Week 5 – Lessons in Leadership – Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to embrace these developments. What did you find the most intriguing part of his discussion and what steps can you take as a leader to embrace technological advances in your career and leadership roles?


  • Nathan Henry

    To me, the most intriguing part of the speech Tuesday was the quote “knowledge acquisition, then knowledge application.” This is important in regard to almost anything but especially to technology. Technology is an every changing and growing environment, and new tools become available constantly that improve all aspects of life. As a leader, it will be important to keep an eye out for new technology that will help me do what I hope to accomplish more effectively, and make sure those that I’m leading have access to and knowledge of these tools to make their jobs easier and more effective as well.

  • Tucker Pawley

    The most interesting part of Mr.Carolina discussion with us is when he talked about how technology is always growing and we need to stay up to date with it. In this day and age you must stay up to date with the latest technology especially as being a leader. You must embrace that technology is going to keep growing over time and learn how to use that to your advantage as a leader. If you can stay up to date on the technology you are already ahead of many people in the world, and you also will be able to lead many people if you can use the latest technology.

  • Kacie Teigen

    I think the most interesting part of the discussion with Michael Carolina was when he spoke on how our generation can prepare for the advancements being made in technology in the future. It was very reassuring when he talked about what careers will benefit from this or be good careers to go into because I am planning on going into the medical field. He mentioned that since the life span is projected to keep going up that we will need more people who are able to take care of people. I plan on continuing to allow myself to keep learning how to work with technology as it advances and stay educated on what I can do to keep myself and my family safe on the internet. I also think the internet is a very valuable tool that allows people to broaden their impact on the world. With one click of a button you can post something thats able to reach people around the world in seconds. With that power comes the great responsibility of making sure that everything we do post reflects positively on us as individuals and our character. Things we post, regardless of how fast we delete them, have the potential to follow us for a life time. I plan on making sure that I’m always responsible with this huge advantage we are given and using it to the best of my ability.

  • Alaina Webster

    Personally I think the most interesting part of his speech was when he was talking about how he was saying that Elon Musk and Steven Hawking both have warned us about how much we advance technology. I think as leaders we need to realize that technology is advancing everyday and we need to stay with it. Keeping yourself informed about today’s technology can help future generations with it too. To me, an informed leader is the best kind of leader, and today, technology is something we all need to be informed with.

  • Molly Booth

    One slide, in Mr. Carolina’s presentation, had a list of things that were the “New Normal.” This list had items such as relationships, career paths, technology, and others. The title is what truly stuck out to me because these types of things truly are what our generation sees as the normal, everyday parts of life and so we need to begin to truly treat them as such. As a leader, it is so important to be up to date on technological advances so as to remain effective and competent. I can simply try my best to understand all areas of technology, not just phones and computers, but also medicine, judiciary, education, relational, and etc. I should incorporate all that knowledge into how I lead and the places where I need to lead.

  • Hannah Morrison

    Michael Carolina’s topic of technology and its development was exceptionally relevant for today’s society. To be candid, I had never considered how the role of technology could be incorporated into leadership. As a leader, it is certainly valuable to be adaptable enough to progress into current practices. Considering that a leader should strive for efficiency, being up-to-date on technology is one of the simplest ways to achieve just that. To embrace technological advances, I believe that leaders should make an effort to be informed about upcoming technologies and consider how those technologies could be implemented.

  • Ryan Lykins

    Computers and technology has always been a large part of my life and it can change a person. It can show them different parts of the world and all new ideals, along with the downsides of their own ideals. I feel as though people need this connect to the outside and the power that computers have or it becomes alien and feels dangerous. I want to start a company one day, and use that to help others around the world to understand that. To understand that computers are a good thing and lead to all kinds of new and wonderful things. I want to be able to put my name on a project that will change the world and advance it at the same time.

  • Amelia Perez

    For me, the most intriguing part of Mr. Carolina’s discussion was his optimistic attitude towards the future of AI and the inevitable rise and implementation of more technology into our everyday lives. It is very fascinating to hear the open-minded and optimistic perspective of the future of AI, due to the fear and skepticism that is widely spread concerning the commonly referred to “rise of the machines”. Being a STEM major myself, Mr. Carolina’s sentiment reminded me of the value in my career path. A much needed reminder after constantly hearing that soon AI will replace all science and math careers and pursuing STEM will be a waste of time in 20 years. The implementation of AI in the future is inevitable and I plan to use my leadership skills to stay ahead of the curve and not let AI make me feel like my career is not worthy of pursuing. The best thing I can do as a leader is to stay open minded to the advancement of technology. I am majoring in biomedical engineering which consists of two constantly developing fields of study that thrive on new information. Without being open minded and accepting to change as a leader, my success in my career will be immediately doomed to fail. It is impossible to stop the inevitable rise of AI- however, I can control my own reaction to it in how I utilize the technology to my advantage and use it to further advance the field of medicine and engineering.

  • Xaviera Burton

    i found the fact that we need technology to thrive now. We are in the day and age where knowledge of technology is a must and there is now excuse for those born in 2005 and after to not be educated in the world of technology. even people now should be educated in that area because we could pass it down and teach our children.

  • Mandy Woodward

    Technology will always be a vital part in our society and it is ever-changing. There is always new advances in the tech world and the only way to continue to develop and grow in society is to get on board with the change. I found it interesting when he was talking about what technology could potentially look like within the next few years. It was a little overwhelming to think that things could be operating so differently in the future but it was useful information since we will be experiencing it. It’s a good heads up to get prepared for the change that will be coming. As leaders we need to make sure we are embracing the new advances and keep up to date with them so others will want to as well. Nothing is going to stop technology from growing and developing so we need to make sure we are prepared and supportive.

