Week 6 Blog-Ken Parker

Ken Parker mentioned leadership is teachable and discussed how the concept of “change” can take different tenses and the power of today’s changing technology. How will you, a digital native, stay engaged with progressing technology while continuing to learn as a civilized and ethical leader?


  • Tianna Arreguin

    I feel that staying engaged with the evolution of technology is something that comes naturally to digital natives. Whether we know it or not, we constantly check technology to see the latest updates and see how our technology has changed. Technology is surrounding us, and it is as if you have to try to NOT be engaged with the progression. In order to continue to learn as a leader, technology must be seen as a positive attribute rather than something that is negative. Technology can be a helping hand to a learning environment. Now, leading could take place from a phone or a computer and have a much larger outreach. There would be the availability of multiple different perspectives if there is not a diverse community around you. As with a variety of other things, technology must be used in moderation. Relying on technology can be damaging, but if you use it as a tool rather than your sole medium of leadership style, then it will be used to the best of its ability. All in all, staying true to your values and not allowing technology to overtake your life will ensure that technology will be used to your learning advantage.

  • Joshua Layton

    I believe one of the most important aspects of leadership is understanding you never know everything, and you can always take help. Being the best leader possible involves staying updated with today’s technology, and in turn, staying updated with the world and the ways you can change it. The world evolves every day. The problems, people that need help, and how we can help them are always changing. The key to successful leadership is learning what those changes are. Every day you should challenge your thoughts and beliefs, and find ways to expand them with new perspectives. Secondly, you should always be open to learning and trying new things. Keeping an open mind to new technology and ideas will allow you to expand the reach of your leadership, and to expand the number of people you can help. Change isn’t always good, but we should be aware of when it is.

  • Sierra Munoz

    As Ken Parker discussed, we should be comfortable with change because it is happening all around us. This is especially true when it comes to technology as it continues to advance at a high rate. Parker defined this as “becoming” where nothing is finished, but rather continues to change and upgrade. As society and leaders, we should not fear these changes but rather embrace them. We should make theses progressive technologies part of our every day so that we can utilize them to their best ability. If we master these technology skills there is no telling where the future will lead.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Change is unavoidable. That is why we, as leaders, need to have the capacity to adapt. In today’s environment, we are exposed to an abundance of technology at our very fingertips and that tech is constantly trying to advance and better itself. We should have the same mentality. With that being said, having this information available has offered us a unique ability to engage and socialize with different types of communities. We have the power to share ideas with people from all over the world and broaden our perspectives. Even this leadership class is an example of how technology is helping students learn and develop useful skills and share them with our peers seamlessly.

  • Lauren Beck

    ‘The times, they are a’changing.’ In many ways, while technology is evolving, it is also becoming increasingly user friendly. This general slope towards easy-to-use may only be truly identifiable by digital natives. In addition to that, the only way to be civilized in this current day and age, is to stay engaged with evolving technology. Leadership through technology is harder to pinpoint unless you take into account social media, in which case there are multiple examples. One example of leadership through social media, entails the job of NOT posting inappropriate things online unless you want them to be seen by everyone. People are always scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so if you do not think you should post it, do not post it. This type of indirect leadership, is more effective than telling everyone to, “Hey, follow me!” In this world of constant and overbearing technological advances, leadership can be easily advertised to help get people involved in your platform or someone else’s.

  • Ethan Bruegel

    I hold the strong belief that everything in life is constantly changing. With this belief, I feel no resistance to change and recognize that it is a part of life. As technology changes rapidly, simply not resisting won’t keep me a leader. I have to be ahead of the curve, because it is my responsibility as a leader. Who knows how many lives could have been saved or helped, if our current leaders embraced current technologies? As Ken parker said, “It is easy and important to teach someone to be a leader,” so in turn it must be easy and important to teach a leader about our changing society.

  • Lauren Hood

    I learned a lot from Ken Parker on the concepts of change and how it is happening in our world and technology all around us! I will stay engaged with today’s progressing technology while still learning as a civilized and ethical leader by being a life long learned, oberver and participater in the world around me. Technology is always changing, but so is the rest of the world! One of my favorite statements Ken made was that the only thing for certain was change. For me, the only was to stay engaged and active as a citizen and leader in such a quickly evolving world is to continue to stay teachable and excited for the good that can come from change! Just like technology, people are continuing to change ethically and the best thing I believe we can do is to give people a voice, listen and act fairly to do our best to implement the change that the majority is in favor of seeing. There is always something to learn from new technology or new interactions with a person you meet! Just like Ken also said, no technology will ever replace people and leadership skills! It is my hope that I never resent the change but embrace it and learn from the people around me while I do it!

  • Jacob Thompson

    I enjoyed Ken Parker’s talk about advancements in technology. I have been interested in learning about technology and how it relates to the automotive industry.

    Within the past decade, cars have become so evolved. Things like adaptive cruise control, touch-screen GPS, and assisted parking via cameras are becoming normal gadgets in cars.

    I want to learn everything I can about these gadgets and understand how they work.

  • Ken Parker made some very interesting points about technology. He talked a lot about how it is ever changing. He called this concept of constant upgrades and changes “becoming”. I am the type of person who is very afraid of change, but as a leader, I must learn to accept it. Learning to embrace change and overcome it is one of the most important characteristics of a great leader. I am not very familiar with technology now, but I hope to improve that. Leaders need to be aware of the ways of the word. Technology is the way the world works, today, so I must work to understand how to use technology to its full potential.

