Lessons in Leadership – Week 7 – Ann Ackerman

During Ann’s presentation, it was clear throughout her career others were impressed with her work and commitment to professional opportunities and personal development. In her comments she mentioned “Your network, is Your net worth.” How are you being intentional in developing your networks and relationships with professional and personal colleagues?


  • Kamryn Johnson

    I completely agree with her statement of “your network, is your net worth.” I think that one of the main ways to become successful is to utilize and appreciate the people who are around you and the opportunities they can bring you. I think one way you can be intentional within networks is to really be appreciative and show that to them. If they know that you genuinely care about them and just aren’t taken advantage of or using them, it will develop such a stronger relationship. I think another way to be intentional is to help them out just as much as they have helped you out. You might not have the resources to match whatever they did for you, but honestly doing anything at all for another person lets them know you care. I think being intentional shouldn’t change wether it be in a professional setting or a personal setting. Obviously, there are probably more intimate and meaningful ways to be intentional if it’s a personal relationship rather than professional. But, the motive behind the intentionality should be the same. Showing someone you are appreciative and genuinely care for them is the best way to be intentional and develop you networks and relationships all the way around.

  • Hannah Morrison

    To improve my network, I have been making key changes in my interactions with others. Sometimes I struggle with the initial boldness needed to expand my network, but by being conscious of this, it helps me gain confidence. Intentionally stepping outside of my comfort zone with a mindset of increasing approachability has, and is, developing my relationships with colleagues. Once I begin to communicate with my colleagues, I make sure to follow up and follow through with the conversation that we had. As trust increases, so does the quality of our network.

  • Anna Schmidt

    Throughout my first weeks at UCO, I have taken a couple of different approaches to making connections. As a somewhat shy, and reserved person at first, I sometimes find it hard to just go up to an advisor, or speaker, and start up conversation and say everything I’m feeling. But I know how important it is that I put myself out there, so I always try to introduce myself to my professors, or classmates, and at the very least give them my name and ask for theirs. And as opportunities arise, I always try to answer questions, and contribute to discussion. Essentially, I just try to ensure that whoever is teaching, advising, or working with me knows that I am aware, listening, and interested in what they have to tell me. This question was hard for me because as a leader, this is one of my weaker points, but each day I try to improve, and I make an effort to step outside of my comfort zone, speak up, and connect with people.

  • Xaviera Burton

    When Ann Ackerman, said “your Network is your Net Worth” it really made me think. Am I involved in a Good network that represents the same for my net worth? sure, I have great friends, but very FEW. So my real question is, do I focus on building my own network up or do I look to expand it? Is quality better than quantity or is it vice versa when it comes to opportunities in the world?
    Professionally I would say I am not doing so hot in that aspect simply because I have a bad habit of being easily intimidated by figures of higher authority. However that is something I am currently working on growing out of.
    Personally I think the networks I have built so far i would say are doing better than before. I try to listen to as many views as possible to broaden my mindset a little bit and personally i feel like that is something that helps me to stay intentional with all of my connections.

  • Drew Rosko

    Networking is vital to success. It often can help you develop opportunities. Being apart of PLC has truly helped me grow my network tremendously. I have continued developing my network through football and also through my fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma. Getting to know people in these organizations and taking the time to hear their stories develops trust and relationships. If you have trust and develop a relationship with someone, you often can add them to your “network tree”. Some people have different skills and abilities that I don’t have. Eventually, I will need the guidance and help of someone in my network. I have taken the time to develop relationships and trust with people so in turn my network will grow! Your network truly is your net worth.

  • Emily Hurt

    I am being intentional with developing my network by not passing up opportunities. You never know when a relationship will benefit you, even if at the time it does not seem to directly relate to your degree path. I also work at a growing dance studio located in OKC and have been blessed with opportunities to work with leading professionals in the dance world. I have gotten to work closely with many celebrities back up dancers and choreographers. This is an opportunity that my Studio Owner gave me but I had to sacrifice certain parts of my social life during high school to take advantage of these connections. I think it’s important as a leader to be willing to sacrifice to for connections and better yourself through those connections. I try to be intentional about developing networks with people in every aspect of life.

  • jacqueline cabrera

    I am being intentional in developing my networks and relationships with professional and person colleagues by taking my time to ask them questions that will allow me to get to know them better and an understanding of what they do and how they want to progress in it, as well as them doing the same. Starting great conversation over things we both might be interested in and going on from there. I also like to do a little research on people if I can, it’s always better to be prepared if possible to start the opportunity in the best way possible. Networking also consists of stepping out of your comfort zone to find new connections you might have never made before and I plan to be a part of that. I love meeting new people and creating new relationships, even if it requires me to do some research at first or even step out of my comfort zone every now and then.

  • Olivia Sharp

    Ways that I’m I am tensional in developing my relationships are how I communicate with them. I make sure to take the time to keep up with my colleagues by sending texts, or making phone calls. Showing others that I genuinely care about them and how they’re doing is something that I am always making sure that I am doing. Stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching out to more people is a way for enhancing relationships. In environments that may feel uncomfortable, step put of your box and influencing others.

  • Riley Jensen

    Throughout my short time in work and college, I have done everything I can to maximize my time. Between organizations that I lead or am a member of, campaigns I volunteer on, among other areas, I have put myself out there and made important connections. Thanks to Leadership Central, I’ve also made vital connections on campus to people like Dr. Pope, President Betz, and other leaders within campus administration.