  • Paige Warrior

    In my personal opinion, the topics discussed by Michael Carolina were not intriguing to me. I understood that he strongly supported STEM subjects and that he stressed the impact that these subjects have on the future. The growth in technology stems from innovation made by individuals. The steps that I take to utilize technology in my leadership skills is through social media. Through the use of social media, I am continuously connecting to my community as well as those that are not within close reach. I can also have the platform to voice about the diverse social issues that are present within our society.

  • Jimmey Brown

    Mr. Carolina, presentation about the importance of embracing technology opened my eyes to view the future of business through a technological lens. As a leader, embracing adaptability and innovation will helped me become a better leader because in a fast-changing digital world, technology will make things faster. The most intriguing part about his presentation for me was when he said the new normal is globalization, technology, cultural competence, relationships, and leadership. I never imagined the power of embracing technology in that way. I loved his presentation because the world is dominated by technology and better for us to embrace new technologies to survive, compete, and have a better safer future for us all.

  • Keisy Quiel

    The speech was too interesting. I think that we are a generation that uses and get many technological things. However, most of the time we do not know how to create and invent new things. One thing that was intriguing for me is the different dimensions of leadership such as visionary, intelligence, integrity, creativity, innovation, entrepreneur, and embrace change. It involves how to create strategies and how to use resources to lead others. I would take the step of getting people to accept new strategic guidelines develop new habits and feel identified with organizational values that are key to achieving success. Furthermore, helping build a culture of innovation for the future generations to embrace it in my career and leadership.

  • Olivia Sharp

    Something that I took back from Michael Carolina’s discussion was to see the growth of technology as a positive element and not a negative element. Our capabilities to connect with more people through different forms of technology has grown expeditiously. We as leaders in today’s society can take the technology that we have to innovate and create matter for our future and for the future of others.

  • Haleigh Himes

    I found the most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion was when he mentioned a quote from Charles H. Duell (1899) in which Duell said, “Everything that could be invented has been invented.” Carolina pointed out that (obviously) that was not the case. Since Duell’s famous quote, our world has experienced globalization through technology. We have become ” the knowledge economy, the digital economy, the innovation economy, the “app” economy, big data and data analytics, and supercomputing.” I found this part particularly fascinating because I think I tend to live my daily life not thinking of what a major impact the evolution of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship has affected our entire existence. A lot of this I believe, has to do with the fact that I grew up in this exciting age of developments in technology and not in the absence of it. I plan on taking on a career in Criminal Justice, so as part of my job, I will be learning how technology aligns with the law. For instance, what forms of privacy are we entitled to, how to protect our technology, and also how to use and integrate new technology into my field. As a leader, I think my biggest duty is to pay attention and keep up with the advancements in technology.

  • Makenzie Hill

    Michael Carolina, in my opinion, is one of the most informative speakers we have had thus far. I very much appreciate the passion he has for his line of work, and you could really feel the joy he has for doing what he does. What I found to be the most interesting thing is hard to pick because so many things were interesting, but for many different reasons. The thing that stuck out most to me that was interesting, I believe is also helpful to all of our leadership skills. Innovation. Mr. Carolina talked about how you have to do things differently to make them work. I found that to be so insightful because it can be proven true in almost every situation. More times that not there will be a bump in the road with whatever you are doing whether that be a fundraiser, a service project, your job, relationships, class work.. Whatever it maybe, there is always a possibility of an obstacle. It is important for us to realize that we really do have to do what we can to make it work. It may not be the best outcome, but we will at least be able to say that we gave it our best effort. I thought of the saying fall down seven times, stand up eight. Those first seven times you may have just been going through the motion, but finally on that eighth time you did something different and sure enough, you were successful.

  • Baylee Schmidlkofer

    Michael Carolina was one of the most technologically aware speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He knew exactly how the advances in today’s technology was going to change our culture. The way he talked about these advances showed how people are starting to engage more into an acceptance for a technology driven world. I found the most intriguing part of his lecture to be how he displayed the importance of moving forward with new developments in STEM. As a leader it is important to educate yourself on how impactful it is to move forward in the world of tech. I know I can be aware of future advances that can change and improve our daily lives. Technology is always changing and I find it vital to allow those changes to help future generations.

  • Kamryn Johnson

    There were many things in the discussion that I found interesting, but there was one point that I think stood out above the rest. This point was when he said that there are dimensions of leadership and those are intelligence, integrity, visionary, creativity and embracing change. I found this most intriguing because embracing change is often something I find hard to do. I struggle with adapting to things that are out of my routine, or something I usually wouldn’t do. I like being in control of things and knowing exactly what is going to happen. When change happens, it makes it very difficult to predict what is going to happen next and that is a hard thing for me to get used to. While change is something I’m not good at dealing with, it doesn’t change the fact that technology is changing at a rapid pace. As a leader, one of the most important things I can do to embrace technological advances is to learn how to cope with change. In order to embrace change, I first have to learn how to get used to it. I will have to come up with a coping mechanism and make sure that I am doing the best I can to welcome the change, not turn my back to it. As long as I continue to practice these methods and make sure I understand and welcome change, It will make it easier to embrace technological advances in my career and leadership roles.

  • jasmine blue

    i can encourage the use of all technological equipment and advances. this shows that i am not afraid of change and encourage others to embrace these improvements that can help us greatly in our leadership roles. such as social media updating on a daily basis. this helps us get what we are doing out to the world and our local towns and cities.

