Lessons in Leadership- Week 2- Dr. Sharra Hynes

What is one theme, different from yours, that you now value more after Dr. Sharra Hynes’ presentation? How will this reflection help you develop your strengths and build future teams?


  • brinlee lenochan

    After Dr.Sharra Hynes presentation about all the different 34 strengths, I believe one strength that now holds a stronger value to me is, discipline. My top five strengths were all pretty similar in which they stated I was a positive, out going person, who just goes with the flow. After speaking with multiple disciplined strength people, I gained more knowledge of just what that strength is. It is not just about following the rules and obeying but it also allows them to have an order or plan for all they do. As someone who is often just “going with the flow” I believe I would work very well with someone who can bring order to my task at hand. The strength of discipline would allow me to stay on task and finish the plan with a well thought out process.

  • Emma Lammers

    Dr. Sharra Hynes said a lot of eye opening things towards the class, but one of the most eye opening things was the activity that she had us do. As I was looking through my second partners list of strengths I noticed “input,” which is the strength that I decided to ask about. My partner made the strength seem so negative, practically saying that she is a hoarder. At first thought hoarding does seem like a bad thing, but once I thought deeper I realized the actual strength behind it. Dr. Hynes kept saying how every strength is positive, no matter what. I stated thinking about the positive behind input. People who have input as a strength actually show appreciation. yes, they keep, or collect, a lot of things, but that shows that they see the significance behind it. These people appreciate most everything you give to them. Knowing this I would definitely want to pursue a friendship with this person. I know that they are going to appreciate what I will do for them, which ultimately makes that person a great friend.
    I think now that I know every strength is positive I will definitely look for that positive, not just focus on the negative. I want to be able to see the good side of every strength in every person. One of my strengths is competition. I always thought that this was a bad thing because people see me as just wanting to win and be better. This is true, but I also now realize that this is making me think about myself. It is good to be self aware, its good to know that you can be better, and because of this I can control my ego. Yes I won, but now that I won let me think about others. Why didn’t they win? Are they motivated by other things rather than competition? How can I accommodate that? These questions all stem from my one strength as being competitive. Another positive from competition is that I can influence my team. I want my team to win, therefore I will push my team to be the best. I will push thoughts, ideas, activities.
    I’m so proud that I had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Hynes because now I can understand the positives behind every strength. Now that I know the positives I can find other strengths that will work with mine, that will compliment each other. This will truly make me a better team member and leader.

  • Sydney McDaniel

    After Dr. Hynes’s presentation I realized how building a team or group of people can be specialized depending on who you pick and their different strengths. I never considered different themes complementing each other like how some students during the presentations pointed out. Someone who is an activator is definitely one I’d like to work with in the future. Personally, I tend to think through my options and argue with myself before putting anything into action. When I work I for sure need someone to stop me when something is finished and I’m going in circles, hence why I now value someone who is an activator, and can make my thoughts and plans get off the ground.

  • Caylee Ralls

    The most impactful thing Dr. Hynes mentioned was “all strengths are positive.” Taking this and understanding the truth behind it, it made me see things in a different perspective. Sometimes the things we do, we can come to dislike. We begin to see them as a negative trait rather than a positive one. She taught us that we can use the things we are naturally talented with to help others. With that being said, the strength I now value more is being a maximizer. In being a maximizer you can identify what you are good at and use it to help those around you. That is something I struggle with, because I do not like to come across as boastful with things I am good at. I think having someone who is a maximizer in a group can help the others identify what they’re good at and allow everyone to do everything to their fullest potential. I hope that I can become more of a maximizer and not be ashamed of the strengths I was gifted with. I am very thankful Dr. Hynes took the time to come speak to us. Everything she taught us we can take with us throughout not only college, but the rest of lives.

  • Kameron Kimball

    One theme that is not my top five, but I now value more is empathy. Empathy was eye opening for me, and I would like to adopt and use this theme more often. This reflection will help me develop my strengths, because I know exactly what my strengths are. With that I can target my strengths in situations, then apply them. Overall, this will help build my future teams by being able to provide the best version of myself. Dr. Sharra introduced many themes I didn’t know existed, and this made me realize how many different ways I can lead. In conclusion I would like to pick up, and use new themes, along with strengthen my own.

  • Brianna Jennings

    Although many of us shared multiple themes with each other, I found that the “Maximizer” theme is one that I, myself, did not have. Being able to learn about the theme and how those who have it often strive for more than just a satisfactory result. Having an in-depth conversation with someone who had this theme and having them explain what it means to them allowed me to have a greater appreciation for it.
    Being able to attend the presentation and receiving an explanation for my themes and others’ themes will allow me to build on all of my strengths, rather than just one or two like Dr. Hynes advised not to do. Along with building on my own strengths, I will be able to find people carrying strengths complimentary to my own, thus leading to a well-diverse team. The presentation in its entirety will continue to reap many benefits for all of us.

  • Ebonie Reyes

    One theme that I value more now after Dr. Hynes presentation is maximizer. Most of my strengths had to do with communication with other people and maximizer could help me build better relationships. In a team, maximizer would tie in with my strength, significance, by making sure our team goal is important and that we could reach for more. For example, I would want our team to prioritize our goal that could be $500 but the maximizer theme would want to reach for $1000 because I know my team could do it. The communication theme is talking to a people easily and the maximizer theme could help me push people through those talks.

  • Charity Lassiter

    One’s strengths often defines them as a person.
    After hearing Dr. Hynes speak on strengths I now value Individualization. While my top five strenghts were not to similar, Individualization is something that stood out to me because of how people define themselves. Being able to recoginze how people are different and working together with them with a great strength to have. This reflection of how all people are different will develop my strengths in ways that help me to be aware of people’s individuality. This is important in building future teams because not every person thinks the same and it is neccessary to be able to work together with those who are different from you.

  • Sheridan Luis

    I loved her presentation! The handwriting exercise I thought was so interesting it just goes to show that somethings come natural to us. One thing that she said that I took to heart was ” things that are natural to you are like writing with your dominant hand.” This opened up my perspective made me realize that even if you are able to do something it does not mean that it comes easy to like it does others. The quote helped me realize not to compare my self to others a lot because certain things could be their strengths and not mine. One strength that I am more grateful now would be connectedness it is not in my top five but I would love to try and become better at it. This strength will help me be like a reality check for any team I am on when things are going a stray.

