Week 13: Tony L. Dearman

Tony Dearman discussed the importance of attitude, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, solution- oriented leadership and the importance of now. As you think of these discussions and the water analogy: if you block water, water will still find a way over, under or around.. What does this analogy mean in your life as you focus on your resiliency as a leader and what is one goal you want to start now to meet your definition of success?


  • Tianna Arreguin

    I strive to be like water. No matter the obstacle put in front of me, I will try to find a solution to get around it. One goal I have for my future leadership endeavors is to accept the obstacles and be grateful for them. Especially since Thanksgiving is coming up, being thankful for everything in your life is important. In high school, we had 8 important keys and one was “failure leads to success” I would like to implement this mindset more in my leadership experiences. I feel that if you show others flexibility and optimism, then they will spread that mindset throughout their life which causes an exponential growth of people who look forward to obstacles and facing them. My goal as a leader is to not only impact those around me, but influence others to make a similar impact as well.

  • Brook Marshall

    One goal that I want to start now to meet a new definition of success is to always step out of my comfort zone. I have always struggled with pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but when I do I always end up being stretched and learn so much more about myself. I believe that my way of finding a way around a rock in my stream is to continue to stretch myself by getting out of my comfort zone.

  • Jacob Thompson

    Tony Dearman’s speech was great as I was able to relate to a lot of the things that he said. The water analogy that he spoke about reminded me of the many obstacles that I have faced in my own life, health issues being a major one. Everyone has setbacks, but the way we choose to deal or not deal with them determines our goals, which influences our future.

    This analogy reminds me of all of the medical difficulties that I have overcome. The analogy also prompts me to work hard in college so that I can get my degree, and in turn, a career that I am passionate about.

  • Morgan Tarpley

    Tony stated that your attitude will determine your altitude. How you react to situations is going to be a big depiction on where you will end up. Meaning, if you respond with a bad attitude, then your outcome will not be very beneficial in the sense of your ‘altitude.’
    Tony also mentioned how important it is to step out of your comfort zone. I completely agree. As a leader, you have to be able to learn and grow. To be able to learn and grow, you will have to step out of your comfort zone multiple times. However, in addition, growth comes from failure and mistakes. I always try to remind myself that failing is okay because in the end I am going to be stronger and have a different perspective.
    The water analogy made me think about my success in life. What do I define as a success? And what do others define as success? Personally, success to me is ultimately being able to help others reach their full potential. I want to see others succeed in things they are passionate in. I would like to create a goal of inspiring and motivating those around me to pursue their dreams and to look beyond what they can see.

  • Han Seth Lu

    Water analogy is such a good example. I used to be afraid of speaking in front of public. But I always tried my best whenever I had a chance instead of avoiding the chance. I also practiced speaking in front of a mirror just to see what I was like while I was speaking and what I need to improve. As I spoke in front of people more and more, I feel more satisfied and improved each time. Of course– it took a lot of times to be able to speak confidently. Yet I am glad that I never gave up.

  • Cole MacCollister

    In my life, I have had to adapt to different situations that could have restricted me from accomplishing the goals that I put before myself. Whether that was a financial, spiritual or personal roadblock, I always found a way around it and completed the task before me. As a leader, I have also had to adapt to succeed. Coming to UCO I knew very few people, and I wish I would have had one specific person that could have shown me all I needed to know to succeed. One of my goals as a leader is to be a mentor to as many people as I can while I am still a student here at UCO. I believe that mentorship can influence people for a lifetime and I want to be that person for someone who may need advice on how to get around their own roadblock in life. By staying consistent with this goal, I believe that I will see success, and the people that I mentor will be the proof of that.

  • Megan Watkins

    Water does not let anything get in the way when it comes to getting where it needs to go. That is the mentality that leaders should have when it comes to reaching their goals. In my life, I strive to have this same mentality about achieving my goals. I plan on stopping at nothing and letting nothing get in the way of becoming the person, leader, and work professional I can possibly be. As I pursue a degree in the medical field I must be challenging myself to make the best grades possible and learning about everything that is available to me. A goal that I would like to start now, that will help ensure my success at reaching my goal, is to do everything that is assigned to be better than what is expected of me. Tony Dearman also mentioned that he strives to get an assignment done before the deadline and to exceed the expectations of the one who assigned it. Thank you, Tony, for coming today and motivating me to set this goal and strive for excellence in all that I do.