  • We are living in the 21st century, the age of technological revolution. It’s very common for people to take advantage of technology to develop and to be more competitive. I think, as a leader, technology is a tool to help employees better perform their jobs and investment in the latest hardware/software which will keep their company competitive in its industry. This thinking is also emphasized during the discussion of Michael Carolina, where I believe his opinion about the relationship between researches and leadership is the most intriguing part. Michael believes that researches play a critical role of high-economy and well-being. As a student studying business administration, I find it correct since we cannot expand our company to compete in the industry without the knowledge of market and the status of other companies. The most convenient way to research those problems is technology. Nowadays, internet is available every corner of this world. Thanks to it, we can catch up with the trends of the recent market, learn from the other companies’ creative strategies, and, moreover, find out what costumers’ demands in the industry. Make sure the employees have the vision of applying technology to make researches of collaboration for more productive internal operations and better processes to reach customers. To compete, everyone must take full advantage of current and emerging technologies, including the manager. Effective leaders must create a corporate culture that fosters this attitude.

  • Anna Schmidt

    I think the most interesting point that Michael Carolina made was the idea of a shift in jobs as technology advances, but not a loss of jobs. A common misconception among Americans right now is that robots are taking our jobs. But like Carolina said on Tuesday, robots are not taking away jobs, but they are just requiring a different form of work from humans. We still need people to program, build, and manage robots. I thought this was interesting and actually a really positive idea because I believe that jobs where we are required to think in depth, problem solve, and work passionately, we are more fulfilled with work, and as a result, we live more happy and meaningful lives. A lot of minimum wage jobs that robots could possibly take from humans are so simple that they don’t offer that aspect of accomplishment or fulfillment that a more complex job might. So to me, the shift looks positive, and it really takes advantage of all that humanity has to offer. As a leader I think it is important to work with this mindset, and to always remember that our humanity sets us apart from whatever new technology is advancing around us.

  • Sophia Cuyo

    What I found most intriguing in Michael Carolina’s discussion was how we need leaders to embrace change and technology. Now, what I can do to embrace technological advances is to 1) know my resources, that is, what are the technologies that I can use? 2) Use those resources, for those resources were created for us to use and to make our work easier and more convenient. 3) Use technology to reach out to people, and 4) Use technology and innovation to let me and my group to improve our planning, execution of our plans, and growth both as an individual and as a group.

  • Jacqueline Cabrera

    Michael Carolina did a great job talking about advancing technologies and the correct way to do it for the better. He talked about Oklahoma’s Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) and how it is an investment for our future, which will be a part of innovation. Innovation, as he mentioned, is a new project, service, etc and it is extremely crucial that we are all motivated in that way so we can continue to bring new advancements to the future and new ideas of what could be done by selecting what we believe will be the best way to do it. I, as a leader, can become a part of the New Normal to embrace technological advances in my career and leadership like Michael Carolina mentioned. The new normal is Globalization, Technology, Relationships, Cultural competence, Career paths, and leadership. If I do my part in that process to my best ability then I too will be contributing to the future and what it has to bring for us. Technology changes everything.

  • Rachel Hunt

    I found Mr. Carolina’s explanation and visual representation of the type of financial commitment it takes to develop a successful idea/ product intriguing. I had known it takes a while to make a profit in any business venture, but the visual made it seem real. Now I understand why it is so difficult to become a successful entrepreneur or innovator. As a leader pursuing a career in the medical field, embracing technology is incredibly important. I can be proactive to stay informed on new devices and techniques. One way I can do this is by reading medical journals and articles that identify and explain new technological advances specific to medicine. If I can enter the field with some knowledge, hopefully I will not feel as overwhelmed. Technology has been so advantageous in surgeries, immunizations, and diagnosis; it would be illogical not to incorporate them into my practice. As leaders, however, we must not forget the importance of relationships. We must work to embrace technology while, also, working to train up future leaders. Technology and innovation will never replace the authenticity and sincerity of human interaction, no matter how advanced it becomes.

  • Emily Hurt

    I think the most intriguing part about Michael’s discusssion was the impact technological advances has on how we communicate with others. As a leader you must be willing to learn and have a desire to stay up to date with the advances occurring. I think it’s important to ask for help when you don’t understand something and to know the impact technology currently has and to continue to advance your self with the advances. I think it’s important for leaders encourage others to advance as well.

  • Alexis Peeper

    Mr. Carolina showed a venn diagram during his presentation that showed the four strategic partners that have worked together to kick-start Oklahoma’s technology-based economy. I found that particularly interesting because usually one or maybe two companies collaborate, but all four partners are very cohesive and successful. One major step that would exponentially help me embrace technological advances is collaborating with a large group of my fellow colleagues. They will hold me accountable when it comes to keeping up with all the advances and implementing them into my career and life. As Mr. Carolina stated “In order to be the best you have to remain competitive.” After I heard that I really thought to myself how I could be the best leader and employee that I can be. I decided to set a goal to research advances in technology frequently and share my finding with my colleagues.

  • Graysen Boyer

    In my lifetime, I have already seen technology advance so much. Cell phones, for example, are so different now. There are so many crazy technological advancements now that can be used to better many situations. As a leader, technology can be used to get information out and keep up with a crazy daily life. I found it very interesting to hear a different generations view on technology, as my parents know very little about it.

  • He was talking about how techonology change the actuality world and how it make our lifes better.
    leaders in all over the world use the technology in their daily life.
    In my personal opinion I can use apply the technology in my career in different way, for example, trying to communicate with people in the university or friends than make my life better in a positive aspect or using this to study and involve myself in the relationship that is the key for be a good leader. Right now we student and people have more technology in the smartphone than they before.

