Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Jim Dunlap and Pat Hall

During their presentation, Jim and Pat discussed being “engaged and enraged” while also showing that individuals with different political backgrounds can effectively work together to solve issues and challenges in our state. What can you do to balance your personal engagement and goals with a respect to listening to others who may have different opinions or perspectives?


  • Tianna Arreguin

    I feel that the main thing I focus on when it comes to a conversation with somebody with a different opinion is how I want to be treated. I have lived my life from the line “treat others the way you want to be treated” and it definitely applies to this situation. I know that I want to be heard without interruption and so I try, I don’t always succeed, but I try to completely listen to the other side without my own input because I like to expand my viewpoint and being exposed to a different perspective can change your own outlet. If I still disagree after hearing their side, I respect the fact that everybody has different opinions and that is okay. If everybody thought the same way then our world would be static with little improvement, I am grateful for disagreements, I am grateful for challenges, and I am grateful for individuality because it gives me all the more reason to work with others in order to come up with the best possible solution to any situation.

  • Taylor Powell

    I thought it was so cool to see Jim Dunlap and Pat Hall work together while having different political views. I could tell they respected each others opinions even while not agreeing with one another. As a leader, I think it is very important to show compassion towards one another even while disagreeing. Everybody has their own opinions and that’s what makes them special. Leaders look past other peoples opinions and focus on building them up, and being respectful. Not everybody has to have the same opinions to be friends with one another, just like Jim and Pat, but how you handle the situation shows what kind of leader you are. Both Jim and Pat are great examples!

  • Raliyn Thomas

    What I can do to balance everything is to make sure I pay attention to everything. Take in consideration of others thoughts and remember that everyone has an opinion.

  • Lauren Hood

    I love how well they talked through the importance of being enraged with passion while still having a respect for people with an opposing view! To balance my engagement and goals with a respect for listening to others with a different opinion than myself, I believe it always has and will have a great deal to do with who I decide to engage in conversation with and how we together handle our differing opinions. For me, I believe we both have a beautiful right to our own opinion and morals and should offer that to each other. I love to be passionate about my beliefs, but my passions never need to hurt somone else and vice versa. Some people will agree and others believe only their opinion is right and should be heard, so I believe it is best to always be thinking about the level of acceptance the person that you are talking to has. Being engaged is very important and we have so much we can learn from each other!

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    I think I am a good listener so I will show my respect and let others finish their word or ideas first. Then, I will share my ideas. After my sharing, I will discuss with others and try to find the same part or similar part of our ideas. If his or her ideas are better than mine, I will choose their idea. If I think some parts of my ideas are better, I will try my best to tell them what I thought and why I think mine is better than yours and try to let he or she accept it and do the balance between us.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    If someone has different opinions from me, I will have a meeting with him or her. During the meeting, I share my opinions with him or her, and he or she shares his or her opinions with me. After that, we will combine our opinions together; therefore, we can find the best decision. Also, I will tell myself that I should listen to others patiently. In this way, we can express our thoughts clearly and find the best way to solve the problems.

  • Rachel Walker

    Listening to Jim and Pat talk together and knowing that they work side by side everyday is so cool. People usually never agree on everything, especially politics. Life would be so stressful and annoying if people didn’t get along because they didn’t agree on a topic. Being in the United States we have a right that allows us to have freedom of speech and be able to discuss our differences. Working with people, this can be a challenge at some point because there are people in this world who are completely one sided and don’t want to listen to what others have to say. For me, I am not a big fan of confrontation, so I have always been good about listening to others opinions or ideas. As a leader this is a trait that is very important. People won’t feel as if can open up to you if you cut them off or say that their opinion is invalid. Many minds are more efficient and successful than one.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    I would listen to others opinion first, and try to realize why they will think in that way, because I think deny people’s suggestions at first is impolite. If I want to share some viewpoints that are different from others, I will observe them first, I also can make a double check whether I thought is right or wrong by this action. In the meanwhile, if my thought is wrong, I can correct it immediately. On the other hand, if I disagreed their perspectives, I will share my opinion gently to hope persuade can listen and agree my thought.

  • Sierra Munoz

    While working with someone with different views or backgrounds as you it is important to always listen with an open mind. When you disagree, it is important to not put up a mental wall, but rather to understand that person’s views and figure out why they believe that way. Then the two can compare and contrast their perspectives and use their differences and similarities to execute the task at hand. Two working together is always stronger and more effective than one.

  • Joshua Layton

    I believe the best way to improve any situation is to try and defend the other side. If you force yourself to try and defend the very thing you are fighting against, compromise will become a lot easier. This will allow you to see the good parts of the other side. During this process, you must still stay true to yourself, however. Don’t let go of your goals just to satisfy others, but instead try and see how others are trying to help as well. Many times, both parties can find that the other side really is doing what they think is best. I think if we all learn to listen to each other and compromise on our goals, we can change our community and world in a positive manner.