  • Lauren Hood

    I believe Tony Dearman’s principles he discussed are essential to the success and sustainability of all great leaders! As I think about how the water analogy applies to me and my resiliency as a leader, I see many ways I will need to use it in my life. The most important to me now I believe is my resiliency in school as I get married and learn to balance school and home life as a wife. I want to be an excellent student leader as well as a loving wife and servant in the church my husband works at. This will require that I work diligently, manage my time wisely and don’t get stressed or overwhelmed when I need to change my plans or adjust my schedule. One goal I am starting in January to meet my definition of success as a leader is to start a very intense planner called a “Self Journal”. I will nearly plan out every minute of my day while also recording the lessons I learn as I have to be flexible and adjust while still bringing my best. I am so excited for it and I believe the best leaders are those who can easily move, reach and overcome obstacles while keeping a great attitude!

  • Sini Noronen

    The focus in my life when it comes to resiliency is that I believe that all the choices you make today will affect on your future. That is why it is important keeping my grades up because one day I will apply for MBA. The same principle applies to my leadership methods. If you do the best you can do now, you won’t regret it in the future. My career goal today is to become a B2B manager. Keeping that in mind and making the right choices now and developing my leadership skills and knowledge will be to my advantage in the future. I do believe that future doesn’t exist it is only now and the past. Never think that the future is already being signed for you.

  • Garrett Gunn

    I have heard many different analogies involving leadership, but this was by far my favorite one. I really enjoyed this one because as a leader you have to behave like water. Being a leader is never easy and you have to find the strength to get through the tough times in order to accomplish great things. Yes being a leader is never easy, but it is one of the most rewarding things. My goal as a leader is to impact as many people’s lives as possible. The cars, boats, houses, and clothes are all great but that is not how I define success. If I am able to make a positive impact on people’s lives at all time, then everything else will follow behind it.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    I think the water analogy meaning is to tell me that I cannot be stopped by any challenges. To be a leader, if I face some challenges, I need to find another way to solve the problem; like the water keeps running. Also, I need to keep my positive attitude. If the leader of the team is negative, the team won’t have the chance to be successful.

    To meet my definition of success, my goal is “do everything that I’m afraid to do.” After the speech, I know how to encourage myself when I’m afraid to do something. I will tell myself that I can do it because I have the ability to do it. I can solve the problem with my confidence. If I fail, I can learn more. So don’t be afraid, just start to do it.

  • Linus Hodges

    Mr. Dearman explained how he realized the importance of self- confidence. By exploring the world outside of his shell, Mr. Dearman emerged as a strong, successful individual. I relate to his past experience, for I am extremely recluse and usually stay within the confined of my comfort zone because I have a fear of making mistakes. Though I realized the toxicity of crucifying oneself on their mistakes, for it hinders a person’s ability to grow. Through mistakes is how humans truly learn. For example, over time, humans have adapted to survive natural and man-made conflicts such as evolution and war, both of which are uncomfortable topics of discussion. What I took from my discussion with Mr. Dearman is that I need to speak up, regardless of the situation presented so that I may adapt as into my destiny as a professional engineer. However, I took the analogy of the water as a representation of adaptation. Therefore, I would like to work on becoming more involved within the UCO community inside and outside of my field of study, so that I may learn how to adapt to environments outside of my comfort zone.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    The speaker said,” There is no elevator to success, you need to take the stairs.” I agree strongly. Success is not a shortcut, you might will fail a lot of times then reach success. As I leader, I think stepping out of comfort zone is very important, because you will know how big the world is, how strong the enemy is. Through that, you will become humbler and more aggressive. The goal that I want to start now to meet my definition is studying abroad again. Not only acquire the master degree, also expand my horizons.

  • Karlee Ogden

    I think this analogy applies to my life, both in general and in leadership. The goal I have had since coming to college is to get out of my comfort zone. I have already seen this happen, whether I wanted it to or not, just like the water in the analogy. I expected I would do things out of my comfort zone when I began college, by choice and by requirements. I was right about that. I have made conscious decisions to step out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions and when I reflect upon my decisions, I am so glad I did. Whether it be in just talking to someone random who would later become a great friend, or taking on roles where I knew I would be involved. I plan to take my goal of stepping out of my comfort zone to the next level and to take on a leadership role in an organization at some point during my college career.

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    For me, this analogy means when we face the problems, we cannot give up. We should learn what water does. Water will still find a way over, under, or around. We should try again and again, and find a way which can fix this problem. Never give up.
    A goal I want to start now to meet my definition of success is facing my fear. As a leader, I often fear that what other people think about me, but I know no one can be perfect in other’s mind. I think I should encourage myself more and be more confidence just like what Tony Dearman said, “The things you fear the most are the things you usually most to do. Facing the fear can let a person grow up and become different.

