Week 3- Lessons in Leadership- 9/11 Day of Remembrance

During the 9/11 Day of Remembrance ceremony, Governor George Nigh discussed the notion “united we stand, divided we fall.” What do you want to stand for during your journey as a leader? Furthermore, how will you use that stance to intentionally create the America you aspire to, not only for yourselves, but for future generations?


  • Alexis Peeper

    Standing for what you believe in can be such a powerful action. As I stand for utilizing everyone’s potential, I know that each person can do so much more than what they believe. We were not born perfect, but as time goes on we can become the best versions of ourselves. By having that mind set the world becomes a more successful and optimistic environment for not only this generation and myself, but for many generations down the road. I truly believe everyone has an equal chance at becoming a powerful leader; they just need people that are willing to help unlock their full potential.

  • Tucker Pawley

    I want to stand for as a Leader is that no matter how small, smart, etc. you are you are equal to everyone else. People think you must be a athlete with everyone liking you to be popular, or to hangout with the smartest kids you must be the smartest. I think people should have an open mind about everyone cause you never know about them. I will use that stance by always treating everyone the same and always having a open mind about them. And hopefully it turns into one person after another doing the same.

  • Riley Jensen

    As a leader, I want to stand for freedom and unity. I love the fabric of America that stands for diversity, yet under a united front. The ability to act and believe how you please (so long as you do no harm), yet have one cause for which you stand: America. With this, I hope to make waves in political and nonprofit spheres to create an attitude of service and prosperity through my generation. The nonprofit and political sectors allow me to better my own skillsets while still promoting and improving a cause. Specifically, some causes I hope to better through my leadership are human trafficking and the environment.

  • Phoebe Barnes

    I stand for unity despite division. A major problem in America today within both political and citizens is division. The modern times tend to make people feel like you have to pick a side; you have to pick if you are with one or another and the other side is the enemy. I personally believe the party system often further divides us like this; we are so quick to judge and point fingers because one side believes differently than the other rather than properly discussing an issue and moving forward. I wish to help start proper discussions and conversations. Find the middle ground and help us turn to communication rather than aggression when discussing ideas.

  • Kateri Krug

    As a leader, I stand for kindness and understanding. Today in America, there is so much diversity, but with that diversity comes opposition and disagreement. Although we have made so many positive improvements in the U.S., there is so much more that needs to be done. It is easy to look at the problems in the U.S. ,or even the world, and think that there is no way you can make a difference, but the smallest acts of kindness hold so much power. When you show people kindness and understanding, you impact them so much and empower them, and who knows what changes they could make with the confidence and encouragement you gave them.

  • Breely Frasco

    I grew up as a military brat. I have lived in several different states for 1-3 years at a time. My dad was active duty in the military, so he was deployed majority of my childhood. Because of my circumstances, I developed a passion for my country, people, and serving from an early age. I stand for the belief that everywhere I go, every person I meet, and every circumstance should be better because I had pursued my journey with the intent to serve. My journey as a leader is not a self righteous one, rather it is to develop an understanding of how I can include others in my journey, encouraging them to find what they’re passionate about so that they can continue the ripple effect of improving America. In ending my blog, I would like to share the anonymous quote that says “If you are more fortunate than others, it’s better to build a longer table than a higher fence.” This quote is exactly the foundation that I base my life, and leadership style on, and I believe that if others continued adapting this stance, the future of America would be better for it.

  • Anna Schmidt

    I think that the most important thing we can stand for is opportunity, and an equal distribution of opportunity. I want future generations to grow up with hope in their lives. Hope for their families, for their children, and for themselves. That is one of the biggest gifts I have in my life. I am able to dream of a fulfilling future because so far my life has had an abundance of opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to go to college, as well as the opportunity to be a part of a program that encourages dreaming big for your life. So many kids in this country are oppressed in that way. They are told that they are bound for blue collar jobs, or unfulfilled, monotonous lifestyles. A large part of why I want to be an educator is to instill in children the idea that they can want more, and they can do more than what they feel is destined for them if they were born into poverty, or an area of inopportunity. It is also because I want to present them with the resources to opportunities that will help them get where they’re dreaming of. The America that I aspire to is one where each person is living with purpose and fulfillment. I think that when people are living fully, and passionately, more good things happen, and more happiness abides. I am very sure that America, and each person here can get to that place when given an opportunity.

  • Hannah Morrison

    As a leader, I think that it is very important to not only stand, but to actually know what you stand for. It is much easier to unite people together with a common purpose in mind. Through my journey as a leader, I plan to stand up for my values, my beliefs, and my purpose. I believe that by living this way, I can contribute to America becoming once again a nation that values the simplest traits of kindness, respect, and responsibility. By cultivating these traits, I believe that America will continue to grow to become a country, once again, united with freedom.

  • James Limbaugh

    As a leader, I hope to stand for unity. Throughout America’s history, our unity has been key to our success. For example, without unity in the American Revolution, we wouldn’t have a country today. We can also see what disunity can do to us. The nation was nearly torn in half during the Civil War, due to lack of unity. We can see a direct link between unity and success. During my journey as a leader, I hope to convey to all American’s, the importance of respect and compromise. We are living in one of the most divided times in America’s history. That is why it is important for leaders like myself and other to promote unity. If we hope to continue our success as a nation, Unity has to be at the forefront of our minds. If our generation hopes to advance the American dream and make this nation better, we must come together. Until we can look past political party, ethnicity, or sexual preference, and just see fellow Americans, we will not achieve what we aspire to become.

  • Drew Rosko

    Being a football player for the majority of my life, I have heard that quote numerous times. It often resonates with me when regarding my leadership. I feel this could apply very well with all the members in the Lessons In Leadership course. Most of us will be on this 4-5 year journey together and we will have to lean on this quote throughout our time at UCO. To be the best leaders we can be, we must work together. On the flip side of things, I see myself looking back to this quote when I am on my own journey. When working with a group of any sorts, trust is a necessity. If we all work together for a common goal, we will accomplish what needs to be done!