  • Karlee Ogden

    I feel very strongly about the value of respecting the opinions of others while they may be different than your own. As referenced by many of our earlier speakers this year, listening is one of the most important qualities possessed in leaders. It is important to listen to opinions differing from your own and keep an open mind, because every person brings a new point of view to the “table”. The person who has a different mindset may bring up a point you would have never thought about before. In my life personally, this will be an especially important quality. I plan on becoming a counselor and hopefully working with children. Listening plays a huge factor in working as a counselor. In college I also see this often when hearing others voice their opinions and beliefs and the reasons why they feel a certain way. The same goes for my participation in organizations. Every person has their own unique ideas and styles of leading. I have always been interested in hearing people’s thoughts and opinions, so I hope to use this to my advantage in my future endeavors.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    I’m religious, so with that being said in my everyday life I have to deal with people who have different opinions, beliefs, or perspectives. The way I deal with that is to just listen. We are all different. As for the work world, I would always listen to different opinions. Through different opinions you can get a whole lot of stuff done and compromise and get a bigger picture done. As a leader my team and I would have a common goal, I’d like to hear their opinions on our projects because it could ultimately change my perspective as well.

  • Cole MacCollister

    I hold a firm belief that others are entitled to their own ideals, morals and goals. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will always agree with what they have to say. It is inevitable that people will say things that will completely differ from what I personally believe. However, I can balance my own beliefs with theirs by simply showing them respect. By respecting somebody else’s mindset, this can give us a great chance to work together. If we both have good ideas, but our way of making these ideas a reality differs, then it is our moral responsibility to compromise. Although respect goes a long way, it is compromise that will ensure that both parties are satisfied with the end result. Finally, by taking in other people’s perspectives, it makes me a more balanced and open-minded leader, and enables me to look past the line that divides us, and unites us for the purpose of achieving the same common goal.

  • Emelia Denham

    There are many ways that people with different political backgrounds can come together as a team. One is to find a common ground. A way to do this is for both people to accept the other’s views even if one disagrees. In addition, try to understand their viewpoint and where they are coming from. Respect is a major part of listening to different viewpoints and perspectives. You can balance personal engagement and goals by speaking for what you believe in, while still respecting the opposing views.

  • Ethan Clark

    Working together with separate issues is a very difficult problem to try to work through. Part of this reason is that most people are very passionate about their ideals. Although this may be, one big thing that we have to realize is that even though we are passionate about the subject, so is the other side, and they deserve the same amount of respect that you would want. Everyone has some sort of personal engagement in what they’re fighting for, but its our job as individuals to listening and picture ourselves in their shoes to that we can most successfully accomplish our goal.

  • Jacob Thompson

    There are times when I have trouble listening to people who have an opinion that opposes mine. Sometimes, I am one of those people who feels that my way of doing something is the best and only choice.

    Learning to balance my personal engagement and goals with the opinions of others takes time and practice.

    In order to accomplish this, I should take a step back and observe the situation through the other person’s point of view.

    You can’t really understand where someone is coming from until you take the time to acknowledge their side of the situation.

  • Evilin Juanes

    I think that we could seek to understand where the other side is coming from in arguments. It’s important to realize that even though we make not agree with everyone opinions we can still respect the person because they are just human,, like us. Everyone grew up in different cultures and had different experiences in life. We can get our opinion out there without hurting or attacking someone else, there are other ways to make a change in the world like peacefully protesting or voting. Expressing our opinions does not have to involve hurting others.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    Many people struggle with balancing their personal engagement and goals while, at the same time, respecting others who have a differing opinion or perspective than them. This can seem like a daunting task, but I have learned it is relatively simple to do. When I am working with another individual regarding a topic we disagree on, I try to view the topic from that individual’s perspective and understand why that individual believes the way he or she does. A prime example of this was the time I had to conduct a research project, regarding how strict DUI laws should be, with one of my fellow students. I viewed my fellow student’s beliefs as extremely “rash” and unreasonably strict. However, I didn’t realize that my partner had lost a family member to a car accident caused by someone driving drunk. After my partner revealed this to me, I became more empathetic of her beliefs and viewed her with more respect. This enabled us to better work together by creating a compromise compatible to both of our beliefs. This experience has taught me to remember that the person who I am in disagreement with is another human being. He or she may not be perfect, but neither am I. Now I constantly remind others that everyone deserves the same rights and privileges regardless of their beliefs.