  • Sarah Faust

    The water analogy is a great way to describe someone who is determined. It states that no matter how hard you try to block someone, or the water, they will always find a way to preserver and break through. One goal that I have to meet success is to start being more focused. I am usually focused during class but its after when I’m in my dorm or at the library that I have an issues staying focused. I feel if I practice this skill now it will make me more successful in life, and no one will be able to block me from meeting success.

  • Ethan Clark

    To me I think that this is a very crucial characteristic to have in your leadership arsenal, so to say. Resilience is not something to be taken lightly or misunderstood. Having resilience doesn’t mean that you have no feeling about or toward things, it’s quite the opposite, it’s understanding challenges and the effect that they have on your life and then overcoming them. So having that as a focus in your life is very important. Because without being resilient, every challenge that comes you will back down from and never truly reach the full potential that you are capable of.

  • Joshua Layton

    My definition of success involves becoming published as an author. Through this, I will face many obstacles. I may be distraught as I am rejected, but I must learn that failure leads to success. As a leader, it is important to encourage people to move on and to help them to understand it is ok to fail. Encouraging others to push through the hard times will show them they are better than they ever believed, and that is what makes a true leader.

    • Angelique Jois Alog

      Growing up, I had faced different kinds of difficulties to get where I am today. Like the water analogy, I always tried to find my way around all of the said difficulties. I always try to remind myself of all the people that are counting on me and all of the people that continuously supports me. I use them as my motivation. I, also, think about the progress I’ve made and how I shouldn’t back down now. A goal that I’m currently working towards is figuring out how to manage my money, so I can help my mom with bill more often.

  • Mikkail Bishop

    The water analogy is what everyone should think of when they come to an obstacle on the way to the success of their goal. I want to become a professional baker one day and own my own business, however I do not have a functioning kitchen where I live right now. Since I have the obstacle I use it as a way to find my strength and push through the difficulties to find any way possible to bake. Now I bake every time I go home even though it is not often it is helping me reach my goal of success that I am reaching for.

  • I think one thing you have to get used to as a leader is when things don’t turn out the way you wanted, or expected. In serving others, sometimes people don’t want the same things you do, and you have to change your plans. Also, there is always the possibility that your plans can’t be carried through due to a thousand little things that can go wrong. Part of being a leader is having the strength to get up and keep going and to continue to lead your team to continue working towards your goals. One of my goals for this past year has been to continue being involved in the Business Professionals of America organization. Specifically, I want to become a National Officer. I ran for the position this May, but I just missed it with the final vote. I’m hoping to run again this year. To prepare I am making sure to stay in contact with my state delegation and my officer advisor to keep up with dates and information. I’m hoping that, with having this last year to mature and grow in my leadership, that I can have a new perspective on the office and can bring something new to my campaign.

  • Chloe McKinney

    During Tony Dearman’s presentation, he emphasized the importance of overcoming obstacles. This topic has been something that has been very important in my life, as I have already had to overcome many obstacles. One of the most difficult ones was finding a way to go to college. However, I overcame that obstacle and know that I am capable of overcoming the remainder of those ahead of me. Moving forward, a goal I have set for myself is to become more involved, step out of my comfort zone, and make an effort to be more social. This is not something that comes naturally to me, but it is something I know I must do. In order to achieve this goal, I must start now. I know that I cannot continue to put it off or it will not get done. In order to be successful in this, I must also change my perspective and view it as something that will help me grow and better myself, rather than dreading it. I know that these steps will lead to a successful leadership journey.

  • Taylor Powell

    As I think of the water analogy, I think this means for me, I need to focus on my attitude. I try to not let my emotions show, but they always do. For the most part, I have a great attitude. When I hear something I don’t want to hear, or see something I don’t want to see, that’s when my attitude starts to change. Tony Dearman talked about how people are watching us all the time, whether we like it or not. When people look at me, I want them to see me with a positive attitude, and a positive leader. As I continue to become a leader, my goal is to stay more positive and not let the little things effect my attitude.

  • Maddie Higdon

    Tony’s metaphor about the water was my absolute favorite part of his presentation. Lately, I haven’t been focused on the present as much as I thought I was or should be. I’ve been thinking about what my future will be like, or I’ve been reminiscing about the past. Therefore, I really needed to hear this metaphor. My plan is to actually be the water. Carefree, and strong. No one knows how their life will end up, no matter how much we prepare and I think we all need to be at ease with that. Success for me isn’t a giant house or tons of cars. It’s strong relationships and pure happiness. My success doesn’t have to start after I get my diploma, (although that is something I value) it can start right now with hard work and a great attitude.