  • Zac Nemecek

    Dr. Sharra Hynes really brought to my attention how different and unique people are. Personally, I value the individualization trait a lot more now. Being able to understand how use groups people according to theirs strengths and have them working proficiently isn’t something I quite good at. It opened my eyes now to the more diversity and having to meet a groups needs better than before she spoke to us. I definitely will try to better my command strength with it using it to better work with people if I take charge in a situation. For future teams hopefully I can get a group together that works a a unit and does exactly what they want to do and does it efficiently.

  • Lynh Hoang

    Dr. Sharrra Hynes’s presentation opened my eyes to all the different strengths everyone has and the positives of all them. Meeting all kinds of people with different strengths was interesting because I love to learn how other people’s mind process alternative to mine. I believe a successful team includes members with all kinds of areas of strengths, not just one. One strength I value more is self-assurance. I notice in the class that self – assurance was one of the less popular traits. The more involved I am in groups the more I see how much it easier it would be to make decisions, especially tough ones when there is someone confident in themselves and their views. We deal with insecurities and constant reassurance from others, but self-assurance people are confident in themselves and don’t think to second guess. Instead of bickering back and forth, self-assurance people know what they want when they want which is so useful in last minutes decision making. This exercise helped me realize I am greatly weak in certain qualities, but that some of my strengths are also useful and important. When building teams I learned that you want people on your team who complement your strengths with different ones so theres a constant flow of new ideas and validity.

  • Ainsley Bain

    When learning about self-improvement, not often is it pushed to work on the things you’re good at. Many people are encouraged to work on the skills that they lack, Dr. Hynes had some good points against this practice though. Dr. Hynes quoted Peter Drucker, “One should waste as little effort as possible on improving areas of low competence. It takes far more energy to improve from incompetence to mediocrity than it takes to improve from first-rate performance to excellence.” Another point that Dr. Hynes made was that you must balance your talents, or else one may take over and end up hurting more that helping, in her case she used the example of her maximizer strength where it can be a very powerful tool but also a hurtful weapon. One theme that stood out was the Self-Assurance theme because it is so unique and rare. In addition, Dr. Hynes said that everyone has a responsibility to use their strengths because every strength is positive and can have positive effects on society when utilized. One thing I gathered from the plethora of information provided is this: We all must not only recognize our strengths and use them, but also recognize that those strengths can be weaknesses. We must rely on our other strengths or on an ally or team member to do the best we can with our talents. I will be more perceptive to other people’s strengths when working in groups from now on because finding harmony in those situations is key to completing the task or reaching the goal.

  • Kylee Snell

    A theme that is different from mine that I value more after Dr. Sharra Hynes’ presentation is Woo. It is always an asset to a group dynamic to have someone who is good at breaking the ice and making everyone in the group feel important, included, and heard in the decision making process. After going a little more in-depth with the Woo theme, I have realized that it is something I lack in many aspects. For example, it is a priority of mine to make sure that anything my group does is effective and worthwhile. If there is something that I do not see as either then I tend to dismiss it instead of hearing out the idea that might actually be very useful. In a career aspect, people who have the Woo strength are going to be a lot better at networking. When trying to get things done it is all about the people you know because they can offer things you ay not be able to offer. By incorporating the Woo strength it would give me many more opportunities to grow and develop relationships that would be useful in the future.

  • Destiny Perez

    Out of all themes presented by Dr. Sharra Hynes, the theme of Activator most impacted me. The theme of Activator was nothing like my top five themes. After learning more about this theme I realized is within an organization to have people display this theme. I absolutely do value this theme more now, and I seek to find people who can apply this for success in the future when I work in groups. The qualities displayed by this them put ideas into action and take the first steps into starting a plan. I tend to overthink a lot about decisions, so having someone who is able to apply this trait would help make sure the choices are made. I enjoyed learning more about my themes and how they can be useful to others, but most importantly how I can connect with others to make stronger bonds in the future.

  • Cassidy Riley

    When I learned more about the strength Activator through Dr. Hynes presentation, it was a bit like a lightbulb went on. I am not an activator, and sometimes I can be critical of people who are quick to act. Learning about how this is a natural talent of some people, how it propels them to take thoughts and quickly turn them into actions, helped me appreciate how people so different than me challenge me and have a lot to contribute to a team. I do value it more now, and since my husband is absolutely an activator, I know it gives me more appreciation for him. Knowing that’s a talent of his and of others I know, I honestly feel like I can more readily operate in my strengths without feeling embarrassed that I may be slow to act, while also appreciating and championing the activator talents in a friend or team.

  • Savannah Hughbanks

    Dr. Hynes made a statement at the very end of her presentation that stood out to me, and that statement was that every strength is positive and is needed. Every individual is different. Therefore, everyone has their own strengths. Three of my top five strengths fall within the relationship building domain. My main themes showed me that I am someone who is good at bringing people together and avoiding conflict. I also was shown that I may get caught up in how others feel, causing me to lose sight of the end goal. A theme that I value more now after the presentation is focus. People with this strength are known to make necessary changes in order to keep everything progressing. This theme would be very beneficial in not only making sure the task at hand is performed but that it is done as good as possible and on time. I often get caught up in small details which ultimately could cause me to fall behind. Group projects would benefit greatly from having a member who’s strength is focus, as they could ensure time management and overall productivity.
    Dr. Hynes opened up my eyes to a broader list of strengths going way beyond what I initially thought existed. She introduced ways that I can use my strengths to improve not only myself but those around me, as well as gave me a better understanding of my “leadership style” and some strengths that could pair up with my own in order to better perform.