  • Sage Kroeker

    One of the many subjects that Michael Caroline spoke on was the idea of the “new normal.” He talked about how the world is changing, and the importance of adaptability among leaders. Within in our lives, we cannot control everything around us. However, we can control how we respond to our situation, and how we lead others to do so as well. In everything we do, we must be intentional about being the most effective leader that we can. For this reason, it is important that we adapt along with technological changes and advances. Change is inevitable- and with change comes either advancement or regression. With the joined minds of leaders throughout our society, we have the power to allow, and encourage advancing change in technology.

  • Phoebe Barnes

    I found his 5 C’s checklist was the most interesting part of his discussion (character, competence, courage, confidence, and compassion). I found it interesting how he could put some key leadership characteristics I personally identify with and strive for into place and then how he discussed how by using those characteristics and keeping up with technology is how we can become extremely knowledgeable, reachable, and have a large audience. Technology will allow us to reach broader audiences and communicate better with anyone anywhere. This allows for better global leadership and I think personally that, that is amazing. I personally strive to be the best leader I can be and use technology to better me as a leader.

  • Brenda Martinez

    In the last week Mr. Carolina talked about the technology. The technology changes ours life for better and form relationship, globalization, and inventing the future. Answering the questions, What did you find the most intriguing part of his discussion and what steps can you take as a leader to embrace technological advances in your career and leadership roles? I would not call it intriguing, if not surprised by how OCAST staff all very seriously wanted to see Oklahoma grow in technology, leadership relationships, and technology.
    The steps that I consider to take would be like the invocation; new products, new processes, research that is the life of a high-tech economy that plays a critical role in the economic and personal well-being of a must cities. Not only of the cities, but also of the entire population in it . Technology also fulfills the role in our lives and careers by making our lives easier, improving our quality of life and our energy. And simply the tencology changes our lives and helps us to be able to have research processes for a new project and that will tell us if we can have a profit or not. In addition, it helps us maintain our international relations. Being in contact not only with friends, but with well-known companies, giving our attitude of leadership, security, and ability to hold positions of great responsibility and with a very open mind. That will help us increase the profits and well-being of an entire nation.

  • Renzo Villanueva

    Michael Carolina’s speech had many parts that really got me thinking and made me super fascinated. Until that day I did not know that Oklahoma had people working on improving technology and furthering our capacity of understanding technology at all. When ever Mr. Carolina talked about the way the internet has changed the world and it created social media platforms that everyone relies on in todays world really had ideas placed in my mind. Learning about leadership has taught me one important thing above all and that is making connections and its’ importance in our futures. While I agree with most leaders that connections in person are far more effective than through the internet, I also want to believe that there is a way to make connections through platforms that would be as effective as in person. I want there to be a way for everyone to understand that social media can be used for far greater things than just posting about how crappy your day was, or how good it was. Technology in a few years like Carolina mentioned is going to be in everything and we cannot just shy away from that fact. I want to embrace how powerful you can be through the internet, but not in a bad way, but in a way that you can motivate and inspire others to accomplish great task and become the future leaders that we need in the world.

  • Erika Diaz

    I think it was really interesting when Michael talked about the types of roles leaders will take as more technology is being integrated in the workplace. We will need leaders to define rules and regulations to ensure people using these advances in technology are doing it to better the lives of people and not for ill intentions. Rapid changes in technology have affected businesses, including human resources. HR needs leaders that have information to empower employees. HR can also improve on their recruitment and hiring process, communication, and keep track of employee’s performance.

  • Christian Coleman

    Mr. Carolinas presentation was so relevant that it was very refreshing but scary at the same time. It was very refreshing to see that the technology curve is continuing to advance and evolve to make life better for those that call this world home. On the flip side seeing that machines will continue to take jobs away from average joe’s is scary. These two points form Mr. Carolinas presentation gave me an idea on how personally I can one day have an impact as technological advances in my career and leadership roles change over time. I came to the conclusion that one day as a leader of a small or large company I must with but slightly ahead of the technology curve to stay competitive. As time progresses developing and creating jobs that allow humans to work along with robots and sustain steady income will be a huge task as a leader of a company. This presentation put into perspective how technology is rapidly continuing to advance and we must move along with it to stay relevant in a global picture.

  • James Limbaugh

    Michael Carolina gave one of the most intriquing speeches we have seen yet. To me, the most interesting part was his concept that anything in our imagination is possible through technology. The world is ever growing, technology is completly changing the way we live, act, and lead. As a leader, embracing that change for the betterment of a group will be a constant task. To embrace change, a leader must keep up to date and keep an open mind. Rejecting technology before its given a chance happens far too often. If a leader can learn to effectivly use technology to their advantage, they will always have the upper hand over those who don’t.

  • Sean Miller

    During his speech, Mr. Carolina was very adamant about the future of technology. What caught me off guard the most and intrigued me the most was his positive outlook on young people and our use of technology. Coming from parents nearing 70 and aunts and uncles on social security for a decade, it was extremely nice to hear something positive about young people and tech. One thing he embraced with open arms was the concept of change, which many “older” people don’t like, or even hate in some situations. Change is inevitable. It’s up to the pawns (people) to decide to perceive it as good or bad. For example, the twins I “manny” were recently given iPhone X’s. They’re nine. Nine. When my parents found out, they were flabbergasted and totally defensive at how dependent the younger generation is on screens and how “all we had to play with was dirt and we were happy,” blah blah blah blah blah. But the way I see it, and the way their two hard working parents see it, they will have 24/7 GPS tracking and face to face contact with their two greatest accomplishments of their lives – no matter what corner of the world they happen to be in that night. Mr. Michael Carolina was the first “older” generation individual I have heard say something positive about the future of our screen-glued generation. As leaders, we can focus on adapting and rejuvenating our outdated systems to better incorporate the rapidly advancing technology and use it to better serve our individual needs – both as companies and families. It’s about time we stop dividing ourselves and looking down on other generations and became one, working towards a common goal of unity and advancement. Change will happen regardless – it’s up to us to make it good.