  • Catie Wilson

    Being fluid in such a way that you are able to conform and adjust to different obstacles that you face is such an important characteristic of a leader. It is crucial that leaders are able to find quick solutions, create alternatives and learn effective ways of leading people. Throughout my college career I hope to attain a few different important leadership positions. This is one of my goals that I know will be challenging because of my busy schedule and high level of responsibilities. This challenge will help me to grow as a person and learn the fluidity that Tony discussed that will help me throughout life. I often fear taking on challenges but as Tony Dearman said “the things you fear the most are the things you need to do the most.” This was a motivating comment making me realize how important it is going to be for me to take risks in order to learn, grow and make a name for myself.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Water is a good representation of a lot of things that have to do with leadership. Water can take on many forms and be mixed into different solutions just as leaders can mix their beliefs or goals. Water is patient just as any good leader should be and water can quench the thirst for those who seek it. Water can carve away to form canyons and erode rock, but it can also feed the growth of trees and animals. It is a tool and a necessity of life. Like water, finding a way around an obstacle to continue moving is very important, and in regards it myself, it is vital for me as a person to not give up when faced with resilience. The ability to press on and accomplish something is all I can really hope for in life whether it is finishing a homework assignment or fighting for something larger than myself. It all starts with finding away around, under, over, or through that very first obstacle.

  • Rachel Walker

    The water analogy in lining with leadership and meeting my goals means that no matter what obstacles you begin to face in life doesn’t mean that it is the end, or there is no way to get around them, it simply is a challenge life has given you. As a leader it is important to face these challenges with an open mind and a good attitude because every obstacle is possible to beat, some may be more difficult or strategic than others, but they are never impossible.
    I really enjoyed Mr. Dearman’s speech and everything he had to say really spoke to me.

  • Lauren Beck

    I guess I cannot speak like a sage because my life has not given me too many roadblocks — at least nothing too major. I am lucky in that realm. Though there are little obstacles that can be represented in these terms. The only way that anyone can get on in life is if they push themselves around the problem. I think I recall Dearman saying that water can also pass through the object it encounters. This speaks to me because sometimes things need to pan out in such as way that you HAVE to work through it instead of just finding a way around it — if we are speaking in the literal sense. As a current goal… I need to make it through this first semester as a UCO student. I guess my next big step towards success is graduating college to lead me on the path of a prosperous life both tangibly and intangibly.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    First off, I think Tony Dearman might have been my favorite speaker this entire semester. He was so positive, and I loved it! His water analogy means to me that: If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, and try again. Failure is never an option, and there’s more than one way to achieve success in anything that you do. As a leader you never want to show defeat. To meet my definition of success, I really just want to make sure that I’ve picked the correct major before I go on any further in my academic career.

  • Yu hsuan Lin

    For me, a senior student, I need to prepare my curriculum vitae, to know what is insufficient and how to improve myself. Participating volunteers and internships could make curriculum vitae more colorful, we can get good opportunities for jobs. Look more news and books can enhance our background knowledge and we could talk with others deeply. The most important thing is don’t walk on a treadmill in the life and keep moving on, maintain a positive heart in the mind.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    I thought Tony Dearman’s words were very inspirational. His water analogy applies to every aspect of my life. Throughout high school, I knew I would not qualify for financial aid to attend college. Attending college has always been an extremely important goal to me. So, I refused to let the obstacle of paying for college stop me from fulfilling my dream. I remained resilient by applying for numerous scholarships and working as often as possible to save money for college. Now, I am blessed to be able to afford attending the University of Central Oklahoma. I have also had to overcome many obstacles as a leader. This past summer, I spearheaded a community leadership project for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. It seemed as if there was an obstacle for every idea I created. For example, my group was not able to donate storm shelters to the community due to state laws, and we were not able to host a benefit softball tournament due to time restraints. However, our group continued to brainstorm ideas until we found an excellent project that really impacted the community. As a leader, this analogy reminds me to never give up. One goal I want to set for myself as I strive for success is to remember that struggles build character and to always remain grateful for what I have.

  • Rylie Smith

    Mr. Dearman’s analogy of the blocking of water means to me that in order to be a resilient leader, you must be open to new ideas and new solution to issues. Gaining a new perspective on a situation is similar to the water finding an alternate route around the obstacle. This process is key to finding a solution that fits the circumstance and helps you to see it in a new way that you might not have considered before. One goal that I would set for myself in regards to obtaining my definition of success would be to challenge myself to be more open to change and new ideas. I tend to fall into routine and fail to consider that they may be a new and more efficient method in which I could accomplish a task. Being more open might also lead to meeting others who have a different perspective than me and can guide me in learning and changing the way I approach certain tasks.

