Week 15-Lessons in Leadership-Bill Curry Video

In the video viewed in class this week, Bill Curry discussed several key points concerning leadership and personal decisions. Which point(s) resonated with you the most and why?


  • Rachel Hunt

    Most of Bill Curry’s points resonated with me because when I was growing up, my dad was a coach. My dad impressed upon me many of the same principles Curry discussed. One of the most impactful points he made was when he said, “A saint is a person that does the right thing without realizing it.” This forced me to reflect on myself. I have been contemplating the reasons why I do nice things or if I realize I am doing something nice. I want to be known as a “saint.” I do not want people to see me as a tyrannical leader. Instead, I want to be known as a compassionate, humble and selfless person that others want to surround themselves with. Curry explained one of the best ways to exemplify this in, “unexpected, unearned and unrewarded acts of kindness.” We should not do things for the glory. Rather, we should be kind out of the goodness of our hearts. Do random nice things for people; serve people that do not deserve it. I believe these are the best ways to embody this principle of kindness. I think my style of leadership is very organic and simple: treat everyone with respect and love. Most of what Curry discussed came from a hardworking and tough perspective. Leaders can be assertive while, also, being a kind saint that serves their peers. I agree with pretty much everything Curry said; he really challenged me.

  • Hannah Morrison

    When watching Bill Curry’s speech, I resonated with his idea of living your life with either discipline or regret. Similarly to Curry, I often find discipline painful in the moment, but am extremely grateful for it later on. Curry’s message was so relatable for me, especially now, while being in college. One challenge for me during the beginning of college was learning to be confident in saying “no” to some social events to focus on academics, which will surely effect my future. Because of present discipline, I am confident in having no future regrets of my own doing.

  • Kamryn Johnson

    There were many things that he discussed that gave me a new perspective on leadership. I think the thing that resonated with me the most, was when he said that life is like a huddle. I was an athlete in high school and sports, especially basketball was were I felt my leadership talents shinned the most. It was a place where I was comfortable in my own skin and a place where I found it very easy and natural to lead. After I graduated and didn’t have that role in my life anymore, I found it difficult to lead. I found it difficult to step out of my comfort zone and be comfortable leading outside of a sports setting. When he said that life is like a huddle and the leadership roles are the same, that really stuck out to me. I agree completely with him, I think in my head I had this big notion of what leadership was outside of an athletic sense. I was completely wrong, the same leadership skills are used in both settings, the only difference is the goal. In one you are trying to lead your team to a win, in the other you are trying to lead to make the world a better place. Life is just like a huddle, you have a group of people counting on you to guide them in the right direction and it’s up to you what you do with those expectations.

  • Kallie Daniel

    I think the point that stood out to me the most was that leaders need to be comfortable in their own skin. I have struggled most of my life with being comfortable with who I am. This meaning everything from the way I dress, to the way I believe. I came from a small town, and they are sometimes not the kindest to the weird kid. So most of my life, I have been uncomfortable, but college has helped me to understand that we are all weird. I think that one of the things I have learned most from my time in college, so far, is not from the textbooks. It is that we all need to be comfortable in our own skin so people understand us and so we can lead other people.

  • Gabby Clabes

    One of the biggest points that stood out to me was the fact that all of his fellow teammates came from different backgrounds with different beliefs, ethnicities, and opinions, but they all wear the same colored shirt on their back. It’s our choice as leaders to choose how we treat people. Whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or even on the street.. every person matters and every person has worth. He also pointed out that a 4 year little girl that he had come in contact was so curious as well as pure. Nobody had told her she wasn’t able to do something yet or unable to amount to anything. She believed that all people are the same and all matter. She was born with no particular opinion and had been raised that way. From that, it showed me that it’s our responsibility as the older generation to shape the younger ones. It’s our choice to say negative or positive comments. One good comment could change a child’s outlook on themself.