  • Kateri Krug

    I really enjoyed how much he went into depth and explained his career. As a leader, I can make so many connections through technology. Being a communications major, I have learned the power social media holds when it comes to reaching out to new people or organizations. With social media becoming such a big platform for communicating, I can showcase my leadership through running a companies social media accounts and highlighting the companies goals and missions.

  • Kallie Daniel

    Micheal Carolina discussed many interesting things pertaining to technology. I found the future jobs discussion to be most intriguing. Many students are so oblivious to what the job market is doing. Micheal Carolina gave us some examples of jobs that will be very successful in the coming years. As a leader, I think it is important to educate ourselves on the technological advances. We also need to encourage others to familiarize theirselves with the modern technology, because it is our future.

  • Abigail J Spiers

    I think the whole discussion in general was very intriguing. Technology has become such a vital part of our everyday lives. It has changed the way people live drastically. Almost every career now uses technology in some way and many businesses have incorporated it into their systems. Technology allows jobs to be easier and more efficient. People now have the world at their fingertips. Communication can connect people from all across the globe. As a leader, I think this is a great advantage in the fact that I could get into contact with many new people to create many new opportunities.

  • conor wyer

    Michael Carolina discussed a very mind opening point. Throughout his PowerPoint he came across where he discussed the technology of human intelligence or self-improvement. Where at some point our technology could take human health and intelligence to another level. He explained with an example to where we could take a human mind and plug it into a computer whereas the mind is still functional. I was fascinated by the ideas that could possibly happen in the future. The possibilities of technology are impossible to think about when we look back on what we have created in just the last decade.
    As I am majoring in engineering I believe that I could have a possibility to work with the advancement of technology. Leadership roles aren’t just within person to person and face to face. Already many people take their leadership roles to the internet to help out others that need a specific help. Whether it’s personal training or anything that someone needs to learn and needs leadership for. As for myself I mentor a senior in high school throughout his last year, he has been needing help with homework and managing his time with football and online classes. I have facetimed him three times a week to give him advice. I believe that I have already started my technology leadership and it will only grow from here.

  • joceline Lopez

    Well, I think that technology is one of the most used tools these days and it is a good tool which we must know how to use it well.
    Some steps we can take to know how to use this tool well are knowing how to control it, not letting ourselves be carried away by it. You can help other people through technology if they are far away, you can get more knowledge about some topic that you want to put into practice or if you want some people to know your leadership.

  • Austin Markham

    The most intriguing part of Mr. Carolina’s discussion was when he spoke about agriculture. I was a FFA Officer my senior year of High School and agriculture is very important to me and hits home, being someone who used to live at a ranch. Agriculture is never going away, just constantly evolving. When he also spoke about “the five C’s” it was a good check for me. He listed them as follows; Character, Competence, Courage, Confidence, and Compassion. The steps I can take as a leader would be to encourage others going into college to research what fields they are interested in going into and what majors they are planning on tackling. Explain to them what careers are dying off and what careers and areas are so imperative for our generation to go into. This speech/presentation inspired me to create what I want and to believe in the future of humanity.

  • Caleb Armer

    I found the advancements of technology that are unknown to the general population very intriguing and interesting. Technology is always growing and as leader, it’s smart to become aware of this and learn how it can help the people you are leading. Michael Carolina talked about how engineering and other careers are needing more workers because of the growth of technology and this is one thing to look at when deciding a major or changing your major. These changes are coming fast and it’s smart, not only as a leader but as a person living in this world today to keep up with these advancements and to take advantage of them in everyday life.

  • Jared Bross

    When the question of what harm can come from technology came up he mentioned cyber security as a major threat. My brother being in cyber security, and having taken some tech classes and having some knowledge of it myself, I want to make it clear that he is absolutely correct. With the internet connecting every device and computers slowly being installed in everything, it becomes more of a threat every day. As a leader, it is vital that we ensure that all of the people we interact with are aware of this very real threat and know how to protect themselves against these attacks. The day could come where everything you own has a computer and is connected to the internet, and people need to be aware of all the threats we can be aware of. If you do not personally know a lot about cyber security, it’s important to try and get people who do on your team when doing anything tech related. So quick recap for posterity, learn about cyber security what you can, try and teach others and get experts to help, this is about implementing a strategy focused on leading with information.

  • Dakota Gann

    When Mr. Carolina came to speak to us, I found his thoughts on the changing workforce and business model very interesting. He spoke about how technology is allowing us to live linger, happier lives. This, in turn, is opening up new markets for assisted living communities and medical fields. As a leader making these observations, I see a few steps I could take to incorporate these advancements into my career. First, go into a field concerning the growing number of citizens moving out of the work force. Whether that be on the treatment or care taking side, you will find success in these areas. Second, give back. Find time to take care of those who’ve taken care of you, or those with nobody to take care of them. Whether this be monetary support like a donation or emotional support by volunteering your time to visit these citizens, both will benefit them.