  • Katelynn Patton

    I think the most important way to be engaged and focused on your goals while also respecting different views is by making sure you are fully informed on both sides of the subject being debated. It is much easier to show your respect to another side when you are informed. You need to be informed on your side for obvious reasons, but if you are not informed on the opposing side you cannot really pose an argument. People will not listen to you because they do not think you know what you are talking about, and you can be seen as ignorant. If you are informed on the other side, the other side will see that you care enough about the subject to consider their views, therefore making them feel respected. Being informed can also make it easier to not be judgmental. You obviously don’t agree with the other side, but understanding why they are fighting for their side can help. In most cases, people have good intentions. Understanding the end goal of the other side makes it much easier to resect them. Once you are informed, you can then be more engaged in your goals without seeming ignorant, and oftentimes people will follow. Being informed is a great characteristic of a leader, and a great method of attaining your goals.

  • Emily Nelson

    I really enjoyed their presentation! it really stood out to me that they were not only friends but they work side by side in a non-partisan organization where their values and position on important issues are constantly being contradicted and challenged. But yet, they still remain working friends and business partners. I think that is definitely an issue I have seen on college campuses. When I have talked to people about politics and current issues people either don’t want to discuss their thoughts because it makes them uncomfortable that someone might disagree with them or they completely hide from what is going on in the world because they are apathetic about politics. I loved that he said to be being “Enraged and engaged” because yes, politics make people upset because these things affect us and our neighbors. However, enraged people change things. One of my favorite quotes that Angela Davis said: “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I can not accept.” This quote always makes me remember that passion I have to make a difference in injustices.
    I think the best thing we can do for our selves and our peers is to never stop talking about what we are passionate about and encourage those to do the same.

  • I feel like working with someone that I completely disagree with is one of the hardest things for me, and it is something that I need to work on. In working with someone who has a different opinion than you, you must first have respect for that person. If you can respect them, you can learn to respect their opinion that differs from yours. I like the fact that they encourage everyone to become “enraged and engaged” because that is how things get done. If you are enraged about something, that means that it means enough to you to get worked up about it, and becoming engaged is the way to fix it. Many people don’t ever think to call their representatives and talk to them personally about an issue they want fixed, which is what Mr. Dunlap and Mr. Hall encouraged us to do. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we like to become enraged about things and complain about them, but we don’t care to become engaged. Until that changes, the issues that people are passionate about will never be resolved.

  • Brook Marshall

    I believe that I can balance my personal engagements and goals while still respecting and listening to others who have different opinions or perspectives than me by not getting easily offended and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I believe that relationships are most important in our lives and because Jim and Pat have such a strong friendship they are able to overlook their different opinions and work together. Throughout my life, especially being a leader, I will always have people with different opinions than me. I think what sets me apart is that I respect those different opinions and don’t treat someone different because they don’t think the way I do. This world would be boring if we all thought the same and had the same opinions. Thank you Jim and Pat for being good examples to our class.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    I thought being enraged and engaged was a really interesting concept. For me as a future teacher, the education program is at its worst in Oklahoma. I found the story they told of the teachers rushing to the Capitol and refusing to leave very inspiring. If you’re passionate about something, you should be involved in seeing it succeed, and that means standing up for it if it’s in jeopardy. If you have questions and concerns or complaints, make them known to people who can answer them. Working with people from a different political view or belief can strengthen your team because though you have differences, you’re showing that you both agree on one thing. It can broaden your understanding of a subject; not respecting someone’s opinion or listening to what they have to say leaves you close-minded. You have to admit that someone with a different view of things might be right, it’s better to be proven wrong and the problem is fixed, then remaining stubborn and seeing yourself fail more, and never move on.

  • Han Seth Lu

    I think civility and giving respect is important in every change. We should have the right to express our thoughts and opinions freely. On the other hand, It is crucial that we should also listen and respect the oppositions. I do not ever believe people with different ideas and beliefs cannot work together. Change is based on differences. So, I believe different ideas, opinions and dialogues are very important in improving a society.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Instead of only listening to people that agree with you, talk with those that disagree. By respectfully disagreeing and having a civil conversation, people can expand their perspectives. It is important to understand that not everyone is going to have the same ideals as you. Everyone has different circumstances and beliefs which alters their wants and needs. To listen to those alternative perspectives means that we get to better understand each other and only then can we work together to make a better tomorrow.

  • Chloe McKinney

    Jim Dunlap and Pat Hall had many applicable topics in their presentation. One that they stressed was being able to work with diverse people, while still being able to reach a goal. I believe that being able to express and share one’s own opinions is extremely important. However, I feel that is often forgotten that it is not necessary to degrade the opinions and views of others in the process. Finding a balance between forcing opinions on someone and allowing opinions to be forced on you is crucial. Being open to looking at things differently and considering other perspectives, as well as being able to compromise, will lead to successful leadership.

  • Kenzie Taylor

    I personally loved listening to Jim and Pat banter back and forth with each other. They were very entertaining and educated. They have a tough job in the political field, and I respect them for doing it. I was glad to see two people, so passionate and driven, that was willing to call out our age group and call for action with our words. Our generation is known for speaking without action sometimes and it needed to be said. Their lesson was a great one, one that needed to be heard by myself for sure. A great week!