  • Jordan Broiles

    The point that resonated with me the most (hopefully I can explain it correctly) was his point on the fellowship of the miserable. I think this is very important in some many different areas especially in how you lead others. I believe you have to have a positive and hopeful attitude when you’re leading people. Often time miserable people are heavily connected to each other because they have something in common which is being able to alway talk about negative things. These are the type of people I had to personally distance myself. In the past, I’ve always wanted to have “the tea” or know what’s going on in the loop but then I noticed how that had a negative impact on my emotional well being. It made me mentally and emotionally exhausting.

    Ive always and will continue to be a positive person when it come situations. I challenge myself to not sit around and bicker around things that I have no control over.

  • jasmine blue

    i really liked the point he was talking about the other team mate that helped him get through his first year in college football. he said that he told him to look at him and you’ll feel good. years later he asked him why he helped him and he said he didn’t know. the definition of a saint is doing the right thing without even knowing it. that suck with me because there will be times where i will be helping someone get through something or give advice and ill be doing just because. i wont even realize how much i helped them until they tell me how it effected them positively. if i keep doing what i do best then it will all com back me when i least expect it.

  • Mandy Woodward

    While Curry made many great points throughout his speech, I think the one that resonated with me the most was when he said that he wouldn’t be where he was today if it wasn’t for other people seeing potential in him that he didn’t even see in himself. There have been many instances where I didn’t feel like I was the most qualified or I didn’t think that I could do the job. I had certain people in my life that saw potential in me and pushed me to be the best that I could be. He said that there was a player on his team in the NFL that was there to push him and make sure he didn’t quit. I related to that because I also have someone like that in my life. She is constantly there to push me and make sure that I don’t give up. Just like him, if I didn’t have people that saw potential I didn’t even see, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  • Drew Rosko

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Cold Within” quote. It made me take a step back and evaluate my life. In football, we stand in a huddle of people from all different walks of life. Our main goal on a football team is to win. If one man doesn’t contribute his log to the fire, our fire as a team and a unit is unable to grow and develop. This is a great metaphor for life and I feel as if this video and speaker was one of the most influential to me!

  • Anna Schmidt

    I think that Curry’s statement that “boldness has genius, power, and magic” is what resonated most with me. I’ve been learning lately, as I’ve been thrown into a new environment, that boldness is painfully difficult, and also strikingly powerful. Each day, I have to meet new people, and experience a new atmosphere. I have the choice to either sit in the back, keep quiet, and get out unnoticed. Or I can be bold, speak up, voice my opinions, say what I’m thinking, and unapologetically be myself.
    It’s difficult, but in the moments that I have chosen to be bold, the most genius, powerful, and magical parts of me have been expressed. It is in my boldness where I feel most on my path, and prepared for more foreign situations that will inevitably come.

  • During the presentation, Bill Curry mentioned a lot of great points of how to become a great leader. The point that caught my attention was to be completely comfortable in your own skin. He said you need to be confident in who you are and what you have become as a person. Because if you are not, then how will you ever accomplish your leadership capacity as an individual in the future. As a team member of group Humility this year, I learned that a good leader always needs to be humble. You must believe in your ability and know you can do anything if you set your mind to achieve it. I think it is essential to be comfortable in your own skin since that is a great quality to have as a leader. I came from Vietnam, a small but mighty country at Southeast Asia; therefore, I am comfortable with my own root and want to show people that Vietnam has many potential leaders. With the ideas Bill mention in his presentation, I also find another point resonated with me was not be afraid to take risks. Bill said he chose a college that he was told not go to and look how much he accomplished when he chose the opposite route. This shows you that you should be confident with yourself and do what you feel is most important to you and not what others tell you. Think about what you want !