  • I feel that anything that we do now is subject to change or “upgrade” if you will. With technological and medical advances being two of the fastest growing fields as far as development, we are always learning new shortcuts and techniques. I feel that in order to stay up to date with the newest advances, you must surround yourself with a group of people adaptable to change and willing to learn all that is new and becoming. You must be friends of the innovators, creative thinkers, and learners, in order to be able to develop yourself and or your company. I feel that if being open to new concepts and ideas brought forth by others instead of being intimidated by them, you yourself will be able to grow as a leader while also staying “up with the times” in an ever developing community.

  • Han Seth Lu

    I like the idea that everyone should be comfortable with change. But when it comes to technology, I see a lot of pros and cons. For leaders of today, Social Media is such a good thing to connect, advocate and interact with people from all over but that social media could be something the opposition could use to take them down. So, Change is a good thing but I would suggest we should be careful with it too.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    Ken Parker stressed the importance of “never getting comfortable.” I believe this concept is extremely important within every aspect of life. If I am to be someone who is engaged and productive in society, I am going to be in contact with changing technological advances. I must educate myself on new technologies and practice using them. However, I am not completing my duty as a civically engaged citizen if I simply know how to work a technology but do not know the impact it makes on others. Similarly, I will exercise caution regarding what I post on social media. I will also use my social media accounts to further ethical initiatives I am passionate about. I will interact with technology and continue to learn new leadership skills by “never getting comfortable.” Ultimately, I will continue to strive to be the very best version of myself each day in every aspect of my life.

  • Mikkail Bishop

    Ken Parker discussed change and the evolution of technology. He said that as digital natives we were born with technology in our hands but we are still entering a time of Artificial Intelligence so we need to be adaptable to change. New technology and being able to adapt and keep up with it could make us better leaders because as a great leader you should keep up with trends and be flexible with anything sent your way. Keeping up with current and future advancements in technology could help evolve the world in everyday life.

  • Karlee Ogden

    Technology is something that is always continuing to update and change. In a world and time such as ours, it is hard to keep up with all the changes that occur within the field of technology. While we are more informed, I think, we also tend to be unaware of what is happening in the “real world” outside of technology. That is not to say that I am not guilty of it as well because I definitely am. I think anyone who has a cell phone is. I believe as a leader we need to stay in touch with the world around us, outside of our cell phones, while continuing to stay updated on the constantly changing technology. Technology is something that is not going away, and I feel like if you get too far behind, it would be hard to catch up. So I think leaders need to engage both technologically, but also outside of technology because there is still power in face-to-face communication and that will never go away.

  • Graeme Morrison

    As a digital natives, I think it just comes naturally for us to adapt to the changes of technology. With that privilege, however, comes the responsibility to harness it so we can use it to its maximum potential. Through the use of technology and its networking features, we are able to reach even more people than we ever could have before. This alone can increase the outreach and influences sphere for good leaders. On the other hand, we need to be careful of this power; using this outreach morally and as a positive force of change is a must. Additionally, we need to be wary when it comes to losing ourselves in this technology, because our generation has gone to this concept of “virtual interaction” and I think the vast majority of them do not understand the impact of personal interaction. I would like to use this technology to expand upon my sphere of influence, but I also know when it’s time to put down my phone in put my running shoes on.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    I totally agree speaker Ken Parker said, “Change is inevitable”, especially in nowadays environment. So we need to use tools or by courses to enhance ours skills and upgrades ours abilities, the main point that we do like that is to make ourselves better than before. It’s a little hard to engage with progressing technology, because it’s not easy to follow the changing technology quickly. Although the situation is not well, we still need to remember that ,” Do not got comfortable, comfort is our enemy.”, especially when you are a leader. I think the most important thing need to do is using your talent or profession to follow the trend, if you can lead the trend is the best.

  • Robia Charbonneau

    I can stay engaged with progressing technology by seeking the knowledge. I can research new advances in technology with the tools I have access to. Furthermore, my knowledge is not just limited to right now, I will have to stay up to date with technology, especially in the medical field. As a future registered nurse, technology will play an important role in my career. I am already amazed by all that is possible now and cannot imagine what more could be done in the future. With all this knowledge I can continue to be a civilized and ethical leader by making sure that I do not allow machinery to dictate what I do or how I do it. It is important to rely on the power and strength humans have. We cannot forget that we made the machines and we should always be able to control them. This was especially important to me after Ken Parker mentioned the quote about the civilization of technological advances. We need to make sure that we are staying ahead of them so that we do not lose belief in human beings.

  • Emelia Denham

    I plan on staying engaged with progressing technology by staying up to date. Technology is always changing, and usually for the good. I plan on continuing to learn as a civilized and ethical leader with new technology by using it in educational ways that lead others toward success. In the future, when I become a teacher, I would love to have the newest gadgets for the kids to learn on. Some people are against technology in the classroom, but when used educationally and in moderation, it is okay. Sometimes it is nice for their brains to take a break from watching a teacher teach and have their own hand-held gadget and play educational games. I hope to embrace new technology, use it to the best of my abilities, and lead others to success while using it.