  • Madison Baugh

    After Dr. Sharra Hynes had the class go around the room and find 5 different strengths, I now value the Relator strength. To have the qualities of a Relator, one must enjoy close relationships and achieving goals through group work. I, personally, enjoy working independently and achieving my own personal goals. With our upcoming group service project and presentation, I could definitely learn from the values of a Relator. I found that the Relator theme and my top 5 strengths are complementary. My top 5 strengths are Context, Learner, Achiever, Discipline, and Harmony. Only 1/5 of my strengths is relational, (Harmony) so I will really value someone who has the Relator strength when it comes to building a team.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    Dr. Sharra Hynes told us many significant stories on Tuesday. She also mentioned 34 strengths. I think being positive is very important. While listening to my classmates’ strengths and the preacher’s lecture, I realized how important and necessary it is to be positive.
    If we are negative, we won’t have a good influence on the team no matter what other strengths we have. Whatever we do, it is necessary for us to think positively and lead the team positively. My five strengths are communication, responsibility, strategy, developer, and restore. These strengths can have a greater influence when I am positive. If I do these things based on positive thinking and behavior, I can be a better person for the people around me. I think it will help me make the team better, no matter where I’m.

  • serah salau

    After Dr. Sharra’s presentation, I realized that I really needed focus to keep me going and develop my other strengths which are: Learner, Intellection, Competition, Activator and Ideation. I learnt that with focus, I will concentrate on what is important to me and what is supposed to be done. As a competitor who always want to be the best in almost everything, focus will really help me to keep going and concentrating to being the best. I noticed that focus is what I lacked and with that, i will be able to achieve my goals and push my other strengths to perfection.

  • Mide Cassaday

    Dr. Hynes did a great job of going through many of the 34 different strengths that are able to be applied to people in our society. She went through the majority of them and explained little things like how people in a certain category act similarly, but not identically. She mentioned that while some people may get grouped into the same strength, they possess different traits that contribute to that specific strength. It was made clear that the 34 strengths are made up of many more aspects than what that one word is. One strength that I learned about when talking to people I hadn’t met, was called harmony. I didn’t know that could even be a strength until it was presented to me. It was related to things like empathy and understanding, as well as mediation (described best by the girl I asked). This one made me think about how many more strengths there are that I don’t know about and that I could work with. I will definitely try learning more about the different types of strengths and try finding new ways to work with all of them.

  • Mide Cassaday

    One strength I found to be very useful and appealing was harmony. While Dr. Hynes was introducing the 34 strengths, I unintentionally started categorizing them from strongest to weakest in my head. Harmony didn’t really stand out to me. However, I asked a girl about her strengths and the way she described what “harmony” meant for her, it really stood out. It made me focus on a different viewpoint other than my own, and I started to see “harmony” as something special. It was described to me as not only peace, but as understanding and mediation. This really encouraged me to read and learn more about all of the strengths, alongside my own.

  • Jonghyeon Park

    Dr. Sharra Hynes told us many significant stories on Tuesday. She also mentioned 34 strengths. I think being positive is very important. While listening to my classmates’ strengths and the preacher’s lecture, I realized how important and necessary it is to be positive.
    If we are negative, we won’t have a good influence on the team no matter what other strengths we have. Whatever we do, it is necessary for us to think positively and lead the team positively. My five strengths are communication, responsibility, strategy, developer, and restore. These strengths can have a greater influence when I am positive. If I do these things based on positive thinking and behavior, I can be a better person for the people around me. I think it will help me make the team better, no matter where I am.

  • Mykal Sanchez

    One theme that is different from my own that I know value more is deliberative. Although deliberative wasn’t one of my themes, I find myself really contemplating and having a hard time making decisions myself and I have always seen that as a bad things. After Dr.Sharra’s presentation she made me realize that taking linger to decide on something, even if its small, always makes that decision the best and most effective one. However, this wasn’t the only thing that stood out to me. She made sure to mention that the 34 strengths are called strengths for a reason. None of the 34 themes are a bad thing unless they are not used in moderation. She made me realize that not only can all of these themes can be managed and grown upon to make them good and helpful, but even some of my own personality traits that I don’t always see as good can be turned around into something meaningful, or into a strength that I can use to help people.
    A lot of these themes are connected and work well with each other and I can already identify the traits within my group that will work well together and make us more productive as a whole. I would like to take note of the themes that I am not familiar with and make more of an effort to expand upon them so that I can use them to my and other’s advantage in the future.

  • Seth Harriet

    The theme “Woo” was very interesting to me. When I first heard the theme, I laughed but it is a great theme to possess as an individual. The social skills behind Woo are great for someone to have, people like to say, “it is not what you know but who you know.” People that possess woo have the upper hand when it come to meeting people and making connections. The outcome that I got from this reflection is going to help me in the future as well as the present. If the opportunity of having to pick my own team was presented in the future, I could look at these themes to create a well-rounded group to achieve the most time to efficiency ratio. Also, like Dr. Sharra Hynes said once you know your strengths run with them, try to grow these strengths as much as you can. I now know how to utilize my strengths better and how to find people that can help with what I’m not as proficient in.

  • Madison Baugh

    After Dr. Sharra Hynes had the class go around the room ad find five different strengths, I now value the Relator strength. To have the qualities of a Relator, one must enjoy close relationships and achieving goals through group work. I, personally, enjoy working independently and achieving my own personal goals. With our upcoming group service project and presentation, I could definitely learn from the values of a Relator. I found that the Relator theme and my top five strengths are complementary. My top five strengths are Context, Learner, Achiever, Discipline, and Harmony. Only one-fifth of my strengths is relational, (Harmony) so I will really value someone who has the Relator strength when it comes to building a team.

  • Hannah Morrison

    After talking to other students about their strengths, I found myself very interested in the strength of significance. I tend to find myself focusing on what will make others happy. However, with the goal of only pleasing people, I can get off track quite easily. Significance would allow me to set my mind on what would be the best overall option and do whatever it takes to make the larger impact rather than trying to please everyone. In the end, the best way to handle a situation isn’t always going to make people immediately happy. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad decision. In fact, I think those with the strength of significance are able to see new ideas that people are very appreciative of, but they just take some getting used to. I plan on incorporating significance into my future projects and pairing the strength with those of my own to help me expand my ways of thinking and leading.

  • Myawna Moore

    Something that stuck out to me from Dr. Hynes presentation was her saying things that come natural are like writing with your right hand and harder things that require more effort are like writing with your left. Certain skills make task more natural and a lack of some other skills can bring challenges . A skill I value more after the presentation is focus. This isn’t one of my top five strengths but i wish it was. People with focus as a strength take initiative and prioritize to stay on track and complete tasks. I think with focus I would accomplish more not just alone but also in teams. Having a team with focus I think would pull the team together to reach great results.

