Week 2 – Lessons in Leadership – Dr. Sharra Hynes – Strengthsfinder

During Dr. Hynes’s presentation, she discussed the three strategies of moving your talents to strengths: Skills – Knowledge – Practice. Now that you are aware of your strengths, discuss one strength and how you will continue to develop it.


  • Hannah Morrison

    One of my top five strengths that I want to continue developing is harmony. I am passionate that as a leader, if I help facilitate a certain level of agreement within a group, than any task can run more efficiently. I feel that by developing harmony, it will also cultivate a much needed sense of unity and sympathy, which are also important facets of a successful group. I hope that I can explore new ways to connect people that I am “leading” to improve upon this strength. Ideally, an increased level of harmony would lead to an increased level of productivity.

  • Amelia Perez

    My number one strength is discipline. To me, discipline is not my need to keep others in order and make sure that they are doing what they should be doing, but rather I discipline myself. It is important that I hold the strength within myself to stay diligent and on top of my work. I plan to develop my strength by continuing to hold myself accountable which will allow me to get work done efficiently. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I will also grow my strength by learning to limit how much I live by my discipline. Life won’t be very fun if I’m constantly living according to plan. I’m very productive as a result of my discipline, however a lot of magic can happen as a result of unplanned and instinctive action. By learning how to limit my strength, I will be able to play my strength when it is most needed and still manage to live life freely and have fun.

  • Kallie Daniel

    I enjoyed Dr. Hynes’s presentation. She helped me discover some details in my life that I often over look. One of my strengths is Focus. This means I am constantly asking myself “Where am I headed?”. I am striving for my destination or end game. This makes perfect sense in comparison to the way I live my life. I am a goal setter and a goal achiever. My downfall is multitasking. I like to dominate a project before moving on the the next one. Often important things get left out because I am too engaged in completing another project. I am not very good at group work, and I prefer to work independently. I promise I am trying to develop that skill. I am working on putting my strength of Focus to good use. I am focusing on our service project, the BCM, and graduating.

  • Gabby Clabes

    One of my strengths is self is Self Assurance. Ever since I was young I have always been confident in myself and my abilities to be successful on my own. I plan to continue feeling confident by always pushing myself in ways that others may be scared to pursue. I will also continue to make decisions that I feel as if are right instead of basing my decisions off of others opinions or beliefs. Some people struggle with self confidence and I hope that with my particular set of skills I will be able to implement self assurance into their lives as I continue to better my own.

  • Katie Edmonson

    One of the five strengths that I feel really confident on being able to turn it from a talent into a strength that I can build my life around. It’s my fourth strength and it is Communication. I know I am able to listen to others and hear what they are wanting or needing from me while also being able to communicate to them what I need from them. Especially in leading, I believe it is important to be able to make sure your followers know why they are doing what they are and what for? So that they can be motivated and understand the process to be able to prepare themselves better so that we can achieve the common goal together as a team.

  • Rachel Hunt

    I was encouraged for positivity to be my top strength. All throughout high school, I suppressed this aspect of my personality because people told me I was annoying. College has allowed me to blossom into the person I truly am and the woman I want to be. I have now learned to be myself despite what others say. The next couple months, I want to develop this strength around my close peers and mentors, so they can give me advice and instruction on how to lead positively and respectfully. Eventually, as I become more confident, I will lead my peers with encouragement and grace. Positivity can be a weakness, however, due to the fact that I can become overly excited about mundane things. Some people find this annoying, and no one wants to work alongside someone that is irritating. I believe that, as I lead in the future, I will be more effective if I can balance encouragement and excitement with sensitivity and awareness. I want to use my strengths to brighten people’s days and lift them up. I cannot wait to lean into this strength instead of being self-conscious about it. I am proud to be who I am, and I am blessed to be able to use my strengths to fill such an honorable roll at UCO.

  • Nathan Henry

    One of my top strengths is Restorative. I’m able to see setbacks and breakdowns as just another problem to solve, and it thrills me when I figure out how to solve whatever curveball has been thrown at me. I’ll continue to develop this skill by teaching myself to recognize the difference between things I can change or solve, and things I have no power to do anything about; rather than giving up and getting down about every seemingly impossible problem presented to me, I’m going to work on seeing the problem for what it is, and solving it if it’s within my power.

  • Phoebe Barnes

    One of my strengths is relator. Relator is essentially when you’re good at figuring out problems/problem solving. At first I was confused why I got this strength as I am not great at mysteries or riddles. Then as I thought more about it, I tend to be good at helping other people with their problems. I’m good at people problem solving. What I realize now though is that I am strong in solving close friends problems, but I do not always know how to help an acquaintance or co-worker. I want to become a better problem solver for people all around and be someone people can feel like they can talk to for advice and help. I plan on getting out of my comfort zone and attempting to engage more with people I do not know well in order to help accomplish my goal.

  • James Limbaugh

    My top strength was futuristic. Being someone with a futuristic mentality means that I am always thinking about what is next. I envision where I want my life to go, what I want to become, and how I am going to get there. I derive my purpose from what I can become in the future. Thinking about the. future gives me hope and passion, so that one day, I can achieve my dreams.
    Fascination with the future is something that came naturally to me, however I haven’t always been able to use it to my advantage. Being able to develop this is skill is extremely important. It can be used to inspire, not only myself, but also those around me. Inspiring people by showing them what they can become in the future is a skill I hope to acquire. Futurist like Matin Luther King Jr. have been able to use this skill to leave an immense impact on the world. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is a perfect example of how a futuristic mindset can be powerful.