  • Yu Hsuan Lin

    I am very appreciated that Mr. Ken could share skills about leadership. We are staying in information exploding generation, technology can be gotten easily everywhere. Most of works will become Digitized in the future. For me, sometimes I may reject to learn new technology especially computer skills. “I can’t do well.” often appears in my mind, I will fear before I haven’t done it. Now, I need to change my mind to accept them, and to make friends with them. It is a big opportunity to be a leader as we are good at technology knowledge.

  • Caleb Williams

    Ken Parker spoke about how technologies are constantly changing and how necessary it is for educators to stay up to date with using the technology to enhance education in ways that it hasn’t before. Staying up to date with technology comes quite naturally to millennials. In a future of technological fluency, the question we should be asking isn’t simply, “what can we do with technology?” it should be, “what good can we do with technology?” Technology has given humankind more power than we have ever had before. Keeping the greater good of humankind in mind when creating new technologies is essential to keep the use of technology moral. As digital natives, we have a responsibility to stay aware and informed about new technologies, always considering the potential damage that could be done and asking whether or not going through with the technology is a good idea.

  • Emily Norman

    “Get comfortable with change, be use you’re going to see a lot of it.” Ken Parker was speaking about the every evolving world of technology when he spoke those words on Tuesday; but i think they beautifully parallel to life on a more grand scale. The world is never stagnant and as leader in it nether should we be stagnant. As a digital native by birth (and I say by birth because I’m really not very technological for my time) we are raised to be more adept to technology and that is a very useful skill as technology continues to develop the world and develop in the world. I feel as if being a leader is not so much about keeping up will the every single change and update to technology, for that is impossible; but rather making sure that you stay connected with how technology can be a tool to you as a leader and the people you are trying to lead. Making sure that the people you are leading have every tool at their disposal that they need to be successful is part of being a leader and today most of those tools are technological.

  • Rachel Walker

    I loved hearing from Ken Parker and his aspects on technology. He mentioned that we should never get comfortable where we are because change is constantly happening, and I couldn’t agree more. Luckily our generations are able to adapt to the world around us. Not in just advancing technology, but in all ways of living. I personally am not very tech-savy so it is difficult for me to adapt to the quick changes and updates, though I am trying my best because in the future I know it will become the main source of everything. On the positive side technology allows us to communicate with people from all around the world, create designs without having to build with supplies, and so much more. As a leader it is important to constantly be on your toes and be flexible with what is going on around you. As years go on we should go into learning head first and be open to learning and trying new things.

  • Linus Hodges

    Humans are naturally susceptible to change and possess the ability to adapt by developing technological innovations. The development of technology came about by problem solving for reasons of convenience or necessity. One of the concepts Ken Parker mentioned was that comfort was ones enemy in a constantly changing society, for the brain must be susceptible to the modification of concepts and new discoveries. An effective leader does not stay within the confines of their comfort zone, but instead push their team, as well as their own abilities, to surpass the satisfactory mark. By establishing an objective beyond the initial goal, the team will be motivated to test themselves in order to surpass expectation to reach their own objective. In regards to engaging with progressing technology, leaders need to familiarize themselves with tools necessary for success. With that stated, I should encourage my team to strive above satisfaction without hindering their personal believes or capabilities as well as give them the tools necessary to accomplish our goal.

  • Morgan Tarpley

    Ken Parker mentioned that technology can be describes as “becoming”. “Becoming” is defined as something not finished, a continuous change and adaption. For today’s generation, that could not be even more true. As a leader, I think it’s vitally important to be able to adapt and change with technology but to also to remind yourself to not get comfortable. Leaders must adapt themselves depending on their surroundings so they can benefit and thrive. Also, Ken Parker mentioned something over cognify. He described cognify as something that will always get better. With the mindset of “things will only get better”, one’s leadership skills and styles will only improve. A leader must be able to adapt to the technology change when they have a cognitive mindset.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    I found Ken Parker’s presentation very eye-opening. There is so much new technology being manufactured, that I had no idea even existed. As a leader, I think it is important to be aware of how society is changing. A good leader knows how to adapt to his environment, and that should mean being informed of new technology that could help innovate his company or team. As a future educator, I have now seen how beneficial it is that I stay updated with new technology because someday our entire education system could be digital, with advanced graphics and 3D images. We are creating advanced, interactive, ways for students to learn; if I stay educated of these changes, I could even assist in finding better ways to teach. If there is technology that could possibly wipe out entire species, as Mr. Ken mentioned, I should be aware of that; it’s my duty as a civilian in a digitally advanced age to be engaged with the new technology being transfigured. Our society is in a constant state of improvement; there’s always updates and new versions, we live in an age of innovation. I think it would be in my best interest to focus on the future of technology, as well my own; most business in my future will most likely be conducted digitally, or with a type of technology.

  • Ren Jian Lee

    As a digital native, I will stay engaged with progressing technology and learn as a civilized and ethical leader by being a wise user of the many tools technology has given us today. I will stay up to date with the new devices and their features, but use them to influence the online community positively. Change is inevitable, but we can make that change a good change for our future.