  • Haleigh Himes

    Bill Curry delivered a very inspiring message that resonated with me deeply. One of Bill’s first points that particularly stood out to me, especially at this moment in my life is when he said, “be comfortable in your own skin.” Throughout my life I think I have been blessed. I have been able to grow up in encouraging environments that allowed me to express myself. However, I think that on my own personal level it has been difficult for me to develop who I am verses who I think others want me to be. I am naturally a people-pleaser, so the opinions of others matters to me more than I would like. In many ways I have seen this aspect manifest positively in my life. My parents have wanted me to be a successful, responsible, and independent child and adult; and I think that I have always strived to be that. But I have also found adversity in becoming comfortable with who I am. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. I’ve come to realize that everyone has unique life experiences that shape them into who they are, and sometimes when others have not experienced adversity in the same ways I have, they struggle to understand or accept this part of who I am. One of the worst feelings I have experienced is feeling like I should be someone else: Someone else who is “happier,” “calmer,” or more “normal.” These feelings have manifested themselves into a form of insecurity in the relationships I have developed. I like this person but will they be okay with the fact that I have depression or anxiety? I like this friend but will they still like me when they find out I’m not always laughing and having a good time? It’s exhausting always considering how others view me. So what I have come to realize is that, not everyone is going to like me for who I am and that is okay. Yes, it might be difficult for me to accept or feel quite personal, but I do not have control over that. Ironically, when I try to be something I am not, I internally end up feeling even more depressed and anxious. Instead I’ve realized that what I can control and accept is myself. And that I am okay with who I am and I am okay with the fact that I have depression and anxiety. Before I can accomplish what I want, like make genuine friendships or being an inspiring leader, I have to first be comfortable in my own skin. It may seem like a simple lesson, but I have found it so impactful for my own personal development and overall inner peace, to be comfortable who I am on the inside.

  • Olivia Sharp

    Bill Curry spoke on some key points concerning leadership, that he believes makes a good leader. The points that stood out to me the most were, being comfortable in your own skin, and having the sure knowledge that we know that we have the potential to do great things. These two points stuck to me, because it’s important to be confident in who you are as a leader. Both of those points are revolved around confidence. If you believe that you have what it takes in everything that you do, you can accomplish anything.

  • Phoebe Barnes

    To me leadership is personal and largely based off of our character. So personal decisions therefore coincide with leadership. I believe how you talk and walk largely determine what kind of leader you are so I try to make sure my actions (or personal decisions) reflect the leader I try to be.

  • Makenzie Hill

    I love how Bill Curry began his list of key points. The first one he made was about being “utterly comfortable” in your own skin. I think that is such a HUGE importance because before we can work on the details of the other key points, we have to accept who we are. We have to accept the skills we were born with and the struggles we were born with. We have to accept that while we may not be able to change things about ourselves, we can work on them we have to accept that it Is okay for us just to be us… we don’t have to try to be someone we are not. It Is such a big thing for us as college students to know our own identity and not let it be defined by anyone or anything. Many of us are involved in Greek life or other organizations that have people from all diversity, backgrounds, religion, and more. It is easy for us to be influenced by the people and things around us. We can’t lose sight of who we are and what our purpose is in LOT/PLC, UCO, in Edmond, and just in general. Like Curry said, we all have the potential for greatness. That greatness comes from knowing who we are, accepting who we are, and making a difference in this world because of who we are and what we have to offer.

  • Jared Bross

    The part that resonated most with me was something that he didn’t explicitly state: it’s the introspection a leader needs to participate in. As a leader if you aren’t giving serious thought to what you are doing and the choices you make, I would question your ability to lead. It may be that you can be a great leader completely by nature, but I think that there has to be some thought given to your choices. If you aren’t giving consideration to actions, and sometimes serious consideration, you probably aren’t growing as a leader. There is a point that you need to move past thought, but looking at things from the perspective of experience is the one thing that contributes to your growth more than anything. This class has been about people sharing their wisdom as they are able; the things they talked about cover experiences they have likely given a fair amount of consideration, and they are probably the most important lessons to learn from.