  • Gabby Clabes

    Personally, I want to stand for honesty, reliability, and passion. These three qualities add together to create a reliable leader that will stand strong in the face of adversity. No matter what challenge I face I want to exemplify a strong willed woman willing to do whatever it takes in order to create opportunities for not only myself, but others. If every person, adult or adolescent, showcased similar qualities, it would result in a more loving and caring nation. I will continue to show these qualities to my peers on a daily basis and invest into my own leadership abilities so I can invest into others.

  • Rachel Hunt

    During my journey as a leader, I want to stand for justice, love, and service. Justice is important in maintaining order and efficiency. I will have to work on my ability to remain firm in my decisions, but I believe it is an important quality to possess in order to remain a respected leader. Love is an important value to me because I believe all individuals should be treated with grace, compassion, and encouragement. No one desires to follow someone who is harsh and inconsiderate. Being able to balance justice and love is difficult, yet necessary because leaders must remain efficient and revered. In my opinion, service should be a consistent component of most individuals’ lives. As a leader, I strive to push people to habitually do generous and selfless acts. I think there is more fulfillment in giving than receiving, if one is able. However, I, first, need to exemplify justice, love and service before I can hold other adults to this standard. Slowly but surely, I am hoping these values will become trendy; it will be normal to care for one another and hold each other accountable. One day, children will be raised in this environment and not know anything different. Our nation will be unified and stronger than ever when people embrace each other, encourage one another, and take pride in being American. As a leader, I desire to ignite this flame to better our nation.

  • Oscar Zepeda

    Something I would like to stand out in my leadership journey is my work with others around me. I want to build organizations that come together to not only benefit myself and peers, but to also bring others around the community, state, and world together to achieve success. To me, a leader can see the potential of leadership in others no matter their backgrounds and the disadvantages they have been through in their life. I want to be able to help others seek their inner leadership they never knew they had and encourage them to use that and to continue to pass it along others.

  • Amelia Perez

    All I can hope to stand for as a leader is to stay true to myself and stand for what I feel is right. It is very difficult for me to support a cause that I do not feel is right because I lead with my heart. My sympathy and compassion for others is what fuels my drive to be a leader. I am a helper by nature, so in an ideal America, people will have empathy and will care for others just as I do. However, this will be very hard to accomplish in my lifetime alone, but I plan to start now by starting a chain reaction of compassion towards others that I can only hope will continue into the generations that are to come.

  • Elizabeth Plunkett

    As I start my journey as a leader, I want to always stand for unity, kindness, and bravery. In tough times, the only way to get through challenges as a group is to come together and work as one. However, coming together as a whole cannot work without kindness, especially in difficult times. Therefore, when unified, everybody involved has to be courteous, and everybody has to have the same mind set in order to accomplish the obstacle. Lastly, the last thing I want to stand for is bravery. I want to be the leader that puts my needs and anxieties aside in order to help those who need help, no matter how dangerous or terrifying the dilemma might seem. By becoming the fearless leader I want to become, I can inspire others to also forget about their fears and contribute to helping anybody involved in a tragedy.

  • Haleigh Himes

    As a leader, I want to stand for freedom. Freedom is the common bond from which this country was built upon. It is what we fought for in the Revolution. And it is what has made Americans divided, unite. It is in freedom that we can speak without censorship, believe without consequences, and live without fear. For the future generations, it is vital that we protect our current freedoms. This freedom allows our country to explore, expand, and discover. If we want our country to continue to develop forward, we must always be committed to defending our freedom.

  • Madison Walker

    I want to STAND for what is right, STAND for my country, STAND for all of the men and women who sacrificed their lives and health so that I can live a life of purpose & freely spread Jesus’ love to others. When we STAND we are showing respect and love for those who have sacrificed everything. Not only am I standing for the ones fighting, but for their families! Families are often forgotten, I know first hand what it’s like to have a family member suffer from PTSD from war. Families sacrifice also! I want to show that simply thanking a military personnel is a huge honor. My nana taught me ever since I was young that every time I see a veteran or military member, to shake their hand and tell them thank you for their service. It’s the little things that go a long way. I want to be a leader that shows patriotism! And to display what it is like to be a proud American! I want the future generations to see, that as a society, the least we can do is be grateful for all we have, and to recognize how far we have come as a country thanks to all of our former & current military, firefighters, policeman, Dr.’s, Nurses, & everyday people who show acts of love & service. God Bless America !

  • Graysen Boyer

    After my life was significantly changed in February of this year, I will forever stand up against texting and driving. I know this is only a minor issue within our society of problems, but it means everything to me. Not only are you putting yourself at risk when you are driving distracted, you could harm so many others in the process. The man that rear-ended me probably never thought of this. He never knew he could put two women in the hospital, almost killing both of them. He never took time to think of all the harm that could happen until it was too late. Now, distracted driving of any kind is something I will never allow any of the people that I love to do. I know the risks first hand, and it is not something to take lightly.

  • Mandy Woodward

    Throughout my journey as a leader I want to stand for togetherness among all people. I am a firm believer that if everyone is not on the same page, united together, then nothing will be accomplished. Being respectful and making connections with everyone no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status is vital to succeed. The current state America is in now is a prime example of the chaos and hatred that arises when people are not being mindful of other’s ideas and beliefs. An America that is full of love and unity is the America I want for my generation and the future generations. I understand that conflict is unavoidable, and not everything can be perfect, but I believe that if people would give an actual effort we could reach that goal together or at least get very close.