  • Lillian Baker

    Being a “technology native”, I feel we tend to forget the physical side of a relationship and become too involved with technology. Yes, technology is a great thing and can be used for great purposes if used correctly. I think one of the biggest things we need to do as a leader, is to find a balance. A balance between technology and becoming involved with each other personally. When the in-person relationship isn’t formed, then the technology takes over. We become impersonal robots that would rather text than talk. So personally, I think the best thing to do is to find a balance.

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    Just be a leader what Ken Parker mentioned. We should be comfortable with change because it happens around us especially in nowadays environment. Nowadays, technology is the skill that is continuing to develop and change. Because of it, social media become a useful tool to connect each other. Even though humans is smarter than machine, we still need to learn more about high technology knowledge or some skills that the machine will not replace us. Therefore, I think being a leader, the most important thing is enhancing our skills, abilities and making ourselves much better than before. Change is a good thing and it is an opportunity to challenge ourselves.

  • Cole MacCollister

    Technology changes more and more every day. Personally, I love technology and all of its aspects, because it is ever changing. With that change comes new innovations and connectivity among people. As a leader, it is important to be connected to your team and to have the ability to reach out to them when it is needed. That is why applications like GroupMe have made communication between groups so much easier. As we continue to learn new technology and innovations, it is important to remember that face to face interaction creates more of an impact rather than a simple instant message. I will keep advancing with technology, just as it does every day, but I will not forget that being a leader is more than interacting with technology; it is interacting with people.

  • Kyle Tangco

    I myself tend to prefer live interaction when it comes to communication, especially when you are working with a team. Technology is great, and it has many advantages on getting objectives done at a more efficient level, whether establishing networks or even addressing media news to groups. But with electronics rapidly evolving, I fear that communication would start to become a challenge, turning obsolete from emotion and enthusiasm. As for myself, an individual born in a generation that relies on the power of technology, it is important to get involved with what is new and what is trending in society. I have to be progressive so that I can stretch my skills as a leader of a new age. It helps me work well with younger leaders and those who are hooked to the impact that media and technology could have for the future. Although I still believe that it is better to work with your team around a table rather than talking from a distance, because through human interaction a common vision settled, and the demand for an objective is clearer and stronger.

  • Maddie Higdon

    Staying engaged with the evolution of technology comes easy to our generation. We haven’t really known a world that doesn’t have the ability to give us information with the touch of a button. Like most situations, this is good and bad. Our generation is prone to new ideas because technology and our way of life is always evolving. It is up to us though to make sure we do not take advantage of that. “Think before you speak” has an entire new meaning when what we say can be shared with millions of people within seconds. It is up to us, as digital natives and leaders to make sure we continue to grow in the field of technology and new ideas. We must also remember the value of putting away your phone or turning off the TV and just spending quality time with one another.

  • Katelynn Patton

    I think it is easy for my generation, the “digital natives,” to keep up to date with technology, and be a leader inside of technology through social media. What may not be easy is still being a leader outside of technology. Utilizing technology is a great way to act on your leadership skills, but it is important to remember that the leadership apart from technology is just as important. Being a leader in your actions, such as opening the door for someone or paying it forward can sometimes make a greater impact than being a leader through words on social media. When you are behind a piece of technology, it is easy to be brave and say kind words or post inspiring things. While these things are great, I do believe it takes more bravery to be a leader in the real world. On social media you just use your words, but in the real world you have to use your words and your actions. It is much scarier to be rejected in real life than through the phone, and people will often reject those who are leaders and do the right thing. I also think that it is very, very important to always be cautious of the dangers of technology. Technology is an amazing privilege, but Ken Parker really emphasized on the fact that we cannot just trust anyone with our information. A way we can be leaders in the technological movement is by always being aware, recognizing when certain changes do not seem right or seem dangerous, and acting on it. Acting on it can mean telling people around you to be careful, not participating, or even not buying from the company you are uncomfortable with. I believe not only that we can be leaders every area of life, but that we should. Leadership does not have a specific place or time– if one is truly a leader, he or she should be one in every situation.

  • Madeline Barham

    I believe that technology is a good way of connecting and networking to others. You should keep up with technology because if you don’t, it will outpace us. Ken Parker stressed that “we are morphing so fast that our ability to invent new things outpaces the rate we can civilize them”. That comment is very true because if you swim against the current of how our world is developing, you wont make it.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    Its funny how Ken Parker called our generation “Digital Natives” because I don’t consider myself as such. I feel I am actually pretty inadequate when it comes to technology. Although I get the majority of my information from technology and it keeps me up to date with the world around me I’ve never been a big fan of technology just due to personal opinion. Although with saying this I do see the benefits of technology, its a way of staying connected with each other and our world. It is a great tool in our everyday lives. Most of my hesitation with technology comes from the fact that I’m just not very educated and I often fear that I will mess up. This is a learning opportunity for me to become better at understanding the digital world and an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and learn something that I’m fearful of. I plan to stay engaged with how technology is developing after hearing what Ken Parker had to say. I truly believe technology is a powerful tool in today’s society and I am ready to learn more about it and see the positive impact. Learning more will allow me to help others, who may have the same outlook and opinion of technology. The more we challenge ourselves in this area the more we can see the powerful potential of technology.