  • A point that really resonated with me was one of the stories Bill Curry told about his experience playing football. He talked about how he never had to work with a diverse group of individuals and worried he would be isolated. Another player reached out to him and offered to help him become better at football. Years later Curry asked this player why he had helped him and he replied he didn’t know. I have always been told that a good leader does the right thing when no ones watching but this concept of a leader doing the right thing without even thinking about it really stood out to me. It is something to admire in others and something that can be hard .to achieve. Overall I found Bill Curry’s speech to be extremely inspiring.

  • Kateri Krug

    It is too difficult to choose just one of the key points. So many of them stood to me and my personal leadership. I believe that taking each key point and applying it to the way you lead others is extremely beneficial. It is important to acknowledge improvement within all parts of personal leadership.

  • Isabella Katery

    One point that I consider very important in the video is that we must do the right thing without even thinking about it. For example, we should always be willing to help others, without seeking a benefit. Helping and acting well with others are some things that we MUST do. The greatest benefit that people can take of it is to grow as a person. This part of the video was really important for me, because it is something that one cannot change quickly, it is something that we must practice every day until it is part of us. Trying to serve others every day can make a big change in our lives and in other’s lives. That is why I think that we should all start making this change in ourselves.

  • Renzo Villanueva

    Watching the video many things resonated with me, and the whole time I was really into the whole thing. Something that stood out to me the most though was when Bill Curry made the comparison of a football team to every life task. He said whenever it came down to a team on the pitch it would be a mix of all different kinds of races and color and cultures but whenever they were there together none of that mattered. What mattered was that everyone was going to play their part and each and every one of them was willing to risk everything they had in order to win the game. That kind of mindset needs to be carried on into everyday life. All the racist and people with so much hate towards people that are not their own kind should really change their mindset. While this could be impossible for all of them, I believe there is a way to change some of their minds. And my whole career I am willing to try to make that change even if it is only one persons life I change.

  • Abdulmalik Shehu

    He talked about how his coach believed in him and how he saw potential in him to be better. I was impress with his openness when he talked about how he was afraid playing alongside black players for the first time but he was determined and believed nothing would go wrong if he put his mind to it. These are good qualities of a good leader. Overall, it was a good class!

  • Keisy Quiel

    The key point concerning leadership and personal decisions that resonated with me was the point of being comfortable in own skin because is the confidence in one’s manner of presenting myself and interacting with others; it can be hard to feel beautiful in our own skin. However, there is a way to overcome your negative thoughts and learn to accept yourself for who you are and that is feeling that we are truly of value, no matter how we look, act, or think or what others think of us. I think that we have to focus on seeing our strengths and weaknesses and learning to embrace them and work on personal growth as needed.

  • Jimmey Brown

    As a leaders, coach curry inspired me to give it my best. I need more leaders like him in my life because it will help me become a greater leader. During the video viewed in class, I took away many of his characteristic of a champion like having a purpose, showing up, being tough, smart, prepared, and never quitting. The best part of the video that resonated most with me was when he said, ” There are two pain in life- the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.” Understanding that meant a lot because part of living one life is living with no regret. Regret weighs tons and discipline weigh ounces. Yes, discipline can be hard at times but it enables one to get stronger each day and that’s why the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret.

  • Katie Edmonson

    Truthfully I had no idea who Bill Curry was, so I did some research on my own to understand why he was so COOL. I really resonated with the poem about all the men sitting around that fire in the cold, each with a log that could build that fire to keep them warm. But none of them decided to that so the fire died and so did all the men. Honestly a shitty fait for them, but it taught me a valuable lesson when he broke it down to me. None of them would have died if someone decided to take leadership and let down their prestigious towards another. I felt that because recently in times it seems we have more reasons not wanting to work with others because of differences instead of what is bringing us together. And sometimes there isn’t something but someone that has to bring you together. Leadership is sometimes bringing others together before you can truly lead.