  • Saul Perez

    One theme that I value more from Dr. Haynes Presentation, is Woo. After talking to my peers, many of them had woo as one of their strengths. I value their strength of being able to charm everyone and make everyone feel wanted, and using that quality to leader the people around them. Before the presentation I never realized the extent of the different themes. I never realized that my strengths affect my leadership style. After this presentation, it made me aware of how I can use my strengths to my advantage and utilize them to improve my leadership. As well as how I can make my talents into strengths and utilize those to my advantage as well.

  • Pierson Van den Dyssel

    One theme, different from my personal top five, that I now value more after Dr. Sharra Hynes’ presentation is the theme of Woo. Someone that can be described as “woo” is someone that derives satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person, and I feel as though that is an aspect of my life that I’m not as confident with. On the other hand after hearing about how all these themes could coincide and work together to make a better person, I believe that if I make myself less of an introvert, shy, and hesitant that I will make more friends, be more outgoing, and be able to get along with easier. In other words now that I have a better understanding of all the themes especially Woo, I will be able to be someone that people don’t feel uncomfortable around and have a strong relationship or connection to.

  • Lily Smith

    While all 34 strengths Dr. Hynes spoke on are incredibly important, the one that stuck out to me the most that I need to work on is consistency. Individualization, includer, developer, and woo are all in my top 5 strengths, meaning I often focus on the people I do not know or who seem to be alone. I often do not give the same attention to everyone. I also often only give a lot of attention to someone the first few times I see them, then I move on to find someone new to include, develop, and win over. I need to work on consistency when it comes to loving those around me. I loved how Dr. Hynes explained that all strengths are positive and valuable, and also that strengths we do not currently possess can be cultivated and grown. This will help me in the future surround myself with people who are more consistent than I am and allow myself to learn from them.

  • Ashton Joyner

    From my Strengthsfinder results, I learned that four out of the five of my top strengths fall under the relational category. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does make me envious of those who excel in areas of strategic and analytical thinking. Due to my results, a theme that I now appreciate more is strategic. One of the skills of this theme is the ability to see a problem and pick the best possible solution. One of my faults is second guessing the decisions that I do make. I always think about the alternatives and if they would affect the situation more positively. I aspire to be able to confidently pick a decision and not doubt it. I will be more adept at building future teams by having the capacity to understand others emotions and to help them understand them as well. As I reflect back on my results I find a sense of peace in believing that I can use my strengths in bettering the lives of those around me.

  • Emma Childers

    I never have been too self-assured out of fear of becoming too proud to take criticism or think more highly of myself than I should. However, with my lack of self-assurance, I tend to hinder my abilities and ideas because I deem them insignificant or unimportant. I’ve made it this far in accomplishments heavily due to my support from people and I’ve learned that I need to believe in myself just as much as I believe in others. How am I supposed to lead by example if I don’t believe in myself? Gaining more confidence in presenting my ideas will inspire others to speak up with their own ideas and thoughts.

  • Mason Rasmussen

    Dr. Sharra Hynes really made me realize that all strengths are positive and its important to use other people’s strengths to help you in areas that you aren’t as strong. One theme I value more after Dr. Hynes’s speech is the strategic theme. My strengths show that I am a very hard worker that is good at including all of those working with me. It would be nice to have someone who is able to come up with different ways to achieve our goal. Someone who is strategic is able to see problems that lie in the future which would allow our team to adjust now, and save a future setback. I believe to be a good leader, you need to surround yourself with people who are good at what you aren’t. That way, everyone can help better each other by showing them different ideas and views of certain situations.

  • Mason Lance

    One theme that was not in my top five that I now value more is woo. I am usually timid to meet new people and sometimes shy, but after hearing other people talk about the strength woo it has made me want to be more confident. Woo is a great strength to have in the world. Especially coming in to college where all you see is a different face every day. Having the woo strength will really benefit my leadership style. It will contribute to all my other strengths. I think it will help my team building skills because it will allow the other members to be more open to me and will help build a better relationship.

  • Walker Holland

    Dr Hynes did an amazing job last Tuesday speaking on behalf of the 34 strengths found in strengths-finders. After listening to her, it was evident that I should do more research on the other strengths that I may not have had. Believe it or not all of my top 5 strengths reined in the same subtopic of “get things done” as Dr. Hynes mentioned. Of course it not a bad quality, but it did make me think about trying to grow some of the strengths I may not already be proficient in. One that stuck out to me throughout Dr. Hynes presentation was ‘Positivity’. Of course I’m optimistic about things, but the way Hynes describes this strength gives me excitement alone. Constantly keeping that head held high with a joy about yourself that may rub off on the others around you sounds like something I definitely want adapt and grow into. I see lots of my peers with this already and it is absolutely amazing. Thank you Dr. Hynes for giving me curiosity about these strengths I may have never really known about otherwise!

  • Austin Borjas

    For myself my strengths are based around ideas, relationships, and being adaptable. I tend to lack in the expertise of being strategic. I am trying my best to grow in this area because it will make me a better leader. I have been making lists, planning ahead, and focusing on the bigger picture. By doing this will help myself being more organized and hopefully more successful. When it comes to building teams I have to focus on other peoples strengths. I need to pick someone that is more strategic, developer, or even restorative. This will help build a balanced team.

  • Jerome Brown

    After listening to Dr. Sharra Hayes, one theme that stood out to me that was different than my top five themes was responsibility. This one stood out to me because it is an important life quality for everyone to have in my opinion. We all make mistakes, but not everyone is responsible enough to take ownership. Responsibility can also relate to a person’s ability to make independent decisions, which we all will have to start doing more as we grow older. As a team leader, having this strength would help in a sense that I know I am responsible for my team and any decisions we make. Once a leader realizes they are accountable for their teams actions and decisions, I feel that that person would make better decisions because everything falls back on them. This strength can help all of us become better men, women, and leaders.