  • Yu hsuan Lin

    We are a social animal, talking with others is unavoidable. Conflicts will appear anytime with human relationship. How to do effectively communicate is important thing between leader and his subordinate. Use friendly talking and logically ideas to share opinions for others. If they don’t accept, we can listen their ideas first, and combine ours to have a outcome to solve problem. Listening is a vital skill for us to practice.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    I can balance my personal goals and still be respectful to others opinions by being open minded and consider all point of views on an issue or subject. I think it’s very important to see others point of views on something, often you can even learn from them and become better aware on a topic. I can still hold true to my beliefs and opinions but also being a good leader is knowing how to listen to others and show them the respect deserved. Like Pat and Jim said we won’t always agree with everyone but still being considerate is a dying art in the world we live in today. Though it may be a challenge to always be so open minded when it comes to politics, it’s something I am choosing to put my focus on. Everyone wants to know that their opinions are valued, even if I don’t agree with them we are still forming a relationship that could possibly benefit the both of us simply being courteous. Pat and Jim’s relationship is something I would like to strive towards having with everyone I meet. Two people who both view the world differently but combined they make an effective team. They both are willing to be open minded and see each others perspectives.

  • Rylie Smith

    I feel one of the most important traits in a leader is to keep an open mind and listen to others perspectives. I was very encouraged by Mr. Hall and Mr. Dunlap’s advice for us to become “enraged and engaged” because many young people do not voice their opinions. The main way that I would be able to balance my goals and engagements while still being open to other’s perpectives would be acknowleging the fact that differences in opinion can be benefical and can either help you reinforce your opinion or help in the reevaluation of your opinion and create a newfound persective on the subject. Keeping an open mind can also benefit others by initiating mutually respectful discussion that can produce new ideas and thinking in both parties. Although, just because you are listening to someone else’s opinion does not mean that you have to agree with what they are saying. It is just as vitally important to be informed about why you believe what you believe so that you can engage in conversations with others and convey your perspective successfully.

  • Linus Hodges

    Active participation in the political process and staying informed are extremely powerful when desiring a certain outcome, which is what I took away from Mr. Dunlap and Mr. Hall’s presentation.
    One can have a discussion without enforcing ones views on another by listening to both sides of an issue and understanding why someone would select a particular view. A problem society has today is that people have a lack of understanding for the opposing side of an issue. We have forgotten that people come from a variety of backgrounds that will influence their views on a subject.
    A way to be engaged politically while keeping background information confidential is to research the values and planks of different political parties to become informed. By obtaining knowledge on both sides of an issue will allow for people to make an informed decision based off their own view, without the influence of social media or political propaganda. The most powerful thing a person can have is knowledge, for one can use it to influence themselves or others.
    Another way to be actively engaged politically is to talk to one’s state representative or senator about why one’s view is valuable and some advice on how to approach an issue. By contacting a representative or senator in one’s state, that individual has shown value for a particular issue as well as the future of the state.
    The most important thing one can do politically is to register to vote and participate in national, state, and local elections. The lack of voter participation causes power division among different areas of society, which is horrifying for individuals without influential connections.

  • Matthew Ecton

    I believe it is essential in any work environment to approach every conversation with an open mind. Coming into college, I had yet to experience much conflict or difference of opinion. However, as a freshman, I quickly learned that not everyone thinks like I do or holds the same beliefs I do. It took me awhile to learn how stay true to my convictions, yet also respect and value the opinions of individuals whom I do not agree with. I found open-mindedness to be the key in finding balance. Now, I enter every discussion holding the belief that there is something I can learn from the other person.

  • Bryan Becker

    In my daily life I regularly engage in religious discussions. A lot of the time my friends and I do not agree about every philosophical Christian topic that gets brought up. These discussions always help me think and grow. No matter how much we disagree, I always seem to get something out of our meetings. Continuing to have these talks will allow me to become the type of Christian that I want to be.

  • Sini Noronen

    For me listening to others different opinions or perspectives is easier now than it was before. I study business and sometimes it is very hard to understand others opinions when making big decisions because obviously you think yours is the best one. If I want to be a good leader I need every perspective that there is for making the best decision and not be blinded by my own opinion. I still need to keep in mind that doing a compromise isn’t always the best decision. It can please a lot of people but in the end of the day we need to go forward to one direction, and if the direction is unclear moving forward is impossible.

  • Jake Seawright

    I believe it definitely takes more than one person to get a job done. Being able to work together with different types of people is essential when wanting to get a specific job done. No one person is the same and that little fact helps explain how differently me all might approach a certain task. Being able to justify and take into consideration another persons ideas is a skill that must be obtained to have the best possible outcome. To help myself take others ideas into consideration I could just listen. Listening is a very important skill that I believe is often overlooked. Being able to hear the other persons point of view may help me out to get to job done more efficiently. I can also start justifying that my way is not the only way to do things, and sometimes my way may not always be thew best way. I feel that if a group of people are all working towards a goal, than comparing ideas to get the job done as good and efficiently as possible is the way to go.