  • Graysen Boyer

    I have recently been working on developing a better relationship with someone who’s business I am very interested in. She is a relative of mine, but we have been distant over time. I have committed to spending more time with her, learning more about her company. I am looking forward to bettering this relationship in hopes of following in her footsteps professionally. In a personal matter, I work had to maintain connections by keeping in constant communication with the people that mean the most to me.

  • Jordan Broiles

    Before I get started; in this context, relationship means any forms for relations (friendship, relationship, professional, etc.). Every relationship I form, whether it’s a friendship or relationship, is all based off of intentionality. I am intentional about who I am connected with because I have an understanding that people can tell my future by who I surround myself with. In having this mindset, I tend to struggle with developing relationships because not everyone think the way that I do. I look at relationship like investments. Am I getting an return on my investments is a key questions that is on my mind when pursuing relationships. Also I focused on how I will be perceived outwardly. You have to be careful who you surround yourself with because those relationships can be an detriment to your image.

  • I personally haven’t been using my colleagues and relationships to develop my network. Networking is very important for succession and leadership. Ann Ackerman stated “your network is your net worth” which i interpreted it as you should invest in your relationships. Seeking out and collaborating with others can help build your foundation. I haven’t gotten started on this but after i realized how important it was for leadership and more. I will take this presentation as a jumpstart for me to build relationships.

  • Haleigh Himes

    I am new to developing networks and creating relationships with professional colleagues. However, since the beginning of school, I have worked on creating good relationships with my professors. In doing so, I participate in class, I ask questions about the material and engage, and from time to time share some personal details to create an authentic but professional relationship. I think another way I am developing networks is participating in events, introducing myself to the speakers that come and present, and being a friendly face/leader to my peers around UCO.

  • Keisy Quiel

    I liked so much Ann’s presentation because her life, experience, and success it is proof that we have to follow our natural skills and seek balance. I am being intentional to develop my networks and relationships show reciprocity for every favor that I ask, I return with something of greater perceived value. I could become a resource. Finding ways to help colleagues. I Show my authenticity. If I am genuine, people want to get to know me and help me. If I do not know an answer to a question, I say so, but then find the answer. I can be that resourceful networking contact. I stay in touch; I am the person who stays in touch to let my network know the good things happening in my life, too. It is important because sometimes the people only contact you when need a favor; it shows interest for the people. Ann said something that is true “you cannot be a leader if you do not listen to the others”. I learn of each of my colleagues. I know that they can have awesome ideas.

  • James Limbaugh

    Throughout my short college career, I have met many new friends and colleagues. Making these new contacts for my personal and professional lives is critical. Many times, I find it uncomfortable to be the first person to engage a conversation, but because I understand the importance of these connections, I force myself. Once I establish a conversation, I make it a priority to learn their name and get some kind of contact with them. If I establish good habits like these, I can be effective in making good connections for the future.

  • Sage Kroeker

    If I am completely honest, I have not been overly intentional in seeking out networking in professional colleagues. However, I believe strongly in investing in personal relationships. Being so early in my academic career at UCO, I haven’t had much opportunity to expand my network in my future career in Nursing, but I have expanded my social and academic circles tremendously. My relationships with my coworkers, fellow LOT members, and living hall have grown into some of the most dominant relationships in my life right now. Academically, I have been inspired by my professors, both in my own career field, and my desire to learn in general. I hope that as my education continues, I can further the many relationships I have made, and make more along the way. The foundation of networking is relationships, and I look forward to seeing the network of people I will have the pleasure of being in relationship with in the near future.

  • Isabella Katery

    Considering that my major is Graphic Design, I am trying to be part of events that are focus in artistic and design themes. It helps me to meet new people, know about their ways of work and expand my knowledge in the design area.
    On the other hand, I will also like to participate in activities that are out of my area of study. It gives me the opportunity to work with people that have different ideas and thoughts; people that see things from other points of view. It makes us grow and open our minds to new things. It also train us to know how communicate with different people and how to work and maintain a good relationship with them.
    I really want to learn from others. My favorite part about knowing someone is that we can learn and share something new. That is the reason I am working hard to improve my communication skills. Even if English is not my first language I always find the way to make others understand what I want to share with them.

  • Jared Bross

    One of the good things about group work is that you can meet people that can be helpful in the future for a lot of things. getting to know them is not only advisable, but they could be the person who provides you with the career opportunity that leads to your dream job, or an important career step. So my method is to use the contacts I make and try and ensure that not only do I make these connections, but endeavor to maintain them. In addition, I have several people I know outside of school that can serve as contacts that I know through my fraternity, so I can use them to help when I can as well.

  • Kateri Krug

    My original plans for developing relationships and networks was to join a sorority. Unfortunately, this did not end up working for me. Now I am finding small ways to meet new people and develop connections. It all starts by making a good first impression. Just by being attentive and showing I care when I meet someone new makes a big impact, and leave a lasting impression. I hope to find new ways to network as the year progresses by doing other organizations.