  • Austin Markham

    During my journey as a leader I believe it is imperative to never forget where I came from.
    To be genuine and unquestionably myself has been the stepping stones that lead me to who I am today. I want to see America united again, but united in diversity, united in beliefs, morals, and above all united for each other. We forget about our neighbor until they call, we forget about our elected officials until we need something done, we constantly forget about each other because I believe we have an innate characteristic that sometimes allows us to be self absorbed. As a leader you are leading others, or you wouldn’t be “leading” anyone, but yourself. I see the generational curse we have as millennials and the labels that are attaches to us everywhere we go. I want to change that and do that by being that one millennial that isn’t the typical young adult that doesn’t care about our country and those in it. Also I cant help but to think of the generation behind us and what their journey to leadership will be like and how much harder it will be, again I believe I can fix this by leading by example, as we all can.
    So today I remember I am in control of my career and how I want to be perceived as a leader, and that is an “I can. We will.” attitude.

  • Paige Warrior

    I stand for social justice and equality for all. There are issues within the current state of our society on what social justice is defined as and how to interpret certain issues. There are still many issues in regards to how individuals are treated, within this world, due to the color of their skin or the lives they live. I hope that future generations will not repeat history as our current society is doing; police brutality, hate groups, etc. As of now, there seems to be a growing trend in people outwardly displaying their hatred towards certain groups; as a leader I want to work to dismantle this. Although I am wanting to be a nurse, I want to interact with diverse groups of people. I hope that I will be able to make a lasting impact ,through my career, within this transforming world.

  • wesley sikes

    First off, whoever wrote this question… amazing question.

    I want to stand as someone who inspire others to lead in a positive way. I want to do everything in my head to lead as positive as I possibly can. In a world of technology where tragedy goes viral, I want to be the person that starts a movement to where everyone thinks in a positive way. I believe if everyone had the outlook that they are allowed to be happy and enjoy life that they would pursue every dream they had in life.

    In reality, you can take 10 years of chasing your dreams and turn 30 and still have a whole life time left.

    I believe these young years are where we, as Americans, should pursue every passion we have in life and test the waters… you never know.

  • Keisy Quiel

    The notion of Governor George Nigh is very true; a nation that keeps united is powerful because it provides the same vision and mission. I would like during my journey as a leader to encourage the enthusiasm to be able to make this world a better world; also motivate the people to give their best effort and be a good example for the future generation. I will use this stance to create the America, which I aspire doing it, more egalitarian and humanitarian. Furthermore, giving a legacy of strengthening and guarantee the unity and the future interests of others.

  • Keisy Quiel

    The notion of the Gubernator George Nigh is very true; a nation that keeps united is powerful because it provides the same vision and mission. I would like during my journey as a leader to encourage the enthusiasm to be able to make this world a better world, motivate the people to give their best effort and be a good example for the future generation. I will use this stance doing it, more egalitarian and humanitarian. Furthermore, giving a legacy of strengthening and guarantee the unity and the future interests of others.

  • Emily Hurt

    As a leader I want to stand for helping others, and encouraging others to help. To me helping other people is the best thing you could possible do. Whether it’s helping give the homeless water, someone who needs it a friend, or just a shoulder to cry on. Doing things for others is the best way to lead. I plan to encourage those around me to constantly help. I believe if everyone tries to help others out the world would be a better, cleaner, and happier place to be apart of.

  • Lincoln Lehew

    As a leader I believe every voice should be heard. I stand for voices among our generation, who knows the person with a current solution might stay quiet because he doesn’t feel obligated to talk. This will make America aspire to self freedom and to let their opinion be heard. We live in such a silent society and its time for people to step out and let their voice take over.

  • Aubrey Crook

    As a leader I hope to embody the aspect of acceptance and love. In a day in age where women and minorities are looked at in a sometimes racist or sexist fashion, I stand for equality for all and respect for the masses. Growing up my teachers used to tell me that one of the great things about America was how it was a “cultural melting pot”. I learned to love the diversity that America’s population had, but over time it seems that many people began to shun diversity instead of embracing it. As a leader in my community and in my school, I will always be an advocate for treating everyone I meet with respect. UCO’s campus affords me the opportunity to learn from people from all different places and backgrounds and in turn has made me a better person. I am determined to be a person that chooses to always first see the good in people instead of fearing them for their differences.

  • A divided nation only leads to chaos. In order to have unity we must find a way to accept the differences of our peers. When in a leadership position, there will be occasions when the people you are working with share different values from your own. It takes a true leader to set those differences aside in order to create unity. I stand for respect. I respect the values/beliefs of my peers even though they are different from my own. I believe our differences are what makes us unique, thus creating a diverse group of leaders. Realistically speaking, I cannot make everyone respect one another; however, I can continue to respect the people I encounter. I can encourage others to do the same, creating a more accepting, open-minded generation.

  • I am so honored since I’m an international student who had an wonderful opportunity to study in the country of freedom. US has broadened my horizon with so many advanced thoughts that I might couldn’t acknowledge if I didn’t have a chance to study in here. I know that behind that success and progressiveness, the US had suffered so much loss and heart-breaking events. One of them is the 9/11, the day not only the US but also all around the world didn’t t want to happen. Unfortunately, I was such a young kid who started the first step of my life time during that horrible event. I didn’t have an opportunity to know and share the heart-breaking loss to the people living from the other side of earth. Yet, the memory of that day is still remembered by the next generations, especially in US, and I was fortunate enough to attend the Day of Remembrance at the Blue Tent with other future “leaders”. During the ceremony, Governor George highly emphasized a notion: “united we stand, devided we fall”. We were not very surprised when our Governor said that since the spirit of 9/11
    is about inspiring unity and collaboration. However, the way we understand the motto and the impact of it are way more vital. The main culprit of the event was terror, problems between human and human. As a young kid I didn’t have any goal for my life, but as a leader, I have to gradually define what do I stand for. I stand for humanity and progressiveness. The reason why I stand for these not only from the events like 9/11, but also from awareness. We, human, has recently treated others with so many violence and wars. That’s not the way people carry out peace nowadays. There are so many terrorist incidents around the world and so many innocent people involved in. Mom loses her children, wife loses her husband, even children who are still at the age of schooling have to quit their dreams. The loss is uncountable. Therefore, as a Leader of brighter tomorrow, I want to stand for the loss of those people to convert pain into motivation. No more terror attacks with tears from innocent people, they just want to live in a normal life. Furthermore, just humanity isn’t enough, we have to enhance with progressive thoughts. Terrorist is human just likes us, they are not perfectionist. There isn’t always a black and white answer to the decisions that they have to make. They just chose a wrong faith to follow which makes them blind and at a standstill. Everything has its own solutions, we have to be progressive. In addition,the things I want to stand for are also practical for the world in general and America in particular. From my perspective, even though US has developed so effectively, it still remains negative sites. Somewhere, there are still childrens who don’t have an opportunity to go to school, students being bullied by their peers, and discrimination. I truly believe if I bravely bring out my voice, stand up for the humanity right and progressiveness, and dare to make it happen, I will be an example to others who have the same thoughts can make a
    change. Generations from different time can understand we are all born equal.Let’s change America to its truly “freedom”.