  • D'Lajiah Fields

    A point Bill Curry discussed in his video was the prime lesson of never giving up. Curry explained how he was not naturally “built” for his career, but how he worked hard to get where he is. He spoke about how many things in life will knock you down, but how u have to get back up and fight harder. He compared life to a huddle, which confused me a bit, but what I got out of it is just like a huddle, life give you choices and you always have a choice. These points resonated with me because I am a statistic, and statisticaly, I was suppose to be pregnant at 15 and a high school drop out, and watching that video reminded me of how I have been breaking statistics all my life and that is a part of me, and all I can do is keep doing so.

  • Abigail J Spiers

    One of the key points Bill Curry discussed was the idea of teamwork and coming together to achieve a common goal. He told a story of how him and his teammates came together in a huddle at a football game and he looked around and thought it was so cool that each one of them were so unique and different, yet still wore the same jersey. They all had a different ethnicity, religion, and background, yet they were able to work together and create a team. This thought of a “huddle” can be applied to leadership in the fact that leaders have to be able to work with everyone and understand the idea of teamwork to achieve a common goal.

  • Paige Warrior

    A saint is someone doing the right thing without knowing it. I appreciate hearing this quote because it speaks on pure, wholesome generosity that many individuals show. Good deeds are truly good when the person who commits them doesn’t require to receive something in return. Bill Curry also spoke about a fellow teammate that he had by the name of Feel Good and how this teammate helped him during football. The teammate didn’t know why he had assisted Curry during his first year of college, but did so out of the goodness of his heart.

  • Sophia Cuyo

    One of the points that Bill Curry made that had an impact on me was that whenever I choose do to good, it should not be because of what I think I can get in return for doing it. Instead, I should do good things simply because I want to genuinely be nice, help them, etc. Another point that stuck out to me was that I have to be comfortable in my own skin. To be comfortable in my own skin means to be confident in who I am in spite of all my flaws, for my flaws are what made me want to improve. Also, for me to be comfortable in my own skin, I have to be completely honest with myself and the people around. In being a leader, honesty is very important. A truth that hurts but helps everyone know what to work on is better than a lie that destroys everything. Lastly, I need to believe that I can do what I know I can do. If I myself don’t believe in myself and in what I can do, then how could my teammates believe in me? So, believing in myself is very important. Most especially in being a leader, because a leader takes risks and does what he/she believes is good for the members. All it takes is self confidence and believing in oneself.

  • Karol Montoya

    The Cold from Within poem got me. It showed the personal decision to put your log in the fire, and every person’s decision not to. I was overwhelmed by this poem. Everyone has a reason not to do something, and everyone is going the route where they do not give their piece of wood from the sheer generosity they possess. Or, are they already dead? It caused me to think loads and made me realize the depth poems possess. Mr. Curry threw his log during his moment of truth. Also, choosing between the pains in life; the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. There is always the time where you try something and it does not work, so you never try it again. Or you do not try it at all fearing the outcome… That is such a sucky feeling. The pain of discipline always shows you how to go about things differently so you do not fail like the first time. Even if you do, at least you know that you are always seizing your moment.

  • Jacqueline Cabrera

    During Bill Curry’s sincere speech he discussed several key points concerning leadership and personal decisions, however, the key point that stood out to me the most is knowing when to say no, nowadays it’s the one that has related to me the most. I used to feel the need to always say yes to participation when anyone needed it and it eventually took a toll on me. I would take on much more than I could handle and it was affecting the way I did everything, they were no longer outcomes I was happy with but more of barely content. Not too long ago, starting college, I’ve realized that there is no exception for turning in things not done with full potential, most friend will be upset with you if you promise one thing and don’t necessarily give them the outcome they were hoping for, and that my mental and physical health is just as important. I have to be sure to take care of myself before I can help others because if I’m not ok then my help won’t be put to much use. I want to do things with full potential and commitment because what I do resembles me and what I’m passionate about so it’s crucial to take my time, even if it is just helping a friend with a small favor or even more.