  • Aubrey Crook

    Relationships are key when it comes to talking about leadership. I very much enjoyed how Ann talked about developing your network in order to help take advantage of every opportunity. Establishing a good network of people who have my best interest at heart is something I am trying to make a priority while attending UCO. I am working on developing relationships that will outlast my time in college and continue to benefit my life in my professional career. Joining my sorority is something I have done to help me make meaningful relationships, as well as spending lots of time with my PLC family. I love being involved and getting to know people. I hope that my friendly spirit and outgoing nature helps me make the long lasting relationships where we are helping eachother mutally thrive.

  • Madison Walker

    When I think of Ann Ackerman’s statement “you’re network, is your net worth” I think of the people who you surround yourself with. I’ve always been told you are who you associate with. When she said that quote, I believe that she meant that when you develop relationships with theses types of people you are surrounding yourself with the ability to become socially adequate, and people will start to look up to you, and respect you just because of who you have in your “network” I am intentionally making myself develop new relationships with my elders, and asking for advice or simply talking to them about their life. I am developing a network of leadership, integrity, faith, and boldness. When I put myself in predicaments on purpose to become acquainted with people who are ranked “socially higher” than I am, I am developing a higher net worth.

  • Alaina webster

    I think as a leader, to develop a good network you have to be smart with who you chose to network with. Yes, networking in general is important, but specifically who you make networks with has a even more tremendous effect. I think that having a strong network with people within and not within your profession is a good resource to have. You can use networks in many different ways. One way could be if you are stuck on something or having trouble fixing something, you could call someone you know and ask them how to fix it or how to deal with certain situations in the right way. I think Ann made this her main point for a reason. We just have to develop to skills to actaully apply with our jobs and within our lives.

  • Alexis Peeper

    When I first came to college I was focused on one thing and that was to get good grades. I wanted to stay in and study instead of hangout with friends, but I realized I needed an even balance. I expanded my goals to getting good grades, forming professional relationships with my professors and meeting more of my colleagues. This mindset has been very beneficial. As a result I have been able to step outside of my comfort zone and expand my network which in return grew my “net worth.” Instead of attending my classes to just get a good grade, I have been learning so much more than the curriculum. I have been intentional and spoke with my professors about how they have gotten to this point in their life and how they have overcame obstacles in order to be successful. I have also learned about the diverse backgrounds of my fellow colleagues and their goals in life.

  • Rachel Hunt

    One thing Dr. Ackerman emphasized at the beginning of her presentation was, “On every journey you take, you face choices. At every fork in the road, you make a choice. And it is those decisions that shape our careers and our lives.” Every decision we make effects our relationships because it is in those new opportunities that we grow and meet new people. With that being said, I try to put myself in as many positions as possible to meet professionals. I remember people’s names and always try to approach them when I see them. Because I am desiring a career in the medical field, I have deliberately shadowed several doctors and built lasting relationships with them. Most of the time, they refer me to other physicians and those doctors refer me to their colleagues. I have to carry myself with confidence and maturity in order to keep getting these opportunities, but the more people I meet, the more my network grows. It has become a natural process. Because I did this in high school as well, I deliberately chose to stay in Edmond to continue developing my network. I did not want to move to a college where I did not know anyone and had to start all over. I can spend the next four years building onto the relationships I have already made and creating new ones. I can say the same thing about personal mentors and friends. I choose to surround myself with peers that have high goals, standards, and expectations as me because I believe they are the kind of people that will succeed in life. I want to be successful, therefore I want to be around others with the same intentions. They will push me like I will push them. The most important thing for me to remember is that a network is made up of people who one has a relationship with. It is all about the person and not the monetary or influential power of that person.

  • “Your network is Your net worth.” For me, I think leadership networking is about developing and using your networks in a way that strengthens and builds relationships. It’s about using these new connections wisely to solve problems and create opportunities for others. Therefore, working and developing your networks with skillful and responsible colleges are so vital. Each person can support each other and create chances to develop together. How to maintain and how long your relationships last depend on you. Personally, I always remind myself that the first thing I should do is making impression. Showing them that I’m a social person who willingness to learn and acknowledge new lessons. Your skillful communication is necessary here since you can make others aware of what you offer. The next thing would always be a sincere person. Be honest in your relationships. I do respect every single person I make friend with, they are my networks which are worth to keep. In addition, using my power thoughtfully and having a serious attitude when working with professional and personal partners. Be a leader who can get results, can be held accountable, and has connections with influencers or decision-makers. Finally, remember to be myself. Do what seem natural to me. People will love to work with you if they know your true personality.

  • Paige Warrior

    I am making sure to showcase my strengths throughout the conversations that I have with others around me. In the professional world, I am taking up almost any opportunity that is pushed forth to me, that can help me achieve my career goals in nursing. I have begun my interest in and search for internships to get hands on experience with the nursing field. I also am gaining the opportunity to build up my resume. In my personal realm, I continue to branch out to colleagues both inside and out of the classroom. Older students provide me with information in regards to how my future classes will be like, and help me make sure that I am steering in the right direction. The classmates that are within my classes have bonds with me and I hope to continue to grow those. These bonds will allow for relationship in getting each other into the program and any careers we desire.

  • Mandy Woodward

    In today’s society, many people focus on investing in their money instead of focusing on the investment of their relationships. In Ann’s presentation she mentioned that “your network, is your net worth,” and I completely agree with her statement because I believe working in collaboration with others and developing personal relationships helps you find success and fulfillment in an easier manner. We live in a world that is driven by money and we won’t be able to truly succeed and grow until we realize that there are more important things to life. In my life, I try to make a point to be genuine in building connections with others. I do this by not just looking to these relationships as people that will be there to call on when I need a reference or recommendation of some sort, but of people that will provide guidance in helping me build a strong foundation of values and passions for myself. Whether it is a personal or professional relationship, they see potential in you and they want you to succeed. They will always be there for you to call on when you need a hand. That is a gift and I don’t want to take that for granted. Making connections with others is vital in growing yourself and truly succeeding.

