be bold or confident during every step of the opportunity, but stay humble at the same time. An individuals needs to be confident during the opportunity, but needs to stay humble as well so that they do no become arrogant in the process

  • Heather Maker

    Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell spoke to the leadership class about 3 things: being bold, being humble, and taking initiative. All of the qualities are important to balance when entering or holding a leadership position. By using all of the attributes and I would implement them by shaking someone’s hand, opening some doors, and getting involved. Out of all of these qualities, the one that stands out the most to me is taking initiative. I sometimes struggle being the first voice in a group; however when Lt. Governor said, “You are up to bat now, not up to bat next”, it spoke volumes to me and I hope to implement that into my daily routines.

  • Audrey Allard

    Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell was very enjoyable for me to listen to. Normally when I listen to speakers, I like to take notes, but I was completely and totally focused on what he was talking about. His message of boldness and hard work was very eye opening and it kind of set a fire in me to go out and work hard and take risks to put myself out there. His passion for our state and hearing his heart for making our state a better place really made me as an Oklahoman feel at peace with the leadership in our state. It made me excited to be Oklahoman and want to get involved in the rebranding of our state!

  • Ashlynn Meyer

    Though I wasn’t at the lecture due to a family emergency, I wish I could have been. I borrowed a couple sets of notes to see what the speaker had talked about and think he’d be an amazing speaker to hear from. Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell seems to be the kind of man that takes initiative wherever there is a hint of an opportunity. He talked about being bold in your leadership, and to take the risks where you may mess up. That is an important lesson. I think the best way to integrate these themes of boldness in my leadership is not being okay with being stagnant. I can get comfortable and stay in that area of my life or I can push myself out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to create change. My life’s purpose is to bring about change, and the first step in bing bold in this it to stay uncomfortable.

  • Mikaela Trenary

    Boldness and humility are the key points that our Lt. Governor emphasized throughout his lecture. I left feeling encouraged to integrate his wisdom in my personal leadership style. There were so many points I could elaborate on, but I will dive into these two: “Comfort is the enemy of progress” and “You don’t need to be loved by everyone, only a few people really count”. One of my top three strengths (according the The Strengthsfinder Test) is “Inclusive”, therefore, my greatest weakness is the act of “people pleasing”. Lt. Governor definitely challenged these weaknesses. He spoke on the importance of never becoming content with the comfortable and focusing your energy on the people that feed your flames. Because of Mr. Pinnell’s lecture, I am more confident in applying his wisdom to my leadership by constantly checking my personal growth and being more self aware of the people I am letting speak into my life. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting under Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell’s teaching and encouragement.

  • Tyler Garcia

    Lieutenant Governor Pinnel discussed some topics that directly relate to my values. “Be bold but humble” is how I try to live my life. I always want to make sure I don’t sell my self short, but I also make sure I see myself as equal to everyone around me. He also talked about the importance of being involved, and wether that’s in my school, community, or in politics, I strongly agree with this. In my opinion, your involvement plays a critical part in your future. He also talked about “traveling the world and taking risks”, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Once I am financially stable enough to support that dream, I want to make sure I see the world and participate in numerous cultures and lifestyles that make me feel ‘uncomfortable’.

  • Tyler Boykin

    Lt. Governor Pinnell’s themes are valid ways to ensure success as a leader. Pinnell’s three themes were being bold, humble, and taking initiative. Being bold is very important in being a leader, a leader without confidence isn’t really a leader. A leader has to be able to make decision and stick with that decision. Being humble is also very important because when a leader never believes he/she is wrong then it can lead to a very destructive path. Being able to be humbled but not discouraged is a very important trait to have in the journey of becoming a good leader. Lastly taking initiative. Without initiative nothing would get done in this world everyone would wait for someone else to do it for them. Personally I think initiative is what defines some of the best leaders in the history books. But it wasn’t just initiative that made them good leaders it was all three parts put together. Good leaders show initiative, boldness, and humbleness throughout their time as a leader and that’s what makes them good leaders.

  • Alexis Howry

    It was a pleasure to hear from Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, and I gained so much from his presentation. Throughout his time he talked about the three basic themes of being bold yet humble and taking initiative throughout your life. In terms of leadership, these qualities are amazing to apply to all your interactions with others in all situations. Going out of your way to take initiative and reach out to others and initiate intentional interactions that can encourage others. But in order to have these interactions, it requires the individual to be bold in their approach, and humble enough to relate and gain from their conversations.