  • Mikayla M Little

    Standing firm in what we value and believe, especially as leaders, is not only important but it is crucial. The ability to listen to opposing views is also valuable in being a respectable person. Without being able to listen to different and new ideas as well as perspective differences, how are we expected to grow into better leaders and people, and also better our arguments for what our opinions are. To balance these requires maturity and patience. I will be firm enough in who I am and what I believe to be confident while listening to those who disagree.

  • Ren Jian Lee

    A mistake to make while debating is the logical fallacy called card-stacking, which occurs when one gives only his reasons to support his opinion without looking at the argument from the opponent’s side. To ensure that I respectfully listen to opinions and perspectives different from my own, I remember that being right is not as important as making the better choice. As Jim and Pat said, they may have differing opinions but once the decision is made, everyone will fully support it.

  • Kyle Tangco

    Over the summer of my junior year, I had the chance to be in General Tommy Frank’s Four Star Leadership. One of the activities I had during the week was to compete in an ethics bowl with a group of students that the counselors assigned me. They gave all of us packets on certain debate topics, such as fat shaming, obligations to help 3rd-world countries, and other social issues. Then, we got into our groups to address our opinions to each prompt.

    As my team discussed how to professionally address these problems, we saw that we displayed different ideas to promote healthy living, and ways to help impoverished countries. Of course there were more topics that I wish I can recall, but our time spent to find a solution to these issues revealed to each of us what we were passionate for, and what were our convictions that strengthened us as leaders.

    So in relation to the statement of becoming “enraged and engaged” while being open to other people’s thoughts can help break a team of leaders down to have a common vision. Though we all have different ideals, it is important to integrate other factors from leaders who are determined to make a change in their community. Benefits of collaborating can close all gaps and loopholes for certain problems, including those in our society. And it all starts by accepting the fact that one person’s way isn’t the only solution to a problem.

  • Dayton Skeels

    The best way to balance your personal goals while maintaining respect to others is to use their agreeing/opposing views to add to your path. Having someone to disagree with parts of your goals, are there to help you achieve your goals and make you better. Other perspectives actually add to the project or discussion, and leave everyone with more knowledge and understanding.

  • Lauren Beck

    Opposite opinions and points of view are unavoidable. Every body has their predispositions towards progressive or traditionalist ideas whether that be due to their upbringing or adult self-development. However, the proposition that those with different views cannot work together effectively is an outdated, bogus concept. My views on politics are wildly different than those held by Bernie Sanders, yet I can search to find common ground with his movement. Attempting to stay true to oneself when in a crowd of contradiction, I find it easiest to carry my opinions and beliefs with an excess amount of factual information.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    I believe that being open minded when it comes to differences in perspective is key in a balance. Recognizing the differences in opinion and understanding that not everybody will agree with you and being okay with that is important. Differing perspectives challenge my beliefs which could better my understanding with the opinions I disagree with. Having respect regardless of differences in perspective is necessary to grow in my personal engagement and goals.

  • Bianca Navarro

    No matter what you do in life, there are always going to be people who have different opinions than you. America is the “melting pot”, and we have people from all over the world who grew up with different views on things than we did. When talking to anyone about certain topics, we just have to remember there are going to be different reactions with certain people. Some may be very offended and others would be willing to hear your view, and why you think differently about the topic. You really just have to know who it is you’re talking to, and if it’s someone you just met, take it easy and check to see if they are going to be offended, or if they are really going to be interested in what it is you have to say towards the topic. It’s all a part of being liberally educated, being able to talk to anyone about anything, sharing your knowledge with others, and ultimately taking in what it is they have to say and not just listening to them speak. We live in a world that is pretty much divided about everything, we need to learn that we are not always right, there are going to be other opinions about certain things, and we need to be able to listen and understand why they have a different opinion.

  • Robia Charbonneau

    I balance my personal engagement and goals with a respect to listening to other who have different opinion or perspectives by trying to understand them. With my varied cultural background I have a greater understanding of different perspectives. I am an active listener when I engage in conversation with another person. Most of the time I allow that person to completely finish their statement before making mine. Sometimes, this leads me to change my answer because he or she will bring up a point that I would not have thought of. I think that people with different opinion or perspectives than me are important to help me grow as a leader. If I was to only think one way and not allow others to offer me their opinions, then I would not grow as a leader or a person. People are around us to give us different stimuli and enhance our world perspective. I fully embrace that and actively listen to what is said.

  • Madeline Barham

    My goal to stay engaged with people who have opposites in my beliefs is to listen rather than hear. The two are completely different and people respect those who actually give feed back. Seeking to first understand that to be understood is another reference I try to live by. Listen thoroughly and reply from your understanding rather than obligation. The engaged and enraged aspect reminds me to be passionate and present for things.