  • Jimmey Brown

    As a leader I stand for fairness, openness, passion, excellence, and loyalty. To create the America I aspire: “Openness” is key because one can’t level off once they get authority. Great leaders succeed by asking question and always striving for excellence. “Fairness” is important because leaders who inspire trust, loyalty, and excellence work hard to hold themselves responsible to the same rules as those they lead. Finally, people want to be part of something bigger than themselves and that’s where passion comes in creating a contagious enthusiasm. By standing for these leaderships traits I will create the law of buy-in and people will know they’re part of a greater purpose not only for themselves, but for future generations. At the end of the day ” United we stand, divided we fall” better for us to help inspire unity and collaboration to make this country a better place for everyone!

  • Abigail J Spiers

    9/11 is always a sad day. We try to remember all those who lost their lives and those who were there to help. This day of terror in 2001 has impacted each and every American. Governor George Nigh said, “united we stand, divided we fall,” which is very true. The only way to achieve anything, is by working together, not working against each other. My stance is to promote peace and understanding to others. Our nation today is so divided. Everyone has their certain beliefs about a topic and is not respectful of the opposing side. People are so hateful towards others that having different values. I want America to become a peaceful and understanding country. If each and every one of us promotes this, then America will be united again and will never fall.

  • Makenzie Hill

    What I want to stand for in my journey as a leader here at UCO and just in general is exactly what Governor George Nigh said: Unity. Life is too hard to do alone, especially in college because while these are the best times in our life, they are also the toughest. As PLC and LOT students we have the opportunity to reach as many people as we can on campus and bring them together to support one another, lift each other up, and build that mentorship we all need. I want my leadership to exhibit togetherness. When we are together, no matter what the circumstances, we are more successful in that group than that of when we are standing on our own. Governor Nigh said it perfectly when he said, “divided we fall,” because there are so many ways to find truth in that. Outside of UCO, our nation as a whole has been divided for quite some time. Unfortunately, there isn’t a button any of us can press to make that better overnight. It is going to take time. With that, my stance on togetherness is easy. It can be done every day in my classes, my sorority, my bible study, and even just at home with my family. Bringing people together despite our differences should become more of a norm, and that overall is my goal. As an aunt to my three-year-old niece, as an older cousin to several little kids, as a nanny, and as someone who just has a heart for kids, I want to build up the younger generations to know that just because you do not agree with someone doesn’t mean you cannot be connected in some way. Just because someone looks, speaks, or believes something different than you doesn’t mean they have to be treated any different than you. Like I said, it takes time, but each day if we remind ourselves that ultimately, we are all human, change is going to come.

  • Jared Bross

    Ultimately as a leader I think the thing I stand for is ensuring justice for people. In many cases in modern business many people aren’t receiving a fair shake. I wish to be the kind of leader that makes sure that the people who try to hurt others solely for their own benefit aren’t rewarded. I also want to make sure the innocent aren’t unjustly punished. It a delicate balance to try and ensure that people are treated justly, and fairly. My hope is that I can do so.

  • Molly Booth

    I want to stand for equality and kindness. I aspire to have a country and a world where people are simply kind to one another and enjoy being around all other people. I know on a personality level that’s not entirely reasonable but you can still be kind without having to be best friends. I want to do this by simply acting it out in my daily life. When you are kind to others it is infectious and people have a hard time being mean to or even around you. This will help spread it around my sphere of influence and the spheres I come into contact with, which results in many people. I hope that, while it may be small now, it will build. More people speak for equality and kindness every day and I will gladly be one of them.

  • Kallie Daniel

    During my journey as a leader, I want to stand for freedom. In December, I commit to wearing a dress every day. This signifies that women across the world do not have the same rights that I do. “Dressember” fights against human trafficking all around the world. They partner with the International Justice Mission and A21. The company is amazing, and I love to give up my comfort for such an important statement. Women around the world do not have the same basic freedoms as women in the United States. I want to use my stance to create an America that is aware of the injustice that plagues the world we live in today.

  • Baylee Schmidlkofer

    If there is one thing that I have learned from leadership it is to stand for what is right. During the attacks on the World Trade Center several citizens banded together to help at a time of extreme terror. It is such an important aspect of being human to help others when it is needed most. I know I want to stand for helping people who need guidance during my journey as a leader. Those before me who helped during 9/11 are citizens that demonstrated what it means to be a hero. I want to be able to help people that are recovering from hardships and also volunteer during an extreme time of need in any way I can. Showing that it is important to help others during times of need is an important lesson to teach for younger generations. Helping others should not stop over time as well. I know I can help through service during a moment of need, but I also know that my service should not stop after the event. That is what I stand for.