  • Madison Lance

    The advancement of technology, as discussed by Ken Parker, is happening all around us.
    We are evolving and learning new ways without a thought.
    I will continue to stay educated about the latest innovations of technology while remaining deligent to protect my security and privacy. I believe the constant change of technology will continue to evolve our avenues for education and advancements.

  • Rylie Smith

    Mr. Parker discussed the importance of keeping up with the innovation of technology. We must strive to be informed and actively learning about technological advances to take advantage of the opportunities that these developments provide us. As Mr. Parker stated within his presentation, we must never become too comfortable and continuously adjust our perspective to become civilized and ethical leaders in the ever evolving society that we live in. By understanding and contemplating the new knowledge that we gain through innovation, we will be able to take our original understanding of technology and alter it in a way that provides the most efficient and productive methods of learning and accomplishing tasks. I feel as though many people today are afraid of change due to logic of “if it is not broken, then it should not be fixed”. This is an incorrect assumption because if the incredible tool of technological advancement is utilized correctly, we are not just simply throwing out the old for new, we are learning from the past and adapting it for the advancement of the future. It is extremely important for us to take advantage of this mentality and become the innovators of tomorrow.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    Ken Parker said lots about technology growing up very quickly, and being all of the worlds. I think to stay engaged with progressing technology is hard but we can do it. Because Ken Parker also said there are differences between human and machine. To be a leader In this situation, I should enhance my knowledge and abilities more than before or I will be replaced by the technology. Also, “Don’t get comfortable” is a great suggestion. Nothing is finished so we need to keep upgrading our skill to fit the world’s need.

  • Ethan Clark

    Change is a very important aspect of life in general. Everything is constantly changing, whether it be growing up and changing our responsibilities, or modifying how we live, there will always be aspects of the world that are going through some type of change. As someone that has grown up with technology so easily accessible, I understand the positive impact that it has in making life easier and more enjoyable as well. Even though changes in technology can have a positive impact, there are certain parts of life that can not be replicated through technology. These are things like face to face contact and creating those social skills needed to make real connections with people and build lasting impacts that you can’t make any other way. It goes back to growing up, you have to move on in your life, but you can’t ever forget where you came from.

  • Chloe McKinney

    As Ken Parker mentioned, change can take many different forms. As leaders in the time we are in, we are going to face many different changes. Many of these changes will be in technology. We will have to adapt to these changes to remain successful leaders. No matter the form, I feel like we should not only accept and adapt to these changes, but be the creators of them. We should seek and utilize changes to further develop and enhance our leadership abilities.

  • Megan Watkins

    As a digital native, I have become intelligent and understating of how most electronic devices, social media, and online websites work. However, it is changing so quickly, it is hard to keep up and completely make use of all of its capabilities. Ken Parker asked us if we agreed with a quote from Kevin Kelly that stated, “We are morphing so fast that our ability to invent new things outpaces the rate we can civilize them.” This, I completely agree. An example was given that there are new versions of cell phones coming out every year. There are new, bigger, and better capabilities being discovered and incorporated into technology constantly. The possibilities for these digital functions are endless and nearly impossible to keep up with as a common civilian. The most logical way, as a digital native that understands the basics but not in full, to stay engaged with progressing technology while continuing to learn as a civilized and ethical leader, is to simply continue to be open-minded with the changing technology and get the most out of its capabilities to use to my advantage. By doing this, I can ask questions, get answers, and connect with others to get insight on their beliefs and knowledge of things I may not understand fully. This can help me become a more civilized and ethical leader while building my knowledge and relationships.

  • Brook Marshall

    I believe that being a digital native has helped progress me throughout life. I have more knowledge of the progressing technology and how to keep up with the constant change. I believe technology has a positive and negative impact on our society. It is negative because many people are over run by technology and let it run their lives, while others cant keep up with the constant changing of it. It is positive though because it opens up more knowledge and opens doors for many people. I believe that staying engaged with the positive side of technology can help me continue to learn as a civilized and ethical leader. As a leader I want to be able to use technology for the good of whoever is following me. I also don’t want to only use technology while leading others because I want to be sincere and have relationships with people.

  • Catie Wilson

    There is a time and a place for technology. It can give people such large advantages depending on the way that it is implemented. Even as a digital native there are still times when I struggle to understand the way a computer program works. My senior year I used a different internet learning system that I finally became familiar with after using it for an entire semester. It was very simple the second semester that I had use it because I had practice and familiarity. When I came to UCO I was introduced to D2L, orgsync, and a few other internet programs that I am still learning how to navigate but I have definitely noticed the convenience of them. I think that in this generation it is almost natural to keep up with the digital and technological world. We are expected to be caught up with the latest invention and it’s functions and purposes. There are times in which you should be able to say, even as a leader, “I do not understand how to work this program,” or “is this really the most effective and convenient way to use our technology for other people’s benefit?” That is where we are able to step in as leaders and get input from colleagues to see if technology is actually being beneficial or if it is overboard for what task is at hand.

  • Ken Parker mentioned leadership is teachable and discussed how the concept of “change” can take different tenses and the power of today’s changing technology. How will you, a digital native, stay engaged with progressing technology while continuing to learn as a civilized and ethical leader?