  • Riley Jensen

    My second largest strength according to strengthsfinder is Relator. Through skills I’ve already honed, I have recognized that I am a very intentional person in terms of interpersonal relationships. I thrive from one on one conversation, and work to improve those relationships. These skills can translate into relating to friends because in order for me to deepen those relationships, I must be able to relate their feelings or observations into similarities of my own life. By gaining knowledge about my skill as a relator, I can challenge myself to listen to others more in order to deepen friendships. I can learn to be more considerate and accommodate our conversations and quality time to be more beneficial. I can especially put this into practice for my own benefit by reflecting on others’ thoughts, experiences, and struggles and relating them to my own life. This will in turn strengthen my relationships with the people in my life and allow me to grow as a leader.

  • Kateri Krug

    One of my strengths that surprised me was maximizer. I had never considered myself someone who maximizes, but having it explained to me made me realize I truly am a maximizer. I can continue to develop this by always pushing for better. It is easy to stop working when the end result is good enough, but by pushing myself, I will be able to know that I truly gave it everything, and that’s what matters. Not only will I push myself to do my best, but I can encourage others to their best. GO TEAM 7..YOU ARE THE BEST!!! 🙂

  • Conor Wyer

    One of my strengths is achiever and i believe that i perform that very well. i will continue to greet tasks and take them upon myself to do them at the best of my ability. I believe because of my strongest strength, it reveals the other strengths i have. Therefore i have to perform my best strength at the best in order for my other strengths to show. i will continue to achieve and soar in whatever i am doing. I really enjoyed the message Dr. Hynes talked about and how i was able to address it to my personal life.

  • Renzo Villanueva

    After listening to Dr.Hynes, I knew that my main strength that I wanted to improve was the strength of being futuristic. Not only is being futuristic a strength to me, but I also see it as a weakness. The first step I am going to take is to eliminate the negatives that being futuristic comes with like; not living in the present, always worrying about the future, and even over judging individuals in my case. I struggle with those things every day of my life and I need to learn to turn those negatives into positives. It is so powerful to be futuristic because of the way you view society and the way that you can aid others. I am going to keep being futuristic and always have a mindset for my own future and also for the future of many others. I believe if I keep this mindset, but also at the same time live in the present and worry about the people I can help today, I can develop my strength in a positive way throughout my life.

  • Anna Schmidt

    After recieving my test results and finding that “Intellection,” was one, I was confused at first. I don’t consider myself an intellectual and I really don’t specialize in any certain subject or skill. Upon reading more about it however, it made more sense. It doesn’t mean that you are particularly smart, or skilled in subject matter, but simply that you like to think. And I love to think. I think about the big life questions and the small events that happen each day. Sometimes even too much. I spend most moments of most days thinking hard about the things happening around me. So as far as honing in on this strength and making it the best I can, I’ve come up with 3 important things I need to do. The first: remember and appreciate that I can still be an intellectual even if I don’t feel like a genius. The second: keep thinking hard, and keep putting myself in situations where a thinker is valued, appreciated, and needed. This will give me an opportunity to get better at putting my many thoughts into words, and grow in the skill of communication. And third: remember to take a break. Like Dr. Hynes said, too much of one strength has the potential to create a weakness. In this case, too much thinking can cause me stress, and feelings of hopelessness. So I think as much as I need to put my mind to good use, I also need to give it a break. With those three things, I think my Intellection will be strengthened and a lot is possible.

  • jasmine blue

    my most dominant strength is discipline. I feel more comfortable knowing there are rules in place for certain things and makes everything more clear to me. i can make better decisions this way and have more confidence in my decisions. on the down side when i dont know what is going on or if there is no way of order or process i dont feel comfortable making a decision. i lead better when ive set out a plan of action and i know i can successfully follow through with it.

  • Xaviera Burton

    One of my strengths is empathy. I’ve always been the one to relate to how someone is feeling and put myself in someone else’s shoes. something i feel will help me grow in that area is continuing to put myself into positions where i am forced to meet new people and experience new situations.

  • Breely Frasco

    After taking the “Strengthsfinder” assessment, I found that my top 5 strengths were the following: belief, includer, positivity, restorative, and woo. I have always tried to be self aware of my strengths and weakness’ but the assessment has allowed me to truly focus on how I can utilize them. In this blog, I will discuss my strength of “belief” because it is the leading component as to why my other 4 strengths are present.
    The “Gallops Strengthsfinder” website described the strength of “belief” as “People who are especially talented in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life” — this seriously perfectly describes me. I have always found something, or multiple things, to care for, to value, to pursue. I have never had any problem tending to an idea, person, or goal, but with every strength, there comes a weakness. Mine is that I do not “let go.” In instances of a toxic friendship, a failed attempt of planning, or anything that was not near perfect in most regards, I have always taken failure deeply to heart, as if I have neglected my purpose. Knowing that my strength is “belief”, I will now have something to depend in the face of failure. My ability to project my energy towards the fact that my purpose is fulfilled in simply believing in the positive possibilities will eventually be a habit, and for that I am thankful.

  • Madison Walker

    One of my strengths was positivity, and how I’m going to continue to execute that is by living a life of purpose. Trying to see the good in everything & everyone around me.

  • Alexis Peeper

    My self assurance strength is one I find very fascinating because I never recognized that as a strength. I have always tried to be confident in anything I do and reassure myself I am doing the best I can. Going forward I plan to develop that strength by bringing more optimism into my life in order to feel even more confident in myself. Gaining knowledge is also a big factor into growing overall as a person and I plan to speak with my various mentors about how they grow their strengths. I will reach out to people who exemplify confidence and self assurance. My goal is to be able to fully develop all of my strengths so I am able to help others grow and flourish within their strengths.