  • This question is a little hard for me, however I think for you get something that you want to do like be leader, the principally key is working with people together, and doing everything together. If you work in team your life will be better. Everybody has different thoughts, but when we join us, everything is easier. The young people are working for that our country have better opportunities to offer our future generations, but not only talking over and over, but making actions, because the actions doing more than the words. If you want to be leader you must have the capacity of have a clear vision about the future, this is another key of leadership, you have to imagine a tomorrow better and have it very present in your life, just having this wonderful vision you can build the way to become a good leader.

  • Joceline Lopez

    I want to represent love and peace and that people try to share with each other. Unite and fight against everything bad and see that together we are stronger than separated.
    I will use this to guide everyone to live in peace and harmony. Also for them to teach their children that we should be tolerant, respect and accept everyone equally and not judge them. I feel that we can all change the world and not allow violence.

  • Jordan Broiles

    Governor George Nigh mentioned “united we stand, divided we fall”, which was very interesting because he also repeatedly emphasize the word “stand” throughout his speech which I took it as a message that he was trying to conveyed. Through my journey as a leader, I want to be able to stand, kneel, walk, talk, etc. in hope of an America that live according to its core principle of “freedom for everyone”. I want to use my social and cultural capital to empower future generations to unite in honor of combating traditional narratives that indirectly or in some ways directly oppress certain groups.

  • Kennedy Staton

    One thing that I want to stand for throughout my journey is equality. I believe this is something that needs to be supported more because it is continuing to become a bigger issue all the time. All people should be treated equally. In order for that to happen, all people should be treated with respect with no exceptions. I hope that equality will become more important to all people and for future generations to understance the importance of respecting others.

  • jasmine blue

    what do i stand for? i stand for equality and respect. those are the two most important things in my life and ive always showed that towards others and those who i lead. in doing so they return the favor. seeing the impact this has on those who i have lead gives me confidence and determination to continue on with what im doing and proves that it works. by doing these things and helping others understand what it means to have equality and to have respect for any and everyone it will have a chain reaction. for those who need it and for those who want others to have it.

  • During my journey as a leader I want to always be the person that stands up for the acceptance of all differences in others. I believe that America is at a huge crossroads when it comes to being accepting and inclusive to the diversity that we have in America. While we have made remarkable headway, we still have a very long way to go. Our nation is still plagued with hate groups, bigotry, and hate crimes and I want to be apart of the generation that puts a stop to it. I never want my children to live in a world that is full of people who use the fact that that someone looks different than them or loves someone of the same gender to be a reason to hate or cause harm to others. Rather it be different religions, sexuality, or race there is definitely a lot of work that is still to come with having an all inclusive nation. I want to be able to look back one day and say that I was apart of something bigger than myself that allowed me to shine a light on the fact that regardless of where we came from, who we love, or what we believe that we are all the same.

  • Isabella Katery

    During my journey as a leader I want to be a supporter. Serving others means to help them and myself. It is very important to our community to think about helping others, and not always focus on their own success. I want to motivate people to work to help others and to give opportunities to others and ourselves at the same time. It does not matter what they need, a person can always help with something. I want people to open their minds to see that we are not the only people in this world, there are thousands of people outside of our houses, cities, countries and continent, who are looking for help and opportunities. People can change the world when they start thinking about the needs of others.
    This is the America and the world I aspire to, the one where people will not be afraid to ask for help, and will always willing to give help.

  • Conor wyer

    There are many different types of leaders. For example, in the NBA many players have said that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant were leaders but very different. Kobe was much more of an intense and pushitive leader, whereas LeBron was more verbal and uplifting. For myself, I would like to be a little of both. My leadership status would like to be remembered as one that pushed while also uplifting those in need of emotional or physical support. I believe that I stand for those who work hard and haven’t got their shot at what they want yet. I would like to separate those people and lead them into success by my leadership role. As far as how I will aspire people for future generations. I like to believe my leadership skill is unique from others. If I can create and demonstrate my leadership to just a few people then overtime they will develop what I throw at them. I then leave it up to them to show others how I was a leader and how I made them also leaders. It’s a ladder that hopefully will never die. One day my kids will lead just as I have and will continue to do so.

  • Jaxon Missey

    As a leader, I try to stand for what I believe is the right thing in whatever situation I face. I think most people are framed to that mindset, which encapsulates my next point. As leaders, we should stand not only for what we believe is right, but also for the individuality and expression of others. Not everyone can always agree in every scenario, but I believe a universal agreement can be made that everyone should be able to stand for whatever they believe in as individuals. The thin line of believing in something and even leading in it is often crossed at the expense of forcing what we as leaders believe is right onto others. My wish for America is that everyone gains and maintains freedom of individual expression; still seeking change through movements, activism, etc, but we must reduce the ongoing societal infringement that tells people how to think and what to believe.

  • Karabo Pamela Moalafi

    I am an assertive human being and very open minded thus I’d genuinely appreciate my sphere of influence to relinquish their unique traits and use them accordingly. Ignorance has let many to masquerade into the set trends of the world that they seldom know who they are, their purpose and vision in this life that it is hard for these unique individuals to release their true colours. The America I aspire to is whereby people are able to know their “why” and why they stand for that why. Thus, people should not hide their gracious nature in fear of acceptance and rejection rather they should embrace their unique self. Communities, families, religious groups, schools etc., are a great source of building and nurturing people to be able to know their unique traits.

  • Jacqueline Cabrera

    What I stand for during my journey as a leader is so much more than explainable. I hope to rise with my peers in the most positive and effective way. I want to aware everyone of what we can do to promote good in the world and in what ways to do it. All leaders must inform themselves about more within their passions and everyone else’s that way we can help introduce more to others and help them find their place in the process. I plan on staying optimistic and exploring more while networking and being given advice on how to grow in my potential and help others. I believe that each person leads the journey to several new outcomes of their own but several others can help guide them in the directions they were looking for.

