Week 7 – Lessons in Leadership – Bill Curry Video

During Bill Curry’s speech he discussed the fellowship of the miserable. How do you, as a leader, defeat the fellowship of the miserable?


  • Tianna Arreguin

    The first step in defeating the fellowship of the miserable is to surround yourself with the fellowship of positivity. The fellowship of the miserable will always be around but if you have resources to help you tune out the miserable, then there won’t be as much negativity in your experiences. Another way I personally defeat the fellowship of the miserable is to make those people involved in it, not so miserable. Similar to negativity, positivity is contagious. I know i would want constant support throughout my journey of life so I would show those people in the fellowship of the miserable that I support them and I know that they are capable of many great things. Sometimes people are a part of the fellowship because they have never had a supporting figure in their life. As a leader, I choose to treat others how I would want to be treated. I want support, so I am going to support others even if they do not support me.

  • Raliyn Thomas

    To defeat the fellowship of miserable I feel that it is important to make sure as a leader that you are doing the best that you can and be able to recognize if there is an issue in the work area or wherever it may be.

  • Morgan Tarpley

    When Bill Curry stated, “We have to think beyond the ‘fellowship of the miserable’,” I was immediately inflicted with the question, ‘why?’ Then, I realized that as a leader, we can not get caught up in the fellowship of the miserable. As leaders, we need to learn how to defeat the fellowship of the miserable. Personally, I think that leaders need to stop and love the miserable but to still keep pressing forward. As leaders, we must recognize their potential and encourage them. Leaders should be willing to stop, lift them up, and push them forward to their full potential. Defeating the fellowship of the miserable will be challenging and energy draining. But, with a purpose and a pure motive behind it, the outcome will be rewarding and you will gain knowledge.

  • Karlee Ogden

    Bill Curry brought up a lot of good topics in his speech. In particular, I liked what he had to say regarding great leaders. He explained that even leaders who are, figuratively, high up on the totem pole make time for even the “little people”. I think that is a very important statement and is very true. People respect leaders who care about the wellbeing of everyone and listen to what every person has to say. In reference to fellowship of the miserable, as a leader I will focus of ignoring those people. For anyone who tells me I cannot do something, I will not let it drag me down and just use it as willpower to continue to succeed and prove them wrong. If ignoring them doesn’t work, I think then the best thing to do would be to simply remove them from my life. I don’t want to be around someone constantly being negative. I don’t think anyone does. I think you should surround yourself with people who will encourage you and people who bring out the best in you. I will continue to surroung myself with positive influences.

  • Casey Base

    I was very interested to what Coach Curry was saying because I have played football for many years. I have learned many of my leadership characteristics from playing the game. It has definitely taught me to realize I have potential for greatness and it makes you be respectful to everyone because it is a team sport.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Defeating the fellowship of the miserable is just raising above your circumstances. It is when you understand that terrible things are happening around you and yet you choose to focus on the things that will be of benefit. As simple as this is put, it is much harder to put into practice. It seems easier to succumb to it than to rise above it. As a leader it is crucial to have the belief that you can make a difference no matter the problem at hand. That belief that you can be of use. That belief in yourself. Our circumstances do not define us, but our choices concerning them do.

  • Emily Norman

    I thought the idea of the fellowship of the miserable was very powerful. To me, the fellowship of the miserable says that negativity breeds negativity. Negativity thrives off of negativity, it strengthens itself. To defeat the fellowship of the miserable as a leader, you must cultivate positivity and perseverance. This means churning them up in yourself and radiating them for others. Positivity spreads just as quickly, if not quicker, than negativity; because people are hungry for it, especially today. It is our job as leaders to recognize when people are being oppressed by the fellowship of the miserable in their strive to achieve a goal, and to walk along side them through their trials. Leaders roll up their sleeves and get dirty, they don’t just stand around and give directions until their followers figure it out on their own. The fellowship of the miserable only has as much power over you as you give them. They can be strong, but you are mighty.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    As a leader you are to always be honest, comfortable in your own skin, and know your potential to be great. People are only miserable when they lack discipline and when they feel regret. As a leader I will always be positive and confident in all I do.

  • I am a leader in my church. Sadly, the “fellowship of the miserable” is very common here. It is so easy for church leaders and people serving in the church to become discouraged or even depressed. Many people judge church leaders very harshly, but the truth is “We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Although I know this verse by memory and heart, I still find myself worried constantly that I am not good enough. I believe that Satan is in the throne over the fellowship of the miserable. The Bible states, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). In order for me to defeat the fellowship of the miserable, I must let go of the lies that Satan is whispering in my ear. I must stop thinking that I am not smart enough, wise enough, righteous enough to be a leader. By finding my identity in Jesus Christ, I see that I am enough. This is the only way I can overcome the fellowship of the miserable.

  • Jacob Thompson

    I found Bill Curry’s speech very inspiring. There are always going to be people who try to tear others down and make them doubt themselves and their ability to be successful.

    I defeat the fellowship of the miserable by not giving into people with a negative attitude. I am aware that I will meet people who tell me I can’t do something, but I won’t let them get to me.

    I know that I have potential, and I plan to become successful in whatever area of life that I choose!