  • Angelina Sibimon

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s presentation, to me, was when he was talking about all the advancements in technology in the future. It’s crazy to think how much more our world is going to advance technology-wise as the years go on because it is already very advanced. One of the dimensions of leadership that he pointed out was embracing change. So, in my opinion, it is very important to embrace those technological advancements and not shy away from them because these technological advancements could help us, as leaders, do things more effectively.

  • Nicholas Sparta

    I found it interesting when Mr Carolina talked about how impactful technology is on our lives. Technology is how we communicate, run businesses, innovate, deal with daily affairs, etc. International leaders are among the most successful people because they know how to use technology to help them around globally. Also when Mr. Carolina talked about artificial intelligence. I think the idea of AI is so cool and how someday our world will be controlled by robots who think like humans and can interact just like we do .

  • Keondra Whisenhunt

    Michael Carolina had many interesting topics that he discussed, but my favorite topic was his 5 “C” Checklist. The checklist is a great way for leaders to evaluate themselves, and making sure that they are staying true to themselves and their goals. As a leader it is important to be adaptable because change will never stop. Change happens everyday. Change is hard for everyone, including myself. I am not the smartest when it comes to technology, but I want to learn more about technology and how it can help us in the future. To advance as a society we must educate ourselves about the benefits and cons of technology and use that knowledge to create a better world. I know that I must start the trend and learn more about technology so that I can encourage others to do the same.

  • Jordan Broiles

    The most intriguing part of his discussion was how talked about the improvement on technology and how it’s about to drastically shift our livelihood. Being a strategic communication major, I get to understand how to formulate strategic campaigns that impact the messages that is being presented via the media. In cultivating this knowledge, I want to be able to utilize technology and social media to challenge the status quo and provide people a space for them to have a voice.

  • Cynthia Gallardo

    Michael Carolina discussion about the importance of leadership embracing technology left me inspired. I found that the most intriguing part of his discussion was when he talked about the art of possibility. He named products that seem unimaginable right now but will become as common as our cellphones. I found this intriguing because what was once believed as fantasy is normal to us now. It’s inspiring to think of how much the world might change in the future because our society today embraces technology so much. Young kids know how to work an iPad now. New medical devices and procedures save more lives. We continue to learn new things about outer space. All of this is because of technological advancements! Taking advantage of the technology that is more easily available is the first step that I will take to embrace technology in my leadership roles and career. Social media will make planning, organizing, and reaching more people easier. Promoting service events is faster with the help of social media. Keeping in contact with new connections that I make is something that is a lot easier to do with technology. In my future career as a photographer, learning the different types of editing and printing programs is another step that I will take in embracing technology. I cannot see many downsides with using technology in leadership and my career, especially not in this day-and-age. Although I am the type of person who prefers doing things by hand rather than doing things digitally, keeping up with the technological advances that we continue to have is crucial to evolve ourselves as our world evolves.

  • Karabo Pamela Moalafi

    My level of curiosity grew stronger when Mr. Carolina pinpointed the fact that one can still be innovative in their field of discipline in this modern era of technology presumably taking over. Innovation is not bound for certain fields that are considered crème de la crème in the society but it’s open to all fields and one can use their innovative aspect alongside technological advancement. Knowledge is a key factor in acknowledging technology and all the goodies it brings, its ignorance that makes people think that technology is robbing them off jobs whilst it’s simply there to help us with make our lives easier. Thus, as a leader I’d engage my colleagues in sound teaching about the positive impacts technology has on their jobs and they shouldn’t regard it as a factor that’ll put their future in jeopardy in terms of job security and how they’ll fend for themselves and families.

  • Aubrey Crook

    I think in any leadership role I have in the future will include a huge aspect of technology. The way the world is advancing, it is our job to become a part of this advancement. Using technology as something to improve our skills, our access to knowledge, etc. is something that I am looking forward to doing in my career. I don’t think many of us realize the sheer power we hold in our hands. Instead the use goes to more time passing things like games and social media. It is our job to use this gift we have been given to expand our mindset and our potential.

  • Jaxon Missey

    I thought the most intriguing part of Micheal Carolina’s discussion was his adherence and recognition of social science individuals, not just those who are being educated in STEM. He spoke about how reform and policy is necessary and imperative to the onslaught of growing technology we have in society. Technology needs to be monitored and find its place in our world at a rate in which can sustain the application of major technological advancement.

  • Katie Edmonson

    I felt compelled on Michael Carolina’s views of technology throughout leadership and how many possibilities we have at the touch of our fingers. Leadership has had to evolve with time to be able to continue to find the best solutions to be able to communicate to others. The old techniques has changed into getting others to be involved, we advance to more tech savvy ways to get others involved. One thing i’ve seen a huge benefit from the advancement of technology in leadership is being to create an online atmosphere to help get awareness out and immediate feedback. Having theses advancements such as the internet allows you reach out to others you may have not been able to without it. Creating more relationships, spreading more information wide range of information we can gain from. Facebook groups have been handy in leadership opportunities in the past for me, not only to get information out but it was an outlet to display concern or uplift the team! If technology can be used in the correct manner we will have much to gain from it, especially in the leadership relm. Michael Carolina reminded me of the endless opportunity we could be exploring and transforming leadership.

  • Abdul Malik shehu

    Michael Carolina talked about technology and what I find embracing is the part where he compared technology from the 60s to this day. Personally I know we have come along way when you think about the advance of technology and how fast it is shaping our lives. As a leader we should be able to make technology available and accessible to our team members so everyone stays updated. I think it is beautiful for us as a generation to fully embrace technology.

