Week 14- Lessons in Leadership- Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to embrace these developments. What did you find the most intriguing part of his discussion and what steps can you take as a leader to embrace technological advances in your career and leadership roles?


  • Tianna Arreguin

    I thought a great point that he made was how if businesses don’t evolve with technology, then they will fail. Some people like to stick to old-fashioned ways, but as the world changes, business should keep up with it in order to be appealing and work in the most efficient manner for customers. As a leader, the first step is acceptance. Accept that my methods and paths I take will change due to the quick advancements of technology. Next, helping others understand and accept these changes as well. Nothing would get done if only one person understood how to adapt and utilize new technology. Lastly, work together to help develop a further understanding of technology and also find flaws in order to make a better and more efficient piece of equipment in the future. As for the workplace, my mother always tells me stories about how the older demographic in her company refuses to change along with technology. However in my opinion, I believe that if the company wants to change its procedure, I need to try it out because it could help me save time and effort while also saving time and possible money for the company. It could be a win-win situation, I just need to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

  • Sarah Faust

    I think one of the most interesting parts of Mr. Carolinas conversation was how he talked about some companies will no longer need people because robots will be able to handle task that people do. This possibility has always worried me a bit, however, I believe by being leader I have qualities that a robot will never be able to posses. Leaders most valuable quality is that they are able to communicate with people and have new ideas. By holding these qualities leaders can be the ones to help things and plan for ways for robots to be built instead of robots taking our jobs.

  • Lauren Hood

    Micheal Carolina amazed me with the ways he tied in technology and innovation with the business world! The part of his discussion I found most intriguing was the direction he saw the job field going. For me, it is crazy to think that robots might actually do human jobs. I believe I have this view because I was raised in a small town in Oklahoma so hearing where he expected our job fields to go was absolutely fascinating to me! The steps I can take to embrace technological advances in my leadership roles and career is to maximize them for the cause I am working for. I believe so much good can come from technology when we embrace the incredible opportunities that have been placed before us. Because of this great luxury, I believe the way we give back is to use innovation and technology in every way we can to move our mission forward!

  • Robia Charbonneau

    The most intriguing part of his discussion was artificial intelligence (AI). This is because recently, I have been learning about a robot, named Sophia, with AI who received citizenship in Saudi Arabia. I was amazed at that because humans are starting to integrate robots into society so readily. This kind of technology will be helpful to me in my career because they would help advance the medical field. As a leader, I need to stay up to date with such advancements and others that would affect my field of work. In this way, I will be aware of all my resources and use them to the fullest. I am excited to see what else will be invented.

  • Brook Marshall

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion was when he said that if you’re not innovating you’re not growing. I thought this was very accurate because it is very true in our society. Everything is advancing so quickly and if you aren’t advancing with it you will get left behind. As a leader I will take every step possible to make sure I am embracing technological advances. In my career I will attend teachings and trainings to keep me up to date with the most recent tools I can use. As a leader I will stay up to date with what tools I have available to lead the people following me.

  • Megan Watkins

    During Michael Carolina’s presentation about advancing technologies, he mentioned that if you are not innovating, you are not growing. This was very intriguing to me because not often do we hear that, because technology and the amount it is used is sometimes frowned upon. I believe that one of the first steps to embracing technological advancements, is to accept that it is one of the most resourceful options in this 21st century. As a leader, I would like to be able to use technology to my advantage and use its ability to connect with people and cultures all across the world. Not only can this be helpful in making connections, but also in gaining knowledge. I use technology everyday and plan to begin to use that time more productively in order to do all I can to grow as a leader.

  • Dayton Skeels

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion was when he started discussing how the internet is becoming our new form of communication. For example, he stated that we rarely use the physical newspaper and now it is all online. Its both amazing and scary to think that before long, everything will be accessible electronically. Taking steps to gain more knowledge about the advancements of technology will be beneficial, because in the long run companies will be solely technology based. This is important to be aware of the advancements, because it can be used in leadership roles as well as in your career, because its becoming the new era of communication.

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    “Everything that can be invented has been invented”, Michael Carolina said on his speech. I totally agree so I am curious about our future development and tendency.
    The most intriguing part of his discussion is that he talked about the future technologies and jobs. He mentioned bioscience and health care, broadband, aerospace, electronics, advanced materials, and next generation manufacturing. I think bioscience and health care might be important in the future because of the low birth rate, population aging, and long period of working time. We should be more care about ourselves because good health is above wealth and good health is more important than money for a happy life.
    As a leader how to embrace technological advances in my career and leadership roles. Michael Carolina mentioned leadership attributes are vision, character, courage, confidence, honesty, integrity, humility, embrace technology, sense of humor. As a leader, I will figure out what is my own leadership attributes style and keep up with the modern tendency to embrace technological advances.

  • Emily Norman

    Mr. Carolina spoke extensively about being a visionary. He spoke about the ever evolving need for change and innovation. “If you aren’t innovating, you are probably dying.” I think innovation can occur not only with the developing and furthering of technology, but through innovation of the mind. You’re innovating when you are paying attention in class, you are innovating when you are studying for a test, and you are innovating when you take part in a class discussion. I believe that if we have dedicated our education to this mental type of innovation, and being exposed to the physical innovations of the changing technological world, that once in the work field we will be able to create a new and innovative work place through our absorption of knowledge and experience with changing technologies while in school.