  • Linus Hodges

    In the context of the presentation, Bill Curry described the fellowship of the miserable as individuals who put others down to uplift themselves. In the field of engineering, the definition of “the fellowship of the miserable” is self-persecution and non-satisfaction. A person’s biggest critic is themselves, therefore, to disassociate oneself from the “fellowship of the miserable” one must reject self-loathing and strive to learn from past mistakes. A lot of engineering undergraduates quit trying to persevere because they tend to underestimate themselves. It is okay to fail. In fact, that is how one truly learns. Though, people often forget to pick themselves up from their mistakes and keep criticizing themselves over it without letting go. Not letting go of ones mistakes results in self-confidence issues and the incapability to relate to others. A redeeming quality of a leader is to learn from past failures and use those experiences to prevent others from making similar mistakes. In relation to myself, I have struggled with letting my failures consume my perception of myself, which has resulted in self-confidence issues and social awkwardness. Recently, I have been working on using my failures as tools to educate others. My failures have molded me into the person I am today, which helps me relate to my fellow students, friends, and colleagues. The ability to empathize with people through past experiences has made it easier to be an effective leader.

  • Graeme Morrison

    I have always been one to remove myself from negative situations, so I have a pretty decent track record of dealing with the fellowship of the miserable. Human beings are creatures of habit and creatures who like to dwell in our self-pity. As a leader, I’ve had to deal with fellowship of the miserable too many times for me to name and I will do as I have always done: cut the source. It may seem a tad harsh, but I have found the only way to defeat the fellowship of the miserable to to get rid of the nucleus of the whole operation. It may be an unpopular opinion, but as leaders we are going to have to choose the unpopular opinion more than we care to admit. People who like to perpetrate the fellowship of the miserable are the kinds of people who need to be cut from a productive place because they would only drag the rest down. Tough decisions must be made sometimes.

  • Brandon Hill

    Bill Curry was an extremely impactful speaker and I want thank him for coming to the class. He had a great message and the overall theme of this was perseverance. There was group he referred to as the “fellowship of the miserable”. They are the devil on your shoulder, the rock in your shoe. These are the individuals that tell you that you can’t accomplish something. Fellowship of the miserable are so consumed with their insecurities that they try to bring another person down. Throughout my life I have tried to be a leader and not a follower, I dont let other individuals determine what i’m capable of. Of course there have been times that i’ve been mocked or laughed at for explaining what I want to do. I’m not superman by any means but I would like to think I have tougher skin than the average person. In my opinion the best way to handle this criticism is use it as motivation. When someone tells you, “You can’t do that”, react in a calm manner and keep a mental note of that. There will always be negative people in the society we live in, the challenge is tuning these people out for your advantage.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    Defeating the fellowship of the miserable can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Growing up, I was always loved, supported, and encouraged by my family. They consistently instilled in me that I had the power to do anything I could possibly dream of. I first experienced the fellowship of the miserable when I reached middle school. There was a certain group of girls, who I had been friends with my entire life, who suddenly believed and treated me as if I had no purpose in life. I let those girls dictate how I felt about myself and my dreams for two excoriatingly long years. Finally, I chose to break away from that group and decide my fate for myself. One of my favorite quotes is “You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people that you choose to be around.” As a leader, I aspire to make a positive impact at all times, and I will always attempt to help others improve regardless of how they treat me. However, I have learned that it is important to surround yourself with people who are going to love, support, and encourage you in pursuit of all of your endeavors. Today, I have a strong support system who all believe in my potential. I still offer encouragement and assistance to the girls who, at one point in time, had ruined my self-confidence. Today, I know that they were only upset because I had a strong support system at that time and they did not. One of the most important tools I use to overcome the fellowship of the miserable is strong support systems. It is important for me to remember that others need this support just as much as I do regardless of their circumstances.

  • Kyle Tangco

    Self-doubt is one of the greatest enemies that hinders leaders from reaching a future that uses them to make a great impact in their communities. It is what degrades our performance in everything that we do and disconnects us from our individual strengths. Thankfully, we have friends and mentors who still see the potential in us.

    Overcoming doubt and all aspects of our weaknesses is a battle that cannot be fought alone. Just like how Bill Curry had a coach who still saw the potential that he could have as a football player, we need to find teachers and leaders who can build our strengths and weaknesses. We need someone who can encourage us, who is willing to devote his/her time to push us to our limits; exposing the true value of our strengths.

    But it’s not just the mentors aid that can only help us. We are leaders ourselves, and so part of taking in the support of others is to take that step in believing that each and everyone one of us has something to give to our communities and the world. It is a cooperative effort to tackle the fellowship of the miserable. And almost everything that we wish to accomplish in the long run must have a mentor or friend who can forge and sharpen our gifts, talents, and powers.

  • Emelia Denham

    As a leader, we can defeat the fellowship of the miserable by rising above. We can choose not to let the miserable affect how we live our lives and perceive ourselves. Know your capabilities and do not let them dictate things you can and cannot do, such as jobs or careers. If we let others decide how we live our life, we will not be happy. Finally, it is important to not take anything the miserable say to heart, because it will not help better you as a person.

  • Megan Watkins

    Bill Curry spoke a very powerful message about leadership. When he began to talk about the fellowship of the miserable, it caught my attention. He brought up a point that many people do not like to discuss or come to realization with, especially when it is regarding their life. Often times, everyone faces the fellowship of the miserable, whether it is someone that is known to try and keep others from succeeding or someone that is associated with us that might not be intentionally interfering with our goals, but is slowing us down in the process of trying to succeed. As a leader, the odds of being surrounded by the fellowship of the miserable is most likely significantly increased. In my leadership journey, one thing that is going to help me defeat the fellowship of the miserable is to keep in mind those that I am on this journey for, to help them. Bill Curry stated that “there is someone that needs you.” That very simple sentence struck home with me. I know how important it is to me when there is someone rooting for me and pushing me to exceed even my own expectations, and I cannot help to think that I want nothing more than to be that person for at least one someone. This, to me, is what will empower me to defeat the fellowship of the miserable.