  • Grace Duvall

    After Dr.Sharra Hynes presented all the different leadership themes and why they are important, I started to look at the ones I didn’t have. One theme I don’t have that I wish I did is the “Woo” theme. I really would love to have this theme because it would mean that I was better with meeting new people and that I could make connections so much quicker and smoother. I value this trait in other people because it makes them so much more approachable. This reflection on the themes will help develop my strengths and build future teams by giving me and my fellow classmates knowledge how the different types of leaders we have in class and how we can take their different talents and learn from them.

  • Ruby Edsall

    I really enjoyed Dr. Hynes’s perspective on strengths and how they are all so unique and valuable. All of my strengths but one fall under the “relationships” domain; during the scavenger hunt, I really enjoyed learning how my strengths could compliment someone else’s or vice versa. My number one strength is empathy, and Max, whose top strength is strategic, pointed out we are nearly opposites. She explained to me that to her, strategic means that while she is still very emotional, she has a unique ability to observe a situation for what it is, rather than getting caught up in the emotion of it, like I do. This is a very interesting strength, and one I feel would compliment mine very well. This also led me to realize I very much need a strategic/analytical person on my team; as sensitive as I am to others, I need someone to see situations objectively. I really, really enjoyed our time with Dr. Hynes, both because she was an excellent presenter and personality, and she helped us learn quite a bit more about ourselves and each other.

  • Remy Young

    Through Dr. Hynes’s presentation, I have gained a greater understanding and value for the strength Learner. Many people, including myself, tend to find where they thrive or excel and stay there to grow hobbies and interests. While Learners are always searching for a new thing to develop and understand in any area. One way I would like to be more like Learners is that they do not always have to be the best or a master of what they are learning, they sometimes just want to learn and get better at something. This can be difficult for myself, and many who consider themselves to be leaders because we usually have the desire to prove ourselves and be the absolute best in what we do. I find the strength of Learner both humbling and inspiring. Having a Learner on your team not only gives you someone who has a plethora of knowledge and skill but someone willing to grow into whatever the group is working on because the process of learning is so intriguing. Learners are a great asset and I believe we should all aspire to be more like them.

  • Alexis Howry

    After Dr. Hynes presentation of all the different strengths this past week, I gained much more knowledge of those that differ and how to appreciate them. One driving point that she wanted us to take away is that every strength is positive and that could not be more true. I never realized how relationship-based my core strengths really were before we analyzed and categorized as a group. I personally could use a bit more structure and drive to balance out how much I focus on the encouragement and individualized sides of leadership. So, with that, I really admire people who have the strengths of an Arranger or Discipline. Arrangers are still aware of everyone’s individual needs but love to get the job going, allocate responsibility, etc. Discipline admires structure and balance (which is a department I heavily lack in), these features can keep activity on track, make the most of the time while working, and provide consistency. With gaining knowledge of each other’s strengths, we all as leaders can more cohesively and productively deliver much more beneficial products no matter what our jobs entail.

  • Maggie Turner

    One theme that I value more is woo. Woo is when you are able to make a lasting impact on someone when you first meet them. I was unaware this was a strength until we had the chance to discuss with our classmates what their strengths are. I think that first impressions are something I struggle with. I am more of a person who opens up after I meet you, but the first time I meet someone I can be very shy. My strengths revealed to me that I am more of a person who is good at defusing rocky situations and adjusting to whatever life throws at me next. I think working with people who have that immediate impact on people would help me open up and break me out of my shell.

  • Carson Clay

    After listening to Dr. Sharra Hynes talk about the 34 strengths, I found one theme that really stood out to me. Woo was a theme that I did not have and was the one that popped out at me. After listing to the different definitions of Woo, it is something that I Kida see myself as, but I would like to advance and better my self in that area. I enjoyed her speaking with us and all the activities she had us do to better our knowledge about the strengths.

  • Callie Hambrick

    Dr. Sharra Hynes spoke of many topics that carried value. One theme I am more appreciative of after Tuesday is competition. I feel like I have some competition strength in me, but it was not part of my top five. There is usually a negative connotation around competition, but it is a true strength. There are pros and cons to each strength, but when we look closely at the pros, we realize how much support they can offer in many situations. I enjoyed hearing Dr. Hynes speak to us; it opened my eyes to the good in strengths that may not seem so good.

  • kaylee sloan

    A strength that I now value more of is adaptability. I am so much of a planner and I wish that I could be the type of person that can just go-with-the-flow. Dr. Sharra Hynes told everyone that all of the 34 strengths are positive in their own way. She also talked about the Domains of Talent. The 4 domains include Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking. I had at least one of my 5 strengths in each of these 4 categories which were interesting for me to find out. I really appreciated Dr. Sharra Hynes lecture over the 34 strengths.

  • Maison Smith

    One theme I value more now is the “Relator” theme. I guess I had never really thought of this as a strength before, but after reading about it, I think it’s a very important strength needed for teamwork. Relators thrive on building deep and meaningful relationships with people, and I think having a relator on your team would make everyone feel heard and cared about. People work a lot better when they feel as though they are an essential part of the team. I would like to work with a relator because most of my strengths deal with thinking. Although I value meaning relationships, I tend to struggle to build them because I spend a lot of time in my head overthinking, over-planning, overanalyzing, and not connecting with others.

  • Dominic Graziano

    Dr. Sharra Hynes had a phenomenal and eye opening presentation about individuals and their specific strengths. Over the course of the summer I’ve been learning more and more about personalities and other strengths that people have. I’ve started to appreciate how different everybody is and how much potential is in everybody. One point that Dr. Hynes made was that whatever your strengths are, the opposite of those are your perfect compliment. I’ve never thought of it like that. You can accomplish so much more with somebody that has a different way of thinking of things, because they can think of things that you might not of thought of. That made me realize even more that it’s not about conforming other people to how I think, but to instead cooperate and learn from others who have a different way of thinking.

  • Mikaela Trenary

    Dr. Sharra Hynes’ lecture, concerning the personal strengths in a group setting, was exceptional. Building on top of my peers, I also loved the positive perspective she brought to the table. Hynes did not promote comparison throughout the activities, but pushed us out of our comfort zone and encouraged us to surround ourselves – throughout life – with people who have different strengths than ourselves. This teaches us humility and brings forth great personal growth. I loved her points on the Four Domains of Talent and also enjoyed studying our class strengths, specifically. Dr. Hynes’ lecture was both intriguing and challenging; I thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning from her.