  • Mandy Woodawrd

    Out of all the strengths I have, the one that surprised me the most was relator. Up until my senior year of high school, I wasn’t a people person and I preferred to do everything independently. I also didn’t care to make connections with people because in my mind it didn’t matter. Throughout senior year I started seeing how important it was to be connected to others and work together to achieve a goal. I realized working as a team was so much nicer than working independently because everyone brings something different to the table. I became interested in getting to know more about others so I could understand the way they do things and why they do them that way. I did a complete 180 and now I love having deep conversations that matter and having close relationships. I plan to develop this strength further by continuing to meet new people and try my best to make connections with them. With our group project, I’ll definitely be able to grow this strength and put it into practice. I hope the relationships I’m starting here at UCO develop to have great meaning.

  • Caylin Talk

    After listening to and engaging with Dr. Hynes’s presentation, I want to continue to focus on being a most proficient includer. To me, being an includer means that you are putting in an effort to make sure that everyone feels acknowledged and equal. The most painful thing for me to see in any situation is when an individual obviously feels out of place or unwelcome. Small signs that people don’t even notice they are making catches my attention and I feel the sudden urge to introduce myself and make sure they feel included. It is so important to reach out to others and make sure that they are being heard because decisions should be made in unity and that can’t be done with individuals sitting on the side-lines.

  • Aubrey Crook

    Intellectual or Strategic Thinking abilities have always been something I have pushed myself to work on. When I was in high school taking concurrent classes at the community college, my government professor posed a question that changed the way I think about higher education. He inquired, “why are you in college? Is it because society says you need a degree to get a good job, or are you here to expand your intellect and way of thinking?” From that moment on, college was not just a road block until I get into my “real job”, but now it is an opportunity to open my eyes to new perspectives and expand my knowledge. I am working on developing this strength by pushing myself to read more, spend less time on social media, and not think of my homework as a chore. We have taken for granted the fact that we get to come to class every day and accumulate the skills and knowledge that other people only dream about. I am determined to be a lifetime learner and devote the time I have here to growing my intellect instead of just earning a degree.

  • Olivia Sharp

    My second from top strength was communication. I feel that this is a fairly big and important strength. It’s crucial that I can improve this strength by making sure that I’m communicating with those that I surround myself with. The more that I focus on making it a priority, the more I will grow in it.

  • Jordan Broiles

    My top strength were restorative. I truly believe that this strength really capture who I am as person and the work that I continue to do within my everyday involvement. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing the situation, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution. In that I plan to develop this strength by continue to reading and engage in research on the Black community. This strength motivate me to pursue my doctorate.

  • Jimmey Brown

    The strength of “Responsibility” is important because people give their trust to individuals they can count on. A responsible person act without needing strict supervision because they are accountable for their own behaviour. I can further develop this skill by making commitments that align with my personal values, being consistent, holding myself accountable, and making a schedule to plan my time.

  • Makenzie Hill

    Responsibility. My number one strength, but just by reading the word itself I was completely thrown off because it was not what I expected to be at the top of the list. According to Google the actual definition of responsibility is, “the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.” Following reading that I was even more so in disagreement that it was my highest strength. Responsibility to me always just sounded like someone who is the boss, and while I like to lead, I don’t want to be the only one with that role. In the Strengthsfinder book it says “your responsibility theme forces you to take psychological ownership for anything you commit to,” and now I was starting to see how that was me. The book continued to say, “you feel emotionally bound to follow it through to completion.” I then could definitely relate it to so many different moments in my life. So, the first step Sharra Hynes talked about was skills. I think for anyone with anything, we have to believe in ourselves before we see our skills. Self confidence is everything. All of our strengths have many positive things, but as Hynes talked about, they can sometimes be negative as well. The most important thing for me with responsibility is finding every good thing about it and making it a priority to prove to myself that those are my skills. Next, Hynes talked about knowledge. A huge importance in absolutely anything. In order to understand my strengths, I had to research, I had to look up my word, I had to read about in our book. Only then did i agree with responsibility was my top strength. The final strategy was practice. We have all heard the saying practice makes perfect and as cliche as it is, it really is true. Now that I know my skills, and understand them, I can find situations where I can put my strengths to the test and continue making them better.

  • Alaina Webster

    I feel my personal strength is that I’m a Philomath. I love learning about people and their own personal experiences. Thanks to this strength, I learn very fast and thrive in short projects and changing environments. I want to further my strength by finding a way to be more sociable. I will listen to your whole life story and take a lot of things to heart and almost learn from your own personal experiences, but if you don’t initiate the conversation it probably won’t happen. I would like to learn to talk to people the same way I like people to talk to me.

  • Drew Rosko

    A skill I will continue to develop throughout my time here at UCO will be my focus. When I first found out one of my skills was focus, I was fairly surprised. I felt I often would get off task and struggle keeping my attention on things. After pondering for a while, I realized that when I get my mind focused on accomplishing a goal, project, etc., I often will do whatever it takes to get it done. I wish to continue to stay driven because I believe that my focus and drive could make me very successful!

  • Karabo Pamela Moalafi

    Strength is the valuation of a trait(s) that seems to overpower a lagging one(s), thus I’d consider my strength as optimism. Irrespective of how situations may be like I try by all means to weigh them as equally as possible but bearing in mind the expected outcome. Most of the times I’ve been criticized for being “over optimistic” but I’d always pose a question “what is your reality?”. I’m not being ignorant of the circumstances that revolve around me rather the way I choose to handle those situations a mediocre person would denote such as foolishness because its above what him/her as an average person may do to handle the situation. My strength evolves through challenges that I face, though the concept may be the same I tend to use different tactics to break down the situation and try to find a solution(s) because situations do not come the same, just like parents may have a set a rules as part of parenting skills to teach their children in a way they feel is right, they tend to deal with each child differently to instill those rules in them for each individual child is unique from another. A famous quote from Christine Caine says “sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried but you’ve actually been planted”, keeps me going regardless.