  • I found Michael Carolina’s speech very intriguing. It amazes me that one day robots will be able to do our jobs. It seems like that could only happen in movies. He expressed that businesses that do not catch up with technology will fail. I think this is so interesting, but also very true. Being able to change with the times is not only good or business, but it is also a great quality for leaders ti have. So often, leaders want to stick to the ways they have always done things, but what may have worked in the past will not always work in the future. The world is changing drastically every year. The only successful leaders, like businesses, wil be the ones willing to change with it.

  • Mikkail Bishop

    I find most interesting that most successful people including Mr. Carolina believe that if you do not adapt and go with the flow of technology then you will most likely not succeed in your field. We are in a digital age where technology continues to grow around us and we must as a society learn to grow with it so that we are not left behind. As a leader you are the one who is first to step up and take charge of most situations, and if there is a chance to use some type of newly made technology we have to be open minded and brave enough to try it out and take the first step to advancement. Some people are afraid to use technology because of all of the talk about robots taking peoples jobs but if we embrace it and learn to grow with our surroundings then we won’t have to be afraid of expanding our knowledge.

  • Linus Hodges

    Michael Carolina mentioned the “Art of the Possible” as a method for determining problems to solve in society. I found his interpretation inspiring considering the endless amount of possibilities the world has to offer. In regards to problem solving and human development, I find what relates to the “Art of the Possible”, at least in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is a state function. There are numerous methods to solve a state function, but what matters in the context of the problem involving a state function is the starting point and the ending point. In problem solving, what matters is the problem and the solution. Most people are not interesting in the route taken to solve a problem. If implementing technology is a solution to a problem, than why not use such to ones advantage. Rather than fear change, we should embrace it. My field of study involves lots of communication skills and collaboration in a team. Therefore, I think embracing technology as a tool for influencing collaboration with other facilities around the globe in further develop efficient energy usage, storage, and production. As technology becomes more complex, more power is required to execute tasks and transfer data to multiple processors. I find communication as one of my weak points as a leader and have been working on methods to break out of my shell. For now, the use of technology to create connections with people of my own interests will at least help familiarize myself in proper online communication so that I may apply the experience to the professional world.

  • Katelynn Patton

    The most intriguing part of Mr. Carolina’s speech is when he said “if you are not innovating, you are not growing.” This is something that I had never thought of, and has changed my view some on technology. The quick advance of technology has always scared me. A few hundred years ago, a phone or TV would petrify people. How much more can technology change that would shock my generation in the next few hundred years? 50? 10? 10 years ago, you were really cool if you had a touch screen phone. Now, everything from laptops to refrigerators are touch screen. I often wish that technology would quit advancing, because I am afraid of the world being too technological and not have any old-fashioned components left. However, because of how technology much has already advanced, it is unlikely that it would stop. Technology will continue to grow and I can choose to either be afraid of it, or accept it and approach it in the best way possible. If I choose to be afraid, then I will not grow and be far behind most of the world. If I choose to accept it, I can encourage and be excited for technological growth in areas such as hospitals, research centers, etc. If I choose to be innovating in positive and important areas like these, there is no reason to be afraid. However, not accepting the change and not innovating will only hinder my growth.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    I think technology is changing everything and making our lives better. The most popular issue that everyone concerns recently is artificial intelligence (AI). Because of AI, lots of jobs have been replaced by robots and computers. In the other hand, a lot of workers are losing their jobs. In this point, if we do not follow the trendy and know how fast the world is changing, we will lose most of opportunities. I really like this topic that speaker expressed this week, because I think as a leader, realize more technology is a good way and fast way to organize and success.

  • Emelia Denham

    Michael Carolina surprised me when he talked about the future of job fields. The fact that robots can be programmed to be able to do the same jobs as us is astounding. He additionally mentioned that “if you’re not innovating you’re not growing.” I enjoy this quote because it shows that if one is not working on bettering something, they themselves are not going to grow as a person. As a leader, I can stay up to date with technology and learn how to use it to better my leadership role and even my career in the future. By staying up to date with technological advances, I am able to provide the best ways to present material productively.

  • sierra munoz

    I thought the most interesting part of Michael Carolina’s discussion was how 30% of the activities with a majority of the jobs in the U.S. could be automated with robots. This can worry some people because one day they might lose their job and income to a machine. As leaders we need to encourage people not to be scared but rather to embrace change and learn to grow with it. Out of the many leadership characteristics Carolina mentioned, courage and embracing technology best connect with this idea.

  • Morgan Tarpley

    Michael Carolina made a great point about how if businesses don’t evolve with technology, then they will fail. From small offices, to big businesses and massive corporations, technology is having a huge impact on leadership. Technology is helping to change traditional working patterns. As a communications major, I’ve learned immensely about the effect of social media and technology uses. It’s intriguing to learn about how technology can help leaders accomplish their career roles and much more. It is important to be aware of the advancements, because it is always improving.