  • Sarah Huhman

    On Tuesday, Dr. Hynes came and presented us with information to explore the 34 possible strengths and to go into depth over our top 5 strengths. I was amazed to see how all of us as individuals had different strengths but learned that when combined, the strengths complimented one another. For instance, one of my top five strengths was Achiever, which to me means going above and beyond to excel at anything you do. So, for someone like me I need someone who has focus as a strength to help me focus on my goals and how to achieve them. I would personally love to learn more about my third strength Restorative, it means being adept at dealing with problems, but I would like to know what I could do or have done that makes it easier to transition to new challenges. I was introduced to themes, strengths and ideas that did not fall under my strengths and my goal in the future is to learn more about each of them so I can use them as tools to better myself as a leader for me and others.

  • Brianna Taylor

    In Dr. Sharra Hynes’ presentation, she discussed a wide range of different strengths that are unique to every person on earth. One strength that I now value more because of her speech is focus. People who have the strength of focus can stay on task and think decisions through carefully. I could benefit from this strength because I tend to think more with my heart than my head. Typically, I focus on the well-being of the group rather than the task at hand, this causes me to get off topic easily. In the future, I will recruit strategic people for my teams, so that they can help me accomplish more tasks at a quicker rate. Also, because of Dr. Hynes presentation, I will now pay attention to my actions and try to focus when I notice myself getting off topic.

  • Mahfuzul Karim

    After Dr. Hynes’s presentation I feel like the strength “Strategic” that I would like to possess in me. I think I have lack of this theme in me. As it’s kind of a must while working in a group. And, to be successful you will always need to be strategic and have the mind set to change the plan. Being strategic can help to find an alternative solution within a very short period of time that helps to be successful as a team. I want to have this strength and I have started thinking how things can be done in different ways and shift plan to an instantly in a group. To have that strength in a group can be a game changer.

  • Mackenzie Sullins

    A trait that I have come to appreciate more is empathy. I have found that I tend to look over how important it is to relate to others when working towards a goal, and I would love to build that to be a part of my strengths. Relationships between people are so important and tend to get looked over when looking at a project as a whole. This has made me come to realize how critical it is to pay attention to the needs and emotions of others and how to relate to people. Teaming up with people who are relationally focused is amazing, because I need someone to help me understand the feelings of others. Learning my strengths and the strengths of others has opened my eyes to how certain skills can work together to get a job done to the best potential.

  • Audrey Allard

    Dr. Hynes really blew me away this past week during her lesson. I loved the activities that we did to understand how strengths, talents, and weaknesses all exist in every individual person. I also loved how she emphasized how every person has different strengths and weaknesses. No strength was more important or special than the other. It is all about appreciating other people’s talents, and realizing where you might need their strengths to fill in some of your weakness! The most important thing that stood out to me was when she said that we all have a responsibility to use our talents wherever we are placed. No matter what position we are in, as leaders we are to use our strengths and work together on a task to complete it. That encouraged me a lot as I am stepping into this new role of a college student. I need to use my strengths in my classes all across campus to make UCO a more positive and exciting environment!

  • Maria Carbajal

    After Dr.Hynes’ presentation, I really thought about my own strengths and how I work with other people. Out of my 5 strengths, 4 of them are in the relationship building. I like to have fun with everyone and I can get distracted easily. Knowing this about myself makes me value people who can focus a lot more. Focus is in the Executing theme and I think it’s amazing. This is a really helpful tool for people to get things done and I wish I could see more of it in myself. Even though it is not in my top five, I appreciate it in others.

  • Kay Henley

    In the past I have consciously strayed away from those with a competitive nature, but after listening to Sharra speak I realized how I could really use more people with that quality in my life. Perhaps the combination of my failure at every sport plausible and my father’s passionate denial of said failure is what sparked this disdain for the brutally intrinsic desire to win, perhaps it was just my nature before any of that.
    Sharra reminded me that when you grow up and graduate and start to be hurdled into groups of other strong-willed adults, it becomes increasingly apparent that the value of individuals pushing themselves and others forward with force, passion, and momentum cannot be understated in team situations. I am looking forward to working with more people with the strength of competitiveness, hopefully their vigor will rub off on me.

  • The theme that stood out most to me was self-assurance. I never thought of this as a strength but now I do value it more. I thought it was interesting how there was barely anyone with this strength, this makes it even more valuable. Someone who is completely confident in their decisions and life can accomplish so much. Something I would love to develop is the ability to bounce back from a setback, this would be possible with self-assurance. If I can build this strength then virtually nothing could stop me from achieving my goals. Often times it is ourselves who stop us from reaching goals, we think we aren’t good enough or let others decide our worth. Someone with self-assurance also make others assured in themselves. I now strive to be that person so I don’t have to rely on others, and also so I can influence my peers to develop in the same manner.

  • Kinsey Harper

    Dr. Sharra Hynes really elaborated on the idea that every strength is special in its own way. I loved her quote “The things that are natural, is like writing with your dominant hand”. Her words came to life when we did the handwriting exercise. My handwriting was way worse with my left hand, because my right is my dominant. My right hand comes natural to me; just like my strengths! She made me realize that my strengths differ from my other classmates’. However, they are unique and make me who I am. I enjoyed asking my peers what their strengths were and figuring out the variety of talent that I am surrounded by. Dr. Sharra Hynes taught me that I can use my strengths to help others during projects, solving problems, or just simply in every day life!

  • Heather Maker

    Most of my themes fall either under “Relationship” or “Executing” category, which is 1000% accurate; however, after listening to Dr. Sharra Hynes speak in class on Tuesday, I realized two things. One being that “every strength is positive”. For example, she explained that “Competition” tends to have a negative connotation around it like, “Why do you have to be so competitive?”, or “Nobody wants to be on his team, he is too competitive.”, but that is not the case at all. Competition is one of the strengths that I find more interesting after learning about, because I too can be competitive sometime, even if it wasn’t in my top 5 and I want to learn more about how to use it as a strength as opposed to a weakness. Secondly, after the “Partnership” activity with the stick figure people, I realized that it is much more effective and efficient to have people on a team that excel in DIFFERENT areas of talent as opposed to ones that fall in the same. Whereas someone may be weaker in the discipline category, they need someone who is strong in that theme in order to get that job done. Overall, this was a great leadership activity and I really enjoyed everything that Dr. Hynes shared with us.