  • Jacqueline Cabrera

    What I stand for during my journey as a leader is so much more than explainable. I hope to rise with my peers in the most positive and effective way. I want to aware everyone of what we can do to promote good in the world and in what ways to do it. All leaders must inform themselves about more within their passions and everyone else’s that way we can help introduce more to others and help them find their place in the process. I plan on staying optimistic and exploring more while networking and being given advice on how to grow in my potential and help others. I believe that each person leads the journey to several new outcomes of their own but several others can help guide them in the directions they were looking for. It’s crucial that we guide the way in our leadership to others and together we will do it best.

  • D'Lajiah Fields

    As a leader I want to stand for equality. Equality unites our nation. Options for one should be options FOR ALL. As a leader of future generations, I’ll strive for fairness. Although cultural backgrounds, race and ethnicity divides us physically, we are all the same within. When I look at someone, all I see is their eyes. Eyes are the window to our soul. It’s hard to
    Judge someone if you look into their eyes.

  • Trace Linn

    This week the planting of the flags helped me reflect on the severity of the tragedy that struck America on September 11th, 2001. As each flag represented a life lost in the event, I became aware of the families and friends who are still affected 17 years later. It also inspired me to reflect on a time where America put politics aside and gathered in a united front. The first responders that put their lives on the line for the sake of saving others shows the ultimate amount of leadership because no one else was willing to sacrifice themselves for the lives of others and they will be an inspiration to me. The unity and leadership that those American citizens showed during 9/11 will always be remembered and used as an example for leaders in the future.

  • Sean Miller

    The America we were all taught about (in government funded public schools) was a country divided only by dotted lines on a blank test sheet, determining if you would pass first grade or not. On the contrary, America is not solely a nation on a map with really cool National Parks and a unique skylines; America is an ideology. Flawed, yes, but broken? Far from it. An ideology where people can come together as one community, no matter nationality, orientation, tax bracket, or any other current dividing factor. The future I think we all aspire to become is one built on this very principle, fueled by the rage recently ignited in the young communities, who are tired of progression standing idle while those in the media spotlight continue to throw stones with no plan to pick them all up. I stand for progression. I stand to walk, taking myself from an idle member of society to one with a mission, a place to go. As that one famous dude once famously said, “objects at rest tend to stay at rest, [but] an object in motion tends to stay in motion.” It takes only one bird to lift a flock, setting the entire sky ablaze with energy. I aspire to be that bird, lifting and encouraging others to be involved and implement solutions to the issues we currently face not as a landmass, but as one united society of individuals who have become one.

  • Angelina Sibimon

    One of the things I stand for as a leader is spreading love and equality. I know…cheesy right, but these two qualities are vital in the progression of our world. Without them, we fall, just as Governor George Nigh stated. However, with love and equality, we stand tall, be united as one nation, and create a better environment for all the generations to come.

  • Brenda Martinez

    The last week I was in the conference listening about 9/11. Answered the questions What do you want to stand for during your journey as a leader?
    So, I want to be a good communicator communicator, develop empathy or know how to motivate others to be able to fulfill their dreams by becoming successful. with respect to the second question I would do thisEstablish goals and expectations by promoting work teams within a company or even in universities to work for objectives.

  • Keondra Whisenhunt

    For me one of the largest issues I want to stand for is equality. While I know that equality is a vague issue it allows for me to take a stand on multiple issues that fall under the umbrella of equality. There is much hostility in American involving equality whether it is for equal pay, equality for all ethnicities, for the LGBTQ+ community, the list continues on forever. All of the issues listed above are important problems I want to make a stand for and hopefully see change for at some point in my life. Even if I am not alive to see the progression for these groups I want to know that I was apart of the change in some way, shape, or form. I want future generations to know that sometimes being a great leader means setting the stage and groundwork for those behind you to finish the job or continue building on the work completed before them. Too often we set goals that we can complete in a lifetime and ditch the ones that do not give us instant results. Like the saying goes, “good things come to those that wait”. This quote is important for future generations to know that it is not always about you reaching the goal yourself in your lifetime, but sometimes getting your hands dirty and seeing someone else bring your visions or group visions to life.

  • Kamryn Johnson

    During my journey as a leader, I want to stand for honesty, integrity and impact. One of the things I think a leader should stand for is honesty. As a leader, honesty should be a key factor. Without honesty, no one will trust or support you and without those underlying principles, a person can’t be a leader. In my time as a leader, I will be honest and true to what my intentions are, and what I plan to do and where I plan to lead you.
    Another value I stand for as a leader is integrity. While a part of integrity is being honest, there is also a part of integrity that counts as unity. Unity should be a key value of a leader. As a leader, one of my main goals is unifying people and bringing them together.
    While honesty and integrity are what I want to stand for as a leader, the thing I want to be known for the most is, impact. As a leader, if you don’t stand for impact what do you stand for? One of the main goals a leader should set for themselves is to make an impact not only on individuals but the community as a whole.
    I will use my stances of honesty, integrity and impact to motivate and drive me to become the best leader I can be. I also hope that by being passionate bout these values, that other people will see the leader it has made me and in turn use it to better themselves.

  • Nathan Henry

    I want to stand for integrity during my journey as a leader. Both my personal integrity and the integrity of others. If I can use my leadership abilities and opportunities to encourage and develop integrity and good, honest character in others, hopefully the incredibly adversarial state of our country will become a smaller and smaller problem as time goes by; and I’ll develop integrity in others starting with my daughter. By the time she gets to college I hope she’ll accept people’s opinions and stances as valid regardless of who they are, and regardless of whether she agrees with them or not. And I hope they do they same for her.

  • Carlos Perez

    The last week in the conference for the Governor Nigh. I want to say with respect a the questions is Focusing in To be a great leader, you can not focus on small things and you must be less distracted than your competition.

    “A leader gains followers and inspires confidence by having a clear vision, having empathy and being a good teacher.

    Innovation is essential not only for success, but for survival itself.