  • Sean Miller

    Dr. Ann Ackerman repeatedly stressed how important connections both in social and personal aspects of your life can prove to be. Due to the fact that I am a very money driven person with a Champaign taste, I have always been focused on work more than extracurriculars. Irish dance was my one outlet besides work, which brought me to meet virtually thousands of people across the United States and (so far) four countries. When I quit my high school job of two years, a mom at dance pointed me to one of my current jobs, working as the Aftercare Manager at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School. This led way to my second job, working concessions on the weekends at student volleyball and basketball games through the school. My third job at Old Navy came from a parent of one of my after school kids. And now this summer I have both a Real Estate internship through a different parent at aftercare and an Accounting internship through a different mom at dance. This local accounting internship will kickstart building my resume for my ultimate goal – the Finance Internship at Tesla in Palo Alto, CA – and place me at the top of the list of applicants for the position. It counts who you know, now more than ever in the age of the Social.

  • D'Lajiah Fields

    I am currently building my connections by shadowing and emailing anyone who may be able to help me in my future. I want to be a dental hygienist. I have been shadowing at dental offices near me and even slightly away from me. I’ve made sure to attend important events that has to do with my future career and also received business cards to keep in contact with who I meet. I am also emailing the dental programs I may be interested in , to keep them updated through out my journey.

  • Makenzie Hill

    I feel like if someone tells you to make sure you are “networking” that sounds overwhelming and not something that interests anyone. Frankly, it sounds like extra work, when in reality we do it every single day. At the beginning of the semester when President Betz spoke to us he made a comment about getting to know the story behind the face. That has definitely stuck with me. I have always been one of those students that people get easily annoyed with because I sit at the front of the class and ask a lot of questions. In doing that I get to know my professors and my peers around me, not only on an academic level but from a personal standpoint as well. In high school, I walked to my classes with my headphones in and very rarely stopped to have conversation with anyone. Now, walking across campus is one of the highlights of my days because I see so many people that I want to interact with. When I stop to say hi to my friend and they are with other people I get the chance to make new friendships. When I go see my professor in their office I get to meet the other adults in that department as well. Communication is key. You never know what connections you will make, you never know the chain reaction that could occur from meeting a certain person.

  • Ryan Lykins

    I have grown up in a family of business men and women. Either for profit or nonprofit. Regardless, through them I have seen the importance of networking. I have seen people get jobs purely on networking and seen businesses grow due to it too. I personally have been networking by talking to any and all professionals in my field I can, along with any and all professors as well. Personally I have also been trying to make friends with those who are taking classes in my field as well. There are countless stories of success born from college friendships. Apple being one of them, and countless famous directors got their start either from or with college friends.

  • Abdulmalik Shehu

    Honestly, I was moved by her speech. Her determination from a mathematics major kept her going even though, the major is male dominated. Most of the time is who you know, not what you know. she made friends with people outside her bubble, came out of her comfort zone by making friends with people who have different mindset than her. Her speech inspire me to be more adventurous and to stand for what i believe in.

  • Molly Booth

    I highly agree with Mrs. Ackerman’s statement. Your value can truly come from the people around you. I’ve always been a person that loves to get connected. I love to get to know people in professional or personal styles. I greatly enjoy developing relationship that show me multiple points of view. With that, I try to be intentional about my relationships by reaching out to others via text or social media, they are great assets. Also, any time I see someone spontaneously, I always try to say hello and, if time permits, ask them how their day is. Personally, I always find it very encouraging and special when someone takes time to physically speak to you, not just wait for a convenient time over the phone, so I actively do this as much as possible. It’s important to make everyone in your network feel special and appreciated, sincerely. That is how you can really maintain and build upon those relationships.

  • Austin Markham

    Ann Ackerman was inspiring to me and showed me the prime example of hard work and persistence. Hearing her say those words ignited soemthing in me, I actually wrote those words down in all caps in my notes, they really stuck with me, “Your network, is Your net worth.” I am active in ACM and soon to be a member in Leadership @ACM, I am currently a UCOSA Senator, I currently serve on a Second Appeals Board for Parking and Transportation, I am active with my housing and serve as a Community Leader for my RA and recently was awarded Student of the Month. I am planning on joining BCM and B4C soon. All of these platforms give me a position to meet new people and connect with peers. I absorb it all as much as I can, not joining a fraternity was the hardest and scariest decision I’ve had to make yet and I am getting involved in other areas and encouraging students who aren’t in a fraternity or sorority to do the same.

  • Austin Markham

    Ann Ackerman was inspiring to me and showed me the prime example of hard work and persistence. Hearing her say those words ignited something in me, I actually wrote those words down in all caps in my notes, they really stuck with me. “Your network, is your networth.” I am active in ACM and soon to be a member in Leadership @ACM, I am currently a UCOSA Senator, I currently serve on a Second Appeals Board for Parking and Transportation, I am active with my housing and serve as a Community Leader for my RA and recently was awarded Student of the Month. I am planning on joining BCM and B4C soon. All of these platforms give me a position to meet new people and connect with peers. I absorb it all as much as I can, not joining a fraternity was the hardest and scariest decision I’ve had to make yet and I am getting involved in other areas and encouraging students who aren’t in a fraternity or sorority to do the same.