  • Rachel Walker

    In today’s world it is hard to imagine what our lives and what the world would look like without technological advancement. There are positives and negatives about how much technology advances. I was very surprised when he mentioned how robots (AI) is being worked on. I Honestly I can’t imagine robots taking our jobs, especially when he mentioned nurses. Yes I do agree with him that if people don’t innovate than they won’t grow, but that doesn’t mean we have to go all in and let technology take over. As leaders it is our job to step up and make a movement, or help others learn and adapt to new lifestyles.

  • Sini Noronen

    The most interesting point Michael made was that how technology has taken over the business world and how the only problem for technology to change is people. How people can’t keep up with the change and how some people are not ready for the change. For me as a leader is very important to convince people that the change is needed and make sure they are ready for it but no make too many changes in a row because people need time after the change. Also the followers need to know what is changing and what is not to have to full focus on what they are doing. Millennials will handle change better because they are already used to the continuous change. The challenge is going to be more with the older generations.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    I thought it was really interesting when Michael Carolina said that if businesses don’t evolve they will fail. Technology is something that is taking our world by storm and if we don’t adapt to the changing world around us failure is bound to happen. I think as leaders we need to accept the changes happening around us and be ready to lead by example. I have never been someone who has been very technological, but I do see the advantages technology brings. I feel like I can help others to see the importance of technology as well and help them transition into this new advancing world. If we work together to make sure that technology is the best it can be there is no limits to technology reaches. We are not only bettering the system but we are making it more valuable so that our world can become that much better as well. I think it is very important that people first be informed on the technological advances happening around them and what tech is really capable of. Being a stronger individual will help me facilitate others to become more aware so that we as a whole can become a better aware society all together. This is just the first step in leading when it comes to technology. After hearing what Michael Carolina had to say I am ready to take that leap and lead by example.

  • Yu-Hsuan Lin

    To find commercial possibilities on the internet is a good tread nowadays. People in this era rely on social media, and e-commercial becomes indispensably and conveniently for us. If we could learn more about these kinds of knowledge such as computer skills, structure website technology etc., there will more opportunities to success. We can be a boss on vital world, and also can hire employee on all over the world to help your company. It is a good method to be a leader, and if we hard work, we can do it.

  • Karlee Ogden

    I found what Michael Carolina had to say about advancing technology very interesting, while also a little scary. It seems outlandish to hear some of the things that will most likely to be possible in the future, but when you think about it, I am sure people in the past thought the same thing regarding technology nowadays. In using technology as a leader, I believe it is inevitable that there will be changes to what we now know. As a leader, you must learn to adapt to the new developments and take the time to understand what is happening because leaders are learners and always need to be ready to learn and adapt to the changing world around them. I also believe that while technology is very beneficial, leaders still must know how to interact in person and keep face-to-face communication skills a priority, because nothing will ever replace that.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    I think the most intriguing part of this discussion was just how fast technology has advanced in this century alone! As a leader, you have to embrace different ways of going about things. With the way technology is advancing, you have to keep up because if you don’t your job could be at stake, and as a leader you have to be able to get your team on board so that your company, department, or whatever doesn’t become obsolete. The easiest step to take is to be open and willing to try new things.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    I think the most intriguing part of his discussion is future technologies and jobs. He pointed kinds of different new jobs in the future. The topic which I loved the most is bioscience and healthcare because the technologies were made by the human. Also, we will face more problems of human, such as population aging, cancer, and so on.
    To embrace technological advances in leadership roles, I should have the vision to know how the world changing. When I know the situation of the world, I can lead my team with correct strategies.

  • Graeme Morrison

    I think that as a leader, it is really important to grasp the new changes in technology, because one of the most important things as a leader is to be knowledgeable and stay ahead of the curve. One of the really interesting things about the presentation was the talk about how jobs are changing. I think it’s an interesting perspective that the job market is going to change the work of people rather than eliminate the jobs for people. I’ve always been under the impression that mechanical aspects would take the jobs, but it is a cool view that jobs will change. I’m glad that this new point of view has been made aware to me, because it actually makes more statistical sense than the other. I think another important lesson to learn as a leader is to be able to change your view when you learn new information.

  • Hilda Estrada

    Michael Carolina discussed advancing technologies and the importance of leaders to embrace these developments. The part I found the most intriguing of his discussion was the growth, but especially the necessity in technology. Technology is at times approached as a luxury, although it may be a luxury it is a an essence for crucial fields such as in the medical field, the science, engineering fields and so forth. The medical field is dependent towards technology as it is the support for research and cure finders. Without technology the advanced research would not be possible. Nonetheless, as an education major, technology has become an attribute and necessity for the field as well. Our students are growing up with technology and becoming our future leaders. Alongside teachings with technology for our newer generation students, they are most capable of creating a unique way of community building as leaders. The steps I can take as a leader to embrace technological advances in my career and leadership roles is to first and foremost step out of my comfort zone, desire and practice learning more about technology. As I integrate technology in lesson plans for observations, student teaching, and later on classroom teaching, the environment offered to the students will be most appropriate. Even though I am a “millennial” I grew up in a “Gen-X” world with different perspectives and ideas from today. By allowing myself to mentally enter the world of our newer generations, I will be able to encourage others to enter as well. I will also be able to connect approaches appropriate to future generations backgrounds within my community and career.