  • Caleb Armer

    I want to stand for people who came out of small, no-name town like myself and show them that they can make a difference. I am very proud of my Native American background and younger Native Americans is one thing I hope to inspire to become something more than what they think. I want to stand for the person who thinks they can’t do something because of a trait they have and show them that, that trait doesn’t define them. The America I aspire for younger generations is one of unity and perseverance.

  • Dakota Gann

    As a leader, I feel that I stand for things I hold close to me, such as moral values and my loved ones. I believe that, like our Founding Fathers, we are all born with certain inalienable rights, which no man nor government should bellowed to infringe on. I want to stand for the equal treatment and opportunity of all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, or background. Using this stance, I can help create the America I want to live in by fighting for the rights of those who aren’t as well off as others or those held down and oppressed by a system. If that change can be started now, maybe future generations will be better off than we are, and eventually, can eradicate this sort of issue.

  • Katie Edmonson

    What do you want to stand for during your journey as a leader?
    I feel like people within their right mind will respond, “ I stand for what is good.” – But what is good? We live in a forever adapting world, we are continuing to discover and better our understanding of the reality around. I stand for science and fact based evidence. I’m a humanist that is in love with people. I have personal bias in situations when it comes down to morals and sticky parts of life. I want others to understand that I’m here to help the common goal and not my personal interest and gain. Know that I could be there for them and others and try to understand them and things that make them tick. Until hopefully will work together like a fine machine.

    How will you use that stance to intentionally create the America you aspire to, not only for yourselves, but for future generations?
    Like I said I know that we live in a changing world and to keep up with that you have to be open to change. Change is a slow and hard process that is also simultaneously constant and happening all around us. We need to be more preservative in our waste contribution to world because that is one simple way that we can contribute directly to the future generations. It’s already a threat to us today with Climate change but the President happens to be a leader who doesn’t believe in fact base evidence. Yet another reason that should be motivating us more to get involved and make sure this is heard over the ignorance.

  • Sophia Cuyo

    It may sound cliche, but in my journey as a leader, I want to stand for what I believe is right and the best thing to do, not for me, but for my members. As a leader, it’s not going to be about me, rather it’s all about the members. Whatever decision I make affects them. So, whenever I make a decision, I need to always take into consideration and ponder carefully whether my members will benefit from it or not. That way, it will slowly create the America we aspire for the future generations, because America is not a country, it’s the people–it’s all about the people. So making the people happy, comfortable, safe, etc.

  • During my journey as a leader I want to not only help students on UCO’s campus but help our whole community. Being a leader is not about benefiting things around us to provide for us. It is about going out of our way to help other and not getting a rewarded for it. We should all stand up as a group and want to make our World a better place. When 9/11 happened groups of people stood up and did what they could do to protect the lives of others, this is being a leader.

  • Blake Houston Hauenstein

    Something that I stand for is logical calm headed discussion and thinking. People should be open and accepting of one another. We should be curious and understanding of our differences instead we tend to set our boundaries around them.
    I believe in setting up places where people with clear heads and calm hearts flock to for that understanding, hanging out with one another, or just being to decompress in a positive setting with smiling faces and warm tea.
    Ultimately, it is only through individual actions and attitudes that these ideas begin to catch on. So, if one wants people to change for the better, one must exemplify their own principles as best they can and just hope it catches on.

  • I want to be able to stand for what I believe in, no matter what or who tries to tell me I’m wrong. In leadership you’re going to be stuck with tough choices, and people will try to bring you down. It’s your job to use people around you to bring you up and keep you accountable to your set goals. It’s important to seek out to younger generations, so that the future generations can have positive light to others.

  • Abdul Malik shehu

    I believe in that notion “United we stand, divided we fall” because as governor nigh mentioned the U.S. is a melting point with so many cultures and citizens from another country all wrapped up with one goal which is “freedom.” As a future leader I would want for my people to work as a team, as family regardless of your religion or sexual orientation to stand as one for a better tomorrow

  • Cynthia Gallardo

    Unity, resilience, and compassion are some of the things that I want to stand for during my journey as a leader. Unity, for me, does not mean that everyone is the same; it means, despite our differences, we can work together to accomplish great things. I want to stand for resilience, because, although though tough times will come our way, we can always find a way to bounce back from adversity. I believe compassion is desiring to help others just from the kindness of one’s heart; knowing that people pass along the compassion showed to them will make for a more positive world. I aspire an America that is determined to maintain peace within itself and other countries. I will use unity to build this America by reminding myself and others about what America originally stood for in times of polar divides. Despite our different opinions, we all believe in America’s core values. America has always held on to the idea of equal opportunity, and I can contribute to that by showing compassion. Spending my time and encouraging others to also contribute some of their time to service work would be a great way to provide less fortunate people with opportunities that we might already have. Working to maintain peace is not always going to be easy; we will face set backs and moments of hardship. I will use my stance on resilience in moments like these to express faith in what our country can do for itself and other countries. It would be great to accomplish this goal right now, but I believe that we will be the catalyst for the greater America of tomorrow.

  • Christian Coleman

    Hearing Governor Nigh speak at the 9/11 Day of Remembrance ceremony was a treat for me. Standing together or maintaining a state of unity was a major point of the speech at the ceremony. Personally, I feel that inclusiveness is a very important aspect of promoting unity. It’s hard to feel a part of a group or body that you don’t relate to or feel a part of. This something that I try to focus on in all things I do in life. Moving forward, promoting unity will be inevitable to improving social climates not only in The United States of America but across the world.

  • Taking into account this point of view and this phrase, the best way to create an America with equal rights for all is to be united in all aspects, united against wars, discrimination, inequality, etc. More than anything, the population must unite against all those factors that make a nation unequal. A leader of a great nation must be equal in every decision that he will make, never neglecting the ideas of others and the needs that really exist in such a great nation and in this way united to its population a leader will make good decisions and will not fall. The key is in the union.