  • The fellowship of miserable is one group of individuals I have not come to understand. I was taught as a child to fight past individuals words or discouragement. I was also taught that the those people are the ones who won’t make it ahead in life. I wanted nothing more than to make it in life. I think the way I’ll defeat the fellowship of the miserable is to keep the same lesson that has been embedded in my mind since I was a young girl. If you want to become the most successful version of you, then you must follow 2 rules: support others habitably and do not become average from another’s poison.

  • Sierra Munoz

    One out of many things I enjoyed from Bill Curry’s speech was the characteristic that leaders have time for everybody. As Curry said, “even the little people” need a leader to look up to and be able to depend on. People need to know they are cared for and that they have the potential for greatness. By doing this, leaders can defeat the fellowship of the miserable. Like Curry mentioned, as leaders, there is always someone out there who needs us.

  • Brook Marshall

    As a leader you will always have people that are against you. The fellowship of the miserable are people that are jealous of you and don’t want you to succeed. They will always be in your ear telling you that you cannot achieve your goals. For me to defeat them I have to use them as a tool to help me. When they tell me I cannot do something I will use that to empower me to show them I can. Being a leader you will always have people against you, so instead of looking at it as a negative why not prove them wrong? Not only will you have people telling you cannot do something, you will also have people hoping you will succeed. As a leader I choose to look at the positive side of the fellowship of the miserable because I win that battle every time.

  • Madeline Barham

    Bill Curry talked about the fellowship of the miserable. He compared how leadership skills should be that of like a four year old. Leading as if you were a four year old doesn’t go into the mature aspect, but as in feeling comfortable in your own skin. A four year old is honest, and curious. Bill Curry talked about how lying demeans you and destroys them. The way to defeat “the fellowship of the miserable” is to act as the following traits I have exampled. You should show discipline and regret if not doing what you were expected of. Another special key is making time for everyone and treating others as you would treat yourself. This is mainly the topic of the discussion with Bill Curry.

  • Joshua Layton

    Defeating the council of the miserable as a leader goes beyond just defeating it within yourself. I believe we will always have people telling us we can’t succeed, and one of the only ways to overcome that is through the help of others. Therefore, if we can help the ones around us, they will most likely return the favor. Defeating the council of evil involves encouraging others to succeed. I believe one of the most important aspects of this is making sure you are concerned with their success, and not just making them like you. Encourage those around you to follow their dreams, but mostly helping them to realistically get there. Setting someone up for failure doesn’t help anyone, and is not what being a leader is about. If you bring up those around you, they will surely take you along the ride and help you to follow your dreams, and be a better leader.

  • Yu Hsuan Lin

    To respect people is very important whatever who are they, where are they from, what skins they are. Everyone has their opinions and these thoughts will help you understand more than you haven’t known before. The vital point to be a leader is listening to others and keeping them in mind, and taking care of your members. It’s a useful method.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    I will be a listener first, because I think listening others opinions and life story is very important to realize what happening. By this action, it can help fellowship become stronger and decline nervous. Next, I will conclude everyone’s opinion and hold a meeting let everybody can share their thought. If someone who want to have a conversation in private, I can be a person who organize everyone’s advice and summary the conclusion.

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    The fellowship of the miserable happen around us easily especially organization, group or as people get together at the first time. Everyone needs to be treated fairly and respect each other. As I am a leader, I would establish company regulation which complies with the government regulations and the organization regulation. When the fellowship of the miserable happens, I would reorganize the organization of the department. I think I should use a well management to ensure that all employees are treated equally and respected. This is my way to defeat the fellowship of the miserable.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    To defeat the fellowship of the miserable, the first thing I should do is to be myself. When I comfort my own personality, I can know how to get along with others. Second, I should be honest, telling the truth all the time. Because the pain of regret will be more painful than the pain of discipline. Last thing I should keep in mind is I have potential to do something great. So if I’m in the fellowship of the miserable, I will do my best to solve the problem.

  • Katelynn Patton

    There is a quote that says, “misery loves company.” I believe this is what Bill Curry was talking about. When people are failing and just want to feel sorry for themselves, they don’t want others to succeed either. The way I defeat the fellowship of the miserable is by focusing on my goal, and avoiding people who don’t build me up. The people you surround yourself with make a huge difference on your attitude and confidence. We all need constructive criticism, but it is very obvious when people are just trying to point out all your flaws. If someone tells you your weaknesses, but does not tell your strengths also, they are more than likely trying to bring you down. When you surround yourself with positive people who build you up, it is much easier to “keep your eye on the prize.” However, avoiding negative people completely is almost impossible. You will always encounter someone who does not believe in you. There have many times that someone negative has discouraged me even though I’ve surrounded myself with positive people. The way I overcome the negativity is by talking to the people who build me up again. I also try to take the negativity and to turn it into something I can learn from.

  • Garrett Gunn

    The Fellowship of the Miserable, was a very interesting topic and a very accurate representation. Bill Curry talked about how the haters, doubters, and non-believers do their best to keep you from succeeding. When I am told I cannot do something, this fuels my passion and drive like never before. People who talk negatively and try to bring me down are not the ones I have problems with, the problems I struggle with come from within. At times I struggle with the fear of failure, pain, and the outrageous amount of pressure that I put on myself. I expect so much out of myself, and many times this causes me to over think things. It is up to me to create my own success and destiny, and nothing can stand in my way, especially not the Fellowship of the Miserable.