  • Haleigh Himes

    One of my strengths is individualism. To me, individualism is all about making other’s feel heard, seen, and helping other’s recognize what makes them special. I think one of the best ways to further develop this strength is to meet more people and forge a deeper connection with those I already do know. I think starting conversations with strangers, joining clubs, and reaching out to fellow PLC or LOT’s will help me create a better understanding of the unique diversity that occurs in the lives around me. In addition, I started an application to become a Big Sister (for BBBS), and I hope that finding opportunities for mentorship will also fortify my strength.

  • One of my strengths is that of developer. This means that I have a drive to help people grow. I often feel it is my responsibility to help everyone I possibly can. I am plan to grow this strength by working under someone who has used this trait to become a successful and well know individual in her field. I am excited to see what I an learn from her and what ways I can refine the positive and negative qualities that this traits posses.

  • Paige Warrior

    Within the current state of the global society, there seems to be a sense of negative energy in regards to how leadership is defined. Politics, race, cultural, and varying social groups can be divisive for a nation. Leadership should always be a positive influence and strength is a naturally occurring phenomenon for oneself. In my strengthsfinder results, positivity was ranked highly in my chart. Positivity is not a simple strength; at times it can be incredibly difficult to continuously be optimistic. It can also be difficult to show positivity, when others believe it to not be genuine. I have found that the best way for me to develop positivity, is to continuously filter out influences that are attempting to distract me from my goals. I enjoy uplifting those around me, but at times I must accept that my advice and aid may not be the best. In developing positivity, I will need to accept that defeat does not always mean failure, but that it is a learning experience. Each day I am learning to exemplify positivity throughout all that I do.

  • We are living in a multi-character world where each living person has their own strengths and weaknesses. We are convinced by the perception that” Nobody in this world is perfect”, even Nelson Mandela or Mr. Presidents. Either do I, I admit that I’m not a perfectionist who “one hand can lift this world”, I have so many weaknesses like the others. However, I have my own unique strengths and one of them is my EMPATHY. Many people misunderstand between the word “Empathy” and “Sympathy” since they are all about pity, but I’m a person who always putting myself in the shoes of another in order to understand what they are actually feeling from my perspective. I’m quite an emotional and sensitive person. I’m also a guy who can slow down my anger quickly since I want to know the reason of one thing before judging it. I remembered once day I was on my way to school, there was a driver tried to honk just to tell me to drive by motor cycle to the left, so he could pass me. However, I misunderstood his idea at first and turned right which made him very mad. He screamed loudly at me, but I only smiled back to him and said sorry even though I got very angry too. I knew he was in a rush, therefore it is easy to be nervy when there was an object hindered him. I tried to put myself in his situation to understand his feeling. This is Empathy. I’m thankful because I was born with this strength and I want to take advantage of it in the most effective way. Since I always want to start my own non-profit company where me and my colleagues can help other people out there raise their awareness about the environmental problems and the poverty, I have to work in a group a lot. This is when I have to take advantage of my empathy strength, but how I can do it? Just always remind myself that putting aside my viewpoint and try to see things from my friends’ point of views. Listening is very essential in here, try to ask what your partners would do to raise people’s awareness from their perspective. From that, together, we can achieve in more efficiency ways since everybody can find their similarity in their goal: “Better Awareness”. After I have ideas with specific and enough knowledge about the aim I am going to reach, I must put my ideas into practices. Keep practicing and practicing not only especially in group activities, but also in the daily life. The more I have practical practices, the more I can develop my empathy strength to be more helpful. Just like infants, they cannot speak or even understand what their parents saying, but through practicing, they can speak fluently in the future. Just to remember in order to develop yourself, your strength has to apply with skills, knowledge, and last but not least, practices. I believe the Leadership class is one of the best environments to take my strengths to the next level.

  • Karol Montoya

    My top strength is input, and I would say it is obvious why I got that. I love storing information, even when it does not benefit me. I always keep it in mind for something to happen. Reading about this strength and from Dr. Hynes presentation I learned that I will never be satisfied with what I know at any given time. So, I want to further develop this strength by reading and researching more. Or, being more devoted to topics my mind is on. I’m going to use that to my advantage. Hopefully, like Dr. Hynes, using my strengths will make life a little easier.

  • Jaxon Missey

    My number one strength identified by strength finder is Competition. I live with a competitive edge, I thrive under the pressures and expectations that come with it. I used to struggle with the negative connotation of being “to competitive”, often taking the simplest games or events to the extreme. As I’ve grown older, I have learned how to manage my competitive nature and use it in appropriate settings. I enjoy the thrill of competition, whether with myself or with others. I find that I am not satisfied with being anything less than the best version of myself, or often the best period. Not to say that with a cocky or “better than” attitude, but from a place of self-betterment. I don’t see myself as better than others, but I want to win; in every aspect of life I push myself to the highest tier of success. I push myself for a variety of reasons, but mostly just because I can. I have known about my competitive nature, and it has been verified by strengthsfinder. In terms of development, I will continue to feed my strength and push myself toward success in every avenue I so choose. Of course I will also continue to manage my ferocity in competition and limit it when necessary.