    I am a firm believer in the idea that leadership is innate, but that everyone has it–it is how one takes learning, teaching themselves, and searching out situations to improve their leadership that separates the leaders from everyone else. As a “digital native”, I think that this provides us all with more, as well as more in depth opportunities to become better leaders. There are a multitude of Ted Talks, webinars, or online resources to learn more about leadership as a skill. In addition, this technology gives us the opportunities to witness other leaders, as well as to stay up-to-the-minute involved and educated on topics about worldwide topics and world leaders, as well as those leaders’ own involvement with civility and ethics…even if that involves their lack of. With technology building us as leaders, I feel it is also a matter of us, as leaders, using technology to our advantage. For example, using group messaging apps to contact our groups and those that we are leading, getting in contact with other leaders that we look up to to learn more from them, and putting out more information about leadership and our organizations to give us a platform. Being digital natives widens our horizons and our worldview, and applying that to our leadership ability and tactics gives us the opportunity to be some of the most educated, broad leaders around.

  • Wanda Clark

    Today, staying engaged with the progression of technology is almost forced. Phone companies have begun to put updates out so fast that older version of the phone stop working and people are forced to buy the newer version of the phone. Old technology is not compatible with new formats. Yet, engaging with technology’s development is also something that comes naturally for digital natives. I remember going from a cassette tape to a cd player. My first laptop took 15 minutes to turn on and 5 minutes to just bring up my internet server, let alone actually load a website. Now, everything is almost instantaneous on my computer, and it even has a touchscreen. One thing that I believe will change with the evolution of technology is how we view ethics will also change. One thing that scares me is the loss of anonymity and privacy that Ken Parker touched on. With technology the ability to leader becomes simultaneously much easier and much harder. Yes, we have access to more information now than ever before, but how much of it is true? When we see instant news, how many mistakes are there that we will not know about unless we keep following the story? What all are we missing in this online world we are creating? Being a leader amid all this change will take some getting used to. We must learn to use the internet for the greater good. To use social media to bring about change and to filter through all of the junk to find meaning in the endless stream of information are going to be two areas we must focus on.

  • Hilda Estrada

    As a digital native, I will stay engaged with progressing technology while continuing to learn as a civilized and ethical leader by introducing and learning about new methods of leadership. Technology now in days is highly progressing as well as our needs as a technology consumer. We are often used to having our tech devices do everything for us, we have become too dependent. Ken Parker mentioned CHANGE can be a verb, noun and such one as a tech consumer defines whether we use change that comes along through action or noun.

  • Change is an important part of being a leader. Being willing to adapt to change and make adjustments accordingly is a great leadership trait. Leaders should always be open to feedback, and take advice when it is appropriate. Technology is just one example of the many changing factors in the world that gravitates towards progress. It’s easy to take advantage of the many networking and leadership opportunities through social media, and it should be something everyone takes into consideration.

  • Curtis Diaz

    I believe that although technology is constantly evolving and growing, it is easy for my generation to stay up to date. I think that we are used to new advancements and devices coming out and look forward to the latest “thing.” Additionally, like Ken mentioned, automatic software updates over the internet make it easier than ever to be up-to-date. I feel that when it comes to leadership in technology, at least among the general population, it is important for a good leader to understand technology and how to use it to help your team succeed. I think that an important job that leaders have is finding new advantages for your team members, and technology is a great source for that.

  • Kenzie Taylor

    Part of being a leader is being able to adapt to the changing world around you to use it to your advantage while still maintaining your own personal ethics and morals, as well as those of the organization you lead. Technology is a constantly changing aspect of our world, and rather than making it our enemy, we should be taking these newly founded tools and using them to better our organization and maybe stay a step ahead of those around us to lead by example. Being a leader is about being able to change the way you work for the betterment of those around you, and I think that Ken Parker understands this and did an amazing job of conveying his message to us. A very unique lesson and one that we all need to take to heart.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    Ken Parker spoke to us about change. I believe change is a good thing. It keeps us fueled to know more and ahead of the game. He said 3 powerful things.
    1. Comfort is our enemy.
    2. Never stop striving to learn more.
    3. Wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.
    I plan on staying “up to date” with the latest technology in the future by attending job development meetings and also by not being scared to try new methods.

  • Brandon Hill

    As Mr. Ken explained, technology is advancing every single year and giving us new resources. It is vital to embrace technology and stay up to date so that you are aware of whats changing in the world. In 2017, you would have to search long and hard to find a business that doesn’t rely almost completely on technology. An individual may turn away from technology due to insecurities in the ability to use it. I plan to use technology in the future for the benefit of myself and others surrounding me. This will give me the opportunity to assist others in areas they are not capable of or not wiling to do. I’ve been accepting of this change throughout my life but I know I can be better and stay more aware of new technology. Ken Parker was an engaging speaker and I want to thank him for coming to the class, I truly enjoyed what he had to say.

  • Amanda Rebman

    Being a digital native allows me to progress with technology through having the ability to constantly upgrade my phone when the latest model is released. Almost instantly you can buy the newest technology that is released. By having this technology at the tips of our fingers nearly every second allows for us to research the things we hear or see across the internet. It gives us the right to find our own resources on potentially threatening information. You can look up opposing point of views and make a well-rounded and educated decision on any given topic at any given time. However, you must check the validity and accuracy of the sites from which you found the information. You do not want to be wholeheartedly advocating for a stance and be discussing inaccurate information. We need to use what we are handed through technology to effectively mold our society. We could lead by utilizing social media. Almost everyone has some form of social media, so why not help educate people by advocating on these outlets.