  • Tyler Garcia

    After Dr.Hynes’s speech, my perspective shifted on the way I viewed the strengths. At first, I was comparing the strengths, wishing I had something in my top 5 that somebody else had, when really, no strengths can compare with each other. This gave me a better understanding of just how much are strengths are personalized just for us. It also encouraged me to look more into my “Woo” strength, and I realized that even though it does seem like a very small and widely used strength, it’s one of my best features and I can use it to my advantage in multiple different ways.

  • Gavin White

    All of the themes that Dr. Hayns talked about one really stuck out to me. That theme was positivity. With my strengths, I tend to look at things head-on at face value. This is something that I like but also has many drawbacks. In reality, there is a lot more negative than positive ideology, and when I’m leading a team, I want someone that can bring the groups morale up. If I have someone that acts like this, it will help counterbalance my strengths as well as boost the productivity of the group by making a welcoming environment.

  • Dawson Rose

    One theme that is different from mine that I value more after Dr. Hynes presentation is woo. Having people in your corner with this skill trait, especially if you don’t have this skill trait yourself, can help you build relationships with others. More importantly it can give you some amazing opportunities to better engage with those around you. This reflection helps me figure out what I am talented in and allows me to put my best foot forward. This reflection will also give me a better understanding of what to look for in a team and try to set up everyone to be in the best position to succeed.

  • Shelby Denney

    Dr. Hynes spoke very highly of all the character traits. One that I believe I understand better after her talk and the group activities that followed was, Analyzer. This trait was one that I used to see in a negative light because they tend to be slightly arrogant when approached, or they can also “”take too long” to find their best solution. This is because they are so detail oriented and try to find the absolute best option for the team. I wish I my strengths resembled this trait closer because I tend to reach for the first possible solution and run with it. Although sometimes working the best, the trait of analyzing would be extremely helpful. Creating a team with this strength would not only balance my own strengths, but also would most likely lead the group to success. This is because their full efforts could be used in a solution that has the best possible chances for a positive outcome. As well as they could see the better picture of all the solutions as well as maybe all of the issues they may face.

  • Tyler Owens

    I believe one of the most important themes from Dr. Sharra Hynes’s presentation on Tuesday was that all strengths are positive. As someone who can be very self-doubting and self-deprecating, I have always thought that some of my strengths were not good. One of my top five strengths is command, and I have always been told and thought that it was a bad thing, so her reinforcing the idea that no strength is a bad strength is very reassuring. As someone who can also be extremely empathetic, despite it not being in my top five, it is reassuring and empowering to hear that no strength is a bad strength, and it sheds a positive light on different character traits that is unfortunately never focused on enough. This reflection helps me to build teams while unequivocally focusing on my strengths and not doubting my own actions, and it will help me to develop my strengths by understanding that every strength is a good strength, and that they are all worth developing.

  • HwiYeol Lee(Yiel)

    I have never been known about existing of 34 different strengths before Dr. Sharra Hynes’ education. I could notice what is my top five strength as a leader. It was a really good chance to check myself again and valuable time to me. Because knowing myself is the first step to develop my intellectual strengths I think. In her introduction, she let students write names with the opposite hand not used a hand. It was not easy to write however, it was not very hard. I got a good lesson from that small activity. If I try something with courage, I can do even if it is not perfect. I can make it better and better through practice absolutely.

  • Dr. Sharra Hynes was an amazing speaker. She really opened by eyes to the different types of strengths people could have. After I took my Strength Finders test I didn’t really understand what each strength meant until her speech. I really appreciated the activity she had us do because that allowed me to meet more students and to get to know them on another level. Within that activity I was able to understand how each different person has an immense amount of different type of strengths than I do.

  • The developer is a theme that I didn’t know much about, but have grown to respect. I am not good at helping others develop their abilities, and so I have much respect for people that are good at that. In all of my future teams, I will look for people with this theme so that the team as a whole can be better at what they do individually.

  • Joshua Chao

    One theme that I value more is that activator. The activator is described as putting thoughts into action. I value this a lot because one of my top themes was futuristic. I like to set big goals for myself and sometimes get lazy in the process. The activator is hard working and likes to complete goals. I think the activator compliments my futuristic theme well and I think I need to be more like the activator.

  • Erynn Coppedge

    During Dr. Hynes presentation, she made many great points. At one point, she had us look at strengths different from ours, and pick the ones that we would like to work with. The strength that stood out to me the most was connectedness. The definition of this strength is that those who possess it “have faith in the links between all things” and “believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.” This is similar to one of my strengths which is ideation. Those who possess this strength “are fascinated by ideas” and “are able to finds connections from seemingly disparate phenomena.” I think that these two strengths have a very similar way of looking at the world, and that those who possess them would get along well. I think it would be enjoyable to work with someone who possesses the connectedness strength. I am glad Dr. Hynes was able to help us understand out strength and the strengths of others.

  • Karina Cabrera

    After Dr. Sharra Hyne’s presentation, I learned that although not everyone in the room has the same top 5 strengths, it is our differences that will help us thrive together. A strength that is not in my top five, but I value more now is empathy. With empathy, I would be capable of putting myself in other’s shoes and truly understanding the vision they are wanting for me to see, whether that is experiences they have faced, goals they hope to overcome, or even something as complex as a better understanding of their perspective in life. With that being said, once I understand someone’s perspective, I would be helpful in perhaps approaching a situation in a different manner than if I just took action based simply off of my perspective, not realizing how it could affect others. Like Dr. Hyne’s said, “everyone has a different path to walk down and not everyone walks at the same pace”. With my top strengths being a restorative and developer, it is naturally in me to want to push someone to give it their best at all times, but with empathy, I would allow myself to take a step back and think maybe this person isn’t ready to be pushed to their best ability just yet, maybe they will do better if they just take their time. With Empathy, we could build a team that will hopefully balance each other out, while also helping everyone see and think outside of the boxes that most of us don’t even realize we live in.