  • Curtis Diaz

    My favorite part of Jim and Pat’s presentation was the chemistry between the two of them. I feel like they did an excellent job showing that they practice what they claim about their teamwork despite their differences. Personally, I try really hard to find what issues and causes are important to me, and then I like to debate with people who disagree! I enjoy the bit of conflict, but more importantly it can give me a better understanding of the situation. This is beneficial both in that you can find ways to win debates against similar opponents and that you may change your mind if stimulated to a new perspective. When it comes to balance, I feel that it is important to always be listening. You can share your opinion whenever you want, but sometimes you’ll only be able to hear another’s once. Choosing to listen more and then act when most effective is a safe way to maintain a healthy balance.

  • Jarrod Barnett

    Having the ability to listen to others is the first step in being able to respect others opinions. Without hearing the others out how are you even going to be aware what their goals are. Maybe they have a similar goal as you and you can work together in consensus. However, if the ideas do clash I still believe it is important to respect the ideas of others. I think it is beneficial to listen to others because then you are educating yourself on all sides of the matter at hand. Which can better improve yourself.

  • Maddie Higdon

    I loved listening to Pat and Jim, they were energetic, funny, and very intelligent. After listening to them speak, I was very enthralled at the fact that they had such different views. I think that for me to be able to have a good conversation with someone who has a different opinion than me, the first step is to get educated! I think if I know all of the information I can to back up my beliefs, I can have a better conversation with someone because I will be more firm in what I believe.

  • Austin Loard

    I enjoyed the presentation by Jim and Pat. They have been in the thick of battles at the Capital and they are obviously passionate about the issues and challenges facing this state. They talked about how no one can be an effective leader on their own. Regardless of how hard you work or how committed you are, you will have to work with others to accomplish your goals. Sometimes, the persons you work with will have similar opinions but other times you may need to work with persons with very different backgrounds, life experiences and even different opinions on how a problem should be addressed or a project should be completed.
    Being a part of LOT has already given me some experience with working along side persons with different opinions on subjects. It was immediately clear that unlike high school, where group projects might involve students who were not particularly involved or even particularly interested in completing the project, all of the students in LOT are highly motivated and inspired to do their best. Even though everyone involved in a project like Cheer and Dance, UCOLA or our class presentation has the same goal of doing a great job and all are willing to put in the time to ensure it is done well, we all have different ideas about what the final result should be and how to get there. I have already leaned the importance of listening to each other’s ideas, respecting different opinions and coming to an agreement on how to proceed. I have also learned that through working together, the final result will be superior to what each of us could have done on our own. Our differences truly do make us stronger if we can work together.

  • Catie Wilson

    Jim and Pat were so interesting and intelligent. I think the greatest way to balance your own opinions with others is to educate yourself on important political topics. If you have facts about policies rather than opinions you will be able to have a strong foundation to form an opinion from. It is always important to take into consideration the opinions of others because often times you can adopt some aspects of others opinions and once again build your own stronger. Hearing the opinions of others on social, political and religious views is something we will face throughout our entire lives. In order to do this and not be offended or offend anyone else we have to learn to respect others opinions to a very high level. Being educated is the the most convenient way to stay “engaged and engaged” but also listening to what others have to say and learning from them.

  • Casey Base

    This is one of the biggest problems facing America today. People have different opinions on different subjects and do not want to collaborate with somebody who disapproves with what they believe in. I constantly see people fighting on social media because they think what somebody said was wrong when the person who posted it feels very passionate about it. If people can find a way to be more understanding of different perspectives of others it could make the world a better place.

  • I believe that by staying open minded to others thoughts I can grow as a leader and promote healthy leadership learning skills. When listening to others, it is important to focus on what they are saying rather than how you are going to respond. That separates a good listener from a great listener. This technique also helps show the speaker that they are worth hearing, giving them an extra sense of confidence. By doing this i believe engagement skills between people with improve tremendously.

  • Madison Lance

    I enjoyed listening to Mr. Dunlap and Mr. Hall speak in unison because it expressed that two people of different views can work together. As someone with my own political views, it was inspiring to know that others are willing to listen. Having my own aspirations and staying engaged with the community will not keep me from hearing others voice their opinions. I believe everyone deserves to be heard. Great leaders are known as those who listen and have a voice. That is someone I aspire to be.

  • Cole Spradlin

    I believe the key is to make sure you have a healthy bias in your personal life. What you constantly feed yourself is what you will become. Surround yourself with friends who will question yours ways of thinking and offer new ideas. Don’t follow one source of information on social media because you will begin to development tendencies you didn’t know exsisted in you.

  • Mikkail Bishop

    The key to listening to others with possible different opinions is always keeping an open mind. Sometimes your personal beliefs will conflict with people that you are around daily or even work with and you can engage in a nice debate over the topic but you should be considerate of where they are coming from. You can still strive and complete all of your goals that you are shooting for and still keep in mind how you can respect others point of views and beliefs.