  • Dakota Gann

    The point that resonated most with me would be his anecdote about the men standing around the fire. He tells of each man refusing to toss their log on the fire, and as it dies, as do the men. He goes on to say that each man died from the cold within, not the literal cold. Mr. Curry touched on the bravery it took be a leader. To be a leader is to be brave enough to make the first move.This is applicable in many aspects of the college life. If nobody is being active in a class discussion, it’s a leader’s role to instigate and get others thinking and talking. These points resonated with me because that bravery is something you have to strive for every day, and that motivates me. The anecdote is another resource that shows that while hate has caused many problems, it will never solve any.

  • Keondra Whisenhunt

    The key point that resonated the most with me is when he was discussing that life is one big huddle. As people we are constantly interacting with diverse groups of people. Just like in sports the “huddle” is where we put our difference aside and get the job done and reach the team goal. I also, liked when he said that we all bleed and sweat the same regardless of our religions, ethnicities, cultures, etc. I have always been heavily involved in sports, so his entire speech resonated with me because it ties so much of everyday life with sports. With him paralleling everyday life and sports it was easy to connect the dots. My other favorite quote from him is “Leadership is discipline and regret”. Many areas of life require discipline and the ability to put a little hard work in to reach our fullest potential. The regret portion really stuck out to me because I constantly find myself regretting decisions or not putting myself out there. In my time here at UCO I want to find the courage within me to take healthy risks and expand myself as a leader and also a person.

  • Erika Diaz

    There were many things Bill Curry talked about that were very eye opening. What really stuck with me is when he said, “There are two types of pain, discipline and regret, which will you choose?” It’s difficult to stay on the path of discipline, it’s a decision that has to be made day-by-day. While it is difficult, it is the one worth following. It will make you into a strong, capable, and successful leader. I think it’s an important time to decide what path to follow. The decisions we make today will impact the rest of our lives.

  • Brevin Senner

    One thing that I took away from Mr. Curry’s video was his message to not give up on things. Now, growing up that is what all people tell us younger adults on how to start life the right way. But even when Mr. Curry was in high school and told his adviser that he wanted to go to Georgia Tech and the adviser did not believe in him. Mr. Curry emphasized multiple times how challenging college was and the different things he did to get through it. He talked about one time he decided to skip his class and then the next day at football practice he had to wake up extra early and run until his coach told him to stop. After that, he said he never skipped a class again. I think everyone needs an experience like this in our lives. It is an experience like this that helps shape us younger adults into a better life and being able to see life in a better way.

  • Tucker Pawley

    The video we viewed in class this week has been the best speech which has spoken to me the most. I love when he talked about when your in the huddle with those ten other players in the huddle no matter what color your skin is nor where you came from or what religion you are you are all fighting together as one team all brothers together fighting for the one same common goal to win. From experience that is one of the best things on this earth to be apart of being in the huddle with your boys or “family” if you will you feel powerful and if you trust the man standing next to you, you can do anything! Its not only on the field but off the field when you build that trust you start to build friendships that will last a life time. My buddies from high school that I stood in that huddle with are still my closest friends that I can go to them about anything and they will have my back.

  • Sage Kroeker

    Bill Curry did a fantastic job of communicating the importance of leadership development, and the true impact of investing in someone. The point that stuck out to me the most when he was talking about his coach that looked past his physicality and saw his work ethic and potential. His coach chose to invest in what he thought Bill could become, not what he already was. This story stood out to me because I believe that is a prime example of what a leader should be. We, as leaders, should always be looking for ways to develop people and optimize a person’s situation. Not everyone can control their current situation, but with a little help, people can often change the direction in which they are going.

  • Sean Miller

    The part that resonated with me the most is the reideration that it only takes one person to make a massive impact on a life. In Bill Curry’s case, it was his coach at Green Bay who went out of his way to work him harder than the rest and make sure he was always at the top of his game. His coach did not need to do that. He could have been sleeping in on Saturdays or staying warm in the boxes, but instead made the selfless decision to help a player out of the goodness in his heart. More people need to strive to be like the Coach. Not only did Bill Curry advance through the ranks and become better and better, everyone around him grew with his increase in stature and respect and leadership. So, by helping one person, the coach ended up helping advance countless players, both at that present time and for the generations of players to come onto the same field with past bars to rise above.