  • Emme Douglas

    The one strength that I value more now is woo. I do not have this strength, but I wish I did. The people with woo are very outgoing and friendly. They love meeting new people and can get out of their comfort zone to do that. This reflection has helped me notice my strengths. Dr. Hynes gave an example to prove if you are already good at something, you can excel in that more than if you weren’t good at it. With that, it tells me that I can excel in my strengths now that I know what they are. I can start building my strengths by using them more, and finding opportunities that require my strength and helping. This reflection has also helped me understand how to help build future teams more effectively. Knowing what each others strengths are will increase the efficiency of the team. Piecing each other’s strengths will create a better structure to the team, and it will allow everyone to be involved in the project.

  • Jihyo(John) Bae

    One theme that became more valuable to me is Command. I am good at caring of people even I have strong responsibility, however, when I tried to do something, my executive ability is really weak. When I was head of dormitory, I had to plan the holiday schedules and take care of all students in dormitory. Even though I had to plan a lot, it was really difficult for me to proceed it. When I began to talk with each room captain and vice-head of dormitory, I could proceed and plan for the dormitory. If I work with people who have a command strength, I can make a better community.

  • Tyler Boykin

    I now value the them command after Dr. Hynes presentation. Command is one of the themes that balances out my strengths. What I learned is that if paired with someone with command as a strength, we could accomplish a lot of things. I also learned that every strength has their weaknesses and that other people’s strengths are other people’s weaknesses. By combining those people you have a recipe for possible success. Dr. Hynes also taught me to never lay dormant and to always try to get better everyday because you can always improve on your strengths.

  • Joey Boschert

    Out of Dr. Hynes main points, what affected me most was her emphasis on all leadership strengths being positive, and how to utilize one’s strengths to compliment another’s, especially in team-building environments. In terms of her questions regarding my personal reflection, I wanted to further explore my strength of being a developer. After exploration of this topic a bit further, I really came to the conclusion that it was the strength of being able to see life as a work in progress, and applying this concept to projects and lifelong goals. In terms of a theme different than my own that I now value more, the analytical perspective has really intrigued me as consideration of all factors affecting a situation is something that I do not often do when approaching a project, and I appreciated this aspect of the analytical theme. The idea of collaborating with others who have different strength resonated with me, as Dr. Hynes fully convinced me that in order to truly build in one’s own strengths, they must first learn to collaborate with those who hold different strengths. In all, Dr. Hynes affected my leadership journey through her points on collaboration and all strengths being a positive in terms of leadership.

  • Abby Wright

    Dr. Hynes spoke about the strengths that we are capable of having. One of the biggest things I got from her lecture is that every strength is a positive even if it sounds negative. My top strength is a WOO. I already knew that I am somebody that is very outgoing but it was fascinating to read all about the ways a WOO functions. One strength that isn’t one of my top ones is being deliberative. I am somebody that makes choices on a whim. I know that in the future when working on projects i will need someone that will truly reflect on choices

  • Alexxa Lewis

    Dr. Sharra Hynes presentation over the 34 talents found in every individual really opened my eyes into knowing how each of us differ from one another. I enjoyed getting to talk to my fellow peers about their strengths and talents that are compatible with my own, and in doing so, I found some that I would like to acquire into my own talents. Adaptability is something I’ve always wished I had and came natural to me and I think it would be a good quality for me. I find it somewhat uneasy to just “go with the flow” and decide on things right on the spot. As a leader, I believe that adapting to situations easily can better prepare me for working with others who aren’t similar to me or have a different work ethics. This reflection can help me to become a better group partner and know how to get along with others. Through Dr. Sharra’s presentation, I feel as if everyone has a small bit of all of the talents in themselves but there are more predominant ones that stand out more. I would like to strengthen new talents to further develop who I am trying to be as a person and what I value in life, as well as continue to grow in the five talents I already am strong in.

  • Lauren Berry

    Throughout Dr. Hynes’ speech, I was presented with new perspectives on the application and execution of my strengths. After analyzing my strenghts, I realize that mine are more centered towards relations with others rather than executive traits. However, Dr. Hynes emphasized that each strength is positive, and depending how we use it with others, could cause a team to excell. One strength I lack that I find is absolutely crucial for myself is the ‘focus’ strength. This is one that would compliment the majority of my own – in fact, in my daily life I often find myself slipping in the focus area. But thanks to the activities that Dr. Hynes had us partake in, I am finding that there are ways to develop my strenghts while engaging in focus as well. Throughout my journey as a leader, I hope to look back at this presentation and reflect on my growth in focus.

  • Rebekah Clemmons

    Dr Sharra Hynnes gave wonderful insight further into the strengths we were placed with after taking the Strengthsfinder test. I learned a lot about myself through this test and was pleasantly surprised how it categorized and put a name to my individual quirks and attributes. Each of my strengths add up to make me a unique leader and it’s my responsibility to learn more about these strengths so I can use them to better myself and those around me. Also, Dr. Hynnes emphasized repeatedly how each of these strengths or talents are positive. By recognizing our strengths and the possible weaknesses that come along with them, we can be better prepared to use them in a manner that benefits everyone.

  • Nathaniel Siress

    The strength that I knew nothing about going into this presentation, but came to value highly, is ‘woo’. The ability to be effortlessly outgoing, and to interact comfortably with a room full of new people, woo is a strength that is very different from mine. Dr. Sharra’s presentation helped me by highlighting the way people’s strengths affect the way they interact with others, something that is critical when putting a team together.

  • Yaritza Romero

    After Dr. Sharra Hynes strength finders presentation, I was able to understand the themes a little more as well as hear about new ones that I did not think were even considered themes. One that seemed to pop out to me the most was self-assurance. People that are talented in this theme feel confident in their ability to manage their own lives, they seem to posses an inner compass that gives them confidence that the decisions are right. I feel like having this would help me immensely because I question everything I say and do. I do not have very much confidence in what I say or do so I just tend to stay in my comfort zone to avoid it. This theme would help me become a more confident individual which is what most people look for in a leader.