  • Ren Jian Lee

    One interesting part was a quote mentioned saying that “everything that can be invented has already been invented.” Inventions allow new technological advances, so we can still invent new things although we had already invented what we could before each breakthrough happened. My goal is as a computer science student and a leader is to eventually create new time-saving conveniences for people, embracing the technological advances we make.

  • Jacob Thompson

    I found Michael Carolina’s presentation to be very interesting. He made a good point when he said to embrace changes and advancements in technology. Adapting to a big change is necessary if a business wants to perform well.

    Although I do not know where I will end up after college, I know that the ways that business is carried out are constantly changing. I will use technology to keep track of steps that need to be completed along with using technology to sort and store important information.

  • Rylie Smith

    I felt the most intriguing portion of Mr. Carolina’s presentation was the discussion of what innovation is and how we as leaders need to be open-minded and willing to change when presented with new innovations. When asked about job markets and the potential of some citizens to lose their job due to the possibility of robots or computers being able to replace people in said positions, Mr. Carolina stated that although development seems as though their may be a loss initially, innovation creates jobs and opportunities that never existed. In regards to the changes that leaders must make to adapt to innovation, I feel there must be an openness present to accept the changes that will happen in our world and find creative and unique perspectives and methods of working under the new circumstances. In our society today, we are constantly shown new products and advancements that will seem to make our lives easier, but I feel strongly that even though some of life’s simple tasks are no longer daunting, we must not forget to work hard and push for change and innovation in our society. Innovation stems from people finding their passions and nurturing them until they reach their potential. This topic conveys the concept of allowing for the development of new ideas and being the spark that could lead someone to developing things that we could never imagine would be possible.

  • Alexis Guzman

    During Mrs.Carolina’s presentation over advancing technologies, he mentioned that when you are not innovating, then you are not growing. This seems particularly interesting to me because it is not the first time I hear someone say that. The first step to becoming a leader who embraces technology advantages is to simply accept the fact that these newer technologies are a resource.
    If you aren’t opened to advancing then you will be getting left behind. Everything changes with time, especially when we are talking about technology, always forward, faster and better. As a leader, technology can be used as a way to communicate with people from many cultures around the world. The ability that technology provides for us to communicate with others that are far away, and far different, sure is one that we can be used to our advantage to gain powerful knowledge over everything and anything that goes on in the world

  • Wanda Clark

    The thing that Michael Carolina said that intrigued me the most was that the Department of Defense, because of the increase in understanding of nanotechnology, is working on an invisibility cloak. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and even though I do not think something like that will ever be available for public use, the idea of an invisibility cloak makes my nerdy side very happy. Another thing that he said that was very insightful was when he talked about the Law of Disruption. It is something that we see every day, technology exponentially gets better, making it almost impossible for society, economics, or politics to keep up. Whether you like it or not, technology will continue to evolve. If as a leader, you do not embrace this technological change, you will in yourself become obsolete. If a company needs new technology to survive, you must be willing to adapt to that new technology if you wish to remain in the employment of that company. You do not need to be the most technologically savvy person in the room, but you need to be able to learn and adapt to changes. One thing I will do as a leader to embrace technology is be always open to learning. Another thing I will do is humble myself and realize that I will not always be the most technologically inclined in the room, but I will be to most willing to learn how to use new technology and find ways to implement it, whether it be on the board of a non-profit, or in my office.

  • Emily Nelson

    The most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s discussion was when he spoke about how if you are not innovating, you are not growing. I really liked the way that he put this because its true, especially in the business world. Businesses are constantly growing, and trying to stay competitive. If you are not doing the newest thing or innovating in your market, you are behind.
    For example, Uber Eats using their transportation expertise to enter in to “chores to doors” Business. This makes them far more competitive to “Lyft” and other Taxi services. Their business is essentially connivence and travel, so by thinking outside of the box they are continuously innovating and growing. I think that as leaders it is so important to stay up to date with the world as it changes. Becoming fluent in the technology of the changing world can help you better lead your team to excellence.

  • Curtis Diaz

    The part of Michael Carolina’s presentation that I found most interesting was when he spoke about the law of disruption. I feel that the law of disruption is a very real thing and that it must be tackled strategically in order to avoid major political issues with the rapidly advancing technology. A good example of this is the use of drones. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as search-and-rescue, but they are also seen as a threat to privacy. As a leader, I think it is important to embrace the advancement of technology. I think technology should be allowed to advance as fast as possible. Finding a way to balance the social and political sides of the issue is the tricky part.

  • Cole MacCollister

    I have always had a strong interest in technology and how far it has come in such a short time. I like how Michael Carolina stated “if you’re not innovating, you’re not growing.” I believe that this is very true when it comes to my career aspirations and my leadership roles in general. I am studying to become an English teacher and I hope to also become a student council advisor so I can stay involved with the school that I teach at. Technology is ever-growing in public schools, and many innovations have taken place within the classroom. These innovations could range from using iPads to complete a certain assignment, to creating a powerpoint or video presentation to show to the class. I will have to remain “tech-savvy” if I hope to remain an effective teacher in this constantly advancing career field. As far as being a leader goes, technology will also play a huge part. New applications, such as GroupMe, are making it easier for groups of people to collaborate on their projects, work on their assignments or just socialize with their fellow classmates or associates. I think that if I am familiar with new technological advances and stay educated on new and developing applications, I will succeed in my future career, as well as my leadership roles.