  • Rylie Smith

    Mr. Curry put an emphasis on overcoming the fellowship of the miserable by believing in ourselves being in the mindset that every person has the potential for greatness. We as leaders must be aware of this fact and take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us whether or not others support and encourage our endeavors. Mr. Curry also mentioned that as leaders we must not let those around us define us as people. By letting others define us, we are discouraged from living up to our potential. Additionally, Mr. Curry relayed that we must utterly comfortable in our own skin. This theme allows us to overcome the fellowship of the miserable by accepting ourselves as we are and allowing us to not care about the negative comments of those around us. If we as leaders take this advice to heart, there will be endless possibilities for innovation, creation, and change.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    There are always going to be people in your journey who say you aren’t enough or can’t-do something. When Bill Curry had people tell him he would never get into Georgia Tech or play for the Packers, he decided not to let someone else define him. As a leader, I think the best way to overcome the voices of those who want to make you second guess, is to believe in yourself. It seems like an easy concept, but it’s not. You have to choose to define who you are; you can’t let what someone’s negative opinion towards you, have power over you. I overcome those voices by removing the people who don’t believe in me it out of the equation; separate yourself from people who tear you down. If it’s a leader or someone in charge of you, I would say what Curry said: ” Will you give me the chance to prove you’re wrong”. Another way is to have people speaking truth to you, to make up for the lies someone else is feeding you. If you have a mentor that can tell you ‘you can achieve’ or I’m going to help you’ it makes up for all the negativity someone else may put in your head. I have only had a few people say I couldn’t do something in my life, and the best way to get back at them was to strive to succeed even harder; showing them that their words only pushed me to try harder than I was. Show people that their nay saying words have no power over you. The people who try to tear you down can either succeed or be proven wrong–you decide.

  • Ren Jian Lee

    The fellowship of the miserable often knows just the right things to say to discourage people. The people closest to us are the ones about whom we care most, and because we trust them it is easy to believe them when they say we cannot do certain things. I would overcome this obstacle by remembering that I can do anything I set out to accomplish; nothing is impossible before I’ve tried to do it. When I feel too overwhelmed by discouragement I will take a break and return to the problem with a fresh perspective after a while.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    I defeat the fellowship of the miserable by staying true to who I am and staying on the course God has planned or me. I choose each and everyday to be better than I was the day before. I remind myself that no matter what is occurring or happening around me I am an agent for change and that even though there are those who may want to keep me from my goals I persist. Life is too short to allow others to determine your path. Now I am not saying I am immune to those who are negative or who try to keep me from my path. I have felt the effects of the fellowship of the miserable but I choose to not let them define who I am what I will achieve in this world. We must learn to see that the fellowship doesn’t effect who we are. As a leader I hope that I can encourage others when it comes to the negativity the fellowship brings. I hope that I can help them see that they are not hindered by the fellowships cynicalness. We must build each other up so that we are strong enough to overcome what ever the fellowship tries to put in our paths.

  • Evilin Juanes

    I think just by getting up every day and striving for some sort of goal. No matter how big or little, even if that’s just simply getting up in the morning. Because you are probing to someone, whether that is yourself or anybody else, that you can do it. I think its just being really motivated to succeed at any cost and just getting yourself to that future picture you see. By making little goals in order to reach for big dream goal and never letting someone tell you-you cannot do something for whatever reason.

  • Robia Charbonneau

    To defeat the fellowship of the miserable, I surround myself with confident people. People I know that are self-motivated and want to reach a goal. Furthermore, I get engaged on campus with organizations that are full of motivated students. I take on the responsibility of being an executive member of an organization and have like-minded people by my side. I share a common goal with them and together we do what is necessary to achieve it. On the other hand, when in the fellowship of the miserable, I stay positive. I make sure to not let them affect me because I know I am capable of great things. I do not have the time to be miserable or be hard on myself. I know that I am not perfect but that does not and should never stop me from reaching my full potential.

  • Maddie Higdon

    The Fellowship Of The Miserable… wow. When i heard this it really struck me. My parents have always told me to surround myself with people who want the best for not only themselves but for me aswell. There will always be those people who are emotionally draining and un-supportive but I never knew what to call them.. Bill Curry hit it right on the nose. I recently had an experience with a “member” of the Fellowship Of The Miserable. One of my dearest friends actually. We graduated from the same school, both have good families, both of us were involved in choir, both have goals. The difference between us was who wanted it more. The difference was who was able to stand up and work on what to do better next time after getting knocked down. The difference was positivity. It breaks my heart to see people give up, especially one of my dearest friends. I tried to help her out of her “funk” of poor decision making but she didn’t want my help. She wanted me to be more like her, do bad in school, be disrespectful, etc. Unfortunately, this led to us arguing and taking a pause on our friendship. So I am saying all of this because I’m not sure if I am qualified to answer this question with a great solution to problems like these. All I know is that you will always have people that want to bring you down, whether they realize it or not. As a leader, I don’t know if “defeating” those people is the answer or not. It is eating me up that I am no longer in the position to help my friend, even though she doesn’t want it! Of course we need to realize what’s best for us and problem solve according to that. But I also think we should guide others into bettering themselves at the same time. I obviously haven’t perfected my technique yet… but I hope that being positive and hard working will one day inspire those kinds of people to work hard and lift others up, even when they themselves might be feeling down.

  • Alexis Guzman

    Seeing other people being brought down was ,until a couple years ago, a very uncomfortable situation for me. I felt the urge of stepping into the situation, but at the same time I didn’t because I was told to not get myself involved if the situations did not relate to me. Later I realized that the situation did involve me because I was there, seeing what was happening, hearing what was being said, feeling like I had to do something. Being a bystander is not the trait of a leader. Initiative is fundamental to start anything that has ever stood for what is right. Using my words to defend others who are afraid to stand for themselves, is how I as a leader defeat the fellowship of the miserable.