  • Alexis Guzman

    When Tony Dearman first said that we should all be like water I got really confused, I first that that he was referring to the clarity of water, and how we all should be transparent and always honest, while that is a good way to be like water, with his water analogy I got a completely new point of view. When water is blocked, water does not stop finding a way to keep going. In other words, it never gives up, it uses all of its options and it succeeds, because one way or another it defeats whatever is blocking it. Personality I have faced obstacles that I only tried to defeat with one strategy, and because it didn’t work I gave up and told myself I had tried, but I did not try hard enough. Having a positive attitude helps you see the many different ways and solutions you can use to defeat whatever it is that is stopping you from achieving your goal.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    The water analogy that Tony Dearman spoke on opened my mind to what it means to keep pushing. In my life this analogy meant continuing on despite what is in your way. There are going to be all kinds of issues and things that will block your path in life. You must be like water, finding a way around despite your obstacles. You must continue to keep flowing and pushing through. This analogy make sense and seems like an easy state of mind to be in, but as a leader I realize there are going to be countless things that come up in my journey. I want to be able to keep this analogy in mind when things come up that seem to difficult to continue. One goal I would like to start now is being more positive when it comes to things blocking my path. I want to be able to recognize that I too can be like water finding whatever way necessary around my obstacles.

  • Lillian Baker

    I can relate to the water analogy very well. In my life, it seems that something tries to get in my way. But no matter what has come my way, I have found a way to continue on. If there is a will, there will be a way. It’s about not quitting when things get tough. One thing that I can work on now is my patience. For the most part, I consider myself a patient person. But sometimes, things seem to just get away from me. To be successful for me, that means having the patience to deal with whatever life throws at me.

  • Bianca Navarro

    To me, the water analogy means there are going to be road blocks in life, but there are going to be ways for us to find our way past them. For right now, success to me is making it to my destination and finishing something out. Right now, I am focused on finishing the semester strong, and to me when that happens and I survive, it’s a success. As a freshman, the smaller goals are what I have in mind right now, but as I get older, my goals will get bigger and they will be very impactful. Road blocks are inevitable, it’s what you do to move forward and being successful that matters.

  • Kyle Tangco

    There are two commitments you must make in regards to an individual who wants to commit to change, or a person deciding to pursue a goal. The first commitment is to say that your making the big decision to a change or goal, the other is a decision to ensure that the choices you declared are given a hundred percent of effort and care. Like the water analogy, we can decide to block water, referencing the growth we want to have as leaders, but there also distractions, adversaries, and temptations that can easily take us back down if we don’t choose to fully be aware of why we make the initial choice.

    This leads to the idea of having a strong purpose, a motive and theme that will plant your feet on the very reasons why you set goals, and why you want to change. Just like what Dearman stated, “Does your motive bring tears to your eyes? If not, then it is not strong enough.” The time is now to take big steps and to make sure those steps are our main priorities. If we wait, then we will fall in discovering who we are as leaders.

  • Bryan Becker

    A goal I have now, and one that I will always have is to live a life like Jesus lived. It is a goal that I will continue to strive to meet. The two main aspects of this goal are to love God first and to love people. Another part of this lifestyle is continuing to share this love while going through tough times. Like the water I must go over, under, around the challenges I face, but as I make it past these challenges I have to continue to show the love of Jesus Christ. To extend the metaphor even further I will say just as water nourished our earthly bodies, Christian love nourished our heavenly souls.

  • Ethan Bruegel

    Communication is the one major thing in life I struggle with. Whether it be through technology, or face-to-face, I have a hard time translating my ideas into words. My past strategy for dealing with this has been to limit my contact with others, but like the metaphor, situations where communication is vital kept coming. After moving into college, I have started to work on my communication skills. The amount of people I have met in college and talk with greatly outnumbers the amount of people in high school.
    However, just meeting people will not improve my communication. I am constantly pushing myself to improve myself as a leader.

  • Robia Charbonneau

    The water analogy represents the struggle in my life. In high school, I was not sure that I was going to be able to go to college because I was not going to get any financial assistance from my family. Fortunately, I was able to get a scholarship and go to Rose State College for free. After Rose State, I was worried about moving on to a university because I was still not receiving any assistance from my family. Luckily, I received a scholarship at UCO and was able to continue my education.