  • Casey Base

    When i was growing up, I lived in a home that didn’t have WiFi. I believe this was an advantage and a disadvantage because I wasn’t constantly looking at my phone, so I wasn’t an anti-social kid. At the same time however, I am not very good at operating computers which can be very useful to a leader. Technology has greatly increased productivity in businesses. As it becomes more advanced it will only make work easier and faster for workers.

  • Bianca Navarro

    Michael Carolina talked about the ever changing world of technology. He mentioned how our jobs in the future potentially being taken over by robots. There are going to be lots of changes with technology in the future, and it’s going to be difficult to have things thrown at you and not know what it does. Change is coming, and there’s no way to escape it, but like Mr. Carolina said, “there are going to be rules and regulations that are going to make things easier.” Embracing the technological changes is going to be difficult, but because not everything is going to hit at the same time, which will make it better for us to have the chance to get used to things. We may never necessarily be comfortable with all the changes, but as future leaders, we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we understand what is going on so we have a chance to thrive in the business industry.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Everything must adapt or else be doomed to fail. Which is why incorporating more technology into the workplace is normally the way to go in the form of efficiency. We have to embrace Darwinism, where evolution is the key to survival. However, a lot of jobs can be adjusted to be without pesky human error and that can be frightening. Especially, with our drastically increasing population and thus decreased job opportunities. It can be scary thinking that only the best of the best will get the “good” “well paying” jobs before they are snatched up by Echo, Alexia, or some other variation of tech, but with these advancements, we have the unique ability to create new employment opportunities that require an entirely new set of criteria. Coding is the big thing today. It is even being taught in schools to students as young as 3rd grade. Already, our school systems understands the importance of preparing students for our rapidly changing world. Even this class is using the beauty of tech to teach via the internet. Our world is changing and with it, we must as well or else how can we be considered leaders if we can’t effectively adapt to our environment?

  • Lillian Baker

    During the talk, I found the advanced technology that is in the process of being made interesting. A lot of the things he talked about have, up until now, only been talk. It is interesting to see how those ideas are now being implemented. As leaders, I think we should continually take technology courses through out our careers. As technology changes, so should our knowledge of it. We live in a world where everything revolves around the newest technology out there. Our knowledge had to keep up with its invention. And as we learn, we should teach. Not everyone has the ability to take courses over all the newest technical progress but everyone needs to know it.

  • Austin Loard

    I enjoyed Michael Carolina’s discussion about how if you are not innovating you are not growing. I felt the most intriguing part of his discussion was about how the internet is becoming our most important means of communication. A leader by their very nature must be at the forefront of issues and technology. I don’t believe you can truly “lead from behind.” A leader must also be able to communicate his/ her vision. FDR did it by radio. JFK did it through Television. Social media and the internet are the current means used by Trump and others. A leader must be ready to use new and unique ways of communicating their vision. I believe as a leader, I must strive to stay current on technological trends and remain comfortable with the newest forms of communication.

  • Joshua Layton

    The part I found most interesting about his presentation involved human jobs being inevitably replaced by machines. I believe this is a common fear amongst people, but shouldn’t be a scary one. I believe we will find new jobs, and finding them will be a task that leaders need to do. I can stay up to date as a leader by not only keeping tabs on modern technology but by listening to others. Taking on the help of others will be crucial to staying up to date, for it isn’t an easy task to take on alone. As a leader, I will accept the criticism of others and help them to improve myself through evolving technologies and stratagies.

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    Michael Carolina’s speech was very informative and interesting to me because I believe his view over the topic of technology is super important. He made it a point of change and innovation and how we must be accepting with innovation if we wish to grow as a society. There are still a lot of people who are reluctant to technology and change because of the loss of available jobs and because honestly it freaks people out. What we must focus on as a society is that technology lacks the ability to make the flaws humans do. If technology is properly programmed with the correct information thats what it does and flaws and mistakes are decreased. This will lead to advancements in medicine and the entire medical field, along with the automobile/transportation industries and other safety concerns that involved large amounts of human flaws. But this also means technology must be properly regulated so that the right and correct information is being programmed to prevent flaws. The world is constantly advancing and our world leaders must be accepting of change and innovation if they wish to grow. Just as us as individuals must accept change including technological change in order to advance in our own fields of leadership. For me wanting to be a lawyer technological advancement is important for reasons of evidence and correct processing of information regarding cases. As technology of the criminal justice system grows we can be more reliant on evidence so that rightful justice can be served. As Michael Carolina talks to others and spreads the important topic of technological advancements more people will be able to see the truth behind it and hopefully become more welcoming to all its greatness.