  • Lance Cooter

    During Bill Curry’s speech he discussed a huge group of people called the fellowship of the miserable. This is a group that always brings people down and makes it hard for others to truly be the best they can be. As a leader you can defeat the fellowship of the miserable by just acknowledging their comments and move on. Kind of like a short term memory because to be successful you do not want to surround yourself with people who always put you down and do not see potential in you.

  • jjohnson217

    To defeat the fellowship of the miserable you have to let the positive things in your life outweigh the negatives. It helps to surround yourself with good people that bring you up. You also have to find your own motivation in times of depression. It is easy to let distractions steer you off of your created path. You must stay focused and do things that make you happy.

  • Lillian Baker

    Fellowship of the miserable is something very difficult to overcome. I think to defeat the miserable, we have to have determination and persistence. We have to be motivated. We have to have a reason to keep going. It’s easy to find a reason to give up and quit. It’s easy to find any reason to not go through the hard times. But it’s finding the one reason to keep going is the key. That one reason will motivate you to do more, go farther, and be better. That reason will be the battle winning piece against the miserable.

  • Ethan Clark

    Bill Curry’s speech has been one of my favorites so far. The fellowship of the miserable is something that is an interesting aspect when talking about leadership. As a leader, one way to defeat the fellowship of the miserable, is to not acknowledge them at all. It is something that is trying to set you back and tell you that you cannot accomplish what you have set out to do. A lot of the time, we ourselves are our own fellowship. We get minor setbacks and our brain tries to trick us into thinking that we can’t reach our goals. It’s when we ignore this voice and pursue on, that we really reach our full potential and soar higher than we ever thought possible.

  • Bryan Becker

    The best way to combat the fellowship of the miserable is to avoid the people that tell you, “You can’t…” You have to surround yourself with positive individuals, who will build you up. The other side of it comes from within. You must possess a type of self confidence that cannot be taken from you. This confidence cannot be affected by the words of others.
    If you obtain both of the above, you will most definitely defeat the fellowship of the miserable.

  • Catie Wilson

    I think the most important part of defeating or avoiding the fellowship of the miserable is to truly find your passion and remember that passion in everything that you do. There will always be people in your life that will tell you what they think would be best for your life, but it is not theirs to tell. Advice is a gift from the wise, but I think it is important to realize who you are taking it from and how credible that “advice” you are receiving really is. On other side of the situation, as a leader is important to be sure to encourage others so that if they do have someone who is pulling them down they also have someone to bring them up. Having someone believe in you in times where it is hard to even believe in yourself is crucial to success.

  • Kenzie Taylor

    The fellowship of the miserable is, in general, people who try to stop or put you down from achieving your dream. To defeat that is simple, don’t listen, stay confident, and fight for success. Listening to the people who don’t believe in you is like trying to have a baby and being told that you can’t do it, you shouldn’t do it, or it’s too hard for you. Seems dumb, right? If you have a dream you wish to accomplish, you must listen to those who believe in you rather than don’t. Then, to prove them wrong, you must fight for the success that you want to reach. Bill Curry’s speech was truly insperational and also eye opening to what we need to be focusing on as leaders. Success is only achieved through yourself and those who support you. The fellowship of the miserable should be considered irrelivent and mute whenever it comes to the goals you wish to one day reach.

  • Sarah Faust

    Mr. Currys speech was by far one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever heard. He talked about over coming people who discourage you from changing your dreams. As a leader one of the biggest challenges when people are putting you down is to stay confident in yourself and understand that all leaders have to face the same thing. To be a good leader is to not take small criticisms to heart and understand that you will always have people against you.

  • Sini Noronen

    How do I as a leader, defeat the fellowship of miserable? Firstly, leaders are people and also followers are people too. That is sometimes what we might forget and as bill Curry said don’t ever let somebody else to define you. Secondly, nobody can’t live in a lie for a long time. Being honest is the biggest responsibility as being a leader. In history we have seen leaders fall because of their lies, I wonder who is the biggest liar at the moment. Also as a lieder don’t forget your “little people”, sometimes you have to come down from the office and see what is happening at the practical level, so you know what is going on and you see the facts for yourself. Best things that I have learned was also going out of your comfort zone and trying to have new dreams and goals to keep your drive going.

  • Han Seth Lu

    As far as my opinion is concerned, a good team work is a successful factor in leadership. We need colleagues, co-worker and team-mates to get certain things done. In doing so, sharing and knowing fellow’s ideas and feelings, and respecting them is highly important. it builds trust, bringing the team closer together and letting other people know what you are doing. So, I believe sharing is a good thing to defeat the fellowship of miserable.

  • Caleb Williams

    Being a part of the fellowship of the miserable is often the easiest path because it’s always easier to focus on the negative things in life than the positive. Tying this into leadership, good leaders do not complain about the problems and difficulties that arise, they make assessments of the situation and act accordingly with the end goal in mind. I have been in many groups where the group leaders complain and (and even gossip about people within the group). This does not help the group to move forwards In fact, this can cause the group to derail and even go backwards; away from their intended goal. As someone who aspires to be a good leader, I have decided to give my best effort to be an encouragement to those around me in the different groups I participate in. Complaining and soaking in failure will not get a group anywhere near a stated goal, but getting back up and giving the best effort possible and being an encouragement if an excellent alternative.