  • Jacqueline Cabrera

    During Dr. Hynes strengths finder presentation, she helped me realize just how important my number one strength is; Includer. I am extremely passionate about the service that I do in whatever it is, and I love nothing more than sharing it with others and including them in things that they might have not thought to be a part of before. I plan on continuing to develop my strength by being consistent and being more observant. I believe that by being more observant I will be able to focus on people that might be more out of their comfort zone or not communicate as much. It’s great to be a part of the help people needed to help show their true potential and eventually no longer have a shell to depend on. Encouragement is one of the most necessary things for people who are unsure about moving forward and that is what I love to provide. It is crucial to help others bring their strengths and attributes so others can learn from them as well. There is always room to grow so why not do it in the form a that a true leader would? With positive influence and intentions.

  • Kamryn Johnson

    After taking the strength finders test, I received a list of 5 qualities I have that would be considered my strengths. One of the strengths I had on my list was positivity. It said that, “Positive people are people who are especially talented in the positivity theme and have an enthusiasm that is contagious. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.” Out of all of my strengths, this is the one I struggle with the most. I sometimes find it hard to always see the bright side of a situation, or to be a person who lifts people up when they are down. Now that I have a knowledge of what my strengths are and especially what positivity as a strength means, I will be able to work on how to develop that within my own life. I will practice looking at the bright side of things and have more of an optimistic viewpoint when it comes to certain situations. I will use the other strengths I have such as belief, woo and competition as other means to practice and develop my strength of positivity. Overall, the best way I can develop my strength of positivity is to have a deep understanding of what it means to be positive. Also, I need to understand how to use that knowledge to practice it within my own life, as well as to use it to impact those around me.

  • Isabella Katery

    One of my top five strengths is “Deliberative Executing”. I am really carful when I make decisions or choices. I’m pending of how things are going to work, and what I will need to make them work better. On the other hand, I’m also very aware of what could go wrong, I always trying to avoid the obstacles. I know I have to be very careful not to only focus on what could go wrong, but also on what could be better, and keep a positive mind. I know that is very important to always have the correct information and knowledge to take decisions, so I think that being part of a work team is so useful so we can share knowlege, create better ideas and take good choices together. This motivates me to look for different work groups in which I can contribute and get more knowledge.
    I also learned that positivism is very important to improve your work and acquire knowledge. Since I live in the United States, I am focus on thinking that everything that happens will teach me something good and it’s for the best. I’m working on learning from my mistakes but always be focus on my success, and be proud of the choices I have taken and what I have achived.

  • Abigail Spiers

    Dr. Hynes’s presentation was great! She really emphasized the importance of understanding your strengths so you can properly use them in your everyday life. My top strength is Positivity. I think being able to stay positive through life’s challenges has helped me overcome them. I believe that having a good attitude can greatly turn a bad situation into a good one. This can be a really great skill for a group project. When others are stressed, I am able to look at the positives and provide insight into how the situation can be turned around. Now that I know that positivity is one of my greater strengths, I will try to build onto that strength up so it will not only help myself, but help others as well.

  • Tucker Pawley

    My number one strength was Maximizer, which was also Dr. Hynes’s strength. I believe it correlates very well with who I am because I am a very competitive human, and when I am working with people I don’t just want them to be good I want them to be great! No matter what it is school, sports etc. I want them to succeed. And so me being the leader I am and have an objective to make people better or help them I want to make them great! I will keep striving to helping people become not just good but great!

  • Keisy Quiel

    I enjoyed the speech of Dr. Hynes; it was so dynamic. Knowing my talents can help me develop my skills to strengths. I know that the talent is not enough to be a leader; we should have the knowledge to lead right the other people. I know that the discipline can be an important ingredient to develop my strengths. I am a learner. I enjoy listening and learning new things every moment in my life in any field. I could develop my strength in spending the time practice my knowledge base, trying new things that are no my comfort zone because I can find something interesting. Reading more about people that can inspire me. Listening and learning of the problem that society has. Also sharing with others the love of learning thus they can develop it as I do because we never stop learning.

  • Abdulmalik Shehu

    According to Dr. Hynes, “Talent is natural but not reliable.” it takes a lot of practice to perfect what you do. Maximization is one of my strengths i would like to work on by capitalizing on those things that i am naturally talented in, for my leadership development. i would focus on positive leadership by bringing out the best in my teammates. Per Dr. Hynes, Research indicates that ” 2 out of 10 leaders know their strengths and they build their lives around their strengths.” i will build around my strengths (communication, maximization and Empathy)

  • Baylee Schmidlkofer

    I honestly feel that most of my strengths are accurate to what kind of leader I am. However, I feel that my strength in input could use some development. I need to stop going with the flow of things and get out of my comfort zone. Input is all about craving to know more and wanting to find new ways of learning. I have always been an outspoken person but recently I feel like I have been holding back on putting my input in on certain things in classes. As Dr. Hynes said in class, our strengths come naturally to us. I know I have input on topics, but it is important that I learn to turn that strength into something useful.

  • Molly Booth

    One strength that surprised me was the strength of Includer. While I’ve never been someone to leave anybody out, I’ve also never seen myself as the person who actively tires to make sure everyone is involved. When I went into deeper explanation about it, I realized that it was more about making everyone feel equally important, valued, and successful. These are things that I greatly enjoy building in others and this goes along well with many of my other strengths. I plan to use this strength as a driver in my college career. Knowing “Inclusion” is something I have inside makes me feel more confident using it everyday across campus. I see kids in all of my classes that seem left out and alone, so I plan to do my best to combat that and simply get to know others, even if I’m nervous, because we all want to be seen, heard, and feel valuable.

  • Sophia Cuyo

    One of the strengths that I possess is developer. As a developer, I have the ability to recognize and cultivate the potential in others. My job is to let them see and believe what they are capable of. Thus, encouraging, pushing, and helping them to do their best. In order for me to develop this strength of mine, I myself need to have a better understanding of what my talents, knowledge, and skills are. To do this, I need to engage myself in activities and opportunities that let me do what I’m good at, so that every time I use my knowledge, skills, and talents, the more I know particularly what area should I improve at to develop my strength.