  • Cynthia Gallardo

    Developing a network or relationship is not going to come out of thin air, you must make intentional actions to do so. I once read that networking should be about making true friendships and not contacts; keeping that state of mind is one way that I go about making my network and relationships. These relationships need to be genuine, and my intentions to network with them need to be genuine. Another thing that I keep in mind is “quality over quantity.” I would much rather have my network, in both my professional and personal life, be full of people that truly care about me as a person and value my work than have met a lot of people without truly knowing who they are. Another way that I consciously put effort into developing my network is following up with people. Congratulating them on an accomplishment or just checking to see how they are doing is something that I think is very important. Lastly, being nice to people wherever I am is something that is so obviously simple, but so important when developing these relationships in both professional and personal settings. Having a good first impression is where this all starts!

  • Sophia Cuyo

    Networks do not only refer to people that I know, but it also refers to a wide variety of sources where I can get inputs, wisdom, knowledge, and valuable information to enhance or advance my goals. Such networks may come from my family, relatives, friends, mentors, teachers, books that I’ve read, seminars, both academic and extra-curricular activities, church, other organizations, etc. Moreover, networks are critical assets in a professional toolkit. These networks will help me achieve my goals, objectives, and career success.
    Networking is an ongoing process of communication with the goal of developing closer, solid, and quality relationships.

    For me to develop my networks and relationships with professional and personal colleagues, I have to patiently, persistently, and professionally communicate with my colleagues so that I can transform them into connections and then into relationships. To build a closer relationship, I must keep in touch with them. Not to the point of always contacting them whereas it annoys them, but just checking in on them, see how they’re doing and the like. It’s also important to offer help without thinking of I’ll get in return for helping them. I should have the right motive when I help them, not just thinking of the benefits I will gain, but because I want to help wholeheartedly. Lastly, checking in on them from time to time is not enough, I also have to meet up with them from time to time and converse with them in person. In doing this, I can know more about them and vice versa.

  • Nathan Henry

    Since I had Addie I’ve found it challenging to find time to develop my network further between her, work, and school. However I’ve tried to maintain the network I’ve already established during high school. Again, Addie takes up quite a bit of the time most people have to foster relationships, so I’m not able to meet people in person very often. I keep in touch with mentors I’ve had and continue to have, talk to friends as much as I can, and I keep in touch with people who offer to help me either personally, academically, or professionally. It takes more work to maintain relationships over the phone, but I do what I can to keep my network alive.

  • Oscar Zepeda

    A couple ways I am being intentional in developing my networks and relationships with professional and personal colleagues is by simply introducing myself to other professional and personal colleagues. When there are professionals around me or if I am in a professional setting, one way I try to get my name out is by going around and introducing myself to others and getting to know more about the professionals around me. It gives a way to connect with people and also learn more about the community we are in. Another way is by watching how I conduct myself, it will help improve my future and current relationships. Those are a few things that I try to do to develop my networks and other small things like dressing nice, asking questions, and showing interest in others. These interactions will continue to help me grow as a leader and as a professional.

  • Angelina Sibimon

    Building those professional and personal mentors/relationships have been a major point that many of our speakers have hit. Just from that, we can truly understand how important it is. One way to develop our networks and relationships is simply by talking. By taking the initiative and talking to people, we can build our relationships with others and find our mentors.

  • Tucker Pawley

    Relationships is key to being successful. I have always been told show me who your friends are and who you surround yourself with and I can show you your future. I believe you must try to have as many relationship as possible, not just any relationships but genuine good relationships with people. Because you never know who you will know that could help you out with that next job or interview or even just there for you when you need someone to talk too. Just by saying hi to someone or taking two minutes introducing yourself to them and getting to know each other can help very much. In todays society there should be no reason why you do not have connections all over the place get yourself plugged in and start connecting with others.

  • Jimmey Brown

    I am being intentional in developing my network with colleagues and professional by trying to gain as much insight as I can. For example, whenever I meet someone who is potentially important and have valuable information source, I try to connect with them to help me in my decision making. This method help me because it means I am building a supportive group of colleagues and professional that will cheer me on whenever things get rough.
    At the same time I try to provide them with equal value by being authentic, seeking to learn, staying in touch, and being a resource they can depend on.

  • conor wyer

    As a major in mechanical engineering I have already made some great networking due to the fact my dad is an oil and gas sales rep. This past week I attended an oil and gas table conference where various companies were there and met with a ton of different people. Blake Campbell was one of the mechanical engineers there and gave me great tips on what to do and when to do them. I also received a variety of different members for possible internships over the summer.
    No doubt does networking give one a lot more options and helps them out during their career. The more people you know and the more known you are can only benefits your career. Personally, it helps because I learn a lot from those that give me career advice. For the personal colleagues I have, I can give back the information I have learned and maybe show my friends a thing or two that they didn’t know.
    I will continue to grow my networking status and stay involved. Not to just benefit me, but benefit those around me that have yet to network like I have or will. Meeting new people and grabbing a couple of ideas or opportunities will only expand what you career has to offer. It is always a great idea to go to gatherings or expos and that Is what I will continue to do.