  • Sarah Faust

    Technology is evolving everyday, and to be a leader you must learn about all what technology has to offer. By doing this we can use all of our resources to the full potential. My generation is the era where technology is really booming. Society has made it to the point where we can carry basically a mini computer in our pocket. With all this new technology comes with a great deal of knowledge. Personally I am not very technology inclined, however I know that to become successful in my schooling, work, and grow as a leader I have to expand my knowledge about the subject. I feel that if more people had the mind set to learn more about a topic that they are not good at rather and admit defeat then we would have more educated leaders in this world.

  • Alexis Guzman

    An important aspect of leadership is knowing that you don’t know everything, for for the reason we should all be okay with getting help from other people and other resources. Being updated with what is around you is key to be successful. Technology is a huge part of our everyday life now, as well as medicine and they are always changing. There is something new to learn everyday, for some it is a challenge, for others is a joy to grow as our world does. Be able to keep up with change, and being opened minded is very close to “evolution” and we know from history evolution is not really an option.

  • Austin Loard

    Having grown up as one of the “Digital Natives,” that Ken Parker spoke about, I am familiar with new technology and with the latest social media apps. However, while in high school, my use of technology was mostly texting or messaging friends and video games. But college is all about changing and growing. As leaders, it is important for us to be comfortable in using the newest technology to the fullest. Immediately upon being accepted to UCO, it became important to get out side of my comfort zone and start using technology in ways I hadn’t really done before. It become necessary to regularly check e-mails to keep up with notices. Enrolling in classes, buying books and keeping up with new friends I had met through LOT all required using technology in ways that were new.
    I have found, that we tend to use the same level of technology that is used by our peers. Therefore, if we are going to be leaders, we must be comfortable with the technology used by leaders. Leaders, by their nature are drawn to the latest technology. So in order to be an effective leader, there is no room to fall behind in ones knowledge of new and emerging trends in communication and technology.

  • Lance Cooter

    To start out I want to thank Ken Parker for coming to UCO and giving us such a great presentation! To answer the question I feel that we as a society are always staying engaged with technology even if we do not realize it. We as leaders need to realize we do not know everything and that we need to have a thirst to gain as much knowledge as we can. One thing leaders need to keep up with is technology because that is a huge part of us as a civilization growing and advancing. Change is not always a good thing, but we need to beware of it and just make the most of it. Leaders need to realize that technology is here to stay and will keep advancing, so we will need to change with it and learn as much as we can from it because technology and leadership goes hand in hand

  • Jarrod Barnett

    I think to be willing to learn new technologies as the develop is a very important characteristic of a leader. Its not necessarily about the new technology, it is about the ability to adapt and use the resources that are available. I also think that not letting technology take control of your life is a necessity in this day and age, yes it is an amazing tool that connects many people together, however I think people check out of what is going on around them in real life just to see what their friends did over the weekend. Technology can also lead to ethical issues for an individual, what happens whenever a potential employer goes and checks out someone’s Facebook? Are they being the leader that is portrayed on paper?

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    I believe there is a huge leadership aspect that can be applied to technology. As digital natives, the younger generation has a duty to teach old and new generations the positives of technology. Millennials are the current prime of technology in that we are creating it, using it, updating it, and constantly changing it. With this role we have responsibility in what Ken Parker talked about, “not abusing this great power”. Although there are many benefits to this new way of gaining information, it could also be the most dangerous thing humans have accessibility to. We as leaders and millennials must remember this and remain moral in how we use technology. Using it for the better and for the advancement of the world. Teaching others the true positives and not using it for our own selfish gain.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    Ken Parker discussed the importance of getting comfortable with change as technology will constantly change. This idea also plays a role in leadership. Staying updated on technological advances helps in the role of leadership because it allows you to reach a larger audience on many social platforms. Staying engaged with progressing technology is becoming easier because we have surrounded our life’s around it. The constant change in technology allows me to better my leadership role as it exposes me to changes that are happening within our world.

  • Jacqueline Kolker

    I definitely think that the most important way to remain successful in today’s world is to be technologically savvy. Because of how far we have come as far as technology as a society, if your business/organization/cause is not on several forms of social media, with constant updates and replies, the public will not know who you are and more importantly won’t care. Word of mouth simply doesn’t cut it anymore, people expect to see immediate action, which is something that technology has made available for us.I don’t see how being technologically advanced might lead us to be less civilized or ethical, and even if it does, the definition of those words would simply change to fit the standards of the present time.

  • Mikayla M Little

    Adaptability is an important trait to have as a leader because the world around us is constantly changing, including technology. Us digital natives are unique because we have experienced an enormous amount of change in the technology world. As it continues to progress, I will educate myself on the new changes and do my best to adapt and to help the people or business I find myself leading adapt as well. As Ken Parker said, comfort is our enemy as leaders. We should always be searching for new ways to learn and innovate. Staying engaged and aware of change is important always, for without noticing the change it is only possible to far behind, not move forward!