  • I can apply their opinion with a greater positive factor for me and enhance my desire to want more of my goals. Others negative perspectives can either push me towards my goals or positive opinions support me toward my goals. In terms of personal engagement, I think the more I view others perspectives the deeper I’ll. growing mine. If I don’t grow deeper, I’ll grow further in beliefs and morals.

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    I believe especially in todays society it can be pretty difficult to work with people who have such hard opinions political or not. I also think if you can work effectively that says something about your leadership traits and personality because it takes a type of maturity and acceptance for that. Since todays issues are very serious it can be had for me personally to set politics aside but most of the time there is a bigger picture. There are so many problems out there bigger than me and the next person and it is important to remember that when working with someone you don’t necessarily agree with on things. If there is an issue that needs to be solved and you have to solve it with someone you don’t really agree with it takes a maturity and responsibility to set aside those differences to accomplish the goal.

  • Amanda Rebman

    I believe a big aspect to balancing these two areas is compromise. To compromise you need to know what you are fighting to accomplish. Once you have established that, then you can effectively listen to other people’s views on that topic. By respectfully listening, you can assess a way to find a middle ground between your ideas and theirs. This will allow for legitimate change to be made. Sometimes you must give in one aspect of your agenda, so that you can accomplish the focus of the agenda. Legislature will never change without some levels of compromises happening. The focus is to be respectful when discussing what your views are. No one wants to be belittled when expressing their opinion.

  • Erika Jenkins

    We all have our own views. Knowing when we’re being overly passionate is something a lot of us have to work on. I am of course one of those people. I constantly have to remind myself that my opinion is one of many. When keeping that in mind, I do okay. Still, my goals are generally set in stone. Occasionally I might alter them slightly, but it is tough. With open ears and understanding I’m working to keep an open mind and not be so immersed that I don’t notice the peripheral or outside opinion.

  • Garrett Gunn

    When it comes to your very own personal engagement and goals, it’s important to be extremely passionate and to chase those goals. Many times we get carried away and forget that our way isn’t always the best way to accomplish something. When I am working with someone who has different views than me, I plan to listen and learn where he or she is coming from. It is never beneficial to shut someone out just because they have different views than you. By working with someone who is different than you, you are able to accomplish so much more if you are just willing to set emotions aside and give it a chance.

  • Alexis Guzman

    Having an open mind is crucial in our everyday lives. When we realize that opinions are just opinions, and the fact that others have different opinions does not really harm us, then we can make our lives a bit easier. A number of differences between two people are endless. It can be frustrating at times, especially when someone has the exact opposite opinions on a topic that you are passionate about. To balance my personal goals and engagements along with other perspectives and opinions, I make myself question why does the person think that way, in a respectful way if possible, I would go as far as searching. And after I hear their reasons I would ask how much does it really matter if another person and I have a different opinion. It always depends on the situation, if you are being a part of a group project, then agreeing is more like a requirement. And if it is a situation like two people having different opinions about which season is the best, well there is not a need for all of us to agree on one season.

  • Hilda Estrada

    The very first thing I should do to balance my personal engagement and goals with a respect to listening to others who may have different opinions or perspectives is to become active with politic opportunities, such as voting. I have the right to register and to vote, but never taken the opportunity to place my vote. I never knew how important voting was until they shared the crucial significance towards voting. However, I now subscribed to “Voting Alerts” through the State Election Board and plan on using it for future polls. Next, I should share my respectful thoughts about critical situations happening in our community to the capitol. I am both Hispanic and Elementary Ed. Major, both communities are going through tough situations. As an active citizen, I can attentively listen to other people’s views and perspectives. Although I may not agree with them, I can always take a little bit of both sides to come up with a better solution. All of this can help me grow and become informed from other people’s opinions. Both Jim and Pat opened my eyes to the roles we can play politics and being a listener.

  • Lillian Baker

    When others have differences of opinions, you have to have respect for one another or nothing will get done. One way to have respect is to not be pushy. Because just like you think you’re right, they think they are just as right. So instead of arguing, the right move may be to table the conversation, agree to disagree, and revisit the conversation at a later point. Another way to show respect is to tell them. Tell them that you respect their opinion however you disagree. Or even tell them you respectfully disagree. Don’t talk to them about just one issue, get to know them. Show them you respect them and their position.

  • Caleb Williams

    Balancing our goals with respect and consideration of others is one of the more difficult aspects of being active in the political sphere of our state. This can be clearly seen in how divided and indecisive the Oklahoma State Capitol is. I think that it is far better to first seek to understand another’s point of view instead of going into a conversation seeking to change the other person’s views without regard to their opinions. Not only does this allow for more reason in a conversation, it also can cause us to see things from another perspective that we might have missed before. Even if we understand another’s point of view and still disagree, understanding them can be a huge asset when it comes to persuading someone to your side because it allowed us to know the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments presented by others. This is something I aim for in my personal life because I believe it promotes a culture of respect in the midst of a conflicted society. If we all put our personal opinions to the side for a few moments to really try to understand where someone else is coming from, I think it would go a long way towards actual, visible progress in our world today.