  • Brenda Martinez

    Ann talked about her career and her commitment to her development in her work and personal development. Answering the question. I am being intentional with respect to my networks and relationships in the professional and personal field with others, trying to make good decisions, and if I am wrong to consult with my work groups for a better opinion because the role is to make wrong decisions, because nobody will know what thing is good or bad, until it happens, that’s just practice. In the personal field I try day by day to be able to learn how others are and to know how to treat everyone so that they feel good with me and with themselves. Also, knowing how to recognize opportunities, seek advice, make good decisions, be open with others, grow professionally and personally and have clear goals, are the objectives for a better network.

  • Erika Diaz

    College is a prime time to jump-start our professional development. I intend to use this time to develop relationships and network with people that can help me advance in my career. Attending and interacting in class can help build a positive relationship with my professors who have tons of connections like colleagues and former students. I intend on taking advantage of the networking events held by the university where I can interact with professionals that work in the field I am interested in. To keep up with these connections, creating a LinkedIn account is important. On LinkedIn I can find other professionals and create my own professional profile.

  • Carlos Perez

    In this time During Ann’s presentation she was talking about how she was improving her life during the time, she was meating a lot of new people in her life that help her to make better in her professional life. She said that we need to talk with people that do not think like us, you need to share ideas and receive ideas from people with a high level of experiences that take you to be better each day.

  • Katie Edmonson

    One way that I like to take a hold of my network and being intentional in developing that is making sure that my relationship is established by being direct and open to the person who I am. For example one way that I try to create a professional atmosphere and relationship with my professors is always introducing myself to them and staying to talk to them after class and staying connected through email. I always make sure I ask questions if I have any and try to follow the guidelines for the classroom behavior. I used to be bad at not being able to turn my phone off in some classes but I really have matured and learned how disrespectful it can be to be on your phone while your teacher is lecturing. I’m very up front person and it’s only developed more with my growing knowledge of my bias opinions, to confront my own personal bias I challenge myself to make sure I’m engaging in intellectual conversations and must keep an open mindset to be able to grow more as a person. But the best way I’ve find to represent yourself is…. to be yourself. There has been too many women and men that have wasted their lives trying so hard to not be the person they are- that I’ve decided that I will accept myself for who I am. Recognize my faults and try to learn from them, which is simply what any sane person would do. I just decided to give in and actually start taking advice from others I look up too.

  • Caleb Armer

    I believe I have spread myself out to get to know more individuals across the UCO campus. One thing I also believe, is that I have surrounded myself with people who can help me with my goals in college and in life. These past few weeks are eye-opening for me, seeing that if I surround myself with successful people and people who want to be successful, that I too can develop their habits and can be a successful person. I enjoy learning stuff that I can use in my life now and in life after college and I have surrounded myself with people who show and teach me new things everyday so that I can be a successful student and person.

  • Kacie Teigen

    I feel as though the strongest network I have is in my home town of Pryor. I was able to work at the Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce in high school and while working there I gained a huge network of amazing business professionals and one of the greatest mentors I’ve ever had. I am on a first name basis with the mayor, police chief, the director of Pryor Main Street, multiple business owners, and the city council. Having this network of people helped me learn how to present myself in multiple situations when working with other important people and also caused me to understand that someones always watching so you have to try your hardest to make good connections with everyone you meet. Being able to watch my boss, the director of the chamber, deal with adversity and make amazing things happen for our town inspired me to go out and make a difference in the world as a string woman. Since I’ve been at UCO I’ve been trying to build a network of people who are going to push me to work hard to get involved and do things that will allow me to not only pursue academically but personally as well. I have always been told that in college you will meet people who will stick with you for the rest of your life and I want those people to help me be the best I can be and help me grow as a person. I’m also gaining great relationships with professors and faculty at my job on campus. I work in the deans office for the Liberal Arts College and I’ve been able to talk to amazing deans, professors, and other faculty at UCO.

  • wesley sikes

    I believe I am being intentional with just reaching out to different people. Whether it be for help, or to meet, or just to see how their day is going. I think all types of relationships start with someone initiating the conversation so I try to analyze who I think will bring out the best in my daily life, and character and then try to make a friendship out of it. I think the key to being successful is not having connections, but having the right connections. Just because someone is successful, doesn’t necessarily mean you will ever need them/use them in your life. It’s being very particular in the people you bring into your life and just honestly trusting, and hoping they bring that same energy.

    This was kind of scattered, but I hope you kind of understand where I am getting at. Just basically carefully choosing the people who I believe I can be successful with. (while cutting off those I don’t in a non harmful way).

    Much Love – nysm

  • I am a girl with goals and one of my goals were traveling to another country, and “yes” I got this beautiful dream and It is awesome, for that reason, I enjoyed the presentation the last Tuesday about throughout career of Ann Ackerman others were impressed with her work and commitment to professional opportunities and personal development.
    I was very impressed how she got everything to become such as, math major, Engineer, math teacher, college Administrator, and others. She looks like a young woman, but she got so much thing in her life. This is a really example that if you want to become a professional you must start study and got good grades, because like me I started with this step for to get this dream. Now I just have something wonderful that I can share with other people when I return to my country. I want to share this experience because I want that more youngest people open their door and explore the world outside.
    I want to be a Engineer too, and Now I know that I must develop meaningful my networks, not just professional, but also personal. I will always remember this phrase “Your network, is Your net worth.”