  • Sage Kroeker

    The strength listed at the top of my list was Consistency. This strength is defined as being “keenly aware of the need to treat people the same.” I believe that this strength is directly related to a goal that I set for myself upon enrolling at UCO: expanding my knowledge and understanding of different cultures and beliefs of the people around me. I believe that a key part in maximizing your potential is being willing to respect ideas and lifestyles that you are confronted with, even when you don’t agree with them. That being said, everyone deserves respect. Not because they earned it, but because they are human – and we are all equally valuable. This is why I am passionate about understanding and valuing people around me, and treating them all with the respect that they deserve. Therefore, I plan on using my time here at UCO to grow personally and relationally in order to touch as many lives as possible – both during and after my college years.

  • Erika Diaz

    Many times I find myself in deep thought and to many people it could come across as disconnected. What I’m really doing is gathering my thoughts before I share my ideas with everyone. This is why one of my strengths is Intellection. Intellection is a solitary or philosophical contemplation that deepens wisdom and understanding. One way I can develop this strength is to give myself time to think, to work through problems and develop ideas. Giving myself this time will help me clarify my thoughts so that I am able to act with confidence.

  • Wesley. Sikes.

    I believe my greatest strength is my adaptability. Adaptability really is a combination of many strengths. The fact that I am able to get along, teach, and learn from various people is fascinating to me.

    Adaptability is unique because you never stop developing this skill. You are constantly meeting new people in life. You also are put into various situations almost every hour where you have to solve some sort of problem. I believe that the only way to develop adaptability completely is to meet as many people, learn from as many people, and lead as many people as possible.

    The situations will arise to where I have to adapt to them and that will train me.

  • Keondra Whisenhunt

    When I received my results from StrengthFinders I was not surprised about any of my results except for the last one. My fifth strength is Restorative, which means that I am a person who can adapt and deal with problems and resolve the problem. I was so surprised because I do not feel as though I am a person who can solve problems easily. My perspective changed when Dr. Hynes had us discuss our strengths with our peers. The first peer I talked to told me that maybe that strength was more prominent in my social life compared to others parts of my life. That’s when I had a lightbulb moment. I realized that often times in my friend groups I am the person my friends rely on to talk about their problems and solve them. I now understand why my friends always call me the “mom” of the group because I am always there to fix any problems. I never would have realized Restorative was a strength of mine if I would not have talked it out. Now that I have more knowledge of this strength I can take the skills I use to problem solve in my social life and transfer those skills to other aspects of my life. I often second guess myself, and rely on others to approve of my choices. I need to stop relying on others as much, and know that I have the tools to fix issues whether it is in school, at work, in group projects, etc. I just have to trust myself, and also know when to ask others for help or their input on an issue. With each strength comes with a balancing act. I must know when to charge full steam ahead with my strengths and when to let off the gas a bit.

  • Kennedy Staton

    One of my top five strengths is competition. This means that I always compare myself to other people. I want to continue to develop this because it could be seen as a weakness when working in groups. I plan to continue to develop by using competition to be the best leader that I can be. I think that competition should and can be used in a positive way.

  • Definitely very successful comments and advice from Dr. Sharra Hynes, there is no better way to lead than using your own strengths and better still give place to those around you to also make uses of their strengths.

  • Sean Miller

    My greatest strength according to the Strengthsfinder test is the ability to look far ahead in the future. I knew I was very futuristic, but didn’t anticipate that it would be my greatest strength. However, it does make perfect sense. I opened a Fidelity Investments account and bought my first stocks at 10. I have a Roth 401(k). My entire life will go as follows:
    1) Graduate college
    2) Get a job
    3) Raise a family
    4) Retire
    5) Move to Florida
    6) Die
    Going into finance and real estate fields, I hope to one day help others make valuable futuristic decisions, that they may come out on top and better off than where they were. The trouble is, I am sometimes too far in the future, and not paying enough attention to the here and now. Becoming as digital as possible and moving out has helped substantially, as I am now on my own and my well being directly corresponds to the action and measures I put in. As so eloquently stated in Meet the Robinsons, “keep moving forward.”

  • Brenda Martinez

    Dr. Hynes’s talked about the three strengths, that it takes to be successful. Finding our strenghts and our potential like a good leader and oneself.
    I will talk about the knowledge because I think that we begin ours action. It includes look and create goals for the future. Also, we can listen the others and and we let talk to get the best possible effective communication. I will continue develop it working in team, know answer a the misunderstandings. Being sensitive, optimistic and know how to think with reasoning acting in a safe and confident way in what I will do.

  • Trace Linn

    This week, Dr. Sharra Hynes shared with us an in depth explanation of the strength finders examination and how it relates to areas of leadership. She opened her presentation by giving her impression of the definition of leadership by stating that leadership is, “based on positive influence and intentions”. This was interestin to me because it gave the impression that leadership started by leading yourself when no one is watching and then passing your influence unto others. Dr. Hynes told us a stat that said only 2 out of 10 leaders know their strengths and build their lives around it. She said that most of society is based on the idea that you should only strengthen your weaknesses and it is more useful to be well rounded than to be incredibly strong at one subject or aspect. The difference between talent and strength is the fact that strength is a reliable talent and pure talent is inconsistent in most situations. In order to turn a talent into a strength you must add skills, knowledge, and experience.

  • Graysen Boyer

    My number one strength was adaptability. This is still something that I am very confused about. I see myself as a person who plans things out very far in advance and does not just “go with the flow”. However, this is a strength that I would like to develop more. I would like to be able to say yes to plans right before they begin, but this is something I see as challenging. Obviously, there is some part of me that is adaptable to change because of my quiz results. This is something I plan to change by responding in a more positive way to people around me not planning things as far in advance as I wish that they would.