  • Riley Bishop

    I have often been told be bold, by many advisers, teachers, and friends. Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell brought up an important point alongside this, be humble. This point really spoke to me as it is important to be bold and speak out, but being humble show while you are still bold, you also have humility and character. As often boldness can slurry the view others have on you. I also am really excited about what Lt. Gov. Pinnell has created with re branding the image of our state. I believe our state is highly underappreciated by other Americans, and even citizens of our own state. I spoke to Pinnell about what we can do to help improve our state’s image, and he responded by telling me it’s the little things that count.

  • I think the best way to integrate the bold, humble, and taking initiative into my leadership is not afraid of a challenge. There are many chances to grow as a good leader. If I am trying my best in all circumstances, I will learn a lot from it. Even though I can fail, but I believe this experience will make me bold, humble, and taking initiative.

  • Mykal Sanchez

    Being bold has always been something that I haven’t been very willing or excited to do but I know that its something that I need to work on in order to become successful in my life as a leader and just in my life in general. When Matt Pinnel brought up his example of when he walked into an office and demanded an interview it really spoke to me because I could never see myself coming close to being as bold as he was in that moment. However, taking that extra step and going that extra mile clearly and accurately shows that you take the matter very seriously and that you have initiative. In the future, I can see myself taking small steps to becoming more bold like speaking my mind when I feel like I have an idea that will work or when I think something could be better. Taking small steps like these can put me on a path to becoming more and more bold and even to where I have the courage to walk into an office and be confident enough to ask for an interview even if they aren’t hiring.

  • Ashton Joyner

    Governor Pinnell’s speech challenged me to start owning my every day. A common theme he speak of throughout his speech was to be bold in all aspects of life, including the areas concerning leadership. To me, being bold is leaving what may be comfortable and chasing after greatness. People are often scared of growth or change because of the discomfort, or “growing pains”, that it may bring and thus remain complacent in their lives. For a muscle to develop and grow it goes through a process of tearing itself apart and rebuilding upon the healed foundation. This process may be painful, but you will be stronger in the end. Pinnell inspired me to leave the comfortable and start taking initiative in developing my passions and furthering them. His final theme of being humble is extremely important and one that can be lacking in today’s society. It is very rare to achieve greatness overnight. When we lower ourselves, put aside expectations, and embrace the baby steps that lead to the bigger ones, our paths to success become much more attainable.

  • Seth Harriet

    Lt. Governor Pinnell gave a great presentation, he pointed out some very inspirational points along the way that made me question my personality. Lt. Governor Pinnell pointed out some things in Oklahoma that could be improved and inspired me to be more prideful of my state. Shorty after the presentation I registered to vote, Lt. Governor Pinnell said to take action today so that is what I did. Some points which Pinnell touched on were to be bold and humble at the same time. I know I must work on the mixture of the two in my personality and leadership style. I seem to not be bold enough out of fear of being arrogant but when I try to be bold, I don’t stay true to being humble. Overall Lt. Governor Pinnell has inspired me to work harder to find this mix and test it most frequently to not ever sell myself short in leadership and personal goals.

  • Myawna Moore

    Lt. Governor Pinell’s speech on being bold, humble, and taking initiative was very interesting to me. It made me question whether or not I had made efforts to do those things. Moving forward I can best integrate these themes into my leadership development by doing a few things. For one being bold, I can put myself out there and get out of my comfort zone and actively pursue what it is I want in leadership. I could go above and beyond what others are doing and set myself apart. Being humble can help me develop into a leader that isn’t just about myself. A leader that once for the greater good of all. Lastly taking initiative would develop me into a leader that gets things done. I really enjoyed Lt. Governor Pinnells speech and I hope it pushes me to continue to think about these themes in my leadership development.

  • Lauren Berry

    Lt. Governor Pinnell’s points are underlined with themes that I believe are crucial for any developing leader, along with myself. Personally, I took the ‘taking initiative’ topic to heart the closest. In my experience, I often find it difficult to put things into motion if it’s out of my comfort zone. One of the things I’m struggling with is reaching out to potential mentors for advice. So, my desire to develop my connections and learn could possibly be grown by my (humble!) boldness. If I compliment my bold nature with my developing initiative, I believe I can grow as a leader to broaden my horizons and gain more knowledge. I hope to look back at this entry soon and reflect on my (hopeful) growth as a leader and a person.

  • Carson Clay

    Governor Matt Pinnell had a lot of great points and lessons on being a leader. He harped on being bold and humble no matter what you do in life. Leadership was one of his biggest attributes in his life, and truthfully believes leading by example is one of the best ways he shows that. It was nice to be able to hear him speak about this specific topic because that is something I need to practice on in my own life. I really appreciate him taking time out of his day to come speak and to teach us things that he has experienced in his life.