  • As Michael Carolina spoke of several interesting topics involving technology and its advancement and impact on leadership. The thought that was most intriguing to me was when Mr. Carolina said that, “knowledge must first be acquired then you can apply it to all aspects of life”. This is interesting because if you are in a leadership position you obviously must know how to lead before you can put that knowledge into real-world situations. He also said that leaders in the future must, “build a culture of innovation”, because technology is such a monumental part of advancing our society today. In order to stay ahead of the learning curve you must keep an open mind to all new types of information and process it with a leadership mentality.

  • D'Lajiah Fields

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolinas speech for me, was when he mentioned how China took 2.3 million out to create a technology building, with such advanced tech. The steps I can take as a leader to embrace technology, is staying updated with the latest technology and supporting any upcoming technology. As far as embracing technology in my career, I plan to take the extra step by continuing to grow my knowledge by taking classes with new information about dental hygiene.

  • Riley Jensen

    I had never thought about a lot of the technological advancements that Mr. Carolina spoke about. I especially wouldn’t have thought about my roll in these previously. It’s interesting to think about the call of every leader to follow technology, keep up, and participate in its development. In my career, it will be important to follow technological advances as I will be tasked with marketing many products either using new technology or in some other capacity. Technology is all around, and its the call of every person to stay engaged.

  • Lincoln Lehew

    I believe Technology can really benefit leadership. Technology is used all around the world by many different diverse people. Meaning those are billions of people you can reach through leadership by using technology. For instance Ted Talks are a form of leadership because they help people all around the world . You can use technology to influence many people in todays world.

  • The advancing technologies are very important in this world that we live it. There are so many people who have a main Bright and these people can do better thing with just thinking and then put it in practice. One of the most intriguing thing for me that Michael Carolina was talking about is “technology change everything” and yes this is totally truth. Since the technology was invited our life was better. The technology helps you that your life was easier, furthermore since you begin change everything, right now nobody can live without technology. Currently, technology and society are evolving faster than the adaptability of many organizations. Achieving that people accept new strategic guidelines, develop new ones is key to achieve success. For this to happen, leaders must be aware of the impact their decisions have on organizations, work teams and society. I think that I can use different strategies for use the technology for good in my role like leader in my major. We can be broadcast an information in way precise and consistent real-time. We need main enterprising and maybe this can become excellent for our future.

  • Elizabeth Plunkett

    I think the most intriguing thing that come from Michael Carolina was that he held management and executive positions for multiple companies. As a leader, I believe it is to vital for us to be involved in many organizations. Michael displayed to us that it is possible to be a part of many organizations, even though sometimes as leaders we feel overwhelmed and busy. As for technological advances, the world today is constantly changing and becoming more dependent on technology. As a leader, it is important to learn and keep up with advancing technology because that is how we are most likely to grasp the attention of our generation. Society today constantly on social media, therefore when I have a career and hold leadership roles, because I have the knowledge of technology, I will be able to inform and inspire my generation.

  • Wesley. Sikes.

    I am not sure if I already replied so this may be my second one.

    What I found most intriguing is just the overwhelming amount of change that has happened and is going to continue to happen. I find it awesome that us, as leaders, have new ways to communicate, help, and just serve others. Meaning, we can now do so much for so many people via technology. I love the idea of technology and it’s uses. I do, however, think technology can be addictive but that’s okay if you use it for the right reasons. So my favourtite part was just the all around idea of the world we live in today and the future that is coming and how we can use it to our advantage. 🙂

  • Karol Montoya

    The most intriguing part of his presentation to me was how much bigger technology is now versus then. Especially how much storage such a small device has versus the biggest computer back in the day! As a leader, I would use it to my advantage like so many companies do today. It is essential for companies to keep up with technological advances that are entering the world everyday, and as leaders, it should be essential for us too to connect with people through technology. Technology is world wide, and a very powerful tool as well.

  • madison walker

    The thing I found most intriguing about this discussion was that he introduced many points where technology can actually have a postitive impact on our society. The steps I can take as a leader are endless. I can look at technological advances as a positive advance. Also when I become a nurse technology will be a huge part of it. It could help people become more aware of their health.

  • Breely Frasco

    Michael Carolina took a different approach to the concept of “Leadership.” Carolina spoke mainly about the advancement of technology, while centralizing his speech over the concept of investment and return. This concept translates differently between business and leadership — Simon Sinek describes the difference as this, “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” While business skills and leadership skills could be argued to be two completely different skill sets, they are similar in that they both require adaptability and communication. Due to the continuous advancement in technology, leaders have a platform of marketing, which Carolina described as the opportunity “to create experience.” This platform allows leaders to reach more people by honing in on the different skill sets people have in the technological world. This could be incredibly empowering to those who are passionate about their future, and an intentional leadership style could inspire them to create, learn, and develop for the betterment of themselves and their community. If engaged leaders embrace and pursue technological advancements, our communities could potentially have a “return” of financial profit, as well as people who know their worth in their future.

  • Oscar Zepeda

    To learn and share are two great steps that a leader can embrace technological advances in their career and leadership roles. I believe that those two steps are important because learning how to use the latest technology, can create and open many great and brand new ideas to share with the world. It will advance your life and others, being able to help others to have a much better life then what they have already imagined. Being able to master and teach others how to use technology will help you and the society grow. Michael Carolina really expressed that new technology advancements are not bad as others might believe that technology is bad. I liked his saying, “The art of the possible,” because it makes me think of the things that have been created when people didn’t believe it was possible. That saying motivates me to think anything is possible.