  • Angelina Sibimon

    One of my strengths is harmony. The strengths finder website defined people with the strength of harmony as “people who are especially talented in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don’t enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement”. One way I can continue to develop this strength is by looking at the positive side of things. Another way is to simply help people in times of conflicts, since that is something I am good at.

  • Jared Bross

    The strength I would like to focus on is Context. understanding how you got to a certain point event by the past is one of the things I focus on heavily, and is one of my strengths. I think the best way to develop it is like a number of other things: you practice using it. I have a number of history classes I am currently taking and I am using them to piece together many of the things we do in the modern day politically, philosophically, and economically. In the business world it’s useful because knowing some of the situations other companies have gone through can shed light on how you should handle certain problems you face on the job, and it’s something I focus on so that I can bring solutions.

  • D'Lajiah Fields

    Consistency is one of my strengths and a good one to have if I do say so myself. I always strive for consistency. Being consistent is not an easy task. I will continue to develop this skill by staying organized and making note of things that I need to keep up with. I will make sure that I see everything through to the end and always do my best.

  • Caleb Armer

    Dr.Hynes made excellent points on how certain strengths affect how and where most indiviuals work. One strength I had that I want to develop even stronger is communication. I feel that, while I have the ability to communicate with a multitude of different people, I find myself shying away in a larger group rather than individuals. I know that lots of leaders posses the great strength to have sway over a large crowd of people and that is one reason I would love to enhance this already known strength. Communication is key in all jobs across the world and having this as a strength makes me feel more optimistic about my life after college, especially if I continue to build this strength even more. Being apart of student organizations across UCO will contribute to building this strength and making me into a more versatile person, worker, and leader.

  • Jacqueline Cabrera

    During Dr. Hynes strengths finder presentation, she helped me realize just how important my number one strength is; Includer. I am extremely passionate about the service that I do in whatever it is, and I love nothing more than sharing it with others and including them in things that they might have not thought to be a part of before. I plan on continuing to develop my strength by being consistent and focusing on being more observant. I believe that by being more observant I will be able to focus on people that might be more out of their comfort zone or not communicate as much. I enjoy contributing to people that need to help with showing their true potential and eventually no longer having a shell to hide under. However, by being more observant I will know who I need to encourage more. I find encouragement as an extension of being observant, as it will be a major part in helping people advance in groups. Encouragement is very important in my opinion when including others in certain projects or groups because it helps build confidence in people, and when individuals build the confidence they need, they begin to share more opinions on things. In my opinion, there is always room to grow so why not do it in the form that will help everyone involved, by simply sharing positive influence.

  • Dakota Gann

    Before I took the Strengthsfinders assessment, I had no idea that adaptability was a “strength.” I thought living in the now wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it comes with a few downsides. For example, I tend to procrastinate, a lot. After hearing Dr. Hynes speak and doing a bit of research on my own, I now see more upsides to being adaptable. Adaptability can be crucial for things like interviews, it allows me to think on my toes and go with the flow, so to speak.There’s nothing wrong with a “go with the flow attitude.” If anything, it allows me to take things as they are and not have an issue with that. This knowledge will allow me to develop and apply my strength in areas other than critical thinking. Practice of adaptability isn’t always black and white, I don’t really think about how or when I do things, I just do them as they need to be done. With leadership in mind, I can effectively lead diverse groups because of this attitude and another strength, command. The combination of these strengths leads me to not fear change or impacting others where other leaders may be hesitant.

  • Lincoln Lehew

    Developing communication may be difficult to some people but not for me. I love talking, I love being in touch with people 24/7, I already possess the skills but I need to figure out more why I am good at communication and what it can be used for in a leadership role. My goal is to practice a ton by just simply communicating instead of sitting back sometimes and enjoying the show and just to be vocal in everything I do. Being vocal is a way where I can continue to use the skill and make it stronger than it already is.

  • Oscar Zepeda

    One of the gifts that I most see in me that I received from the strength finder, that I find pretty accurate is the strength of adaptability. I find my self using this strength more often then my other strengths. I have always been able to adapt in moments in life. Whether if the times were rough and challenging or fund and good, I adapt to it, making a better time for myself and others no matter the experience. I’m grateful for these gifts because when times got tough for me, I was able to find myself to adapt to the circumstances I was going through and maintain a positive attitude every time. To remain this strength and continue to develop and improve it. I’ll have to keep a positive state in mind in order to be able to have a great attitude and be able to adapt through circumstances that are good or bad. A weakness of mine is that I a lot times, I find myself not wanting to ask for help. Sometimes I won’t know all the answers but once I learn to ask then I’ll continue to be able to adapt no matter the circumstances.

  • Christian Coleman

    Dr. Shyrra Hynes presentation last Monday put more emphasis on the on-going topic of developing specific traits of leadership. Personally, I want to work on bettering my communication. It falls last on my list of strong visible traits. I feel that continuing to develop this trait will show positive impacts on all of my top 5 leadership characteristics. Cultivating these qualities over the course of the next four (4) to five (5) years will be vital in being prepared to dominate the global workforce upon graduation and graduate school.