  • Garrett Gunn

    Growing up in the digital age, there has not been a time when there hasn’t been advanced technology around me. Technology creates so many amazing opportunities and it is constantly evolving. Technology is advancing so quickly, which also makes it a tad intimidating. In order to be successful in today’s day and age, you must always be willing to learn and take advantage of the technology even if technology is not your passion. Part of being a great leader is being able to adapt to change, which happens everyday around us. As a leader, we must turn these changes into positive things and figure out how we can use these innovations/changes to impact as many people as possible.

  • Sini Noronen

    I am a big supporter of innovation. I like to be one of the first people who dominates the progressing new technology. Also knowing and learning new technology will open new communication channels to help when you are a leader. As a leader I have to courage people to learn and stay motivated with the technology. I have to remind others that don’t ever get comfortable, when you get comfortable you’ll stop learning. The biggest struggle might be as a leader to not forcing people to learn but find creative ways to motivate and tech others.

  • Jake Seawright

    Change is going to happen no matter what. I believe the big part of this is adapting to the change. Technology is becoming a big part of almost everyones life. The idea of being able to answer any question within seconds baffles me. I also believe that there is a fine line between using technology as an aid and using it as an easy way to find an answer. There are many opportunities opening up with this technology as well. It is very important establish the line between using and abusing technology.

  • Taylor Powell

    I enjoyed listening to Ken Parker speak about technology. He said that technology is always changing. For me, I don’t like change, but as a leader I need to accept it. I am majoring in Education, so as a teacher I want to be up to date on all the new technology. I want to use technology to the best of my abilities.

  • Evilin Juanes

    I think it is important to remember that technology is good and the advancement of it can be very helpful. But also remember that sometimes too much technology can mean no privacy and that there is a fine line. so it is important to appreciate it but also be aware of the dangers too much of something can have. So when you do have that business learn how to incorporate new technology into that aspect of life but learn to be safe with it and remember that information is precious and some things should not be shared with everyone on the internet. Especially when in a professional setting you should be careful of the things that are put online.

  • Emily Nelson

    Ken Parker touched on the importance of change. I think that flexibility and residence has a lot to do with leadership. The world is constantly changing and growing along with technology, I think that being aware of these changes allows us to grow. Technology is a great tool for understanding many different perspectives as well as other people, cultures, and businesses. I personally believe that change is good and healthy, however, as human beings, we usually find comfort in stability and routine. It’s perfectly natural to stress when something changes unexpectedly. I think that resilience is an ever learning battle with your self and how to hand it when you are forced into unknown territory.

  • Angelique Jois Alog

    As a leader within my family, school, and community, today’s technology is very helpful when it comes to being able to communicate with everybody whenever and whenever. However, I strongly believe that face-to-face meetings are still more efficient and important. Not only is bonding more possible to happen, everyone is more authentic when they’re physically around you. I may be wrong, but I think it’s easier to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses when you’re working with them hands on. Also, collaborating about an idea happens more often when everyone’s attention is kept together- unlike it would be if it was done through emails, texts, or even phone calls. I will use technology to make our work easier, such as using the internet for research and examples, but I will never let it be the number one way of communication for my members.

  • Reandre Clark

    The advances of technology as grown over the years and will forever evolve. This generation is called the digital natives because we continue to grow with technology and we use the technology to connect to the world around us. The development of technology can be a way to learn more about your environment so you can become a better leader. the advancement of technology is a positive thing that helps reach out to the people that stay connected with technology.

  • Bianca Navarro

    I’d say the majority of us are open to the continuous changes happening in technology. With social media being a strong platform for all many leaders, it is crucial to keep up with the continuous changes. We are given the opportunity to develop new teaching styles in the classroom, conferences, etc. With the world developing, there are always going to be bigger and better ways to teach people of all ages. It is important for us to keep up with the changes that are taking place in the world of technology.

  • jjohnson217

    I will use technology responsibly as it grows. Not only will I accept new technology as it forms our society, but I will go out of my way to make sure it is used in an ethical way. There will always be times where technology is not used for it’s purpose. In these cases, we should strive to educate and monitor users so that they may not abuse it. In a time of rapid change, the world calls for rapid adaption. We are the generation that will set the example for how technology is used in the future.

  • Cole Spradlin

    I will stay progressive with technology by keeping up with the times. I have the tendency not to stay updated with the times. I need to focus on evolving with technology in the right way. I can use the technology platform to help push positive change and reform rather than mindlessly scroll through meaningless content. Technology is a tool that can be used to build up or tear down and we have to be mindful in which path we take.

  • In todays society, it has become more and more inexcusable to not have technology. I plan to progress with technology as I grow as a ethical and civilized leader through using technology to my advantage. Individuals are able to bring nonprofit organizations to view and spread world news, weather the information is true or not. I will be able to spread honest, motivational, and important information with my social media sites and news apps. The technology pro’s are endless, we simply need to use them in the correct form.

  • Dayton Skeels

    Ken Parker mentioned leadership is teachable and discussed how the concept of “change” can take different tenses and the power of today’s changing technology. How will you, a digital native, stay engaged with progressing technology while continuing to learn as a civilized and ethical leader?

    The best way to stay engaged with technology is growing with it. As a leader you can use technology as just another platform to connect with others and progress within society. This new generation is efficient with technology because we grew up with it, and it will only get better as time goes on. It is still possible to be a civilized leader even in this technological age. It is just important to stay connected outside of the digital world and lead in the best way possible.