  • Ryan Lykins

    I want to stand for helping everyone, no matter who they are. I mean by helping in anyway possible. I want to be able to help adults financially, and children with food, water or shelter. I want to create a culture of empathy for future generations. That has always been my stance seeing the good places like Infant Crisis Services. I love their mission statement and I want to live my life like that.

  • Renzo Villanueva

    When I heard Governor George Nigh says the words “united we stand, divided we fall”, I immediately thought about my background and how I come from a low income hispanic household. Most my life I was looked down at because a person with my background is not supposed to achieve accomplishments, and we are not supposed to go to college. But instead of letting those words affect me, I used those words to fuel my passion for higher education. I want to stand for all the minorities that are frowned upon, and for those who never receive help because of what they look like, and where they come from. Being able to say proudly that I am a President Leadership Council recipient and that I get to attend and live in college for absolutely no cost, proves everyone that never thought I could reach these feats wrong. I want to create a future in America where everyone is given equal opportunity and no one ever cowards away from the challenge of making a better future for not just themselves but for everyone else just like them.

  • Karol Montoya

    During my journey, I will and am standing for integrity and unification. I believe that people together have to be honest and proud of who they are and be united with people that may look and feel different but they are the exact same. Especially being in a minority, juntos si se puede! Together we can! I want to push it out there to younger generations that you are the voice that is needed and being stronger inside will let you be so much stronger outside.

  • Sheila Claunch

    Through my journey as a leader, I want to stand for unity. I believe that our generation is very divided through so many things, instead of united through our differences. I believe that I can help people be more united through my leadership, by bringing people together and recognizing and embracing each other’s differences. I will use this stance to create an America that I aspire for the future generations, by teaching the younger generations that it is more than okay to be different and instead of being divided or ashamed of our differences, that we should embrace them and let them bring us together. This will help us work together through so many problems that we have in America today because our differences have only brought us apart instead of uniting each other because people believe that having differences with other people, makes the other person wrong or someone they don’t want to associate with, rather than listening to them and understanding them and allowing the differences to unite them.

  • Hazzik Ali Chaudhry

    Imagine a stone that is dropped into water. The stone would go deep into the water and send ripples all across the surface. Just like that, 9/11 was indeed a dark stone that was dropped upon America. It set a deep impact on the lives of Americans, and at the same time altered the course of US history, but at the same time, it sent ripples all across the globe. The tremors of this devastating incident have been deeply felt by every other part of the world. I.E Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

    For the sake of this blog, I would limit the perspective to USA and Pakistan only.
    Ever since 9/11, Pakistan has remained a key ally to the USA in the war against terrorism. So far, the country has lost 50,000 lives on the front line and suffered billions of dollar in economic loss. However, the country is determined to eradicate the roots of terrorism and extremism.

    On the 16th of December, 2014, on a cold morning in Islamabad, as I returned from school and turned on the TV, I burst into tears. I ran out of tears to cry but my heart was still bleeding in ache. The Taliban had reacted to Pakistan’s efforts in fighting the war against terrorism. They infiltrated a school in my hometown, Peshawar. They shot, slaughtered, and burnt alive anyone in their sight. They did not distinguish between 5-year-old children or adult. As it was later discovered upon retrieving their children’s dead bodies, they were shot in legs, eyes, ears, and throats with no mercy. By the sunset of that day, headlines revealed that the nation had lost 139 innocent souls. Hell broke loose upon hundreds of families and the nation was striving through it’s darkest and longest day in history.

    A survivor of these attacks, Akif recalled seeing three boys die in front of him. He said “I saw our chemistry lab assistant dead on the floor. The next person I saw dead was Mehr, one of my closest friends. I pulled his body into the washroom. Next, I saw my Urdu teacher, who asked if I was okay. I said yes, but this was the last I saw of her. When I reached my class, all I could see was blood but no bodies. I thanked God because I thought all my friends had escaped. It was much later in the evening when I would find out what actually happened to my best friends.

    (I suggest that you read this article about him later on: https://tribune.com.pk/story/1009963/an-aps-attack-survivors-extraordinary-story/ )

    In his book The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini mentions “There are too many children in Afghanistan, but very childhood”. The same concept is applied to Pakistan and every other state that witnessed the aftermath of 9/11 firsthand.

    The reasons to mention Pakistan, my country in this blog are two. Firstly because Pakistan was directly affected by what happened in New York on the 11th of September. Secondly, it is to emphasize upon the fact that Pakistanis and Americans are on the same page when it comes to defeating extremism and terrorism.

    This brings me to my final point, What do we stand for? Every individual stands for their values and as a leader, I stand to protect the liberty and freedom that lets every individual stand for their values. I stand in opposition to all those extremists who are against what this republic stands for, as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    And finally, whether we are Pakistani or American, in this fight against extremism and terrorism, we all stand together, this is why it is important to say “United we stand, divided we fall.”

  • Sage Kroeker

    When I contemplate what I want to stand for as a leader, one thing comes to mind: empowerment. I believe that too often people’s potentials are extinguished simply because they do not have the means or support to flourish. Potential is like a flame. With the required resources (oxygen, fuel), a flame can exist. However, with more resources, a flame can grow to the extent that its’ surroundings allows it. Similarly, a person’s potential is alive as long as one allows it. However, the effect of one’s potential is limitless if its’ surroundings allow it to be. For this reason I believe in the importance of empowerment. Empowering the underdog, the helpless, or even simply the person lacking in self-confidence. “United we stand, divided we fall.” I believe that if we, as leaders, could join together and build a culture of empowerment, the amount of individuals that could “stand” is endless. However, if we do not unify in the common goal of empowerment, we as a society will “fall” into the lie of irrelevancy. If we are not intentionally instilling confidence and vision into those around us, then we are idly allowing passivity to blind us from the possibility of greatness.