  • Rachel Hunt

    I was encouraged for positivity to be my top strength. All throughout high school, I suppressed this aspect of my personality because people told me I was annoying. College has allowed me to blossom into the person I truly am and the woman I want to be. I have now learned to be myself despite what others say. The next couple months, I want to develop this strength around my close peers and mentors, so they can give me advice and instruction on how to lead positively and respectfully. Eventually, as I become more confident, I will lead my peers with encouragement and grace. Positivity can be a weakness, however, due to the fact that I can become overly excited about mundane things. Some people find this annoying, and no one wants to work alongside someone that is irritating. I believe that, as I lead in the future, I will be more effective if I can balance encouragement and excitement with sensitivity and awareness. I want to use my strengths to brighten people’s days and lift them up. I am proud to be who I am, and I am blessed to be able to use my strengths to fill such an honorable roll at UCO.

  • Austin Markham

    Dr Hynes’s presentation was both informative and encouraging. While listening, I realized how important my strengths are. My top strength is futuristic, I can remember countless times getting in trouble for dreaming about the future and lacking presence. My mom would always remind me to “Live in the now”. Dr. Hynes explained how strengths have upsides and downsides. This strength definitely has both, as I have stated previously I sometimes lack being present, always worrying about my future. With this in mind, I am working to “live in the now” and use my strength when necessary but also to put it on the shelf when needed. Being futuristic has allowed me to be prepared for my future and equips me for the challenges ahead. As a leader, a futuristic strength gives me a unique perspective that looks forward and encourages the people around me to plan ahead.

  • Elizabeth Plunkett

    One strength that I got was Includer; I was not surprised. When I was younger, I used to have sleepover birthday parties; because I did not want to leave anybody out, I invited all of the girls in my grade to stay the night. Anytime I go out and do something, I always ask everybody who knows about the event to come with me because I hate leaving people out. As for myself, I always get upset when I hear about plans or opportunities because I feel left out. Therefore, I never want somebody else to feel the same way I have felt in the past.
    By being an Includer, any time there is an opportunity to be a part of an organization, volunteer event, or just a simple hang out, I will always invite everybody to come. I think this trait is very important when it comes to bringing more people together to work for a cause; an Includer can help others feel accepted and comfortable. The only downside I see from this characteristic is that sometimes people might think I am too pushy when I invite them; they might think that I am begging them to go to something that they do not want to participate in. I will continue to learn the traits of others in order for me to interact with them the correct way based off of their strengths.

  • Kacie Teigen

    I found the results that I got from my strengthsfinder very interesting and I was shocked by one in particular. When I saw that I got Woo in my top five I was kind of disappointed. I’ve always struggled with the fact that I try too hard to impress others around me and have often been told that it is a huge downfall of mine. After thinking about what Dr. Hynes said about our “weaknesses” being our biggest strengths it really hit home. The fact that I don’t run from the challenge of meeting new people and connecting with them has benefited me during interviews, leadership roles, and I hope to continue developing this skill to help me in the future. I plan on doing this by continuing to put myself in situations where I’m faced with the challenge of meeting new people and continuing to strive to be in leadership positions throughout campus.

  • Taking the strengthsfinder test was very beneficial for me because knowing your strengths makes you more likely to succeed. I know that only 2/10 people know their strengths and build theirs lives around their strengths. This gave me confidence to really advance my skill level in other areas of leadership. Developer is one of my top strengths because I feel as its so important to develop other leaders around you to produce great success. You can relate this to student leadership. Great leaders will know how to motivate other leaders around them to make sure their organization is moving forward in a positive direction. This allows transitions and exits from the roles much easier and more effective.

  • Joceline Lopez

    Putting more effort on my part and giving the best of that. Listen more to those people who advise me and tell me what mistake I made, also support and give advice to those who ask me.

  • One of my strengths is woo. I think this is a interesting strength because this is exactly that I am. One of the reason that I want to be in United States is to be connections with other people from all over the world. I like to have many friend and I enjoy talk with them. I like to know about your culture because you can learn about many things. I need to continue to develop this strength because can be easy to develop it but sometimes there are few bad people that they do not like to meet other people and they are very rude with you, and they can change your thoughts. Sometimes I forget the name of the new people that I meet because are unusual and very hard to pronounce and then when I will see the same people for second time I will not remember their names and this is a little sad for them. The name of us is very special and everybody like to listen a good pronunciation of them name . I think that I should write the names of the person that I am meeting in a notebook, and also in this notebook I could put their correct birthday, favorite color, favorite sport or favorite hobbie. This is a way to help me remember many things about many people. I love the people and every day I want to learn about them.

  • Carlos Perez

    It was an interesting speech for me. It was about our skill and how can we uses theses in our life all of us have different skill for example and we can use that in our daily life. One of my strengths is responsability I’m always like this and I’ll continue doing the same things that I always do to be a responsable person.

  • Cynthia Gallardo

    Empathy was listed as one of my highest strengths, and it is one that I feel is very important to who I am. I have always been good at putting myself in other people’s shoes and trying to see things from their perspective; it has helped me be a kinder and more selfless person. But, like all strengths, I have to continue developing it. Although I feel very much for others, I sometimes struggle with putting my empathic feelings into words. The way to develop where I lack in empathy is to validate other people’s feelings when talking or working with them. Even if the way I word things doesn’t make sense at first, I’ll try to reword it and make sure they know that I listened to them. Asking for feedback from others, in both a work and personal environment, is another way that I will develop my strength. Having that communication is essential to understanding other’s better and how I can further improve in expressing my empathy. Volunteering is also a great way for developing empathy in general. By volunteering, I will learn new perspectives and make connections with people through experiences.

  • On of my strengths is inclusiveness. I try my hardest to be very inclusive and make everyone feel important. Now that I am on a big campus with Many students just like me I have a great opportunity to meet new people. I want to help others around me by making them feel special. I know a lot of freshmen are scared right now just like me. I want to go out of my way to spend time with the people who seem alone or scared. We are all in the same place and it’s comforting to have people around you that feel a similar way. I will use my strength of being inclusive to help others on our campus.