  • Isabella Katery

    The part that I found most intriguing, was that we have control over everything that involves technology. We have the capacity and the power to take advantage of it to achieve better results in our areas of work.
    I think that technology gives us many tools to obtain knowledge and develop it. I connsider this very useful for any career. In my career, technology is very important. The graphic design uses many programs and tools to create designs. I think that knowing how to take advantage of the technology to create is a huge privilege.
    Technology is also a tool for communication, it facilitates creating and maintaining relationships. Which is a really important part of beng a leader. Being always communicated with people in a simple and fast way is totally useful and necessary for everyone.

  • Blake Houston Hauenstein

    The most intriguing part of Mr. Carolina’s discussion was just in the knowledge of Oklahoma building a technology/business corridor in downtown O.K.C. with joint interest in technological development among several colleges, O.C.A.S.T., and businesses. Also, I found his examples of previous times such initiatives have taken place such as the creation of what Brick-town is today interesting as well because those examples help give a better picture as to what he was talking about. As a leader the acceptance and use of new technology is paramount to staying ahead of the game and providing the best, most up to date, useful technology so that those under me may preform at their best more efficiently and effectively. The largest steps I could take at this time would be to maybe learn more about computers then what I currently know, and down the line utilizing social media and mass communications to keep communication between me and those under me open, clear, quick, and smart. Also, I will keep wise enough to always have those more tech savvy then me by my side to provide advice and keep me and my people on a forward technological edge.

  • Kennedy Staton

    As a leader, I think it is important to embrace technological advances because a big part of leadership is communication. Discovering new ways to communicate will be beneficial because it will be easier to reach a larger group of people. His presentation was very interesting because most of the things he talked about was new information to me. I have never paid attention to how new technology is discovered, so it was intriguing to hear how it affects us and how we could use it to make a difference.

  • The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s speech was the statistics about the advancement of technology. It is astonishing how in twenty years there might be a cure for cancer and humans living on the moon. I did not realize how far along innovation in STEM had come. In my opinion, technology can be a great benefit but also a hindrance in leadership. It is a great tool to use in communicating with those I lead. When we use it efficiently and strategically, we become more effective. It can help us build relationships when personal encounters are not an option. On the other hand, I do not think we should rely on technology too much. We cannot let technology take over. People have more capabilities than robots and computers when it comes to leadership. Technology can be extremely helpful when used as an aid. It can also be extremely harmful when used to replace the human hand.

  • Hazzik Chaudhry

    “Solving 21st century problems with 20th century methods”

    Wesley’s question to Michael Carolina was remarkable. Ironically, I forgot what the question was. However, I do remember the response from the speaker which was stuck in my head for days. Hence this last part of the discussion was most intriguing to me.

    Mr. Carolina said that we are “solving 21st century problems with 20th century methods”. He further added that when it comes to setting rules and regulations, government is unable to keep up the with the pace of advancements in technology.

    This makes me wonder; If we are headed too fast for nowhere. Today, a shuttle can orbit earth in just 90 minutes. I can reach out to my mom on video at the other side of globe in seconds and my friends can access US education while sitting on their couches in Islamabad through distance-ed. Yet despite all this fast paced developments in technology to facilitate us, 10,847 bills await further action in US Congress and have remained pending for months.

    Having said that, why are we still unable to implement technological solutions to fast track our government affairs? In fact, is such a thing possible? In future, will we ever see something like a digital government with least interference of politicians? It is a good thought. This would have been my question to the speaker, if we had more time.

    Among my favourite quotes, following one is by John Maxwell, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” As leaders, it is our mandatory responsibility to adapt to the 21st century trends, and use technology to it’s fullest potential when it comes to facilitating our community, helping them grow, and laying the foundations of a sustainable future that awaits us with even bigger challenges. Increasing government efficiency through technology would definitely be an area of my interest to serve as a leader.

    In the end, I would suggest reading a book called “Thank you for being late” by Thomas L. Friedman. This book is presumed to be an optimist’s guide to thriving in the age of accelerations.

    Thank you for reading!

  • Samir Pitty

    In the industrial world, there are several existing leaders that have taken huge companies to great success. Behind all of that success, there is dedication, teamwork, and great recognition.m Every leader should have in clear what their objective is and where they want to get. It is possible to receive success, still having difficulty in leadership, one should only surround themselves with people with leadership attitudes and work together to succeed.

  • I really enjoyed listening to Michael Carolina talk to our class. Although I was not really interested in the growth of technology before his speech, I was quickly intrigued. As a leader, leadership is about adaptability. I would enjoy helping others grow in adaptability in the future as I do the same!


  • Caylin Talk

    In my opinion, the most interesting part of Michael Carolina’s speech was how he expressed that technology is continuously growing. We as the future generation have the duty to keep up to date with these advancements to ensure that we are doing everything possible to be effective leaders in our community.

  • Cami Audas

    Technology today is growing rapidly. For us as leaders it is important to be aware of the new technology around us. Our generation has grown up with phones and computers and this has given us the advantage of knowing how technology works by a young age. In the speech we learned that kids are now using iPads in 2nd grade classes. This is something to be aware of so that we can help others through technology. Social media is a great way to communicate with people all around the world. Because we have phone we can lead others just through your phone.

  • Brenda Martinez

    About Dr. Blackburn speech that he gave us the last week. I would like to talk the area of activities in general. These activities would be to make conferences, not only for American students, but also for all students from different countries. This will help them feel comfortable and confident in where they are putting their studies and in the hands of those who teach them. Also, create a group of people interested in giving their points of view, opinions and improvements in favor of the University and that will care about that, even if it is a freshman.