  • If there was one line I could pick that really made an impact on me, it was his talking about how if one isn’t innovating and making or using something new, then they aren’t growing. I think a lot of time leaders will see their job as the maintenance or upkeep of an organization, but truly, their job should be continuing to grow and build the organization up higher. The advance of technology and communications systems has already made communication in organizations so much easier; GroupMe or Remind101, for example, give all members real-time updates, and in situations where you need a questioned answered, they make the process much quicker and efficient. I think that as more programs and technology come to light, one of the most common applications for them will be communication, and I am very excited to see how exactly that lends itself to leadership. As for my career, I am astounded already by the technology used in film and TV today. The special effects, devices used, and cameras themselves make something look so real, and we’re only going to grow from here. I’m most excited for movies in genres such as science fiction because I think those are already gorgeous works of art-what will they be with better, more sophisticated, and faster technology?

  • Lance Cooter

    I first want to start off by thanking Michael Caronlina for coming to UCO and talking to us about technology and how it will impact us in the future. One thing he talked about that really was interesting was how we may lose our jobs to robots in the near future. Robots are starting to advance and become more like humans and companies can really just pay for a robot instead of having to pay for a persons salary. Though with my leadership ability I believe that could never possessed by a robot and those that will help me get a job in the future.

  • Maddie Higdon

    Micheal Carolina had a lot of strong points in his presentation. He said that honesty was a key point of being a leader. With that being said, I didn’t agree with a lot of what was spoken about. The advancement of technology is truly amazing but I don’t think that being competitive is as important as he reiterated. Artificial Intelligence scares me if I’m being honest and I don’t see a need to take good jobs away from human beings and giving them to robots. Although I don’t know a lot about the subject, I see this hurting the economy and the way humans live out there lives. The entire time he was speaking I was picturing the movie Wall-E. While I thought that Micheal was brilliant, I see leadership as people helping people, not as a competition or as a way to give humans less responsibility.

  • Matthew Ecton

    What I found the most intriguing in Mr. Carolina’s speech was when he discussed the importance of adapting in a changing world. Today’s world is vastly different than it was even 5-10 years ago, let alone 15-20 years. This is why it is imperative for us as leaders to constantly on the look out for ways to improve ourselves and the way we do business. Knowing that creativity is my weakness, I intend to surround myself with people that thrive at innovating and coming up with new ideas. I also plan on fighting complacency by always looking to improve what I do and make it as efficient as possible.

  • Lauren Beck

    Overall, Carolina was an interesting speaker. I was especially interested, however, in the topic of AI. His standing is interesting, but he did partially lose my attention when he said that we only use 10% of our brainpower, because that was disproved a couple years ago. I guess he lost some credibility there, but the general idea that AI should build with us instead of ahead of us seems important. It seems as though the availability of technology and the advances within can easily increased a leader’s ability to grow their web of connections. As well as post things on social media and write articles that could reach all sorts of people.

  • Ethan Clark

    I think one of the most important things that Michael Carolina talked about was the fact that businesses will fail if they don’t maintain advance with the current technological standard they will fail. I think that this directly correlates with leadership. If we do not continue to grow and develop as leaders and learn knew things every day, we will fail in our pursuits. We have to continue to strive and achieve new and higher goals so that we can successfully accomplish our objective.

  • Chloe McKinney

    Michael Carolina stressed that embracing new technologies is essential for success. He elaborated by asserting that jobs will be changing as technology develops. I believe that is crucial as a leader to remain educated about these advancements. In addition to staying up to date, a leader should also work to strengthen the qualities that cannot be replaced by technology. By doing these things, one will become more effective and successful as a person and as a leader.

  • Evilin Juanes

    Carolina talked about technology and how important it will be for the future and for companies in general. He talked about how it will be something companies must stay up to date with or else they will fail. I think that is true and important because if most of the businesses kept on doing their ads on newspapers like it used to be then in the world we live in today their customers wouldn’t get reached. Most people nowadays run ads online and on sites like youtube or facebook. That is how companies have learned to go with how technology is advancing if they didn’t the company wouldn’t have reached the people that even bought from them. I think this is important for most businesses out there because they want to reach the majority and that is where most people will be on I don’t know a lot of people my age or a little older who read the newspaper. I will be up to date for now on what is trending and how to better reach the audience I am marketing towards but as I grow older I will have to remember that I may not always know what is in trend and will have to figure it out.

  • Bryce Wilkinson

    A really interesting point that was made was that as technologies evolve, business are forced to evolve with them. I really agree with this statement. Just think about how many business are ran online today. Think about how these businesses would promote themselfs without these technologies. Today, we relyon technology more than ever and it plays a bigger role in the lives of everyone than i think we realize.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    I believe the most intriguing part of Mr. Carolina’s discussion was when he mentioned Charles Dulles’s 1899 quote, “Everything that could be invented has been invented.” This quote is extremely powerful. There have been numerous advancements in technology since 1899. Some of these that are especially notable are the internet, cell phones, and social media. All of these advancements have allowed leaders from across the globe to connect. Today, scientists are also working towards advancements to cure cancer and neurological disorders. To me, this is truly astounding. These inventions along with the quote above remind me to never stop dreaming, working, or hoping. Visionary leaders are the ones who are making these technological contributions. I am reminded to remain open-minded and creative. As a leader, it is also important for me to stay engaged on changing social media platforms by posting positive uplifting words to encourage my followers. Finally, because I am majoring in forensics, I will constantly be learning to use new technology to analyze crime scene evidence.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    I found intriguing how fast technology is advancing and the projected growth that is expected. Michael Carolina discussed the influence constant innovation has within our world. Because we are beginning to live in a competitive job industry, having to adapt to this change is integral in order to grow or else you fail. I believe that the use of technology in my leadership roles and career will allow me to create a positive change in both environments. In being a leader, you will constantly have to adapt to the change technology brings. You have to be open minded and willing about change. This will allow me to communicate more effectively in my community and in the work force. Also, social networking is another way in embracing technological advances in both environments because it engages myself and others worldwide. Technology is a vital part within our society and in the workforce, understanding it will only help better productivity.