  • The people I choose to associate with are people that I know will bring out the best in me. During my short time at UCO I have managed to make friends from various backgrounds; each having different goals and ambitions. The way I develop these personal/professional relationships is by making the purpose for the relationship clear. It is important to set boundaries and know that both parties mutually agree on creating relationship. Maintaining a professional relationship is different from maintaining a personal one. The way I maintain/develop my professional relationships is by creating a more mature environment. From the way I speak to the activities we do. Whereas when in a personal relationship I interact with people in a more lighthearted manner. However, professional relationships may develop into personal ones. For instance, I was assigned to do a group project and ended up becoming really good friends with one of my group members. It’s all about creating that balance between personal and professional and analyzing how that relationship impacts my goals and ambitions.

  • Phoebe Barnes

    I think relationships are extremely important in the business world so I believe that Ann’s words,”Your network is your net worth” is very accurate. Your connections are part of your resources and without many you cannot get much done. If one man works alone there is no way for him to succeed in the business world. I myself try to constantly put myself out there and get to know more people; I want to become familiar with many and be a known name and face around campus (in a good way).

  • I really think building relationships is so important in your everyday life. Professional and personal colleagues is your key to success in all areas of your future. You never know who you’re going to run into in your workplace one day. Success can be driven off of those who surround you. The more connections and relationships you can build over time will benefit all parties involved in the career path. You never know who is going to be in an interview, be your boss, or be your co-worker one day. The best advice someone has given me on this topic before is; “Its not what you know, its who you know.”
    overall, embracing the relationships around you is so important and will help you tremendously.

  • One of the main topics I took away from Mrs. Ackerman’s talk was getting through different paths to get to your finish line. She talked about how interested she was in mathematics and how always having that interest led to her status today. There are a lot of people in today’s world who know what they want to do with their life from a young age, like the cabinet member from the talk last Thursday. On the other hand, a lot of people have to go through many obstacles to find out what they want to do with their life. It doesn’t matter how you get their, just matters how you end up.

  • Baylee Schmidlkofer

    For me, Ann Ackerman was a very admirable speaker. She sets the standard for being a successful woman in business. When she talked about building connections, and “Your network, is Your net worth” I really thought about the importance of finding mentorship. I know that as a young adult it is important to seek guidance from a professional perspective. Advice given from the mentor could potentially bring prosperity. I also know that the way to build connections is by talking with older students that have had more experience with college trials. Older colleagues can help me to gain knowledge on what it was like for them to go through the same things that may have been a challenge. They can also help to create a personal bond by sharing their experiences. That is where I try to move forward with my connections.

  • Elizabeth Plunkett

    I have been being intentional in my networks for a couple months now; when I first decided that I wanted to become a pharmacist, I called up a good family friend who owns a local pharmacy in Enid, and is also the head pharmacist, and told him I wanted a job. I started out as a cashier, but even though it was a small job, I learned my way around the shop and soon found myself inputting scripts, putting up medications, knowing different drugs and their use, and other skills that pharmacy technicians do. By simply making the network from a friend, I now know many pharmacists from the hospital and retail sides, students in pharmacy, and other useful information for my dream career. As for my personal colleagues, I made lots of connections before sorority recruitment in order to get placed in the chapter I wanted, which worked; I am trying to make more networks with people from my chapter in order to help me in any situation in life, not only my work setting. It is always great to make connections with genuine people in order to help you get to where you want to be in this life, and I believe that is what I have done, and I am continuing to do.

  • Keondra Whisenhunt

    I am trying to begin building connections with those who have similar interests as me or have already established themselves in the career path I am pursuing. It is important to have people who are further in their careers and have more experience than me as mentors because they can help guide me towards the path of success. They can help me not make the same mistakes as they did. At this point in my life since I do not have a career I am focused on forming relationships with professors because they are the closest people I have to professional colleagues. My professors can give me a jump start to my career, and connect me with others in my specific field. Last year I received a scholarship through the Union Pacific Black Employee Network (BEN), and before I could be awarded the scholarship I had to network with UP employees. It was an interesting experience and also one that I was skeptical of because I did not understand the purpose, until after. I many different people who have various positions and roles at UP. I realized two things after networking, the first, was that I met so many people who I can contact later down the road to help me find a job with UP or other companies, and the second lesson was that it takes a team of diverse individuals to get any task down whether the task is big or small. I did not realize how many employees it takes to run UP. Networking challenges me to put myself out there and allow others to help me. In my years here at UCO I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I found great mentors during high school, and I want to find the same here at UCO.

  • The best way, I believe, to develop your networks and relationships is to remain in contact with your professional colleagues and ask purposeful questions on how to develop as a leader. My personal thought is that in order to gather professional relationships you must be proactive and critically think about role models in your field that can answers questions that pertain to your interests and passions. When Dr. Ackerman stated that, “your network is your net worth”, resonated to me because the people you associate with will help guide or mislead you towards your future. And if you associate yourself with professional individuals and solid role models then you can almost guarantee that your future will be productive as a leader and individual. However if you don’t surround yourself with successful people then you can tend to lose sight of your goals.