  • Jacqueline Kolker

    I think that “the fellowship of the miserable” is a very difficult mindset to avoid joining, particularly for those who suffer from a mental illness. On a daily basis, no matter who you are or how your brain functions, you wake up and have to decide, “what am I going to get accomplished today?” and then, “how am I going to accomplish this?” both of which can be easily answered by deciding to do the bare minimum. This is where I think the fellowship comes into play. For me personally, my biggest motivator is when someone is dependent on my getting something accomplished. If I have a group project upcoming and I don’t get my portion accomplished, the whole group might fail, and that’s never something that I am okay with. Aside from that, I also take great pride in my own achievements, so reaching those goals gives me great pleasure, therefore encouraging me to put the effort in when I wake up tomorrow.

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    I believe once you come to a point in life when you realize you have all the aspects of a leader and that you are destined to lead there is one thing that is inevitable. That one thing is that you have been exposed to the fellowship of the miserable. I feel like the fellowship of the miserable is something that can either make you or break you as a leader. If you let this “fellowship” tear you down and let you think “there is no way you can do that” or “you’ll never be good enough” etc. then you have failed an important test the universe has thrown at you. It’s sort of like the fight or flight reaction. Do you stay and overcome your obstacles or let them divert you on your path to success? As a leader one must choose to stay and fight, try a different way, or do everything in their power to come out successful. Leaders will constantly be faced with the fellowship of the miserable and the most important thing is to never become a part of that fellowship and never say the word can’t, whether you’re telling yourself you can’t or you’re telling someone else that they can’t. Being a leader is about believing in yourself and those around you no matter the circumstances.

  • One of the many things that stuck out to me during the video was “the pain of disciipline or the pain of regret” I believe that making the concious decision to have the pain of discipline is the answer to defeating the fellowship of the miserable. If you always give everything you have you can beat any naysayer, and even if you don’t you can hold your head high knowing you gave it your all.

  • Bianca Navarro

    There are always going to be the people who don’t fully believe in you or what it is you are able to accomplish. As leaders, it is our jobs to show them we are capable of achieving what they think is not possible. We have to do the unimaginable and make things possible for ourselves. Things may come easier for some, when others have to work hard for what they want. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what it is you want to achieve, you are able to do anything you set your mind to. The thing that sets people apart is how badly they want the position. People will work hard for things they’ve always dreamed about doing, and that’s what we need to do in order to defeat the fellowship of the miserable. We work hard, and prove to them that we are capable of doing whatever we put our minds to, no matter how difficult the task(s) may be.

  • Maya Weese

    “The Fellowship of The Miserable” is only truly interested in negative, pessimistic views on a situation. Second guessing and doubting your capability as a leader is easy to do, however, it’s important to realize that you cannot always please others and its important to follow through with decisions you believe are right. While some might find it easier to be negative and bring others down, rather than lifting others up and inspiring them, you cannot rely on their opinions alone.

  • Madison Lance

    Leaders are consistently being criticized. Knowing your values as a leader is a crucial value of being a successful leader. Personally, I defeat the fellowship of the miserable by holding myself to the highest standard. I know who I am, what I want, and will not allow anyone to prevent me from achieving my aspirations. Leaders must not let others bring them down, but only let negativity push them even harder than ever before.

  • Cole MacCollister

    As a leader, you have to expect people to doubt you or your way of doing things; it is a given. However, the way that you handle those people is what makes you the sort of leader you are. I have had struggles with the fellowship of the miserables from time to time in my life, whether it was in school, church or life in general. What I always try to do to beat these put downs is to look from their perspective. They are called the fellowship of the miserable for a reason. At some point in their lives they were just like me, striving to make a difference or even just striving to make it through the day. By looking from the outside in, I can see what made them so miserable, and work to avoid that happening to me. My happiness and effectiveness as a leader is up to myself; I am who I make myself to be.

  • Emily Grim

    The number one thing, in my opinion, is that as a leader you are responsible for more than your own ‘fellowship of the miserable’. As a leader, your goal should be to bring others to their full potential, find their strengths, and unltimately make them the best person and leader they can be. Part of that is lending your hand when someone is dealing with their own fellowship. When you have a leadership position, you put yourself up to serve others. In my experience, every time I meet someone new or work with someone new and I get to truly experience them and their own battle, it helps me feel stronger. I dismiss my fellowship with the knowledge of everything that I’ve done for others and everyone I have served. I dismiss it knowing that I’ve been looked up to and that I’ve helped change someone’s life. I put my value in the fact that I can serve others, and I serve others to help them find their value. Deafeating your fellowship isn’t easy, and it’s almost never permenant, but fighting others’ fellowships will give you people to fight your own with as well. A battle is much easier if you have an army, after all.

  • Austin Loard

    I really enjoyed Bill Curry’s speech. Having played football since I was young and having played on the offensive line and sometimes at center, I could relate to a lot of things he talked about. When he talked about being ready for your moment of truth, it made me think about when as a junior in high school, the coaches moved me to center for the first game of the playoffs. I was nervous, but the coaches said I was ready because of all the hard work I had put in during the off season. We won the game and went on to the second round of the playoffs. Another moment of truth for me was when I learned I was going to have an interview at UCO for a potential leadership scholarship. I was nervous, but my parents, teachers and coaches told me that I was ready. Like Mr. Curry said, the more you do something the easier it becomes. That’s true whether it is a good thing or a bad thing you do. It get’s easier the more you do it. That is where discipline becomes important. To be successful you have to be disciplined enough to not start doing the wrong things which will become easier to do and you have to be disciplined enough to do the right things even if they are hard. When he talked about the fellowship of the miserable, and how you couldn’t listen to the people who will tell you that can’t do something, that also was a lot like something I was taught by my high school coach. Coach Parker called it noise. He told us that you couldn’t be successful if you listened to the noise. People saying we couldn’t beat our rival team again or people saying we couldn’t make it to the second round of the playoffs again. We actually had a graveyard behind our practice field where we would bury the things that people said we couldn’t do and we did them anyway. We put up tombstones with things on them like: “have a winning season 3 years in a row” or “go to playoffs 3 years in a row,”and “win districts.” Mr. Curry had some really interesting things he shared with us. I was lucky enough to have had a coach that taught me about discipline and staying focused before I ever thought much about being a leader.