  • Sarah Faust

    I really enjoyed Jim and Pats talk because I feel with so much political conservancy right now in the world we rarely see two opposite political parties working together. I try my hardest to hear others opinions and perspectives when it comes to all different things, for example religion, politics, and even leadership styles. One thing that I do with politics is I make sure to listen to Fox News and CNN. Also read some articles over in Europe to hear the perspective on how other places view us. When it comes to things more local, for example the project we are doing in the Thursday class, I listens to everyones else’s opinion on how to do things before I input my opinion. I do this because I believe you learn more by listing than talking and you could hear a more effective way of doing something.

  • I think that the most important thing about being engaged IS to learn, and constantly. “The only true wisdom is admitting that you know nothing”, after all. There’s a strength and power to arguments and debates when you cannot be taken down by facts, but when you can learn from them, and become more well-versed in your own place. There is a difference in believing in your opinions and being intolerant to other viewpoints, and it is through understanding, reaching out, and being an informed citizen.

  • I loved how Jim Dunlap and Pat Hall showed how people can work together even when they have different views. I think that they are able to do this because they respect each other. The key to having intellectual conversations with people who have different views is respect. Respect can be found by looking for the things in common instead of the differences. In society today we are so consumed by ourselves. We have grown up being told that we are the center of the world. This is why we have so many issues when dealing with people from different backgrounds. I need to work on respecting others and trying to see things from their perspective.

  • Graeme Morrison

    One of my biggest philosophies is to listen to people of different trains of thoughts and of different mindsets than you, because that’s how you continue to grow as a society and a nation. If everyone looks at something the same way, you wouldn’t be able to solve any problems because no one would think to go beyond the thought that isn’t working. Personally, I have an internal struggle where I have to force myself to slow down and listen to other people and others’ opinions, but it is well worth it. I think this is a matter of self-discipline and of changing hearts that only individuals can solve themselves.

  • Lance Cooter

    I want to thank Mr. Dunlap and Mr. Hall for coming to UCO and talking to us even tough they have a very busy schedule. For me, I have opinion about a lot of stuff, but I love to listen to others and get their views on different events. As a leader you need to be able to have your own opinion, but also listen to others because they may actually be right. It is also just very respectful to let others get a few words in at a meeting or at the table. Everyone opinion matter and as a leader you need to realize that and accept that you may not always be right.

  • Angelique Jois Alog

    I view working with people who have different opinions and perspectives than me as an opportunity to expand my knowledge about whatever topic it may be. Basically like how things are when we criticize the government, by doing so, we create an awareness of its flaws. When I have a belief, I wouldn’t mind it to be questioned, because that means I’ll be faced with a challenge to justify it. As that said, if I end up unable to support my reasoning, I am to reflect on that belief and analyze whether or not I should still consider it. I also know when to agree to disagree. During the times that I am able to support my reasoning and the people I am working with still fail to see where I’m coming from, that’s when I back off. I always remind myself that I can only express my values, I can’t make anyone accept them.

  • Wanda Clark

    To me it has always come easy to both hold my own opinion and respect others. My best friend in high school as an athiest. One of the things that came along with that was a hatred for Christianity. As a Christian, I had to learn to respect her beliefs without losing mine. After I learned that, listening to people who disagree with me on a political level came easy. I will respect all that you say, as long as you also allow me the right to have a say.

  • Ethan Bruegel

    I know that last week I talked about the importance of understanding the reasoning of others, but this practice is still relevant and under appreciated in our society. This pair of speakers was the most refreshing thing that I have heard in a while. Seeing two polar opposites work together in United States government is practically a miracle. Hearing these two talk about how they work together for the common good has strengthened my belief in understanding others’ reasonings. After looking around at the rest of the world, one can clearly tell that society needs this skill. If I had to pick one other thing to do when dealing with differing opinions, then I personally should work on accepting different types of people. Too often do I want to dismiss groups of people because of the negative connotations associated with them even though I understand their reasonings.

  • Megan Watkins

    Hearing people out is so important in our young and growing society. So many people feel as though their voices have gone and continue to go unheard. I believe that I can balance my personal engagements, beliefs, and opinions with others just by allowing people to talk to me and express their feelings and opinions. Although I may not always agree with what is being said, does not mean I must be judgemental towards another’s opinions or perspectives. Instead, I can use those moments as a chance to gain knowledge and understanding on how others may view specific topics. Ever since I was young I was taught to know when to hold my tongue. There is a time and place to argue, but outside of that, respect for others must be shown.