  • Breely Frasco

    We do not meet people by mistake. Everyone that we come in contact with has the potential to be incredibly important in our lives. Because of that possibility, creating and sustaining intentional relationships with our colleagues should be at the forefront of our priorities. My personal pursuit of intentional relationships has an emphasis on being consistent in listening and empowering. I find it extremely important to know people — their strengths and weaknesses, their motivations and what turn-off’s, the environment that they work best in, etc. Being genuinely interested in these things in people has allowed me to meet some of my best friends and my mentors. Even in the non-personal relationships, following the pursuit of knowing others has increased my network capability, and has allowed others to trust my work ethic.

  • Abigail J Spiers

    I definitely believe in what she said in the fact that the more connections or networks you have with people, the greater the chance of new opportunities. With more opportunities available, you can experience more and more and therefore increase your net worth. For me, having a positive relationship with anyone I meet is very important. You never know how that person could help you grow in the future. Whether it be a personal friend, a professor, or a boss, it is imperative to always keep a good relationship because it will be worth it in the end.

  • Lincoln Lehew

    I am being intentional developing networks by simply creating friendships. Friends have friends and you create connections with multiple people through those friendships. The friends I am creating in college can really set me up for the future by getting jobs and using them as recommendations.

  • Karol Montoya

    The way I am being intentional to developing relations with colleagues and professionals is being and giving my 100%. I am very much into showing action more than words. I love listening and achieving more than what people expect, but also at the same time showing diligence in things I work on. I truly do care about the things I do and I want everyone to realize that. I also think I am a pretty funny person, so I try my best for a laugh because I love laughing! A good atmosphere creates a good time.

  • Blake Houston Hauenstein

    I found Ann Ackerman’s presentation very interesting because she seems to be a strategic thinker like myself; which, made it easy to relate to her story. Also, I found it interesting how her passions developed over time. At any rate, following the advice of building upon my network of personal and professional contacts, I will follow steps I already take and add some new ones. I already keep the contact info for people I don’t often speak with long term in the event I might have to contact them at some time in the future if we ever happen cross paths. As far as building my network I’m always on the lookout for new people to add and hangout with to build relationships with people I may later need to have close for achieving new projects and possibilities together that may come up. In talking with new people who might be helpful it is important to figure out their interests and if they match yours. If that’s the case then I must be sure to get their contact info and develop the relationship further as much as I can at this time so because even if they are not a priority now they might be later.

  • Karabo Pamela Moalafi

    I engage with people strategically because every person I encounter has a role to play in my life, one way or the other. Thus, every relationship I build has a foundation built on trust, respect and commitment and my network either personal or professional colleagues are people in whom my vision and destiny is aligned to theirs one way or the other. I maintain such relationships through constant communication even if it may not be daily because keeping up with my network is vital for fixated relationships.

  • Sheila Claunch

    I am being intentional in developing my network and relationships with professional and personal colleagues by maintaining a positive attitude throughout all of my work experiences, even though they can get very stressful at times. By having three jobs, I have been able to make professional relationships in many different areas. I have also made personal relationships within these jobs with people who have now become my mentors. With all of these jobs, I will be able to make connections with others that will help me become more successful in my future career.

  • Hazzik Ali Chaudhry

    In this 21st century, there are many ways to stay in touch with your contacts to maintain a professional network. Technology, social media, linked in etc has made it a lot easier to maintain contact with someone but one of my ways to stay in touch with someone is rather traditional yet highly efficient.

    In my opinion, remembering someone’s birthday is one of the best ways to stay in touch with someone. Everybody loves it when one would pay attention to detail. Remembering someone’s birthday is that little attention to detail which is often overlooked but has many significant impacts.

    It reflects that we prioritise the other person in our life to remember the exact day which is special for them. It sends a strong message to the other person that we care about them and that we would love to stay in touch with them. It helps us to leave an impression and a memory about us in the minds of others. It is a very personal way to maintain a very professional network.

  • Renzo Villanueva

    When it comes to networking, I always believe that face to face conversations is key. When I know I am meeting someone important, I am making sure I look presentable, getting my name out there, and remembering the other person’s name. Not only do I believe it is important to meet people in high positions in areas I am interested in, but also I try to branch out and meet people in areas that I would not find myself to be a part of. That is what I strive to do every time!

  • Kennedy Staton

    Ann’s presentation was very interesting because of how people respect her commitment. Intentional relationships are not as common these days. In my opinion, relationships are the most valuable. It is so important to be intentional. I am doing my best to make intentional relationships during my time here at UCO because they could last a lifetime. I believe the more you put into something, the more you will get out.

  • Samir Pitty

    During the presentation of Dr. Ann Ackerman I was able to realize the importance of maintaining a commitment to the professional opportunities around you as well as responsibilities and personal development. For the development of my networks and relationships with colleagues in my environment, I always try to take into account the ideas of others and make use of them so that together with my own ideas I can create much broader concepts and thus be able to develop any point efficiently thanks to the set of knowledge that carries the central idea.
    My social network is to listen to each person because there will always be a different point of view, which will help you to be much safer and better yet, to develop your net worth, and collectively, your personal value.

  • Kallie Daniel

    It is so important to be intentional in every relationship. Networking with professionals and personal colleagues is not a strong point for me. I have came to understand that networking does not always mean “parting the red sea” of people to make your name known. Actually it can be quiet the opposite, show up and work really hard. That is all people want from employees or even just friends. Time is a persons most valuable possession. What are you doing with yours?