    One goal I would to start on now is finishing nursing school. I am struggling right now because I have had to change my study habits and habits are hard to change. It will be a hard journey but I have to get through it to reach my definition of success. I want to be financially stable, start a family and live life to the fullest.

  • Emelia Denham

    The analogy about water relates to my life in the sense that it reminds me to be flexible. As a leader, things are not always going to go as planned, and it is important to be resilient and go with the flow. Water will move around any obstacle that comes its way, and so should I. One goal I want to set now to meet my definition of success is to have faith in the process. Working on believing that you’re going somewhere even when you can’t see it is a ideal goal. A positive attitude and trusting the process of success is also necessary.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    As a leader I think it’s important to realise that you’re going to come to road blocks or challenges in your life, If you arn’t then you’re doing something wrong. What sets a leader apart is that just like the water, it finds another way to keep going. For me, that means never retreating when I hit a block, but putting all my effort into finding a new way around my complication. I think its important to have the mindset of no matter what I will be relentless in overcoming my obstacles. This could also mean flowing against an opposing worldview or belief that may block my path. If I believe in something, I can’t go back on what I started, or what I said no matter what hinders my journey.
    My goal I want to start now to meet my definition of success is learning to become the greatest teacher possible, I plan to start by listening more to people and making the focus of the conversation about them and not myself.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    The water analogy sheds light in how I will inevitably encounter barriers but there will always be a way to overcome it. When water is approached with a barrier, it does not just give up and quit as it does the opposite. Being persistent even when faced with a challenge is what will help me strengthen my resiliency as a leader. One goal that I will start now is to welcome challenges instead of dreading them. This will help me meet my definition of success because it will drive me to take more challenges and in the process help me grow.

  • Jake Seawright

    This analogy to me means that there are no shortcuts in life. I feel that if one takes a way that is cutting some edges rather than taking the long way, they will be shorted in some way. One goal I can set for myself would be being more detail oriented and take more time to do things the right way rather than the easy way. I also believe that doing things the right way rather than the easy way shows a sense of commitment to the job trying to be accomplished. Showing dedication and commitment really brings out that sense of leadership that others will follow and look up to.

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    I believe the water analogy is the perfect example of not giving up when the first option fails. A lot of the time leadership becomes most important when there is an issue at hand. When something goes wrong most people look for an answer and not necessarily a what answer, but a who. They seek a leader in a time of confusion and stress. It is important as a leader to keep the water analogy in mind and think of every angle possible. When the first way doesn’t work, try another, and again and again until the issue is resolved. My goal to set would tie in with the water analogy by focusing on being consistent in my leadership, just like the water is consistent with its end goal. I want to work on being consistent in what I say my purpose is and actually fulfilling the goals I set for myself while also fulfilling the goals I expect others to achieve. If I can be consistent I will be able to lead with the trust and confidence of those around me.

  • sierra munoz

    As Tony Dearman discussed, one big hurdle I need to overcome as a leader is getting out of my comfort zone. By doing this I can face and overcome my fears. It is hard for me to get out of my comfort zone because I constantly wonder what people say or think of me. One example of this is public speaking. I hate speaking in front of others so I only do it when it is 100% necessary. In a way, my self confidence is the rock blocking the water’s path way. The more I step out of my comfort zone and push myself, the more I chip away at the rock. When there is an opportunity to speak in front of others I need to take it. The more practice I have at this the more comfortable I will be overtime. By overcoming my fear and by not caring what others think of me, my self confidence will grow and allow that water to flow.

  • Casey Base

    The water block analogy makes me think of the word adaptability. If a person knows only one way to lead they are setting themselves up for failure. Good leaders know many different ways to accomplish goals and work around problems. I always like to refer to football when it comes to leading because it is the reason I am the leader I am today. When I am playing there are always going to problems that occur throughout the course of the game. The team has to adapt to in order to win.

  • I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Dearman. Not only because of WHAT he said, but also because of HOW he said it. he had a way of speaking that sort of draws in a listener. As a leader, one needs to be able to get out of his or her comfort zone simply because by remaining around those people they are comfortable with, the amount of people that could possibly be reached in drastically reduced. As for the water analogy, a way I see this applying to leadership is that by having the position of leadership, you will hit road blocks, but you need to be like water are try to find some way around this obstacle and continue on your path.