  • Riley Jensen

    The point that resonated with me most from Bill Curry’s speech was that leaders make time for people. Whether they have something to offer you or not, leadership is recognizing that you aren’t always acting for your own benefit. True leaders are servants because they know that helping others improves the collective. This is something I’ve learned this semester. That no matter what I have going, there’s always time to help someone out and make their day.

  • Amelia Perez

    His story of what makes a saint truly resonated with me. I deeply believe that everyone has a purpose in life and his story of sainthood closely aligns with my own beliefs. He said a saint does what is right and good and they don’t even know they are doing it. I personally believe that this quality is what makes an excellent leader. Many people can be great leaders who help the people in their lives around them. However, I believe that saints go one step beyond that and become excellent leaders. The difference lies in their awareness of the good that they are doing for the world. Most leaders are born from strategic approaches to gaining an influential role and their thought process revolves around what they can do to further spread their influence. Saint-like beings, on the other hand, go throughout their lives doing the best for others with no thought given to the possible achievements or influence they can gain from their actions. I know I can remember those few special people who held qualities like this and they will continue to stay in my memories for the rest of my life.

  • Alexis Peeper

    One thing that stuck in my mind is how he dealt with being new to diversity. We live in a world where diversity isn’t always welcome and it can be hard. At the end of the day we are all still working together to get to success. You can either let differences define you or grow with them in order to prosper.

  • Ryan Lykins

    Bill covered an array of topics but the one I liked the most is how leaders will make time for others. A true leader will never accept something they know they can’t do. But for those, they care about or believe in they will make time for them. They will make sure they carry out their promises. A true leader knows when to say no but knows also how to carry through on when they say yes. I personally have a problem with saying no but Bill’s speech was enlightening to me.

  • The video that I saw the last week was very interesting and very deep. This person who talked in that video was expressed in a very smart way because he talked about three keys to become a great leader and one of thing that resonated with me is about potential. Believe in our own potential. sometimes I feel like I can not do it because it is very hard, but I think the unique thing that we need is believe in ourselves. I have the potential to get whatever I want in our future just we can start to dream and after that I can achieve it.
    never give up because We can do it.

  • Cynthia Gallardo

    During Bill Curry’s speech he recited a poem titled The Cold Within, and the message he made with the poem resonated with me. The poem told of six people, during a deep cold, refusing to give their piece of wood to light a fire. Bill Curry stressed that the people died not by the external cold, but the internal cold they felt. They died because of their own prejudice against others and waiting for someone else to start the fire first. This resonated with me because I thought of how many things could be different if just one person chose to act. It made me reflect on my leadership; if no one else is willing to take a chance/risk for others, then we, as leaders, should step up to it. Another point during the Bill Curry video that resonated with me was him describing, what he called, the fellowship of the miserable. He spoke of others who constantly said, “You can’t do this or that.” For Curry, it was his university coach telling him he was never going to be good enough, but there was another coach who was willing to practice with him. From this, what resonated with me was that there are always going to be people who doubt you or project their own insecurities onto you, but it is how you choose to act and willingness to accept help from others that really determines your outcome. Not listening to “the fellowship of the miserable” can be difficult, but you can achieve much more by believing in yourself.

  • Caylin Talk

    Throughout Bill Curry’s video presentation, he discussed many key points that stuck with me and peaked my interest. The main point that he brought up that I enjoyed was the fact that you can help someone and never really know if you truly made an impact in their lives until much later down the road, but ultimately you could be making a difference in anyone around you. It made me recognize that I should try and be more aware of how I can help influence those around me in little or more significant ways.

  • Sheila Claunch

    In the video, Bill Curry discussed many things that I really enjoyed and made me think a lot about. However, the thing that stuck with me most was when he was talking about how you need to be yourself and never pretend to be someone that you aren’t. That is a really important lesson for a leader to learn because it is easy to see what other people would like you to be, and try to become that to please them, but you should never do that. You should always be who you know you truly are, and not change to please others.