  • Wanda Clark

    I have had to come to accept that the Fellowship of the Miserable will never go away. In my life, that fellowship appeared most, like I have said before, with my choice to become a counsellor for the foster care system. Teachers, family, counsellors, everyone seems to think that intelligence cannot be used for something as low paying as counselling for an underserved group of people. When it is people you are close to, you must defeat the fellowship by listening to them and letting them know you respect them, but your life is not theirs. When you are a leader, there will always be those who do not believe that your leadership style or your decisions are correct. I think that you must deal with that the same way. Senator Pugh touched on this when he was here; when there are people that do not agree with you, you must still make them feel listened to and appreciated. You do not have to be swayed by their words if you believe that your solution is still better, but just creating dialogue is so helpful. When you open up that dialogue, there is not guarantee that the other person will reciprocate. If that happens, if they are still holding onto the Fellowship of the Miserable, you may just have to realize that not everyone will agree with you and head forward.

  • Dayton Skeels

    As a leader I defeat the fellowship of the miserable by just staying confident and positive. When someone tries to get you down when you are pursing your dreams, just ignore the hate and push through the non-believers. The confidence aspect has to be the strongest motive behind all the work. Staying confident and positive is most likely the best way to handle the council of the miserable. The hatred and dysfunction that they try to push upon you is not beneficial, so don’t listen to them.

  • Taylor Powell

    As a leader, it is important to always be encouraging to everybody around. Great leaders do whatever it takes to help out fellow peers. Bill Curry said one of the greatest characteristics you can have as a leader is to be comfortable in your own skin. People should be confident in who they are and take pride in that. Another characteristic he mentioned is to be utterly honest and curious. He said, “don’t let somebody else give the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret, you choose how to define yourself.” Nobody is perfect, but a great leader works hard at trying to have great characteristics like Bill Curry mentioned.

  • Jake Seawright

    I defeat the fellowship of the miserable by staying involved. I truly believe that staying involved on campus helps you out by making connections with the kinds of people that are good for your college career. Staying involved also helps tremendously by helping developing time management skills. Having good time management skills helps one mange time in a way that makes sure everything gets done on time. This skill can be very hard to obtain when a student has to juggle school, work, and a social life. Another attribute that helps me defeat the fellowship of the miserable is always attending every class. I am always taking notes for anything that might be on the next test or quiz. If one is not attending class than they can not expect to do well on the information covered on the test. Attending class helps students make sure they are doing the best they can possibly do in their classes.

  • Cole Spradlin

    The key to deafeating the fellowship of the miserable is based on my faith. I believe it isn’t possible to defeat it on your own. God’s strength is the only way to. He gives you the strength to be the person he created you to be. It sounds easy in theory but it require a lot of biblical discipline and prayer.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    Knowing who you are and what you stand for plays a role in defeating the fellowship of the miserable. Inevitably I will encounter a barrier like so, but as a leader I have to know what I stand for and continue to move forward. Bill Curry discussed that there is a risk in being a leader, this is an important note because the choice that is made when faced with a barrier like this is a risk. It’s a risk because either I conform or stay true to myself. Also, the power of persistence is a key component when defeating the fellowship of the miserable. Persisting even in the time of adversity will represent staying true to myself regardless of the circumstance because I know I can do it.

  • Chloe McKinney

    In his speech, Bill Curry discussed how the fellowship of the miserable can be a factor that restricts our leadership capabilities if dwelt on. In a previous blog, I discussed how I would overcome obstacles in my path to becoming a great leader. I would address this obstacle in the same way- by finding what it is I am passionate about and staying focused on it. I personally believe that the things we focus on often become our destination. I feel like throughout the process, we must remain focused on the final goal and not become distracted. Focusing on the things on our journey that are difficult, or we struggle with, becomes very easy. In fact, focusing on those things is often more convenient than concentrating on our successes and the things that are helping us achieve our end goal. Recognizing the obstacle, overcoming it, and continuing on will be key to my success as a leader.

  • Erika Jenkins

    Perseverance is key to any success. I get down. I often feel like I’m backed into a corner or can’t gather myself enough to try again. Much of the time, when I just want to give in or do what I know is wrong, my past seems to motivate me to persevere. I have to choose everyday to not be who I was, to over come past errors and insanity, and be better than I was. The past and the desire to better my present and future is what keeps me going today.

  • Erika Jenkins

    I suppose that is how I defeat the fellowship of the miserable.

  • Amanda Rebman

    Personally, I attempt to stay positive about my goals regardless of what they are. I believe that you do not need negative people in your life. Negativity will get you nowhere in life, except depressed. Do not let others put you down because they are afraid to dream big. We have every right to have huge goals and goals that are deemed unrealistic, but if we put our whole heart and mind into them then we will make change happen. We must remain positive. Sometimes, I will even use their negativity as a challenge to accomplish great things. My brother told me freshman year of high school that I could not graduate number one in my class and last year I was valedictorian because I worked hard to earn the best grades and graduate number one. I did not let his negative comment put me down. I used it to push me farther toward my goal.

  • Curtis Diaz

    I think that defeating the Fellowship of the Miserable is a choice that every individual makes daily. I feel that the opinion’s of others should be acknowledged, but not always taken to heart. Learning to filter between the gold and the junk mail is an important step in achieving a happy lifestyle. As a leader, I encourage others to recognize who they want to be, so that they can focus on being that better person rather than letting the opinions of others weigh them down. I feel that in this situation, leading by example is critical.