  • Madison Lance

    The most intriguing part of Mr. Carolinas speech was when he discussed all of the technological advances up and coming. The world will no longer need many jobs due to robots, but will need more positions filled such as robot maintenance. This will create a lot of controversy and as a leader I must be able to listen to issues that arise and help others cope and understand that the world is an evolving place. We as a world are always changing and evolving, problems will arise, but those that can adapt will be the ones that succeed the most.

  • Ethan Bruegel

    For me, his discussion of adaption is what intrigued me the most. Learning about new technologies is fascinating, and if I had to pick out the one thing I found the most interesting, then it would be how everything will connect to the internet in the future, but I found the idea of adapting toward change the most intriguing. I hold the strong belief that us as individuals are always changing, so Michael Carolina’s speech really resonated with me. The easiest and most straightforward way to stay updated on technology would be to simply be informed and research new technologies. I also believe that one should take risks when supporting new technologies in a business standpoint in order to stay ahead of the competition. Overall, I’m excited for the new technologies in the future and the change they will bring.

  • Jarrod Barnett

    One of the topics that made me think about technology combining with business was the law of disruption. It really is crazy to think about how technology has the ability to change all facets of our life from social, economic, political, and regulatory. I have always been one to accept and want change for the better, however I never took a step back to look at how advancing technologies change the world around me because I focus on the one thing that is changing at the time. He said something to the effect of if you aren’t changing your falling behind, I think the law of disruption applies to this because if you don’t change with the technology the balance between the four areas can be tilted to favor one of them and if that occurs that could cause a failure of our economic or political system.

  • Kyle Tangco

    I’ve learned that I am an interpersonal communicator in the society we live in. But beyond advancements of social media, I’ve realized how technology has pushed us beyond communications. We are now taking steps to synthetic life, automated cars, and alternate forms of energy; highly advocating for this idea, seeing how the human race is poorly treating the environment. It’s great that as leaders we commit to lifelong learning, just like what Michael Carolina has taught us, for we can utilize the power of technology to end social, environmental, and medical conflict. In my note, however, let us be aware to not take advantage of this power as it may take advantage of us. As for myself I will advocate for the world’s advancements by utilizing media technology to promote organizations in relief, food supply, environmental safety, and more, also developing my communications skills to possibly be a journalist.

  • Bryan Becker

    Since the day I got my license I have hated driving, because of this I have always had an interest in autonomous (self-driving) cars. I found it extremely interesting that Mr. Carolina mentioned this in his presentation. I wrote a paper over this technology last year and I found that we are quite a bit farther in our research than most of the general public are aware. It’s exciting for me that he spoke about it because that means it’s possibly becoming more public and because I cannot wait for the day that I can ride by myself across the country and not have to worry about traffic and everything else that comes along with driving.
    To embrace technology as a leader you must know what technology is out there. So, the first step is to stay informed. Know what you have at your disposal. Technology is created to help us be more effective and more efficient, so knowing what all resources are out there can benefit you in any role you may have.

  • Amanda Rebman

    To me, the most intriguing part of Michael Carolina’s presentation was when he discussed the Law of Disruption. The Law of Disruption is when technology advances, but the use of technology in business stays at the original level. Carolina made the point to state that this is detrimental to businesses. We, as a community and leaders, must be willing to continually learn about new technology and how to apply it to our daily tasks. Generally, new technological advances allow for tasks to be easier to complete. It would only make sense to keep moving forward with technological advances because it can enhance your career’s success and the experience of your clients. Ultimately, we need to stay up to date with the new technology released, so that we may learn to apply it in our lives.

  • Angelique Jois Alog

    I was astonished when Michael Carolina discussed how robots are and will soon be taking more human jobs. I once read about a robot named Sophia who recently received her citizenship and even though it’s not in the U.S., it really hit home to me considering that I’m currently working towards getting mine. I reflected on how hard my life would be if I wasn’t in a position of helping my mother out financially. I, then, realized how easily a robot could take my fast food job. Today, one can take his/her own orders through his/her mobile device, some food and drinks are already being made by machines, and lastly, I believe it’s easier to train a computer to have customer service skills than a human. The only advantage I could acknowledge is that I am more likely to serve others as individuals. By doing so, they would feel more comfortable going back to my job and have more experience that makes them feel important. The more familiar a person is of his/her customers, the better one can work with him/her since one is aware of the customer’s likes and dislikes and even their unique personalities. After taking strengthfinders2.0, one of the top five leadership skills I had was individualism. I love and enjoy knowing people for more than everyone knows them as. I try my hardest every day to find something important to at least one person I’m around with in hopes to better understanding their demeanor and perspective. It may be possible to program a machine to know people individually, but I think human to human contact is still more sincere considering that us humans have a choice whether to care or not. Unlike robots or computers, they’re only going to seem like they feel passionate about something because that’s how they’re set to be.