  • James Limbaugh

    In Bill Curry’s address, one of his personal stories stuck out to me the most. He mentioned his time as a center with the Green Bay Packers, and how much he struggled in the beginning. His story took a turn when an elder player came to him and helped him through it. In my leadership journey, I know I will always need those kinds of people to help me. But I also hope to learn the ability to be that person for other people. I hope to practice and perfect this skill, because it is so valuable for any leader.

  • Aubrey Crook

    While I enjoyed many aspects of Bill Curry’s speech, what stuck with me the most was the part when he recited a poem about the importance of respecting your fellow man. This day in age, we can choose to shun eachother for our differences or embrace eachother for them. I loved when he expressed how men could become brothers even if they were raised to hate the other for their skin type, religion, etc. It is so important to promote love and acceptance in all aspects of life. This country seems to forget that our differences are what make us unique and great. It was so refreshing to hear this speech remind us of the importance of embracing eachother.

  • Baylee Schmidlkofer

    At one point in the video Curry talks about his early years in college at Georgia Tech and how it was the biggest challenge of his life to graduate from college. There are days when I am just really exhausted and tired of working all the time. However, like he says in the video, it is important to never give up because that is life. If in life you are someone that you are not meant to be, then you have to stay true to yourself. I found his speech to be one of the most uplifting presentations that we have had. Curry made sure that wherever he was, that he made the best of it and that is truly inspiring to me.

  • Blake Houston Hauenstein

    The four principles of being a leader that Curry mentioned all stuck with me. That first, one must be comfortable in one’s own skin, resonated with me in that the times I’ve been the most genuine, helpful, and successful in leadership has been only when I am comfortable with being me. Those few other times always result in some group failure. The second point, being honest and curious, stuck with me in that I have always been curious. I used to be entirely honest to a fault, but over the years have fallen short of full and complete honesty. I have always regretted those rare moments and while I’ve forgiven myself for the mistakes I’ve made I also use them as a reminder to never fall short of honesty because it really does only result in degrading myself. Even if no one else sees it, I do; which, I’m sure others feel out of me. So, I’ve turned back to always being as honest and curious as is possible. Thirdly, is the point on being sure in the knowledge that we have the potential to do something great, something that I will be sure to keep in mind more often as the attitude in and of itself is everything. Finally, is the point of having time for the little people. This is something that I used to practice a lot actually, but fell out of practice of during a few years of extreme depression and resulting trust issues from people who where not my friends and did not have my well being at all at heart. This is a practice I hope to revive when I feel more comfortable with my environment, myself, and the people I surround myself with.

    Really every point resonated with me in some way. The thing that resonated with me most however was the poem, the cold within. The thought of all these people freezing to death because no one had the selfless love in their heart to throw their log on the fire and be the example for the others in hopes that others may do the same and everyone would survive, struck a cord in me. I have seen that exact sort of social thing occur many times and at first I’d try to help and would just be left alone and exhausted at the end of it all. So, eventually I just started going it alone trying to just ignore the fellowship of the miserable. I let some of my best parts go into hiding at that time and found myself less happy for it. These days I am simply trying to bring those parts of myself back and become a little bit more social as well. I want to be the one who inspires others through the example of throwing my lot on the fire again in my own weird little way.

  • Kennedy Staton

    The point that stood out to me the most was when he talked about other people believing in him and seeing the potential he had before he could see it in himself. This was really important because I could relate to that point. It can be hard to see your own potential if someone doesn’t push you. I have been blessed with people in my life who have pushed me to be better and helped me to see my full potential.

  • Joceline Lopez

    Motivation is one of the key points to be able to have leadership and make a good decision.
    find your motivation and know how to make decisions, know how to correct if you are doing something wrong and can not lead other people. you must sit down and meditate and say that you are doing wrong to look at your faults and so you can lead better.