  • Angelique Jois Alog

    The fellowship of the miserable to me is nothing but a motivation, or another way to make me work harder towards my goals. People will always have something negative to say about everything that they don’t understand- and everytime I’ve managed to be strong minded enough to know that I am capable of whatever I put my mind into. As a leader, especially, I’m expected to know how to handle all kinds of situations. In this case, my tactic of defeating the fellowship of the miserable is remembering the progress I have made. I focus on the things I have accomplished instead of the ones I need to work on. My family is also another major part of how I keep myself confident. They have always been supportive of everything I do as well as keeping me grounded. Honestly, I strongly believe that my mom have raised me prepared to combat unwanted opinions.

  • Mikkail Bishop

    As a leader you are programmed to overcome people and things that are designed to bring you down. Typically you keep high spirits and walk around with confidence in everything you do. So to defeat them is continue on with what you are doing for the community and for yourself in a positive way because soon they will become tired of their efforts to bring you down and possibly want to join you in your endeavors.

  • Lauren Hood

    Bill Curry’s talk was incredible! His part on the fellowship of the miserable was especially impactful for college students I believe because we are in the midst of making huge life decisions that many people will give us all different opinions about. Some good and some hurtful. For me, the way I defeat the fellowship of the miserable is definitely not attacking back the miserable with their comments, but to remind myself of what is true, what my passions are and what really matters. I believe this is important as a leader no matter who you are because, if you have a vision for your life, only you can chase it. For me as a follower of Jesus and leader for him, I also believe it is very important to remind yourself of truth because real truth from God’s word will bring freedom and gives me identity. When I know who I am, I’ll know what to do. Therefore, I don’t have to listen to the fellowship of the miserable because I will listen to what God says about me and not worry about what every person has to say. People’s opinions are fickle and may change, so as a leader, you must know WHO you are so that you can confidently know what to do and put an end to the noise and clamor of the miserable.

  • Mikayla M Little

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time watching the speech from when Bill Curry came to UCO years ago. I wish he was here in person so that we were able to ask him questions and learn more from him. The fellowship of the miserable seems to be all around when we are trying to reach dreams. The other day I saw this quote that said “if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough”. I think this is true, especially in a leadership sense. When walking through life having realistic, but still big dreams and goals is important to become the best you that you can be. But, having those dreams do bring around people who will try to bring you down (aka the fellowship of the miserable). As a leader, I will surround myself with people who encourage me to push for my dreams louder than those that tear me down. Fellowship of encouragers can be a powerful necessity to counteract the fellowship of the miserable.

  • Rodell Smiley

    One good way that I will try to defeat the miserable, is by not letting small stuff effect me in such a way to allow me to give in to failure and negative images. Staying positive is a great way of showing leadership during hard times of struggle for yourself or others. Encouragement keeps people going and motivated in life, therefore while dealing with challenges and misfortunate events I will help myself and others through by keeping a calm mind and showing an optimistic attitude.

  • Emily Nelson

    I thought it was so unique what Bill Curry had to say about the fellowship of the miserable. The fellowship of the miserable have always been there in our lives, yet, no one really had a name for those people that feel the need to bring others down. As soon as he explained what the Fellowship of the Miserable is, it just clicked for me. They are the people in our lives that doubt us or feel insecure about themselves they feel the need to bring others down in order to feel better. Or maybe they just can’t simply see the potential in others or what the power of hope can do. I was so moved to hear the story of our classmate who was discouraged by them but kept going because she realized why she started in the first place.
    As a leader, I believe that it is important to not only believe in your self but to believe in others. You can counteract the miserable by being the Fellowship of the Encouraging.

  • Hilda Estrada

    During Bill Curry’s speech he discussed the fellowship of the miserable. As a leader, I will defeat the fellowship of the miserable by including everyone as a whole, from minorities to majorities. Many times, minorities are forgotten and the least to become participants in our communities. I for one am a minority, before I came to UCO I did not receive as much guidance in anything nor the amazing help I receive today at UCO. I have someone in my life who is perfect as a leader per Bill Curry’s characteristics. Throughout Bill Curry’s speech, I pictured someone in my head that fit every characteristic, lesson, and principle he mentioned. My mentor, a professor at UCO, a true leader, Dr. Scott. I have known her since senior year in high school, but have truly known her through the years I’ve been at UCO. She is my motivation as she gives me –a minority, the confidence and inspiration to do anything I couldn’t and wouldn’t do before. I am honest, but am not happy in my own skin, she has encouraged confidence in me without letting go of my humility. Billy curry mentioned doing acts of kindness, true acts of kindness that one doesn’t seek anything in return. Her acts of kindness are unique and never limited, which have inspired me to not think of how to them, but to do them anyway. Although, Billy Curry was not physically present, his words and infatuation towards leadership were present as can be in the room.

  • Matthew Ecton

    I believe, first and foremost, that the way to defeat the fellowship of the miserable is to start by leading by example. Once people see that you refuse to give up on your goals and succumb to pressure, they will have more respect for you. If one was to try and fix a problem they were currently part of without showing any effort to change themselves, it is highly unlikely others would listen. However, if they take the initiative to be a catalyst, that is what creates positive change.

  • Bill Curry talked a lot about the power of persistence. I though this was a really interesting point to make. I am a firm believer in saying that with enough hard work, anything is possible. another thing he said that really grabbed my attention is he said “leadership is a characteristic that is learned.” this was really interesting because this same comment was made in several other presentations up to this point.