  • Madeline Barham

    Michael Carolina’s discussed a quote that said “Everything that could be invented, already has been”. I believe when he talked about how technology has changed the world compared to how it was in 1899, is the most intriguing. If we did not have the technology today, we would not be as advanced in leadership and careers. Social media allows networking to take place, cell phones allow work to be done in minutes, and machines allow labor to be at a minimum. Technologies cause communication that help with the successes of companies, corporations, and businesses. Take that away and it will all fail and crumble.

  • Jared Johnson

    I thought the most interesting thing Mr. Carolina talked about was how technology is growing faster than our culture can keep up with. It makes me wonder if we are responsible enough for this technology. Each year there is a new development that we may have no rules or regulations for. How do we keeps these advancments from being misused? As a leader, I would suggest using think tanks as well as having an industry that evaluates the risk factors of each new technological advancement. Culture can only progress as fast as the individual minds within it do. If we can keep up with technology our society can grow exponentially. The goal is to grow together with technology, not to let it split us apart.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    I thought it was interesting to see how Mr. Carolina pointed out that man had once said “Everything that could be invented, has been invented”, and then gave us information on how that couldn’t be farther from the truth; technology and science is radically changing our world everyday. I like how we view technology as “The Art of the Possible”, it shows how we see potential in becoming better, and advancing in society. When Mr. Carolina mentioned “The Next Moonshots”, it made me realize that our nation is going to find the next challenging thing to conquer and needs people to advocate for that change. As a leader I should be wanting to shoot for higher goals, and view life as “The Art of the Possible” . I think having a mindset that says I want to see what my next moonshot is, could motivate you to do things you never imagined possible, just like we never imagined man could make it to the moon. Being a leader is about taking risks and learning if you fail. My first step in staying update with technological advances will probably be subscribing to a web site that talks about new technological advances, and not being as annoyed when I hear of all the new gadgets coming out.

  • Taylor Powell

    The most intriguing part of the discussion for me was when Michael Carolina talked about robots eventually being able to do our jobs. It is so crazy to think that people can program robots and make them do the same thing as people. I liked that Michael said, ” if you are not innovating, then you are not growing.” I think this is great advice for leader, because it is important to continue to find ways to become a better leader. For me, I think by staying informed on updated technology will help me become a better leader. I believe it is important to stay aware of all the new updates, because it is happening all of the time.

  • Mikayla M Little

    Mr. Carolina did a wonderful job of explaining how the future of technology is going to shape our world. I was intrigued to hear that is expected that robots will one day take the place of humans in the work field. I have always thought it could possibly happen because of Hollywood, but it honestly strikes a small ounce of fear in me. Robots doing jobs that humans do now, means that robots could be made to do almost anything humans can do. It worries me that it could lead to a power struggle if the technology passes what humans can do. As I continue in leadership I will work to evolve with the technology so it does not pass humans’ knowledge and so those that I lead will know how to adapt.

  • Lindsey Bruce

    think one of the most interesting parts of Mr. Carolinas conversation was how he talked about some the evolution of robots if you will and how most companies will be exchanging out human workers for robot counterparts. I have very mixed emotions about this because I see them as helpful but with the stigma of them taking jobs for people who need them survive or the ever so popular belief they are going to take over the world if very interesting to me. If you are speaking in leadership wise robot will never have the same impact as humans do, but if you start to think well your whole workforce is robots…. do you really need a leader or a mechanic at that point? Technology can be used for good obviously, in a leadership role it is important to stay connected with your employees and that is sometimes the best way, through technology using video chat for meetings with your employees around the country so they get to live in the area they want be happy and still work for you. It’s a win win situation that wouldn’t be possible without technology.

  • Reandre Clark

    The most interesting that about Michael Carolina’s presentation was how 30% of jobs can be ran by robots. it makes you think about what kinds of jobs will there be for us in the next ten years if that happens. This quote also had me thinking “Everything that can be invented has been invented”, which is true and he told us that’s where we come in as leaders to create and educate our selves to invent new things to better our life’s. The ability to communicate, listen and learn from others can helps as leaders to embrace the technological advancements

  • Han Seth Lu

    Being a leader in 21st Century should be familiar with technologies. The advanced technologies make our lives easier and more connected to the people around the world, giving us chances to see different perspectives around the world. I like the idea how he addressed that nowadays leaders should be familiar with technologies. I would like to learn more of high techs what could makes our teams better and never stop learning about their improvements.

  • Cole Spradlin

    The most intriguing part of his talk is the need for job innovation. The number one tool in the work world is learning new trades and skills. Students are now being educated on careers that do not yet exist. I am excited to be able to learn and life goes on and not be stuck with the same mind set and skills through my professional career.