  • Hilda Estrada

    Tony Dearman discussed the importance of attitude, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, solution- oriented leadership and the importance of now. Through these discussions and the water analogy: if you block water, water will still find a way over, under or around. To me this analogy means that, although I will come across many obstacles due to my condition, I can still surpass the obstacles and find ways to deal with situations that come upon me. The one goal I want to start now for my success, is to have the strength and courage to speak up to share my thoughts and insights. To me success is a big and meaningful word that not only will impact me, but also the community I would like to advocate for. For a future leader I want to become the person that will not allow obstacles take over my goals.

  • Austin Loard

    The analogy of water always finding a way to get past the rock is a great way to be a leader. As a leader there are several obstacles that block our path but we have to be like water and find a way to get past the rocks to continue to be a great effective leader. The difference in being a good leader and a great leader is a great leader will find a way to get past the obstacles or rocks in his path to help better those around him, while a good leader is content with just getting to the hard parts and being satisfied with their accomplishments of getting that far.

  • Emily Nelson

    “if you block water, water will still find a way over, under or around.”

    Don’t let anything block you from what you want. Be flexible. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that there is not just one path or one way of accomplishing something. Just because something is different, it doesn’t mean its wrong.
    I need to remind my self to constantly push my self out of my comfort zone. I won’t continue to learn and grow if I am always in one place, where I am comfortable. I love this analogy because I had never thought of it in this way before. I reminded me to keep learning, growing and thinking. and even if I feel discouraged by a roadblock to find another way to shoot for it.

  • Wanda Clark

    When thinking back to the water analogy, I am struck with the amazing power humans have. We have the knowledge that an obstacle is not the end of the road, because there is always a way around. One thing about this analogy is that leadership does not mean always moving forward with the same plan when things go wrong; sometimes we have to learn to adapt and change with the tide. One goal I have to become successful is to start look at situations as an end rather than a mean. By that I mean, living in the moment and seeing what I can learn from every passing day. Learning is one of the few things I can completely control in this life, and I will strive to take full advantage of that to become successful in whatever for that presents itself.

  • Lance Cooter

    I want to start off by thanking Tony Dearman for coming to speak to the UCO leadership class. Now, the analogy to means that i need to be the water, As a leader you need to be able to fight through adversity and keep moving forward no matter the obstacle. One goal I want to start now that would lead to my definition of success is being able to realize I made a mistake and try and figure out a solution. With this goal it will help me become a better leader and that will help me with my definition of success.

  • Jacqueline Kolker

    The water analogy stands out to me significantly as I have been struggling lately with balancing everything in my life. I moved out of my parents and into an apartment, rather than live on campus, for the first time this August, and have since had a very difficult time concentrating on my school work while also working a full-time job, paying rent and bills, and still finding a way to feed myself. Because of this experience, resilience within myself is something that I have been forced to develop in order to keep everything going. It can be difficult to remember that no matter what you’re going through, no matter how difficult things are for you, life keeps going. Things are going to continue happening, water is going to find its way through, over or under, and you have to not only keep yourself from drowning but also find a way to swim in it. I have set a goal for myself to achieve what I believe to be acceptable grades for myself this semester, despite where I may currently be standing. I have very high standards for myself and my education, so this will definitely not be an easy task, but I believe I will accomplish great things.

  • Cole Spradlin

    It is important that we need to be water. The drive to stop at nothing to achieve our goal like water. Water will do whatever to get where it needs to as we should. It is important to be flexible like water and work through any situation to reach the end goal. We can get uncomfortable and put ourselves out there to get where we need to be.

  • A goal I have is to begin connecting with other individuals on a more frequent basis. I find myself constantly cutting my time with others short because I feel like have too many other things to do. I should slow down and realize I have too much time and it should be spent wisely with the others around me. The connections I make should have the same intensity as the water does with the rock: consistent, strong, and powerful. Keeping this influence on my life will help me have stronger friendships and a positive cultural difference with the world. It’s one way I target success: through connections and accepting opposing views.

  • Madeline Barham

    When comparing leadership abilities to the water analogy, think of the water as your morals and character. Water will find a way, whether there is an obstacle to overcome or not. A true leader is that same way. Although, before the water needs to find an exit strategy, the water needs to build up. This is where you build up your leadership skills. Once you live by your morals and character, you can now set goals, and decide how to execute those goals. After listening to Tony Dearman, I have decided to set a goal to not only be the leader that is in charge, but a leader that also does the behind the scenes work. I feel like I have already lived up to this goal in most circumstances, but sometimes we all slip.

  • Amanda Rebman

    To me, this analogy motivates me to not stop fighting. It shows me that even when all the odds are against you, you can still find a way around or a new solution to the problem at hand. My goal is to change the way people view and speak about sexual assault. I want to be able to change people’s lives and give them hope. I want the excuse that “Boys will be boys,” to end. No one deserves to be treated like they are an object or property. I want to help facilitate this change in every way possible. My first step toward my goal is to volunteer with a crisis hot-line, so I can actively help people who are in need.

  • Jared Johnson

    Being like water means being fluid with the struggles that life throws at you. Sometimes it may be better to work with these difficulties rather than facing them head on or completely abandoning them. This is exactly the goal I have for becoming a better leader. There will always be a new obstacle to overcome. Instead of avoiding these obstacles I need to work around them and teach others how to do so as well. Flexibility is a key for me to become a stronger leader. I have always had a bad habit of shutting down completely when faced with to many tasks. So, my goal is to find a work with adversity instead of fighting it.

  • Emily Norman

    As I reflect on Tony Dearman’s words about attitude and his analogy about the persistence of water, I think about how attitude and persistence go hand in hand. You must be persistent in your positivity. There will always be plenty of reasons to give up, stop, turn around, and lie down. There will always be plenty of opportunities to let someone else do it for you. However, as a leader you must be persistent. You must always have the mentality that you can do any job and do any job well as long as you come to the job with an attitude of persistent positivity. As a leader I am setting a goal to hunt down involvement in the things that I love to practice this “seize the day” mentality.

  • Mikayla M Little

    This analogy means to me that even the things we work to avoid or work against, will somehow find its way in and create adverse situations. In my leadership, I will work on my resilience by taking every thought captive. Often when unexpected things occur it is easy to let my mouth run before my mind does, but it is important to work to change this habit around. We should be in control of how we speak as leaders and this is only done by being conscious of ourselves in adversity.

  • Reandre Clark

    The analogy Mr. Tony Dearman discusses the idea of how the water will find its way through any blockage in its way. what that means to me is to keep moving forward I must find a way to stay on track even though there will be obstacles that will try to prevent me from my success. I must go through different things to reach my success because gaining success is not easy and it will never be easy. The one goal that I have right now is finding a way to stay in college, keep expanding my education and graduating so I can start my own career that I hope to be famous and well known for doing what I love. I love to help athletes recover from any kind of injury so they can get back on the court or field doing what they love to do each day they play. That’s what my success will be when I reach it

  • Lindsey Bruce

    The water analogy to me in my life represents that there will always be a force against you and the way you handle it (well or destructively) will determine your outcome and how it contributes to all of your success. I like to go by expect the worst but hope for the best, which I think correlates with the water analogy. I will always expect the water to leak so blocking it instead of fixing the problem is to go to for success.

  • Madison Lance

    In Tony Dearman’s speech, he discussed a water analogy. I related to this because it is something I am passionate about. Attitude Will determine your success and the ability to get through many obstacles. One goal I have for myself would be to emotionally move people and to motivate them to change the world. We imagine ourselves as one drop in the ocean, but the ripple effect we create is bigger than we know.

  • Katelynn Patton

    Life can be very hard. We all go through difficult trials. Everyone is prone to feeling discouraged, and everyone can feel like giving up. However, I strongly believe that those who persist and keep fighting are those who always succeed. Many see not achieving a goal, regardless of the effort put into it, as failure. I disagree with his whole heartedly. I believe that giving up is only true failure. Throughout life, there will be times that obstacles block the pathway to our goals. If giving up is one’s reaction to this obstacle, then he/she has failed. If this person chooses to persist, or even choose a route that he/she believes is wiser or more beneficial, then they have succeeded because they have chosen persist. Even if someone does not end up reaching their goal due to unchangable life circumstances, they still have not failed because they did not give up. Giving up is the only true failure, because one can always learn from obstacles as long as they persist. If one gives up the second an obstacle is in their way, they cannot look back and say they learned from the obstacle. I hope to be a leader that not only persists through every obstacle in my own life, but a leader that also encourages others to persist. An example of this is encouraging those who feel like they never succeed. I am a nursing major currently, but I have been considering becoming a Christian Counselor. I have had to persist through many roadblocks myself, and I want to help those who feel that they cannot persist through their roadblocks. However, I believe that even if I stick with nursing, I can still help people persist through encouragement in personal relationships.

  • Dayton Skeels

    Mr. Tony Dearman discussion about how water will overcome barriers means, in reality, that no matter what stands in your way; you must overcome hardships. One goal I would really like to start now, is making at least two generous acts for others daily. Putting a smile on other people’s face just brightens my day, so I guess you could say I win in all aspects here.